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October 9, 2018 LIve Admissions Chat

Answered Questions (62)


Chat Participant: Will this discussion the CBF program at all?

* Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: We are happy to answer general questions about the CBF program!


Chat Participant: When do you expect the application process for the Fall Quarter 2019 Evening MBA program to open up, along with announcement of the deadline date?

* Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: We tend to have applications available about 8 months or so prior to the deadline, so you can expect the fall 2019 application to be available in the next few months.


Chat Participant: are there multiple start point during the academic year?

* Hannah Kohut | Associate Director of Marketing: Yes. The Evening MBA Program intakes classes four times a year (winter, spring, autumn, fall), and the Weekend MBA Program intakes twice a year (spring and fall). Both programs are on a rolling admissions basis.


Chat Participant: For senior faculty is there way without GMAT or GRE?

* Kara Northcutt | Director of Marketing and Admissions: The GMAT or GRE is required for all applicants. Our mid-80% GMAT range is 620 to 740, and the average is typically 680. We look for GRE scores that convert within this same range. We do not have a preference between the GMAT and GRE.  


Chat Participant: Hi, I am a CPA candidate and I will be able to obtain CPA License by next month. Would practicing as a CPA count as working for weekend MBA?

* Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: Yes, if you are working as a CPA, that would qualify as work experience as an applicant.


Chat Participant: I am a current PhD student running a startup. Would i be permitted to enroll in the weekend MBA program?

* Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Are you earning your PhD at University of Chicago, or at another school?  University of Chicago students cannot be enrolled in two degree-seeking programs at the same time.  If you are a PhD student at another institution, you would be eligible to apply to the Weekend MBA program.


Chat Participant: What is the schedule for doing full time MBA? Do I have to live locally then?

* Neeta Upadhyay | Evening MBA Student: I believe you will need to be local for attending full-time else the travel with 4 courses would be quite hectic. Full-time students typically take classes during the day


Chat Participant: where do classes take place and how frequently?

* Sam Zigterman | Evening MBA Student: Evening and Weekend classes take place downtown at the Gleacher Center.  Classes meet once a week during the week for the evening program and on Saturday for the weekend program.  There are some lab classes that might have slightly different schedules.


Chat Participant: Hello, with the increase of technological decisions and impact on running a business unit how has Booth adapted its class offerings?

* Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Booth reviews its classes and curriculum every year and professors research the business landscape, and as an institution we look into the needs/desires of graduating students. Each of these factors plays a role in how Booth structures course content moving forward. We have seen recent changes in class content, concentrations offered, etc. 


Chat Participant: For the Weekend program, can I put in my application for the Fall semester before the Spring deadline? Or should I wait after January 9 to submit my application for Fall/ Autumn semester?

* Kara Northcutt | Director of Marketing and Admissions: The Weekend Autumn 2019 application is already available, and you are welcome to submit anytime, as we have rolling admissions. You can access the application via this link: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/online-application. 


Chat Participant: Are there any benefits of taking the Evening MBA over the Weekend MBA, and vice versa? I am trying to decide which program is best for me, and want to confirm if it is strictly based on personal class schedule preference.

* Neeta Upadhyay | Evening MBA Student: Evening vs Weekend is more of a personal choice. Classes, professors are all the same for both sections. However, there is a lot of flexibility where you can attend either sections based on availability. You are also allowed to permanently switch sections. I was a weekend student but recently switched to evening program due to my schedule


Chat Participant: when can we expect the Autumn 2019 Evening application to be available?

* Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: You can expect the Autumn 2019 Evening application to be available by the end of October.


Chat Participant: how many years of work experiences preferred to apply

* Hannah Kohut | Associate Director of Marketing: We have no set preferences, but for reference, the middle-80% ranges of work experience for the Evening Program is 2-10 years and 3-11 years for the Weekend Program, based on 2017 incoming student data.


Chat Participant: what if one needs to take a break from work and focus on kids and family then can one still do weekend MBA? or working full time is mandatory? also not sure on account of immigration rules how long work permit would get extended

* Kara Northcutt | Director of Marketing and Admissions: Evening MBA and Weekend MBA (EW) students are not required to be working full-time throughout the program, but it is encouraged since these programs are designed for full-time working professionals. Having said that, each student’s situation is different and we understand there may be times you are not working. Please keep in mind that formalized internship recruiting is not available to EW students. That does not seem like an issue for you, but wanted to mention just in case. EW students who are on a work visa must be on a valid work visa, or change status to permanent residency, while in the program. You would never be eligible for an F1 student visa as an EW student. 


Chat Participant: Can you provide some insight into what the financial aid process looks like once a candidate is admitted to the Weekend MBA program? Is financing mostly left to the student, or does Booth provide assistance in matching students to lenders, providing information on what options are best, etc.?

* Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Most of our students fund their degrees with a combination of loans, savings, and sometimes contributions from their employers. Once you are admitted, you can work with our knowledgeable Financial Aid team to determine the best package for you. You can read more about Financial Aid here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/tuition-financial-aid


Chat Participant: Is the application process for the evening part-time program similar to the full-time application process?

* Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: The application process overall is similar between Full-Time and Part time – however there are some differences, which is why there are different applications for each program. However – the qualities, and characteristics we look for in Booth applicants are the same.


Chat Participant: Are there scholarship or fellowship opportunities available within the Evening MBA program? If so, would one apply for those through a separate application process?

* Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Booth offers a limited number of merit-based scholarships, which you are automatically considered for when you submit an application. All award decisions are determined from your MBA application by the Admissions Committee and Deans. Merit-based awards are typically awarded in the weeks following admission. The Admissions Committee and Deans work to identify applicants who have excelled both academically and professionally. The overall strength of the applicant pool also factors into scholarship decisions.  We also have our Civic Scholars program for those working in the government or nonprofit sectors: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/civic-scholars-program


Chat Participant: What is the range of expense that students take on for travel and lodging per semester? Are students afforded special rates on airfare and hotels? Could you please give some base number in your response. Thanks.

* Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: The cost primarily depends on where you are coming from. We do not offer special rates for airfare, but we do offer discounted rates for hotels near Gleacher. Many weekend students fly in and out on Saturdays, so lodging is not as common for them. If you attend Saturday classes for all four quarters, travel would be required for 43 Saturdays of the year.


Chat Participant: Do E/W students have access, time permitting, to competitions like MIINT, and other trainings run through Rustandy?

* Neeta Upadhyay | Evening MBA Student: Yes they do.


Chat Participant: what is the difference between and executive MBA vs a regular MBA. and how is it seen by businesses.

* Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: There are four different degrees you can earn at Booth – Executive, Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time. The first three are considered part-time programs because you would keep your job while progressing through. The Executive sets itself apart from the Evening and Weekend by creating a lock-step curriculum geared toward more senior students (those with on average 13 years of work experience). There is also an international travel component built into the program where you’d take classes in our London and Hong Kong campuses in addition to Chicago. There is less flexibility in the classes you have to choose from and the time in which you progress through the program. Those are the main identifiable differences between the Executive and other MBA programs. The Booth degree is the same academically once you graduate given the faculty teaching in all programs -- and typically seen as uniform by businesses


Chat Participant: Do you coordinate with the Civic Scholars Program? How are you hoping to diversify the Civic Scholars Network in the coming years (e.g. with what types of background, work experience, goals and geographic representation)?

* Kara Northcutt | Director of Marketing and Admissions: The Civic Scholars Program is part of the Weekend MBA. In addition to geographic diversity, we seek diversity within the nonprofit and government industries. We would love to see more applicants from the cultural realm- arts, museums, etc. Areas of public policy could also be more represented. Check out the class profiles via this link to learn more about our current Civic Scholar student profiles: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/civic-scholars-program/student-profiles  


Chat Participant: Are class visits now available for the weekend MBA program? What should I expect during the class visit?

* Hannah Kohut | Associate Director of Marketing: Yes, you can sign up for class visits here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit You can expect to sit in on the entire 3-hour long class and experience the professor-student dialogue, as well as getting to know some of the students. We always encourage our class visitors to ask questions of our students, since they are more than happy to share their experiences.


Chat Participant: What time do the evening classes typically begin and end?

* Sam Zigterman | Evening MBA Student: Classes are from 6-9pm.  They don't end early often but there is a break in the middle of the class.


Chat Participant: are internships required? And if they are optional, when and where do we do them?

* Hannah Kohut | Associate Director of Marketing: Internships are not required of the Evening or Weekend MBA Programs, but you are welcome to pursue your own internship opportunities while enrolled in the program should you wish.


Chat Participant: are there any study abroad opportunities / requirements?

* Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: Yes, there are short-term and long-term study abroad opportunities for Evening/Weekend students. Short-term is much more common for these students. You can find more information on these programs here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/international


Chat Participant: For the MBA students in today's chat - How do you split your time with work and schoolwork?  What role has your employer played in your MBA experience?

* Neeta Upadhyay | Evening MBA Student: Employers play a big role. Their understanding is support is crucial as the coursework can be bit heavy at times. However, you can design your course load based on your work commitments in a given quarter


Chat Participant: Does Booth offer any waivers for those that have the CFA charter?

* Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Booth does not offer any waivers for the GMAT or GRE, but feel free to include your CFA on your application.


Chat Participant: What is Booth’s greatest asset, and its biggest limitation compared to other business schools?

* Kara Northcutt | Director of Marketing and Admissions: Our biggest assets are our supportive community of students, alumni, administrators and faculty. Everyone is here to help our students and alumni succeed- it is a pay it forward culture. As well as our discipline based approach to teaching business education which uses data to ground discovers and point us in the right direction. This approach helps make our students and alumni better decision makers and confident leaders. As for limitations, it depends on what you are looking for. If you are seeking a cohorted program with a set/structured curriculum, Booth would not be a good fit. We offer our students a choice rich environment when it comes to course selection and involvement outside of the classroom. We suggest you think about what format would best fit your preferences and goals.


Chat Participant: For the weekend program, from the stats on the website it appears 70%+ of students travel from outside Illinois. I am currently in California and considering applying to the Weekend program. What percentage of your applicants travel from further out places such as CA or Arizona? Are the traveling students able to participate in guest lectures, clubs, etc?

* Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: We have about 15 students from the west coast in each of our incoming weekend classes. We would be happy to connect you with one of these students if you are interested. These students have the same access to lectures and clubs as other Evening and Weekend students.


Chat Participant: Is any portion of the weekend/part time MBA administered online? Or is everything on campus 100% of the time?

* Hannah Kohut | Associate Director of Marketing: All Chicago Booth classes are taught in person at one of our campuses. We do not have any online options.


Chat Participant: is there food provided/nearby during the breaks?

* Sam Zigterman | Evening MBA Student: There is a cafe in the building where you can purchase food that is open before class and during break.


Chat Participant: Upon submitting an application, the prospective student is to then schedule an interview, correct? About how long after submitting the application can the interview take place?

* Kara Northcutt | Director of Marketing and Admissions: Correct. As soon as you click submit, you will receive an email with instructions on scheduling your interview. Since most applicants submit the week of the deadline, most interviews take place within the 3-4 weeks following the deadline. If you have work, travel, or personal conflicts that may impact your interview timeline, feel free to reach out in advance to discuss scheduling your interview before you submit. Our email is EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu.


Chat Participant: What are the chances of getting admitted to the Booth? I am looking for a percentage rate?

* Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: We do not publicly share our acceptance rate, but you can get an idea of the profiles of our admitted students (including average GMAT, GPA, years of work experience, etc.) here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening


Chat Participant: Do you have any current students who are full-time enrolled in another school's graduate program while pursuing a Booth PT MBA?

* Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: I do not believe we do -- as our program is designed for working professionals and this scenario would be very difficult to do while working as well


Chat Participant: For the evening MBA, are you able to switch the day of the week you attend class if you are not able to attend on your regular day?

* Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Most professors are flexible if they are teaching another section in a different program that students who miss their traditional class can (with the faculty approval) sit in for that week on a different section of the same class. Due to the group nature of each class, this isn’t something that is encouraged more than once or twice in a quarter, but would likely be fine on a one-off basis (typically for work travel, illness, or in-climate weather)


Chat Participant:  Is the recruiting process the same for both weekend MBA and Full-Time MBA at Booth? In other words, do weekend MBA students have access to same set of potential recruiters?

* Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA (EW) students have the same access to career services and networking opportunities as their Full Time (FT) counterparts, with the main difference being that they do not receive the same level of support for internship recruiting, since our student population typically continues working full time throughout the duration of the MBA.  You still have access to the Booth job board which has over 5k postings per year, one-on-one career coaching, and you can even opt to go through formal on-campus recruiting as long as it is for full-time positions instead of internships.  The internship recruiting piece is important to note if you’re planning to make a more drastic career change, especially into certain industries such as investment banking, as the internship is often a foot-in-the-door for some of those more competitive positions.


Chat Participant: About how many students are in each class?

* Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: The average number of students in a course section is 40-50.


Chat Participant: Have Booth PT MBA students had success recruiting for MBB consulting, both summer internships and FTE?

* Kara Northcutt | Director of Marketing and Admissions: If you are seeking a summer internship with goal of MBB employment, we strongly encourage you to pursue a full-time MBA program. While it is not impossible to secure an internship as an Evening MBA and Weekend MBA (EW) student, the level of career services resources for internships differs between Full Time (FT)T and EW Programs. EW students can participate in school-facilitated internship recruiting only if they are invited by a company; FT students do not have this restriction. Those EW students who are invited worked very hard to get make connections & positive impression at a company to end up on their list. Internships are far less common for EW, ~4% of EW students do an internship & they are sourced through a variety of sources: GTS (job posting database), direct contact with the company, as well as internship campus recruiting. For comparison, ~50% of FT students secure their internship through school-facilitated internship recruiting.  


Chat Participant: If you enroll and are admitted into the weekend program, is there flexibility to take classes in the evening?

* Sam Zigterman | Evening MBA Student: Students in their home program get first priority to the classes in their program if a class if offered in both the evening and on weekends.  So evening students would get first shot at the evening section, etc.  If the class is only offered in the evening, then evening and weekend students have equal priority.


If you are enrolled in a weekend section, most professors will let you sit in the evening session once or twice if your schedule necessitates it but they don't generally allow it more than a few times.


Chat Participant:  I am currently a designer with BFA degree. I don’t have much experience of economics knowledge. Can I still apply? Or do u have any suggestions?

* Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: There is no one typical background or undergraduate major of a Booth student, all are welcome to apply.  As long as you're able to to demonstrate career progression and explain why a Booth MBA is the next right step for your career goals, you are welcome to apply.


Chat Participant: What is the interview process for the Weekend MBA Program like? Are there multiple rounds? Is the interview in person, via phone, via computer?

* Hannah Kohut | Associate Director of Marketing: All interviews for the Evening and Weekend MBA Programs are conducted in-person at our downtown Chicago campus (Gleacher Center). There is only one interview, so there are no rounds, and all applicants receive an interview.


Chat Participant: are there group activities/assignments?

* Sam Zigterman | Evening MBA Student: There are lots of group assignments and activities.  It depends on the course though.  Some classes are entirely group work and some are entirely individual work.  Most have a mix of individual and group work.


As for activities, there are all kinds of clubs you can get involved with to meet new people who have similar interests.  Booth also has some signature events throughout the year like the boat cruise, Cubs game, and winter formal.


Chat Participant: I have some difficulties with the preparation process. Is it possible to get one to one help?

* Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: Yes, please email evening weekend-admissions and we will get back to you to confirm an appointment time, which can be in-person or over the phone.


Chat Participant: Can you please confirm how many courses the Evening/Weekend MBA requires? I am trying to get a better understanding of total tuition costs.

* Hannah Kohut | Associate Director of Marketing: All Booth MBA programs require 20 courses. You can find our tuition information here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid


Chat Participant: What is the GRE exam?

* Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: The GRE is a standardized test that many graduate programs and business schools accept.  You can learn more about it here: https://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/about


Chat Participant: Is a career change to management consulting possible with PT MBA?

* Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Yes, this sort of change is possible. You would need to work closely with career services and develop your network throughout the time at Booth but these changes have happened through the Part-Time program


Chat Participant: What are some of the benefits of the Chicago Booth Evening/Weekend MBA program versus some of the other MBA programs you researched?

* Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: Some of the qualities about Chicago Booth that we believe separate us from our peer institutions include our distinguished faculty and flexibility across programs. We also take pride in our core values, which we call The Chicago Approach (https://www.chicagobooth.edu/about/chicago-approach).


Chat Participant: Hi Lindsay, thanks for your answer earlier, you mentioned that Booth does not share your acceptance rate, did you mean that for weekend and evening programs only, and not for full time? Because we see acceptance rates on different popular online sources, was wondering if those sources were just giving out assumptions? Or perhaps those numbers pertain to full time only as it did not specify...

* Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Yes, I meant for Evening and Weekend only.  Many online resources are likely referencing Booth's Full Time MBA program when you see averages and statistics like that.  Hope this helps!


Chat Participant: If I applied to the evening MBA and would like to change it to the full time program, is that possible?

* Kara Northcutt | Director of Marketing and Admissions: If you have already started and/or submitted an Evening MBA application, please let us know you’d like to cancel it by emailing us at EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu. The Full Time MBA application is different. If you’ve not already, you can start working on it at any time. We do not allow candidates to apply to two programs as the same time, nor do we allow students to transfer from the Evening MBA into the Full Time MBA Program.


Chat Participant: Is it common for Weekend MBA students to take Friday evening classes in addition to classes on Saturday? Are Friday classes generally available to weekend students?

* Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Friday evening classes are open for Weekend students to register for too, yes!  Many Weekend students take advantage of this option.   Evening MBA students also sign up to take classes during the Weekend from time to time as well- there is a lot of overlap between the programs, as the curriculum is exactly the same and our faculty teach across the programs.


Chat Participant: Can you tell us more about the Chicago Business Fellows program for young professionals early in career? What is the additional professional development cohort programing mentioned on the website?

* Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: To explain a little about what makes CBF different, the Chicago Business Fellows program is a subset of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs for those with 3 years or less of experience, and offers additional professional development programming during the first quarter.  It yields the exact same degree and 95% of your classes will be with the traditional MBA students, but that additional programming helps to build some of the softer skills that can be important early in a career.  Beyond the first quarter seminar, there are no further requirements for CBF.  Here is a recent blog post to learn more about CBF: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/blog/ewadmissions/2017/cbf-part-1


Chat Participant: What would you say a couple of Booth's strongest concentrations are?

* Sam Zigterman | Evening MBA Student: In my opinion, finance and economics are two strong ones.  They both have a ton of possible classes in each concentration so there is plenty to choose from.  Booth and the University of Chicago have an incredibly rich history in finance and econ as well.  A lot of the theories you learn are Nobel Prize winning ideas that originated at the school.  That being said, there are plenty of great courses in all areas.  I happen to be getting concentrations in accounting, finance, and econ so those are the ones I am most familiar with.


Chat Participant: The weekend and evening programs seems like an awesome program for working professionals? When did they start, has it been around for a while?

* Kara Northcutt | Director of Marketing and Admissions: We are currently celebrating our 80th year anniversary for the Evening MBA Program, and the Weekend MBA Program is over 30 years old. We are very proud to offer these programs for full-time working professionals so they can also earn the exact same Booth MBA as our Full Time MBA Program. 


Chat Participant: Have the interviews mostly been one-on-one "learning about each other," kind of? Or, do the candidates get a group task to evaluate teaming and collaborations skills?

* Neeta Upadhyay | Evening MBA Student: Interviews are 1-1


Chat Participant: Is it possible to concentrate on a specific sector? Specifically, can I achieve an MBA at Booth with a focus on private equity?

* Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: Students will need to complete 20 classes to earn their MBA. 9 of those classes will be a part of frameworks to ensure students have a well-rounded business education. This leaves 11 classes for electives to hone in on areas of interest. While you will not be taking 20 private equity classes, you can certainly tailor your classes that are useful to individuals in this career field.


Chat Participant: Is the CBFs Interview Day open to anyone? I see there is a date posted for December 8, 2018. Or this part of the Spring Application?

* Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: The CBF Interview Days in December and January are targeted at Spring applicants (unless you plan to apply early for Fall). There will be other interview days in the Spring for Fall CBF applicants. 


Chat Participant: What do you look for in an applicant? And how do you balance work experience, prior academic experience, and test scores in the application process?

* Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Our review process is holistic. We seek well-rounded individuals who are intellectually curious, willing to go above and beyond and challenge themselves, and who can handle the academic rigor of a Booth classroom.  We also seek those who have given some thought to how a Booth MBA can help them advance their careers, and who will fit in within our active community.  Check out this blog post that I think covers a lot of what you’re asking about: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/blog/ewadmissions/2017/5-admissions-tips


Chat Participant: are there any courses we the a focus is n the healthcare sector?

* Kara Northcutt | Director of Marketing and Admissions: While Booth’s curriculum focused on functions rather than industries, we do offer a Healthcare Analytics course, and a Healthcare Analytics Lab course. We have many students who work in, or are interested in, working in healthcare. Our Healthcare-focused student club is a great way to connect with such students and learn more about the industry. You also have the option to pursue the Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP) certificate. See this link for more details about GPHAP: https://www.ssa.uchicago.edu/gphap  


Chat Participant: Do you have to complete your desired number of concentrations within 20 classes, or can you stay on an extra quarter to complete the full two or three concentrations?

* Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: You are not required to complete any concentrations, we give students the freedom to pursue them organically as they complete classes. If you wish to complete are concentration at the end of your program experience, you can defer graduation by one quarter and continue taking classes for another quarter.


Chat Participant: It looks like the typical decision response time is four to six weeks after a completed application is submitted. I assume that this statement assumes you will have had your interview within those 4-6 weeks after submitting your application?

* Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Correct!  Our timeline is 4-6, assuming we are not waiting on any materials from you, and that you complete your required interview during that time. 


Chat Participant: First, thank you for hosting this chat. Q - what % of E/W students stay within the same industry or with their employer vs. change industries/employers? I am trying to gauge the success rate E/W students have experienced in making a successful career/industry change.  

* Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Great question!  We have detailed career data for our Evening and Weekend students, which I encourage you to check out here:






Chat Participant: Are interviews only during the week? Or can they be scheduled for a weekend as well?

* Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Interviews may be held during the week or on select Saturday's throughout the year. We tend to have 1-2 Saturday interviews available each quarter. Once you have submitted your application for admission, we will send you an interview calendar to select a day/time that works for the in person interview at the Gleacher Center in Chicago