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September 5, 2017 Live Admissions Chat

Chat Transcript from September 5th 2017

Chat Guest: Will the courses be taught by the same professors that teach the full-time courses?

* Hannah Kohut: Yes, all courses in all programs across Chicago Booth are taught by the same world-class faculty. Evening-Weekend students receive the same lectures each week as the full-time students.

Chat Guest:  Hello! I work as a Product and Operations engineer in Minneapolis for Medtronic. I'm planning to apply for the Spring 2019 weekend MBA program at Booth. Does Booth offer housing and/or travel support to students travelling from outside Chicago? Thanks!

* Kara Northcutt: We are glad you plan to apply to Booth’s Weekend MBA Program! We have a free shuttle to and from Midway and O’Hare airports Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon. Many students from MN fly in and out on Saturdays. We also have a large list of hotels near Gleacher Center that offer student discounts. A few airlines also have small student discounts.  Many students also share hotels/apartments when they stay in Chicago to reduce costs. We do our best to make the travel aspect of the program as manageable as possible. 

Chat Guest: How would one complete three or more courses per quarter through the Weekend program?

* Erik Halloway: Weekend students have the ability to take classes during the week as well. Most commonly, if a Weekend student was interested in taking a 3rd class, they would come to Chicago for a Friday night class, in addition to their 2 Saturday courses.

Chat Guest: My question is what is the acceptable rang of GMAT for Chicago University?

* Nico Ricchiuto: There is no minimum GMAT required for admissions into the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA program. Currently, 80% of incoming students score between 610-730 and with an average of 680.

Chat Guest: Hi, thanks for doing this. Does living in another city negatively affect our part-time applications?

* Erik Halloway: Not at all! We encourage candidates from around the US to apply! If you plan on remaining outside of Illinois, we would encourage you to apply to our Weekend MBA.

Chat Guest: Hello. Is it possible to take MBA classes at Booth without signing up for the program? And can those courses count towards the degree if I end up applying?

* Marcus Wordlaw: The Graham School within the University of Chicago allows students to take Graduate Student At Large Business (GSALB) courses that are actual Chicago Booth business classes – without being a Booth student. You may transfer up to three courses to Booth once you are enrolled as a Booth student. Please see the following GSALB website for more information: https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/academic-programs/graduate-student/graduate-student-at-large-business

Chat Guest: Hi, I see that full-time and weekend MBA attendees take courses with the same professors, but do students in both programs have access to the same course offerings and electives?

* Erik Halloway: Whilst the same faculty teaches across our MBA programs, the course offerings may differ slightly between Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time from year-to year. You can check out our course listings here: https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/pub/coursesearch/coursesearch. You will find that a number of courses have a section in Full-Time and Evening and/or Weekend.

Chat Guest: What is the expected tuition and how does the financial aids work?

* Kara Northcutt: Tuition is $6854 a course, and 20 courses are required. See this link for details on tuition, fees and financial aid- https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid. You pay by course each quarter. 

Most students take out some level of federal or private student loans to help fund their MBA. Once you are admitted, you can work directly with our Financial Aid colleagues to assist you through the process. 

Chat Guest: Do you know when the Fall 2018 applications will go live?

* Nico Ricchiuto: The Autumn 2018 Weekend MBA application went live last week, and the Autumn 2018 Evening MBA application will go live in October.

Chat Guest: Do students generally take 3 11-week quarters and take the summer quarter off?  Are students given the option to continue the program throughout all quarters?

* Lindsay Badeaux: I don't have access to hard data for this question, but my impression is that many students take advantage of the flexibility of our programs at some point during their time here.  Some may take summers off, others may choose to take 1 class per quarter all the way through, and still others might find that they want to take Fall, Winter, or Spring quarter off due to the demands of their jobs during different times a year. Typically, students take 2 courses per quarter and finish in 2.5-3 years.  How you pace yourself through the program is your choice!

Chat Guest:  For the weekend MBA, the website lists over 70% of students commute out of state. What is the frequency of commuting to Chicago? (Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.).

* Hannah Kohut: They all commute to Chicago each week for class on Saturdays. Some arrive Friday night, and some arrive early Saturday morning.

Chat Guest:  How does the on campus recruiting efforts work with Weekend MBA compared to the traditional MBA recruiting timeline?

* Kara Northcutt: Evening MBA and Weekend MBA (EW) students are able to participate in the same Campus Recruiting (CR) for full time jobs as Full-Time MBA students. The timing is the same for all. You must be a current student with at least 12 course completed to be eligible. Campus Recruiting takes place during Autumn quarter. The required preparation sessions take place during Spring quarter and are offered on weeknights and Saturdays so our Weekend MBA students can participate.

For CR itself, the interviews will likely be during the week, so you’d need to be able to be in Chicago for such. Please keep in mind that CR is one of many sources students use to find a new job – career coaching, job posting database, student and alumni network, industry specific events, etc.

Chat Guest:  What are the usual waits from application-to-interview and from interview-to-decision?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Once your application is submitted, we try to schedule your interview within two weeks of that submission. However, much of that will depend on your schedule of availability. There is a 4-6 week timeline once you submit your online application for you to hear a decision back from us. During this process we keep open lines of communication for updates on your status.

Chat Guest: I have three supervisors who know me well in various capacities. Is it allowed to have MORE than the two required recommendations for the Weekend MBA application?

* Kara Northcutt: While two letters are required, you are welcome to submit a third. In the application itself, simple add three recommenders. You will explain why you choose these individuals in your application. 

Chat Guest: For the weekend MBA, are the classes on Saturdays only and do many students commute from out of state?

* Molly O'Donnell: Over 70% of our Weekend MBA students commute in from outside Illinois.  Students come in from both coasts and across the country.  The Weekend classes are on Saturday but Weekend MBA students can take evening classes during the week as well if it fits in their schedule.

Chat Guest:  Does Booth offer housing and/or travel support to students travelling from outside Illinois?

* Erik Halloway: Whilst Booth does not provide housing for its Weekend students, the University has arrangements with a handful of organizations to provide our students a small discount on hotels, car rentals, and airfare.

Chat Guest: What is the typical GPA 80th percentile range?

* Nico Ricchiuto: For last year’s incoming classes, 80% scored between 610-730 for the Evening MBA and 630-750 for the Weekend MBA.

Chat Guest: For those flying in to Chicago, will Booth help provide discounted air fare rates for its students?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Discounts on airfare vary based on airlines, and are usually a small discount. For example, on Southwest, the discount ranges from 10-15% depending on the fare you select.

Chat Guest: Is there a concentration that needs to be chosen upon applying? 

* Kara Northcutt: No. We ask in the application what concentrations you intend to do, but we certainly don’t hold you to them. In fact, as a student, you never have to “claim” concentrations.  You can let them build organically, and you’ll have great support in our Academic Services team.  Most students graduate with 3-4 concentrations.    

Chat Guest:  Would the 2-3 week study abroad term in Austria, France, and Germany actually take the place of taking courses at Booth over the summer quarter?  Or could I come back to Chicago after the short study abroad program and take 2 summer courses?  Also, could I do a short study abroad term one summer and then go to a different location the following summer?

* Marcus Wordlaw: For the short –term study abroad program, when you return from the 2 week program, you would not take any other classes that quarter, as you would return in the middle of the quarter. You would receive one Booth class credit for the study abroad class, and may resume classes the following quarter (if you study abroad for the summer, you may next take Booth classes in the Fall).  Students may take up to two study abroad classes, so you could study abroad short term for the following summer as well, so long as you had not completed your 20 required courses

Chat Guest: Do students from the Evening and Weekend programs have the opportunity to interact with each other?

* Tam Phan: Absolutely. You will find your Saturdays to be full of activities. Morning coffee chats, lunch-and-learns, and after class meetings

Chat Guest: Do similar companies/firms recruit evening MBA candidates as compared to full time candidates?

* Kara Northcutt: Yes, it is the exact same process that our Full-Time MBA students participate in. Therefore, the same companies hire students across programs.  

Chat Guest: Are the Graduate Student At Large Business courses available in the Weekend format?

* Molly O'Donnell: Yes, the GSAL Business courses are the same as the regular Weekend MBA classes.

Chat Guest:  Do you have an acceptable range of GRE scores for the weekend program?

* Marcus Wordlaw: The middle 80% of enrolled Booth students score between 610-730 on the GMAT exam. You may convert your GRE score to a GMAT score and compare to that range. Here is an example of a GRE or GMAT conversion tool which we use: https://www.ets.org/s/gre/flash/bschool/comparison/17302/800/index.html

Chat Guest:  Are the Graduate Student At Large Business (GSALB) courses similar to the Booth classes or are they the same? Are they taught by the same professors?

* Molly O'Donnell: GSAL courses are the same courses taught by the same professors

Chat Guest:  Can you give an overview of cost?

* Erik Halloway: A Booth MBA requires the equivalent of 20 courses to earn your degree. You can find a break of the costs here:  https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid

Chat Guest: Several part-time MBA programs have limited financial aid in terms of scholarships and grants.  Are your Weekend students eligible for such financial resources?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Most of our merit-based scholarships are reserved for full-time MBA students. The financial aid office is available to coach students on the variety of loan options available, and some part time MBA students receive financial support from their employers as well.  The only scholarship available in the Evening and Weekend MBA Programs is for the Civic Scholars Program.  This is specifically for people who work at nonprofit organizations or in the government.

Chat Guest: Are weekend classes held every weekend?

* Hannah Kohut: Yes, every Saturday. Classes are from 9 a.m. until 12 Noon, then 1:30-4:30 p.m.

Chat Guest:  If you do the Evening Part-Time program, and I have an undergrad and Master's in Accounting, is there an accelerated option that would allow be to test out of certain base classes?

* Kara Northcutt: All students are required completing 20 courses. To fulfill the accounting requirement, you can take a more advanced accounting course. Therefore, you would not have to take courses you’ve already taken. You can accelerate the program by taking 3 courses per quarter (2 per quarter is the norm for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students). 

Chat Guest:  If I join either Evening or Weekend program, would it be possible to switch between evening or weekend MBA?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Students have one opportunity to switch between Evening, and Weekend MBA, or vice versa

Chat Guest: Is the GMAT requirement a must regardless of previous degrees? Does it apply for someone with a PhD for instance?

* Hannah Kohut: Yes, a GMAT is required, regardless of an applicant's background.

Chat Guest: Are classes recorded for students who have to miss a weekend for some reason?

* Tam Phan: Hi, I've seen classes recorded for emergency travel delays, etc. This is not a common practice however. However, classes are available at more than 1 time slot. It's best to contact the professor in advance and arrange something.

Chat Guest: Can weekend students take as many evening classes as they wish? Are evening students given priority for those classes?

* Nico Ricchiuto: You are given priority to register for classes in your "home program." There is no restriction on how many classes you can take outside of your home program, but it is subject to availability. Keep in mind that Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students have priority when registering for Friday night classes.

Chat Guest: For those that need to occasionally travel for work but would like to enroll in the evening program, are all evening classes always available over the weekend?

* Erik Halloway: It’s not uncommon for a course to have multiple sections. When registering for classes you will see if/when there are additional sections of the same class. Most faculty is supportive of students attending one of their other sections. As you may know, Evening students can take Weekend courses. Therefore, if there’s a certain time of year when you have the bulk of your travel, you could always register for Weekend courses for that particular quarter.

Chat Guest:  What is the typical GPA 80th percentile range? (You answered for GMAT last go-round)

* Lindsay Badeaux: Our middle 80% range for GPA is 3.0-3.9.

Chat Guest:   Do similar companies/firms recruit evening MBA candidates as compared to full time candidates?

* Kara Northcutt: Yes, it is the exact same process that our Full-Time MBA students participate in. Therefore, the same companies hire students across programs.  

Chat Guest:  Do Weekend MBAs share the same career management services as the full-time students?

* Molly O'Donnell: Weekend students have the same access to our career services. The main difference is that internship recruiting is open to Full Time MBA students only. If you feel an internship will be an important part of your career goals, we suggest you explore full time programs. Evening MBA and Weekend MBA (EW) students are able to participate in the same Campus Recruiting program for full time jobs. Please keep in mind that campus recruiting is only one of many sources students use to find a new job (if that is their goal) - job posting database, student and alumni network, etc. Many EW students are not seeking a new job, rather are looking to advance in their current organization.

Chat Guest:  Could someone elaborate on the on-campus recruiting services that are offered to students in the weekend/evening program versus the full-time program?

* Kara Northcutt: Evening MBA and Weekend MBA (EW) students are able to participate in the same Campus Recruiting (CR) process for full time jobs as Full-Time MBA students. The timing is the same for all. You must be a current student with at least 12 course completed to be eligible. Campus Recruiting takes place during Autumn quarter, and you need to be enrolled in at least one course during Autumn quarter. The required preparation sessions take place during Spring quarter, and they are offered on weeknights and Saturdays so our Weekend MBA students can participate.  If your company is paying $8,000 or more toward your MBA, you will need their permission to participate in CR. This is the only Career Services offering that may require company permission.

Chat Guest:  Several MBA programs I have looked into are structured where 100% of the course work is group collaborative work with a strong emphasis on teams competing. How are the courses structured at Booth?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Course structure varies depending on who is teaching- we give our faculty full control over their classrooms, so they decide what to teach and how to teach it.  Some use the case study method, others prefer traditional lectures, but the majority of courses do tend to include some form of group work and collaborative discussion-based classroom methods.

Chat Guest: I have a French degree. What is the procedure to get a translation, accreditation and GPA?

* Nico Ricchiuto: Any transcripts issued in a foreign language must be translated into English. We recommend using one of these two organizations:

ECE: www.ece.org

WES: www.wes.org

Chat Guest: When is the latest date that we can apply for the next session?

* Lindsay Badeaux: For the Evening MBA program the next deadline is coming up on Oct 6th (for our Winter 2018 quarter), and for the Weekend MBA program the next deadline is January 12th (for our Spring 2018 quarter).

Chat Guest:  I am currently working as a CRM Consultant in Seattle, WA and I am planning to apply for the Evening MBA program. I will move to Chicago if I am accepted, but I want to see if weekend MBA is a better option vs evening MBA. My question is can I switch to weekend program after being accepted to evening program?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Students have one opportunity to change from Weekend MBA to Evening MBA or vice versa

Chat Guest: Have you ever had to cancel classes due to bad weather? How would one make-up for a lost class?

* Nico Ricchiuto: It is rare that class is canceled; however, it has happened in the past. If class is officially canceled, the class will be rescheduled. However, if weather is preventing a substantial amount of students who travel from outside of Chicago from attending class, the class may be recorded.

Chat Guest: Do you start reviewing the application as soon as it's submitted? Or do you wait till the recommendation letters are also submitted?

* Erik Halloway: We begin the review process once a completed application is submitted; this includes letters of recommendation.

Chat Guest: Can evening students transfer into the full time program eventually? If so, how?

* Lindsay Badeaux: While there is a lot of flexibility and overlap between the Evening, Weekend, and Full Time MBA programs at Booth, you cannot switch from FT to PT or vice versa.  You would have the ability to increase or decrease your course load depending on the flexibility of your schedule, but you would still be considered an Evening student, unless you decided to withdraw and reapply to the Full Time program.

Chat Guest: Are GMAT quant scores preferentially weighted against GMAT verbal?

* Marcus Wordlaw: GMAT quantitative scores are not necessarily weighted more than verbal scores, but we do look for a high level of competency in your quantitative scores, and we tend to look more closely at your overall score.

Chat Guest: What are the essays required to apply for the Weekend MBA program?

* Marcus Wordlaw: The essays are available to view in our Weekend MBA application. There are two required essays which you may find here: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/account/register?r=https%3a%2f%2fapply.chicagobooth.edu%2fapply%2f

Chat Guest:  Are applicants admitted on a rolling basis? If so, is there an advantage to applying earlier for any given program?

* Erik Halloway: Admissions is on a rolling basis. There is no competitive advantage to applying early. Each candidate will receive the same consideration as long as they submit by the deadline date. We always encourage individuals to apply when their application is at its best.  Many candidates will apply early for personal reasons.

Chat Guest: Do you offer a joint PhD/MBA program?

* Molly O'Donnell: We do not offer a joint PhD/MBA program.

Chat Guest: So interview can happen before you start reviewing the application?

* Erik Halloway: Yes. Once you submit your portion of the application, you will receive an email that asks you to register for an interview.  The email will provide you with a link to our interview calendar. Here, you can choose the date/time that works best for you.

Chat Guest: I have a potential start-up idea and would love to leverage the subject matter expertise of professors and knowledge centers at the University of Chicago during the program - have you seen Part-Time folks pursue start up ideas or are they mainly career-focused?

* Kara Northcutt: Around 8% of incoming students seek to start or advance their entrepreneurial venture. Upon graduation, ~4% report that they have started their own venture. Entrepreneurship is a huge strength of Booth, and you will find a like-minded community to support your current and/or future ventures. Check out the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovating website to learn more about the many activities and programming around such topics- http://polsky.uchicago.edu/

Chat Guest: How long does it normally take for a study to graduate from weekend MBA class?

* Tam Phan: Between 2 to 5 years. I know someone who took 1 class/quarter and finished in 5. He's very happy with his decision. Others want to get it done rather quickly.

Chat Guest: Do evening/weekend students have the opportunity to switch to the full-time program as well?

* Hannah Kohut: No, you cannot officially switch into the Full-Time program once you begin as an Evening-Weekend student. Although, you can take a full-time course load as an Evening-Weekend student, although we do not recommend that if you are working a full-time job.

Chat Guest: When you look at the GRE, do you look at the best total score or do you look at the best scores in each of the 3 sections?

* Lindsay Badeaux: We do not "superscore" but will always consider your highest overall GRE score, if you have taken it multiple times.

Chat Guest: How many courses are typically completed each semester for both the weekend and evening MBA programs?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Typically Booth students take two courses per quarter (10 weeks) which would allow them to graduate in 2.5 years

Chat Guest: Are there any options to for testing out of courses or getting course waivers based on experience? (for ex: I have a BBA and have taken most introductory courses)

* Lindsay Badeaux: While you are unable to waive courses completely (we require you to complete all 20 courses for the degree), you are able to take upper level courses based on your background and experience.  For example, a CPA does not need to take our Intro to Accounting course- he/she could take an upper level Accounting course instead.

Chat Guest: If you're accepted for one quarter based on your application, can you ever defer to start at a later quarter or are you required to start the quarter you apply for?

* Marcus Wordlaw: There is a formal deferral process for applicants accepted to a certain quarter, and can defer to the next quarter of that program. There is a deferral fee which would be applied to your first quarter’s tuition.

Chat Guest: Does Booth provide any resources to shed light on what kinds of jobs people get after completing the MBA program, based on previous degrees and backgrounds?

* Kara Northcutt: Career Services offers a wide variety of resources from individual career coaching, alumni career advisors, formalized campus recruiting for full time jobs, job posting database, etc. You will be able to tailor your career advancement strategy based on what resource will best help you achieve your goals. We suggest you talk with a coach early in the program to talk about your career goals and what tactics would be best for you to participate in. You gain access to career services during your first quarter, and they are a resource for life.    

Chat Guest:  What's the difference between the 1-2 page professional resume under Work Experience section? And a current resume of 1 to 2 pages under Resume section?

* Erik Halloway: It’s equivalent. You will only need to upload your resume in one of the two locations. 

Chat Guest: I will be self-funding for my MBA. Is there a financial statement requirement as part of the application? If so what is the minimum balance that I need to show?

* Kara Northcutt: No, we will not need any documentation of this. Tuition is due Friday of week four every quarter. You can simply pay via credit card (you pay the transaction fees), wire payments, check, etc.

Chat Guest: Can one switch from Weekend to Evening before the first term starts?

* Molly O'Donnell: If you are interested in the evening program you should just apply to the evening program.  However, you are allowed to switch once during the program.

Chat Guest:  Are all students eligible to use financial aid to cover tuition or do evening students have cash only options?

* Kara Northcutt: Most students take out some level of federal or private student loans to help fund their MBA. Once you are admitted, you can work directly with our Financial Aid colleagues to assist you through the process. 

Chat Guest: For the admissions process, are you using a standardized candidate scoring process or looking closely case by case?

* Lindsay Badeaux: We utilize a holistic review process and consider each candidate carefully.  We’ll review your academics, academics, leadership, work history, letters of recommendation, and your essays, which will help us understand why you’re pursuing an MBA at this point in your career, as well as why Booth is the right fit for your goals.

Chat Guest: I completed a 2015 Full-Time application and am now in the midst of filling out a 2018 part-time application. Am I considered a re-applicant?  I believe I saw a cut-off of two years?

* Erik Halloway: After two years, you are no longer considered a re-applicant. In addition to the application, you will need to submit 2 new letters of recommendation and you do not need to complete the re-applicant essay. 

Chat Guest: How many students on average per class?

* Marcus Wordlaw: On average there are 45 students in each Booth class. Some lab classes will be much smaller with 15-20 students

Chat Guest: Is the Business Fellows program focused more heavily on individuals that are looking to change industries, or individuals that are interested in accelerating their career progression within the same industry?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Both! Just like our general Evening and Weekend student population, some Chicago Business Fellows are looking to advance in their current industry, while others are hoping to make a change into a new industry or function. You can see some CBF student profiles here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/early-career-candidates/student-profiles/

Chat Guest: Are there any circumstances where students are allowed to test out of a foundations course?

* Kara Northcutt: All students are required to complete 20 courses. We do not waive or allow testing out of courses. However, with our flexible curriculum, you can take courses as the level that is more appropriate for you. For example, an accountant would take a more advanced accounting course to fulfill the financial accounting degree requirement.  Keep in mind you have 130+ courses to narrow down to 20. We are confident that you will have many courses to choose from to fit your current level of knowledge, as well as your future academic and career interests. 

Chat Guest: Once admitted, how quickly to you need a deposit/commitment?

* Nico Ricchiuto: Generally, you are given about 10 days to accept the offer once admitted. Once you accept the offer, you are given an additional 10 days to pay your $1000 deposit.

Chat Guest: How favorably are extra-curricular activities with no charitable/altruism component (for eg. competitive or strictly interest/hobby related) looked at?

* Molly O'Donnell: All of your extra-curricular activities are taken into account when evaluating your application. 

Chat Guest: I don't see a section where you can upload your GMAT report? Is that required on the application? Or to be submitted later.

* Nico Ricchiuto: We only require you to submit a self-reported GMAT score in your application. If admitted, we will have access to your official score report via the GMAC website. Please make sure you use our code to have your GMAT report released to us.

Chat Guest: How many Saturdays would the average Weekend MBA Candidate be on Campus?

* Kara Northcutt: Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters are 11 weeks in length and Summer is 10. Therefore, you can plan for 43 Saturdays a year. Classes take place every Saturday during the quarter.

Chat Guest: Does Booth have any international student counseling services to guide on the application process?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Our application process will be the same for domestic and international students, so our admissions counselors can assist in your specific application as you progress

Chat Guest: How many admissions cycles are there each year for the Business Fellows program? Can applicants apply to any of the four quarters?

* Lindsay Badeaux: For the Evening CBF program, we have two admissions intakes per year (Fall and Spring), and for the Weekend CBF program, we have one per year (Fall).  Admissions are rolling.  The application process is the same, but the interview process is different.  A requirement of the CBF application process is attending a CBF Interview Day, which we offer a few times per year. The day consists of a program overview and panel discussion, your required one-on-one admissions interview, a group interview, and lunch with current students.

Chat Guest: I'm writing my essay for why I've chosen Booth- how specific should I be in mentioning certain courses/instructors/clubs that I'm interested in?

* Marcus Wordlaw: In the essay about selecting Booth, you can be as specific as you'd like when discussing the reasons you are applying. We leave that open to you and your discretion

Chat Guest:  What does the application window open and when are the deadlines for the weekend MBA program?

* Nico Ricchiuto: We just published the Autumn Weekend MBA application last week with a deadline of Friday, May 11. We will be updating our deadlines on the website shortly: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions

Chat Guest: How long does it usually take students to repay their student loans?

* Lindsay Badeaux: It varies depending on amount an individual borrows, the length of their repayment plan, etc.  I recommend checking out the Federal Student Loan website resources to estimate: https://studentloans.gov/myDirectLoan/mobile/repayment/repaymentEstimator.action

Chat Guest: What is the deferral fee?

* Erik Halloway: If a candidate is accepted into the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA program, and they would like to defer, there is an additional deposit of $1,000. Deferrals are at the discretion of the director of admissions.

Chat Guest: What are the chances of getting admission in Evening MBA with a GMAT score of 570 (Quant-49 and Verbal-19) and 8 years of work experience in IT.

* Lindsay Badeaux: It’s hard to say, as no one part of your application is weighted more heavily than another. Keep in mind our middle 80% range for the GMAT is 610-730. Also, we have a holistic review process- the academic piece is important, as we want to ensure you can handle the rigor of a Booth classroom, but it’s not the only piece of the puzzle.  We’ll review your work history, letters of recommendation, and your essays, which will help us understand why you’re pursuing an MBA at this point in your career, why Booth, etc. 

Chat Guest: Is it appropriate to distinguish between the full time program and the weekend/evening program on the basis of whether an applicant is planning to entirely change careers or to simply advance in his/her current career?

* Marcus Wordlaw: The Full-time Program by nature of the time available to students in the program allows for greater immersion in the program, activities, and events which is good for students making more drastic career changes. However Evening and Weekend students are afforded the same opportunities at Full-time students (aside from specifically a formalized internship process) and allows part time students to change industries and careers as well. Fields such as Investment Banking albeit not impossible tend to have more success under the Full-time program due to the time and internship component. Part time students are both career advancers and career changers.

Chat Guest:  Are all interviews conducted in Chicago? Can interviews for the Weekend program be scheduled on a weekend?

* Molly O'Donnell: Interviews can be scheduled on the weekend.

Chat Guest:  Do you recommend requesting an official report from GMAC site only after admission then? I took it several years ago and did not send the score to any schools at the time.

* Lindsay Badeaux: That would be fine- we only need your self-reported score for the purposes of your application. If you're admitted to Booth and accept our offer, you can send your official score report at that time.  Keep in mind that both GMAT and GRE scores expire after 5 years.  Hope this helps!

Chat Guest:  I am currently working in US and on a visa. I assume I would not be eligible for the Federal Student Loan. Are there other options for student loans that I can avail?

* Nico Ricchiuto: Chicago Booth offers a loan program to international students with no US cosigners. International students who have US cosigners have multiple private loan options. More detailed information regarding these programs will be made available via the admitted student’s website upon admission to the program.

You can find additional information here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/tuition-financial-aid

Chat Guest:  Hello, By way of introduction I work at a Big 4 in Mergers and Acquisitions. It is nice to meet you all! I graduated school and am interested in the Chicago Business Fellows MBA program. I graduated University of Illinois Urbana Champaign in December 2016. What would be the right time for me to apply to the program?

* Lindsay Badeaux: As long as you would be under the 4 year mark of work experience by the time you'd start classes at Booth, you can apply for the CBF program whenever feels like the right time for you!  For the Evening CBF program, we have two admissions intakes per year (Fall and Spring), and for the Weekend CBF program, we have one per year (Fall).  Admissions are rolling.  The application process is the same, but the interview process is different.  A requirement of the CBF application process is attending a CBF Interview Day, which we offer a few times per year.  We also have a CBF networking event coming up in October, which you can register for here: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/register/?id=5365f007-0af6-4b7c-b06e-98427da718c5

Chat Guest: I have 10 years of consulting experience in IT, but not much managerial experience. Will that hurt my changes? My GMAT score is 730.

* Marcus Wordlaw: Not having much managerial experience would not hurt your application, as that is not a requirement. Certainly leadership experience in different forms is something we look for, but you could still submit a strong application without managerial experience

Chat Guest: I currently have 2 letters of recommendation for my Winter 2018 Evening application. If I choose to pursue Spring 2018 instead due to personal/job reasons, do I need to contact the recommenders to resubmit their letters of recommendation?

* Nico Ricchiuto: If you decide to pursue the Spring 2018 quarter instead, let us know before you submit your Winter 2018 application. We will simply change the quarter on the application and all materials will transfer over including your letters.

Chat Guest:  I'm specifically interested in the focus area of organizational behavior. I would like to read publications from this department of Booth. Is there a landing page with such resources or is this something I would have to request personally?

* Erik Halloway: I recommend you check out the profiles and publications of faculty who teach in managerial and organizational behaviors. Another great resource for faculty research is Chicago Booth Review. Here are the links:



Chat Guest: What is the timeframe for applying to the Civic Scholars program and does it impact the courses that are available for you to take, or will you still have the same flexibility as the Weekend/Evening programs?

* Molly O'Donnell: The Civic Scholars Program application will be due on April 2, 2018. There are not differences in the academics for Civic Scholars.  They can take all the same courses as everyone else.  You do need to be a Weekend MBA student, but you will have the same flexibility to take evening courses.

Chat Guest:  Will you consider a GMAT score of 570 (Quant-49 and Verbal-19) if someone has a MS in Computer Science from US University and 8 years of work experience in IT. Or is it advisable to retake the exam and score in the range 610-730?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Your application will be reviewed holistically with everything taken into account. It is always good to get as close to our middle 80% range (610-730) as possible for a competitive application. Much of your thoughts on re-testing should be determined by your thoughts on your ability to improve. If you have only tested once, I would recommend testing again if you have the time. If you have tested multiple times, you could consider testing again or our Graduate Student at Large Business (GSALB) program – allowing you to take Booth classes before you are a Booth student:  https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/academic-programs/graduate-student/graduate-student-at-large-business 

Chat Guest:  Do you take any importance for TOEFL for student who completed their studies outside USA?

* Erik Halloway: The TOEFL can be a valuable data point in our review process. There are a handful of scenarios where we do not require the TOEFL for international candidates or candidates who studied outside the US:


Chat Guest: What types of scholarships and grants are available? Is Chicago Booth a member of the Consortium?

* Molly O'Donnell: Chicago Booth is not a member of the Consortium.  There are not scholarships in the Evening/Weekend MBA programs (except if you work in a nonprofit or the government). However, there are sources of financial aid available to meet the needs of Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students, including Stafford Federal loans and private loans through the University of Chicago. Information will be sent to students upon admission. For more information, contact the Financial Aid office by emailing financial.aid@ChicagoBooth.edu.

Chat Guest:  What is the average prior work experience of the evening and weekend MBA candidates?

* Marcus Wordlaw: The average work experience for Evening and Weekend MBA students is about 6 years. There is also an Early Career Professionals program for students with 0-3 years of experience.

Chat Guest: Does Booth offer tuition assistance if you work at the University?

* Marcus Wordlaw: University of Chicago employees would receive half off of tuition while employed within the University.

Chat Guest:  Is the Civic Scholars Application live yet? I don't see the civics scholar additional question option in the weekend MBA application.

* Molly O'Donnell: The Civic Scholars application is the same as the Weekend MBA application.  When you start the application you will indicate that you are applying for the Civic Scholars Program.  It will then auto-populate the additional question.

Chat Guest:  At what point does a candidate decide to look at the Executive MBA program versus the evening / weekend program?  I.e. If a candidate with significant managerial and industry experience is reaching 10 years of career growth is one program better suited than another?

* Lindsay Badeaux: The Executive MBA program is a 21 month lock-step cohort program for students with an average of 14 years of corporate working experience with some of those being higher management level roles. The program is very structured in terms of the classes you would take, and involves a week in our campuses in London and Hong Kong respectively. Classes meet every other week, all day on Friday and Saturday.   For the Evening and Weekend MBA programs, the average student age is 30, with 7 years average working experience, but we also have students in the programs well into their 40’s. The program is quite flexible, allowing you to take classes across programs. There is also a great amount of flexibility in the types of classes you can take, depending on your experience and preference.  If you are on the verge between the Executive program and the Evening or Weekend programs, your choice will come down to what you’re specifically looking to gain from your MBA experience.

Chat Guest:  Do you recommend retesting if an individual achieved a high overall GMAT score by scoring very well on the qualitative section and below average on the quantitative section? Or will the high overall score be sufficient?

* Erik Halloway: We look at all section of the GMAT, but give extra attention to the overall and quantitative scores. If you have only taken the exam once, and feel you can do better overall, then we might suggest retaking the exam. The middle 80% of enrolling students score between a 610-730 for context.

Chat Guest:   How is early career professionals program different from traditional evening/weekend MBA?

* Lindsay Badeaux: To explain a little about what makes CBF different, the Chicago Business Fellows program is a subset of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs for those with 3 years or less of experience, and offers additional professional development programming during the first quarter.  It yields the exact same degree and 95% of your classes will be with the traditional MBA students, but that additional programming helps to build some of the softer skills that can be important early in a career.  Beyond the first quarter seminar, there are no further requirements for CBF.  You can see some CBF student profiles here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/early-career-candidates/student-profiles/

Chat Guest:  If we have less than 3 years work experience and plan to wait until we have 4-5 years work experience, is there anything you would recommend to do in the meantime outside of our full time job?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Our Chicago Business Fellows (CBF) program is designed for Booth students with three years or less of experience, and would yield the same degree as the traditional Booth MBA. If you would like to wait and gain more experience, beginning to prepare for the GMAT/GRE is a great first step -- practice exams, study material, etc. You may also consider attending events at Booth to gain a greater sense of our culture and community, which you can do here:  https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events


Chat Guest: Do prospective CBF candidates need to submit their resume for review before they apply for the program? Also, can the person submit his/her resume more than once if decides to apply for a different term?

* Lindsay Badeaux: The required resume review you're referencing is a component of the CBF Interview Day registration- it's really so that we can ensure that any registrants who sign up for the Interview Day are eligible for the CBF program based on their years of work experience. There is no need to submit a resume to us prior to your application and interview!

Chat Guest: For the Job Description section under work experience, what's the max word count? And should you focus on project description or role description? Or a little bit of both?

* Marcus Wordlaw: It would be beneficial to focus on a bit of both your project description and your role and responsibilities. We should not have a word count limit in this section of the application

Chat Guest: How does the Civic Scholars Application process vary vs a normal Weekend MBA?  Can you be admitted to the Weekend MBA, but not accepted as a Civil Scholar?

* Molly O'Donnell: The Civic Scholars application is the same as the Weekend MBA application but it will have an additional essay specific for Civic Scholars.  Your application will first go through the general admissions process before being considered for the Civic Scholars Program.  So, you could be accepted to Booth but not accepted to the Civic Scholars Program.  If you are not accepted to Civic Scholars it does not impact your acceptance to Booth.

Chat Guest: Will we get a transcript of this chat via email?

* Hannah Kohut: We do not email transcripts of the chats, but the transcript will be posted online sometime next week. https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats

Chat Guest: Are there opportunities to present multimedia portfolios (data viz, etc.) in our applications?

* Erik Halloway: No. However, if you feel this is something you would like to highlight, feel free to discuss these skills in the optional essay.

Chat Guest:  Is the admission process for early career professional program different from that of traditional Evening/Weekend MBA?

* Lindsay Badeaux: The application process is the same, but the interview process is different.  A requirement of the CBF application process is attending a CBF Interview Day, which we offer a few times per year. The day consists of a program overview and panel discussion, your required one-on-one admissions interview, a group interview, and lunch with current students.  Your application does not need to be submitted by the interview day, only by the application deadline.  As you get closer to submitting your application, you can keep an eye on the CBF webpage for information about upcoming interview days.

Chat Guest: Are there any specific extracurricular activities outside of those related to a full time job that admissions officers like to see?

* Molly O'Donnell: We are interested in all your professional and personal activities - there isn't a specific kind that we prefer. 

Chat Guest: I am a technical director in a fortune 100 high-tech company. I do need to understand the implications of the business drivers but my time is really limited. What are the other short-term programs I can enroll in other than a MBA program?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Much of this depends on exactly what you are looking to use the degree for, and how short you'd like your time commitment. Degrees in the finance and analytic areas could beneficial. You may check our Graham School for continuing professional studies for example options here: https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/academic-programs/masters-degrees

Chat Guest: Can I provide a recommendation letter from a former supervisor, who is also my mentor/sponsor at work? Reason: My past 5 supervisors have been my boss for only 3 to 6 months!  

* Marcus Wordlaw: A recommendation from a former supervisor who is now a mentor of yours would be fine to use

Chat Guest: Would it be possible with someone closer to four years of experience to obtain admittance into the CBF program? Or is there a hard stop for candidates over the three year threshold?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Great question.  There is no hard cutoff for CBF, as long as you are close to that 3 year mark.  I would say if you would be at 4 or less years when you would begin at Booth, go ahead and apply for CBF.  If we review your application and feel you’d be better fit for the traditional program, we’ll simply have that conversation with you. 

Chat Guest: What's the preferred resume font and font size? Is font size 10 too small? What about margins?

* Erik Halloway: You will want to make sure you resume is formatted such that it's easy to read. There is not a required font or font size.

Chat Guest: I've been looking at the courses--what is a 50-unit course?

* Erik Halloway: 50-unit courses meet for approximately 5 weeks; half the time of a traditional course. Traditional courses meet 3 hours per week for 10 or 11 weeks.

Chat Guest:  Thank you very much for answering the questions. Can we schedule a one-on-one with an admissions councilor to discuss individual profile and ask questions?

* Erik Halloway: Yes. I recommend you email us and we will connect you with your admissions contact:


Chat Guest: How detailed should we be when explaining our choice of recommenders? Should we describe our relationship or experience with each individual recommender, or keep it general?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Describing your relationship with that person and why you felt they were a good choice as a recommender would be fine for that section.

Chat Guest: What are the criteria used in evaluating Civic Scholar applications?

* Molly O'Donnell: Like the general admissions process, we take a very holistic approach.  Your essays, work experience, letters of rec and all the other parts of your application will be taken into consideration.