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July 18, 2017 Live Admissions Chat

Chat Transcript from July 18th 2017

Answered Questions (103)

Chat Guest: Hello everyone. Even though Weekend/Evening MBA is considered a part time MBA, can the degree be used as a switch careers?


* Kara Northcutt: Yes, we see everything from career changes, career advancers to entrepreneurs in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. Generally speaking, 2/3 of EW student made a career change while in or within one year of graduating. Of those seeking to change employers, 52% changed industries and 70% changed function.  This is from recent graduate student survey. Having said this, if you are seeking a dramatic career change and feel an internship will be an important part of your career goals, we suggest you explore full time programs, as they are designed for career changers.


Chat Guest:  Good afternoon! I am interested in the weekend-MBA program and hope to enter the Autumn 2018 class. I understand the application will be due in May 2018 but do I have the option to apply during the winter and attempt the application process in advance? i.e. My application will coincide with the Spring 2018 admissions cycle but I would like to defer to a Fall entry.


* Nico Ricchiuto: The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs operate on rolling admissions. Once an application is open, you can apply and receive your decision within 4-6 weeks. The Autumn 2018 Weekend MBA application will open next month.


Chat Guest:  Good afternoon. Can a candidate apply to a part time program if they are currently unemployed/seeking full time employment?  I have 7 years work experience but have been caught up in a recent layoff.


* Marcus Wordlaw: Candidates may technically apply to Booth without a full-time job, however due to the structure of the program we would like students to have full-time jobs at the time they begin. This may not always be the case however, so in these circumstances you should be specific in your optional essay about your current employment and situation.


Chat Guest: I know from previous chats you guys have mentioned that all the MBA degrees would be the same. Is that the same for Chicago Business Fellows program? All the degrees will say MBA from Booth (no part time, CBF, additional things on the degree)


* Molly O'Donnell: Yes - all the degrees say the same thing.  There is no difference for CBF.


Chat Guest: Hello everyone, thanks for taking the questions today. My first one is regarding application rounds- are there particular advantages with applying in any of the rounds?


* Hannah Kohut: We have rolling admissions in Evening-Weekend, meaning we admit students year-round. There are not rounds.


Chat Guest:  I was hoping to get more information about the Motor City Scholarship. What is the application process and how are they evaluated? How many scholarships are awarded each year?


* Kara Northcutt: The scholarship is merit-based and will award one Weekend MBA student $75,000 to assist with their MBA tuition. The funds will be spread throughout the program with up to $30,000 awarded each year. Eligible candidates must work in the Detroit Metro area while completing their MBA studies.


Our Weekend MBA Program has the same faculty, curricular requirements and yields the same degree as our Full Time MBA and Evening MBA, yet it allows students to continue advancing in their career as they earn their MBA. Around 70% of Weekend students live outside of IL. 


You would complete the regular Weekend MBA application process and be measured on the same criteria as other Weekend MBA applicants. The next Weekend MBA intake is for Spring 2018, and the application deadline is January 12, 2018.


Chat Guest:  Good Afternoon. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Could you please provide some insight on the Chicago Business Fellows program and the advantages for students with less work experience?


* Nico Ricchiuto: The Chicago Business Fellows (CBF) programming is designed for candidates with less than three years of work experience. The CBF program offers the same academic experience and MBA degree as our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs with additional professional development cohort programming. Within the additional programming are opportunities for networking and skill development.


Chat Guest: Hi! Is it possible to start with the full time program and switch to a Weekend program if one finds a full time job? What are the main differences between the two programs besides the internship? Thank you!


* Marcus Wordlaw: Students may not switch from Full-time to either Evening or Weekend programs once they start, or vice versa. If you begin as either an Evening or Weekend student you can take a full time load of classes (ex. 4 per quarter). The internship component of the Full time program is the main difference between Full and part time. Each program has its own student-run organizations. Classes, professors, coursework, and resources would be the same otherwise.


Chat Guest: I would more fall in the category of someone who seeks a dramatic career change. I am a Civil Engineer with an intention to move into Finance in the future.


* Kara Northcutt: In that case, I suggest exploring full time MBA programs, as they are generally designed for career changers. Having the internships component is often key to making a more dramatic change.


Chat Guest: Is it possible to complete the degree by only taking one class per quarter or will I need to take more than one to complete it within the required time frame?


* Nico Ricchiuto: You have up to 5 years to complete the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs, so it is possible to take one course per quarter. Most of our students will take two classes per quarter.


Chat Guest: Hi, Can you switch from Weekend/Evening MBA to full time after completing few courses?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Students may not switch from Full-time to either Evening or Weekend programs once they start, or vice versa. If you begin as either an Evening or Weekend student you can take a full time load of classes (ex. 4 per quarter). The internship component of the Full time program is the main difference between Full and part time. Each program has its own student-run organizations. Classes, professors, coursework, and resources would be the same otherwise.


Chat Guest:  Are part time classes administered by the same faculty as a full time program?


* Hannah Kohut: Absolutely! Part-time students receive the same lectures from the same faculty as the full-time students.


Chat Guest:  For the weekend MBA, are there some younger candidates ~24 years old? Did they like the weekend program and were they able to handle the workload? Or would they have benefitted more from the CBF?


* Kara Northcutt: If you have less than 3 years of work experience, you should apply to the Chicago Business Fellows (CBF) Program.  We matriculate a Weekend CBF class every Autumn quarter. It is a great program if you are seeking an MBA earlier in your career. The MBA degree, courses, etc. are exactly the same. The difference is that CBF students are required to complete some additional professional development and leadership workshops during their first quarter. 


Chat Guest:  What is the general age group in these programs?


* Hannah Kohut: The middle-80% age range of Evening-Weekend students is 25-34.


Chat Guest:  What're some of the skills and qualities that you would be seeking for a CBF applicant? Are there general things you look for?


* Kara Northcutt: Generally speaking, we look for the same characteristic and we have a holistic review process. For Chicago Business Fellows (CBF), since you have less work experience, we have to rely more on your academics and test scores. It is also important to know why you want to get an MBA at this point in your career. We don’t expect CBF applicants to be leading and managing teams quite yet, but we are looking for that potential- are you on track for management, taking on greater responsibility, etc. This often comes through in your letters of rec, as well as your essays.


Chat Guest: Hi there.  For the evening program admissions process, how heavy is volunteer/community work looked at?  One reason Booth appeals to me is that it offers a large networking opportunity to get become involved in volunteer work, but I currently do not have much on my "resume", so to speak, currently.


* Molly O'Donnell: While it is great to see community engagement, we take a very holistic view of your application.  It would just be one factor among several that we consider.  You can always mention in your essays your desire to become more engaged.


Chat Guest: Hi everyone.  During the application process, do you have a weighting system you use for applicants?  Is there one thing that you weigh more than others?




* Nico Ricchiuto: We do not have a weighting system when evaluation applications. We take a holistic approach during the review process. You may find some helpful information here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/apply/criteria


Chat Guest:  Do you have class profile stats for CBF?


* Kara Northcutt: CBF classes typically have an average of 2-2.5 years of work experience, avg. age is around 25 and they represent a wide variety of industries and functions.


Chat Guest:  Hi – do firms actively recruit from the EW MBA program?


* Marcus Wordlaw: Organizations actively recruit Booth students in both EW and Full time through things like Campus Recruitment. Career services are available for all students to help with this process


Chat Guest:  Hello, about the Application Process, is there a minimum GMAT score or all the requirements are taken into account on the acceptance criteria?


* Marcus Wordlaw: There is no minimum required GMAT Score. The average score for enrolled students is a 680. All other components of the application are taken into account for your decision.


Chat Guest:  Good afternoon. I am hoping to start a part time weekend program this year. Is there any way that can happen or am I too late? I have test scores already


* Nico Ricchiuto: Our Autumn Weekend MBA deadline passed in May, so unfortunately starting the Weekend MBA this year will not be possible. Our next Weekend MBA deadline is January 12, 2018 to start in the Spring 2018 quarter.


Chat Guest:  Can you defer the admission to next semester if you apply and are accepted to a weekend MBA program?


* Nico Ricchiuto: The Weekend MBA program matriculates students during the Autumn and Spring quarters. As a Weekend MBA candidate you are able to defer up to one Weekend MBA intake quarter. For example, if you are admitted to the Autumn quarter as a Weekend MBA student, you can defer your start to the Spring quarter.


Chat Guest:  Is it unusual for an applicant to apply both to Full time and part time because s/he is undecided on which program to attend?


* Kara Northcutt: It is very common to consider both full time and part time programs during the research phase but you cannot apply to them at the same time. It is important to do your research on the front end to figure out which is the best fit for you both personally and professional and then go for it.


Chat Guest:  As a 40 y/o entrepreneur who has built 3 successful businesses over the past 9 years, I would like to know if work experience is considered during the admissions process.


* Kara Northcutt: We highly value diverse professional backgrounds, and your entrepreneurial experience would be incredible valuable in and outside the classroom.  Many students have entrepreneurial goals and/or current ventures, and you’ll see that an entrepreneurial mindset is ever present in the Booth culture. If you’d like to learn more, check out the Polsky center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation website: http://polsky.uchicago.edu/


Chat Guest: Hello. Can you present data on GMAT distributions (admissions) and exit salaries (outcomes)?


* Marcus Wordlaw: GMAT scores for enrolled students for Evening Weekend range from 610-730 for the middle 80%. The average is a 680. We do not provide exit salaries for our students but would be happy to discuss career statistics data from recent grads offline at: EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu


Chat Guest: I want to know about GMAT - do you take candidates without GMAT scores?


* Hannah Kohut: All applicants to the Evening-Weekend programs must submit either a GMAT or GRE score.


Chat Guest: Hi there!  Thank you so much for your time!  I noticed for the Civic Scholars Program there is funding provided.  Are there also fellowships/scholarships provided to the Chicago Business Fellows?


* Molly O'Donnell: Chicago Business Fellows does not include any funding, but it is a great program to be part of.


Chat Guest: I already have a Master's degree in Eng., would that have an adverse effect in the selection process?


* Molly O'Donnell: About 30% of our students already have other graduate degrees.  It certainly would not be a negative on your application.  We see a fair number of engineers who are looking to boost their management skills through our MBA programs.


Chat Guest: Hi what is the difference between executive and evening MBA?


* Hannah Kohut: The Executive MBA is generally made up of professionals with at least 10 years of experience, and it requires study at our London and Hong Kong campuses. The Evening MBA is taught here in Chicago. Other than the locations, the curriculum is exactly the same.


Chat Guest:  For the weekend MBA, if students find their own internships during the program, is that ok?


* Molly O'Donnell: We assume that our students are working full-time, so internships are not all that common with our students.  But, there is no reason why you couldn't do one.


Chat Guest: Hello, I am a full time working mother and would try to understand, how many hours per week do students spend to finish these weekend MBA?




* Marcus Wordlaw: The hours per week spent on school will vary, because of our flexibility. For students who have families and busy personal lives you can create a schedule that best fits your schedule -- which could be 1 class per quarter (average about 5-6 hours outside of class) or taking quarters off here and there. Weekend students tend to take two classes per quarter since they are traveling to Chicago and take quarters off when their schedule becomes hectic. You are given 5 years to graduate so you may progress as slow as you like during that period


Chat Guest: Another question: Are admissions interviews available countrywide?


* Hannah Kohut: In special circumstances we can conduct a Skype interview, but all in-person interviews are held here at our downtown Chicago campus.


Chat Guest:  Hi, You may have missed this question, reposting: Can you switch from Weekend/Evening MBA to full time after completing few courses?


* Marcus Wordlaw: You cannot switch from Weekend or Evening to Full Time, however you may take a full time load of classes as an Evening or Weekend student, which would be about 4 classes per quarter while still being in the part time program


Chat Guest:  Good afternoon. Given 70% of weekend MBA students are outside IL, can you provide a bit of color on networking events for Evening/Weekend MBA students based in Chicago?


* Marcus Wordlaw: The majority of networking events tend to take place on Saturday for convenience for Weekend students. Many student organizations hold their meetings during the lunch hour between the first and second class on Saturday. Social events take place after the second class on Saturdays. There certainly are other events throughout the week that are open to weekend students such as Alumni breakfast conversations, and corporate treks but many of the networking and social events are on Saturdays


Chat Guest: I live approximately a three hour drive away from the university and am also in a career that requires extensive global travel. While I intend to make every effort to attend class in person, I know that there will be weeks where this is not possible. Is there an attendance requirement or is some flexibility built into the weekend program?


* Molly O'Donnell: Professors assume that you will be attending all of the classes, but also understand that on occasion special circumstances make students miss a class on occasion. You should speak to each of your professors about your circumstances.  If the course you are taking is also offered during the week, you can usually attend that class on occasion if you know you will miss the weekend class.


Chat Guest:  Is the Civic Scholars program available to evening students as well as weekend students?


* Molly O'Donnell: The Civic Scholars Program is based in the Weekend MBA Program so you would need to enroll as a Weekend student.


Chat Guest:  What is the range of GMAT scores for students admitted to Evening MBA at Booth?


* Hannah Kohut: The middle-80% GMAT score range for Evening-Weekend students is 610-730, based on the 2016-2017 calendar year.


Chat Guest: Are classes marked for attendance?  If a long absence or vacation is planned, is there any repercussion for missing a class, as long as notes/lecture slides are collected from a classmate?


* Molly O'Donnell: Each class has its own attendance policy.  You would need to talk to your specific professors about their policies.  You do have the option of taking a quarter off if you know you will be missing several classes that quarter.


Chat Guest: What is the average studying time per week for an Evening or a Weekend MBA?


* Nico Ricchiuto: Average time spent working for a class varies depending on the course, the faculty member and the week of the quarter. However, you will have access to prior course evaluations before registering for a particular course. In these evaluations, students list the average time they spent for the course outside of the classroom.


Chat Guest:  I am 24 with 2.5 years of work experience and interested in getting an MBA. I prefer the weekend MBA, but would it be better if I do the CBF?


* Marcus Wordlaw: CBF may be a great fit given your work experience. It is the same academic program but since you are early in your career you're able to build professional skills and hone techniques you likely use on a regular basis at work


Chat Guest:  Hi! I live in California and am interested in the Weekend MBA program. Do we have an option of taking classes virtually on some weekends or an in-person presence is mandatory?


* Molly O'Donnell: All of our courses are in-person.


Chat Guest:  Is it ok for students to take time off their full time job and look for another job (be unemployed for a period of time) while attending the evening program?


* Kara Northcutt: Yes, the program is very flexible. You can change jobs, take some time off to focus on courses between jobs, etc. It is not technically required that students remain working full time throughout the entire program. You can increase or decrease your coarse load as you see fit. Since you have 5 years to complete the degree, the pace of the program can work around your needs.


Chat Guest:  Approximately, how many hours do students study for each class per week?


* Nico Ricchiuto: Average time spent working for a class varies depending on the course, the faculty member and the week of the quarter. However, you will have access to prior course evaluations before registering for a particular course. In these evaluations, students list the average time they spent for the course outside of the classroom.


Chat Guest:  Do you have campus recruitments? Do full time, part time and executive have access to all recruitment drives?


* Marcus Wordlaw: Campus Recruitment is available for Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time students along with Career services and a job applying database called Global Technology Solutions


Chat Guest: Hi - If I previously took the GMAT (10 years ago) can I use the score? Or will I need to re-take to provide a more recent score?


* Nico Ricchiuto: GMAT scores are only valid for 5 years. You would have to submit your application with a valid test score.


Chat Guest: Is the internship component altogether ruled out in the part time MBA curriculum? If the student makes accommodations to get an internship and have a full time, is that allowed?


* Molly O'Donnell: Yes - you can do an internship if you like. 


Chat Guest:   Hello, are there opportunities to tailor the Weekend MBA program for specialization in Energy and Technology Management?


* Marcus Wordlaw: Management can certainly be tailored in the program, given the extent of management and leadership courses along with management concentrations. Energy and technology would be more class specific when selecting courses that fit that topic


Chat Guest:  I live in San Francisco Bay Area, but I'm very interested in the MBA program at Booth. How should I deal with this distance issue if I got selected to go to the program?


* Molly O'Donnell: All of our classes are in-person so you will need to be in Chicago each week for class.  But, about 70% of our Weekend MBA students commute in from outside Chicago.  It is definitely possible!


Chat Guest:  Outside of campus/class/admissions visits are there any events for prospective students to network with current students of alumni?


* Molly O'Donnell: Yes - check out our website to see where we are hosting dinners or other events in different cities across the country.


Chat Guest:  Hi! I'm currently on H-1B visa working in the US. What would be the visa situation for me if I attend the Weekend MBA program? Do I need to switch to F-1 visa?


* Nico Ricchiuto: Most of our international students are on H1-B visas as the program is designed for students to continue working throughout the program. F-1 student visas are intended for individuals who pursue a full-time program.


Chat Guest:  Does length of admission time factor into anything?  Meaning is in beneficial to complete your application closer to the creation date, or can you slowly build it to completion over months?


* Hannah Kohut: All applications are given the same consideration, and applicants will have a decision within 4-6 weeks after submitting. Most applications come in on deadline day, but it doesn't affect the decision at all.


Chat Guest:  Are EW allowed the same flexibility when choosing courses as FT or is there certain courses one must take?


* Hannah Kohut: Yes, Evening-Weekend and Full-Time students enjoy the same curriculum flexibility across Booth.


Chat Guest:  What cohesion exists, if at all, between students enrolled in part-time programs and full-time programs? Socially? Academically?


* Marcus Wordlaw:  Students in the Full-Time and Evening/Weekend interact in many different ways. There will likely always be classes in a given quarter that have a blend of Evening, Weekend, and Full time students there -- forming groups and working together. Industry specific clubs in each program will join for events from time to time, as will social clubs. Booth students are allowed to use facilities at any Booth location where there will be crossover among students from different programs


Chat Guest:  Which month does the Spring 2018 program begin?


* Hannah Kohut: For Spring 2018, both the Evening and Weekend programs begin March 26.


Chat Guest:  Thanks for taking our questions.  Are there any resources you can provide regarding student organizations specific to the Weekend Program?  Particularly, any weekend program.


* Kara Northcutt: Booth’s Evening MBA and Weekend MBA (EW) programs have over 40+ student clubs and organizations, and we host 300+ events each year. As a Weekend MBA student, you’d have no shortage of ways to get involved. The majority of events take place on Saturday- we are very mindful of the Weekend MBA student’s scheduling needs and do our very best to accommodate. Also, through our alumni organizations, there is a good chance there are activities in your city (if you are not in Chicago-land area) as well. You will join a very active and collaborate community in the EW programs. 


Chat Guest:  Are CBF classes on the weekend? If so, what are the times? What is the workload like? Do they have their own extracurricular activities or are they joined with the weekend students?


* Marcus Wordlaw: The CBF program is a subset of either the evening/weekend program, so if you are in the CBF program you would be in class with traditional Evening/Weekend students. Weekend classes are from 9-12 and 1:30-4:30pm CST


Chat Guest:  Is the Civic Scholars Program reserved for professionals already in a non-profit / government setup? Or is it open to professionals looking to switch careers to such organizations?


* Molly O'Donnell: Yes - the Civic Scholars Program is only for people already working in a 501 (c) organization or the government.


Chat Guest: What is the time period to finish the CBF MBA? Is it also 5 years?


* Hannah Kohut: Chicago Business Fellows receive the same MBA degree as all other students. The only difference is that you have a required seminar in your first semester. On average, it takes about 2.5 years to complete the program, although you have up to 5 years.


Chat Guest:  Are applicants skewed to a certain kind of end goal at Chicago Booth - i.e. do you produce more people who are interested in startups or technology for example, or is the placement quite broad?


* Hannah Kohut: Students in the Evening-Weekend program have widely diverse end goals, and there is no job placement after the program. We do offer 14 concentrations, and students typically have 3-4 concentrations upon completion. Because of these concentrations, you can customize your Booth MBA experience to fit your individual goals.


Chat Guest: I see that Weekend MBA fall deadline is October 6th, can you please confirm?


* Nico Ricchiuto: The Weekend MBA deadline for Autumn 2017 has passed. Our next Weekend MBA deadline is January 12, 2018 to start in the Spring 2018 quarter.


Chat Guest: When are the classes held for evening MBA? Do we have option to attend remotely if needed? How important is attending classes on campus?


* Molly O'Donnell: All of our classes are in person.  There is not an option for attending remotely.


Chat Guest: Thanks for taking our questions.  Are there any resources you can provide regarding student organizations specific to the Weekend Program?  Particularly, any Weekend program org. that fills the networking void between FT and EW.


* Hannah Kohut: We have over 45 student groups that are specifically within the Evening-Weekend programs. You can learn more here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups . There also is not a networking void between EW and FT students. EW students have access to just as many networking opportunities as our FT students, in addition to the 300+ EW-specific student events offered each year.


Chat Guest: How many applicants are typically accepted for each Autumn / Spring quarter?


* Kara Northcutt: We cannot share our acceptance rate, as it varies by program and quarter. It is also impacted by the quality of the applicant pool. If we have a very strong applicant pool the acceptance rate will be higher, if not, it will be lower. We suggest you don’t get caught up in this and focus on making your application as strong as can be. We are flexible regarding our incoming class sizes. If you are a great applicant, we assure you there will be room in the class.    


Chat Guest: Does the program skew more towards executives? Does this disadvantage people who are not executives?


* Hannah Kohut: Absolutely not. Students in the Evening-Weekend programs represent a wide range of work experience. We have some students with 0-3 years of professional experience, and some who are 10 or more years into their career.


Chat Guest: How many students are there per class?


* Nico Ricchiuto: Class size varies widely by course, but classes are generally made up of about 40 students.


Chat Guest: Are there any scholarship/Funding opportunities for Weekend MBA candidates? If yes, what are the Criteria to be eligible for one?


* Molly O'Donnell: The only scholarship available in the part time programs is the Civic Scholars Program.  It is only for people who work in nonprofit organizations or the government.


Chat Guest: Hello, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.  Can a candidate apply for the CBF program even if he/she has 5-6 yrs. of experience? Also, Can students change from evening to weekend or vice versa?


* Kara Northcutt: If you have more than 3 years of work experience, you would not be eligible for Chicago Business Fellows (CBF) Program. Please apply to the traditional Evening or Weekend MBA. If you are worried you will miss out on the professional development seminars, keep in mind that LEAD (Leadership Effectiveness and Development) is required for all students, and the additional sessions that are required for CBF are often offered as optional for non-CBF students.  You can transfer from Evening to Weekend or vice versa once during the program.


Chat Guest: Are there students who take 3 courses in a quarter? Or is that too much work load?


* Nico Ricchiuto: There are students who have taken three classes in a quarter. This is a personal preference and depends on your time commitments outside of school.


Chat Guest: What kind of support to students get from the career department?


* Marcus Wordlaw: Career services offers support such as: A job database to apply for higher level positions. Alumni workshops for industries. Alumni connections. Salary negotiation sessions. Resume reviews and mock interviews. Industry webinars, to name a few.


Chat Guest: Are there any minority acceptance criteria?


* Marcus Wordlaw: There is not a minority acceptance criteria, we review your application and take into consideration your background and experience, and in particular encourage underrepresented students of color to apply and engage with any of our resources that may be beneficial


Chat Guest: I plan on completing the GMAT in December 2017. I'm interested in the Evening Weekend programs. When would be the earliest I can apply?


* Marcus Wordlaw: You may reference our application dates for the Evening program here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions and weekend application dates here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions . These applications are available and open to begin applying now


Chat Guest: Would EW MBA students have access to the internship Career fairs as the full time MBA's?


* Molly O'Donnell: The formal internship recruiting process is only for the full-time students.  However, you are welcome to work with our Career Services if you are interested in looking for an internship.


Chat Guest: Good afternoon. Given 70% of weekend MBA students are outside IL, can you provide a bit of color on networking events for Evening/Weekend MBA students based in Chicago?


* Molly O'Donnell: There are plenty of opportunities to network and connect with your fellow students! We have about 40 student clubs with the Evening and Weekend students.  They often meet over lunch or after class on Saturdays, and occasionally on Friday nights. There are also regular events open to all students after class on Saturdays. Many students get together after class to hang out informally.


Chat Guest: How strong would you say is the alumni network for the university, to they tend to be responsive to students?


* Hannah Kohut: Our alumni network within Chicago Booth is fantastic! They truly love connecting and networking with our students, and can be found all over the world. They are typically pretty responsive when a current student reaches out to them.


Chat Guest:  Thank you for taking the time to answer questions. Do you have any recommendations to improve an individual’s application?


* Marcus Wordlaw: Improvement on one's application can come through testing the GMAT or GRE multiple times, putting time and care into your essays with a strong idea about why Booth is an important next step. Also you may consider potentially taking a Graham School class, which you may find more information here:  https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/credit/graduate-student-at-large/business


Chat Guest: How is the curriculum designed? Is it fairly structured? How much is left up to the student to design towards their end goal? What kind of support or advice is given to design the curriculum?


* Nico Ricchiuto: I suggest taking a look at our curriculum page here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics


During the program, students are able to work with advisors for curriculum design and career goals.


Chat Guest: Hello, is there a change to join Booth, I am graduate from Khartoum University, Sudan.


* Erik Halloway: Yes. We have a number of students who earned their undergraduate (or equivalent) degree abroad. You would want to follow the admissions guidelines for international students:



Chat Guest: Are living accommodations provided for students enrolled in the Weekend program that commute from outside of the IL area?


* Hannah Kohut: We do not provide accommodations for traveling students, although several hotels within walking distance offer special rates for our students. Many of our traveling students are able to negotiate hotel rates when booking several stays at one time.


Chat Guest: What is the ratio of number of applicants selected vs. applied for weekend MBA program?


* Kara Northcutt: We cannot share our acceptance rate, as it varies by program and quarter. It is also impacted by the quality of the applicant pool. If we have a very strong applicant pool the acceptance rate will be higher, if not, it will be lower. We suggest you don’t get caught up in this and focus on making your application as strong as can be. We are flexible regarding our incoming class sizes. If you are a great applicant, we assure you there will be room in the class.    


Chat Guest: Hello Good Afternoon. Do you accept GRE scores? Can you give an idea of the statistics?


* Nico Ricchiuto: We do accept valid GRE scores for the application process. As we haven’t been accepting the GRE for long, we do not have significant statistics to report. However, our average GMAT score is a 680 with the mid-80% falling between 610-730.


Chat Guest: Can you pick multiple concentrations for the CBF program? What if it takes more than the 2.5 years? Can you switch from CBF to weekend/evening?


* Kara Northcutt: CBF is the exact same curriculum as the Evening, Weekend and Full Time program. The same 14 concentration are available, and most students earn 3-4 concentrations.


Chat Guest: Hello, are there different GMAT expectations when considering Evening MBA/Weekend MBA or the Executive one? I understand there are more criteria than just GMAT scores and that one can't pin down the exact score to get in, but just looking at a realistic approximate bracket.


* Kara Northcutt: Getting a B+ or higher in GSAL courses can enhance the academic portion of your application. On the flip side, getting lower than a B+ can hurt your chances of admission. It is a great option but one to think through and to take seriously given the importance of your GSAL grade.


Chat Guest: Hello, thank you for hosting this forum to ask questions. Regarding the recommendation letters for the weekend program, do they have to come from a current supervisor? Or can it be a former supervisor but within the same institution of your current place of work?


* Molly O'Donnell: A former supervisor is fine, particularly if you have not worked for your current supervisor for very long.  You may want to explain in the application why you chose a former supervisor instead of your current one.


Chat Guest: Hello! I have a question about the supporting documents review process, like essay. So who will review applicant's supporting documents and make a decision? Faculty or admission office members?


* Kara Northcutt: Applications are read by current students and alumni who are part of the Admissions Committee. The Committee also conducts the majority of interviews.


Chat Guest: How does Booth help student travel for those who plan on flying in and out on Saturdays? And, given Chicago’s winter weather, what contingencies are in place if students are unable to get to campus?


* Hannah Kohut: Booth does not offer financial assistance for travel costs, but we have many out-of-state Weekend students who would be happy to talk to you about the process. You can find out more here: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/portal/studentvolunteer In cases of flight cancellations, the faculty generally are aware of major delays, airport shutdowns, weather systems, etc. In those cases, faculty will generally record that Saturday session, but each professor is different.


Chat Guest:  If you're in the evening program and need to make up a class, are you able to sit in on a weekend class to do so and vice versa?


* Marcus Wordlaw: If a class is missed you are able to make that up in the other professor's sections per the discrepancy of that professor. This tends to happen from time to time given the schedules of students and travel, etc. so professors are understanding of class makeups. The more advanced notice you can give them of a missed class the better


Chat Guest: I noticed Hannah mentioned there is no job placement after the program? So EW students won't have access to Career fairs like full time students but can apply through Global Technology Solutions?


* Kara Northcutt: Evening MBA and Weekend MBA (EW) students are able to participate in the same campus recruiting program for full time jobs. We don’t use the term “job placement.” You should not view Career Services as a job placement service; rather they are a partner and resource to help you pursue your individual career goals. Please keep in mind that campus recruiting is only one of many sources students use to find a new job (if that is their goal) - job posting database, student and alumni network, etc.


Chat Guest: What do you view as the three key differentiators between Booth and other Evening/Weekend MBA Programs?


* Marcus Wordlaw: Three key Differentiators between Booth and other part time programs are: 1. Flexibility in scheduling class 2. The amount of freedom you have to create your own schedule and select from 130 courses without more than 3 required foundational classes and 3. The strength of our community and alumni network that help create the Booth experience


Chat Guest: Are the CBF students also provided with access to Career Services/ recruiting?


* Molly O'Donnell: All of our Evening and Weekend MBA students have access to our Career Services.  The formal on-campus recruiting process is primarily for our full-time students.


Chat Guest:  What is the time table for selecting concentrations once your MBA begins?  Are they slowly built over the course of your experience, or do they need to be settled on very early in the process.


* Marcus Wordlaw:  You do not select concentrations or declare for a concentration. You acquire concentrations as you take your courses. Within our concentration list you can find the types of classes that are required for those concentrations. Students typically graduate with 3-4 concentrations.


Chat Guest:  Hello, thank you for hosting this forum to ask questions. Regarding the recommendation letters for the weekend program, do they have to come from a current supervisor? Or can it be a former supervisor but within the same institution of your current place of work?


* Marcus Wordlaw: Ideally one of your letters of recommendation would come from your supervisor, however this is not an absolute requirement. You may use a former supervisor. It is however always important to have the buy-in of your employer and manager when making this decision for part-time school.


Chat Guest: Will a transcript of this session be provided afterwards for our reference?


* Hannah Kohut: Yes, this chat transcript will be available sometime next week.


Chat Guest: Hello, I am currently having full time job and also enrolled in a part time MBA program in Milwaukee. I am thinking to transfer to another MBA program. Does Booth take transfer students?


* Molly O'Donnell: We do not take any credits transferred from other schools. 


Chat Guest: In the application process, do you look at work experience during college? For example, I was doing an IT federal work study position. Would you look at that or is it only work experience after undergrad?


* Marcus Wordlaw: We would look at experience in undergrad if we feel it is relevant to your career. That is also something you may highlight in your interview


Chat Guest: Can we take 6 months to 1 year break during the program? For health issues or immigration issues, if any?


* Marcus Wordlaw: You may take multiple quarters off from school for any personal reasons. As long as you complete your degree in 5 years your pace is up to you.


Chat Guest: How many students get accepted to the CBF program? How many are in a classroom?


* Nico Ricchiuto: CBF students take courses with the rest of our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students, and our classroom is typically made up of about 40 students (class size can vary greatly depending on the course). During the Autumn, we typically bring in about 30-35 Evening MBA CBF students and 15-20 Weekend CBF students.


Chat Guest: What's the GMAT score required to get admission into MBA Weekend program?


* Hannah Kohut: We do not have a minimum GMAT score, and take a holistic approach to the admissions process. For 2016-2017, the middle-80% score range of our Evening-Weekend students is 610-730.


Chat Guest: Are there any accommodations for people traveling out of state?


* Marcus Wordlaw: For those traveling out of state, we offer a shuttle service from each airport to and from the Gleacher Center -- along with discounted rates at certain hotels in the city. Weekend students will at times take a Friday class, spend the night, and take two Saturday classes if one particular quarter is lighter for you at work.


Chat Guest: Do I still need a GMAT?


* Hannah Kohut: Yes, all applicants must submit either a GMAT or GRE score.


Chat Guest: Are all EW classes held in the downtown location?


* Erik Halloway: Yes. All Evening and Weekend courses are located Downtown at the Gleacher Center.


Chat Guest: Can someone stand a chance of getting accepted (Weekend MBA) with high undergrad GPA and good experience but with tests scores close to 600?


* Erik Halloway: We review applications holistically and factor all components of the application when making an admissions decisions. The GMAT (or GRE) is just of many data points. If you feel that your GMAT score is not representative of your academic ability, you maybe wants to consider two things: Retake the GMAT. We will always use the highest score when evaluating candidates for admission. Secondly, you may want to look in to the GSAL Business Program. It is an excellent way to strengthen a perceived weakness on your application, such as a low GMAT score. We would want to see a candidate earn a B+ or better in either financial accounting our business statistics.



Chat Guest: What about reapplication? Can a candidate reapply if they are not selected the first time around?


* Kara Northcutt: Yes, there is a 6 month waiting period to reapply. You basically complete the same process as before with 2 differences- there is an additional reapplicant essay, and only one new letter of recommendation is required.


Chat Guest: Can students apply to Booth even if they already have an MBA?


* Molly O'Donnell: You are welcome to apply.


Chat Guest: Can GSAL credits be transferred to a different school?


* Kara Northcutt: We don’t want to mislead or misinform so we have to defer to other schools. Please check with them about transfer credits- policies can vary widely from school to school.


Chat Guest: The additional seminar for CBF- what is that? Where are those? When are those?


* Marcus Wordlaw: The seminars for CBF are not limited to but include: Networking skills, presentations, critical conversations between management and employees, Etiquette dinners. They take place Friday for evening students, and Sunday morning for weekend students. This is every week for the first quarter of your time at Booth


Chat Guest: Are the EW students forbidden from attending the on-campus recruitment? Or do we need to take any special permission?


* Molly O'Donnell: E/W students can go through the on-campus recruiting process but it is more difficult because of location and time constraints for our students because they are working full time.


Chat Guest: I'm interested in the intersection of technology and business. Are there any opportunities for coding/boot camps for a variety of programming languages?

* Molly O'Donnell:  We have a new joint degree with Computer Science that you can look into.  It is designed for evening students.  We also have app development courses and other classes such as technology strategy in our regular MBA program.


Chat Guest:  Is GMAT mandatory for weekend programs?


* Hannah Kohut: Yes, either a GMAT or GRE score is required of all applicants, and we do not have a preference between the two.


Chat Guest:   is the GMAT mandatory for part time MBA?


* Hannah Kohut: Yes, all applicants must submit either a GMAT or GRE score.


Chat Guest: Based on Kara's answer pertaining both full time and EW applications, it is acceptable or possible to enter Booth as a full time student, and then decide to transfer to a part time program?


* Erik Halloway: Technically yes. Whilst you still have apply to the Evening or Weekend Program, under the right circumstances, a candidate could be successful in making a transition from Full-Time to Evening or Weekend.


Chat Guest: What is the deadline for CBF? Is it the same as weekend/evening deadline?


* Hannah Kohut: The deadline for CBF applicants is the same as non-CBF applicants. Just one deadline date.


Chat Guest:  Are online courses available? Or is the program in-person/classroom?


* Erik Halloway: All courses are delivered in-person. There may be online components to a course(s), but class is administered in-person.


Chat Guest: Are you able to have multiple concentrations during the MBA Program?


* Erik Halloway: Yes. Most students will earn between 3-5 at the time of graduation.


Chat Guest: What is the deadline to register for fall semester weekend courses?


* Molly O'Donnell: The application process for the Weekend Program for this Fall is closed.  The application deadline for the admission for the Spring 2018 Weekend program is January 12, 2018. 


Chat Guest: For the concentration, if students are doing 4 concentrations- how many courses are in each concentration? Are they able to finish it within the 5 year time frame?


* Erik Halloway: The number of courses is not consistent across all 14 concentrations. Most students will graduate with 3-5 concentrations at the time of graduation.


Chat Guest: Does the EW program offer any coding classes or an opportunity for joint degrees?


* Molly O'Donnell: We have a new joint degree with the Computer Science department that is designed for evening students.


Chat Guest: Is there any concentration available for healthcare management?


* Hannah Kohut: We do not have healthcare-specific concentrations, although we do have students who work in healthcare management. Our concentrations can be applied to just about every industry.


Chat Guest: Are EW students allowed to participate in activities that FT students partake in such as VCIC or Startup summer?


* Erik Halloway: Currently summer startup is exclusive to full-time. Most of the competitions at Booth are open to all students.


Chat Guest: Hi I have a background in crop science how would I fit in with folks having a tech background?


* Nico Ricchiuto: I highly suggest checking out one of our student story videos here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/student-experience/student-profiles/profiles/cassandra-oliveira


You will see that our community is built with students from diverse backgrounds.


Chat Guest: Are international study abroad options available for CBF students?


* Erik Halloway: Yes. International Business Exchange Program (iBEP) are available to all students. For the Evening/Weekend population, students will typically do a short-term option.



Chat Guest:  As I intend to change careers & have work ex of 5 years.  Would CBF or EW be the best fit for me to change careers? I am restricted from enrolling into a fulltime due to Visa restrictions.


* Marcus Wordlaw: For the Part-Time program we do not offer student visas, so you would need to apply with an H1B work visa. With that, the traditional Evening or Weekend program might be best, as CBF is for students with 3 years or less of experience


Chat Guest:  What is GSAL?


* Molly O'Donnell: GSAL = Graduate Student at Large.  See more about it on the website:  https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/credit/graduate-student-at-large/business


These are students who are taking a business course at the Graham School.


Chat Guest: What's the deadline to submit application form to get admission into Spring' 2018 or Fall' 2018 Weekend MBA program?


* Hannah Kohut: The Weekend Spring 2018 application deadline is January 12, 2018, and the Autumn 2018 deadline is May 11, 2018.


Chat Guest: Is reporting more than one GMAT score viewed as positive among applications? Especially with significant score improvements?


* Erik Halloway: It would not be a negative. We will always use the highest score when reviewing a candidate for admissions. However, when a candidate sends multiple scores, and there is significant improvement, that can also be seen as positive.


Chat Guest: What does the in person interview consist of?  Is it as formal as a job interview (a la suit and tie)?


* Molly O'Donnell: Although the interview itself isn't as formal as some job interviews are, most of our candidates do wear business attire.


Chat Guest:  My TOEFL score was 100, I know Chicago Booth needs 104, and does that mean I need to give TOEFL again or is there any other internal exam which I can take?


* Marcus Wordlaw: You may find information on our TOEFL requirements here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/international/english-exams


Chat Guest:  If I have a low GMAT score as around 550, do you recommend taking GSAL or retake GMAT for the chance to admission in part time MBA?


* Erik Halloway: I would first recommend retaking the GMAT; especially if you have only sat for the exam once.  GSAL could be a second option if you do not achieve your desired score a second time.


Chat Guest:  In order to get the join degree for CS, do Evening program students need to apply and get accepted into the grad school for CS or can one just start taking classes to fulfill the joint degree requirements?


* Kara Northcutt: You have to apply and be admitted to both programs. We do not coordinate admissions decisions.  


Chat Guest: Will this Q&A session be emailed to today's participants or do we have to go into the Booth's website?


* Nico Ricchiuto: The transcript from the chat will be posted next week here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats


Chat Guest: If after a year I decide to go to medical school can I finish remaining courses after getting my medical degree?


* Erik Halloway: You have 5 years to complete your degree from Booth. If you are serious about medical school, you may want to consider that first. We have a number of physicians who enter our program after completing their MD and residency.


Chat Guest: Can CBF students participate in the New Venture Challenge?

* Erik Halloway: Yes. CBF students are subset of the Evening and Wekeend programs and are not excluded from Booth activities; including NVC. CBF students have the same privileges as other Evening and Wekeend students.


Chat Guest:   If I enrolled in GSALB and obtain good grades, do I still need to take GMAT?


* Hannah Kohut: Yes, you will still need to submit either a GMAT or GRE score.


Chat Guest:   Just to add to Marcus Wordlaw's point, EW MBA degree from Booth is the same as a fulltime MBA which is not the case for other schools. Correct me if I am wrong.


* Marcus Wordlaw: That is absolutely correct, thank you for the clarification. Students at Booth's EW program are earning the same academic degree as students within Booth's full-time program. The professors and class content is the same across each program, which may not be the case for other part time schools


Chat Guest:  Can we apply only for Spring or Fall quarter? I did not see a Winter deadline on the Weekend program website.


* Nico Ricchiuto: The Weekend MBA program only matriculates students in the Autumn and Spring quarters.


Chat Guest: Will we get to use all resources available to regular students?


* Nico Ricchiuto: Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students have the same resources available to them as Full-time MBA students with one exception. The formalized Campus Recruiting process for internships is reserved for Full-time MBA students, although, the formalized Campus Recruiting process for full-time jobs is open to Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students as well.


Chat Guest:  If an applicant has GMAT scores that are more than five years old, do you require the application to retake the exam?


* Molly O'Donnell: Yes - all applicants must have a current GMAT or GRE test score.  We do not give any waivers.


Chat Guest: Can you switch from CBF to E/W?

* Marcus Wordlaw: CBF is a sub-set of the evening/weekend program. So as a CBF student you are actually in either the Evening or Weekend program -- only with additional seminars to build your professional skills


Chat Guest: Do you have list of courses related to Analytics Finance concertation?


* Erik Halloway:  You can find a list of all courses using the link below. You are able to apply a number of filters, including concentration.



Chat Guest: So CBF is both? If I can only go to school on the weekends, is that ok? Or do I have to do both weekends and evenings during the weekday?


* Marcus Wordlaw: You may enroll in the Weekend Booth MBA program for CBF, in which you would only need to take classes on Saturdays.



ate, would on-campus attendance be necessary for every lecture/weekend?


* Kara Northcutt: All courses are in person, so you should expect to be at Gleacher every weekend during the quarter. Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters are 11 weeks in length, and Summer is 10 weeks. Some Weekend MBA students travel in Saturday morning and out Saturday evening, others come in Friday night.      


Chat Guest: Is there a key aspect of the Weekend MBA curriculum at Booth that differentiates it from other world-class institutions?


* Erik Halloway: The curriculum at Booth is same for the Full-Time, Weekend and Evening MBA programs. You are getting the same faculty and course content across the 3 programs. What differentiates Booth from other top programs is our flexible curriculum and respect for the individual. With the over 130 courses to choose from, and no core curriculum, students are able to customize their MBA coursework based on their professional goals. I encourage you to learn more about the Chicago approach here:  



Chat Guest: When considering an application, what are the 2-3 most important components? How heavily is an applicant’s GMAT score weighted against undergrad GPA, letters of recommendation, etc.?


* Lindsay Badeaux: No one part of your application is weighted more heavily than another.  Keep in mind that we have a holistic review process- the academic piece is important, as we want to ensure you can handle the rigor of a Booth classroom, but it’s not the only piece of the puzzle.  We’ll review your work history, letters of recommendation, and your essays, which will help us understand why you’re pursuing an MBA at this point in your career, why Booth, etc.


Chat Guest: I have over 10 years of industry experience and a master’s degree from the US. Is GMAT still mandatory?


* Nico Ricchiuto: A valid GMAT or GRE score is required for all Evening MBA and Weekend MBA applicants.


Chat Guest: Hello, I currently work as a Product Development Engineer in Michigan, working full time. What MBA program would you think would be a best fit for me if I want to continue working while pursuing my MBA? Weekend/Evening/Full time?


* Erik Halloway: If you plan to continue to work full-time, we would recommend the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA program; both are designed for working professionals. If you plan to remain in Michigan whilst earning your MBA, the Weekend MBA would most likely be the better fit. Classes are held on Saturdays, allowing you to work Monday through Friday and take classes on the weekend.


Chat Guest:  I have heard from other universities that they "breed" certain students, such as consultants.  Is there a type of student that Booth is known to "breed" or develop?


* Erik Halloway: With Booth’s flexible curriculum, we draw students to Booth with a wide-range of professional goals and send our alumni to an assortment of industries. Our alumni will develop an analytical toolkit to approach problems and use data to justify decisions and lead innovation. This skillset prepares an individual for a variety of functions or industries.


Chat Guest:  Hi, I would like to know if the Weekend MBA students get same access to employers and career services as the full time MBA students.


* Marcus Wordlaw: Weekend MBA and Evening MBA programs have access to the same career services resources as Full-Time students with the exception of a formalized internship process that Full-Time students participate in. This doesn’t mean you are unable to attain an internship in the Weekend program if you wish. Campus recruitment, a jobs database, Career center, etc. are all available to Weekend students.


Chat Guest:  Good Afternoon! On the Evening MBA Admissions application, an uploaded copy of your unofficial transcripts from the undergraduate university attended is sufficient, correct? 


* Nico Ricchiuto: Unofficial transcripts are sufficient for the application process. If admitted, we will require official transcripts to be submitted.


Chat Guest:  Hi I am curious to know how the weekend MBA candidates find the commute. I am from Dallas, Texas.


* Lindsay Badeaux: Great question!  About 70% of our Weekend students commute from outside of IL, many of them flying in to take classes with us on Saturdays.  We do have shuttles to take students to and from each Chicago airport.  I recommend checking out our “Connect with a Student” tool to ask some of the Weekenders how they handle the work/life balance when commuting each weekend!  https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/portal/studentvolunteer


Chat Guest:  Hello, thank you for answering our questions. As a pre funding startup founder, does the admissions committee have concern I am not currently a paid employee?


* Kara Northcutt: This is a good question, and no, this would not be a concern. You will be able to explain this in your application. We highly value having entrepreneurs in the program, and doing the MBA part time is a great way to build your business while getting your MBA. You will be able to apply learnings right away and take advantage on the myriad of entrepreneurial resources we offer


Chat Guest:  I am interested in the CBF program which I understand is a subset of the Part Time program. I am trying to determine if my application is competitive due to the lack of data specific to the CBF Program. Is there a suggested way to evaluate this?


* Lindsay Badeaux: Sure thing, you can email our hotline at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu if you want to discuss more specifics of your background and whether or not you would be a good fit for CBF.  The CBF program is targeted at those with 0-3 years of work experience and yields the same MBA, but includes additional professional development programming.


Chat Guest:  What should I focus on for interview preparation?


* Hannah Kohut: We want to get to know you beyond your resume, so above all, be genuine and be yourself. Focus on your accomplishments, strengths, and most importantly, why you want a Chicago Booth MBA. Let us know how our MBA will play into your future goals and plans.


Chat Guest:  What are some of the top things you look for in a candidate?


* Molly O'Donnell: We take a holistic view of our candidates.  We look for a strong academic background, their essays and if they seem like the right fit for the Booth community.


Chat Guest:  Do you have the option to take a course during the week and on the weekend if your schedule permits?


* Lindsay Badeaux: Absolutely.  Since the curriculum is the same between the Evening, Weekend, and Full Time MBA programs at Booth, it is possible to take classes across programs if you have the flexibility in your schedule.  Many local Evening and Weekend students take classes within both of those part time programs.


Chat Guest: Is there a link for the Employment reports page for weekend/evening MBA graduates?


* Nico Ricchiuto: Currently the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA employment report is not posted on our website. If you would like to talk through report data, please email our hotline at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu


Chat Guest:  What advice do you have for applicants with low Undergraduate GPA, for example below your average 2.9 GPA (i.e. how to address/overcome the low GPA)?


* Marcus Wordlaw: Many applicants with lower undergraduate GPAs look to enhance their application with a strong GRE/GMAT score. You may also use the optional essay to address any issues that may have impacted your GPA while in school. Keep in mind we look at each component of your application so it becomes important to focus on every other part (those things you can control)


Chat Guest:  In what field do most graduates end up working?  Consulting? Marketing? Finance?   What is Booth's strength?


* Hannah Kohut: Our graduates end up working in so many different fields! Some switch jobs and/or industries, and others grow even further in their current roles. Of our current Evening and Weekend students combined, there are more than 35 industries represented, and represent more than 370 companies and organizations. Consulting and finance are common fields, but a growing number of graduates are coming from the nonprofit sector and are entrepreneurs. A lot of students are surprised to learn just how useful an MBA is in just about every industry.


Chat Guest:  I have good GMAT, undergrad GPA and a 12 years of industry experience. Looking forward to be a part of Booth. Question: Is there any scholarships (other than the civic scholarship for non-profit) for part time MBA?


* Erik Halloway: Most of our merit-based scholarships are reserved for full-time MBA students. The financial aid office is available to coach students on the variety of loan options available.


Chat Guest:  Is the Mentor Program available for incoming CBF students as well as regular part-time students? How are incoming students matched with current Evening or Weekend students?


* Lindsay Badeaux: I am not sure what mentor program you're referencing, exactly.  All incoming Evening and Weekend students go through LAUNCH, our three day student orientation, at which you are assigned to diversified groups and given a LAUNCH mentor (current students) who help walk you through your first quarter at Booth.  I hope this helps!


Chat Guest:  Tips for balancing work, family life, and the rigors of a top MBA program?


* Ryan Mroz: The best way is to attack everything head on. There will be sacrifices made along the way, but it is all worth it. It is important to have a strong support group around you. One of the best aspects of Booth is that family is an important aspect. There are plenty of clubs and other events where family is involved so they can see what you are going through and you can balance both.


Chat Guest:  I have completed my under graduation 15 years back from India and I would not be able to get the official transcripts from the university as they have no streamlined process for getting them. However I do have all the original score reports from my undergraduate. Would a certified copy of those suffice?


* Marcus Wordlaw: We only require an unofficial copy of your transcripts/markings at the time you submit your application, so this would be fine. We will work with you and your institution to attain official transcripts once you have been admitted.


Chat Guest:  What is the average GMAT score for the Evening/Weekend program?


* Hannah Kohut: The middle-80% GMAT range for Evening and Weekend MBA students is 610 to 730.


Chat Guest:  Does recent IELTS General Training score acceptable for submission of profile?


* Kara Northcutt: See this link for details about our English language requirements: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/international/english-exams


Chat Guest:  What is the difference between the executive MBA versus weekend or evening MBA?


* Nico Ricchiuto: There are several differences between the two programs with the main differences being academic flexibility and the average years of work experience amongst the students. Both programs yield the same MBA degree. I recommend reviewing each program to determine the best fit for you.




Chat Guest:  What does the "right fit" look like in the Booth community?


* Molly O'Donnell: Our student body is very diverse and we appreciate all personality types. Because of this diversity, our students have different goals and motivations for getting their MBA. The common qualities are intellectual curiosity, high level of motivation to succeed and desire to give back to the community. I suggest you visit a class if your schedule allows to experience the Booth community first hand. You can register to visit a class here-  https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit


Chat Guest:  Sorry, if I can start the application process even for 2018 even if I haven't finished my bachelors. I will finish next semester.


* Erik Halloway: Once an application goes lives, you will be able to begin to fill it out; even if you have not completed your bachelors. Generally speaking, we like to see candidates with some work experience post-undergrad. This would include our early career candidate program.


Chat Guest:   I have heard that there is more competition with regards to admission to weekend programs because people are applying from all over. If this is true, would you suggest one apply earlier?


* Lindsay Badeaux: There is no difference in competitiveness between the Evening and Weekend MBA programs.  While the Weekend program has fewer students, we also receive fewer applications for Weekend.  There is also a lot of overlap between the two programs!  It’s best to apply whenever you are ready, and when you feel your application is as strong as it can be.


Chat Guest:   What are some of the faculty member specializations that make pursuing an MBA at booth more worthwhile?


* Kara Northcutt: Our faculty is phenomenal and has such diverse backgrounds from tenure track researchers to those working in industry and teaching from their experience. Our faculty teaching Managerial and Organizations Behavior (MOB) course tend to have backgrounds in social psychology and apply that to courses on decision making, negotiations, etc. Check out our faculty directory and Chicago Booth Review to learn more:



Our faculty is also very approached and responsive- they are dedicated to teaching our students and will be a large part of your community while you are a student at Booth.


Chat Guest:  As part of the application two letters of recommendation are required, is there an option or benefit to submitting additional letters?


* Molly O'Donnell: You are allowed to submit additional letters if you think one would add a different perspective than the others


Chat Guest:   Are there enough courses offered on Friday evenings if we would like to take that in addition to the 2 courses on Saturday for the weekend program? So, I would also like to know if there are students who do 3 courses in a quarter.


* Ryan Mroz: I haven't had any issues with finding enough classes at different times. If you are looking for specific classes, you may have to plan accordingly based on what classes are offered in different quarters. A preliminary schedule is provided prior to the academic year, so you have plenty of time to plan out your schedule.


Chat Guest:  What is the application deadline for Autumn 2018 evening MBA?


* Hannah Kohut: The Autumn 2018 Evening MBA application deadline is June 30, 2017. You can find other Evening MBA deadline dates here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening


Chat Guest:  If we apply for the 30-June deadline, when can we expect to have our interview? Do you prefer in person interviews? When would we have an admissions decision?


* Nico Ricchiuto: Once you submit your application, you will receive a link to schedule your admissions interview. You will receive your decision within 4-6 weeks of submitting your application.


Chat Guest:  What is the average age of Evening MBA students at Booth? With 5 years of experience, would I be too old to fit in?


* Hannah Kohut: You are never too young or old for a Booth MBA! We have some students with as little as zero to three years of professional work experience, and some with 20 or more years of experience. The middle-80% age range of current Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students is 26 to 35 years old. That's just the mid-range, and we certainly have students younger and older than that.


Chat Guest:  What are some of the factors that would indicate a higher probability of getting accepted in the weekend program?


* Marcus Wordlaw: Factors that would increase admittance include – a GMAT score above our average of 680, letters of recommendation that speak specifically to your professional talent and work history/ethic, essays and interview answers that fully answer the questions and provide a unique perspective of what you will present in the classroom and community.


Chat Guest:  What sort of information might the admissions committee look for in LORs? I am considering using an MBA to redirect my career into a different segment of the industry I have been working in. I am concerned that my LORs might not be as strong as those of other applicants whose employers frequently encourage and send their employees to top MBA programs. Do you have any advice regarding LORs for someone in my position?


* Kara Northcutt: After you input your recommender’s information into your application, they will be sent a link with instructions. We keep the instructions pretty open, but we do provide a set of characteristics on which they will provide ratings: teamwork, communication skills, conflict resolution, etc.  In the application you are asked to explain why you selected the individuals, and this gives us insight into your selections.


Chat Guest:  What would you say is one of Booth's strengths?  I see that you've put that there are a variety of courses, but what sets Booth apart from other MBA programs?  I am trilingual and would love to find a program where international studies can be incorporated into the academics.


* Lindsay Badeaux: I would say one of Booth’s biggest strengths, outside of the incredible individuals who make up our community, is the flexibility of the curriculum.  We have the most flexible curriculum of any business school out there, which really allows you to tailor the experience to your goals and needs.  You can read more about our curriculum here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics


Chat Guest:  Would the recommendation letters need to be in a company letter head?


* Molly O'Donnell: It might be best to have your recommender send the letter from their company email address, but it does not need to be on company letterhead.


Chat Guest:  Since I have been working in the US for more than 6 years and have a masters from here, do I need IELTS or TOEFL?


* Nico Ricchiuto: You are exempt from either the TOEFL or IELTS exam if:

-Have earned an undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree from an institution in which English is the language of instruction -Are a citizen or permanent resident of a country where English is an official language -Have been living and working full-time in the United States for two or more years


Chat Guest:  Are the Chicago Business Fellows (CBF) Admissions on a rolling basis as well?


* Lindsay Badeaux: For the Evening CBF program, we have two admissions intakes per year (Fall and Spring), and for the Weekend CBF program, we have one per year (Fall).  Admissions are rolling.  The application process is the same, but the interview process is different.  A requirement of the CBF application process is attending a CBF Interview Day, which we offer a few times per year. The day consists of a program overview and panel discussion, your required one-on-one admissions interview, a group interview, and lunch with current students. Your application does not need to be submitted by the interview day, only by the application deadline.  As you get closer to submitting your application, you can keep an eye on the CBF webpage for information about upcoming interview days.


Chat Guest:  Are two separate applications required for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA?


* Hannah Kohut: Yes, you must apply to each program separately, and cannot submit more than one application for any given quarter (although you may start more than one program application, you can only submit one per quarter). If you are debating between the Evening and Weekend programs, we suggest submitting an application to the one that best fits your schedule.


Chat Guest:  What are some of the qualities/aspects in a prospective applicant that would require for him/her to excel in the MBA program?


* Erik Halloway: For prospective students, we want to see someone who is intellectually curious and wants to challenge themselves in a rigorous environment. Booth has a very engaged student body and we like to see candidates who are interested in getting involved inside and outside of the classroom.


Chat Guest:  Booth offers joint degrees, MBA & degrees from other schools (Computer science, law, etc.) is this available for weekend and evening MBA students?


* Marcus Wordlaw: The Joint Degree program is available for part-time students, however it requires that students take classes during the days/times of the program in the specific school (afternoons and weekdays) which typically is not possible for Weekend students, and students in a dual degree program must abide by the regulations of the other program which may include taking a full-time load of classes -- which while maintaining a job can be difficult.


Chat Guest:   Are there club events Tuesday or Thursday evenings? Are there clubs specifically for evening and weekend students?


* Ryan Mroz: There are club evens offered every day of the week. Some of the more frequent ones are rotated such that everybody has equal opportunity to attend.


Chat Guest:  How does experiential learning fit into the evening program, is it part of the regular class time or is it extra?


* Erik Halloway: Both. There are many ways to gain practical skills both inside and outside the classroom. Lab courses are one example of experiential-based classes and we have a number of student groups that provide individuals with the opportunity to sharpen their skills or develop new ones:




Chat Guest:  If my GMAT is strong, but my GPA is not where I would like it to be, what would be the best way to convey academic excellence and competency to the adcom?


* Lindsay Badeaux: Our review process is holistic, so your strong GMAT score can help balance a lower GPA.  You can also take a Booth MBA course as a Graduate Student at Large (GSAL) through the Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies. Up to three GSAL courses can be transferred into the MBA program. Some applicants take a GSAL class simply to test out the program to see if Booth is the right fit for them and if they can handle the work/life balance.  Others take a class to balance out a perceived weakness on their application, such as a lower undergraduate GPA or GMAT score.  If you will be taking a class for the latter reason, it’s important that you take one of the foundation courses, Business Statistics and/or Financial Accounting, and focus on earning a B+ or higher.  Doing so will serve as a positive indicator of your academic ability for the admissions committee.


Chat Guest:  As a 20 year veteran, I've been a strategic or tactical analyst the entire time. Is there a particular industry that's focused in those areas more than others? 


* Kara Northcutt: Many students move into jobs that involve strategy, as well as data analysis and critical thinking. The analytical skillset that our students learn at Booth makes our students and alumni attractive to employers from a wide variety of industries. Same goes for military experience. We see our veterans have a very transferrable skillset that helps them transition into the business world. 


Chat Guest:   Are there any dual degree offers available for weekend students? I am particularly interested in a dual MBA/MPP degree.


* Molly O'Donnell:  Although there is a dual MPP/MBA degree, you have to be committed to a full-time course load during the first year.  This makes it virtually impossible to do if you are a Weekend or Evening MBA student since you would be working full time while in the program.


Chat Guest:  How do you judge years of work experience?  Is there a way to demonstrate quality over quantity in the application?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Most Evening and Weekend MBA students have anywhere from 2-10 years of work experience, with the average being about 6 years.  If you have fewer than 3 years of work experience, you should check out our Chicago Business Fellows program for early career candidates: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/early-career-candidates . You can also demonstrate career progression and leadership experience within your application.


Chat Guest:  I live in Houston. Would I be required to travel every weekend for the Weekend MBA program? Are there options of video conferencing?


* Hannah Kohut: There are no remote or online options in any Booth MBA program, so you must be here in person each weekend. A good number of our Weekend students fly in from Houston each week. We encourage prospects from out of state to connect with current students who travel from your area, as they have the best advice to offer. You can make that request by visiting the following link: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/portal/studentvolunteer


Chat Guest:  Can I apply for evening MBA and switch to Weekend midway through the program?


* Nico Ricchiuto: You are able to transfer from the Evening MBA to the Weekend MBA program (and vice-versa) once during your time at Booth.


Chat Guest:  Do you have an estimate on the number or percentage of students starting a company during their studies?


* Kara Northcutt: This has varied from 5-8% year over year. This data is from our graduating student employment survey.  We also have a larger percentage of students who participate in our New Venture Challenge competitions, take entrepreneurial courses, etc. In fact, Entrepreneurship is our number one concentration earned. You will find a robust entrepreneurial community at Booth.         


Chat Guest:   Would Booth assist in a career change and getting interviews with prospective companies? Also would the companies that visit Booth help in Visa sponsorship?


* Kara Northcutt: We have students seeking to advance in their company/industry, change careers, and entrepreneurs in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA (EW) Programs. Generally speaking, 2/3 of EW student made a career change while in or within one year of graduating. Of those seeking to change employers, 52% changed industries and 70% changed function.  This is from our recent graduate student survey. Having said this, if you are seeking a dramatic career change and feel an internship will be an important part of your career goals, we suggest you explore full time programs, as they are designed for career changers.


Career Services offers a wide variety of resources from individual career coaching, alumni career advisors, formalized campus recruiting for full time jobs, job posting database, etc. You will be able to tailor your career advancement strategy based on what resource will best help you achieve your goals.


Chat Guest:  Any guideline around second letter of recommendation? My previous supervisor and director are open to provide one. Based on guideline on website, it's recommend someone who has seen you in action. Then I was thinking to get feedback from Scrum master of my team who has seen me closely in action


* Erik Halloway: For the second letter of recommendation, we recommend choosing someone who knows you well. You want to make sure each recommender is providing additional value to your application. If you feel the scrum master can speak to different strengths than your director or supervisor, they might be a good person to ask.


Chat Guest:  Will we have access to a transcript of the chat?


* Nico Ricchiuto: We will post a transcript to this chat within the next week. You will find it here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/online-chats


Chat Guest:   Would we have a mentor who would assist in choosing our path through the program?


* Marcus Wordlaw: There is an academic services office with staff who can work with you in understanding your professional goals and the classes/activities that could best lead to your desired outcome. Most students do work with other students in this same fashion


Chat Guest:  I understand that two letters of recommendation are required.  Is there a specific topic or prompt that should be answered?


* Molly O'Donnell: After you input your recommender’s information into your application, they will be sent a link with instructions. We keep the instructions pretty open, but we do provide a set of characteristics on which they will provide ratings: teamwork, communication skills, conflict resolution, etc.  In the application you are asked to explain why you selected the individuals, and this gives us insight into your selections.


Chat Guest:  What percentage of Booth Weekend MBA students commute from different cities or states? Are there financial aid options for those who have to fly in on weekends to attend classes?


* Lindsay Badeaux: 70% of Weekend MBA students commute in from outside of IL- some drive in from nearby states, others fly in from all over the US.  We have free shuttles to take these students to/from both Chicago airports on Saturdays.  Financial Aid options are no different for Weekend students, and you can read more about that here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/tuition-financial-aid  The University of Chicago does have relationships with some local hotels that offer discounts to those affiliated with the university, as well.


Chat Guest:  Other than getting a high score on the GMAT, what can prospective applicants with a low GPA do to improve their chances of admission? Do extension courses from well ranked universities help improve the application?


* Marcus Wordlaw: Many applicants with lower undergraduate GPA's look to enhance their application with a strong GRE/GMAT score. You may also use the optional essay to address any issues that may have impacted your GPA while in school. Keep in mind we look at each component of your application so it becomes important to focus on every other part (those things you can control)


Chat Guest:   Can evening/weekend students also participate in the Lab Courses? I am particularly interested in the PE/VC Lab.

* Marcus Wordlaw: Evening and Weekend students may take part in Lab courses. You would apply separately for each lab class you'd like to take. Keep in mind lab classes tend to require more time outside of class for students, along with being flexible to the hours/schedule of the company/organization your group is working with.


Chat Guest:  I have a solid undergrad engineering GPA, but am concerned about my lower GMAT score (specifically in quantitative section). What is the best way to address this in the application process?


* Kara Northcutt: Generally speaking, we have a holistic review process and weight things evenly. However, on the individual level, this can vary. For example, if one has a strong GPA from undergrad, which can outweigh a lower GMAT or GRE. Our mid 80% GMAT range is 610-730. If you are not within this range, you could retake the exam. We always consider your highest score.

You could also consider taking a Booth class as a Graduate Student at Large (GSAL).  Up to 3 GSAL courses transfer into the MBA program if admitted. We strongly suggest taking foundational courses such as business statistics and/or financial accounting and look for grades of B+ and higher. GSAL is a great option, just be sure to keep in mind that your grades in these courses will be taken into consideration when evaluating your Booth application.


Chat Guest:  What is the GPA that needs to be maintained for a good standing


* Nico Ricchiuto: All students must maintain a GPA above 2.33 to stay in good academic standing.


Chat Guest:  Is there a way we can connect with Booth part time alumni in India (moved to India post MBA) to understand their booth experience?


* Kara Northcutt: Of course! Email our Admission hotline to submit this request, and we will make the connection: EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu


Chat Guest:  Are there any programs for veterans?


* Marcus Wordlaw: The Evening/Weekend program at Booth has an armed forces student group that does wonderful work at Booth and in the community. You may see information on the group at the following link: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/armed-forces-group


Chat Guest: It was mentioned earlier that once the application is submitted, a link to schedule an interview will be provided. How long does it take from application submission to receive the link to interview?


* Nico Ricchiuto: You should receive an email within an hour of submitting your application.


Chat Guest: Are there certain companies that notoriously gravitate toward Booth graduates?


* Marcus Wordlaw: The Big 4 consulting firms, and tech companies such as Amazon and Microsoft have hired or promoted Booth Alumni recently. Additionally, Morningstar, IBM, United Airlines, and BMO Financial Corp have also hired or promoted a significant number of Booth students and alumni since 2015.


Chat Guest: Is there specific site/agency guideline to be used for GPA conversion for international degrees obtained?


* Nico Ricchiuto: We recommend using one of these two organizations to translate transcripts:

-ECE: www.ece.org

-WES: www.wes.org


Chat Guest: Can we take a break for a semester or 2?


* Molly O'Donnell: You are allowed to take a quarter off and can take multiple quarters off.  There is a leave of absence form that needs to be submitted.  In general, students who are taking a quarter off are not allowed to participate in activities at Booth during that quarter.


Chat Guest: What are some areas of the application you typically see prospective students struggle with? Any advice to help overcome?


* Lindsay Badeaux: Great question.  Many applicants are nervous about the required admissions interview.  My advice is to keep in mind that you will most likely be interviewed by a member of our Admissions Committee, either a current student or alum, and that it will be very conversational in nature.  It's important to be yourself, be genuine, and be able to explain why a Booth MBA is the right for you at this point in your career and life.  Nothing to be nervous about, I think you'll find the interview piece enjoyable!


Chat Guest: What is the general makeup of the average incoming class to Booth in terms of industry background and experience?


* Hannah Kohut: We gather stats on students each calendar year (every December). The incoming 2016 classes come from over 35 industries and 370+ companies. The middle-80% years of work experience is 2 to 10 years, and middle-80% age range is 26 to 35. Industries cover the gamut, everything from consulting and financing to nonprofits and startups.


Chat Guest: What is typical class size for evening program? And what is typical class duration (hours per night)?


* Nico Ricchiuto: Class size varies, but a typical class may be about 40-45 students. All classes are three hours, and evening classes are from 6-9pm.


Chat Guest:  Is getting into the Booth full time MBA program a lot more competitive (GMAT + GPA) than evening or weekend MBA or about the same?


* Erik Halloway: The Full-Time MBA program is generally more competitive. Full-Time brings in only one group of students per year and draws applications from all over the world. This lends to their increased selectivity. However, it’s important to note that faculty, classes, and course content is the same across Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time. Academically speaking, the expectations are the same for students across these 3 programs.


Chat Guest: I know this was mentioned before for GMAT, but what is a competitive GRE score?

* Hannah Kohut: We do not have an average GRE score range, but there are some good GRE-to-GMAT conversion tools online (our middle-80% GMAT score range is 610 to 730). A good conversion tool can be found here: https://www.ets.org/gre/institutions/about/mba/comparison_tool


Chat Guest: Does a recommendation have to come from a current employer or someone at your current company? What are the requirements for letters of recommendation?


* Molly O'Donnell: Ideally you would have a current employer do one of your letters, but if you are new at a company that might not be the best option. We want to see letters from people who know you well.  You will have the opportunity to explain why you chose the specific supporters you did so you could mention that in that space.


Chat Guest: What types of scholarships are available for Weekend/Evening program students? I understand that merit rewards are often reserved for full-time students.


* Molly O'Donnell: The only scholarship available in the Evening and Weekend MBA Programs is for the Civic Scholars Program.  This is specifically for people who work at nonprofit organizations or in the government.  The part-time programs do not have the merit scholarships that the full-time program has.


Chat Guest: Can part time students also apply to the same full time positions that are available to full time students?


* Lindsay Badeaux: Of course.  Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students have the same access to career services and networking opportunities as their Full Time counterparts, with the main difference being that you are not eligible to go through formal recruiting for internships, since we do not require you to complete one.  You still have access to the Booth job board which has over 5k postings per year, one-on-one career coaching, and you can even opt to go through formal on-campus recruiting as long as it is for full-time positions instead of internships. 


Chat Guest: At what point are students required to choose a major/concentration?


* Erik Halloway: At Booth, we do not have majors. Every graduate leaves with a degree in Master’s of Business Administration. Students are able to earn concentrations, but they are not required. Most students will earn 3-5 concentrations. Some students will do so organically by taking courses they enjoy. Others will come to Booth knowing they want to sharpen certain skills and focus some of their electives on specific concentrations.


Chat Guest: A person from not a financial field still would be able to get a MBA in finance from Booth? Or would require additional courses?


* Lindsay Badeaux: There is no one typical background for a Booth student, and all students are able to pursue whichever concentrations they choose, regardless of their professional backgrounds. 


Chat Guest:  I believe someone mentioned a June 30 app deadline earlier... didn't see that date on the application site. Would you provide a link/text of app schedules for all quarters?


* Nico Ricchiuto: Weekend MBA deadlines: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions

Evening MBA deadlines: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions


Chat Guest: What facilities do we have access to as a weekend MBA student? Would we have the equal access to all facilities and resources as a Fulltime student?


* Erik Halloway: Booth tries to provide a similar experience across all 4 MBA programs. In regards to the facilities, most will have office hours on select weekends to cater to our Weekend population. Career Services, Leadership Development, and Academic Services are a few of the offices that hold adjust hours to meet the needs of our Evening and Weekend students.


Chat Guest: Are part time students eligible to transition to the full time MBA if their circumstances change?


* Nico Ricchiuto: Booth students are not able to transfer between the Part-time MBA programs and the Full-time MBA program or vice-versa. However, part-time students are able to increase their course load as well as take courses across the other MBA programs.


Chat Guest: Typically how long would it take for the Return on Investment for the Weekend MBA program?


* Kara Northcutt: Since ROI means something different to everyone, this is not an easy question to answer. I suggest you look at MBA.com, as they provide some great resources and data on ROI of MBA programs. Here are some great links:




Chat Guest: As an alumni, can we come back and audit any weekend courses as a refresher?


* Lindsay Badeaux: Yes, we offer a program called Take 3 which allows you to take up to three free courses through the Alumni Post-Graduate Course Offerings. As alumni are promoted or change careers these courses provide an opportunity to brush up on a relevant topic.


Chat Guest: What type of education evaluations report required? General with grade average or course by course?


* Nico Ricchiuto: Please find more information on transcript requirements here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/apply/transcripts


Chat Guest:  Are there any loan assistance programs for prospective students who are not a citizen or a PR?


* Lindsay Badeaux: Chicago Booth is committed to providing financing opportunities for all students regardless of citizenship status and offers a loan program to international students with no US cosigners. International students who have US cosigners have multiple private loan options. More detailed information regarding these programs will be made available via the admitted students website upon admission to the program.  You can read more about Financial Aid here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/tuition-financial-aid


Chat Guest: I have a PHD and 2 year postdoctoral experience. I have in my mind about few courses that I want to take. Can I consider myself as an eligible candidate for this MBA?


* Molly O'Donnell: You are eligible to apply for our MBA programs.  If you only want to take a couple classes instead of the full MBA, you might consider looking at our executive education classes.  https://www.chicagobooth.edu/executiveeducation


Chat Guest: Do you offer any exposure to a particular industry throughout the program (i.e. guest seminars)?


* Lindsay Badeaux: The best way to gain exposure to different industries is to engage with our students groups and career services, all of whom often host events for this very purpose.   For example, the Booth Marketing Club does two yearly treks where they visit firms around Chicago and engage with our alumni there to learn more about the industry.  They've gone to places like ConAgra, McDonald's Corp, Hillshire Brand, Miller Coors, etc.!  This is just one example of the multiple opportunities our students have to engage with different industries and learn more.


Chat Guest: How would the exams be administered for the weekend MBA students? Can we turn them in online? Is there a specific exam weekend?


* Marcus Wordlaw: There is a specific time each class has exams. Typically, there is a week for mid-terms (if the class requires midterms) and a finals week. The exams can differ from take-home exams, to group presentations, to individual tests that you would complete in class. Per the discretion of the professor, exams may be made up at an earlier date if there are scheduling conflicts, but this is something you would want to discuss separately with each professor as necessary.


Chat Guest: Can you provide link on more information on club events where families can be involved? i think family programs/engagement could be an asset for a weekend program


* Kara Northcutt: We have a very family friendly community. For example, we have an annual family picnic in the summer, a holiday celebration in November, and Winter Formal in February. Our Partners Club helps facilitate some of these events and activities. Significant others are also invited to the final reception during your 3-day orientation, as well as to our quarterly social events. See this link to learn more about the student groups:



Chat Guest: Are we allowed to just audit courses that we might be interested but if we go over the number of courses required for the degree?


* Kara Northcutt: To formally audit, you would have to pay tuition. If you are asking about sitting in on one or two sessions of a course, this can be done by connecting with the faculty. We allow faculty to make these decisions. Keep in mind that you will have access to comprehensive evaluations when selecting courses, as well as access to student mentors and academic advisors who can give advice. There are many resources to help you plan your course selection.


Chat Guest: Sorry if this was asked as I just joined - The roles-related questions on the application allow for a large amount of text (250 words), any guidance on the content? Thank you!


* Erik Halloway: In the application, I recommend you provide additional detail that is not presented on your resume. If you would like to highlight projects or accomplishments, this would be the appropriate space to do so. Do not feel obliged to use all 250 words.


Chat Guest: If one has worked for well known, reputed companies, does this help balance out a low GPA.


* Lindsay Badeaux: Our review process is holistic, so we consider everything from work experience to academics, and whether or not you are the right fit for the Booth community.  Another good way to balance out a lower undergraduate GPA is to aim for a strong GMAT or GRE score, as we want to ensure you will be successful academically here.


Chat Guest: Are there opportunities to pursue a career with Booth itself after the degree?


* Kara Northcutt: The University of Chicago is a large employer, and you are welcome to take a look at the website to view the job opportunities: http://www.uchicago.edu/jobs/    


Chat Guest: Is there anyone to counsel about Executive and Evening MBA at Booth?


* Marcus Wordlaw: You may contact the Executive MBA program at booth at: xp@chicagobooth.edu . You may contact our Evening and Weekend office at: eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu


Chat Guest: For CBF students - is quality of work experience still factored in? What about internships completed during undergrad?


* Lindsay Badeaux: We recommend focusing on your work experience post-undergrad, but CBF applicants will often include relevant professional internships, especially if they have only 1-2 years of work experience.  We recognize that early career candidates will have less experience, of course, and look for items in your application that convey leadership experience, as well as career success and potential.  Letters of rec can be a great way to contribute to this!


Chat Guest: Typically how many applications do you get for a Weekend MBA program?

* Kara Northcutt: We cannot share our acceptance rate, as it varies by program and quarter. It is also impacted by the quality of the applicant pool. If we have a very strong applicant pool the acceptance rate will be higher, if not, it will be lower. We suggest you don’t get caught up in this and focus on making your application as strong as can be. We are flexible regarding our incoming class sizes. If you are a great applicant, we assure you there will be room in the class.     


Chat Guest: This may vary by individual, but is there an estimate on expected study-time per in-class credit hour?


* Erik Halloway: Study time varies greatly and depends on the individual, their prior education, and the class. Some classes will require more time than other. I believe the average amount of time spent out of class per course is around 4 hours, but the range is somewhat large. At the end of each quarter, you will fill out a survey, and one of the questions will ask, how much time you spent on homework. This data is provide to our students before they select their classes for the next quarter.