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May 10, 2016 Admissions Live Chat

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May 10, 09:55:36 Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
May 10, 10:00:21 Lindsay -> Everyone Hi all! My name is Lindsay Badeaux, Admissions Manager for Booth's Evening and Weekend MBA Programs. I engage with prospective students to help guide them through the application process and connect them with resources, current students, and alumni. You can find me at our monthly information sessions in Chicago and throughout the US!
May 10, 10:00:24 Marcus -> Everyone Greetings, this is Marcus Wordlaw, assistant director of admissions. I am looking forward to your questions today, and discussing more about Booth!
May 10, 10:00:26 Kara -> Everyone Welcome to our May live chat! I am Kara Northcutt, director of admissions. We are excited to answer your questions about Booth's Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. We offer the most flexible curriculum and format, which allows you to fit the Booth MBA into your already busy life.
May 10, 10:00:30 Nico -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today! I am Nico Ricchiuto, admissions manager for the Evening and Weekend MBA programs. I manage Information Sessions and assist with the Class Visit program. Please feel free to ask me any application related questions!
May 10, 10:00:51 Jay J -> Everyone Hi everyone! My name is Jay Jacobs and am an Associate Director of Admissions. I look forward to answering your questions today.
May 10, 10:02:31 Dan_G. -> Jay J What has been the most common area of concern that Weekend MBA students have raised?
Jay J -> Dan_G. Dan_G, the most common area of concern has been the ability to take experiential lab based courses. We have tried our best to alleviate those concerns, but those courses are still limited for most of the Evening and Weekend program. We have started offering those courses without the lab component so that there is less of a time commitment involved.
May 10, 10:02:37 Pat -> Nico Do you expect the cost of the weekend mba to increase for the entering class of 2017?
Nico -> Pat Hi Pat! Thanks for joining us. Tuition will increase slightly to $6,526 per course for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs.
May 10, 10:02:53 Marcy -> Jay J For those interested in a dual degree. Is it possible to do a MS/MBA?
Jay J -> Marcy Marcy, all of our joint degree programs are administered through our Full Time MBA program.
May 10, 10:03:02 Milind_Wasaikar -> Lindsay Are any recruitment events held for evening/weekend mba students?
Lindsay -> Milind_Wasaikar Hi Milind_Wasaikar, yes, Evening and Weekend MBA students are able to go through formalized on-campus recruiting. The one exception being on-campus recruiting for internships (since we do not require internships for our part time students). We have a full career services team specifically to serve our part time MBA students here at the Gleacher Center!
May 10, 10:03:40 C._Gray -> Marcus I wanted to know the class format for the Evening vs. Weekend programs? If you see a concentration of interest can you sit in on more than one class for a visit? Thanks
Marcus -> C._Gray C_Gray: Classes for the Evening MBA take place during the week from 6-9 p.m. at the Gleacher center, and Weekend classes take place on Saturdays from 9-12pm and 1:30-4:30 p.m. meeting weekly. For visiting classes, you have up to two classes to visit and you may view the updated class visit schedule at the following link: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/portal/EWClassVisit
May 10, 10:04:16 Milind_Wasaikar -> Lindsay Are any information sessions going to be done in NYC area in near future?
Lindsay -> Milind_Wasaikar You can keep an eye on our events webpage to see when we'll be in NYC next: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events We will be traveling around the country this summer with our Full Time MBA colleagues at various fairs and holding information sessions in a number of cities.
May 10, 10:04:32 SamL -> Jay J My question is regarding admissions for part-time vs. full time - would it be fair to say on average, full-time applicants are more interested in career changes, while part-time applicants are more interested in career progression? And if so, are the applications evaluated differently?
Jay J -> SamL SamL, I think that you are generally right, though there are FT students interested in progression and PT students who are interested in changes. A lot of the decision of FT vs. PT comes down to the opportunity cost of foregoing an income for two years and two years worth of experience. Finally, the applications are evaluated differently and by different admissions offices.
May 10, 10:06:12 Mahesh -> Nico I took GMAT yesterday and scored poorly, way below Booth's average. I am still optimistic about my application and plan to submit it by deadline on 13th. Would my GMAT score reach you within this deadline?
Nico -> Mahesh Hi Mahesh. All you have to do is self-report your score into your application. We do not look up official test scores until someone is admitted into the program.
May 10, 10:06:22 Michael -> Lindsay How important is a GMAT score for the part time mba program (weekend and evening)? Is this more important than work experience?
Lindsay -> Michael Michael, thanks for your question! While your test score is an important indicator for the academic piece of your application, it is not weighted more heavily than any other part. We utilize a holistic review process, meaning that all parts of your app, from transcripts to work experience to letters of rec, are equally important and considered.
May 10, 10:07:18 Milind_Wasaikar -> Marcus Do Booth students engage in different student body clubs ? How active these clubs are?
Marcus -> Milind_Wasaikar Milind_Wasaikar: Yes students typically join a few different clubs, both social and industry based. These clubs are all student-run and are very active. The level of activity depends on the interest of the club and student involvement. You may find a list of the part-time specific clubs at the following link:http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups
May 10, 10:08:19 Sandeep -> Lindsay I live in Cedar Rapids, IA. I wanted to know how many people actually commute from out of IL fro the weekend MBA program. Is there a forum / database for car pooling for students from similar area.
Lindsay -> Sandeep Sandeep, about 75% of our Weekend MBA students commute to Chicago from areas outside of Illinois. I'm not sure the exact number from IA, but I do know there are groups of students who carpool together from cities like Milwaukee, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati. As a student, you'll have access to our community directory, where you'll be able to connect with students from your area if you'd like to coordinate travel!
May 10, 10:08:53 Sid -> Jay J Kellogg's part time program offers waivers for prior relevant business coursework. Does booth do the same?
Jay J -> Sid Sid, we do not. All Booth MBA students must take 20 courses to complete the program. We do allow the flexibility to take advanced level courses if you feel you are ready for courses beyond the entry level MBA courses.
May 10, 10:09:28 MBAhopeful -> Lindsay How does the admissions committee view previous gaps in employment ?
Lindsay -> MBAhopeful MBAhopeful, there is a section in the application (the optional essay) where you can explain any gaps in your resume. We've certainly admitted students with gaps, as long as there is a logical explanation.
May 10, 10:09:51 AlexE -> Nico Are there any statistics on your weekend students? For example, GPA and GMAT score. It seems that this information is readily available for your full-time program, but not as easy to discern for your part-time program.
Nico -> AlexE Hi AlexE. You can find some statistics on our Weekend MBA students in our class snapshot towards the bottom of this page: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend#simple2
May 10, 10:10:29 suchir -> Lindsay My question is with regards to duration. If one were to do 1 3 hour Saturday session a week how long would it take to complete the MBA?
Lindsay -> suchir suchir, it's 20 classes total for the degree, and most students take 2 per quarter, which would allow you to finish in 2.5 years. You're able to slow it down or speed it up as you see fit. If you took only 1 class per quarter (3 hours each Saturday), you would finish in 5 years.
May 10, 10:11:17 Michael -> Jay J Thank you. It seems as though the MBA process differs than Law Schools, where the LSAT and GPA is weighted very heavily and account for the two most important factors. Where Booth School of Business does not focus so heavily on one factor. Would this be a fair assumption?
Jay J -> Michael Michael, we have a very holistic admissions process. We will consider your GPA, GMAT/GRE, resume, letters of recommendation, essays, and interview to come up with our final admissions decision.
May 10, 10:11:41 Andrew_K -> Marcus Hello, and thank you for making yourselves available today. Could you go over the travel-related assistance that the weekend program provides to students. I am curious about the hotel discounts specifically, but if there are others, I would love to hear about them.
Marcus -> Andrew_K Andrew_K: Great question. We do provide discounted hotel rates at different hotels downtown. You would need to call the specific hotel and request the Chicago Booth rate. There is also a free airport shuttle that students may sign up for from both Midway and O'hare to the Gleacher Center. For more information on the hotel discounts, please see the following link: http://finserv.uchicago.edu/purchasing/travel/chicagohotelsprograms.shtml
May 10, 10:12:29 EddieP -> Jay J Are there any lab courses that focus on challenges faced by government agencies?
Jay J -> EddieP EddieP, not specifically, though some lab courses may source government entities as clients for the quarter. A list of some of our lab courses can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/lab-courses.
May 10, 10:13:05 Tim -> Lindsay Hello, thank you for the information session! I'm curious about working with groups on campus. I attend EPIC seminars somewhat frequently and would like to do a research project with them. Is this possible in the evening/weekend MBA program?
Lindsay -> Tim Tim, that sort of research project would be beyond the scope of your Booth requirements, however we often have students who pursue independent studies on their own. You'd be welcome to pursue something like that with EPIC!
May 10, 10:13:23 Milind_Wasaikar -> Nico You mentioned there are formal on campus recruitment events for part time students. Are these events same as for Full time students or generally separate events are held
Nico -> Milind_Wasaikar Hi Milind_Wasaikar. Formal Campus Recruiting for Full-time position events are the same for both part-time and full-time MBA students.
May 10, 10:13:26 SamL -> Marcus Regarding recommendations, aside from getting one from my current supervisor, is there any preference or weight if I get the other from a professor, old advisor, supervisor in volunteer organization, etc.?
Marcus -> SamL SamL: The second letter of recommendation is really up to you, and can come from anyone professional in nature, who can speak to your specific skill set. So any of those people would be appropriate.
May 10, 10:13:58 SamL -> Lindsay My work experience is a little lower than what is average for Booth - however, I did get a Master of Science in Finance degree - will that be considered as a mitigating factor when looking at length of work experience?
Lindsay -> SamL SamL, we often see applicants who hold previous degrees, and certainly take that into account when evaluating your work experience. Remember that the review process is holistic, so your academic background is equally as important as your work experience.
May 10, 10:13:59 Pavan -> Jay J can the same application considered for FT and weekend/ evening programs?
Jay J -> Pavan Pavan, no there are separate applications and you should submit one application to Booth. You cannot apply to more than one program at the same time.
May 10, 10:14:32 Marcy -> Kara What is Booth doing to address the increase importance of technological aptitude within businesses?
Kara -> Marcy Marcy, Booth does a great job of addressing all changes in business, technology included. Many students work in tech companies or functions within their organization, so bring this perspective & experience into the classroom. We have a technology strategy, application development and machine learning courses, for example.
May 10, 10:15:44 Shu -> Marcus Hi, I have a question regarding application requirement. I attended a college in China 2006 and transferred to a college in the US in 2009. I received my bachelor degree in 2012 in the US. Is the transcript from the Chinese collage still required for my application?
Marcus -> Shu Shu: Wonderful question, if the US transcript has the courses and grades from the school in China, that would be fine. If the US transcript does not have both the courses and grades from the school in China, then we would need the separate transcripts. I hope this helps
May 10, 10:16:35 SamL -> Nico Somewhat related, I did take the GMAT the maximum recommended 3 times - however, the two prior were for my masters program, and 1 later for a future program. i.e., an MBA - will that be considered when looking at number of times the GMAT was taken/is it viewed negatively?
Nico -> SamL Hi SamL. The overall score is what is most important and improvement always helps. Taking it more than three time is not a big red flag on an application.
May 10, 10:17:10 Mahesh -> Jay J How do weekend students collaborate for their group projects/home work?
Jay J -> Mahesh Mahesh, it really depends on the group. Some will use conference calls, google chats/hangouts, skype etc. I've heard some groups be most successful meeting before and after class and delegating the work load for the week. It really depends...
May 10, 10:17:38 Stefani -> Nico Hello, Could you please speak to different options/opportunities around financial aid once being accepted?
Nico -> Stefani Hi Stefani. All of our financial aid options for part-time students are laid out here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
May 10, 10:17:41 Milind_Wasaikar -> Lindsay Can a part time student take more courses than needed to graduate? Especially after graduation (continuing education) to attain specific knowledge/skills
Lindsay -> Milind_Wasaikar Milind, all students in Booth's Evening, Weekend, and Full Time MBA program have the ability to participate in what we call the "Take 3" program. Within this program, you are able to take 3 classes beyond the 20 required before you graduate for free. You can also come back and take up to 3 classes for free as an alumnus. Many of our students take advantage of Take 3!
May 10, 10:18:01 Sahil31206 -> Marcus Hi Admissions team, i am an early career individual, and inclined towards changing industry after school. How do you think recruiters in Consulting Management/Technology view Part time MBAs vs Full Time, can you share some examples ?
Marcus -> Sahil31206 Sahil31206: The great thing about our program is that the coursework and professors are the same in the Part time versus full time MBA program. Booth grads do not have part or full time listed on their diploma. Therefore you do not have to disclose that you graduated from a Part-Time program since the curriculum is the same. Employers can have issues with part time programs when the program is different from the school's full time program, which is not the case with Booth.
May 10, 10:19:23 Michael -> Kara Is there an opportunity for Evening MBA students to take Saturday classes or even courses that are set during the weekdays for full-time students?
Kara -> Michael Michael, yes! It is very common for Evening students to take courses on Saturday. Also, if you have daytime availability, you can take a daytime course with Full Time students. Most courses do not fill up, leaving room for students across other programs to enroll. Another nice aspect of this flexibility is that faculty teach the exact same lecture throughout the week. Therefore, if you need to miss your Tues. night course, you can attend the Saturday lecture to make up the session. Most faculty are cool with this. You'd be hard pressed to find a more flexible program.
May 10, 10:20:18 Michael -> Marcus I am aware part-time students are allowed to take up to 4 courses per quarter. What is the recommended number of courses part-time MBA students should consider in order to balance their work and personal obligations?
Marcus -> Michael Michael: Very important question. Typically students working full time will take 2 classes per quarter, however this can change if a particular class requires an exponential amount of time outside of class, in which case they might just take that one class. It all depends on your work schedule, and the types of classes you want to take (also balancing more quantitative based classes with qualitative classes)
May 10, 10:20:45 AlexE -> Lindsay One other question, I currently work in an investment compliance role, which doesn't exactly fit into any of the job categories listed in the application drop downs. If I put something like Risk Management is that okay? Or should I specify my role under Other?
Lindsay -> AlexE AlexE, I would choose Other. You'll be able to explain your specific role in other areas of your app.
May 10, 10:22:25 Milind_Wasaikar -> Marcus Do you offer resume review sessions before the application
Marcus -> Milind_Wasaikar Milind_Wasaikar: yes we do, and would be happy to review your resume. You may use the following link to submit: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/resume
May 10, 10:23:00 Andrew_K -> Jay J I've heard that the school provides access to several databases and market analysis programs for research. By any chance is there a comprehensive list of resources available for students?
Jay J -> Andrew_K Andrew_K, we don't really have a list like that available. There are a number of databases through the library, like these: http://www.lib.uchicago.edu/e/db/. Students also have discounted rates for a number of things like Bloomberg portals, etc.
May 10, 10:24:28 Vik_Sen -> Nico Hi, I am a software engineer and I am interested in weekend MBA. My goal is to transition to product management. How Booth's weekend MBA can help me? Thanks a lot.
Nico -> Vik_Sen Hi Vik_Sen. We have certainly seen Booth students transition careers/industries throughout the program. Using a combination of networking and our career resources the transition is possible.
May 10, 10:25:40 Milind_Wasaikar -> Marcus Are separate applications needed for evening and Weekend MBA? How easily can a student later switch between weekend and evening MBA courses?
Marcus -> Milind_Wasaikar Milind_Wasaikar: There are different applications as you must select the intended start date and program, but the content in the application is the same for both evening and weekend. Once a student, you have one opportunity to switch from being an evening student, to weekend or vice versa. But you can certainly take classes in either program as a student of either evening or weekend if they are available.
May 10, 10:25:49 Josh -> Kara I plan to apply for Autumn 2017, when do you think would be the best time to visit Booth?
Kara -> Josh Josh, if you'd like to visit a class before you apply, try to visit spring quarter. Class visits end June 4th. See here to view options and to register online: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit

Summer quarter class visits begin June 27, so you could get a visit in before the July 1st deadline if this is best for you. We also have Information Session each month. See here for dates and to RSVP: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/information-sessions-chicago
May 10, 10:25:52 AlexE -> Lindsay One other question, some of my previous roles were involved in investment accounting at an insurance company. Should I put insurance down as industry to avoid confusion, or should I put investment management down since it was accounting on investments?
Lindsay -> AlexE AlexE, it's up to you, and I wouldn't stress too much about this. We'll see your resume in detail, and you will also have your admissions interview to explain these nuances in your experience!
May 10, 10:26:17 Vik_Sen -> Jay J Also, I live in a place where it will take me 8-9 hours of driving to reach Chicago. So, I might miss 1/2 classes in a year. Is video recording available for the classes?
Jay J -> Vik_Sen Vik_Sen, our classes are not recorded unless there is a major storm or something like that where a majority of students will experience travel issues. Students who will miss a class usually talk with their classmates and get notes or make up the work by working with the faculty member.
May 10, 10:26:44 Mahesh -> Nico For me Take 3 is one of the most attractive feature of Booth MBA. Please confirm that MBA students can use Take 3 to take classes in U of C Law school. Also, after how many MBA coerces a student is eligible for Take 3 classes?
Nico -> Mahesh Hi Mahesh. Take three classes for Booth students can only be taken through Booth courses. Take three courses must be taken concurrent with your 20th Booth course or in the subsequent quarter.
May 10, 10:26:48 SamL -> Marcus Would more than 2 recommendations be considered a plus (assuming they are positive recommendations), or would it be preferable to stick with the two?
Marcus -> SamL SamL: After two recommendations, it is up to you. If you feel the recommender can really be of benefit to you and add value to your application in a unique way, then a third recommendation would be fine. I would not suggest any more than 3-4 recommendations at the most.
May 10, 10:29:00 Milind_Wasaikar -> Kara If there were no gap in experience or inconsistent grades, can the optional essay be utilized to describe specific details about the individual that s/he might want adcoms to know. Or it is not advisable to do so?
Kara -> Milind_Wasaikar Of course! That is a great way to use the optional essay. If there is something you'd like to share with us that does not fit into the essays or other sections of the the application, discuss this in the optional essay.
May 10, 10:29:04 Michael -> Marcus Does Booth offer fully online courses?
Marcus -> Michael Michael: No, there are no full online courses offered at Booth. You must attend class at one of our Chicago locations, either Hyde Park, or Downtown Chicago.
May 10, 10:29:21 Vik_Sen -> Nico I understand that there are few scholarship opportunities for weekend program students. I wish to take student loan to pay my tuition. However, I am on H1B work visa right now. How can Booth help me to have the loan? Do I need any co-signer?
Nico -> Vik_Sen Hi Vik_Sen. Chicago Booth offers a loan program to international students with co-signers and without co-signers. You can find more information here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
May 10, 10:29:31 Michael -> Jay J For part-time MBA students (both weekend and evening students) how inclusive are the social events? Are there events where students can socialize on a Saturday night or Sunday? Are there networking opportunities fostered across for part-time students?
Jay J -> Michael Michael, yes! Most events for Evening and Weekend students will take place either during the lunch on Saturdays or Saturday evenings so that both Evening and Weekend students can participate. There are a number of events including networking events, guest speakers, etc. for the PT student population.
May 10, 10:30:30 Andrew_Nguyen -> Jay J is GMAT required ?
Jay J -> Andrew_Nguyen Andrew_Nguyen, all applicants must provide a self-reported GMAT or GRE score at time of application. Once you are admitted and decide to enroll with us, we will need official test scores.
May 10, 10:31:04 Rishabh -> Nico Hi, I'm a civil engineer from India and I'm interested in the full time course. I'm interested in project Management and intend to stick to the field I've graduated in. How will Booth be able to help me?
Nico -> Rishabh Hi Rishabh. I would reach out to the full-time MBA admissions team at amissions@chicagobooth.edu to answer any full-time MBA questions.
May 10, 10:32:01 Moderator -> Everyone We are half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
May 10, 10:32:10 Andrew_Nguyen -> Marcus is GMAT required if i already had a Master degree in Computer Science
Marcus -> Andrew_Nguyen Andrew_Nguyen: Yes, either the GMAT or GRE exam is required for all applicants regardless of advanced degrees. However, your Master's degree will be evaluated and taken into consideration for your benefit during the application process.
May 10, 10:32:46 jyoung02 -> Nico Sorry, to follow up on the Take 3. Can we finish all 20 courses and then take the 3 after those are completed? Or are we supposed to take say 1 required course + 1 take 3 course for the final 3 quarters? Because we obviously couldn't take 4 courses in one semester right?
Nico -> jyoung02 Hi jyoung02. Take three courses must be taken concurrent with your 20th Booth course or in the subsequent quarter. Once a student completes 20 courses, they can only defer graduation up to one quarter.
May 10, 10:33:06 Milind_Wasaikar -> Lindsay Booth is a well renowned amazing school. If you had choose/explain, what are the differentiating factors or attributes, that sets Booth's part time MBA course and its students apart from comparable courses from other schools.
Lindsay -> Milind_Wasaikar Milind, great question! There are a lot of great schools out there, and we always recommend doing a class visit at each school you're researching to determine which is the best fit for you. That being said, there are some things that really set Booth apart. First, the flexibility of our program is second to none- you're really able to pick and choose the classes you like, and tailor the curriculum to fit your individual needs, as well as set your own pace through the program. Next is our discipline-based approach to business education, which we call The Chicago Approach (you can read more about that here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/the-chicago-approach ). Finally, our faculty are not only world-renowned, but incredibly approachable and accessibly to students. I highly recommend visiting if you haven't yet, so you can see for yourself!
May 10, 10:33:47 kle7754 -> Nico Do my universities need to send Booth new transcripts after I'm admitted or I can just send the ones that I scanned for the application?
Nico -> kle7754 Hi kle7754. We will need transcripts directly from the institution of you are admitted. Opened and scanned documents are not considered official.
May 10, 10:35:05 Joey -> Lindsay Hello - how strict is the 3 year work experience window for applications to Chicago Business Fellows? I will have been working full time after completion of my undergrad degree for 3 years and 2 months by the time I would potentially start classes this coming Fall. Would this disqualify me from Chicago Business Fellows?
Lindsay -> Joey Hi Joey, it's not a strict cutoff, but we like for you to be under or right around that 3 year mark by the time you start taking classes at Booth. Since you would only be 2 months over, you would still be eligible for CBF. CBF students have 2.5 years of work experience, on average. We can always connect offline to discuss your options if you like!
May 10, 10:35:11 Pavan -> Nico thank you for this session Booth Admissions Team. is there any possibility of getting funding or scholarships for PT International Students?
Nico -> Pavan Hi Pavan. The part-time MBA programs do not offer scholarships, however, there are financial aid options available. You can find more information here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
May 10, 10:35:25 MBAhopeful -> Kara Have you had applicants that were rejected from the FT MBA program get admitted into the Booth PT program?
Kara -> MBAhopeful Yes, we see this from time to time. However, we always talk to these applicants to make sure the part time format will be a good fit. If someone has their heart set on a full time program, they may not have the best experience in part time. We do our best to address this before one applies. If one really wants an internship and is seeking a significant career change, we strongly recommend full time programs.
May 10, 10:35:36 Sidd -> Jay J I have a few questions : 1. When is the best time to apply? Is the second round also equally competitive to apply? 2. I have a Law background is this a disadvantage for me? 3. What about university visits? Do you recommend students visiting your university and perhaps other universities before applying to learn the culture and feel of the place? 4. Interviews - Assuming a student gets an interview call, is Skype interview better or do you prefer students coming in person for the interview?
Jay J -> Sidd Sidd, no problem, I'll answer in order:
1 - the Evening and Weekend programs operate on a rolling basis, meaning you will hear an admissions decision within 4-6 weeks of submitting a complete application regardless of the quarter you are applying for. We don't have rounds because of this. You should apply for the quarter you want to start, when you feel your application is ready to go.
2 - Not whatsoever. We have a few JDs in the program. We seek to diversify our student body with regards to backgrounds, industries, and experience.
3 - We highly encourage you to attend our admissions events or visit our classes to determine if we are the right program for you. All events can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events.
4 - In the Evening and Weekend programs, we guarantee an interview for all of our applicants. All interviews must be done in Chicago at the Gleacher Center, in person.
May 10, 10:35:53 MBAhopeful -> Marcus How helpful is it to have a Chicago Booth alumni submit a referral for you and does it matter if they were a FT student?
Marcus -> MBAhopeful MBAhopeful: It would be helpful if that person knows you well, and when you say referral, did you mean recommendation? Yes it would be great especially if they were a Booth alum. The program would not matter, so a full time student would be fine as a recommender
May 10, 10:35:58 Milind_Wasaikar -> Lindsay I reported my scores to Weekend MBA, but now plan to apply to evening MBA. Do I have to report the official scores again?
Lindsay -> Milind_Wasaikar Milind, no. We will still have access to your scores. For the purposes of your application, we only need your self-reported scores. We will pull your official scores to verify them only if you're admitted to Booth and accept our offer. Hope this helps!
May 10, 10:37:47 Fred -> Marcus For the application, I have only one sealed transcript left from the college I attended 10 years ago. It is kind of difficult to get more copies in a short time. Can I submit the transcript after admitted?
Marcus -> Fred Fred: You may send us unofficial copies of your transcripts for your application, which you can upload to the actual application. So if you have access to the online transcripts or any other form on unofficial document with your name course selection and grades, that would be fine
May 10, 10:38:35 Sidd -> Kara Hello Everyone, I am looking at a full time MBA for class of 2017. When would you recommend applying? in the 1st round or 2nd round?
Kara -> Sidd Sidd, we defer to the Full Time Admissions team, you can contact them at admissions@chicagobooth.edu. Generally speaking, you should apply when you feel your application is at it's best.
May 10, 10:38:43 Josh -> Lindsay How inclusive is Booth for spouses? Are spouses allowed to participate in social clubs or events? Are there special programs for spouses?
Lindsay -> Josh Josh, absolutely! The Booth community is very welcoming to partners and families, as many of our students are working to balance their work/school/family life while in the program. There are many social events that students bring their partners along to, as well as a Partners Club, who plan events a few times a year for Booth students and their families.
May 10, 10:38:53 Milind_Wasaikar -> Marcus Are there any alum contacts that you could share/pass on for prospective students to get in touch with. It would be great if I can get in touch with someone in management consulting domain and entrepreneurship domain
Marcus -> Milind_Wasaikar Milid_Wasaikar: Great question, and we would be happy to help. Please email me separately and I can accommodate the request. You may reach me at marcus.wordlaw@chicagobooth.edu
May 10, 10:41:23 Vik_Sen -> Nico Thanks a lot, guys...Now, I know that we might have an optional essay to describe poor GPAs etc. Now I am confused about what makes a poor GPA. I have a 3.80/4 undergrad gpa, but my MS GPA is, 3.40/4-both are in engineering. Should I write about my bad MS GPA in the optional essay?
Nico -> Vik_Sen Hi Vik_Sen. I would not necessarily call a 3.4 a "bad" GPA. If you feel it would help you tell your story/experience more, it does not hurt to write about it in the optional essay.
May 10, 10:42:21 Arjun -> Nico How soon after submitting an application for the Weekend Program, are the interviews scheduled?
Nico -> Arjun Hi Arjun. As soon as you submit your application, you will receive an email to schedule your interview via an online portal.
May 10, 10:42:26 Kathleen -> Kara Hi! How large is the Evening MBA class starting in the Winter vs. the Fall? Do you see any disadvantage in a winter start date vs. fall in terms of networking?
Kara -> Kathleen Kathleen, there is no difference in your chances of admission. You should apply in the timing that is best for you. The Winter class is 60-80 students, Autumn is 120-150 (for Evening MBA). The applicant pool is smaller for Winter quarter, thus we bring in a smaller class. Again, neither is more or less competitive.
May 10, 10:43:58 Barnes -> Marcus I am interested in applying to the weekend MBA program but I am still somewhat unsure as to whether the program would be a good fit for me. Are there scholarship opportunities available for weekend MBA applicants? Also, on a separate note, how the weekend MBA program different than a EMBA (Executive MBA)?
Marcus -> Barnes Barnes: Great question. We do offer one scholarship for those working in organizations in the Non-profit or Government sector. Outside of that, you would want to consider the Full-time program for merit-based scholarships if that is an impacting decision. The executive MBA program is fairly different, in that classes meet every two weeks, on Friday and Saturday, and there is an international component to classes built into the curriculum with two weeks in London, and 2 weeks in Hong Kong within the quarter of classes. It is much more lock-step and typically benefits those who would like their schedule to be planned for them and require less flexibility.
May 10, 10:45:32 Michael -> Lindsay Is there a median age range for the part-time mba programs? I am aware the average age is 30. If you can provide the median or model age range, that would be helpful. I am 29, and I turn 30 soon and I am wondering whether I will be on the older side depending on the median/model age range.
Lindsay -> Michael Michael, you can find this info in the class snapshot on both the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA main pages, at the bottom. It will give you the middle 80% of the age range for each!
May 10, 10:45:56 Fred -> Marcus Marcus, the problem is I only have one sealed transcript. Opening it up will make it unofficial. I don't have any unofficial one left, although roughly remember the GPA.
Marcus -> Fred Fred: you could send us what you have and it being unofficial would be fine, but if you are looking to save that as the final official transcript, we would need some type of unofficial transcipt. In this case, you could contact your school to determine the options for an unofficial one
May 10, 10:46:36 Neg.J -> Jay J Hi, Are the interviews scheduled for everyone who applies to Booth? Or only for the applicants who have a higher chance of getting admitted?
Jay J -> Neg.J Neg.J, for the Evening and Weekend programs, we guarantee an interview for 100% of our applicants. This is not the case with the FT program.
May 10, 10:47:13 M -> Kara i'm interested in a few of the certificate offerings Booth has. i also think the certificate studies would be a good way to determine if going back to school while working was a good fit. would course completion for a certificate be applicable to course requirements for a future mba program?
Kara -> M If you complete a certificate program, none of those courses will transfer into the MBA program. Instead of a certificate, I suggest you take Booth MBA courses as a Graduate Student at Large (GSAL). Up to 3 GSAL courses will transfer into Booth. This is a great way to test out the MBA. It is very important you do well in these courses. We suggest taking Business Statistics and/or Financial Accounting and we look for grades of B+ or higher.
May 10, 10:47:29 jyoung02 -> Nico Is there someone at the school that gets assigned as an advisor/mentor as we figure out schedules/classes to take?
Nico -> jyoung02 Hi jyoung02. You are not assigned a specific advisor, but we have a team of advisors available to coach you through the program.
May 10, 10:47:31 M -> Lindsay if a student starts in the weekend/evening mba and wants to transfer to executive mba, is that possible? and vice versa?
Lindsay -> M M, no, students are not able to transfer into the Executive or Full Time MBA programs, as the admissions processes are different.
May 10, 10:47:46 kle7754 -> Kara What would a typical 3-course schedule be on a weekend?
Kara -> kle7754 Friday night 6-9pm, Saturday 9am-12pm and 1:30-4:30pm.
May 10, 10:48:55 Gaurav_Mishra -> Lindsay I would like to know more about the placement options . Can we use the same services full time students enjoy
Lindsay -> Gaurav_Mishra Gaurav, yes, we have a fantastic career services team at Gleacher who focus on Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students, and you have the same access as the Full Time students. You gain access as soon as you start the program and have access for life. They offer a variety of programs- coaching, job posting database (5000+ jobs per year), alumni Career Advisers, formalized recruiting, etc. The only aspect of career services not open to part time students is formalized campus recruiting for internships. Internship recruiting is only open to full time students.
May 10, 10:49:37 Moderator -> Everyone Our chat will be ending in approximately 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them.
May 10, 10:51:43 Travis -> Jay J How are professional designations (i.e. CFA) viewed in the admissions process?
Jay J -> Travis Travis, we evaluate these when we are looking at academic and professional experience. They definitely add value to your application.
May 10, 10:51:53 Dan_G. -> Nico Do Weekend MBA students typically take 2 courses or 3 courses per semester? Because of my work schedule, only Saturday courses are an option.
Nico -> Dan_G. HI Dan_G. Typically Weekend MBA students will take 2 courses per quarter. Both on Saturday.
May 10, 10:52:25 Barnes -> Marcus Marcus, thank you for your response. I am currently working at a government agency, so the Weekend MBA would give me the flexibility of obtaining my MBA while still employed in D.C. Is the curriculum in the Weekend MBA basically the same as the full-time MBA program, whereas the EMBA is more focused on management?
Marcus -> Barnes Barnes: Have you considered our Civic Scholars program? It is designed for government and non-profit prospective students. The weekend curriculum in terms of the types of classes available will the virtually the same as the Full-Time MBA. Both programs allow you to choose from 130 Booth courses, it is more-so the time/day in which you take those classes. The executive MBA builds its curriculum around the idea of experienced managers moving into even higher positions, which is why the program looks for at least 10-12 years of experience to applicants. Overall the Weekend MBA would allow you to travel to Chicago for classes on Saturday while maintaining your current job.
May 10, 10:52:32 Melissa_Medina -> Kara For those interested in the Weekend MBA Civic Scholars Program, are there opportunities to studying abroad?
Kara -> Melissa_Medina Melissa, you have the same opportunities as all other Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students regarding study abroad. The most common for part time students are short term options. We offer short term (2-3 weeks) programs in Brazil, Germany, Israel, France, China and Austria. We hear great feedback from students about all of these programs.
May 10, 10:53:20 M -> Kara Thank you, Kara, for the answer on GSAL. Is there a page/ link you can direct me to?
Kara -> M Yes! I meant to include that, https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/credit/graduate-student-at-large/business

It is a very cool option.
May 10, 10:54:44 Ramenani -> Jay J I am planning to apply for Winter, 2017. By when do I need to submit my GMAT score? and can I submit everything else before that and take exam before the dead line or do I have to wait till I take my GMAT to submit my application?
Jay J -> Ramenani Ramenani, we will need your GMAT score when you submit your application. So you will need to take your test before you submit.
May 10, 10:55:43 Tim -> Lindsay I need to run to my next meeting, but want to say thank you for hosting this session. Have a nice day.
Lindsay -> Tim Our pleasure, Tim, thanks for logging in!
May 10, 10:57:09 Milind_Wasaikar -> Marcus How about weekend vs evening? Assuming attending classes on either weekend or evening is not an issue, Is there more value in one vs other? esp access to student body/club involvements etc.
Marcus -> Milind_Wasaikar Milind_Wasaikar: There is not necessarily more value in one over the other. 75% of the students who enter the weekend MBA program are from out of the state of Illinois. Most of the students in the evening program live in and around Chicago. There are part time clubs available to both programs, and there are many events that take place on Saturdays after classes, as well as weekday evenings. It really comes down to what is best for your schedule and allows the most convenience. Keep in mind you also have one chance to completely switch between being an evening student and weekend student or vice versa during your time here
May 10, 10:59:40 Pavan -> Kara what is placement percentage of the international students
Kara -> Pavan Pavan, we do not have data this specific. We do track employment changes & advancements for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students and find there are a wide variety of outcomes. Some are promoted within their company, some change functions within their company, some people get jobs a new companies, some start their own business, and some are not seeking a change. I mention all this to illustrate the wide variety of goals and outcomes for our students.
May 10, 11:00:58 MBAhopeful -> Kara Thanks for all your help today! This has been extremely helpful! I was wondering, I know it may be hard to generalize but what are typically the weak points of an application that can lead to a wait list or denied decision?
Kara -> MBAhopeful This varies widely from person to person. If you are on the wait list or denied, feel free to reach out to discuss your individual case-- EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu
May 10, 11:00:59 SamL -> Jay J Do the professors for the weekend courses hold office hours on weekends as well? Thank you again for hosting this information session!
Jay J -> SamL SamL, they don't hold office hours over the weekend, though many will book appointments with students throughout Saturdays (and sometimes even Sundays). Some professors will have you call them, communicate via email, etc. Our professors are very approachable and very accessible for our students.
May 10, 11:01:37 Jay J -> Everyone Thanks for joining us everyone! We hope to see you at one of our monthly information sessions at the Gleacher Center. More information and registration can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/information-sessions-chicago.
May 10, 11:01:49 Marcus -> Everyone Thank you for your questions. If you are interested in speaking with current students and alums in a more casual setting, I would invite you to register for our next available lunch and learn, taking place on June 15th at noon. This lunch gives you a chance to pick the brain on all things Booth and otherwise, and understand why they made their decision. You may register at the following link: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/register/?id=84e4815e-7aa1-4d2b-a268-8a5e12f44ce8
May 10, 11:01:50 Lindsay -> Everyone Thanks for your questions, everyone! I encourage you to check out the events surrounding UChicago's Innovation Fest, which takes place from May 12- June 2 and is a week-long celebration featuring innovation and entrepreneurial activities happening on campus. Check out the calendar of events here: https://innovationfest.uchicago.edu/
May 10, 11:02:12 Neg.J -> Nico Is it possible to switch between weekend and evening programs on the application without the need to ask the recommenders to submit their letters again?
Nico -> Neg.J Hi Neg.J. If you need to switch your application, please email our admissions hotline at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu. You will not have to ask your recommenders to re-submit.
May 10, 11:02:28 Nico -> Everyone Thanks for coming today everyone! For a great glimpse into our program consider visiting a class! You can register for them at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit.
May 10, 11:02:33 Kara -> Everyone Thanks for joining today's chat! Great questions. We look forward to working with you as you continue your research and apply to Booth.