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Live Chat with Admissions directors for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs

Curious about applying to Chicago Booth's Evening MBA or Weekend MBA programs? Join us for a live chat with admissions directors from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. We will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015 - Noon CST

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Moderator -> Everyone Hi everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon- we have current student Ian Adams joining us today- be sure to send in your questions about student experience.
Jay J -> Everyone Good afternoon everyone! My name is Jay Jacobs and I am an Asst. Director of Admission and coordinate the admissions process for the Chicago Business Fellows program for early career candidates with three years or less of experience. I look forward to answering your questions today.
Beth -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today! I'm Beth Daily, associate director and I'm available to answer your application-related questions.
Nico -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today! I am Nico Ricchiuto, admissions manager. I manage Information Sessions and assist with the Class Visit program. Please feel free to ask me any application related questions!
Kara -> Everyone Welcome to our online chat! For those in the US, we hope you had a wonderful 4th of July holiday weekend. We look forward to answering your questions about Booth's Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. We offer the most flexible curriculum on the planet, a unique approach to business education and a vibrant community.
Shagufta -> Jay J Can I find the information on typical profile of a Booth accepted candidate?
Jay J -> Shagufta Shagufta, you can! Its at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend#simple2 all the way at the bottom of the page. (This is for the Weekend program)
Ian -> Everyone Thanks for joining us! My name is Ian Adams - I'm a current student here at Booth. Happy to answer any questions you have about the student experience here.
Booth4MBA -> Ian Thank you for hosting this chat. For Ian, what is your favorite class at Chicago Booth?
Ian -> Booth4MBA So far, my favorite class has been Advanced Microeconomic Analysis with Professor Kevin Murphy. Professor Murphy was a brilliant teacher who took very complex ideas and communicated them in very easy to understand ways.
Booth4MBA -> Beth Do I need to interview as part of my application?
Beth -> Booth4MBA Yes, all candidates for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program are required to conduct an admissions interview. Once you submit your application, you will be asked to schedule your interview. If you submit on the deadline, your interview will be conducted in the next couple weeks. If you are coming from outside Illinois, we do have Saturday interview days several times a year.
Drew_Willetts -> Jay J Jay - I currently have 2 years of professional business experience and would have 4 by the time I would potentially start at Booth in 2017. Do you see a benefit to keeping my foot on the gas career-wise and going part time? Or is there a benefit to going full-time and being enveloped in the MBA experience and then re-entering the working world? Do employers value one over the other?
Jay J -> Drew_Willetts Drew_Willetts, its a really good question. You have to choose the program that fits the best with you. Most of our FT students are looking for some significant career change, so they like that the FT program helps with internships. There is, of course, benefit of going to school and working at the same time to implement what you are learning in the classroom almost immediately. At the end of the day, its totally up to you. Do your research on the differences of the programs and where you want the MBA to take you. I'm happy to help chat through this in more detail offline too!
Booth4MBA -> Nico I'm considering applying for the winter quarter. I still need to take my GMAT but wanted to know when I should plan on submitting my application.
Nico -> Booth4MBA Hi Booth4MBA. Thanks for joining us! Our Evening MBA deadline for the winter 2016 quarter is October 9. We are on rolling admission, so feel free to submit anytime you are ready before the deadline.
Sapta -> Jay J Hello everyone, my name is Sapta. I am a software engineer and I want to change my career to venture capitalist. Is part-time MBA best for my career change?
Jay J -> Sapta Sapta, about a third of our students consider themselves "career changers," so the part time programs are definitely an option. With our robust entrepreneurship and venture capital academic curriculum and co-curricular programming, you will definitely be able to get where you want to go with the part time programs.
SR -> Kara Hello, I would like to know what is the process to transfer in to Booth Weekend MBA program from another top 20 school?
Kara -> SR SR, I hope all is well. Booth does not allow transfers from other schools. You would need to apply like all other candidates. Even though Booth does not allow transfer credits from other schools, our very flexible curriculum should allow you to not retake courses you have already taken. For example, if you already took intro-level financial accounting, you could then take a more advance replacement.
Katherine.Frey -> Beth I am currently working on my application for the weekend MBA program. This is a bit open ended, but is there any advice you can give on the essay portion of the application?
Beth -> Katherine.Frey Be yourself. Try to convey what you are passionate about and how you are looking for the Chicago Booth to help you achieve your goals. Feel free to ulitize the optional essay if there is something outside the box you would like to discuss that don't fit into the other essay questions. We want to get to know you and this is one way for us to do it.
Booth4MBA -> Nico When is your next information session? Will it be in Chicago? Also, do you conduct any admissions events in other cities?
Nico -> Booth4MBA Hi Booth4MBA. Our next information session here in Chicago is July 14, and you can register here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/information-sessions-chicago.

We also host events outside of Chicago. You can see the schedule here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/receptions
Moderator -> Everyone Did you know there are 42 student run part time student groups and 80-90% of part time students are active within the student community
Booth4MBA -> Ian Ian, what student groups are you involved in?
Ian -> Booth4MBA Thanks for the question Booth4MBA. I'm currently involved with the Student Ambassadors program, the Booth Energy Club, and Booth Launch Mentors. Student Ambassadors host students when they visit classes; Launch mentors provide a connection to new students when they start here at Booth. I enjoy meeting new and prospective students and telling them more about the program.
Shagufta -> Kara Do you do resume evaluations for chances of acceptance in the program?
Kara -> Shagufta We do take a look at resumes and offer initial thoughts. However, are unable to discuss your chances of admission. The resume is only one piece of a comprehensive application package. Your academic history, test scores, essays, letters of rec and interviews are also evaluated when making admissions decisions.
Shagufta -> Jay J I have PhD in Chemical Engineering and a 5 year work experience. I realize that the FT student are looking for career change. I am in the same dilemma as Drew_Willettes. So how the hiring after the part time MBA different compared to the full time MBA?
Jay J -> Shagufta Shagufta and Drew_Willettes, the formal on campus recruitment program for part time is the exact same as the full time program. Prep sessions, networking sessions, etc. will be made available for Evening and Weekend students at the Gleacher Center. You also have full access to career services. A full career services suite is staffed on evenings and weekends for our PT students too.
KC -> Beth Hi, my husband and I are interested in the executive MBA program this fall. Just moved to IN and would like to know if applications are still being accepted? I would also be interested to know what the program cost and structure is.
Beth -> KC The Executive MBA North America just opened their application for 2016. They start their program in the summer. You are welcome to start the application and submit for one of their four application deadlines. You can learn more about their program online athttps://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba/admissions.
Booth4MBA -> Ian Ian, thanks for your response. Would you recommend visiting a class?
Ian -> Booth4MBA Absolutely! You can visit a class either before or after you apply, but I would definitely recommend it - it gives you a flavor for experience and community that exists in the classroom.
Prasanth -> Nico Hi Nico, I am interested to take a course in Graham School related to MS in Predictive Analytics instead of visiting a class. Can I take such a course or is there specific list of courses that I have to choose from?
Nico -> Prasanth Hi Prashanth. The Graham School does offer an MS is in Analytics, however, this program is not associated with Chicago Booth. You can see more information here: https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/credit/master-science-analytics/index
SR -> Nico The application process would be still the same even if I am in to a quarter or two with another school?
Nico -> SR Hi SR. Yes, the application process is the same regardless of any enrollment in another program. Please keep in mind that Chicago Booth does not accept transfer credits from other institutions.
Ryan -> Kara Do you happen to track graduates from the part-time program after graduation? Specifically, a percentage of how many change careers or receive job offers?
Kara -> Ryan Ryan, Booth does collect career related data from graduating Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students, which you have available to you as a student. We do not yet have a report available to the masses. We are happy to set a time to meet or talk to discuss. Shoot me an email, kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu.
Danielle_W -> Ian Thank you for doing this chat! Is there a big difference in "sense of community" among the FT and PT students? Are the same organizations that are available to the FT students available to the part time students?
Ian -> Danielle_W Good question Danielle - I'm a part time student so I can speak best to the part time community. While I'm sure different groups have slightly different senses of community, there is definitely a strong sense of community in the part time program.

Part time and full time students have different organizations. This approach tends to work out well because many full time groups meet and have activities at times that don't work well for part-timers (like during the work day).
Shagufta -> Jay J Do you have any web based classes that I can attend as traveling to Chicago is not possible for me?
Jay J -> Shagufta Shagufta, no, we don't offer online/remote courses. All 20 courses must be completed at Booth.
Pavan -> Beth what is the deadline to submit the completed application for Spring 2016 for Weekend MBA program?
Beth -> Pavan The deadline for the Weekend MBA program starting in the Spring quarter is Friday, Jan 8, 2016. You can start your application today at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/apply/shome.aspx/.
Anuj -> Jay J If I get admit to 2016 Weekend program and in case I move to Chicago. Can I move to the evening MBA earlier than the start of weekend MBA program?
Jay J -> Anuj Anuj, we will work with you on a case by case basis. You can officially transfer between the Evening and Weekend program once during your Booth career.
eve -> Nico If I apply before the deadline when can I schedule the interview and how long do I have to wait for decision?
Nico -> eve Hi eve. You will be prompted to schedule your interview as soon as you submit an application. You will receive your decision within 4-6 weeks of the date you submitted your application.
KC -> Beth How does the executive MBA program at Booth differentiate itself from some of the other EMBA progams at other top universities?
Beth -> KC While I would encourage you to reach out to their office directly, Chicago Booth's Executive MBA program has a global component which differentiates itself from other programs. Students are required to study in London and Hong Kong as part of their program. You can contact the Executive MBA admissions team at xp@chicagobooth.edu.
Shagufta -> Jay J I was referring to attending a web based class before applying to Booth?
Jay J -> Shagufta Shagufta, we don't offer any web based courses. Later this summer or early fall we will host some more specific and pointed webinars. The dates and subjects of those are TBD at this point.
Booth4MBA -> Ian Ian, what concentrations are you pursuing? Is this something you are locked into when you start or have flexibility to switch/do more throughout your program?
Ian -> Booth4MBA Currently I'm pursing concentrations in finance and organizational behavioral, but that's just what I have on my list so far. Fortunately, there is a lot of flexibility in this area - you don't need to commit to pursuing a concentration, so you can take classes across different interest areas to tailor your educational experience to your own needs.
Beth -> Everyone Did you know this year will be the 5th annual Booth Women Connect Conference? It's a great networking and professional development event. Learn more and regsiter today at http://chicagobooth.edu/bwcc.
KC -> Beth Is it mandatory to study in HK as a part of the EMBA program? I have spend nearly a decade in HK and would like to choose another country, is that possible?
Beth -> KC Chicago Booth has a campus in Hong Kong so I don't think it would be an option to choose another location. However, I would encourage you to email your question to xp@chicagobooth.edu to confirm. You can also call them at 312.464.8750.
Charles -> Nico I have a question regarding the letters of recommendation. From everything that I've read, leadership skills and leadership potential are important components in a letter of recommendation, however can you please discuss some other key qualities or components that the Booth Admissions team looks for in a letter of recommendation?
Nico -> Charles Hi Charles. The form that is sent to you recommenders will ask for details on topics like communication, conflict resolution, etc. It is important that they provide specific examples to your performance and contribution to your organization.
Shagufta -> Jay J How many classes a PT student takes in one semester? Can a student finish or may take longer to finish the coursework?
Jay J -> Shagufta Shagufta, the average PT student takes 2 classes per quarter. On that pace, you would graduate in 2.5 years. You can speed the program up by taking 3 or 4 classes per quarter if your schedule allows that. Or you can slow the program down and take 1 class per quarter or quarters off if you need. You have 5 years to complete the program after you start.
Drew_Willetts -> Kara Depending on what source you go through, there seems to be a perception that Booth is Finance/Accounting powerhouse for purely analytical roles down the road (engineers, accountants, etc..) what emphasis does Booth put on Marketing and Consulting type work? Are there programs in place to interact with such industry focuses during the education process?
Kara -> Drew_Willetts Drew, our curriculum is extremely flexible, which allows you to take as many or as few accounting and finance courses as you like. The shift we are seeing in marketing toward a more data-driven approach fits extremely well with Booth's strength in data-driven marketing. If you look at the top industries Booth students move into post graduation, consulting is #1. The top 5 functions are:
Investment Management/Research
Company Finance (Analysis/Treasury)
General Management
This illustrates how Booth is certainly not just a school for accounting and finance.
Katherine.Frey -> Ian Ian - Since beginning your MBA, what has been the most rewarding piece for you?
Ian -> Katherine.Frey Hi Katherine - it's hard to point to one thing specifically so I'll give you two:
First, I'd say the connection from school back to work - it is really neat to be able to take a class and apply those lessons back to work in real time.

The other thing I would say is the community. I came to Booth for the quality of the education, but have been really rewarded by a community atmosphere filled with a bunch of great people.
Did you know -> Moderator 42% of part-time students at Chicago Booth are married or are in domestic partnership
Cortez -> Kara I am interested in finding out more about Scholarship Opportunities, I know they are plentiful for full-time MBA's is that consistent with Part-time Students?
Kara -> Cortez Cortez, we do not offer scholarships for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. Scholarships are very tough to come by for part time MBA programs. You will be able to pursue student loans to help fund your degree.
Pavan -> Beth What is the usual range of GMAT score that the admissions committee looks for in prospective applicants @ Booth?
Beth -> Pavan 80% of admitted students have a GMAT score between 640-710.
John -> Kara I took GMAT in 2007, could the score still be used or do i need to take it again?
Kara -> John John, we require valid GMAT scores (they are valid for 5 years). Therefore, you will need to retake the exam.
Drew_Willetts -> Jay J Jay - I would appreciate discussing the part-time versus full-time question I had earlier with you offline, as you suggested. What is the best way to get in contact with you?
Jay J -> Drew_Willetts Drew_Willetts, you can email me at jay.jacobs@chicagobooth.edu to set up a meeting or phone call.
Deep -> Jay J Thanks for hosting this chat. Do prospective employers differentiate between PT and FT students during the hiring process? Specifically, if a PT student is looking to make a career change and is 'competing' with FT students.
Jay J -> Deep Deep, no our MBA degrees are all the exact same. Your diploma wouldn't say "Full Time MBA" or "Part Time MBA" it will just say "Chicago Booth MBA."
Moderator -> Everyone We are half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions!
John -> Nico Are both GMAT and GRE accepted? Do you have any preference?
Nico -> John Hi John. Yes, we accept both GMAT and GRE. There is no preference between the tests during the admissions process.
John -> Ian For students who work in quantitative finance area and want to stay in this area, can you comment on how the part time program could add value to their career prospect?
Ian -> John Let me caveat my response by noting that I don't work in quantitative finance myself, but I know numerous students who do and I think there is a lot to add.

Booth has some of the top professors of the world in this space, and a great many advanced classes in this area. I know classes in Big Data mining, option pricing, and other advanced topics are extremely popular in this space.

Also, the classes in the full time and the part time program are the same (and you can take classes across sections), so you'll have the same access to top professors that teach in the full time program.
Vyomesh -> Beth Hello I am trying to figure out true difference between Executive MBA vs. Part-time MBA - Except Cost.. looking for pointers on difference between profiles of individuals who are part of executive program vs part-time.
Beth -> Vyomesh Vyomesh, it really depends on what you are looking to get out of the program. The Executive MBA program is a cohorted program (you take all of your classes with the same group of students) with a general management curriculum. The Evening MBA & Weekend MBA program offers a lot of flexibilty in terms of courses you can take, concentrations you can earn, and timing of the program. I would strongly recommend doing a class visit in each program to help you decide which program is right for you.
Shagufta -> Jay J What level of management work experience is needed for a Booth candidate?
Jay J -> Shagufta Shagufta, we don't require any management experience to be admitted to Booth. The average EW student will have 6 - 7 years of work experience.
eve -> Nico What's average GPA for evening students?
Nico -> eve Hi eve. The mid 80% of incoming student GPAs ranges from 3.1 - 3.7.
Cortez -> Ian Is ther any flexibility between alternating between Evening and Weekend Course programs, I am a member of the Air force Reserve which require one weekend a month for duty, of which I could not attend the weekend Courses. I can get an adjustment within my schedule for those weekends that may allow me to take a course during the week.
Ian -> Cortez Hi Cortez - the short answer is yes.

Typically classes are offered in multiple sections at once between the weekend, part time, and full time programs. I have on several occasions had to travel and miss an evening class, so I've just attended the full time section down in Hyde Park instead.
Sapta -> Beth I am not a US citizen/ permanent resident but I am working in US for last 3 years. Do I need to give TOEFL exam?
Beth -> Sapta If your work in the US has been full-time work experience, then you do not need to submit TOEFL scores.
Shagufta -> Jay J Jay J - I would appreciate a phone call as well as I would like to discuss the part time and full time program questions. I would like to get in touch with you.
Jay J -> Shagufta Shagufta, great. Please email me at jay.jacobs@chicagobooth.edu to set up a phone call.
Shagufta -> Jay J Where can I find the full time MBA scholarship information?
Jay J -> Shagufta Shagufta, you can find it at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/scholarships
Ash -> Jay J With the new GMAT format, how much focus is given to the AWA & IR sections, which don't actually fall within the 200-800 score?
Jay J -> Ash Ash, we will take notice of the AWA and the IR score, though we will focus more heavily on the traditional verbal and quant sections.
KSimmons -> Nico Do certain portions of the application hold more weight on the acceptance decision than others?
Nico -> KSimmons Hi KSimmons. We take a holistic approach to evaluating applications, so we do not weight different areas of your application.
eve -> Kara I have 3 years of foreign undergraduate work that is over 15 years and bachelor from US. My foreign GPA is really low and my school is not cooperating in providing transcripts in English, my US GPA is high... what chances do I have, do you count all grades when calculating GPA, and what do u need for foreign institution transcripts?
Kara -> eve Eve, we will focus more on your recent degree from the US. Regarding the transcripts, there are services who will translate them for you (ECE is one example, https://www.ece.org/). These services also calculate your GPA. I suggest you focus on getting strong test scores, as this can help alleviate concerns about one's low GPA.
Drew_Willetts -> Jay J Does Booth frown on any industries as far as work experience from a perspective candidate? For example I work in marketing at a manufacturing company that specializes in paper and chemicals, which could be viewed as more "old school" versus say the tech sector or consulting.
Jay J -> Drew_Willetts Drew_Willetts, absolutely not! We look to diversify our classes based on experience, industry and backgrounds. You will have unique value to add to our classrooms and community coming from that industry. Its up to you to think inwardly about what that value is and voice that on your application.
Michael -> Ian Would a part-time student have the same placement resources as of a full-time student (ie. wanting to change career/industry but would like to remain cash flow neutral as to not incur a significant amount of debt post graduation)?
Ian -> Michael Hi Michael - yes, part time students generally have access to the same resources as a full time student, including online jobs databases, career services, and on-campus recruiting opportunities. One exception is internship recruiting (as part-time students are typically working and don't conduct a summer internship). I believe about a third of the students in the part time program are career changers like yourself.
Anna -> Nico For the GMAT, do you weigh all of the sections equally or is there a stronger focus on the quant section?
Nico -> Anna Hi Anna. We look at all areas of your GMAT score, but your overall score is the most important.
UDY -> Ian Does the Chicago Booth Alumni network differentiate between a Full-Time and an Evening program hire? I am trying to understand the spread of network that becomes available upon graduation for new job opportunities. (I'll understand if this is not a question that you can answer)
Ian -> UDY Hi Udy - one of the advantages of the Booth part time program is that you're taking the same classes and receiving the same degree as the full time program. The Alumni network is one integrated network, and also hosts a number of events for alumni (regardless of program)
Sapta -> Jay J Do venture capital firms hire international students in part-time MBA who needs visa sponsorship?
Jay J -> Sapta Sapta, its possible. You would need to reach out to the venture capital firms that you are interested in. As a PT program, we can not sponsor student visas.
Prasanth -> Ian Hi Ian, Continuing to John question, the classes related to Quantitative Finance are all offered in evening/weekend?
Ian -> Prasanth Yes, classes in quantitative finance are offered in the evenings and weekends. There may be exceptions here or there, but you should have no trouble finding interesting quantitative finance classes to take to fulfill that concentration in the evening or weekend program.
Umesh -> Beth Hi, Thank you for hosting the chat. Could you tell us about your career services? Are there any statistics on-campus hiring? Specifically, is the full-time MBA program more suitable for on-campus hiring?
Beth -> Umesh FT and PT students have the same access to Career Services and those services are available for life. Part-time students can participate in OCR. PT students do NOT have access to the OCR for internships. It really depends which industries you are interested in getting into in terms of which program is more suitable. Some industries hire directly from their intern pool and and since FT students have an internship, they might have an advantage. For more the most part, there is no difference for career placement. About a third of part-time students are career changers.
Nithin -> Beth I understand that every application is looked at in its entirity, but wanted to get an idea of what would be a ideal GMAT score to get into Weekend MBA for some who has a good amount of expereince (10+ years)? was there a range for the 2015 applicants that you are seeing?
Beth -> Nithin 80% of our admitted students had a GMAT between 640-710 with an average of 680. While there is no magic score, your application will not be hurt by having a score within that range.
UDY -> Kara How often do you see students in the evening MBA program make a career switch? Do students have access to the same career services as full-time MBA students
Kara -> UDY It is fairly common for part time students to change careers, around 1/3. You have the exact same career resources as full time students, with one exception- internship recruiting. Internships are not part of the part time MBA program. Therefore, only full time students get access to the formalized requiting process for internships. One other thing to note, if your company is paying 8K or more per year toward your tuition. you need their written permission to participate in the formalized campus recruiting for full time jobs. Keep in mind campus recruiting is just one of many services students use to aid in their career transition, and it is the only service requiring such permission.
Tom_Smith -> Nico Does work experience carry any different weight in the application when compared with sections such as test scores and undergraduate transcripts?
Nico -> Tom_Smith Hi Tom_Smith. We take a individual holistic approach when evaluating applications, so we are looking at everyone unique experiences without necessarily putting a weight to certain areas of the application.
Danielle_W -> Jay J I have under 3 years of work experience, so I would be looking to apply to the Chicago Business Fellows Program. Are there a certain number of students you allow into this program, or does it change year to year?
Jay J -> Danielle_W Danielle_W, we usually enroll around 30 in each in-take. Though we are seeing an increased demand, so that could change in the coming years.
Katherine.Frey -> Ian This is probably dependent on the types of classes you take, but do you feel like there's a good representation of the soft skills? In my research, Booth seems like a very quantitative, critical thinking based education. Is this true, or do you feel like there's a balance of leadership/management type classes available?
Ian -> Katherine.Frey Great question, Katherine! I personally thought I had soft skills locked down and came to Booth to focus on some of the harder skills you mentioned. How wrong I was! There are a large number of classes in management, decision making, leadership, negotiations, organizational behavior, and other similar topics.

In addition, every part-time and weekend student starts there time off at Booth with a program called LAUNCH, which is a combination of orientation and leadership development education - I found this program extremely valuable.
Vicky -> Ian Hi there. Can you please speak to whether there are international enrichment opportunities available for part time students? For instance, shorter term tours abroad between quarters?
Ian -> Vicky Vicky - yes indeed there are a couple different options. There are short term 2-3 week study abroad experiences available for part time students which are popular. For students with more flexibility, there are also opportunities to do a full quarter abroad, where you could take more than one class overseas.
Tom_Smith -> Beth Do you have any statistics for admitted students that opted to take the GRE instead of the GMAT?
Beth -> Tom_Smith We utilize the GRE to GMAT score conversion http://www.ets.org/gre/institutions/about/mba/comparison_tool/ and evaluate your GRE in terms of the GMAT.
Vicky -> Jay J Hi there, I'm also interested in CBF. Can you please speak to how various types leadership experience are considered in a candidate's profile?
Jay J -> Vicky Vicky, we will look at the full application to get the full picture of the candidates leadership experience, career progression and potential. Leadership can come through through your essays, interview, resume, and letters of recommendation.
Michael -> Beth Are there a maximum number of concentrations a student can have?
Beth -> Michael There is no technical maxium. Most students earn between 3-4 and the highest I've seen a student earn is 6 concentrations.
Nithin -> Nico Since I live in Ohio and planning to do Weekend MBA in Chicago, I am interested to know the weekend class timings to ensure I can travel back and forth wihtout affecting my work schedule. Please advise.
Nico -> Nithin Hi Nithin. There are two class times on Saturday for Weekend students, 9am - Noon and 1:30 - 4:30pm. Also, Weekend MBA students share priority when registering for Friday night classes (6-9pm).
Ash -> Jay J Hi @Kara, I'm in the same boat as @eve with the exception that I don't have a US Bachelors degree. I do have my International 3 yr Undergrad from transcripts in English & I don't know what my GPA will be when it gets translated. I'm guessing it will be a bit low. does this change your response?
Jay J -> Ash Ash, transcripts will be required. Like Kara said, we will look at this and focus on your GMAT too for academic experience. Though we will consider all pieces of the application while making our final admissions decision.
John -> Ian I'm been working over 4 years. I'not considering career transition and would like to advance to more senior positions within the industry, what resources does Booth have?
Ian -> John Hi John, I'm in a similar position to you. I think the Booth MBA has a lot of value across many industries both through its pedigree and alumni network. In terms of resources, Booth offers extensive support from the career services department like job search coaching and educational modules. There is also an online database which many students and alumni find valuable when searching for positions.
Ash -> Kara I have a couple of questions: 1. Is age a factor in Weekend MBA program? 2. I have been in Information Technology all my Career & would like to continue in this field making my move in to Management what would you recommend I should specialize? Does Booth have anything in IT Management, Strategy? 3. What do students generally feel about driving/ flying for weekend classes every week. Is it doable for the 2-3 yrs?
Kara -> Ash Ash, 1. No age is not a factor. 2. You should focus on strategy and general management concentrations. Keep in mind most students get 3-4 concentrations. 3. Around 80% of Weekend MBA students live outside on IL and fly or drive in for classes each week. While they admit is it not easy, they say it is worth it to get the Booth MBA. If you take 2 courses every quarter consecutively, you can graduate in 2.5 years. You are welcome to speed up or slow down the program by taking more or fewer courses each quarter. We allow you the flexibility to set the pace of the program, as you have 5 years to complete the degree.
Shagufta -> Beth My PhD (Chem Engg) is from USA and B.S. degree is from abroad. Do I need to submit both the transcripts?
Beth -> Shagufta Yes, you will need to submit transcripts for all institutions listed in your application.
Katherine.Frey -> Ian Backpacking on Nithin's question and Nico's answer - is it possible for a Weekend MBA student to take three classes a quarter - two on Saturday and one Friday evening?
Ian -> Katherine.Frey Katherine - Yes, it is possible to take three classes as you suggested. Many students stick with two classes a quarter, but I have a friend who has taken three classes a quarter mixing evening and weekend classes for the last several quarters.
eve -> Kara I know you don't share acceptance rates, can you say if weekend or evening is more competitive in terms of number of applications?
Kara -> eve Eve, neither is more or less competitive. You should apply to your preferred format. If you prefer to take courses on Saturday, apply to the Weekend MBA format. If you prefer evening course, apply Evening.
Drew_Willetts -> Jay J Hopefully this is not a sore topic to bring up, but as a person interested in marketing I have been looking at both Booth and Kellogg in regards to your marketing MBA programs. The track record of both institutions is obviously world class so maybe this is nit-picking but what do you see as the big advantage or strength that Booth has versus Kellogg in the marketing realm?
Jay J -> Drew_Willetts Drew_Willetts, we get this question all of the time. I would say the major thing that sets Booth apart is how we use data in all of our classes, especially marketing, in order to be on the cutting edge. Our Kilts Marketing Center (https://research.chicagobooth.edu/kilts/) is also a great resource for our students.
Nithin -> Beth What is the percentage of students who graduated from 2014 Weekend MBA class were offered a full time job through Booth campus recruiting career services?
Beth -> Nithin Nithin, I do not have these statistics with me but please email me at beth.daily@chicagobooth.edu and I will find this answer.
Clint_S -> Nico Hello all, are Evening student allowed to register for Weekend classes, assuming lower registration priority?
Nico -> Clint_S Hi Clint_S. Evening students are able to register Weekend classes starting the third phase of the 6 phase bidding/registration system.
Ryan -> Kara I don't have the best overall GPA, but if you dig into my transcript you will see a "maturing process" over the last couple years of college. Additionally, I have a poor GMAT score recorded - very poor - but, I have now hit the 700 mark. How would you look at an applicant with this kind of background?
Kara -> Ryan Ryan, we look to see progression in one's undergraduate degree. Also, we understand GPA is not something you can change. A strong GMAT score can offset lower GPA. Your score of 700 is a strong score, and you can submit that with confidence. We look at the full picture, which also include your career history, goals with an MBA, interview, etc.
Ryan -> Ian Ian - has your friend who has taken three classes a quarter had any issues with the registration process? For example, trying to register for a weekend class and not having priority?
Ian -> Ryan Hi Ryan - A weekend student has top priority to register for classes on Saturday and on Friday evening. Also, class registration here at Booth is done on a points bidding system, so you get to decide how to spend your points.

While there is some competition for classes, students always have class multiple options on which classes to take.
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