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Live Chat with Admissions Directors for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs

Curious about applying to Chicago Booth's Evening MBA or Weekend MBA programs? Join us for a live chat with admissions directors from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. We will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015 - Noon CST

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Apr 07, 09:55:22Moderator -> EveryoneHello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Apr 07, 09:58:42KL -> ModeratorAll conversations are held through the chat window- feel free to start submitting your questions
Apr 07, 10:00:32Jay J -> EveryoneHello everyone! Thanks for joining us today and I look forward to answering some of your questions!
Apr 07, 10:00:32Nico -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today! I am Nico Ricchiuto, admissions manager. I manage Information Sessions and assist with the Class Visit program. Please feel free to ask me any application related questions!
Apr 07, 10:00:36Kara -> EveryoneWelcome to our live chat! I am Kara Northcutt, director of admissions for Booth's Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. We look forward to answering your questions about our flexible curriculum, dynamic community and the application process.
Apr 07, 10:00:48Elizabeth R. -> EveryoneWelcome. I'm Elizabeth Randgaard and I oversee marketing for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. I'm looking forward to a great chat today.
Apr 07, 10:01:55Ian -> EveryoneHi I'm Ian Adams - I'm a current student in the Evening MBA Program. Happy to answer your questions!
Apr 07, 10:03:09Krista -> EveryoneWelcome! I'm Krista McNamara, assistant director of admissions. I'm looking forward to today's chat!
Apr 07, 10:03:50Vick -> Elizabeth R.Why do so many students travel from outside the midwest to attend Booth?
Elizabeth R. -> VickHi Vick. Our Weekend MBA Program draws 80% of students from all over the United States. These students want to get an MBA from a top tier program and travel into Chicago every weekend.
Apr 07, 10:03:51Robert_Wilson -> Jay JHow would you describe your best Weekend MBA students? What are some characteristics or best practices that you see in them? Thank you for your time this afternoon, by the way.
Jay J -> Robert_WilsonRobert_Wilson, the most successful students in both the Evening and Weekend programs, in my opinion are, fun, intelligent, and ambitious. They are experts in time management and have very wide open minds. Our students are our best asset. I suggest you visit a class or attend an admissions event so that you can get to interact with some of them!
Apr 07, 10:05:13Hemal -> Elizabeth R.What is the difference between evening evening and weekend MBA
Elizabeth R. -> HemalHi Hemal. The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs are very similar. The same MBA, the same faculty, the same degree. The main difference is that the Evening MBA is mostly for those located in Chicago who want to take classes in the Evening. The Weekend Program offers classes on Saturdays and draws up to 80% of its students from outside Chicago.
Apr 07, 10:05:13Marshal_C. -> IanAre students of the weekend program able to part-take in all of the extracurricular activities available to full-time and evening students?
Ian -> Marshal_C.Hi Marshal - weekend students have access to all the extracurricular events and clubs evening students have access to. These clubs are separate from the full-time program.
Apr 07, 10:05:15Steve -> Jay Jis GMAT a requirement for the application process even for applicants holding a PhD and having high GPA/GRE scores?
Jay J -> SteveSteve, all of our applicants must submit either a valid GMAT or GRE score.
Apr 07, 10:05:34Cj -> NicoIs there a place that has a whole lot of people studying for the GRE? What I mean is: does Booth offer any programs designed to help with your graduate examinations, Are those programs generally complimentary with consideration to admission at University of Chicago?
Nico -> CjHi Cj. Booth does not officially recommend any test prep organizations. MBA.com does offers practice GMAT tests, and I have heard good things about Kaplan as well as Manhattan prep.
Apr 07, 10:05:54Rob -> KristaHello! I am in the process of working on my application essays, and am curious if you could share common mistakes that applicants make? Are there certain styles or topics that miss the point? I want to make sure I am steering clear of anything that doesn't help the admissions committee to make an informed decision!
Krista -> RobHi Rob: We always recommend having a few people review your essays for grammatical errors. Also, have someone read through your essays without knowing the questions first. Then you can ask them if you're actually answering the question afterwards. This is a great way to make sure you're being concise and thoughtful about your responses!
Apr 07, 10:06:12Bob_G -> Jay JHi - I am planning to take the GMAT May 11, and was wondering if you need me to physically submit my scores to you or if I can select Chicago Booth to receive my scores drectly. Thanks!
Jay J -> Bob_GBob_G, You can select us so that we receive your scores directly from GMAC
Apr 07, 10:07:01CCS -> NicoDoes the weekend program meet every weekend, every other weekend, etc? I am trying to get an idea of how many weekends a year it will require in travel.
Nico -> CCSHi CCS. The Weekend MBA program meets every Saturday during the quarter. Quarters are 11 weeks long except for the Summer quarter, which is 10 weeks long.
Apr 07, 10:07:16Steve -> Kristawhat is the difference between the evening MBA and the CBF program?
Krista -> SteveHi Steve: You receive the same MBA from each of these programs since the CBF program is a subset of each of our Evening and Weekend programs. The only difference is the required non-credit professional development seminar you take during your first quarter --which is always the Autumn quarter. While you take this seminar you’ll also take one or two classes with the rest of the Evening population. You’re only cohorted during that seminar.
Apr 07, 10:07:49pa1 -> Jay JRegarding the tutionfee. I stay in Chicago Sub Urbs and am in US from past 3 years. Is the fee different for in state students or its the same for all ?
Jay J -> pa1pa1, as a private institution the tuition and fees are the same for all students. More information on tuition and fees can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
Apr 07, 10:08:08Steve -> Ianhow much flexibility is given for the evening and weekend MBA in terms of missed classes, need for re-scheduling, or other professional/personal need?
Ian -> SteveHi Steve- there is definitely flexibility for classes. While most students try to make sure their schedule fits with the classes they register for, things always come up. Students in the evening or weekend program can usually attend any session (full time or part time). On multiple occasions I have attended full time sessions because of my work travel schedule.
Apr 07, 10:08:36Stacy -> NicoHi, and thank you for hosting this session. Is it possible to ask questions specific to my story in here, or just send you an email? I have only one concern about my application but the rest of it is good.
Nico -> StacyHi Stacy. Thank you for joining us! Please feel free to send us an email at EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu, and we will be able to give you a more personal response.
Apr 07, 10:08:58Amber -> KristaHello, my name is Amber. As someone preparing for the interview process of their application, can you provide an overview of what I should expect? Do you have any advice or tips as I prepare?
Krista -> AmberHi Amber: The most important tip I usually offer is "Be Yourself!" I like to call it more of an admissions conversation than an interview. It's a blind review process so the interview hasn't seen your application. Here's a blog we posted with some more specific tips too!
Apr 07, 10:09:23Olya.M.T. -> KaraBesides the scheduling logistics, what are the biggest differences between the part time MBA program and the Executive MBA program?
Kara -> Olya.M.T.Olya, the main difference is the format of the programs. The Executive MBA Program (XP) is a lock-step, cohorted program. You take a predetermined set of courses with the same group of individuals for 21 months. There are a few elective courses, but, for the most part, the courses are set for you. The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs (EW) offer a more flexible format. You take whatever courses you want and it is not cohorted. If you are looking for a flexible format, EW will be the best fit. If you prefer a more structured program, XP may be best. I suggest you attend info sessions and attend a class in each program to help determine which is best for you.
Apr 07, 10:09:28Jon -> KristaHow strict are you regarding the word limits on the essays? Will i get dinged if go over the word limit by a few words (
Krista -> JonHi Jon: We do not ding your application if you go a few words over the limit. Please feel free to finish your thought when writing your essays.
Apr 07, 10:10:19Lisa -> Elizabeth R.Hi, is the program open to all industries? I am an Event Planner looking to step up my practice with an MBA. I want to be more strategic and introduce broader marketing consulting alongside my events.
Elizabeth R. -> LisaHi Lisa. Our MBA Programs are open to all students who come from a wide range of industries. If you look at our class snapshot http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening, you'll see just how diverse it is.
Apr 07, 10:10:40Eric -> IanWhat do you feel like makes the Booth programs stand out against other schools?
Ian -> EricHi Eric - just a few of the things that drew me to Booth were:
-The reputation and rigor of Booth as an institution
-A community of incredibly intelligent, accomplished, and friendly peers
-The Chicago approach in the classroom that emphasized learning how to think
-The flexibility of the curriculum
Apr 07, 10:11:03Govind -> NicoSo when I recently visited the campus the parking was ridiculously expensive. Where do the students and staff who commute by car park at?
Nico -> GovindHi Govind. We offer validated parking during class hours at several lots within close proximity to Gleacher Center. Most lots start validating after 3-4:30pm during week and after 7am over the weekend.
Apr 07, 10:11:22Zameer -> KaraMy current employer is willing help fund the MBA, but they can only pay for few credits at a time in a year. Will this be possible and does Booth MBA program have similar programs that I can use for completing my MBA?
Kara -> ZameerZameer, yes, many students are receiving some tuition assistance from their company. You can take out student loans to cover the cost not covered by your company.
Apr 07, 10:11:30Bob_G -> Jay JFor the study abroad program, is this typically the only course students take during that quarter, or does the timing work so you can still take 2-3 classes?
Jay J -> Bob_GBob_G, for the short term International Business Exchange Programs (IBEP) they are 1 course for that quarter taken over 2-3 weeks during the Spring or Summer quarter. There are 6 of these IBEPs for you to choose from. The long term IBEP is also available for part time students, but is a full quarter abroad (about 10 weeks) and is 3-4 courses over the course of the quarter.
Apr 07, 10:12:57Adam_O -> IanHi, this is Adam from Iowa. Quick question...In regard to student life of members pursuing the weekend MBA programs, can you provide some insight into the weekly schedule? Do we meet every weekend on campus? Are classes offered online?
Ian -> Adam_OHi Adam - classes are offered at two times on Saturdays, so most weekend students come in for the weekend and take classes in the morning and afternoon on Saturday. There are also activities and events that take place during the day and evening on Saturday. There are also classes offered on Friday evenings if that fits your schedule. Classes are not offered online.
Apr 07, 10:13:29Adam_O -> Jay JWhen should applications be submitted if looking to begin the weekend MBA program in Fall 2016?
Jay J -> Adam_OAdam_O, all of our weekend application deadlines and start dates can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions. You will hear a decision from us within 4 - 6 weeks after you submit your application, no matter the start quarter.
Apr 07, 10:14:12pa1 -> Elizabeth R.I am planning to take GMAT in June 2014. What is next the available admission round for me after june
Elizabeth R. -> pa1Hi. If you are interested in the Evening MBA Program, the next admission round is Autumn 2015. That deadline is July 1. If you are interested in Weekend, the next intake is Spring 2015, and the deadline is January 9, 2015.
Apr 07, 10:14:25Govind -> Jay JIs it possible to use the six free courses towards another Masters degree? Since I'm also interested in Statistics or Analytics, specifically courses related to machine learning and data analysis
Jay J -> GovindGovind, typically at UChicago, if courses count towards a degree, then they can't be used toward a second degree.
Apr 07, 10:15:20Amber -> Elizabeth R.How many classes do you recommend taking each quarter?
Elizabeth R. -> AmberAmber, that would depend on you and how busy you are at work and home. On average, most students take two classes per quarter. With our program, you can take more classes, or fewer based on your schedule.
Apr 07, 10:15:23Kalvyn -> KristaAre incoming students grouped into cohorts, at least for the core classes?
Krista -> KalvynHi Kalvyn - Booth does not cohort it's students and this is intentional. You are only cohorted during your orientation before you start at Booth. While you might see some of the same people during your first foundational cours, they are not cohorted. We have an individual approach to education and this allows for students to cater their MBA to fit their educational and professional needs!
Apr 07, 10:15:23Vini -> KaraOnce enrolled in the Weekend MBA program, may I defer (for a year or so) if my work or personal circumstances change?
Kara -> ViniVini, yes, our program is extremely flexible. If you already know you will need to defer your start, you should wait and apply during the quarter you prefer to start. If you foresee needing to take a break while in the program, this is not a problem, as you have 5 years to complete your degree. You simply take a leave of absence from the program.
Apr 07, 10:15:40Ila -> IanThank you for your time. Is there a difference between a full time and a weekend MBA except the class timings? Will i get a same response in the market as the full timers from the Booth get?
Ian -> IlaCareer services works closely with top companies who recruit from Booth and those companies understand that students receive the same degree from both the full time and evening/weekend programs.
Apr 07, 10:16:28Adam_O -> NicoMy employer provides reimbursement per credit hour. Some schools have each class marked as 3 credit hours, whereas Booth is 1 credit hour per class. Are there ways to work around this?
Nico -> Adam_OHi Adam_O. Booth courses are 100 units of credit which is eqivalent to 3.33 semester credit hours. We are able to produce a conversion letter that you can provide to your employer.
Apr 07, 10:17:42Vicky -> Jay JThis information may already be available, but I couldn't find it - what is the application fee for the evening MBA program. Thank you!
Jay J -> VickyVicky, the application fee for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA applications is $175. If you are applying for the CBF program, that fee is waived.
Apr 07, 10:18:28Lisa -> IanIs there room for introverts in this program? I worry most about the interview and not coming across as passionate :)
Ian -> LisaLisa - absolutely! One of the best things about the community here at Booth is the great variety and diversity of peoples'' personalities and background. My launch group actually included more people that identified themselves as introverted than as extroverted.
Apr 07, 10:19:13pa1 -> Elizabeth R.Are there any merit scholarships, funding for weekend/evening mba or only for full time
Elizabeth R. -> pa1Good question. Our part-time students work full time and most fund their MBA through student loans and/or employment reimbursement. Booth does not provide scholarships for part-time MBA programs.
Apr 07, 10:19:29Robert_Wilson -> Jay JIs there a way to see the actual classes that were offered for the weekend program over the previous four quarters?
Jay J -> Robert_WilsonRobert_Wilson, you can see the current academic year's courses at https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/secure/evewkd/coursesearch/coursesearch. You can also sit in on a few by visiting our admissions page.
Apr 07, 10:19:32Ila -> NicoHow many classes at max an weekend MBA student can take. Is there a limit ?
Nico -> IlaHi Ila. The Weekend MBA program offer two time slots on Staurdays, 9am-Noon and 1:30-4:30pm. Most Weekend MBA students take two classes on Saturday, but also have priority to register for Friday nigh classes.
Apr 07, 10:19:40Ila -> KristaIs Analytics part of Weekend MBA curriculum or do i need to take that separately? because i see few of my MBA grad friends taking Analytics Course outside or as a separate degree.
Krista -> IlaHi Ila: If you're interested in Analytics, we offer an Analytic Finance concentration. It's not required to take, in fact, we have no required classes in our program.
Apr 07, 10:20:38solo -> KristaWhat is the earliest time the Eve.MBA could be completed?
Krista -> soloHi Solo: You could take 4 classes if you like, but that is very difficult with a full-time job. The most I've seen an Evening student take are 3/quarter and that took them 7 quarters, so just under 2 years.
Apr 07, 10:22:31Jon -> KristaI've read that most of the top ranked schools have standardized the questions that are asked in the recommendation letters. Has Booth also followed suit and standardized the questions (for evening/weekend programs)? Thank you.
Krista -> JonHi Jon: We have a standard form that we offer the recommenders. They are given a great deal of guidance when filling out this portion of the application for you.
Apr 07, 10:22:41Matt -> Jay JThank you all for doing this! Is there any difference in completion rate between the evening/weekend MBA?
Jay J -> MattMatt, there is no difference in completion rate for the two programs. On average our students will complete the degree in 2.5 - 3 years.
Apr 07, 10:22:59fernie00 -> Elizabeth R.For the weekend program, is that every weekend for the quarter?
Elizabeth R. -> fernie00Hi Fernie. The Weekend MBA Program is every Saturday for the quarter. Most students take 2 classes on Saturday, and many take a class Friday evening as well.
Apr 07, 10:23:10Marshal_C. -> Kristais the Weekend MBA program deadline altered for those applying to the CBF?
Krista -> Marshal_C.Hi Marshal: CBF Weekend deadline is the same for traditional Weekend as well: May 15th.
Apr 07, 10:23:29Amber -> IanWhat was the most surprising about transitioning to being a student again?
Ian -> AmberHi Amber,
Everyone's experience is different, but I think most students would tell you that time management is something that really stands out. With work, class, activities and homework, I definitely significantly improved my time management skills.
Apr 07, 10:24:21edenker -> NicoAre Evening MBA applicants required to live in the Chicago area at the time of application, or can applicants from other areas apply to the Evening MBA program and move to Chicago upon admission? My company would allow me to transfer to our Chicago office.
Nico -> edenkerHi edenker. Evening MBA applicants are not required to live in Chicago at the time of application. We ask that you include a note in your application about your intentions of relocating.
Apr 07, 10:26:20Ila -> KristaIs it possible to transfer from weekend to full time after a year or after sometime? I'm supporting my husband now and he is an student in UChicago. He is ready to support me after an year so is there an option to switch?
Krista -> IlaHi Ila: You are not able to transfer between Weekend/Evening to Full-time. If you would like to switch, you have to become an inactive Weekend student and reapply to the full-time program and admissions isn't guaranteed. If you were admitted to Full-time, then all of your classes would transfer. If you would like to take more classes per quarter as a Weekend student, that's the desired option since it doesn't require transferring. The MBA is the same across part-time and full-time so the value is identical.
Apr 07, 10:26:21GuineaPigMomma -> NicoWhat degree do you offer in the PhD programs?
Nico -> GuineaPigMommaHi GuineaPigMomma. Please find more information on the PhD program here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/phd/academics. Any questions you might have can be directed to phd@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Apr 07, 10:27:03Matt_K. -> NicoCan general business credits from a previously completed masters degree be applied towards the credits required to graduate from Booth?
Nico -> Matt_K.Hi Matt_K. Thank you for joining us. Booth does not accept transfer credits from outside institutions.
Apr 07, 10:27:20Jon -> KaraIn the full time program, the questions that are asked of recommenders are listed on the website. Are these same questions asked for the evening/weekend program? and are there word limits to the online form for the recommendation questions?
Kara -> JonJon, our questions are similar. As soon as you enter their info into your application, they are sent a link with a form they complete and they also upload a letter. We ask them to rate you on a variety of characteristics- communication skills, how you work in teams, leadership potential, etc. In the letter, they are then asked to answer general questions about overall strengths, areas of improvements and general overall impression of the candidate.
Apr 07, 10:27:21Did you know -> ModeratorThere are over 40 student clubs and organizations available to the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students?
Apr 07, 10:28:40Adam_O -> NicoIf I'm on the fence between pursuing the weekend MBA program and the full-time MBA program...can I apply to both? Is it the same admission processes?
Nico -> Adam_OHi Adam_O. You can certainly start an application to both programs, but we ask that you only submit an application for one program. The admissions processes are slightly different, but both can be found online here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/
Apr 07, 10:30:14pa1 -> Jay JI am looking for mba economics. I don't have any economics background. Also i am not good in communication skills. I am joining the program to improve all these areas. Will this impact my application. Should i have some background and skills
Jay J -> pa1pa1, we educate our students on both economics and communication skills. However, we will certainly gauge communication skills during the application process and weight that into our decision.
Apr 07, 10:30:38Pavan -> NicoHi this is Pavan. Can you tell me the deadline for the Application (and scores) to be submitted for Spring 2016 Weekend MBA program
Nico -> PavanHi Pavan. We do not have the exact deadline posted for the Spring 2016 deadline, but it will be within a couple days of January 10th, 2016.
Apr 07, 10:30:46Jackson -> IanCould you talk about on campus recruitment for evening students?
Ian -> JacksonHi Jackson,
Evening students have the option to participate in on campus recruitment. However, on campus recruitment is also only one of the many ways to find a job. Career services is very helpful, and many students learn about opportunities through the job posting database, or from other students. Indeed, while on campus recruiting is typically for energy level MBA positions, there are a lot of positions in the job posting database that are a better fit for people who have a few more years of experience. I actually started a new job since I began the program myself. I was hired by a Booth MBA graduate.
Apr 07, 10:31:19Hemal -> KaraHi, Is there a difference in the number of courses in the executive program Vs. evening/ weekend program?
Kara -> HemalHemal, see this link for details about the XP curricular requirements, https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba/academics/curriculum

For EW, 20 courses are required to complete your degree.
Apr 07, 10:31:44CCS -> IanFor a weekend student wanting to make it into town and make a Fri evening class-- what time do classes start Friday evening?
Ian -> CCSAll weekday evening classes (Monday thru Friday) run from 6-9pm
Apr 07, 10:32:45Marshal_C. -> Nicoif ones work schedule requires a switch from the evening program to weekend or vice versa, is that a possibility?
Nico -> Marshal_C.Hi Marchal_C. Great question! You are able to switch between Evening MBA and Weekend MBA one time throughout your career at Booth. Keep in mind, Weekend MBA students are able to take classes in the Evening MBA program and vice versa. you just have priority registering for classes in your "home" program.
Apr 07, 10:33:52Suresh -> Elizabeth R.Hi. How has the program progressed over the last few years? What is being planned as improvements for this year?
Elizabeth R. -> SureshHi Suresh. Chicago Booth's Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs are constantly evolving. This last years we added 15 new faculty members, launched a new Social Enterprise Initiative, have added more experiential courses (Lab courses), new Leadership programming, and added a new student orientation called LAUNCH.
Apr 07, 10:34:34Bob_G -> IanHi - In the information session last week, you touched a lot on student organizations. Do you feel like the collaboration and relationship building within the classroom is as good as it is outside of the classroom?
Ian -> Bob_GHi Bob,
I think there is great collaboration both within and outside the classroom. There are many different styles of classes, but many have extensive collaboration components during class time. Further, homework assignments are done in groups for most classes, so there is an opportunity to build relationships both within and outside the classroom.
Apr 07, 10:35:00Marshal_C. -> Karajust as a reference point, are you able to provide an average GRE score of those accepted?
Kara -> Marshal_C.Marshal, we do not yet have an average GRE we can share. We use the GRE to GMAT comparison tool to see how scores compare, https://www.ets.org/gre/institutions/about/mba/comparison_tool

We look for scores that convert near our GMAT average of 680. Our mid-80% range is 620-750.
Apr 07, 10:35:35Ila -> Karawhat is the admission rate ?
Kara -> IlaIla, we do not release out acceptance rate.
Apr 07, 10:35:48Jon -> Jay JAs an older student (early 40s with 20 years of work experience), I wanted to apply to the Exec program. However, due to my travel schedule and the fact that my company doesn't provide any support (timewise or financial) for external educational programs, I am applying to the Weekend program. Is someone in their early 40s with 20 years of work experience appropriate for the Weekend program? Thank you.
Jay J -> JonJon, of course the Weekend program is appropriate. You won't be the only one with your type of background in our classrooms. At the end of the day, whichever program fits best for you is the right one to apply for, as they all yield the exact same MBA.
Apr 07, 10:36:53Did You Know -> ModeratorFaculty host 65 faculty connect events annually with students. Find out more >> http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/EW_Admissions/Students_and_Professors_connect_beyond_the_classroom/ewadmissions/89?nav=entry
Apr 07, 10:39:06Adam -> IanIs there a way to estimate what the workload will be outside of class?
Ian -> AdamHi Adam,
Yes, there are great tools that academic services provides. The workload outside of class can vary significantly per each class - in my experience, this has ranged from 2 hours per week per class to more than 10 hours per week per class. Students report how many hours they spent on a class (along with how much they learned and how much they enjoyed the class).

This information is made available to all students and is a really helpful guide. This quarter, I took one class I knew would be more time consuming along with another class that would be less time consuming to help balance my schedule.
Apr 07, 10:39:58Adam_O -> Jay JFor the MBA recommendation letters, do you suggest professional work experience or academic recommendations? If both, how many of each?
Jay J -> Adam_OAdam_O, we entourage one letter to come from your current supervisor. The second letter should be from someone who knows you in the work place. We've seen all sorts of combinations from former supervisors, clients, colleagues, etc.
Apr 07, 10:40:50Matt -> KaraHi Kara, can you break down the process of how long it takes admissions from receiving an application, scheduling an interview, and letting the applicant know of a decision?
Kara -> MattOf course, Matt. You will have our decision 4-6 weeks from the date your application is submitted and complete. You can schedule your interview as soon as you submit your application. You interview within your 4-6 week decision time frame. Most applicants submit the week of the deadline, therefore interview after the deadline. Applying on the deadline and interviewing after in no way negatively impacts your chances of admission.
Apr 07, 10:41:04Jackson -> NicoElizabeth: to sign up for lab course, for instance private equity lab do you have to apply to get into a lab course?
Nico -> JacksonHi Jackson. It depends on the lab course, but the private equity lab does require you to go through an application process.
Apr 07, 10:41:12Matt -> Jay JDoes admissions allow a company to "sponsor" an applicant? Or does something like this fall under letters of recommendation and company reimbursement for tuition?
Jay J -> MattMatt, right. Employers will typically "sponsor" an applicant through letters of recommendation and whatever tuition reimbursement program your company offers.
Apr 07, 10:42:01KL -> IanHow much do class grades rely on group work: assignments/projects/presentations?
Ian -> KLEach class is different, so this really varies. Some classes have a presentation as part of a final grade, so that grade would be significantly weighted to reflect that. In my experience with classes, homework and presentations have been in the 10-30% range.
Apr 07, 10:42:08afreddy -> KristaIs there any benefit to doing the CBF interview day scheduled in April over the one scheduled in June?
Krista -> afreddyHi Afreddy: If you are applying to the Evening program, please consider interviewing in June since the April interview day is already full. It doesn't matter if you interview earlier versus later since we don't read applications until after the deadline. If you're applying to Weekend however, you will need to interview in April since that's the last interview date before the deadline of May 15th. Unfortunately, that interview day is already full so please email me if that's the case krista.mcnamara@chicagobooth.edu.
Apr 07, 10:42:37satish -> KaraHi Kara, I am not sure if this question is already asked. sorry for being late to the chat. Still in office :(. But how are the GMAT - AWA scores considered in the process ?
Kara -> satishNo problem! This is a very common question. We look at all sections of the exam. However, I will say the total score is most important.
Apr 07, 10:43:08Rob -> IanHow should I prepare for my interview for admission to the evening program?
Ian -> RobHi Rob,
I would encourage you to prepare for your interview as you would for a job interview. Personally, I thought about questions I might be asked, reviewed my resume, and practiced with a friend.
Apr 07, 10:43:28Lisa -> NicoIs it possible to finance the tuition costs 100%?
Nico -> LisaHi Lisa. Yes, please find more information on financial aid here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
Apr 07, 10:45:41Marshal_C. -> IanIf one needs to miss a course in their "home" program, does advance approval need to be received before you attend a course at another time/date?
Ian -> Marshal_C.Hi Marshal,
Great question. Professors typically request that you ask them in advance before attending a session outside your normal one, but it's not typically an issue. I've done this several times, and have honestly never heard of someone being refused (It's typically just to make sure there are enough seats to go around for all the students).
Apr 07, 10:45:45Kalvyn -> KristaNot sure if this information is available, but, of the Booth students who intend to switch careers/career fields through acquiring a Booth MBA, what percentage are actually able to do that?
Krista -> KalvynHi Kalvyn: We survey graduating students every year and last year, students reported that of those seeking new employment, 52% changed industry.
Apr 07, 10:47:04Pavan -> Karawhat is the average class strength for Weekend MBA program?
Kara -> PavanPavan, I am unsure what you are asking. Please add some additional details you'd like to know.
Apr 07, 10:48:35Pierce -> Elizabeth R.Hello! I'm interested in the Weekend MBA, and I noticed that the application asks for starting and ending salaries for previous employment. Does incoming salary influence admission?
Elizabeth R. -> PierceHi Pierce. I'm glad you are interested in the Weekend program. Incoming salary does not influence admission.
Apr 07, 10:49:26Jon -> IanIan: What was your most memorable experience at Booth?
Ian -> JonHi Jon,
It's hard to pick one - I really enjoyed Launch, which is the orientation/networking/professional development event all new evening and weekend Booth MBA students attend. I learned a lot about myself and met a lot of great friends there. (Taking Advanced Microeconomics with Professor Kevin Murphy was also fantastic)
Apr 07, 10:50:10Matt -> Jay JI'd like to use this degree to break away from my undergrad major and past work history. Having never taken an in-depth finance course, will I be at a severe disadvantage if I choose to focus on finance at Booth? Or is a career change common with an MBA?
Jay J -> MattMatt, about a third of our students are looking for a career change. You certainly wouldn't be the only student with no business background/undergrad degree in our programs!
Apr 07, 10:50:34Moderator -> EveryoneOur chat will be ending in approximately 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them.
Apr 07, 10:50:50Hemal -> IanHi, I am not sure if this question was answered but I wanted to know is the number of courses per program differ or it is 20 for all courses.
Ian -> HemalHi Hemal, it's the same curriculum in all programs - 20 courses, plus a leadership development seminar. And at the end of the day, it's the same MBA.
Apr 07, 10:51:59Steve -> Karathere were two conflicting answer about when to schedule the interview with respect to the application deadline. is it possible to interview after the deadline? why is it different between weekend and evening mba with respect to may 15?
Kara -> SteveSteve, we apologize for any confusion. You can schedule your interview as soon as you submit your application. You interview within your 4-6 week decision time frame. Most applicants submit the week of the deadline, therefore interview after the deadline. Applying on the deadline and interviewing after in no way negatively impacts your chances of admission. The only exception is for our Chicago Business Fellows applicants, they interview before submitting.
Apr 07, 10:52:01MNC -> NicoIf one moved a different team within the same company, would the admissions committee negatively view a recommendation letter from the applicant's previous manager instead of the current?
Nico -> MNCHi MNC. The short answer to your questions is no. We ask that your letter of recomendation come from a supervisor that knows your work best. If you feel your former supervisor can attest to your work best, feel free to use them.
Apr 07, 10:54:01Jackson -> IanCan you explain the grading structure and academic honors in the MBA program?
Ian -> JacksonHi Jackson,
Each class's grades are curved at the end of the quarter. There's also grade non-disclosure at Booth, so future employers won't see your grades - this definitely lowers the stress about grades!
Apr 07, 10:54:14Greg_H. -> Jay JIf you are in the weekend program, are you required to take a "home"/Sat course every semester? Or is an evening course sufficient to remain active?
Jay J -> Greg_H.Greg_H, weekend students can take evening courses and evening students can take weekend courses. The only difference between being enrolled in one program over the other is that you have priority in the registration process to your "home" program. No student is required to take a course every quarter. You have 5 years to complete the MBA and can slow the process down or take a quarter/quarters off as long as you complete the degree in that timeline.
Apr 07, 10:54:50Matt -> KaraKara, is it possible to schedule a meeting with admissions though I'm not enrolled as a student?
Kara -> MattOf course. I am happy to meet with you in the coming weeks. Shoot me an email, kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu, and we will set something up.
Apr 07, 10:55:11MNC -> NicoWhat is the averageclass size of an EW class?
Nico -> MNCHi MNC. It depends on the course, but the average is around 40-45 students. The max a class will have registered is 65, and some classes will only have around 15 students registered.
Apr 07, 10:55:14Jon -> IanIs the new venture challenge open to all students or only full-time students?
Ian -> JonHi Jon,
The new venture challenge is open to all students. The same goes for most case competitions as well.
Apr 07, 10:55:54Pierce -> Elizabeth R.Thank you, Elizabeth! Because I have been working to open a business, I don't feel my employment history reflects my potential. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can bolster my application to reflect that?
Elizabeth R. -> PiercePierce. At Booth we welcome a wide variety of students. Please feel free to address your potential in your application essays. It's important to know why you selected Booth? And what about the Booth MBA helps you achieve your personal and professionals goals. Entrepreneurship is the second highest concentration here in the Evening and Weekend Programs, so we have a lot to offer new business owners.
Apr 07, 10:57:03Adam_O -> Jay JIf you begin the weekend MBA program, can you alternate which quarters you take classes? E.g. just take classes the 1st and 3rd quarters of each year?
Jay J -> Adam_OAdam_O, yes you can alternate which quarters you take classes in. You have 5 years to complete the MBA and can slow the process down or take a quarter/quarters off as long as you complete the degree in that timeline.
Apr 07, 10:58:33Hemal -> IanHi Ian, thank you for the response. What is a leadership development seminar and is it considered a separate course? Is there a separate tuition for this course and if so how much ?
Ian -> HemalHemal,
The leadership development seminar (LEAD) takes place during Launch as well as during a subsequent session during your first quarter. There's a one-time LEAD fee you'd pay during your first quarter, that's $1,100.
Apr 07, 10:59:40Jon -> Elizabeth R.is the summer quarter the same length as other quarters? 11 weeks?
Elizabeth R. -> JonJon, great question. The summer quarter is 10 weeks. All other quarters are 11 weeks.
Apr 07, 11:00:40Stacy -> Jay JCan I defer the LEAD course or I need to take it before I start other courses?
Jay J -> StacyWe encourage you to take the LEAD course that corresponds with your start date. If you absolutely cannot attend, we will work with you when possible.
Apr 07, 11:00:53Adam_O -> IanEven though Booth doesn't disclose grades to employers, students will still receive a cumulative GPA at the end of the program, correct?
Ian -> Adam_OHi Adam,
Yes, it will be on your transcript, so you'll know, but employers will not. And while folks are definitely serious about doing well and getting good grades, at the end of the day most people are focused on learning and gaining as much as they can from the courses.
Apr 07, 11:00:54Adam_O -> NicoIs there a fee for the leadership development seminar?
Nico -> Adam_OHi Adam_O. There is a $1100 fee for LEAD. Please find the tuition and fee table here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
Apr 07, 11:03:59Elizabeth R. -> EveryoneThanks for coming to our chat today. I hope this was helpful for you and we answered all of your questions. A special thanks to our Booth student, Ian, who joined us today.
Apr 07, 11:04:00Kara -> EveryoneThank you for joinging today's chat! For any ladies on the chat, we are hosting Booth Women Connect networking event on Sat. April 25th from. This is a great way to connect with current females students. See here to register, http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/diversity.
Apr 07, 11:04:05Jay J -> EveryoneThanks for joining us today everyone! For those of you who are in the Chicagoland area, I encourage you to attend an information session or Lunch and Learn. Dates, times, information, and registration can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/chicago. I hope this helps.
Apr 07, 11:04:08Krista -> EveryoneThanks for joining today! I hope you learned what Booth has to offer. We look forward to seeing you on campus soon.
Apr 07, 11:04:13Ian -> EveryoneThanks for spending your lunch with us today - I really enjoyed answering your questions.

Also, I want to mention Midweek at the Midway happening tomorrow (Wednesday) from 8:30-10:00pm at the Midway Club at the Gleacher Center. This is a social event for students and prospective students are welcome to join as well!
Apr 07, 11:04:20Nico -> EveryoneThanks for joining today's chat! As a next step, come visit a class to see what the program is like first-hand. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit?source=modules_engage_eve
Apr 07, 11:04:40Moderator -> EveryoneOur session has now ended- if you have additional questions, please email: eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu or send us a tweet: http://www.twitter.com/BoothEveWknd .The chat transcript will be posted on Friday, April 10, on the following links: Evening MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats Weekend MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/online-chats