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Live Chat with Admissions directors for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs

Curious about applying to Chicago Booth's Evening MBA or Weekend MBA programs? Join us for a live chat with admissions directors from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. We will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - Noon CST

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Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. We have a current student, Carolyn, joining our chat today. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Carolyn -> Everyone Good afternoon! My name is Carolyn Brewer, and I'm a current Evening student at Chicago Booth. I'm excited to chat with you today!
Holly -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. My name is Holly Shearer and I'm the Director of Student Services for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. I look forward to answering your questions.
Kara -> Everyone Greetings from Chicago Booth! I am Kara Northcutt, director of admissions for Booth's Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. We look forward to answering your questions about our programs, flexible curriculum, amazing community and the application process.
Jay J -> Everyone Hi everyone! My name is Jay Jacobs and am an Assistant Director of Admissions. I look forward to answering your questions this afternoon!
SaiKrishnaNatesan -> Jay J I have over 13 years of experience with over 10 years in management. I was interested in Exec MBA, but my employer did not sponsor the required time off. 1. Would it make sense for a person with 13+ years experience to join the Weekend MBA? 2. Would I be able to switch to the Exec MBA at a later point in time?
Jay J -> SaiKrishnaNatesan SaiKrishnaNatesan, thanks for your question. Though our average student has 7 years of experience, you wouldn't be the only one with 10 years under your belt in our classroom. Because the Executive program is cohort based, you will not be able to transfer between the two programs.
Sai -> Carolyn Are the Evening and Weekend programs one and the same except for the timing of classes?
Carolyn -> Sai Hi Sai- Correct! Both programs have the same graduation requirements, professors, and access to school resources (career services, student groups, etc.).
Fatima -> Jay J Do you accept GRE Scores as well for admissions? If so, what scores would you like to see?
Jay J -> Fatima Fatima, We do accept the GRE as well. Though we have no preference as to what exam you submit, we don't have the average scores for the GRE exam. We only started taking the GRE about a year and a half ago and don't have the sample size to confidently publish average scores of admitted students yet. You can easily find conversion for the GRE into a GMAT score onlilne, though.
Julia_B. -> Jay J Hello. I have completed all my requirements for my CPA certification however my state has about a 3-4 month wait before you officially have the certification (additional background checks, etc.) - For admission purposes, does it look better to wait until I officially have my certification?
Jay J -> Julia_B. Julia_B, I don't think you have to wait to apply. Be sure you explain your situation somewhere in the application (option essay is a good place!)
Erika -> Holly Good Afternoon! I am extremely interested in the Chicago Business Fellow Program and I have a few questions about it. What is the acceptance rate for the program and what is the average GPA?
Holly -> Erika Hi Erika - Thank you for your question about the Chicago Business Fellows Program, a program for young professionals. While we don't share acceptance rates for our programs, I would love to have you join us at an Information Session for the CBF Program on March 25. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/early-career-candidates. The average GPA for CBF students is 3.5.
Fatima -> Jay J Is work experience recommended before going to grad school for MBA? How important or relevant is work experience before joining an MBA program? Does success in school depend on work experience prior to school?
Jay J -> Fatima Fatima, the vast majority of our students have work experience prior to starting their MBA with us. We do have a program designed for students with less than 3 years of experience called the Chicago Business Fellows (CBF) program. More information on CBF can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/early-career-candidates.
Peter -> Kara Why are admissions stats not posted i.e. acceptance rates. How does this compare to the fulltime stats?
Kara -> Peter Peter, our acceptance rates vary from quarter to quarter. Keep in mind Booth's Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs can only accept applications from students in North America, as we cannot offer student visas. The Full Time program receives applications from all over the world, therefore, their applicant pool in inherently larger. We encourage you to not worry too much about acceptance rates. Put forth your best application and hope for the best.
cmcintire -> Jay J I am a full time business professional with only a couple of years work experience. I want to ensure that I am able to give an adequate amount of attention to both growing my professional career and working towards my MBA. Which program would be best for someone in my situation?
Jay J -> cmcintire cmcintire, We do have a program designed for students with less than 3 years of experience called the Chicago Business Fellows (CBF) program. More information on CBF can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/early-career-candidates.
coryteller -> Carolyn I am interested in the evening MBA program and would like to hear how students balance full-time jobs with coursework, Booth activities, and family/social life. Thanks!
Carolyn -> coryteller Hi coryteller- That's a great question, and a constant challenge for us students :-) There's definitely an adjustment period as you ramp up and get accustomed to the addition of classes to your schedule. But as with everything in life, you just constantly reassess your priorities and designate time accordingly. The flexible nature of Booth's curriculum helps a lot. For example, I took just one class in three different quarters- timeframes in which I was traveling internationally for work, or had significant family commitments. Regarding Booth activities- for many students those activities become one's social life for the duration of your time in school.
Fatima -> Holly Do you offer scholarships for students in need?
Holly -> Fatima Hi Fatima - Booth does not provide scholarships for students in Booth's Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs.
Sai -> Jay J For the weekend program, the course length was specified to be 2.5 to 3 years. Is there a way we can complete this faster that that (eg. in 2 years)?
Jay J -> Sai Sai, we have had students complete the program in less than the average 2.5 years. It relies on your schedule and whether or not you can take more than the average 2 classes per quarter. For more information on the flexibility of our program see Carolyn's response to coryteller above.
Pratyush -> Kara What is the average age of the students who attend the weekend MBA program?
Kara -> Pratyush Pratyush, the average is usually 29 or 30, and the mid 80% age range is 26-32. We value both young and more senior level professionals in our program. It's all about you determining the timing that is right for you.
coryteller -> Carolyn Aside from student clubs, how else does Booth encourage a collaborative environment? For example, is there a team-oriented project in each course?
Carolyn -> coryteller Hi again, coryteller! At Booth, we say that ideas compete, but people collaborate. Our courses are set up to encourage groupwork throughout the class- not just on a specific project, but we encourage collaboration on homework assignments, working through cases, and preparation for presentations. Our grade nondisclosure policy also helps students to keep a focus on the true nature of the program: learning together. No one here is competing for grades.
Adam -> Holly Is there an approximate GPA range for part-time applicants?
Holly -> Adam Hi Adam - The GPA range (mid 80%) for the Evening MBA is 3.1 to 3.7.
RB -> Jay J Good Afternoon! I am planning to apply to weekend program starting in Fall this year. Should i have all documents submitted by May 15th including GMAT scores? or am i allowed to submit scores even after the deadline?
Jay J -> RB RB, we will need all application materials by May 15 for the Weekend program starting Fall 2015. GMAT scores can be self reported and we will verify when needed.
Erika -> Holly Thank you Holly! I am already signed up for the event on March 25th!
Holly -> Erika Great - I look forward to meeting you then!
ling -> Jay J Hello! would an application still be considered if the GMAT score is below average required by the school?
Jay J -> ling ling, yes, we read all applications regarding of GMAT score, GPA, etc. We take a very holistic approach to our application process and will interview every applicant too!
jay -> Kara How students does each class consist of for the weekend MBA. and What was the acceptance rate for the year 2014 for the weekend MBA.
Kara -> jay Jay, we matriculate around 90-100 Weekend MBA students each Fall and 50-60 each Spring quarter. We do not publish our acceptance rates, as they vary quarter to quarter and depend on the quality of the applicant pool.
Jonathan -> Holly When does the current quarter end and the spring session begin?
Holly -> Jonathan Hi Jonathan - Our Winter Quarter ends on Saturday, March 21. Classes for Spring Quarter begin on Monday, March 30.
Booth98 -> Jay J Regarding required transcripts, if I studied in a non-degree language program abroad (11 months) and have been advised that a transcript would not be made available until the end of July, would this be an issue with regards to meeting the Fall 2015 Weekend application deadline? (The school has advised that a certificate can be issued immediately, but not the transcript).
Jay J -> Booth98 Booth98, the certificate should be good enough. If there are grades associated with your courses, we will need the transcript before you enroll in the MBA program.
Chris -> Holly Hello, my question refers to the tuition. I have read about thee per credit cost of ~6k. Then I say that it is about 20 classes to finish, is each class one credit?
Holly -> Chris Hi Chris - The program is 20 courses, and each course is currently $6,076.
Fatima -> Holly Does Booth offer scholarships for the fulltime MBA Program?
Holly -> Fatima Hi Fatima - Yes, Booth does offer scholarships to some students in the Full-Time MBA Program.
John_T -> Carolyn How much time do you spend on average outside of class working on class assignments and preparing for the next class.
Carolyn -> John_T Hi John_T- That varies tremendously, depending upon the professor and course. I have experienced a broad range of approximately 3 to 20 hours (per course, per week). We have a database of student feedback on each course offering, which provides prior students estimates of the time required to be successful in the class, along with other information about what type of tools you walk away from the course with. That feedback allows you to make an informed decision when planning your schedule.
Simon -> Jay J Hello. I would like to ask about a business foundation program offered through Coursera (by Wharton). Do you guys have an opinion on these classes? (good preparation for an MBA or a complete waste of time, etc.). To me personally they seem like a good ratio of price to quality of instruction. But what do you guys think?
Jay J -> Simon Simon, we don't have an opinion whatsoever on the Coursera courses. These won't have any bearing on your admission decision. But, by all means, go for it and get your education on!
Fatima -> Carolyn If I am working fulltime, would there be enough time to complete the assignments for working individuals with a family? What kind of time commitment is required in between classes to complete assignments?
Carolyn -> Fatima Hi Fatima- See my response to John_T above! It varies tremendously, but we have tools that allow for informed planning each quarter.
JoshuaY -> Jay J Hello, I was wondering for the CBF application, are applications reviewed on a rolling basis?
Jay J -> JoshuaY JoshuaY, the applications for the CBF program are the only applications that are NOT reviewed on a rolling basis. We will wait until all applications are in to release decisions.
Erika -> Kara I also read in a previous chat dialog that if I would like to take a Booth class before I apply to the program I could do so through the Graham School of Continuing Studies. Would you recommend taking this class for credit?
Kara -> Erika Erika, there are many reasons to take a Booth course as a Graduate Student at Large (GSAL). Some take a course or two to see if Booth is a good fit and others to make up for potential academic weakness (lower GPA or GMAT). We recommend taking financial accounting and/or business statistics and we strongly prefer grades on B+ and higher.
Sai -> Jay J I have been volunteering for a Tax Exempt Charity organization in India for over 11 years. Would a recommendation from one of the trustees of that organization be considered or should I get a recommendation from a US organization.
Jay J -> Sai Sai, we will definitely consider a recommendation from your community service organizations that you are part of. We want to get to know you in the work place, how you work with others, leadership style, etc. through your letters. Submit any recommendation you feel will showcase these skills.
Fatima -> Holly Is each class 8 weeks in length or 16? And what prior knowledge is required to complete the classes successfully?
Holly -> Fatima Hi Fatima - Our quarters are 11 weeks in length. This is typically 10 weeks of instruction, and 1 week for exams. Booth offers courses at all levels - most students start with foundation courses - but they are able to take higher level substitutes should they come in with a good understanding of the material in the foundation course.
John_T -> Carolyn Are evening students able to take weekend classes and vice versa.
Carolyn -> John_T Hi John_T- absolutely! We have a bidding system to secure seats in classes, and the first two phases of bidding are restricted to your 'home' program (Evening, Weekend, Full-time) with a few exceptions- if a course is only taught in one section that quarter, everyone gets access to it immediately. Phases 3-6 of bidding are open across programs, so as an Evening student I have been able to enroll in both Weekend and Full-time sections of courses I was interested in.
Sandesh -> Holly Hello, just wanted to ask is GMAT a prerequisite for MBA
Holly -> Sandesh Hi Sandesh - Chicago Booth accepts both the GMAT and GRE. One of these is required for your application.
Adam -> Carolyn A lot of my friends in full time programs have travel components in their programs (specifically for field work, field experience, exploring a new city/country)... Does the part time program offer an opportunity to travel?
Carolyn -> Adam Hi Adam- yes, we have a number of options for travel! You can participate in a short-term study abroad (two to three weeks), long-term study abroad (a full quarter), or participate in a number of treks- focused on either a specific geography or an industry.
Jamie_L -> Kara Hello and thank you for your time today. I am interested in the accelerated evening MBA option. I have not completed any relevant coursework previously, however, I intend to be working part time (19 hours a week) while completing an MBA. Does this type of arrangement lend itself to the accelerated program? Would I have the option to take more courses per semester in order to complete the program sooner?
Kara -> Jamie_L Jamie, you are more than welcome to accelerate the program by taking more courses each quarter. It is completely up to you to set the pace of your program.
Jamie_L -> Jay J I will have 38 months of full-time work experience by September 2015. Would it make more sense to apply for the CBF program or for an evening/weekend program if I want to begin my MBA in Fall 2015? Is 3 years a hard cutoff for the CBF program? Or is this more of an average?
Jay J -> Jamie_L Jamie_L, If you feel like you could use the CBF professional development seminar, go a head an apply for it! We will read your application with or without the CBF requirement. The 3 year is not a hard cut off. We've had students with more and with less years of experience in the program.
cmcintire -> Holly Regarding the information on Chicago Business Fellows, is there a location of more in depth explanation of how this differs from the Evening or Weekend MBA programs? The site explains that "As a subset of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs, the Chicago Business Fellows program offers the advantage of additional support methods, including a professional skills seminar, peer mentoring, and unique cohort programming." However, are the price or curriculum differences?
Holly -> cmcintire Hi cmcintire - As a Chicago Business Fellow (CBF), you are joining the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA program as well. We provide some additional resources for CBF students - the largest being a professional development seminar in your first quarter. The cost and curriculum are the same -- as you are a student of the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA program. Please join us on March 25 for an information session specific to the CBF Program. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/early-career-candidates
Zach -> Jay J Hello all, I'm specifically using my MBA to help transition industries. A full-time program offers the advantage of an internship in that new field which would help provide potential employers verification that my skills transferred into this new area. What are the ways an evening program, without an internship, could help me make that same leap?
Jay J -> Zach Zach, about a third of our students are career changers in the part time programs. They typically gain skills by choosing specific courses (our career services team can help), students clubs and organizations, and other networking events. Our career services department also offers one on one career coaching that will help with your transition.
Brad -> Carolyn Besides seeking financial sponsorship from one`s employer and loans, do you have any advice for other avenues when seeking financial assistant
Carolyn -> Brad Hi Brad- most of my suggestions would fall into the 'loan' category. There are a lot of options out there to borrow money specifically for top tier MBA programs, at competitive rates. In addition, you can stash funds in a 529 account and get some tax savings, or access funds in a Roth IRA without penalty (check for terms and conditions!) to cover 'qualified educational expenses'.
Melsorady -> Jay J I am working on my online application for the Weekend Program and was wondering what ''post-undergraduate and military experience at matriculation'' means?
Jay J -> Melsorady Melsorady, I'm not 100% sure where you are seeing that, but it sounds like Masters programs, other professional programs, military experience, etc. I hope that helps...
Sai -> Holly I have been with my current organization for only 1 year. Can I use a recommendation letter from one of my previous organizations where I spent more time and had a more management / leadership role?
Holly -> Sai Hi Sai - Yes, it's fine to have people outside of your current organization submit letters of recommendation on your behalf. On the application there is a place for you to explain who you chose and why.
Sai -> Jay J I did my Bachelor's in India. Is there a way I can convert my percentage / class into GPA?
Jay J -> Sai Sai, we see enough bachelor's degrees come from India, so we won't need you to convert anything for us.
ling -> Jay J is this course offered in the asia campus?
Jay J -> ling ling, no, only our Executive program runs out of our Hong Kong campus. The Evening and Weekend programs are 100% out of the downtown Chicago campus.
mbey -> Jay J how long after submitting an application will it take to find out if you've been granted an interview?
Jay J -> mbey mbey, we interview 100% of our applicants. You will have the opportunity to schedule your interview with us immediately after submission of your application.
Fatima -> Kara What is your admissions acceptance rate? What discipline do you prefer the undergrad degree to be in? I will be getting my Bachelors in Health Information Management, where do you recommend I specialize in for my MBA?
Kara -> Fatima Fatima, we do not publish our acceptance rates. We prefer to have a variety of academic and professional backgrounds in our classroom, as it makes for a more diverse experience. Our MBA allows you to start with entry level MBA courses if you have not yet taken traditional business courses. On the other hand, we allow students who do have business background to take more advanced courses if they wish.
Pratyush -> Holly What kind of financial aid and loan opportunities are available for international students in the part time programs?
Holly -> Pratyush Hi Pratyush - We encourage international students to schedule one-on-one appointments with Booth's financial aid office following LAUNCH (our three day orientation program). At that meeting, they will present your options for private loans.
Julia_B. -> Carolyn Carolyn, how easy is it to get involved with groups/campus activities as an evening program student?
Carolyn -> Julia_B. Hi Julia_B- very! We have 37 active student groups in the Evening/Weekend programs and hold over 300 events each academic year. In addition, many Full-time groups are welcoming of part-time student participants. I recommend that everyone get involved with at least two student groups- one in which you can learn something, and one to which you can contribute.
Arindam -> Jay J Hi Jay,thank you for hosting this session. I was curious to know can booth connect me with weekend mba students who have PhDs in STEM fields?I've the same background and thus would like to connect with students who are pursuing the program.Thank you.Arindam
Jay J -> Arindam Arindam, I'm happy to try to find a student or alumni who completed a PhD in a STEM field. I'll try my best. Email our hotline at EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu to request this.
Matt -> Jay J For Weekend students, are focus areas of study available (such as Corporate Finance), similar to the Executive program?
Jay J -> Matt Matt, all 13 of our functional concentrations can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/curriculum.
Walker -> Kara Hello - Can you enter the evening MBA program with less than three years work experience out of college? I am interested because I am currently in a position where my employer will finance a significant portion of the tuition.
Kara -> Walker Walker, yes, we value both young and more experienced students. With fewer than 3 years, you should apply to our Chicago Business Fellows program. See this link for more details, http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/early-career-candidates
RB -> Carolyn How can one catch up on missed class?
Carolyn -> RB Hi RB- depends on the course/professor. Many times the professor is teaching multiple sections in the same quarter, so you can attend a different section than that in which you are enrolled. If that doesn't work out with your schedule, most students request that a friend in the course take notes for them. In addition, most professors post their lecture slides each week, so it's pretty easy to stay on top of things.
Sandesh -> Holly thank you Holly, I am having about 6 yrs of work experience, planning for 2016 fall, so what are the cutoff scores for either gre or gmat?
Holly -> Sandesh Hi Sandesh - We look forward to recieving your application for the Fall 2016 Quarter. Our current GMAT range (80%) is 620 to 750. You can convert your GRE to a GMAT score using an online tool such as this one: https://www.ets.org/gre/institutions/about/mba/comparison_tool
John_T -> Jay J I'm currently working on getting my application ready for the Summer 2015 deadline. So far I've been unable to attend an information session and the upcoming session on April 1st looks iffy. Will not being able to attend a session negatively impact my application.
Jay J -> John_T John_T, it won't look negatively on your application. We have many other events that you can attend like Lunch & Learns, class visits, and an information session/class visit day on Saturday, April 18. All of our events can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events
Chandra -> Jay J Hello !!! I have taken 4 MBA pre requisite courses from Univ. of Arkansas at Little Rock. Would Booth accept applications to transfer courses to count towards the MBA?
Jay J -> Chandra Chandra, no, all 20 courses must be completed at Booth for a Booth MBA.
Matt -> Carolyn Caroyln, can you provide an estimate of the time you dedicate outside of class to the program, particularly for group work? How does the program help facilitate group assignments?
Carolyn -> Matt Hi Matt- See my response to John_T above! It varies tremendously, but we have tools that allow for informed planning each quarter. Our professors encourage collaboration in almost every aspect of our courses.
Mary_OConnell -> Carolyn Thank you everyone for your time this afternoon! Similar to the question above on education/work/life balance, I am interested in hearing about what typical time committments to reading, case work, examination preparation and other assignments may be. Has the balance remained fairly consistent, or are there fluctuations from course to course?
Carolyn -> Mary_OConnell Hi Mary_OConnell- I'm going to again refer you to my previous answer to John_T above! It varies tremendously between courses.
Sandesh -> Holly Also Holly wanted to also ask what would be the fees assosiated for the MBA programe weekend
Holly -> Sandesh Hi Sandesh - Our tuition and fees are outlined online here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/tuition-financial-aid. Tuition is billed on a course by course basis. There are 20 courses required to complete the MBA degree - each course is $6,076.
Jeff -> Jay J Hello! Thanks for taking my question. I have almost 10 years of sales experience in the financial services industry. While I’m interested in a deeper understanding of Finance/Accounting/Statistics…more of my MBA pursuit interests are (at this point) focused in the areas of general management, leadership, strategic management, marketing. I attended the info session which was a good first step, seems like an excellent program at obviously a top notch school! I’m also considering Kellogg which seems to be a good fit for a “sales/marketing guy”. I would love the opportunity to visit a class to get a feel if Booth is best to improve my skills in those listed areas of interest.Can you recommend a class that might be great to visit? Thank you for any insight.
Jay J -> Jeff Jeff, we are in our last week of class visits for the winter quarter. The spring classes that will be open to prospective courses for visits will be published the week of March 30 and will start April 6. Get in touch with me then and I can help you out!
KCS -> Kara Thank you for hosting this chat. I'm interested in the CBF program and am curious about the difference between CBF and Weekend MBA matriculants. Does the CBF cohort get to take classes with the rest of the Weekend MBA program?
Kara -> KCS KCS, yes, you take MBA courses with all other students, most likely on Saturday. We offer a Saturday morning and afternoon session. Some Weekend MBA students also take a class on Friday. The main difference for CBF is that during your first quarter you will participate in a series of professional development seminars with CBF students only. Some of the seminars are on Sunday morning, others are Saturday evening. The seminars only take place during your 1st quarter.
andre -> Jay J I did my bachelor and master in engineering in China and did another master (same area) in US, which universities are the transcripts needed from?
Jay J -> andre andre, we will need all transcripts from all courses and degrees that you received grades in, no matter what the country.
Pratyush -> Jay J I fall in the average age group mentioned in one of the replies for the weekend program. I have a masters degree in EE and currently have 2 years full time experience. I am planning to apply for the weekend program next year. Is CBF a preferred option compared to the regular weekend MBA in my case? And i will have more than 3 years of work experience by September 2016.
Jay J -> Pratyush Pratyush, its totally up to you. If you feel like you would benefit from the CBF professional development program, then apply to it. We will read your application whether you apply for the CBF program or not for all possible seats.
Mary_OConnell -> Carolyn I am also curious to hear more about Booth's Random Walks!
Carolyn -> Mary_OConnell Hi Mary_OConnell- Random Walks are actually a Full-time program feature. That said, there are a number of treks, study abroad opportunities, and fun trips, like an annual ski/snowboarding trip, specific to the Evening and Weekend programs!
Sai -> Jay J I currently live in Atlanta and planning to attend the weekend program. Are there many people from outside the greater Chicago area in the program?
Jay J -> Sai Sai, about 80% of our weekend students commute to Chicago from out of state, and a good amount from the Atlanta area!
Walker -> Jay J Is there more than one application period for CBF? Curious because I only see the deadline for Fall Admission. Is there a winter Application dead line?
Jay J -> Walker Walker, we only admit into the CBF program for an Autumn start.
Did you know -> Moderator the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs has 37 student clubs and organizations
Suraj -> Kara Good Afternoon, I am currently working in US on a work Visa [L1]. I was planning on doing part-time weekend MBA. But just wanted to know if say tomorrow I decide to leave the company half way through my MBA then what options do I have. I ask this because you have mentioned above that its not possible for part-time students to get student visa. Then will I have an option to enrol as a full-time student (so that then I can get student visa) to finish my remaining subjects.
Kara -> Suraj Suraj, in your situation, we could explore an option to enroll you in a full time course load and possibly be able to make an exception and assist you in getting a student visa. Hoever, you would not be considered a Full Time MBA student. Please keep in mind there are no guarantees. She strongly encourage students on work visas not to willingly leave their jobs.
Adit -> Jay J I have done my MS in U of MN. My GRE scores are still valid and so I sent my valid GRE scores already to your Booth school to consider my candidature for Weekend MBA program before the deadline for Spring' 2015. But, I didnt submit my application. Are you offering weekend MBA starting from Summer semester as well? Do I need to submit my GRE scores again along with application to consider my application for Fall' 2015 or Summer semester' 2015?
Jay J -> Adit Adit, we only admit into the Weekend program for start dates in the Autumn and Spring. If your GRE scores are valid at the time of the application, there is no need to resubmit your scores.
Britt -> Jay J Hello. I am interested in the evening MBA program. If you have already earned a graduate degree from another school, is your graduate GPA factored in with your undergraduate GPA for Admissions consideration?-Britt
Jay J -> Britt Britt, yes, we will consider all academic experiences that you have.
andre -> Carolyn Could any of you please share the experience of the weekend program such as the form of the teaching.
Carolyn -> andre Hi Andre- the Weekend program experiences the exact same curriculum and faculty as the Evening and Full-time programs. As to the teaching style, that varies tremendously based on whether the course in question is structured as a lecture or lab class, and even varies widely within those two broad categories. Overall, our professors ascribe to the famed Chicago Approach, details of which can be found here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/about/chicago-approach
Fatima -> Holly What are the requirements to get scholarships in the full time MBA program? Are all fulltime classes held on campus during the day? Would I be allowed to take a class on the weekend or evening if needed? Is fulltime MBA in a cohort?
Holly -> Fatima Hi Fatima - I don't know the specific requirements for scholarships in the Full-Time MBA Program - you might find this page to be helpful: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/scholarships. All Full-Time MBA courses are held during the day at Harper Center in Hyde Park. Yes, you would be able to take courses in the other programs depending on the flexibility in your schedule. Students in Booth's Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, and Full-Time MBA programs are able to enroll in courses outside of their home program during a point in our registration system. Booth's Full-Time MBA students are not cohorted for classes - but they are cohorted for aspects of their Leadership Development program - LEAD.
MikeDebre -> Kara Are GSALs graded against Booth students and under the same standards? Do the courses in financial accounting and/or business statistics employ a grading curve? Thanks!
Kara -> MikeDebre Yes, GSAL students are bound by the same curve as the MBA students.
Blake -> Kara Hi Kara, where can I find more information regarding taking a Booth class as a GSAL?
Kara -> Blake See this link https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/credit/graduate-student-at-large/business. Up to 3 courses will transfer into the MBA if admitted.
Walker -> Jay J Does CBF tend to have a lower admissions rate than the regular weekend or evening MBA program? Thank you for all of your help!
Jay J -> Walker Walker, no there is no difference in chances of admission from CBF, Evening, or Weekend programs.
Suraj -> Kara Can professionals on work visa enrol in part-time MBA ?
Kara -> Suraj Yes, many of our students are on work visas.
Jerel_K -> Carolyn At what point will students be allowed to participate in the study abroad program (i.e. Will they be allowed to participate after their first semester)? Also, how many credits will the student receive for each class, and is there a limit as to how many times a student can take courses abroad?
Carolyn -> Jerel_K Hi Jerel_K- Students need to have completed six courses, with a minimum GPA requirement, in order to be eligible for study abroad opportunities. The number of credits a student receives varies based on each program. Additionally, students may only study abroad once- it is important that students take a majority of their courses from Booth in order to be awarded a Chicago Booth MBA.
Chandra -> Holly Would you prefer the recommendation letters come from managers or peers for the MBA application?
Holly -> Chandra Hi Chandra - We welcome recommendation letters from those that know you best. It's about the quality of the relationship. In the application there is a section where you can further explain why you selected the recommenders that you did. Most applicants submit a letter from their direct supervisor.
mbey -> Jay J does booth's career services offer good networking opportunities with out of state firms if your goal is to move out of state upon completion of your mba?
Jay J -> mbey mbey, not only does career services put programming on, but so does our programs office, student clubs and organizations, and employer relations teams. We have relationships all over the world, as well as a job board with job postings for our students.
luis_spain -> Jay J Hello, an entrepreneur from Spain , asking if possible qualify for weekend and then before start change to executive in case of emergency as I don't rise my third round rising currently to re-float my company in ceramic membranes for water treatments¡¡¡¡ and occurred bankruptcy?
Jay J -> luis_spain luis_spain, I'm not 100% sure what you are asking. I think its about transferring between EW and XP programs. If that's the case, no, that is not possible.
Britt -> Megan What housing options are available for MBA students who would like to live on campus?
Megan -> Britt Hi Britt- students typically find their own housing; often near Gleacher. sometimes students find housing through referrals as well.
JoshuaY -> Holly What is the average amount of work experience a CBF student has before enrollment? Is it closer to 3 years?
Holly -> JoshuaY Hi JoshuaY: The years of work experience for students in the Chicago Business Fellows Program ranges - but all are under three years when they start. Are you able to join us on March 25 for the Information Session for the CBF Program? http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/early-career-candidates
Kaar -> Jay J What is the average salary of incoming student? What is the average salary of an outgoing student?
Jay J -> Kaar Kaar, we don't calculate the average salary of incoming students. Average salary of graduates depend heavily on industry. Be in touch with us at eveningweekend-admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu and we can have a more candid discussion.
Simon -> Megan If I am in Chicago area for business outside of the time, when class visits are available can I contact somebody directly to schedule an more "informal visit" (quick look a the facilities, few specific admission questions, etc.)?
Megan -> Simon Hi Simon- You are always welcome to stop in. If you'd like to set up an appointment to talk with someone on admissions, please feel free to email: eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu
Simon -> Carolyn Do you think it is feasible for an out of town student to go through the program with only rare stays in Chicago overnight (to keep costs down)? Or is it very hard to do based on scheduling of classes? What should an "average out of town student" expect?
Carolyn -> Simon Hi Simon- I know a number of students who do so, and would say feasibility depends heavily on where you'd be traveling in from. I know groups of current students from Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis who carpool and do not stay overnight very frequently. If you are reliant on flights, that can be more difficult. In addition, there is a hostel that students stay in to keep costs down, and some plan ahead to split hotel rooms, or even share an apartment, as they get to know classmates.
Allan -> Jay J When will I know the decision on my admissions? Is it 4-6 weeks after the online submission of the application or after the interview?
Jay J -> Allan Allan, you will hear from us within 4-6 weeks after submission of your application, assuming you interview in time to allow us to make that time frame!
Fatima -> Holly do you accept students in January or do we have to start in Fall? I would like to start in winter/spring if possible?
Holly -> Fatima Hi Fatima - Booth's Evening MBA accepts students year round and we start four times a year. For our Weekend MBA Program, we admit year round and start twice a year - in the Fall and Spring. Specific application dates and quarter start dates can be seen online here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions
mbey -> Carolyn What differentiates Booth’s programs from other top 5-10 programs in the country?
Carolyn -> mbey Hi mbey- many aspects of our program are unique! We are known for our Chicago Approach: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/about/chicago-approach , and consistently recognized for excellence by national and international publications, such as the US News rankings which were released today: http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-business-schools/part-time-rankings?int=aa6b09&int=a06908
kristena -> Carolyn What time do the evening classes start?
Carolyn -> kristena Hi kristena- Evening classes are scheduled from 6:00 - 9:00 PM.
ty -> Jay J Is there someone that I can talk to who is in the Evening Program that has participated with the Center for Decision Research (if that is even something that happens)? Are there opportunities to assist professors in research studies for evening program students? I'm not entirely clear on what the CDR's association is with opportunities for Booth students, besides Booth professors role in doing research there. Can you clarify or direct me to someone who can?
Jay J -> ty ty, I can try to find a current student or alumni that has been involved with the Center for Decision Research. Students can work with professors that they have built a relationship on their research, if the professor is willing. That is something you would have to work with the faculty members with. More information on the CDR can be found at http://research.chicagobooth.edu/cdr/.
Kaar -> Kara I have learnt that the part time program is not ment for career changers. So what positions do engineers with the Booth part time MBA typically fill?
Kara -> Kaar Kaar, part time MBA students have a variety of goals from career advancing to career changing to starting their own business. Booth provides a myriad of career resources to help you navigate your goals. If you are looking to get into a field requiring an internship (investment banking is the most common), you may be better off seeking a full time MBA. However, we do see many part time students successfully navigate career changes, this would simply have to be a strong focus during your time a Booth.
Adit -> Megan I am working in Caterpillar, Peoria IL So I am an In-State student if weekend MBA admission is given to me. Is there any advantage for In-State students? The tuition fee is less for In-State students than Out-State students? or it's same for all?
Megan -> Adit Hi Adit- there is no difference in tuition for in-state or out-of-state students.
Fatima -> Carolyn How are the assignments structured at Booth? Is it a lot of reading and busy work, or is it manageable?
Carolyn -> Fatima Hi Fatima- Assignments are definitely NOT busy work. Everything about the MBA program is structured to add to our students' knowledge, and the readings and assignments are all directly tied to course discussion and carefully crafted by our faculty.
Allan -> Jay J I have 5 years of experience but my age is below the average. Is that something I should explain in my application?
Jay J -> Allan Allan, no you don't need to explain your age to us. We are much more concerned with your experience, how you will contribute to the classroom and community, and why you want to attend PT Booth at this point of your career than your age.
Booth98 -> Holly Regarding elective courses, does availability rotate each semester? (e.g., I am interested in a specific elective and see that it is currently only offered midweek in the evening - can I expect to see this elective offered on the weekend in a subsequent semester, or is there no guarantee?)
Holly -> Booth98 Hi Booth98 - Course offerings vary from quarter to quarter, but they tend to repeat year to year, depending on the availability of the faculty. While we do not guarantee courses, we do guarantee that all weekend students can earn all 13 concentrations during their program (although some will require careful planning).
Fatima -> Kara Is the CBF program offered only to weekend and evening students or can the fulltime students also apply for it? IF the CBA students are in a cohort, how does it work?
Kara -> Fatima Fatima, CBF is only part of Booth's Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. Students are only in a cohort for the CBF seminars that take place during your first quarter. Classes are not cohorted for any students.
JoshuaY -> Megan I hopefully will try to attend the CBF information meeting later this month. I am currently located in the Boston area. Thanks again for taking time out to answer questions.
Megan -> JoshuaY We look forward to meeting you!
Chandra -> Carolyn Hi Kara, are either of evening or weekend MBA programs cohort? Say, if I join the evening MBA, can I take courses offered in the weekend in case my schedule doesn't allow me to attend evenings?
Carolyn -> Chandra Hi Chandra- Hope you don't mind me answering! Neither program is cohorted, and you are able to attend course sections across the three programs, assuming you are able to secure a slot in the class through our bidding process.
Chandra -> Megan How many interviews do you conduct before making the final decision on the admission of a candidate?
Megan -> Chandra Hi Chandra- All applicants come in for 1 admissions interview.
Britt -> Kara Is there a living stipend with acceptance to the Full-Time MBA Program?- Britt
Kara -> Britt Britt, you will have to check with our full time team. You can reach them at admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Mary_OConnell -> Jay J What is the nature of the interaction of Booth alumni both as an alumni group and with current students? Are there formal programs/alumni societies to encourage these relationships
Jay J -> Mary_OConnell Mary_OConnell, yes, there are ample opportunities where alumni will engage with current students. We offer formal programming such as breakfasts, dinners, panels, etc. and informal opportunities such as networking events and happy hours across the country!
Sandesh -> Megan How many courses are needed to complete the MBA degree, was planning for part time..
Megan -> Sandesh Hi Sandesh- You will need to take 20 courses plus Leadership Development to complete the MBA program.
Sai -> Jay J Would you recommend people in technical roles laterally switch to management roles before, during or after enrolling into the program?
Jay J -> Sai Sai, whenever you are ready to make the jump! We have students who change careers at all points during and after the program.
Alex -> Carolyn Hi Carolyn.I am going to study for 2017. What should I do now?
Carolyn -> Alex Hi Alex- way to prepare early! Now is the time to go ahead and start studying for the GMAT, visit the programs in which you're interested, and narrow down your list of schools to which you'll apply. It might also be a good idea to buffer up that savings account, and do so some traveling while you're schedule is still flexible :-)
ling -> Jay J how are is the course graded?
Jay J -> ling ling, that really depends on the faculty member, whether there are exams, homework, projects, participation, etc. You can see some syllabi under our visit a class link on the website.
Britt -> Kara I am 28 years old with no children. I currently work full-time so I assume that a part-time MBA program might be beset. However, I would prefer to do the full-time MBA Program. If there is a living stipend or some type of option for student housing (so I don't have to work), I will be able to do my desired (full-time MBA) program. I want to make sure that there are no other housing options for a student in my case before I submit my application to the part-time program. -Britt
Kara -> Britt Britt, since full time is your top choice, you should pursue that option. Upon admission you will know what amount of scholarship you will receive. You can then use this information to decide if you are going to accept the offer.
ty -> Jay J Thanks Jay. I've browsed the CDR website before, and I think it would be most beneficial if I could talk personally with someone directly who worked with the CDR. Can I follow up with you via email about contacting a student or alumni associated with the CDR?
Jay J -> ty ty, please do. You can get in touch with us at EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
RB -> Jay J Do part time students get access to career services?
Jay J -> RB RB, PT students get FULL access to our career services department. We even staff an office during evenings and weekends.
Catherine -> Carolyn Can you tell me more about Student organizations? How often do they meet ? Volunteer opportunities? How would that fit if one is in the Weekend MBA program?
Carolyn -> Catherine Hi Catherine- there is tremendous variety in the 37 current Evening/Weekend student groups. Some meet weekly, some less frequently. Many offer volunteer opportunities, most have some networking component to them, as well as provide topic-specific education and career opportunities. Most student groups meet on Saturdays, in order to accommodate both Evening and Weekend student populations.
Jay J -> Everyone Thanks for joining today everybody! Don't forget you can schedule a class visit at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit. Classes available for visits during the Spring quarter will be published on March 30 and start again on April 6.
Megan -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today! Be sure to follow us on Twitter: @BoothEveWknd and tweet us your additional questions.
Holly -> Everyone Thank you for joining today's live chat!
Carolyn -> Everyone Thanks for your time today! If you're local to Chicago, please consider joining us for networking with current students at our Semi-Quarterly Adjustment (a social) at Gleacher on Saturday, March 21st at 4:30!
Kara -> Everyone Thank you for joining today's chat! We are thrilled you are consider Booth for your MBA. We had many questions about our program for young professionals, Chicago Business Fellows (CBF). We are hosting a CBF Information Session on March 25. See this link for details and to RSVP http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/early-career-candidates
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. Our session has now ended. The chat transcript will be posted on Friday, March 13, on the following links: Evening MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats Weekend MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/online-chats