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Live Chat with Admissions directors for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs

Curious about applying to Chicago Booth's Evening MBA or Weekend MBA programs? Join us for a live chat with George Andrews, associate dean of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth and other Admissions directors. We will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 - Noon CST

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Moderator -> EveryoneHello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
George -> EveryoneWe have a full house today: nine people all sitting with food and 90 music! Cant wait to get started in 10 short minutes
Moderator -> EveryoneHello everyone. Welcome to our live chat! Thank you for joining us today. We are eager to answer all your questions, so please begin submitting them now.
Kara -> EveryoneGreetings from Chicago Booth! I am Kara Northcutt, director of admissions. We are excited to answer your questions about Booth's Evening MBA, Weekend MBA and the application process.
Beth -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today! I'm Beth Daily, associate director and I'm available to answer your application-related questions.
RachelMaguire -> GeorgeHi, I am interested in finding out more about the course structure and fees for the part time Exec MBA.
George -> RachelMaguirehttp://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
Check out this link. It covers everything about the XP program. There are also links to the left that will help. Let me know if you still have questions.
Krista -> EveryoneHi everyone! Thanks for joining today. I'm Krista McNamara, Assistant Director, at Booth and I look forward to answering your questions about the admissions process and prospective student events!
Nico -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today! I am Nico Ricchiuto, admissions manager. I manage Information Sessions and the Class Visit program. Please feel free to ask me any application related questions!
Usman -> KristaFor the weekend program, can u apply for consecutive years if the first attempt fails
Krista -> UsmanHi Usman, You are welcome to reapply to any of our programs if you are not granted admission the first time. We work closely with reapplicants to improve their applications!
SagarAnantwar -> GeorgeI have a question in regards to a career switch. I am currently in an engineering field and am looking to switch careers to either Marketing or Finance. I wanted to know how can a Weekend MBA at Booth help me in that perspective?
George -> SagarAnantwarBy providing you the language, experiences and knowledge that you will need to successfully transition into that line of work. Consulting and marketing are in the top three fields to which our students transition.
nikkischutz -> KaraHello! Thanks for offering this chat today! Are part-time students who are not being sponsored by their employers eligible to participate fully in on-campus recruiting?
Kara -> nikkischutzYes, you are able to participate in OCR for full time jobs. The only career service offering you are unable to participate in is OCR for internships. You are eligible to go through OCR once you've completed 12 courses.
eliz -> BethI am interested in applying. When is your next deadline?
Beth -> elizEliz thank you for joining us today. Our next application deadline is for the Evening MBA program starting in the Autumn quarter on July 1. You can start your application today at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/apply/shome.aspx/. I highly recommend visiting campus at one of our Information Sessions. To view our upcoming dates, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/information-sessions-chicago
Ashish -> KristaI am wondering what is the typical GMAT score for admission into Evening MBA program.
Krista -> AshishHi Ashish, The average GMAT is 680. The mid-80% range is 620-750.
Stephanie -> BethHello! Thank you for hosting this chat today. I am curious about the LAUNCH dates for Fall 2014. On the admissions website, it says the dates are September 11-13, but on the CBF website the dates are August 22-24. Is there a separate LAUNCH program for the CBF students?
Beth -> StephanieStephanie, thanks for joining us today. All CBF students come to the Weekend LAUNCH session, so you would attend August 22-24.
Corley -> KristaHello, is the GMAT always required or does it get waived for certain fields and years of experience?
Krista -> CorleyHi Corley, the GMAT is a required component for all applicants. We are unable to waive the GMAT for applicants regardless of previous degrees or years of experience. The only program at Booth which waives GMAT is our Executive MBA program.
Sam -> NicoThanks for hosting the chat. I want to know about the teaching style at Chicago Booth – Case studies %, Lecture %, Experiential Learning %?
Nico -> SamHi Sam! Thank you for joining us today. We do not have any exact statistics on teaching style, but you will have the opportunity to pick and choose what teaching style works best for your learning. You will have access to a course's teaching structure before registering for the course via the course syllabus.
Sam -> KristaI have an undergraduate degree in India on a percentage scale and a Masters degree in US on a GPA scale. How would you determine my academic performance?
Krista -> SamHi Sam, We review applications with international degrees frequently. Feel free to provide unofficial transcripts for both degrees and we will interpret the grades accordingly.
Justin_L -> KaraKrista: If I already attended a graduate program and received my MSA is a gmat score still required?
Kara -> Justin_LJustin, yes, we require the GRE or GMAT for all applicants.
DeShaunne -> GeorgeHello. What are the main differences (pros/cons) between the Exec MBA and Evening MBA program?
George -> DeShaunneExec MBA is structured to help people who are already functional experts and want to learn the language of other functions in order to work with them. These individuals are typically functional experts who now find themselves working across the organizations and desire to better understand those functions. The Evening program is better suited for those who want to gain an expertise in a functional area, whether it be one they are already in, or one in which they aspire to move.
SagarAnantwar -> KristaHello, I am interested in applying and wanted to know if Booth has any criteria for a minimum age and/or yrs of experience for the Weekend program.
Krista -> SagarAnantwarHi SagarAnantwar: We do not have a minimum age requirement. For applicants with less than three years of experience, we recommend considering our Chicago Business Fellows program. More information can be found here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/early-career-candidates
Gabriela -> KristaHi Krista. I am wondering applicants have applied to the Evening MBA program as a non-CBF with less than 3 years of experience. Is it required or just highly recommended? Also, if one chooses to apply as non-CBF with less than 3 years of experience, is it counted against them? Thank you
Krista -> GabrielaHi Gabriela, You are not required to apply to CBF if you have less than three years of work experience. It is recommended since your application will be considered alongside other younger professionals instead of those with 4+ years of work experience. If you choose to pursue the traditional part-time program instead of CBF it will not count against you; however.
Janos -> GeorgeHi! I understand that GPHAP is a great program for students interested in health care while working on an MBA. How feasible is it to complete this certificate while attending the Saturday MBA program? Are any of these classes offered on Saturday or Friday nights (probably not)?
George -> JanosIts tough. We offer the classes at Booth, but the Harris School program, while offering the classes at night, do not always have them on all on Friday nights. If you are interested I can put you in touch with the Harris School to make sure you can accomplish it. It is a great program.
PMich -> NicoFor the admissions interview, what is the structure? And what should you be prepared to speak to?
Nico -> PMichHi PMich. You will be interviewed by one of our trained Admissions Committee members, who include alumni, current students, and the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA team members. The interview will last 45 min. to an hour and will be very conversational.
SagarAnantwar -> KaraHello, I wanted to know if the TOEFL can be waived or not? I have already completed a Master's degree from the US.
Kara -> SagarAnantwarSince you already have an Master's from a school in the US, you are exempt from the TOEFL.
Ajit_Kadari -> KristaThanks to all of you for joining today. I have question on the Letters of recommendations. Would it suffice to have them from a current supervisor and a past supervisor?
Krista -> Ajit_KadariHi Ajit_Kadari: Yes, those are both great options for your letters of recommendation! We recommend a current supervisor for one letter and the other can be from a past supervisor, current colleague or someone you know from an organization outside of work.
Lindsey_Lofgren -> NicoHow long does it generally take the weekend MBA students to complete the program?
Nico -> Lindsey_LofgrenHi Lindsey_Lofgren. On average, Weekend MBA students finish the program in 2.5 to 3 years by taking, on average 2, classes per quarter.
Sam -> KristaHello, Do you consider part time experience in academic setting, e.g. Graduate Teaching Assistant/Research Assistant, as valid experience?
Krista -> SamHi Sam: Yes, we encourage applicants to include all experiences. We appreciate applicants being authentic and if these experiences were meaningful and would add to your resume you should certainly include them!
tm -> KristaHi all thank u very much for this session i would like to know what are the financial aid provided for international students and also what is the average gmat score
Krista -> tmHi tm: International students are eligible for private loans. Students work closely with our financial aid advisors to find a loan that is suitable for their needs. The average GMAT is a 680 and the mid-80% is 620-750.
Lindsey_Lofgren -> GeorgeHello - Thanks for taking the time to meet with us. What percentage of weekend MBA students are employer sponsored? And what percentage continue to work at their same employer upon graduating from the weekend MBA program?
George -> Lindsey_Lofgrena very small % get full funding. in fact less weekend than evening get any sponsorship. On average 40% continue to work with the same companies by graduation. Most, 60% start new positions.
Lindsey_Lofgren -> KaraHello - from your experience, how do the career opportunities for a weekend MBA student compare to that of a full-time MBA student?
Kara -> Lindsey_LofgrenLindsey, career progressions are similar. The top functions Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students move into post MBA are Consulting, Investment Management/Research, Company Finance (Analysis/Treasury), Marketing, and General Management.
DeShaunne -> GeorgeSince the Executive MBA does not require the GMAT, what other information is required?
George -> DeShaunneThere is an interview, three essays, your transcripts and letters of recommendation.
Ajit_Kadari -> NicoThanks for your participation. What is the typical age range for students in the Evening MBA program?
Nico -> Ajit_KadariHi Ajit_Kadari! Our typical age range is 25-34. That being said, we have students both older and younger than that range.
PMich -> KristaIf I would like to apply for fall 2015, what is the earliest I can submit my application? And when would I know the result?
Krista -> PMichHi PMich, The Autumn 2015 application will be available in October 2014. You are able to submit the application as soon as you like. You will receive a decision from Booth within 4-6 weeks after you submit your application.
Ashish -> BethI have about 16 years experience in IT. Any idea what will be better fit for me? Exec. MBA or Evening/Weekend MBA?
Beth -> AshishAshish, it really depends what you are looking for in the program. The Executive MBA program is a 21 month cohorted program (so you take all of your classes with the same population) with a general management curriculum focus. The Evening/Weekend MBA program offers more flexibility, so you can pick from 150 classes and really be the architect of your program. Most students take two classes each quarter and complete the degree within 2.5 years. The average work experience for the Executive program is 12-13 years while for the Evening/Weekend application is 5-6 years. It really depends on which program you want to determine which would be a better fit.
Ashish -> KristaIs the part time(evening/weekend) program suitable for IT professional with > 16 years experience?
Krista -> AshishHi Ashish, Our program is a great option for you! We have students who work in a variety of industries and have an average of 6 years of work experience. You also might want to consider the Executive MBA program as well since it is designed for professionals with an average of 13 years of work experience.
Stephanie -> BethWhere is the best place to send a copy of an official transcript? An email address, or a mailing address?
Beth -> StephanieStephanie - please send your transcripts either electronically to eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu or 450 N Cityfront Plaza Drive, Suite 330, Chicago, IL 60611. Official transcripts are only required if admitted to the program.
Anita -> NicoThank you for hosting this chat all! Can you highlight the key differences between the way you evaluate an exec/evening MBA application and full time?
Nico -> AnitaHI Anita! There really is no difference in the way the applications are evaluated accross programs. We all take a holistic approach in evaluating our applicants. For more information on the Executive MBA program application process: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba/admissions/application
Gabriela -> KristaI am wondering when the CBF application is due for Fall 2015, and I am wondering if the application deadlines are similar to the full-time MBA admission process (three rounds) since CBF starts in the fall. I tried searching online with no luck for 2015. Thank you!
Krista -> GabrielaHi Gabriela, The deadline for CBF 2015 has not been published yet. We have two deadlines, one in early January and the second in the beginning of July. You can count on the deadlines being very similar to this year: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/early-career-candidates
Gabriela -> BethWhat is the average GRE score for the evening MBA program?
Beth -> GabrielaSince we recently started accepting the GRE, I do not have an average for the Evening MBA program. We do use the GRE to GMAT conversion tool, which you can find online at http://www.ets.org/gre/institutions/about/mba/comparison_tool/.
Gautham -> GeorgeHi. I'm planning to apply for the winter intake. I'm currently on a student visa OPT and can I enroll into the weekend program while I work full time?
George -> GauthamIf you get a work visa at work, then you could apply under that. You could not be employed or study with a OPT student visa. Hope that helps.
Lindsey_Lofgren -> KaraHow many of weekend MBA students take jobs at Bain, McKinsey or BCG?
Kara -> Lindsey_LofgrenLindsey, I am unable to share those specific numbers. Those are typically the most competitive firms to get into regardless of what program you are in. A combination of full time and part time students end up at those firms each year.
SagarAnantwar -> KristaWhat is the difference between a regular Weekend program and a CBF weekend program? Is there any difference in terms of the classes offered or overall exposure or is the difference only limited to the application process?
Krista -> SagarAnantwarHi SagarAnantwar: The programs have a different demographic. The CBF program is for individuals with less than three years of work experience. CBF students are required to take a non-credit professional development seminar during their first quarter (Autumn). It's an extra boost of professional development! If you fall into this category, I would be happy to discuss further. If you have more than three years of experience, I encourage you to apply to the traditional Weekend MBA program.
Yhuda -> NicoHello, I know there is a shuttle that runs from O'hare or Midway to Gleacher and back. Is this free of charge to Weekend MBA students? Also what times does it run and how do students flying in for the Weekend MBA program usually coordinate their hotel stay with the shuttle schedule?
Nico -> YhudaHi Yhuda! Good question. Yes, the shuttle is free of charge for MBA students. The shuttle leaves O'Hare at 8:15am and Midway at 8:30am. The shuttles both leave Gleacher at 4:45pm to the airports.
Pedro -> NicoGood afternoon! Would you please describe the type of financial aid available to evening students? Availability of scholarships and factors used in awards? E.g. a current GSB student (full-time) told me that there are less scholarships available to part-time versus full-time students. Thank you.
Nico -> PedroHi Pedro! Thank you for joining us. As a part-time program, we do not offer scholarships. We do, however, offer other financial aide in the form of loans. You can find more information on Evening MBA financial aid here:http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
nikkischutz -> GeorgeDo you have employment statistics available for PT graduates breaking out the % change in post-MBA income based on situation (i.e., same employer vs. new employer; same function vs. career-switch)?
George -> nikkischutzWe do not, or better said. I guess we could go back and try and determine this. On the employment data we do not go back and match the individuals to what they were doing before. Interesting though and maybe something we might start doing, thank you.
Ashish -> BethIs the chat still working? Do not see any new message.
Beth -> AshishAshish, yes the chat is still working. Here is the response to your earlier question: Ashish, it really depends what you are looking for in the program. The Executive MBA program is a 21 month cohorted program (so you take all of your classes with the same population) with a general management curriculum focus. The Evening/Weekend MBA program offers more flexibility, so you can pick from 150 classes and really be the architect of your program. Most students take two classes each quarter and complete the degree within 2.5 years. The average work experience for the Executive program is 12-13 years while for the Evening/Weekend application is 5-6 years. It really depends on which program you want to determine which would be a better fit.
Gabriela -> KristaThank you for taking the time to answer my many questions. Since there are two deadlines for the CBF program, is there an advantage to applying by January? Also, since the two deadlines are far from each other, is there any reason/disadvantage to applying in July? Thank you again!
Krista -> GabrielaHi Gabriela, there is no disadvantage to applying in July. It is helpful to have two deadlines since it breaks up the application process for the admissions committee. We encourage applicants to apply to the deadline that works best with their schedule!
tm -> NicoCould you please tell me about the deadlines for Full time MBA application.
Nico -> tmHi tm. You can find FT MBA application deadlines here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions. It looks like they have not updated their dates for next year, but they will be similar times as this years.
Pedro -> NicoAlso, will a transcript of this chat session or past ones be made available?
Nico -> PedroHi Pedro. Yes! We will have the transcript for this chat posted in a bout a week.
hectortoyota -> KristaHello, I have a few questions about how to qualify for Chicago booth.
Krista -> hectortoyotaHi hectortoyota: Thanks for joining today! I suggest taking a look at this website which lists the criteria to apply: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/apply/criteria. If you have specific questions about your application and credentials, feel free to email eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Moderator -> EveryoneWe are half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions!
Lindsey_Lofgren -> KaraInteresting - that's good to hear regarding the career progression and opportunity for movement of Weekend MBA students. Thank you. Do you see students moving to new companies during the program? Or do they tend to wait until they are graduating?
Kara -> Lindsey_LofgrenIt is a combination. In our recent graduating student data, it was reported 62% were promoted 54% changed employers near or shortly after graduation.
Usman -> Bethin addition to the weekend classes which are on Saturday's, when are the different events scheduled
Beth -> UsmanEvents are scheduled throughout the week. Events are held Saturday over the lunch hour, Saturday after class, and throughout the week. Is there a specific event you're curious about or just in general?
Pedro -> NicoIs it possible for an Evening student to transition into a Full-time program?
Nico -> PedroHi Pedro. It is not possible to transfer from a part-time program into the Full-Time program. You would have to become an inactive PT student, and apply to the FT program. If the FT program is your top choice, we encourage you to apply to that program.
Tiffany.n.sirois -> KaraHi, thank you all! I saw in the application there was an are to mark if your spouse is applying. If my husband is applying to the medical residency at university of Chicago, can I mark yes to this field? Or is it intended only for dual MBA applications?
Kara -> Tiffany.n.siroisTiffany, the question is geared toward those co-applying to Booth. However, feel free to note your husband is applying to the medical school.
Lindsey_Lofgren -> NicoAre there any opportunities to complete the weekend program faster than the average 2.5 to 3 years?
Nico -> Lindsey_LofgrenHi Lindsey_Lofgren. Yes, you can accelerate the program by taking more classes per quarter. You are able to register for 3 classes a quarter and are able to petition to take even more.
Daniel -> KristaHi! I would like to know if I can request a tour of the campus in evening during the week?
Krista -> DanielHi Daneil: I encourage you to visit a class as that's a great way to see the campus and experience the classroom. You are paired with a student ambassador and they are more than happy to show you around! Class visits will resume during the summer quarter on June 27. More information can be found here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit
Lindsey_Lofgren -> BethAre there opportunities to speak with recent graduates or current part time students for further questions?
Beth -> Lindsey_LofgrenLindsey, yes, if you want to email us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu letting us know who you would like to be contacted with, we would be happy to connect you.
Lindsey_Lofgren -> GeorgeDo you offer statistics on average salary of weekend MBA students upon graduation? And percent growth?
George -> Lindsey_LofgrenIt is very hard, because many people make more in bonus than salary. But the spread of salary not including bonuses etc. is $30,000 to $300,000 with the average being $110,000
We don't match their incoming salary so we don't know increase.
tm -> KristaIn the admission process there is a point about interviews, where will this interview take place i am from India
Krista -> tmHi tm: All of our interviews for the Evening and Weekend programs take place in Chicago. Once you submit your application, you are invited to interview.
Anil_Bhambhani -> KaraHi, Im currently in another MBA program but was interested in applying to Booth as a good friend is an alumni and speaks highly of the finance professors. Are the same faculty in the full time program teaching the weekend program?
Kara -> Anil_BhambhaniAnil, yes the same faculty teach across programs and they all yield the exact same degree.
Pedro -> BethAs a follow up to my earlier question about financial aid and scholarships, would you discuss the type of financial aid packages available for full time students?
Beth -> PedroYou can read more about the scholarships aid options on the Full-Time site:http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/scholarships. For more on their financial aid: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/tuition-financial-aid.
-> BethOf the students that seem to get the most out of a part-time MBA (both career-wise and with growth of experience & knowledge base), what would you say they do differently?
Beth -> Lindsey, I would say the number one thing is students get involved. Students who engage in both the class and outside events, get the most out of their time at Booth. This is your education and we encourage you to take charge.
Daniel -> KristaIn addition to setting up an evening tour. What kind of students are you looking for? How big is the co-hort? What outside-class room experiences does Booth Provide? Could you also provide more insite on your innovation exchange? (I am an employee with JPMC).
Krista -> DanielHi Daniel: We are looking for students who have performed well in the classroom and are intellectually curious! They are motivated by a challenge and can clearly articulate why they would like to attend Booth. We currently have 1,500 part-time students in the program. For more information on the student experience click here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/student-experience. The innovation exchange is a newer component at U of C. For more information take a look here: https://innovation.uchicago.edu/page/chicago-innovation-exchange
MrVe -> BethHello, I am unable to see the chat. I was able to see upto the 'buses picking up students from airports' conversation. Since the chat did not progress after that, I tried reloading the page. I cannot see anything now. I have logged out and back in a few times. Thanks for your help. I tried to log in via a different browser too. Did not help.
Beth -> MrVeI hope you are able to see this response. I'm sorry for the technical issues but our transcripts will be posted by the end of the week at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats
DeShaunne -> Georgeis there a difference in how industries view a regular MBA vs the Executive MBA degree?
George -> DeShaunneWe don't identify the program on your diploma. Most employers have an expectation that if you graduate from Booth you have a set of knowledge, since all of our programs are taught by the same faculty and material it is safe that you will. However, because most schools are not that way you may run into people that you need to educate them on this.
Anil_Bhambhani -> KaraAlso, can you discuss the logistics for someone coming to the weekend program? say for example, me coming from NYC?
Kara -> Anil_BhambhaniAnil, some Weekend MBA students arrive in Chicago Friday night, yet most fly in Saturday morning and leave Saturday afternoon. Most WKN students take 2 courses on Saturday. Many who come in Friday evening and/or stay Saturday night share hotel rooms to cut down on cost.
Gabriela -> KristaIf not admitted the first time around (specifically for CBF), when is the soonest you can reapply? Also, I read that Evening MBA staff can help reapplicants with their application. In what capacity? Thank you!
Krista -> GabrielaHi Gabriela, You can reapply the next year! We work with applicants and offer suggestions for ways to improve their application. Since every applicant's story is different, the recommendations we offer will vary upon the individual.
Lindsey_Lofgren -> KaraHow does the weekend MBA structure help with building a strong network with other students?
Kara -> Lindsey_LofgrenLindsey, Saturday is our busiest day at Gleacher, as Evening, Weekend and Full Time MBA students are on campus for classes and events. Most of our student group events take place on Saturday to allow our WKN students to network and participate in events.
mjt -> NicoGood afternoon. Is completing the fourth optional essay encouraged?
Nico -> mjtHi mjt. Good afternoon! If you feel there are any gaps in your application, the optional essay is a great place to fill them. Other than that, it is completely up to you.
Ajit_Kadari -> GeorgeIf I want to switch careers after completion of MBA at Booth School through a Evening or Weekend program, would it be handicap if I can't participate in an internship program? Will the employers prefer full-time students who have been through an internship with the organization for full-time employment?
George -> Ajit_KadariIt depends on what you are trying to accomplish and what your background. If you are trying to get into investment banking, it is very hard to accomplished without an internship. If you have a strong roledex or you have deep functional expertise you will really need to network hard to make it happen. In marketing, if you have no marketing experience, you will want to take one of our experiential marketing classes to give you some experiences to discuss when you interview.
Lindsey_Lofgren -> KaraIf 3 courses are taken simultaneously for the weekend program, what does the schedule look like for that?
Kara -> Lindsey_LofgrenLindsey, you would take one class on Friday night and two classes on Saturday. Weekend MBA students get priority registration over Fri. night and Sat. courses.
Robert.Wilson -> GeorgeGood afternoon. That's helpful to know that 60% of weekend program participants find new jobs. Do you have information on average reported salaries entering the weekend program vs. average salaries upon graduation or one year after? I'm trying to see in the data the amount of lift people experience by obtaining a weekend MBA. Thanks!
George -> Robert.WilsonRobert, we ask for the data on salaries at graduation anonymously so people are more comfortable giving us real data. People are very shy to share their salaries otherwise. So, we are not able to match them up with what they told us at graduation. I wish I could provide that data. I can tell you that, at graduation, 98% of the students say they would do the program again and that they feel that it was worth the time and money.
ScottN -> GeorgeHi and thanks for hosting. My current supervisor doesn't fully support the idea of business school. Who do you recommend asking for the first letter of recommendation?
George -> ScottNThat is an interesting dilemma. Make sure and tell us why you are not asking them to do it. We will understand that reasoning. Then, go out and try and find a former supervisor, or two co-workers who can speak to your abilities.
Lindsey_Lofgren -> GeorgeShould a student have a strong interest in a certain subject, are there any opportunities to become more involved? i.e. research, projects, groups, etc.?
George -> Lindsey_LofgrenYes, you can approach a faculty member and ask if you can become involved with their research, Also, you can become a TA for them. We also have 34 student groups for part-time for almost every interest you may have. And, if we don't, we will start one. We start new student groups every quarter.
Moderator -> EveryoneOur chat will be ending in approximately 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them.
tm -> KaraI have worked in a BPO for 2 and half years i would like to join booth and get into investment banking industry.What are the chances considering the fact that my experience is less than 3yrs
Kara -> tmPlease specify what BPO means.
Lindsey_Lofgren -> KristaAre there any concentrations that you would recommend for an interest in technology consulting? Also, does concentration seem correlated with the amount of career opportunities upon graduation?
Krista -> Lindsey_LofgrenHi Lindsey, I would take a look at the strategic management courses we offer. There is a technology strategy class which is great!
Also, if you're interested you could take a computer science class at the U of C and it counts as an elective. The career services office works with individuals to find careers that align with the concentrations they obtain at booth.
Lindsey_Lofgren -> NicoHow much time off is there between semesters in the weekend program?
Nico -> Lindsey_LofgrenHi Lindsey_Lofgren. It depends on the time of year. Between the Summer and Fall quarter, you have about a month. Between the Fall and Winter quarter, you have about 3 weeks. The other two breaks are each about a week.
Lindsey_Lofgren -> GeorgeHave you seen students struggle to complete the workload of the MBA combined with their full-time jobs? How many hours a week would you estimate a student spends working on classwork?
George -> Lindsey_LofgrenThe great thing about our program is all students complete a questionnaire after each class that details how much time they spent outside the class. So you have that data for each class you take.
Ro -> KristaWhat are scholarship opportunities for weekend MBA
Krista -> RoHi Ro: We do no offer scholarships for part-time students. Students usually use a combination of company reimbursement, savings and loans to pay for their education.
Lindsey_Lofgren -> KristaDo you have any recommendations on how to make an application stand-out? What are you looking for in future students?
Krista -> Lindsey_LofgrenHi Lindsey_Lofgren: We encourage applicants to be authentic! We want to fully understand your story and why Booth makes sense for you. We're looking for applicants who have done well academically and have a great deal of leadership potential!
tm -> KaraBusiness Process Outsourcing
Kara -> tmGreat, that is what we thought but wanted to double check. Since this is a fairly significant career change, a full time MBA program may be the best fit, as you will have an internship to gain experience in investment banking. Investment banking firms tend to hire from internship classes.
SagarAnantwar -> GeorgeDo the employers distinguish between a FT student and a Weekend PT student? and during OCR for FT jobs are the PT differentiated from the PT students in any way?
George -> SagarAnantwarSome do. Employer who value risk, sometime think that part-time students more risk adverse. Other than that no. The reason we allow part-time students to go through OCR is that employers asked why we were keeping half of the great Booth population from them. They want to see all of the great students. IN OCR part and full are not differentiated.
SagarAnantwar -> KaraI am looking to change over from Engineering to either Marketing or Finance would you recommend a FT program or a Weekend program?
Kara -> SagarAnantwarSagar, if you are seeking a significant career change a full time program may be the best option, as you will have an internship to gain experience in a new field. Having said that, many WKN MBA students change careers without pursing an internship. You will have to think about what is best for you at this point in your professional and personal life.
George -> EveryoneYou guys asked so many questions that I was unable to get to any of my food! Which is great since I need to drop a few anyway! Thanks for helping me achieve my wight loss goal.
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