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Live Chat with Admissions directors for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs

Curious about applying to Chicago Booth's Evening MBA or Weekend MBA programs? Join us for a live chat with George Andrews, associate dean of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth and other Admissions directors. We will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 - Noon CST

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Moderator -> EveryoneHello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
George -> EveryoneSo, so, so, so excited! Waiting all month for this chat. Cant wait to answer some questions!!!
Moderator -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today. We are eager to answer all of your questions, so please feel free to begin submitting them now.
Beth -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today! I'm Beth Daily, associate director and I'm available to answer your application-related questions.
Kara -> EveryoneWelcome to our online chat! I am Kara Northcutt, director of admissions, and I look forward to answering your questions about Booth's Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, and the application process. Booth offers the most flexible curriculum and a dynamic community that will forever transform you.
Moderator -> EveryoneWelcome to our live chat! Our chat has now started and we look forward to answering your questions.
Krista -> EveryoneWelcome! We are looking forward to chatting with you today. I'm happy to answer your questions regarding the application process, admissions events, and more!
Karim -> KristaHello, thanks for having this chat. In the part-time program, would students be able to take evening and weekend courses?
Krista -> KarimHi Karim: Yes, the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program are the part-time options at Booth. Evening classes take place from 6-9pm and Weekend classes are on Saturdays.
Katie -> EveryoneWelcome to the Live Chat with the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA admissions team. We are ready for your questions - let em roll!
Ian -> KristaGood afternoon, I had a question regarding the inclusion of extracurricular activities from my time in college. I've been out of college a few years now so I don't have a great recollection of exactly when and how often I participated in volunteer activities. Would you suggest estimating these or just leaving them off?
Krista -> IanHi Ian, We encourage you to include activities which you are actively engaged in. It helps us understand what you enjoy doing in your time outside of work!
andifuess -> KaraHow does registering for classes work? Can you tell us more about the bidding process?
Kara -> andifuessGreat question! Basically, you begin the program with 4000 points and you earn 2000 points with every course you compete. You bid however many points you deem necessary on the courses you want to take. If the course does not close, you get all your points back. Only around 16% of our courses close. You will have bid history to give you indication of what courses "cost" in the past. This will offer guidance on how much you should bid. In addition, we have academic advisers to guide you through the process.
Brian_K. -> KristaCan a part-time student enroll in a Saturday class or are those classes specifically for weekend MBA students?
Krista -> Brian_K.Hi Brian, You are able to enroll in Saturday classes regardless of the program that you are enrolled in. It's common for Evening students to take Weekend classes and vice versa. You are also able to take classes in the full-time program during the day if your schedule allows for this.
andifuess -> KaraAre all evening courses taught at the Gleacher center?
Kara -> andifuessYes, all Evening MBA courses take place at Gleacher, Monday- Friday from 6-9pm. Each course meets one time per week.
andifuess -> GeorgeHow does Booth's culture vary from other prestigious part time MBA programs in the Chicago area?
George -> andifuessWe are more interested in providing lasting values and concepts that pay off for the next job, but also 10 years beyond. We are less concerned about teaching you the "hot" concept of the day. As an example, we were the only school to not create a dot.com concentration during the 90's. We thought that the web was a great way to think about purchasing and sales, but did not think it was a business to itself. Thus, we were the only school that did not have to dismantle that that concentration when it bombed.
1. Lasting business concepts
2. Teach conceptual Knowledge
3. Teach action skills and help you develop insight knowledge
To name a few.
Charles -> KatieI started my application off as considering the evening MBA and upon further investigation I think that the EMBA program may be a better fit as I am early in the process of applying can I change it or am I locked in?
Katie -> CharlesHi Charles: We want to help you find the best program before you apply. Therefore, you can definitely switch the program to EMBA. The applications are different so you will need to start a new one. If there are any letters of recommendation or transcripts that need to be moved over from one app to the other we can do that for you.
zen -> Bethyou have 2 upcoming deadlines for the evening programs . Does one round have more intake than the other (June vs Sept) start date ?
Beth -> zenZen, we have an application deadline for each quarter to provide our applicants with the flexibility to start when works best with their schedule. I would encourage you to submit your application for the round which is ideal for you. That being said, we do typically have more applications for the Autumn quarter but we also bring in more students as well. Apply for the quarter that works best for you.
zen -> KristaMy work is planning on assigning me a project in chicago for a year and then back to arizona . How many times can i switch between evening and weekend . If so how will that affect my cohort interaction after my first year or does it depend on the classes I take? thank you
Krista -> zenHi Zen, It is easy to switch between the programs. You are able to switch from Evening to Weekend or vice versa once during the program. That being said, you are able to take classes in the Evening, Weekend or FullTime program regardless of your home program. The classes are not cohorted so you will not miss out on that aspect.
mdorazio -> GeorgeHi team, I knew the stats on gender distribution already, but when I visited a class on Saturday I was still really disappointed by the lack of female students (it was about 80% guys). What is Booth doing to try and address this?
George -> mdorazioSince we do not have quotas that we try and fill, we only bring in the best of our applicants. so, to your point, we continue to try and get a higher quantity of applications from female applicants. That includes activities such as attending Forte events, holding Women Connect events and hosting one of the largest female conferences in Chicago, the Booth Women Connect Conference, which has grown so large that we are relocating to a larger venue.
Charles -> BethI should have perused the website before asking so if this question is mundane please forgive. Do the requirements for the MBA Night Weekend programs versus the EMBA differ significantly?
Beth -> CharlesCharles, while the application requirements are similar (both require an online application, essays, two letters of recommendation, GMAT/GRE scores, transcripts) there are subtle difference. For the Executive MBA, you can request a GMAT/GRE waiver based on your work experience, where all applicants for the Weekend MBA program are required to submit test scores. All applicants for the Weekend MBA program are required to interview whereas the Executive MBA have an invite to interview process.
andifuess -> KatieShould we include internship work experience in our application?
Katie -> andifuessHi Andifuess: Good question. In the employment section you only need to include work experience after you received your undergraduate degree.
Brian_K. -> GeorgeI have heard Booth has a grade nondisclosure policy for full-time MBA students. Does that policy apply to the evening/weekend program as well?
George -> Brian_K.That policy is student voted, it is not a school policy. Every year the students vote as a body to "enforce" this. So, evening students typically adhere to the policy as well.
Minti -> KaraI am interested in Weekend MBA program. I know that professors for Weekend Program are same as FT program. However, experiential learning is a big part of business school experience. I wonder what experiential learning opportunities are available for weekend students. Are there courses where weekend students work on live projects for corporations or non-profits?
Kara -> MintiMinti, in recent quarters our social venture lab course and Developing New Products and Services (a marketing lab course) were offered on Saturday. We foresee more lab courses being added into our Weekend MBA program, as we agree experiential learning is an important part of the MBA process.
Dhruti -> KristaIs it possible to start the MBA program part time and switch to full time? And how easy is that process?
Krista -> DhrutiHi Dhruti - We encourage applicants to choose either part-time or full-time from the beginning since it is difficult to switch. In order to switch, you have to become an inactive part-time student and reapply to the full-time program. Only three classes will transfer if you are granted admission.
FJSurville -> BethAre prospective students evaluated separately for evening and weekend programs or are they 'lumped' together?
Beth -> FJSurvilleWe take a holistic approach to reviewing applications but also take into consideration the class with which you apply. Each application is evaluated on its own merit before a final decision is given.
andifuess -> KristaAre part time students assigned an academic adviser? If not, how are students guided through class selection?
Krista -> andifuessHi Andi- You are welcome to meet with any of our academic advisors! During the LAUNCH orientation you are assigned student mentors and given many opportunities to meet with academic advisors as well. These relationships are great to maintain throughout your time at Booth!
andifuess -> KaraDo full time students and part time students interact in any capacity?
Kara -> andifuessYes, it is very common for students to take courses across programs. Many FT students take courses at Gleacher in the Evenings and on Saturday. In addition, some of our diversity, social and special interest groups hosts event together.
FJSurville -> GeorgeAre prospective students evaluated separately for evening and weekend programs or are they 'lumped' together?
George -> FJSurvilleEvery quarter's class is evaluated separately. However, we do hold applicants to a general standard. At the extreme, if everyone who applied to a quarter was below our 'standard' we would not admit anyone. We owe it to all the students to admit applicants that are as good, or if possible, better than the class before.
FJSurville -> KristaAre prospective students evaluated separately for evening and weekend programs or are they 'lumped' together?
Krista -> FJSurvilleHi FJSurville, the applications for Evening and Weekend are evaluated separately.
Chuck -> KristaHi, I am interested in applying through the CBF program. Are the applications for CBF students considered separately from the regular MBA applicants? Is one generally more or less competitive than the other?
Krista -> ChuckHi Chuck, CBF is a great program! The applications are evaluated separately since the population of applicants is different because of age and work experience. That being said, if you are considered a better fit for the Evening or Weekend MBA program instead, we will discuss this with you when the time comes.
Charles -> BethSince the average time length is on average 2.5 to 3 years for completion of the Part time program is their anyway to mitigate the length by taking more classes?
Beth -> CharlesCharles, if you have the flexibility to take more classes, you can certainly speed up your degree. If you want to take more than four, we do ask that you come in and speak to one our of academic advisors. You have 5 years to complete the degree, so you can speed up or slow down as you see fit.
Dhruti -> KaraHello everyone, thank you for having this chat. I am currently working full time and want to start my MBA part time. How easy is it to switch from part time to full time?
Kara -> DhrutiWe do not allow students to transfer into the full time MBA program. You are able to take a FT course load if you like but you would never be able to officially be a full time student.
stacied -> KristaOn the grade non-disclosure question, does that mean that classes are graded pass-fail?
Krista -> staciedHi Stacied - Classes are not graded pass-fail. The grading curve is the same for part time and full time.
Charles -> KristaWhat is the schedule for the EMBA courses a or should I be asking that question to those folks? :-)
Krista -> CharlesHi Charles, I would encourage you to reach out to the EMBA program if you have questions about their application process. They can be reached at xp@chicagobooth.edu.
Maria_D -> GeorgeAre there any statistics that can be provided around average accepted GRE scores? Or possibly the percentage of admitted students that have submitted GRE versus GMAT scores? Thank you!
George -> Maria_DMaria, I don't have that information as we have just recently started taking the GRE, but I can tell you we use the GRE/GMAT conversion table offered by GRE to evaluate the scores. Our GMAT average score is 680. I can tell you that we are probably only getting a handful of GRE scores a quarter, but it is increasing.
Maria_D -> BethHello! As an out-of-towner applying to the evening MBA program, I am curious as to what percentage of students live in Chicago versus out of town?
Beth -> Maria_DMaria, while I do not have the exact numbers in front of me, I would say less than 15% of our Evening MBA students live outside of the Chicagoland area. We do have a handful of students who do live around Milwaukee and and in northwest Indiana.
Nick -> KatieHello, I am a very unique individual, and I have taken a long and different path, to attain my professional and personal goals. This path is so unique to me, that I am concerned that what it has taken, to achieve my goals, will be seen a red flag. However, they're not red flags, there were times that I was given lemons and I made the best lemonade. For example, I graduated from high school with a very very low GPA. And today, I hold a Master in Engineering from a respected state school, and a published research paper. That is certainly no small task! I am worried that when I apply Chicago booth that on paper I will appear badly. How can I show my true character and leadership ability?
Katie -> NickNick: Your background sounds fascinating and we will not view it as a red flag. We welcome applicants from a diverse background. Booth is not concerned with your age upon entering, but rather if the time is right for you to do your MBA. I suggest using the essays and possibly the optional essay to explain your unique situation. All applicants are interviewed in person by a member of the admissions committee which is the best time to convey your personality and desire for the MBA.
FJSurville -> KristaDo you consider post Bachelor's eductation (MSc) performance in your app evaluation?
Krista -> FJSurvilleHi FJSurville - Yes, we will look at all academic records when reviewing your application. About 20-25% of incoming students have post-graduate degrees; therefore, this is an aspect we look at closely!
peterod212 -> KaraI'm transitioning to a new job in a new company in a new city. All very exciting. That said, will all this change have a negative impact on admissions?
Kara -> peterod212Not at all! The timing makes sense that applicants may be experiencing a job transition at the same time they apply for an MBA. In the essays and interview, be sure to explain this transition. This will in no way hurt your chances of admission. If you would like to ask previous supervisors for your letters of rec, we completely understand. This makes sense for those starting new jobs at the time they apply.
FJSurville -> KaraAre evening and weekend classes held at the Gleacher or Hyde Park campuses?
Kara -> FJSurvilleAll Evening MBA and Weekend MBA courses take place at Gleacher Center.
Peter_Jebson -> BethWhat kind of statistics can you share about the size of the Chicago Business Fellows program? The number of students enrolling each fall, number of students applying, etc. I would be applying to the weekend program, so if you have stats broken out between weekend and evening that'd be ideal. Thank you!
Beth -> Peter_JebsonAs this is the first year offering the CBF program for the Weekend program, I do not have stats differenciating the two programs. The average class size for past CBF Evening MBA classes has been between 25-35 students. We would be happy to connect you with a CBF student, if you would like to learn more. Please email our hotline at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
HHanks -> GeorgeAs I have my undergraduate degree in English Lit, I have some concerns about my preparedness for courses in economics and finance. Do you have a broad breakdown of current MBA students' undergraduate degrees? Do you foresee any particular challenges for those of us who were liberal arts majors?
George -> HHanksA very large % of our students have liberal arts degrees. In fact, one recruiter told me that she felt that the recruiting sweet spot is a liberal arts education with a Booth MBA.
The challenge? You may have to study a bit harder on some topics than someone who studied it in undergrad. But, the marginal return on those classes to you will be huge, and since we allow students to take whatever class they like, many of those who have experience in a topic, will most likely opt for another class.
R_Rubin -> KatieWhat are some of the benefits that Booth sees in keeping your career while going back to school?
Katie -> R_RubinR_Rubin: I hear from students that the best part of working while studying at Booth is the ability to apply the tools you learn in the classroom immediately or shortly thereafter at work. This means you are practicing what you are learning which helps it sink in. Second, if you are open to changing careers/companies you can make a just-in-time switch rather than waiting until you graduate. In the classroom you are surrounded by people who have job openings and are eager to high their talented Booth colleagues.
Chuck -> BethHi, is there a minimum GMAT score that Booth filters to even give consideration to applicants?
Beth -> ChuckChuck, all applications we received are reviewed, we do not filter out applications based a particular GMAT score. That being said, our admitted students tend to have a GMAT between 620-750.
R_Rubin -> KaraBesides seeing if we challenged ourselves, what sort of things are you looking for on a college transcript? Are you looking for specific quant courses taken?
Kara -> R_RubinNot really, we look to see what courses you took and grades you received. Basically, we look to see if you have been academically successful regardless of what you studied. We admit students with a wide variety of educational backgrounds: business, education, liberal arts and biological sciences, just to name a few.
Dhruti -> BethDo part time students have access to the networking events and opportunities that full time students do?
Beth -> DhrutiDhurti, for the most part, part-time students have access to the networking events/opportunities that full-time students do. However, given the full-time student events often happen at the Harper Center, our part-time students groups will hold events on different evenings here at the Gleacher Center to better accommodate our students' schedules.
Jim -> KristaWhat is the acceptance rate for the evening and weekend MBA programs?
Krista -> JimJim - We are not able to publish the acceptance rates especially since numbers change every application period. We are able to look at the all the applications and select those that would do well here at Booth. We are not trying to fill a certain number of seats which is great!
Ian -> GeorgeWhen it comes to the makeup of the student body, do you have statistics for what percentage of the students in the evening program are receiving tuition assistance from their employer versus not?
George -> IanIt is oddly bi-modal. About 33% get a large % of their tuition reimbursed and 33% get no to very little reimbursement. in between is a valley.
If you want specific numbers I would be glad to provide when I am at my desk and have access to them. Feel free to write us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu
Charles -> KatieCan I change from the Application of Fall 2014 to the Summer 2014 enrollment?
Katie -> CharlesCharles: Yes! Just send the hotline a note and we will take care of it for you. eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Brian_K. -> GeorgeAre there salary statistics for the part-time program? When I look for material online I only see salary information for full-time students.
George -> Brian_K.Brian, we do have them. About 62% are promoted and 54% get a new job. let me know if there are some specifics.
andifuess -> KaraAfter submitting the application, how long does it typically take to find out whether we will have a scheduled interview?
Kara -> andifuessAndi, you can schedule your interview as soon as you submit your application. Upon submission, you will receive an email with instructions. Keep in mind most applicants submit the week of an application deadline therefore most applicants interview after the deadline.
andifuess -> GeorgeI noticed on the application that an official transcript is not required. Is it okay to use a photocopy of a transcript I received upon graduation even though it contains text that it is only for my personal use?
George -> andifuessYou can turn in a copy for the application, but, if admitted we will need official copies from your school. If there are reasons you cannot provide that, you will need to let us know.
CarMel2014 -> Georgewhat is the average age of weekend MBA class? Is age a consideration for admission?
George -> CarMel2014Age is not a consideration for admissions. 31 yeas is the average age.
Gary -> KatieGood afternoon and thank you for taking questions. Is the GMAT always a requirement for admission? For example, is a GMAT score needed if a person previously earned a doctorate or masters and has several years of business experience.
Katie -> GaryGary: Yes, we require the GMAT or the GRE of all applicants without exception. You will be in good company as 20-25% of applicants who enter have an advanced degree.
Moderator -> EveryoneWe've passed the half way point of our chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
R_Rubin -> BethDoes it reflect poorly on an application to take a last minute GMAT or GRE?
Beth -> R_RubinI recommend applicants take the GMAT/GRE and get the score they would like to apply with before submitting their application. If you take the GMAT/GRE towards the deadline and are happy with your score, feel free to submit as it will not relfect poorly.
GauravS -> GeorgeHi George, good afternoon! Out of the 54% that get a new job, how many end up changing functions and/or industry?
George -> GauravS65% - new industry
76% - new function
FJSurville -> BethAre these chat transcripts available? I need to go in to an improptu meeting shortly.
Beth -> FJSurvilleYes, our chat transcript will be posted online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats within a week of this chat.
GauravS -> KaraHi, what kind of support is available from career services for the weekend MBA students? Can they help those interested in changing functions in their industry through mock interviews, career counselling etc?
Kara -> GauravSWeekend MBA students have the same access to career services and Evening MBA and Full Time MBA students. Our Career Services office is open on Saturdays when our Weekend population is on campus. You can work with a career coach, work on resume building, interview preparation and access GTS (our job posting database). They also host calls about specific industries and webinars, which you can access. remotely. Having said all that, if you are seeking to do a dramatic career change, a full time MBA may be a better fit. Full Time MBA programs are specifically designed for career changers.
FJSurville -> KristaAre these chat transcripts available? I need to go in to an improptu meeting shortly.
Krista -> FJSurvilleHi FJSurvill, Yes the transcript will be posted by early next week on the same page where you registered. Thanks for joining!
Ian -> BethThanks for the opportunity to ask questions. Do the evening programs at Booth and Kellogg have any type of collaboration or interaction between student bodies?
Beth -> IanGood question. Our students are interacting more and more with Kellogg students. Some examples of collaborations include; the Zell Real Esate Challenge, Booth Marketing Club events, MBA Cup, Government and Policy Trek.
Chuck -> KristaIs admission to the CBF program only available during the Fall, or can one apply to the Winter term if the timing works better for him or her?
Krista -> ChuckChuck: Admission for CBF is every Autumn. The required CBF seminar takes place every Autumn which is why we cannot offer admission during the other quarters..
zen -> BethCan part time students avail of any scholarship opportunities during their second or third year ?
Beth -> zenZen, scholarships are not available to part-time students sadly. For more on the financial options available to our students, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
HHanks -> GeorgeDo you find that the MBA has an "expiration date" of sorts? In other words, if you don't use it to accelerate your career within a year or so after graduation, that it loses its viability as a career advancement tool?
George -> HHanksSort of. Because most of our part-time students get their jobs through the Booth network the expiration date is not as prevalent. It is always the case that the best jobs you will get, either now, or in the future, are through networking.
However, if you want a newly minted MBA job, then yes, you need to get one out of the program. The longer you wait, the older you are and the more you will not look like the "typical" newly minted MBA student. Hope that makes sense.
Kin -> KristaI am 39 years old. Am I too old for the program ?
Krista -> KinKin, There is not an age requirement for our programs. The average age of students is 31 and we have students from age 22-62 in the program.
zen -> KatieDo you have any clause when it comes to trying for a summer internship ?
Katie -> zenZen: Our Evening and Weekend students are able to pursue internships and several do each year. It is an independent search process as you are not able to go through the formal on campus internship recruiting process. From day one as a student you have access to the job posting board where internships and full-time positions are posted.
GauravS -> KaraWeekend MBA is geared towards working professionals. That being said, are there resources available to assist those seeking to change functions/industries? Also, does mentioning that you intend to change functions/industries in your essays looked upon negatively (vis-a-vis a full-time application)?
Kara -> GauravSI mentioned many career service offerings in my previous response. It is not looked at negatively in your application. We want you to do whatever you want with your MBA. We just want you to understand that making a career change may be more challenging for a part time MBA students. It certainly happens all the time, you may just have to make more effort to work with career services and make time to participate in on campus (OCR) recruiting for full time jobs.
Chuck -> BethAre there any application assistance services offered to applying students? For example, do you offer resume critique to help students tailor their resumes to Booth's expectations?
Beth -> ChuckChuck, while you will be connected with one our admissions directors during your application process, we do not offer any application assistance service (such as resume review) but can offer insight into the application process.
Maria_D -> KaraHello again! For the evening MBA essay #1 (Imagine yourself at LAUNCH (your three-day orientation) meeting your classmates for the first time. Introduce yourself. ), is there room for creativity with this essay answer? Or is there a more strict guideline we should abide by?
Kara -> Maria_DFeel free to be creative! We want to get a sense of who you are and what you are passionate about. You are basically giving us your elevator pitch.
Keith -> KristaIs is possible to apply for the evening and weekend programs simultaneously?
Krista -> KeithKeith: Applicants must choose one program to apply to. If you start an application for one program and would like to change it before submitting that can happen. But ultimately, you can only apply to one.
Jim -> GeorgeWhat is the difference b/t the evening and weekend MBA and also, what % of graduates of each program are employed at graduation vs, say, 3 months past graduation?
George -> JimJim. the only difference between the evening and weekend is when the courses are offered.
I do not think we track them differently for employment. Also, we do not take information on employment 3 years after graduation. At graduation 54% have changed jobs, 62% have been promoted.
anurag -> KatieHi, given that Booth has rolling admission to the evening program, I am wondering if its too late now to apply for Spring or Fall 2014?
Katie -> anuragHi anurag: The Spring deadline has passed. However, you have plenty of time to apply to the Fall 2014 Evening (July 1st) or Weekend MBA (May 16th). We are on rolling admission so you can apply anytime between now and the deadline. We will get you a decision in 4-6 weeks.
Ali -> KristaWhat internship services are offered to part time mba students? Or will we have to do it solely through ourselves?
Krista -> AliHi Ali, Since the internship is not a required component in the part-time programs, we do not offer internship placement through career services.
Brian_K. -> BethAre extracurricular clubs separated into part-time and full-time groups or can a part-time student join any club that is available to a full-time student?
Beth -> Brian_K.We have over 30 part-time student groups, you can learn more online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups.
ChrisFeggestad -> KaraI have a strong background in IT and IT project management. My undergrad is in IT from a lesser known school. I would love to blend these skills with a Booth MBA. Will my undergrad negatively affect my application? Are there classes to specialize in IT management available to the part-time program?
Kara -> ChrisFeggestadChris, no need to worry! We admit students from a wide variety of schools, large, small, public, private, liberal arts, etc. Booth does not offer IT Management specific courses, we do offer a Technology Strategy course. Keep in mind you are able to take 6 of your 20 courses anywhere in the University of Chicago. This would allow you to take courses in the University's computer science program if you want to.
Jim -> KristaSorry, I didn't mean 3 years after graduation;i was referring to 3 months after graduation; so at graduation, what % have jobs (FT or PT) and then 3 months after graduation?
Krista -> JimJim, I cannot offer stats on the full time program. But a majority of PT students are employed throughout their time at Booth. 62% of graduating students are promoted while in the program and 54% of students change jobs while at Booth. If you have questions about the FT recruiting opportunities you can reach their admissions office at admissions@chicagobooth.edu
Ian -> KatieBeyond the three day orientation prior to starting the part time program, are there any other cohort elements to the evening program student body?
Katie -> IanIan: You are correct, during LAUNCH you are in a cohort. After that we do not require you to do any coursework with the cohort. However, many cohorts get together for social events monthly. Students find smaller groups within the programs by getting involved with student groups, mentoring, and the academic centers.
ChrisFeggestad -> BethIs one part-time program more popular than the other? Evening vs weekend
Beth -> ChrisFeggestadChris, we have more Evening MBA students vs Weekend MBA students but I wouldn't say that translates into popularity. If you are trying to decide between the two programs, I would encourage you to apply to the program which is better for your schedule. That being said, Evening MBA students can take Weekend classes (or even Full-Time classes), depending on your schedule's flexibility.
Ali -> KaraKara, are there any services available for internships for the part time program? Or will we have to do it solely through ourselves via networking?
Kara -> AliEvening MBA and Weekend MBA students are not able to participate in on campus recruiting (OCR) for internships. However, you are able to find one on your own via networking with students and alumni. Internships are also posted on our job posting database, and you are more than welcome to seek these opportunities.
Evan -> GeorgeDuring my career, I have met many fixed income analysts that have attended Chicago Booth. Without fail, their knowledge of complex methods to analyze bonds and the fixed income markets is among the strongest in the industry. A Booth graduate has revolutionized the methodology that Invesco uses to price HY bonds. How does this program create such a difference in its graduates? - Evan Gonzalez
George -> EvanEvan, we teach people to break down problems, analyse trends, look for supporting data, and as importantly look for data that does not support their hypothesis. More specifically to your question, we have some of the leading teachers in finance, who understand complex financial instruments as well, or better than anyone, and can teach you how to think about and evaluate these. Finally, the flexibility or our program allows our students to take more classes on these topics than the typical program would allow. You could take more than half your classes on this one topic alone.
GauravS -> KaraThanks Kara! Are weekend MBA students able to recruit for full-time jobs on-campus in the last year (or last 2 terms) of their program?
Kara -> GauravSYou can participate in OCR for full time jobs once you have completed your 12th course. OCR takes place fall quarter. Keep this in mind as you plan the pace of your courses.
stacied -> GeorgeI have a few friends that have taken classes through the Graham school while they were preparing their application to get a kick-start on the program. It says that these classes are transferrable. I just want to make sure this is true before I sign up for my first class.
George -> staciedVery true and a great way to test the program. If you do well, B+ or better, it is a strong signal that you are prepared for the program.
Chuck -> KristaFor the 2nd letter of recommendation, does it have to be an organization that you are currently involved in, or can it be something from your undergraduate experience? If it carries any weight, I am applying through the CBF - graduated less than 3 years ago.
Krista -> ChuckChuck: If you have a close relationship still with the individual from undergrad then yes that's a great option!
GauravS -> KaraHi, have you seen any part-time MBAs pursue entrepreneurship after graduating?
Kara -> GauravSYes! Entrepreneurship is booming in all programs at Booth. In our recent graduating student survey data, 8% indicated they started or were in the process of starting their own venture.
Chuck -> KristaWhen admissions is analyzing GMAT scores, how do they take into consideration the writing and Integrated Reasoning portions? As I understand it, those sections are not weighted into the overall numerical GMAT score.
Krista -> ChuckHi Chuck, While it's not included in the numerical score, we do look at the writing and IR section of the GMAT.
Srivastava -> KaraI have another question on the need for TOEFL score. If I have been working in US for more than 10 years, do I still have to take TOEFL to apply for Weekend MBA? My Graduate school language medium was English and I come from India.
Kara -> SrivastavaNo, you are not required to take the TOEFL.
HHanks -> GeorgeIs an MBA from the full-time program viewed more favorably by employers than an MBA from the part-time program? Does completing a part-time MBA have a stigma?
George -> HHanksYes and no. At Booth all of our students take the same classes by the same faculty so recruiters who come here want to see all of our students, which is why we opened up recruiting to all students. However, many schools have different faculty teaching in their part-time program.
Another thing, there are some people who think that part-time students are taking a "safer" path to the MBA, and if they are a company that looks for risk seeking individuals, i.e. investment banking, then you have to make sure you help them understand how you evaluated the risk and made a choice based on that evaluation.
shahed -> BethDo employers prefer full-time MBA students over weekend program students while hiring?
Beth -> shahedGood question, all of our programs yield the same degree (MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business) and are viewed as such in the marketplace, so employers do not prefer one program to the other.
Ali -> KatieWould you say its relatively easy to take full time courses in the part time program in terms of preference that full time students get? Is there alot of availability in the full time classes which allows for part time students to select full time courses?
Katie -> AliAli: If you are an Evening student, you get first dibs on Evening classes which are Monday-Friday 6-9pm. Then, in the next round of registration it opens up and you can register for Weekend and Full-Time classes. People regularly take classes across the programs so I would say it is fairly easy to do if your schedule allows. You should apply to the program to which you plan to take most of your classes.
GauravS -> KristaHi, I took my GMAT a few years ago (it's still valid). I don't have an IR score - is it a disadvantage for me?
Krista -> GauravSHi GauravS- It is not a disadvantage that you do not have an IR. Since it's a newer component, we still have many applications that do not have IR scores as well.
Srivastava -> KatieHi, I have a question on the requirement to have a second letter of reference from some one not a supervisor. If an applicant is not associated with an organization or volunteer, how important is the second letter of reference in that case for his application if he is not able to secure one. Can it come from another supervisor in that case or other peers/colleagues?
Katie -> SrivastavaSrivastava: We require two letters of recommendation. You can use a previous supervisor, client, colleague or someone who knows you well from any professional standpoint.
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