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Join us for a live chat with George Andrews, associate dean of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. George and the admissions team will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 - Noon CDT

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Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Gretchen -> Everyone Welcome to our Live Chat. I am Gretchen Cooper the director of admissions and am thrilled to see your participation today. Enjoy the chat and make it your goal to apply to Booth in the coming year.
Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone. Welcome to our live chat! Thank you for joining us today. We are eager to answer all your questions, so please begin submitting them now.
Humberto -> Everyone Welcome everyone! My name is Humberto Freda and I'm the Associate Director of Admissions for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. We're looking forward to answering your questions today!
Katie -> Everyone Hello and welcome to our live chat! I am ready to answer your questions about our community or anything else you want to know about.
Susan -> Everyone Hello and welcome to our Live Chat! My name is Susan Thoma, the Admissions Manager on our Evening and Weekend MBA admissions team! We look forward to answering your questions today.
Kara -> Everyone Welcome to our online chat! My name is Kara Northcutt, associate director of admissions. I look forward to answering your questions about Booth's Evening MBA, Weekend MBA and the application process.
Amit_M -> Katie What is the deadline for the application process for Spring Semester for part time MBA
Katie -> Amit_M Hello Amit: The deadline for the Evening MBA Spring quarter is January 11, 2013.
OGhazal -> Gretchen What is the school's most important admissions criterion for international students? A well-rounded application is the target but is there higher weights on a certain criterion?
Gretchen -> OGhazal OGhazal, international applicants are not viewed in a different way than other applicants. However, as an international applicant, we are interested in your diversity of ideas and your background. The essays are a great way to share more about yourself.
OGhazal -> Humberto What is the average GMAT score needed for international students?
Humberto -> OGhazal Great question. There is no minimum GMAT score in order to apply for either domestic or international students. Our GMAT range is upper-500s to 800 with an average of around 680.
Charlie -> Kara For the recommendations, would you suggest having one come from outside the work place or is having both from managers/group heads ok?
Kara -> Charlie Charlie, I hope all is well! We like to see both recommendations from within your professional network. You are more than welcome to submit a 3rd letter of rec from someone outside of work if you feel they would add a unique perspective to your application.
OGhazal -> Susan Do you provide a list of recent graduates/alumni with their current address and contact details? If I wanted to contact recent Booth alumni in Beirut, Lebanon to ask them about their experience, will you be able to share contact details with me?
Susan -> OGhazal Hello OGhazal. Thanks for your questions. We do have an extensive alumni network around the world and are happy to connect you with someone in your region or industry. Please email eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu with your request and we will find an alum or student to contact you!
Jason -> Susan Understanding that there is no "typical," historically, what are the GMAT scores of accepted applicants?
Susan -> Jason Hi Jason, thanks for your question. Approximately 80% of our admitted students have a GMAT score that ranges between 620-750. The average GMAT score is 680.
Manny -> Susan Hi there, my question is about interviews - how soon after submitting the application can we expect to be contacted for an interview? Is everyone granted an interview?
Susan -> Manny Hello Manny. Great question. When you submit your application, you will receive an email telling you about any items you are missing from your application and we will tell you to schedule your interview. We like to interview candidates within a few weeks of when you submit your application, so that we can provide a decision to you within a 4-6 week time fram. All applicants are invited to interview here at the Gleacher Center.
rahul -> Susan when is the deadline for the 2013 weekend program?
Susan -> rahul Hi Rahul. The weekend deadline for the 2013 class is May 10, 2013. We look forward to seeing your application.
Bill -> Kara I'm currently own my own business with no direct supervisors. I've obtained recommendations from people who were supervisors at my previous position. Is this acceptable?
Kara -> Bill Bill, I hope all is well! Yes, that is just fine. In the application we will ask you why you selected your recommenders, so you will be able to explain your choices.
deb -> Humberto how does taking a class through your Graham School show that someone is capable of succeeding at Booth?. what are the requirments to take a course at the graham school.
Humberto -> deb Thanks for the question, Deb. Successfully completing a GSAL course, and performing well academically, certainly does add another dimension to the academic area of your application. You can find more information about the GSAL application process here https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/content/business-courses-and-course-request.
Pinky -> Katie Hi, I am interested in Evening MBA Program starting next year. I am not sure what is the requirement for MBA Program.
Katie -> Pinky Hi Pinky: Happy to hear you are interested in the Evening MBA. The application requirements are a professional resume, 3 essays, 2 letters of recommendation, undergraduate and graduate transcripts, a GMAT or GRE score. You will also have an admissions interview after submitting an application.
Bill -> Susan I'm targeting Winter 2012. Can the interview take place after the Oct. 5th deadline?
Susan -> Bill Hello Bill. Yes, we interview candidates within a few weeks after the application deadline. We like to bring applicants in to interview within this time frame so that we can provide you a decision within 4-6 weeks of your application submission.
Aurelian -> Gretchen I want to understand the reasons behind the mandatory GMAT admission requirement for candidates. My opinion is that such requirement favors native born English speakers and people who try numeours times guessing the questions of the GMAT tests.I have a BA in Electronics and Telecom and a MS in Electronics. I believe that candidates who already have Bachelor or Master degrees in areas of engineering, economics, sciences, etc., already prooved that have the ability for quantitative, integrated reasoning or analytical writing. The verbal section and the integrated reasoning assesments are relying heavly on candidate’s English skills and reflect more his/her reading ability than his reasoning capacity. Using GMAT as an evaluation method leads to situation where a native-born 12 year candidate can outsmart an ESL candidate with Master degree. I think GMAT filters out many candidates which may be very good candidates if they would have a similar test in their native language.
Gretchen -> Aurelian Aurelian, thank you for your comments. The GMAT is a good predictor of success in a top-tier MBA Program. It is important that our students can succeed in the MBA Program. The GMAT test is also the one common ground between all applicants and therefore is helpful in the admissions process. Chicago Booth also accepts the GRE test. I would suggest looking into taking the GRE if you prefer to not take the GMAT test.
Nishant -> Kara Is it possible to start during the Winter Session ? If so what is the deadline for that?
Kara -> Nishant Nishant, yes, you are more than welcome to apply for Winter 2013. the application deadline is Friday, October 5th. If you are unable to apply by October 5th, you can apply for Spring 2013, which has an application deadline of January 11th.
varunmalhi -> Susan I am an applicant from India and my undergraduate transcripts do not show GPA. Is there a way UChicago converts the percentage into GPA for consideration?
Susan -> varunmalhi Hello varunmalhi. We have many international applicants. Our online applicatoin will ask about your performance in classes so you can share that information with our admissions committee. There is also space in the academics section for you to explain anything about your transcripts that you think is helpful in the evaluation process.
Sully -> Gretchen Hello Everyone! I was wondering if you can share any tips or advice on writing well rounded application essays for Booth
Gretchen -> Sully Hello Sully: a well rounded application essay entails you being genuine and direct in your response. The Admissions Committee wants to get to know you and the essays allow for just that. Think of sharing about your professional background as well as your personal interests and skills. Booth has a very strong community and the essays allows for us to see this.
Pinky -> Susan I have Master's from India and Master's from US as well and 5 years of working experience in IT.Does it exempt from GMAT? Or I still have to take GMAT in order to get admission?
Susan -> Pinky Hello Pinky, thanks for your question. We do not offer GMAT waivers based on previous work experience or advanced degrees. The GMAT is required of all applicants (we also accept the GRE).
Pedro -> Kara When requesting a recommendation for the application, does the admissions office look less favorably on the application if the person making the recommendation does not keep the recommendation confidential from the person applying?
Kara -> Pedro Pedro, once letters are submitted into the application system, you will not have access to read them. It is always best to waive your right to view the letters.
Gerardo -> Katie How soon can we start applying for the Weekend MBA 2013? and when is the deadline? Does applying earlier give us a better chance of being admitted?
Katie -> Gerardo Gerardo: The Weekend MBA application is available now. You can start it here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/apply/shome.aspx. The deadline is May 10th, but you can submit anytime between now and the deadline as we are on rolling admissions. Applying early gives you more time to plan, but it does not increase your chances of being admitted.
Smajil -> Susan Hello, does UofC require an interview prior to submitting the application or after?
Susan -> Smajil Smajil, great question. You will be invited to interview in Chicago at the Gleacher Center after you have submitted your application.
Amit_M -> Gretchen Are there any scholarships offered for the part time mba program?
Gretchen -> Amit_M Amit_M: The majority of our part-time students are working full time and therefore there are no scholarship and grants for the part-time students. Financial Aid however is available and many of our students go through the Financial Aid Process.
sabes23 -> Humberto Hello, Is there a link to view the course schedule for upcoming classes in the Fall and Winter quarters?
Humberto -> sabes23 You can find all courses offered for the 2012-2013 academic year on our course search website via our student portal http://boothportal.chicagobooth.edu/portal/server.pt/community/course_search/205. You can read the course descriptions and faculty member bios, but the syllabi are password protected only for students. We also offer the option to visit some of these courses for prospective students throughout the year, and options are posted here on our website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit.aspx.
OGhazal -> Susan To add to Manny's question: International students are required to do an interview as well, will it also be in Gleacher Center? and if yes a 4-6 week time frame might not be considered sufficient for visa purposes.
Susan -> OGhazal OGhazal - all students must interview in Chicago, here at the Gleacher Center. If you have specific questions about the process you can email: eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu
fred -> Susan what is the average batch-size for the part-time weekend program ?
Susan -> fred Hello Fred. Thanks for your question. We typically admit 100-110 students to our Weekend MBA program. Our office does not share acceptance rates.
nnanda -> Kara Since evening course starts multiple times an year, I am curious to know if the acceptance rates for weekend course are still the same as evening course?
Kara -> nnanda The acceptance rates are very similar for each quarter. However, we do not report our acceptance rates. I encourage you to apply to the quarter and program that best fits your timeline.
ct -> Humberto I would like to register for class visit. Can I send an email or fill up any form online?
Humberto -> ct Our class visit options for the Fall 2012 quarter will be posted in the next few weeks on our website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit.aspx. If you send an email to eveningweekend-classvisit@chicagobooth.edu, we will alert you when the options are posted.
Shanna_Shapiro -> Gretchen Please tell me which qualities ring clear as the ideal Booth Candidate?
Gretchen -> Shanna_Shapiro Shanna_Shapiro: great question. There is not one ideal type of a Booth applicant. We are looking however for a candidate who is motivated, has clear reasons for pursuing the MBA degree, has proven him/herself academically and would a great addition to our active and engaging Booth community.
sabes23 -> Kara How are the AWA and Integrated Reasoning section scores viewed with the GMAT score?
Kara -> sabes23 We look at the AWA and Integrated Reasoning scores, but they are not factored into the total GMAT score, which is the most important aspect of the GMAT.
naper -> Katie I have a 700+ GMAT/ 2.5 GPA. Would taking classes as a graduate-student-at-large help offset the low GPA?
Katie -> naper Hello Naper - We accept applicants from a wide range of GPAs. Generally speaking, receiving a B+ or better in graduate student at large classes through our Graham School does strengthen your application. You can read more about applying to the Graham School here: https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/content/gsal-application
Tianwen -> Susan I am interested in winter 2012, however I have not yet taken GMAT. i scheduled a test date by end of this month. Can i still catch up the winter one? Is it absolutely impossible to submit after the Oct 5 deadline?
Susan -> Tianwen Tianwen: great to hear that you are interested in our Winter 2013 program. The GMAT is required of all applicants, and you can self-report your score in your online application (we do not need to receive your 'official' GMAT scores until/unless you become an admitted student). As long as you can self-report your scores in your application that is fine. Our application deadlines are static and we do not accept late submissions. Thanks!
Schon -> Susan Hi, i attended a couple years of community college before transferring. Only come of the courses were transferred and not GPA. Do i need to submit both transcripts for evaluation or just for the institution i graduated from
Susan -> Schon Hello Schon. We would like to receive official transcripts from all institutions you attended, whether or not you received a degree.
Seth -> Katie What is the age range/medium for the part-time MBA at Booth?
Katie -> Seth Hello Seth: The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs have students from early 20s to 60s with an average of 30.
JJ -> Gretchen What are some key characteristics that you guys look for in a WMBA applicant?
Gretchen -> JJ JJ: We are thrilled that you are interested in the Weekend MBA Program. Similar to the other Booth MBA Programs, we are looking for candidates who are motivated, have clear reasons for pursuing the MBA degree, can handle the coursework and who want to be involved in our student and alumni community. The Weekend MBA Program draws a stellar group of working professionals from across the country.
Ben_F -> Humberto My main objective is to study at Booth, and based on my career goals I am somewhat indifferent between the Evening/Wknd Program and the Full Time program. In regards to a better chance of gaining acceptance, do you recommend applying to one program versus the other?
Humberto -> Ben_F Good question, Ben. The admissions process for all Booth MBA programs are equally competitive, as we try to ascertain an applicant's fit with the school and the specific program to which they are applying. That said, we strongly encourage applicants to consider the unique characteristics of each program and apply only to the one that they feel fits their personal and professional goals and needs best. If you would like to further discuss the unique aspects of each program, please feel free to reach out to me directly humberto.freda@chicagobooth.edu.
Moderator -> Everyone To all female chat participants – You are invited to our annual Booth Women Connect Conference on Friday, September 21, 2012 at Gleacher Center downtown Chicago. We hope you can join us and discover our strong female community, including students, alumnae, faculty, and staff! http://www.chicagobooth.edu/bwcc/
Manny -> Kara Will it hurt my application if I am applying to the evening program and not currently a Chicago resident, but will be changing offices to IL if accepted?
Kara -> Manny Manny, that is just fine and somewhat common. In the application, please be sure to explain your plan to transfer. It is also very helpful if you have a note from your company stating they will transfer you to Chicago once admitted. Any specific questions about what we'd like to see, feel free to email me at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu,
Pinky -> Susan As the MBA reuires 3 essays-are they on specific topics?
Susan -> Pinky Hi Pinky. You can view the essay questions for upcoming application deadlines on our website: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/apply/essay.aspx
Man -> Humberto I am planning to visit Booth next month and was hoping to attend a class. Will the class visit schedule be released soon?
Humberto -> Man Our class visit options for the Fall 2012 quarter will be posted in the next few weeks on our website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit.aspx. If you send an email to eveningweekend-classvisit@chicagobooth.edu, we will alert you when the options are posted.
Nishant -> Kara What is the schools position on applicants from outside the Chicago Metro Area for the Evening Program? I plan on either transferring to the area within my own company or finding a job in the area prior to the start of classes.
Kara -> Nishant Nishant, that is just fine and somewhat common. In the application, please be sure to explain your plan to transfer. It is also very helpful if you have a note from your company stating they will transfer you to Chicago once admitted. Any specific questions about what we'd like to see, feel free to email me at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu.
Amit_M -> Susan How long are the GRE scores valid for?
Susan -> Amit_M Hello Amit. Thanks for your question. GRE scores are considered valid for 5-years. This means that you need to have taken the test within 5 years of the date you submit your application.
DL -> Gretchen On avg, how many are accepted into the Weekend program, Evening program, and Exec MBA program?
Gretchen -> DL DL: the number of accepted students is not provided as the number of applicants can change each year.
ychang -> Susan Hi every application will be invite to interview?thank you
Susan -> ychang Hello Ychang. Yes, we invite all applicants who submit a completed application to interview here at the Gleacher Center.
Tianwen -> Kara Also, my native language is not English, and I never studied in US before. However I worked in the UK for 2.5 years. Do I in this case still have to take TOEFL, in addition to GMAT?
Kara -> Tianwen Tianwen, you will be required to take the GMAT. Since you have been working in the UK for 2.5 years, you will not be required to take the TOEFL.
Bill -> Susan Regarding the essays, is there a specific tone or writing style the admission committee is looking for? i.e. should it be more formal or conversational?
Susan -> Bill Hi Bill. The most important factor in writing your essays is to be authentic and genuine, and clearly articulate your thoughts. Our admissions committee wants to know about you and your goals in your own words, however this should be communicated in a professional, well-written style. You can view the essay questions for upcoming application deadlines here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/apply/essay.aspx
Satyajeet -> Humberto I am interested to know how does the previous Undergraduate and Graduate Institute attended impact a prospective candidate's application.
Humberto -> Satyajeet Good question, Satyajeet. The specific institutions attended does not necessarily impact your application. We are evaluating the quality of the work done at those institutions, including the classes you took and grades you achieved, your degree, majors, minors, etc. We are looking to assess your academic preparedness for the rigor of the Booth MBA programs.
Kevin -> Katie Does the Fellows program only begin in the fall semester?
Katie -> Kevin Hello Kevin - Yes, the Chicago Business Fellows only enter in the Fall quarter. The CBF students go through a seminar together and have special events. Therefore, we designed the program to have all of them begin at the same time.
naper -> Gretchen How much emphasis does the admissions committee place on extra-curricular and community service activities?
Gretchen -> naper naper: the Admissions Committee takes a holistic view of the application and takes into consideration one's academic preparation, one's professional career path and successes thus far and one's outside activities. It is not the goal for applicants to pick up extra-curricular activities to add to the application. Be genuine with what is included on the application. Often times, an extra-curricular activity or community service involvement allows the AC to see if and how one will be involved in the Booth community.
varunmalhi -> Susan What is to be expected at an interview?
Susan -> varunmalhi Good question. The interview is conversational and lasts 45-60 minutes, and the goal is to learn more about you as an applicant. Specifically, what you will bring to Booth and how Booth aligns with your goals. You will interview with a member of our Admissions Committee who is either a staff member, current student, or alum.
Claire -> Katie Is there a high volume of applicants for the Chicago Buisness Fellows Evening Program?
Katie -> Claire Hello Claire - Chicago Business Fellows is a popular program and if you have less than 3 years of full time work experience by September 2013 you should apply to CBF because your application will be evaluated among other applicants with less work experience.
DRB3 -> Kara Will taking a GSL class increase my chances of getting into the program? Should class choice be based on my interest or weakness in my resume?
Kara -> DRB3 GSAL courses can certainly enhance your application, but there is no guarantee you will be admitted. It is important that you do well in the courses, B or higher is best. We recommend you take foundational courses such as Microeconomics, Financial Accounting and.or Business Statistics.
Jason -> Humberto Is there a department contact outlining financing options for the program?
Humberto -> Jason Thanks for the question, Jason. You can find more information about the finances of the Booth MBA programs on our website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid.aspx, including contact information for our Financial Aid Office. If you have more specific questions about your particular financial situation, please feel free to reach out to me directly at humberto.freda@chicagobooth.edu.
Sully -> Gretchen How much does a Masters degree weigh in the application decision? Is there more emphasis on the Undergraduate degree?
Gretchen -> Sully Sully: The Admissions Committee will review an applicant's undergraduate courses taken and grades earned as well as the Master degree's courses and grades. The Master degree is often more relevant as to how one would succeed in the classroom at Chicago Booth as it it more recent in time.
Schon -> Susan I am expected to sit for the GMAT end of sept, my final score including the integrated reasoning will not be available for a few weeks after the deadline. Can i still apply for the winter qtr which has the Oct 5th deadline?
Susan -> Schon Hello Schon. Yes, you can still apply for the October 5th Winter 2013 deadline by 'self-reporting' the total score, verbal, and quant score you receive when you complete the test. We understand that it takes time to report your intergrated reasoning and AWA score, and as such, we don't need your official scores until/unless you become admitted to our program.
Moderator -> Everyone We are almost half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
Pedro -> Katie If you take the GMAT exam more than once, does the admissions office only see and take the highest score?
Katie -> Pedro Hello Pedro - We only evaluate your highest GMAT score. We value applicants who take the GMAT more than once.
Seth -> Kara I was involved in start-ups all through school, thus my GPA is terrible. I went to a great school and have recommendations from professors and current employer. Would this possibly be an offset?
Kara -> Seth Seth, Since GPA is not something you can change, I suggest you focus on the GMAT. Getting a higher GMAT score can help offset your undergraduate GPA. You can also take Booth MBA classes as a graduate student at large. If you are interested in the option, please email me at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu. I would be happy to give you all the details about this option.
Man -> Susan I have a Bachelors degree from India (percentage score and not GPA) and a Masters degree from US (with a GPA). Which degree should I emphasize in terms of sharing transcripts?
Susan -> Man Hello Man: We ask you to report all institutions you have attended, including grades and transcripts, in your application. We will consider your performance in both your undergraduate and graduate schools in evaluating your application, so please provide copies of both transcripts.
ychang -> Susan Hi 2013 Weekend program will be start in Jan2013 ? Thank you
Susan -> ychang Hello Ychang: The 2013 Weekend program begins in the Fall 2013 quarter. Classes for the Fall quarter will begin September 26, 2013. The application deadline for the 2013 weekend program is May 10,2013.
Rudy -> Gretchen Is it possible (or difficult) to switch to the full-time program after a year doing the weekend program?
Gretchen -> Rudy Hello Rudy: It is not possible to officially transfer to the full-time program after being in the part-time program. One would have to withdraw his/her application from the pt program and reapply to the ft program. If you are debating between the pt and the ft program I would be happy to talk to you more about this decision. You will find more similarities between the pt and the ft program than differences at Chicago Booth, including the same academics, faculty and educational experience.
varunmalhi -> Humberto If I have a Masters degree, would there be more weithage for my masters degree or my undergraduate degree in evaluating my candidacy? or is there no such formula?
Humberto -> varunmalhi Good question, Varun. We do not have a set formula for evaluating undergraduate vs. graduate credentials, nor do we give a specific "weight" to one or the other. We look at all of your academic credentials equally in evaluating the overall quality of your application (including undergraduate transcripts, graduate transcripts, GMAT/GRE, etc.).
ChrisD -> Gretchen Hi all, Is there an average/range for GRE scores of succesful applicants? Thanks!
Gretchen -> ChrisD ChrisD: as it is relatively new for Booth to accept the GRE test, there is not a reported average at this time. The GRE score is able to be viewed as a GMAT score through the conversation table that GMAC provides. Obtaining a GRE score within the range of our GMAT range is a good idea, upper 500s to 800.
ssp527 -> Kara I have a 3.0 GPA, What would increase my admissions probability? How many years of work experience would offset the low GPA? I also assume a really high GMAT score would help and possibly a lot of community involvement?
Kara -> ssp527 Please do not stress about your GPA. The average GPA is typically around 3.3. On average, Evening MBA students have 5-6 years of work experience. Our average GMAT is around 680, and our mid 80% is 620-750. All of the above factors, as well as your community involvement are important aspects of your application.
Shahed -> Susan If I am enrolled in an MS program but have not completed my degree, do I still have to submit my transcript?
Susan -> Shahed Hello Shahed. Thanks for your question. Yes, we still need your transcripts for your MS program, as we will consider your performance thus far in reviewing your application. We require applicants to submit transcripts for all institutions they have attended, regardless of whether they have earned a degree.
Sandeep -> Susan Ive read in previous chat transcripts that Gsal courses can be transferred for credits.Does Gsal courses have same course structure and faculty as booth?
Susan -> Sandeep Hello Sandeep. Great question. As a GSAL student, you will take classes at Booth with Booth faculty and students. You can transfer up to 3 classes you take at Booth through the Graham School toward your MBA if you are admitted to one of our programs.
Smajil -> Gretchen If an applicant has taken the GMAT twice. Second score is significantly higher than the first, yet it is on the low end of the range of scores that was provided above - does AdComm recommend spending time to improve the score more or is it wiser to make sure the rest of application is to the best it can be and go ahead and apply?
Gretchen -> Smajil Smajil: the highest total GMAT score is always taken and it is fine to take the GMAT a third time if you decide to do so. The AC will look at all parts of your application.
TJ -> Kara What is the average work experience admitted students have for any MBA Program
Kara -> TJ TJ, the average is typically 5-6 years. However, we have a wide range of work experience in the program.
Moderator -> Everyone Hear from current part-time students about their Booth experience. Check out their unique stories at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/transform/
Schon -> Susan Hi, i attended a couple years of community college before transferring. Only come of the courses were transferred and not GPA. Do i need to submit both transcripts for evaluation or just for the institution i graduated from
Susan -> Schon Hello Schon. Yes you need to submit all of your transcripts from institutions you attended, regardless if you earned a degree. Thanks.
Tianwen -> Humberto If I am given an offer, but may miss the LAUNCH session (3 day program that kicks off your Booth MBA experience) due to business travel. Will that be a problem, or i better postpone to the next quarter?
Humberto -> Tianwen Thanks for the question. Admitted students are able to apply to postpone their participation in LAUNCH a maximum of only one quarter and only under specific and unavoidable circumstances. Given that we want you to participate in this program with your incoming cohort, our strong preference is that you attend the LAUNCH program for the quarter to which you are admitted, which is why we publish those dates far ahead of time.
OGhazal -> Katie For international students, are there any prerequisite courses prior to beginning the MBA degree?
Katie -> OGhazal Hello OGhazal - We do not have any prerequisite courses. You may have to take the TOEFL. If you attended a school where the language of instruction was English or you have lived and worked in the U.S. for more than 2 years, you will be excused from taking the TOEFL.
naper -> Kara are part-time students eligible for career assistance? e.g. changing industries or job functions
Kara -> naper Yes, you gain access to career services at LAUNCH, your 3-day orientation. There are a wide variety of career service offerings you can take part in. You also have access to on campus recruiting (OCR) for full time jobs, and this is the same OCR process that full time students take part in.
Moderator -> Everyone For those of you interested in Marketing - Check out our Marketing at Chicago Booth website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/macb/ . Learn about the Chicago approach to marketing, our faculty, Booth alumni with successful marketing careers, top recruiters sourcing Chicago talent for marketing, and more!
Kevin -> Katie Does the Fellow's program only begin in the fall semester? If so, if I am not accepted into the Fellow's program, can I apply for the evening program for the fall/winter?
Katie -> Kevin Hello Kevin - Yes, Chicago Business Fellows must start in the Fall quarter. When you apply to CBF we consider you for both CBF and the Regular Evening MBA.
C._Austin_III -> Gretchen Hello my name is Clifford. Rudy poses a good question about the difference between ft and pt/ wkd programs. I just wanted to know if you have the same access to the Career/ Recruiting Center @ the Harper Center if you were to attend the pt/ wkd program? or do you have a career center at Gleacher?
Gretchen -> C._Austin_III Clifford: Yes, there a Career Service Office at Gleacher as well as at Harper. As a pt student you have access to the many Career Service opportunities from the first day of orientation, which we call LAUNCH. The difference with Career Services between ft and pt is that there is not a formal internship recruitment process for pt students through Career Services. PT student can obtain an internship on their own. PT students do however have access to the On Campus Recruiting for full time job opportunities. Booth has a top notch Career Service team!
fred -> Katie I am a working professional and am interested in applying for the Part-time Weekend MBA program. Are classes for the weekend MBA program scheduled on every weekend ? What are the typical class hours for the weekend program ?
Katie -> fred Hello Fred - Yes, Weekend MBA classes are 9am-noon and 1:30-4:30pm and they take place every Saturday.
kmar -> Kara I understand that GSAL students doing a Booth class are the last to register for the particular class and can be either a weekend or evening class. How soon before classes start are GSAL students able to first register for the class. I was just wondering for planning purposes. Thanks!
Kara -> kmar Typically GSAL students are officially registered for classes during week two of the quarter. However, it is important to attend the first week of class. For additional questions about the GSAL registration process, please email Mary Daniels at danielsm@uchicago.edu.
Charlie -> Humberto I am in the midst of an internal move in my company. Will i need a new letter of recommendation from my new manager or would the recommendations i already have suffice? I am shooting for Spring '13.
Humberto -> Charlie Good question, Charlie. If you feel that your previous manager can write the most effective letter for you, then we would not require that you also receive one from your new supervisor. However, you're welcome to have your new supervisor also write an additional (third) letter for you.
Avi -> Gretchen I currently have a score of 650 and would like to apply for round 1 or 2 for 2012 Weekend program. I understand that the score is less but I am hopeful that my professional/personal achievements and career so far will balance the low score. I won’t be able to retake the exam this year due to professional commitments, so ,in case I don't get an admission, when can I reapply ? Can I retake the exam and request for my application to be reconsidered for round 3 OR do i need to reapply for subsequent quarters ?
Gretchen -> Avi Hello Avi, the Weekend MBA Program at Chicago Booth does not have rounds. You have until Friday, May 10 to complete your application. If you think you can improve your GMAT score, know that Booth always take the highest score and the taking the test two times is a says a lot about your candidacy.
Moderator -> Everyone Our chat will be ending in 15 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them!
Nishant -> Katie What is the criteria for the Chicago Business Fellows Program?
Katie -> Nishant Hello Nishant - Chicago Business Fellows applicants complete the same application. Additionally, they must attend a CBF Interview Day on a Saturday leading up to the deadline. When enrolled CBF students must maintain full time employment and attend the CBF Seminar.
Rudy -> Susan During my undergrad program I took two courses in economics and did poorly. Since then I have completed that degree (not the greatest GPA) and a Masters of Public Administration. Am I wise to retake a graduate or undergraduate economics course to show I can handle the material?
Susan -> Rudy Hello Rudy. There is a space in our application in the academics section where you can explain any part of your academic performance that you believe would help the admissions committee in their evaluation. Another alternative is to take a class at Booth through the Graham School of Continuing Studies (GSAL). If you perform well in a class, it reflects favorably on your application and ability to handle the academic rigor at Chicago Booth. You can learn more about the Graham School here: https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/content/graduate-student-large
Schon -> Gretchen For the second letter of recocmendation, can it be a peer who is on same sports team as i am and has known me for a while. or does WMBA expect it be from a professional aspect only.
Gretchen -> Schon Schon: It would be ideal if the second letter of recommendation also came from a professional source, current or former supervisor or colleague. You can add a third letter of recommendation if you choose and that one can be your peer.
John -> Humberto A concentration in entreprenuership integrates all business areas; how much of the finance concentration is included? Would I have the option to do a dual concentration?
Humberto -> John Great question, John. Most Booth students graduate with at least two concentrations, and some can achieve as many as four or five, since many of our courses count towards multiple concentrations (for example, Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity counts for both Entrepreneurship and Finance concentrations).
Julian -> Kara How do you evalute applicants that have taken classes as a GSAL? I'm thinking of taking two classes before I go through the application process.
Kara -> Julian Julian, GSAL courses can enhance your application, but there is no guarantee you will be admitted. It is important that you do well in the courses, B or higher is best. We recommend you take foundational courses such as Microeconomics, Financial Accounting and/or Business Statistics. Feel free to email me with additional questions about GSAL courses, kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu.
rahul -> Susan How long does it typically take to finish the weekend program. How many course do students usually take? Is there a minimum number of course that have to be taken? Can we take a break if needed?
Susan -> rahul Hello Rahul. There are 20 courses required to complete our MBA program and most students take 2 classes per quarter. This means that they finish their MBA in approximately 2.5 years. That said, you have up to 5 years to complete your courses once you begin as a student here. There is not a minimum number of courses you are required to take each quarter, and you can absolutely take a quarter or two off. We understand that students switch jobs and/or have important life events that occur while in our program, which is why we give you 5 years to complete the course requirements.
Rudy -> Humberto What is the time commitment for someone taking a normal course load for the weekend program? Four weekends a months?
Humberto -> Rudy At Booth, we are on a quarter system of eleven weeks each (Summer quarter is ten weeks). Depending on whether or not a specific course has an in-class final exam, most Weekend MBA students will spend 39 to 43 Saturdays in class each year. Each class meets one time a week for three hours.
Manny -> Katie It states on the website that recommendation letters can also be mailed to you by the recommender. Can prior recommendation letters be reused for Booth or do you send specific questions that prevents reuse of recommendation letters?
Katie -> Manny Hello Manny - We prefer the letters are written specifically for your Booth application. If you are using a previous letter, it should have been written in the past 3 months and should be relevant.
ychang -> Gretchen Hi, I have been worked at 2 companies, Do I need to get recommendations from both direct supervisors or should I switch to the team lead or senior supervisors or even peers?Thank you
Gretchen -> ychang ychang: One of the letters should be from your current direct supervisor and the second can be from your former supervisor or you can choose to stay within the current company you are in. You will have the chance in the application to share the reasons why you chose each recommender.
Shahed -> Kara If I plan to fly in from out of town every weekend to attend the weekend program, does it affect my chances of being admitted?
Kara -> Shahed Shahed, not at all! Most of our Weekend MBA students live outside of IL. We expect that you will be commuting for classes each week.
fred -> Susan Reviewing the "Curriculum and Concentrations" on website for Weekend MBA, there are 3 courses listed for Foundations. Are these pre-requisites ? Will 1 or more be waived if one has covered them during undergrad or grad course work ?
Susan -> fred Hello Fred. We require you to take courses in three foundational areas as part of our curriculum. That said, we do not have one particular 'required' course, and offer students several class options in these foundational areas to fulfill requirements. For example, we offer more advanced alternatives in foundational and functional areas for those students who have several years of experience in these areas. Because of this, we do not waive requirements for any of our students.
Kaushik -> Gretchen I have a GMAT score that expired (yes lasted 5 years when i was busy)...can i use that score or do i have to retake GMAT?
Gretchen -> Kaushik Kaushik: The GMAT score is valid for only five years and therefore retaking the test will be necessary.
Seth -> Humberto How close does Booth collaborate with other departments? I have a core interest in business; however I have adjoining interests in poverty, emerging markets in developing countries, globalization, et al. Should I be looking into a masters in sociology/economics instead?
Humberto -> Seth Good question, Seth. At Booth, you are allowed to take courses outside of business in other areas of the University (Social Service Administration, Law School, Public Policy, etc.). I would be happy to discuss your interests more specifically with you, so feel free to reach out to me directly at humberto.freda@chicagobooth.edu.
Avi -> Gretchen In order to be able to join the weekday programs, I would need to move to Chicago & am looking for companies that provide continuing education benefit. Do you have any list of companies in or around Chicago which support & sponsor their employees by paying the fees partially/fully ?
Gretchen -> Avi Avi: Booth does not provide a list of such sort. You can look into our Weekend MBA Program if you are living out of state.
naper -> Humberto I've taken a couple of foundational MBA courses - accounting and marketing at another accredited school. Can these courses be waived if I enroll at Booth?
Humberto -> naper Unfortunately, we do not accept transfer credit from outside institutions, regardless of their accreditation status. All 20 of your courses required for graduation from a Booth MBA program must be completed at the University of Chicago.
fred -> Kara For working professionals, is it recommended to provide both the recommendation letters from the workplace or have one recommendation from the work place and another from faculty (of a recently attended educational institute) ?
Kara -> fred Fred, I hope all is well! We like to see both recommendations from within your professional network, as this is a program for full time working professionals. You are more than welcome to submit a 3rd letter of rec from someone outside of work if you feel they would add a unique perspective to your application.
TJ -> Katie What is the difference between an mba fulltime student and a Booth Scholar? I have less than 3 years of work experience.
Katie -> TJ Hello TJ - Full-Time MBA students quit their jobs and attend Booth classes during the day and do an internship between year 1 and year 2. The Chicago Booth Scholars Program is a special opportunity for fourth-year students at the University of Chicago to apply to the Full-Time MBA program - prior to graduation - and defer enrollment for two to three years. This program is unique to the University of Chicago, and is currently not available to undergraduate students at other institutions.
fred -> Susan For people resident in the US on a temporary work visa, do they need to follow the same process as international applicants ?
Susan -> fred Fred, thanks for your question. The application process for all of our applicants is essentially the same; the main difference is that international applicants are required to take the TOEFL, unless you have a degree from an institution where English is the primary language and/or if you have lived in the U.S. for 2 years. You can learn more here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/international.aspx Also, please note that our part-time MBA programs are unable to issue student visas.
Ben_F -> Katie If I apply to the PT program by October 5 and don't get accepted, what are the chances I can make a compelling case, apply to the full time program for Fall 2013, and get accepted to that program?
Katie -> Ben_F Hi Ben F - We suggest applying to the program you are most interested in attending. I suggest visiting a class on both campuses to get a feel for the people you would be in class with. Feel free to email me with more questions - katie.coogan@chicagobooth.edu
John -> Humberto I am interested in the International Business Exchange Program, how would this program affect me as an Evening MBA student?
Humberto -> John Good question, John. We have both Short-Term http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/international/ibep/short-term-locations.aspx and Long-Term http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/international/partner-schools.aspx options for study abroad, both of which are available to Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students. I would be happy to discuss these options in more detail, should you have interest in a particular location or program type, so feel free to reach out to me directly humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Kaushik -> Susan Susan - you mention that if you have lived in the US for 2 years TOEFL can be waived - how ever i do not see it in the link you provided - I have stayed in the US for the last 4 years (not a citizen / PR) will TOEFL be waived?
Susan -> Kaushik Hello Kaushik. If you have lived/worked in the U.S. for over 2 years then we can waive TOELF.
Kevin -> Katie In CBF program or the part-time program, are there any classes that offer international/abroad experience?
Katie -> Kevin Kevin - Yes, you can do a short term or a full term study abroad. The part time students tend to do the short term which is 2-3 weeks in length. You can read more about the programs and countries here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/international/
Zhen -> Gretchen what is median age for the accept new MBA students, both part-time and full-time?
Gretchen -> Zhen Zhen, the average age for the E and W MBA students is 29-30 and the average age for FT student is closer to 27-28.
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