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Live Chat with Evening MBA Program Admissions

Join us for a live chat with George Andrews, associate dean of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. George and the admissions team will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Thursday, June 21 from 11:00 am to Noon CDT

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Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone. Welcome to our live chat! Thank you for joining us today. We are eager to answer all your questions, so please begin submitting them now.
Lauren -> Everyone Thank you for joining our Live Chat today. My name is Lauren and I would be happy to answer any questions you have about Booth, especially related to the admissions process!
Gretchen -> Everyone My name is Gretchen Cooper and I am the director of admissions for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. Welcome to the Live Chat. Make a goal for yourself to apply to Chicago Booth in the coming year. Ask any and all questions.
Kara -> Everyone Happy first day of summer! Welcome to our live chat. I am Kara Northcutt, Associate Director of Admissions. I look forward to answering your questions about Booth's Evening MBA, Weekend MBA and the application process.
Katie -> Everyone Welcome to the Live Chat! My name is Katie and I can answer questions on anything. I work with the Chicago Business Fellows if you have questions about this early entry MBA program for applicants with 0-3 years of work experience, let me know!
Puneet -> Kara The application program requires an undergraduate GPA to be submitted. I also happen to have a masters degree in electrical engineering, will by GPA from master degree replace my undergrad GPA or both are considered during the application process ?
Kara -> Puneet Puneet, I hope all is well! You will need to report both your undergraduate and graduate GPA. We look at both, and your graduate GPA is highly valued in the process, as it is more recent.
rvaughn -> Kara Are there any disadvantages to starting a program in the Winter or Spring quarters? Would an individual starting out in one of these quarters have a problem in accessing any courses relative to individuals starting in the Autumn quarter?
Kara -> rvaughn Not at all! We matriculate a class Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer quarters. We plan our curriculum to ensure that courses commonly taken in the beginning of the program are offered each quarter. Please feel free to apply to the quarter that best fits your timeline.
Allison -> Katie Is it recommended to apply right after completing an undergraduate degree or is it better to get experience before applying? Also, is there a reason why the 2013 winter application is due much earlier than the rest of the 2013 applications? I feel like I'm reading something wrong because the dates don't seem to match up!
Katie -> Allison Hi Allison - We recommend you get some work experience before applying to the Booth. If you have less than 3 years of work experience when you are ready to apply, I suggest applying to Chicago Business Fellows. Read more here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/cbf.aspx. You will see that it says 0-3 years, but the majority of the applicants have at least 1 year of experience.
Nick -> Gretchen What sense of community does Booth provide for part-time students given that they have a 9 to 5 job?
Gretchen -> Nick Nick: Chicago Booth has a robust and incredibly strong community for our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students. We have over 35+ student groups that are started and led by our students, ranging from professional groups to athletic groups to social groups. The events are held in the evenings and on Saturdays for our part time students. Please see the screen to look into our student groups.
Balaji -> Lauren I did my undergrad from India and went to grad school here in the US. Do I still need to take TOEFL? Also, I would anticipate to have 4 years of work experience by the time I apply. Typically what is the average work experience of people who apply?
Lauren -> Balaji Hi Balaji, Since you did your graduate degree in the U.S., you are not required to take the TOEFL. Anyone who has attended a university where the primary language of instruction is English is waived from this requirement. In regards to your second question, our students, on average, have 5-6 years of work experience. However, this is just an average and we have students with a variety of work and educational experiences.
tgatif -> Kara Can you provide the details related to related to certificate in Health Administration and Policy? What is the process of applying to it?
Kara -> tgatif Once you you begin the MBA program you will work with an academic advisor to apply for the certificate. It is a simple process. The Healthcare certificate requires 4 courses, 2 required and 2 electives. There is also a practicum and some co-curricular activities you will need to complete. We hear great feedback from our student who have gotten the certificate.
Helaine -> Katie Hello! I am wondering if an official GMAT score report required for the application or is it only required for verification upon acceptance? Thanks!
Katie -> Helaine Helaine - You should self report your GMAT scores in the application with percentiles and section breakouts. Then, if you are admitted official scores must be sent for verification.
Eric_G -> Gretchen How are GSAL grades valued compared to the undergrad GPA?
Gretchen -> Eric_G Eric-Sounds like you have heard about the Graham School's Graduate Student at Large program (GSAL). Potential Booth MBA students can certainly leverage this program. You can take a course before or while you are applying to Booth to test the waters. GSAL students can take Booth courses and up to 3 courses will count towards your MBA. This is a way to show that you can compete with the current students and handle the work load and rigor at Booth. The GSAL class/es are more recent in your academic area and are therefore evaluated quite heavily. Earning an A in a GSAL classes will strengthen your application.
Eric_G -> Gretchen What is the average professional experience of those accepted into Booth's GSAL program?
Gretchen -> Eric_G Eric, you can contact the GSAL program to ask about the average experience.
Balaji -> Lauren Typically how many courses per semester and how many semesters per year do students enrolled in Evening and Weekend MBA programs take considering the short time span?
Lauren -> Balaji Great question, Balaji. You need to complete 20 courses to earn your MBA at Chicago Booth. Typically, students take 1-2 classes/quarter although many of our students take a quarter off each year for work or personal reasons. You have 5 years to complete your degree, although most of our students take 2-3 years to complete the degree. If you take 2 classes per quarter, you can complete the degree in 2.5 years.
Seth -> Gretchen I am under the impression that Booth is heavily geared towards a quantitative focus. Is this true? If so, what are some steps potential candidates can take in order to get prepare for the curriculum?
Gretchen -> Seth Seth-Booth's curriculum is designed to teach our students a wide range of skills and there is an analytical focus at Booth as being able to use data to back up your ideas and responses is key in this current working environment. There are no prerequisites for Booth; however your studying for the GMAT test and any other post college work you have done will help prepare you.
Moderator -> Everyone For those of you interested in Marketing - Check out our newly refreshed Marketing at Chicago site http://www.chicagobooth.edu/macb/ . Learn about the Chicago approach to marketing, our faculty, Booth alumni with successful marketing careers, top recruiters sourcing Chicago talent for marketing, and more!
Balaji -> Katie I assume you must be getting a lot of these questions but typically what are the deadlines for the Summer Evening and Weekend MBA Program? What are the fees structure? The Number of courses one has to take to get a degree?
Katie -> Balaji Balaji - The application is posted 9 months before the deadline. The Weekend MBA deadline for 2013 will be May 10 and Summer will be April 5. You can submit at any time before the deadline and we will get you an admissions decision in 4-6 weeks.
Puneet -> Kara Thanks Kara. I have a follow up question. If my target admission date is Fall 2013, when is the optimum time for me to get my application submitted ?
Kara -> Puneet Puneet, the Fall 2013 applications will be available online 9 months before the deadline. The Evening Fall 2013 deadline will be June 28, 2013 and the Weekend Fall 2013 deadline will be May 10th, 2013. We have rolling admission, so feel free to apply any time after the application is open. We typically receive 80% of applications the week of the deadline, so it is no problem to apply near or on the deadline. You will receive our admission decision 4-6 weeks from the day you submit your application, assuming it is complete.
Eric_G -> Lauren Does Booth accept business class credits from other schools and is it possible to transfer Booth's credits to other schools? I am not sure if I will remain in the Chicago area.
Lauren -> Eric_G Hi Eric, unfortunately we do not accept transfer credits from other schools. You can take up to 3 classes in our Graham School before entering the MBA program and those classes will transfer. In terms of other MBA programs accepting our courses, you would need to ask those programs about their requirements.
michael -> Gretchen Is there a different perceived value in the marketplace for graduates of the different programs (i.e. part-time, full-time, evening, weekend)?
Gretchen -> michael Michael, the value of Chicago Booth is that the programs are considered equal in terms of the strength, rigor and flexibility of the program. Employers see a Booth degree as a Booth degree, regardless of the program one graduated from and in fact, the program (i.e. Full Time or Evening) is not listed on your degree. We want you to choose the Booth program that best fits with your needs and goals for an MBA.
Balaji -> Kara If we are taking tuition assistance from our companies, would we be eligible for attending on-campus interviews? Do we need to provide some sort of letter from the company?
Kara -> Balaji Balaji, if your company is paying for part or all of your tuition, you will need their written permission to participate in On Campus Recruiting (OCR). Please keep in mind that OCR is the only career services program that you need permission for. There are many other ways to engage with career services if OCR is not the best option for you.
Casey_C -> Katie In regards to the Chicago Buisness Fellows: I've been a teacher right out of school from 2008-2011, and just changed careers to a brokerage company this past Sept. Would you recommend the Chicago Business Fellows or no?
Katie -> Casey_C Casey_C - Good question. Your teaching experience is valuable and we count it towards your total work experience. This means you will be beyond the cap of 3 years for Chicago Business Fellows. This gives your more flexibility to apply to any Evening MBA quarter - Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. The deadlines are listed here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/index.aspx
Carlos -> Lauren Are you still accepting applications for fall 2012?
Lauren -> Carlos Carlos: yes we are still accepting applications for the Evening MBA program for the Autumn quarter. The deadline to submit your application is June 28th.
Balaji -> Lauren Thanks Lauren. So typically 4 quarters a year - Fall, winter, spring and summer right?
Lauren -> Balaji That is correct!
Jon -> Gretchen Is company sponsorship in terms of time and/or financial resources required in any way for the either the evening or weekend MBA programs. Also, is this kind of sponsorship considered a plus in the application process?
Gretchen -> Jon Jon, company sponsorship is in no way a required piece of the application. The question is asked in the application; however the application is not looked at any differently if you are or are not receiving any sponsorship. The vast majority of our students are not receiving sponsorship and are taking out the available financial aid loans.
Carlos -> Lauren what about the weekend MBA program?
Lauren -> Carlos Carlos, we only have one application deadline for the Weekend MBA program each year because that program only begins in the Autumn. Unfortunately, the deadline was May 4th for this coming year but if you are looking at Fall 2013, the deadline will be May 10, 2013. Take a look at our admissions deadlines page for more info!
Sebastien -> Gretchen Do you know if companies hire Booth Evening MBA graduates for rotational programs in general management? I am thinking of companies such as as Danaher Corporation or United Technologies.
Gretchen -> Sebastien Sebastien, great question. You will meet with our Career Service team at LAUNCH, the start of the program, and can ask these more specific questions about certain employers and industries. General Management is not only an area of concentration at Booth but also a common role for an alumni to go into during his/her career.
Mohammed -> Kara How soon do you call for interviews and when can I expect to hear a final decision? In addition, do you consider calls from alums "putting in a good word", or should we avoid that.
Kara -> Mohammed Mohammed, You will be contacted to schedule your interview 1-2 days after you submit your application. You will have our admission decision 4-6 weeks from they day you submit your application, assuming it is complete. Since we require you to submit your application before you interview, it is common for applicants to interview after the deadline. Yes, it is certainly fine to have alumni put in a good word for you. The best method is to have he or she email me directly, kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu. I will then add their note to your file.
Puneet -> Lauren Puneet: If i take GMAT twice, does Booth take the best score of the two or averages it ?
Lauren -> Puneet Hi Puneet. Booth will absolutely take your highest GMAT score. We encourage students to take the GMAT until they are satisfied with their score and taking the test more than once demonstrates determination.
Phillip -> Katie How do commuter students from outside the Midwest generally do group assignments and stay engage with the Booth community?
Katie -> Phillip Phillip: Sounds like you are interested in the Weekend MBA. I suggest taking a look at this overview: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/weekend.aspx. The students from outside Illinois, are the most efficient! They use the time before class, between classes, and after class on Saturdays. It is also common to utilize shared documents and conference calls to complete group work. Our 35 student groups hold the vast majority of their events on Saturdays so Weekend students can participate. The Programs Office also hosts social events on Saturdays throughout the year.
Mike -> Kara I am interested in applying for the Spring 2013 quarter and have started my online application. Since the Winter 2013 application window is open, the site considers me currently applying for that quarter. After the winter deadline, will the system recognize my application as a spring 2013 application?
Kara -> Mike Mike, I can make this update for you. Please email me, kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu. Please email me your full name, and i will then move your application to Spring 2013.
Balaji -> Lauren Are non-US citizens also eligible for Student loans? I right now work here in the US on a H1 visa. Not sure if you would be able to answer this but I thought I'd give it a try
Lauren -> Balaji Balaji: U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible for financial aid. For more information, check out our financial aid website: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/financialaid.aspx
eattere -> Gretchen Thank you for taking the time to address our admission questions. I plan to apply to the evening MBA program begining winter quarter and am considering applying to the GSAL program to begin coursework a bit sooner. What do you consider to be the advantages and disadvantages of this approach?
Gretchen -> eattere eattere: The benefit of you taking a GSAL is that you will begin the MBA coursework sooner and that may be helpful to your job. If you take a GSAL class this fall, September-December, the grade will not be available for the 2013 Winter Quarter deadline, which is October 5th. If you would like the Admissions Committee to see your GSAL grade, you will want to apply for the 2013 Spring Quarter, with the deadline of January 11th. You can email me with what you decide: gretchen.cooper@chciagobooth.edu.
Moderator -> Everyone We are almost half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
Balaji -> Lauren What is the fee per course for an Evening MBA program?
Lauren -> Balaji Balaji: each Booth course costs $5,524.
Puneet -> Kara Puneet: What is the admission criteria to be selected to Booth's GSAL program ?
Kara -> Puneet Puneet, the GSAL process is fairly simple. I believe they require an online application, official transcripts, a resume and phone interview. However, this application process is not handled in our office. Please email Mary Daniels at danielsm@uchicago.edu. Mary will be happy to help you through the GSAL application process.
Puneet -> Lauren Puneet: This is very good information. Will transcripts from this session be posted somewhere ? I have other friends who are interested who couldn't join the session.
Lauren -> Puneet Hi Puneet, yes the transcript of this session will be posted on our admissions page under 'engage with us.' Here is the link to that part of the website: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/engage/index.aspx. Thank you for passing this information along to your friends!
Puneet -> Kara Puneet: Does everyone who submits an application get called for an interview or only those few who make an initial cut ?
Kara -> Puneet Puneet, we interview all applicants who submit an application.
Eric_G -> Katie How is an applicant's discipline of experience considered during evaluation? For example, how would admissions compare a marketing candidate to an engineering one?
Katie -> Eric_G Eric_G: We use holistic admissions which means we evaluate each application in its entirety. We do not have quotas to meet for different industries. If a large group of qualified marketers applies, then we can admit as many as are qualified. No matter what industry you are in, it is important to explain to the Admissions Committee how you add value to your firm.
FUN FACT -> Moderator Hear from current students about their Booth experience. Check out their unique stories at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/transform/
Jon -> Gretchen Thanks Gretchen. Another question. Given the analytic approach Booth uses to address business, is the quantitative section of the GMAT or other quantitative based work (undergraduate courses, career) given any additional weight in applications process?
Gretchen -> Jon Jon, hello. The total overall score of the GMAT test is looked at as well as the individual quant and verbal piece. If you have taken quantitative based classes as an undergraduate student, yes the Admissions Committee will review and these classes are a great way to show that you can succeed in the Booth classes.
Bhuv -> Gretchen my application for summer 2012 was not accepted but there was no feedback provided on which areas to improve , i am quite passionate about booth but am not sure what to improve. Any guidance u can provide on re-applying to booth.
Gretchen -> Bhuv Bhuv: you can email me at gretchen.cooper@chicagobooth and we can arrange a time to talk next week. We can share more about the reapplication process as reapplying to Booth is quite common.
Nick -> Katie I went ahead and called and scheduled an interview before my application was complete because I knew it would be near the deadline. Is this considered okay and will I be contacted for a second interview if my application warrants or will the first one be enough?
Katie -> Nick Nick: If you are not able to interview after the application deadline, we can make an accommodation. Each candidate interviews just one time with a member of the Admissions Committee. It is not a disadvantage to interview after the application deadline. In fact, the majority of applicants interview after the deadline.
Narayan -> Kara Have a question on recommendation. Is it better for both recommendations to be professional in nature?
Kara -> Narayan Narayan, it is best that at least one letter of rec be professional in nature. The other is up to you. Most applicants submit two professional letters of recommendation. However, if you have someone else in mind, that is certainly fine. In the application we ask you to explain why you chose each recommender.
Balaji -> Lauren Hi Lauren thanks for the reply. So on a H1 visa, I don't think I would be considered a permanent resident. So, I would not be eligible for a loan right? Is there any other way I can take a student loan
Lauren -> Balaji No problem, Balaji. With an H1 visa, you are eligible for private student loans. If you are admitted to the program, you can continue this conversation with the financial aid advisors!
Puneet -> Lauren $5,524 is fee per course as was stated in response to an earlier question. If i am a permanent resident residing in IL, am i eligible for instate tuition ?
Lauren -> Puneet Hi Puneet, since we are a private institution, everyone pays the same amount for tuition.
Mohammed -> Gretchen I have over 13 years of professional experience, but prefer the Evening MBA arrangement. I see that the average age is considerably less. Will there be a disadvantage for me for the Evening program. Should I consider the Exec. MBA? Which is more competitive?
Gretchen -> Mohammed Mohammed, you can certainly apply to the Evening MBA Program even if you have over the average years of work experience. However, I would suggest addressing very specifically in your admissions essays why you chose the Evening MBA Program versus applying to the Exec. MBA Program. We do not put one program as more competitive over the other. There are similarities and differences between the two programs.
Eric_G -> Katie Are internships considered professional experience or is only full time employment counted?
Katie -> Eric_G Eric_G: We consider only full-time employment in the years of work experience, particularly for Chicago Business Fellows. However, you can include any relevant internships on your resume which is also part of the application.
Balaji -> Lauren Should I be submitting transcripts from both my undergrad school and grad school? If so, does it have to reach you directly or can I get it from the school and mail it to you?
Lauren -> Balaji Balaji: We ask all applicants to submit transcripts from every institution of higher education they have attended. We welcome applicants to have those colleges and universities send transcripts directly to our office. We also accept unofficial transcripts during the admissions process but all admitted students must submit official transcripts.
Alberto -> Lauren If english is not my first language but I have a degree from an american university do I need to re take the TOEFL? And does Booth take into account the GRE?
Lauren -> Alberto Hi Alberto: Since you have a degree from the U.S., you are not required to take the TOEFL. Anyone who has attended a university where the primary language of instruction is English is waived from this requirement. Although most of our students submit the GMAT, we do accept the GRE.
KEVIN -> Kara In the past I have been very involved in volunteer work. Recently I started a new job and it has reduced my time available to volunteer. Is past experience just as good, or is it better to presently be involved with and organization?
Kara -> KEVIN Kevin, I hope your new job is off to a good start! We understand that many full-time working professionals do not have a lot of time to volunteer. Please let us know what you have been involved with in the past. This will reflect well. Feel free to address your current lack of volunteer activities in the application.
Balaji -> Kara Is there a cut of GPA for the admission process?
Kara -> Balaji Balaji, there is no minimum. The average GPA is 3.3. However, there is a wide range.
Moderator -> Everyone To all female participants - SAVE THE DATE! We are hosting our annual Booth Women Connect Conference on Friday, September 21, 2012 at Gleacher Center downtown Chicago. The conference features our strong female community, including students, alumnae, faculty, and staff! http://www.chicagobooth.edu/bwcc/savethedate-backup/index.aspx
Puneet -> Lauren Puneet: I am planning to attend weekend MBA program in 2013. If i take some GSAL courses this year, will they count towards my final MBA ?
Lauren -> Puneet Puneet--taking our GSAL courses is a great way to start off your education at Booth. We accept up to 3 classes from the Graham School (with a C grade or higher) and they do count towards your 20-credit degree requirement. When you are applying, the admissions committee looks favorably upon high GSAL grades.
Puneet -> Kara Puneet: How many letters of recommendation can a student submit ?
Kara -> Puneet Puneet, 2 letters are required, and you are welcome to submit an additional letter if you like. You can add an extra recommender into the application. The other option is to have someone submit a supplemental letter of rec directly to me. My email address is kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu. I often receive supplemental letters for current students or alumni supporting a candidate.
Moderator -> Everyone Our chat will be ending in 15 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them today.
Jon -> Katie Are peer reviewed publications authored by applicants in business, technology or other fields considered in the applications process?
Katie -> Jon Jon: We will definitely want to hear about your publications in the application. I recommend including them on your resume which is a very important piece of the application.
Mohammed -> Kara Are Ivy Schools looked at more favorably than State Schools? I would hope it is more holistic.
Kara -> Mohammed Mohammed, it is certainly holistic! We have students that attended state, private, ivy, and many school outside of the US.
Gretchen -> Everyone Seth- In regards to your question: (Chicago as a city is not known as a tech hub. I’d like to change that. Does Booth have a strategic plan that helps facilitate potential students and alumni into growing the Chicago start-up community?) Chicago is becoming more and more known for entrepreneurship and start-ups and Chicago Booth is leading this charge! Since 1996, over 75 companies have started out of Chicago Booth's New Venture Challenge and over $235 million dollars have been raised to support these companies, which have led to the creation of 1000 jobs. If you are looking to be an entrepreneur, apply to Booth! You can view more about the New Venture Challenge: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/nvc/index.aspx
Mohammed -> Katie How close to the Words Allocated per Essay do I have to be? There is so much to say and too few words. Perhaps it is setup that way?
Katie -> Mohammed Mohammed: We want you to be close to the word limit on the essays, but it is alright if you go a bit over. I recommend being within 50 words of the limit. It is set up in a way that encourages you to be succinct.
Alberto -> Kara Is it better to get an academic letter or a work related letter?
Kara -> Alberto Alberto, work related letters are generally better. Since the part time MBA programs are for full time working professionals, we like to see at least one letter from your direct supervisor. If you do not have a direct supervisor, you are free to choose someone else from your professional world.
Jon -> Kara Can a relatively higher GPA than the average help offset a lower GMAT score than the average?
Kara -> Jon Jon, it can help, but the GMAT is important. The average GMAT is 680, and our mid 80% is 620-750. We certainly admit folks above and below that range, but that is a good range to keep in mind.
Puneet -> Kara Is it possible for a student to switch from part time status to full time after enrolling as part time ?
Kara -> Puneet Puneet, no, Booth does not allow students to transfer from the part time to the full time program.
Phillip -> Katie What is the GMAT 80% range and median (not mean) for the weekend program?
Katie -> Phillip Phillip: Approximately 80% of our admitted students have a GMAT score within the 620-750 range, and our average GMAT score is 700. We do not report on the median score. Many of our applicants take the GMAT more than once when applying and we value those who try to improve their score.
Eric_G -> Kara I plan on applying to the GSAL program Fall 2012 and take a class as soon as possible. Eventually, I find it likely that my company will pay for my MBA but until then my classes will be self-funded. Is it possible to take a class every other semester in order to raise the money for the next class? I'm hoping to avoid student loans.
Kara -> Eric_G Eric, I completely understand your concern. You can take up to 3 courses before you start the program. It is fine to space them out, but keep in mind that you have 5 years to complete the MBA, and your five years will begin with your first GSAL course.
Sebastien -> Gretchen I went to college in France and the engineering school I attended does not compute a GPA. It only assigns letter grades on a A to E scale. Is that going to be a problem for the application?
Gretchen -> Sebastien Sebastien, That is just fine if you do not have a computed GPA. Showing the grades is just fine.
Balaji -> Gretchen Kara for the question about transferring from Part time to full time program-isn't that possible in case some one happens to lose his/her job?
Gretchen -> Balaji Balaji, it is not possible to offiically move into the FT program; however if you leave or lose your job you could stay in the part time program and take classes during the day while you find a new employer.
kpp -> Lauren what is the mid 80% of years of work experience for Weekend MBA?
Lauren -> kpp Hi kpp, the average work experience for the Weekend MBA program is 6 years. We have students with a variety of work experience but I do not know the mid 80% range.
Eric_G -> Kara I am aiming for 4 letters of recommendation (1-2 professional, 1-2 from volunteer experience, and 1 from a music production class I am currently taking). Can you address the value off several letters and if there are decreasing marginal returns?
Kara -> Eric_G Eric, in your case it sounds like these letters will add value, as they will address different aspects of your background. I would suggest not exceeding 4 letters.
kpp -> Katie Hi, Thanks a lot for this chat session. It's really useful. What is the range for years of experience for Weekend MBA program? I understand average is around 5-6 years but as I have just 2.5 years of experience so I just want to know the range for years of experience for last year.
Katie -> kpp kpp - there is a wide range of years of work experience. If the Weekend is the best option for you, it is fine to have less than the average years of work experience. You should explain to the Admissions Committee why you are ready for an MBA at this point in your career.
Puneet -> Gretchen Is there a certain kind of extra-curricular activities that Booth prefers ?
Gretchen -> Puneet Puneet, the extracurriculars are up to you. Booth likes to see what you do outside of work and is not looking for any one area.
Jon -> Katie Katie, thanks for answering. Is there a limit on the length of the resume? I will have had nearly eight different positions because of a rotational leadership program and this increases the length of my resume considerably.
Katie -> Jon Jon - For the interview your resume should be 1 page in length. If you have a longer version in the application, that is totally fine.
sachin -> Lauren I would like to discuss my interests and see if and how Booth can help. Who would be the right person to talk to?
Lauren -> sachin Hi sachin, I recommend contacting the admissions hotline. One of our staff members will respond to your email or phone call promptly. Here is the information: Telephone: 312.464.8700, email: eveningweekend-admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. We enjoyed answering all your questions. The chat session has now ended. Our next info session is on Tuesday, July 10, at Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago. We hope to see you there! The chat transcript will be posted on Monday, June 25, at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/chat/index.aspx