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Live Chat with Evening MBA Program Admissions

Are you planning to start your MBA studies in the 2011 year? Please join us and hear first hand from the admissions directors from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. The chat will cover the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Thursday, April 21, 2011 - 12:00 PM CST

Moderator: Hello and welcome to our Live Chat! The chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CST. Feel free to start submitting your questions now.
George: I was so excited for this chat that I woke up at 5:00 a.m. giddy with excitement. I've had to wait seven hours but it is finally here!!!!
George: I'm the associate dean of the Evening and Weekend MBA programs and I am so ready to get this thing going!
Gretchen: Welcome to the Booth chat. This is your hour to ask questions and develop your application timeline! If you plan to submit for the May 13th Weekend deadline or the June 30th Evening deadline, great!
Kara: Greetings from Chicago Booth! We are very excited to answer your questions about Booth's Evening MBA, Weekend MBA and the application process.
Ellie: Hi everyone, thank you for joining us today. My name is Ellie McDonald and I am an associate director of admissions and a recent Chicago Booth alum. I look forward to answering all of your questions.
Chris: Thank you for your time today. How much emphasis is placed on where an applicant earned his/her undergraduate degree? For example, is a degree from an Ivy League school more desirable than one from a less prestigious school? Does difficulty of curriculum come into play?
Gretchen: Chris, great question. The courses you took and the grades earned are weighted more heavily than the name of the school. The GMAT score is also a valuable way to show your strength of your academic preparation.
Chris: I know Booth requests that at least one letter of recommendation come from the applicant's current supervisor. I recently changed jobs (within the same company) and have only been working under my current supervisor for 1 month. Obviously, my current supervisor won't be able to speak to my work performance as well as a previous supervisor, so won't I be hurt in this area?
Kara: Hi Chris, in your case it is perfectly fine to use a previous supervisor. We do not technically require that one of your recommenders be your current supervisor. It is only recommended. In the application we ask you why you chose your recommenders, so you will have a chance to explain your choices.
Rahul: Hi. Thanks for your time to share valuable information regarding admission and career services. I want to change careers and land in one of the 3 big MBA consulting companies (McKinsey, BCG, Bain). I would have almost 5 years of experience as a Software Engineer before joining Chicago Booth. I also hold a BS and MS from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and University of California Irvine. What are the chances for a student with my background to make this transition through the Booth part-time program?
George: Your answer has two parts. First, students in the part time program make that switch regularly. The consulting firms appreciate the fact that part-time students juggle so much to get the degree and have a high degree of time management skills. However, while student do make that switch, the specific firms you mentioned typically hire individuals who have already had some level of consulting experience. So, given your background, I think that the full-time MBA would be better as it would give you the chance to get an internship in consulting to complete your resume. If you do decide to come part-time, we would connect you with part-time students who have been successful making that switch so you can hear and learn what is needed.
Shyam: Hi. Thanks for arranging this session. My question: After being admitted to the Evening MBA program, how many quarters can I postpone before joining the program?
Kara: Hi Shyam, I hope all is well. For the Evening MBA you can defer your start one quarter. There is a $1000 fee to defer, but this will apply to your tuition when you begin taking classes.
Chris: Given that the Weekend MBA program is more accessible to out of town students, is the admissions process more competitive than it is for the Evening MBA program?
Gretchen: Chris, where are you coming from? The Weekend MBA Program is similar to the Evening MBA Program in the selection process. We encourage applicants to apply to the program that is most convenient with your work and life schedule. Our Weekend MBA Program celebrates its 25 year anniversary this summer! We are thrilled you are interested to become a part of it.
G-308494010: If you are accepted into the Weekend MBA Program, do you have to wait a certain length of time before you are able to take an evening class? When registering for an evening class, would you have bottom priority because you are part of the weekend program?
Kara: Weekend students can take evening classes, if their schedule permits. Evening students are given priority in the first two bidding rounds but then it is open to all students. However, if you are interested in transferring to the Evening program, you can do a one-time transfer after completing two quarters in the program.
pb: I was just curious if we can ask questions about 2012 applications as well.
George: Yes, certainly!
HY: Hi, I have two questions. The first one has to do with the Chicago Business Fellows program. How many students are usually admitted for this program? If not accepted, will the applicant be able to join the pool for the regular Evening MBA Program? How competitive is the program, and can you elaborate more on the "unique cohort programming"? How long is the program? The second general question is whether or not Booth allows MBA students to take a course outside of the business school (i.e. school of medicine, law, etc.)
Ellie: HY, thanks for your questions. Below are the answers.
Ellie: 1) Admittance is not based on number of seats, but rather, on the strength of the applicant pool. In the past 5 years, the cohort has ranged from 19-38.
Ellie: 2) There have been rare occasions when we feel a CBF applicant is a better fit for the regular Evening MBA Program and therefore, we consider him or her for that program.
Ellie: 3) The CBF Program is very competitive, especially from an academic standpoint. Because we have less to evaluate on the professional side, we heavily weigh the academic side.
Ellie: 4) The unique cohort programming occurs in your first quarter when the group all participates in a professional seminar together.
Ellie: 5) The CBF formal program occurs in the first quarter you are here at Booth. There are many informal events throughout your time at Booth and even after you graduate.
Ellie: 6) Yes, Booth students can take classes outside of the business school. Many students take advantage of classes through the U of C Law School and Public Policy School.
G-308494009: I was hoping you could speak about the Part-Time Program's club resources?
Ellie: We have over 30 student groups and over 350 events per year for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students. Please see the link below to view all of the different student groups that are available.
Ellie: http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/studentGroups/index.aspx Chris: Can you provide additional details on what the admissions committee is looking for in the essays? Specifically, what would you recommend to an applicant who is not entirely sure what his/her long term career goals are, but sees enrolling in an MBA program as a way to help define these goals? Gretchen: Chris, be as clear as you can about your reasons for wanting to pursue an MBA and an MBA at Chicago Booth. It is fine if you do not know exactly which job you would want in 2 to 5 to 10 years. However knowing which industries or job functions interest you would be helpful. A Chicago Booth MBA will provide you with the general management tools to accelerate and advance your career. Chris: If an applicant is not accepted into the part-time MBA program, is there any way to solicit feedback on ways to improve an application for when he/she reapplies? George: Chris, it would be our desire to do so, however, because we get so many applications we are unable to provide feedback to everyone. Therefore, to be fair to all re-applicants, we do not provide feedback. It is an unfortunate result of the number of applications received. Veeru: What are the upcoming deadlines for the Evening MBA program? Kara: The deadline for the Evening MBA for Fall 2011 quarter is June 30th. The deadline to start Winter 2012 is October 7th. RM: Hello! I have applied to the Weekend MBA program. I submitted my application on March 16th, had my interview on March 24th, and submitted the recommendation letters on April 1st. The application was sent to the admission committee on April 1st. When do you think I can hear on a decision? Gretchen: RM, You can send me an email with your name and I can tell you a bit more about where you are in the process. Gretchen.Cooper@ChicagoBooth.edu. dkp: Dear Sir/ Madam, Could you give me some advice on my candidacy? I am a US trained physician [ cardiologist] seeking to apply for a part-time MBA program. My credentials are as follows: 9 years work experience ; currently working for a Fortune 100 pharma company; previously worked at hospitals. My GPA is 4.0 but my GMAT score is very low 610 [ Q36 V 38 ]. I talked to a friend who advised that I not apply to Booth before retaking my GMAT given my low score especially on the quant component? Would my candidacy be strengthened by retaking GMAT? George: We have several candidates who are MD's with very similar experiences. In fact, one of our recent graduates did the first heart transplant in Cook county. Yes, your application would be greatly strengthened by taking your GMAT again. GMAT reports that, on average, test takers increase their score 40 points when they take it a second time. But, even if you do not increase it, we will only take your best score and we will give you credit for taking it a second time. BoothApplicant: I applied for Full Time in Round 2, can I apply for the part time now (May 15th deadline)? I saw on your site, that I'd have to wait for 6 months after having applied for a program. Kara: Hi, this is something we will need to discuss. Please give me a call at 312.464.8701. I am free to chat most of the day tomorrow. I look forward to speaking with you. Rob: I currently live in DC and am applying for the Weekend MBA program. However, I am actively looking for opportunities to transfer to Chicago. If an opportunity becomes available, at some point would it be possible to transfer to the evening program? Kara: Hi Rob, I hope all is well out east! During your second quarter you can submit a petition to transfer to the Evening MBA. You would then officially be an Evening MBA student starting your third quarter. Keep in mind that you can register for weeknight classes even before you officially transfer. Krishna: Hello, How long in advance do we need to set up an interview? After submitting my application for the Evening MBA program for the fall, is it possible to get an interview time within 2 weeks? Ellie: Krishna, we will reach out to you in one to two days of submitting your application to set up an interview. We typically have a lot of availability within two weeks of submitting. G-308493177: Looking forward to our chat today. Could you elaborate on what makes an exceptional personal statement? Gretchen: G-308493177, Hello. Knowing why you want to pursue an MBA and why at Chicago Booth is important. The personal statement is a time to share about your career experiences and what makes you tick in life! Dilip: I have a masters in electrical and computer engineering. I don't have any background in business. so was considering the Chicago Business Fellows Program. Does this program help people like me with no business background. I am currently working and have around 2 + years of experience. Ellie: The CBF Program is for any applicant who has less than three years of work experience. Many industry backgrounds are represented in both the CBF Program and the other Part-Time Programs. DK: Good afternoon. What is the role of career services in relation to the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs? Does is operate as a service unit or a business unit? What matrices are used to measure its performance? Can you share some of these matrices from last few years? George: It is a service unit. We measure the % of all applicants, both full-time and part-time, who are successful in the process. However, what we weigh even more is the scores given to us by the current students and alumni on their experiences because much of what career services does is to help students beyond just the On Campus Recruiting experience, such as how to ask your employer for a raise etc. They score very high. On a scale from 1-5, 5 being best, they are regularly in the 4's. BoothApplicant:  Do you have employment stats for your students (at least those that use career services or want to change jobs/companies)? Kara: I do not have the data right in front of me. Please give me a call at 312.464.8701. I would be happy to share this data with you. G-308494010: As a follow-up to Shyam's question, are you only able to defer joining the Weekend Program for one quarter? Ellie: Since the Weekend MBA Program only admits once a year in the Fall Quarter, you can only defer admission one year. Chris: I'm from Peoria, IL. While it's possible I could make the evening classes work, the Saturday program would probably be easier for me to attend. Gretchen: Chris, given that you would most likely opt to take your classes on a Saturday, go ahead to apply to the Weekend MBA Program. Booth is the most flexible MBA Program in the world and therefore you can choose to take classes in the evening or during the day if that works for you in a given quarter. I hope you have met our current students and alumni who live Peoria! Shyam: My company might send me to a 14 month assignment outside the US. I will be in the middle of my program at Booth when that happens. (assuming, I get an admission). Can I take a break for that long? (Answer to this is critical to my decision to apply) Ellie: Yes, you can take a leave of absence for 14 months. We give you 5 years to graduate so as long as you complete your program in that time frame, you are good to go! BoothApplicant: Do you have any figures that show how successful students are who want to get internships on their own? George: 100% of the part-time students who get internships do it on their own. In the most recent graduation survey over 90% of the part-time students who said they wanted an internship reported being able to get one. Satya: Thanks for taking time to answer our questions. The application deadline for Autumn 2011 is June 30. Is there a preferred date to complete in application process? Of course sooner the better. Ellie: Yes, the deadline is 6/30. Whenever you feel most comfortable submitting your application is the date you should hit the submit button. RJ: Would you mind giving us a summary of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program selection process? Gretchen: RJ, the Deans review the application holistically, including the three main areas: your academic background (college/masters classes and grades earned), career history and fit with our current Booth community. Your interview also plays a role in the selection process. G-308493177: Mentors who have attended and are currently attending the part-time program speak to the benefits of Chicago Booth sponsored events that occur throughout the week in the Chicago area. Could you elaborate on opportunities available to weekend students either in Chicago or in the cities in which we primarily reside? Kara: That is a great question! The Alumni Affairs Office hosts Booth Worldwide Night, which are events that take place in cities all over the world. See here for details http://www.chicagobooth.edu/boothnight/2011/ Kara: These events are open to current students and alumni. Kara: See this link for a list of other events the Alumni Affairs Office hosts http://www.chicagobooth.edu/alumni/events/ Dilip: Does it make any difference in terms of placements when it comes to CBF and Weekend MBA? Ellie: CBF is a subset of the Evening MBA Program. There is no difference when it comes to the Evening MBA Program and Weekend MBA Program. Ram: Good afternoon Booth Admissions Staff. Would the FT program be a better option for a mid-30's-year old who desires to switch career and go into consulting. George: For the big three, most likely. The big three don't feel they need to take a risk to hire anyone who does not have former consulting experience. So, if you have no consulting experience an internship can be key, and getting one through the full-time program is much easier. However, if you would consider the plethora of second tier and boutique consulting firms then the part-time program works very well. They typically look for individuals who have experience in an operation area or industry that they are interested in. Also, they are very keen to get Booth students as they do very well. They also like knowing that part-time students are able to work and go to school successfully. BoothApplicant: if I applied to FT before and got rejected and now I want to pursue a PT, is it ok that my application looks very similar to the previous application? My goals haven't changed and I'm still serious about Booth. Is it even ok to use the same essays if the stories are valid? Gretchen: BoothApplicant, it is important to be clear about why you are now pursuing a MBA on a part time basis while you continue working full time. As an applicant from the FT Program, we ask that you call our assistant director of admissions, Kara, at 312 464 8701, to discuss the reapplication process. rmasterson: Ellie, with regard to your response to Krishna about interviews, will they still be scheduled if all of the recommendation letters have not been received at the time of submission? Beth: Yes, they will still be scheduled even if your letters have not been received. G-308814065: Good afternoon. I'm currently pursuing entrepreneurship, and seriously considering the MBA. A) Around how many evening students are pursuing an MBA while being first-time entrepreneurs? B) Are there any stories you can share w/ us regarding entrepreneurs meeting their future business partners in the evening MBA program? Thanks, Maliha Kara: Hi Maliha, I hope all is well. While I do not know the exact number of students pursuing their first venture, Entrepreneurship is our 2nd most popular concentration. Booth students also have access to the Polsky Center, which offers a wide variety of resources and events for budding entrepreneurs. Feel free to email me at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu and I would be happy to share more details and connect you with an entrepreneur in the program. Dilip: Follow up on my question regarding the CBF. I think it's already late this year for me to apply for CBF. If I want to join the 2012 batch then my work experience will be more than 3 years. So will I become ineligible for CBF in 2012? Ellie: Dilip, it is still not too late to apply for the Fall 2011. The deadline is June 30. You will need to sign up for the June 18th CBF Day to qualify for this year. The link to sign up is below.
Ellie: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/cbf.aspx Ellie: If you wait until after 3 years of work experience, you will need to apply for the regular Evening MBA Program. Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. George Andrews, associate dean, and the admissions directors are eager to continue the dialogue. Continue submitting your questions! Camila: Thank you for holding this info session. I have a question regarding GMAT scores: if I have an international undergrad degree (no straight forward GPA translation), and my GMAT, is within the mid 80% range (550-800), am I at a disadvantage and, if yes, what other parts of my application can I work on to try to compensate? George: The international degree is not a problem or issue at all, we are very familiar with them and are able to convert. The GMAT score is one way we identify academic preparedness. The other thing we look at is any undergraduate work or Masters. Other ways you can signal your academic preparedness is to take a class at Booth through the Graham School of Continuing Education. This allows you to take a regular Booth class with Booth students. If you get good grades, it shows you can compete and is a good signal! You can find information on this at the University of Chicago website. Rob: Does the University of Chicago MBA program accept transfer credits from other MBA programs? Gretchen: Rob, Chicago Booth accepts transfer credits from other University of Chicago programs as long as they are not counted towards another degree. Chicago Booth does not accept credits from other schools. However, with the great amount of flexibility in the MBA Programs, you will have the choice in what classes you take and may not have to repeat ones you have taken in the past. dkp: Can a candidate enrolled in the Evening MBA program take Weekend MBA classes ? Also does Booth have a formal transfer policy from evening to weekend program? Kara: Yes, the program is very flexible and you are more than welcome to take classes across programs. We also allow students to officially transfer from the Evening MBA to the Weekend MBA or vice-versa. Michael: I recently completed my JD and am in the process of interviewing. I guess I was curious if I would be discouraged from pursuing the part-time program (instead of the full-time) if I have yet to secure employment by the time I complete my application for the fall term. Ellie: Michael, our program is catered to full-time working professionals. I wouldn't discourage you from applying, however, the Admissions Committee will factor in that you are not working and might follow up with you on your current status of your employment or potential leads after you submit your application. dkp: Thanks George for the response. So you would advise that I not apply at the current time? George: Hmmm... not sure. You could apply with your current score, given your other qualifications, work on the interview and application hard, and see what happens. If you are not accepted, you could then retake the GMAT and take a class through the Graham School of Continuing Education. These classes can also signal your ability to compete and are counted towards your MBA when you are accepted, so you are not any farther behind than you would have been had you originally been accepted. If this is confusing, call the office and one of us would be glad to walk you through it! pb: I would like to take advantage of your class visits. But at the same time, I would also like to talk to a few students to get opinions about career switching. Do you arrange for this as well. Kara: I strongly suggest you visit a class! See the class visit webpage to request a visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/visiting.aspx Kara: The best way to connect with a career switcher is to email me directly at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu. G-308493177: What emphasis is placed on ethics and integrity in respect to both graduation requirements and professor concentration in the classroom? Ellie: G-30849177, Chicago Booth does not have any classes specifically targeted to ethics, however, each professor incorporates that topic in their lectures. Rob: What percentage of the students in the weekend program live outside of Chicago? Gretchen: Rob, 86% of our students live and work outside of Illinois. This high % creates a great amount of diversity for our MBA Programs! The Booth network expands the country and around the world. Camila: Are all candidates invited for interviews? Ellie: Camila, all candidates that submit either an Evening MBA or Weekend MBA application are invited for an interview. Vijender: I'm working in downtown Chicago. I would like to know about the Evening program, how many classes in a week? and Timings? George: Come to our next open house May 13th and we will cover all that and much more. But briefly, we offer classes every night of the week including Saturdays. Evening and Weekend students are also able to take classes in the day, if their schedule permits. We probably offer at least 70 sections a quarter. All evening classes start at 6:00 p.m. and end at 9:00 p.m. Saturdays morning classes start at 9:00 a.m. and go to 12:00 and afternoon classes start at 1:30 and go to 4:30. Chris: When you're evaluating an applicant's work experience, will you consider the internships and part-time jobs held while earning an undergrad degree? I worked for a Fortune 100 company part-time for two years during college and found this experience to be career-like and valuable. Kara: Chris, this will not be considered part of your "full time work experience" but we definitely want to know about it. Be sure to include this on your resume and reference in your essays if it fits into your answers. Andrea: Good afternoon! I am deciding which quarter to apply for the Evening MBA program. Does the percentage of accepted students change from quarter to quarter? For example, if more students apply during fall quarter are more students accepted? Gretchen: Andrea, Hello. Our suggestion is to apply to the quarter when you are ready. We bring in more students in the fall. However, we receive more applications in the fall. There is no reason to wait until another quarter--apply at this time. BoothApplicant: Do you track where your students get internships/full time jobs? George: Yes. you can find it on our website under the career services tab. Here is a link http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/index.aspx G-308493177: Thank you Kara - following up to your response regarding alumni events... are these events open to current students as well? Kara: Yes, the majority of them are open to current students. The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs Office and student groups also offer a wide variety of events for current students. Ali: Are applicants notified by the admissions team when their recommenders have submitted recommendation letters. Ellie: Yes, everyone is notified when your application, including when your recommendation letters, have been submitted. stevet: Hello. I will be applying to the Evening MBA Autumn 2011 program this June and was wondering when interviews are conducted, and how late after the application deadline that interviews can be conducted. I ask only because I am out of the country for the first half of July. Will this be a problem? Thanks! Ellie: Steve, just let us know your situation when you submit your application and we can get you in to interview pretty quickly. dkp: Can you submit more than 2 letters ? Will the additional ones be rejected? Kara: Yes, you are welcome to submit additional letters of recommendation and all will be reviewed when evaluating your application. eam: Hello! Can I take quarters off from school for personal or professional reasons? George: Great question. Yes, this is one of the distinct advantages to the part-time program. Booth is the most flexible program in the galaxy and that includes the fact that you have up to 5 years to complete your degree. You can take off as many quarters as you want and then when you return you can speed up as fast as you would like. We believe that you are the CEO of your education and should be able to create the classes and schedule that best fits your needs! G-308494010: I am applying to the Fall 2011 Weekend Program. Can you describe the process of applying to the joint JD/MBA Part-Time program after you have already started in the Part-Time MBA program? Gretchen: G-308494010, a great resource for the joint degree is: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/jointdual/jointdegree.aspx. During your second quarter at Booth you would apply to the U of C law school. DK: What is the turnaround time from submission of application and interview to a final decision? George: 4-6 weeks. We will try for the shorter, but depending on the time submitted we like to give us the later in case needed. eam: What fellowships do we qualify for as Evening/Weekend students? Kara: There are no fellowships or scholarships for part-time MBA students. Most students take out student loans to fund the program. aspirant2011: Hi, I had applied in 2008 for the FT program. Now, I am planning to apply for part time MBA for the fall quarter. Will I be considered a reapplicant? Also, do I need to explain this through my essays? Ellie: aspirant2011, you will not be considered a re-applicant because it will be more than 2 years since you applied to a previous Booth program. It is up to you whether or not you explain this history in your application essays. eam: Can I take any class offered in the evening or on Saturday, or even formally switch/transfer from one program to the other? George: Yes. You can take classes anytime you want. You can also formally transfer between the evening and weekend program once during your time here. G-308814065: How many transfer credits are taken by Booth from the Graham School? –Maliha Kara: Maliha, the Graham School is a great way to start taking classes before you apply. We allow 3 GSAL classes to transfer into the MBA. eam: Can I complete last four classes with another MBA program after approval by the dean (if relocated), while still earning the MBA from Booth? Ellie: Eam, unfortunately you cannot complete your last four classes with another MBA Program. The University of Chicago Booth School of Business does not except any outside credits from different universities unless you are participating in the formal International Business Exchange Program. Under the IBEP program, only up to 3 classes can transfer back to Booth. Rollo: I'm sorry I'm joining in on the chat so late, but I graduate in December with my degree in business, when is the next open enrollment or when do classes start is what I'm really asking. Gretchen: Rollo, hello. There is always an upcoming deadline with the Evening MBA Program, which brings in four classes a year and the Weekend MBA Program, which brings in one class in the fall. If you are graduating in December with your undergraduate degree, look into the Chicago Business Fellows, CBF, a subset for the Evening MBA Program for applicants who have 0-3 years of work experience. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/CBF.aspx G-308494009: Are Booth students assigned an academic advisor? George: We have an office full of advisors that are available from 9:30 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. Monday-Friday and again on Saturday from 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. (we do let them off on Sunday :) George: We do, however, assign a mentor to the incoming students to help them best navigate the program when they first start! eam: Can I transfer MBA courses into the program, if so how many?
Gretchen: Three classes from the University of Chicago, which have not been counted toward another degree, can be transferred to Booth.
Moderator: The chat will be closing in 10 minutes. Please continue to submit your final questions! Please note, as we often get repeats of questions, we will try to address the general topic (if not your specific question).
Ali: I am a California Bay Area resident looking to relocate to the Chicago area if I am admitted. Does the university offer services for relocating students such as housing search and perhaps other resources.
Kara: Ali, I hope all is well! We do not have any official services in place. However, I am more than happy to offer suggestions (kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu). Chicago also has a number of free apartment finding services that can help you through the process. If you search Chicago apartment finding services online you will see a variety of options.
Rollo: How many weeks are the classes
Ellie: 11 including finals week.
Raj_1: Which employers in Chicago land area sponsor over 50% of the part-time tuition fee?
Ellie: Raj, we do not track this information.
G-283616393: When is the earliest we can expect an answer back from Booth - if we had to give a response to another school -  if I submit my application by May 1-2 and interview May 4-5?
Kara: I am happy to read you plan to apply! You will have our decision 4-6 weeks from the time you submit (assuming your application is complete). If you are up against a decision date for another school, please let me know and we will do our best to expedite your decision.
Veeru: I applied for full time MBA in 2007 and was denied admission. Should I explain in my essays why a part time would be more suitable and/or how my career progressed since 2007 to make me a more suitable candidate?
Gretchen: Veeru, you would not be considered a re-applicant as it has been more than 2 years since you last applied. We do want to know however why the Evening MBA or the Weekend MBA Program is suitable for you at this time.
Chris: In researching various MBA programs, I've noticed that tuition costs can be very different from university to university. Do you have any data regarding return on investment for an MBA from Booth?
George: 60% of our students report that they are promoted or get a new job while in the program. We are just now asking our graduates to report if they are promoted in the following year after graduation, but don't have that yet. However, most students report that the break-even happens while they are in the program.
pb: Do you have more information on what roles graduating students have taken at various tech companies such as Google, Apple, Cisco,IBM etc. after graduating from Booth.
George: PB, you can get that for recent graduates on the employment report off the web. However, at Google the students seem to end up in strategy and marketing. At Apple, Cisco and IBM strategy and general management.
Andrea: What percentage of students have full tuition reimbursement from their employers?
Kara: Andrea, we do not have that information available. Students fund their MBA with a variety of means: student loans, personal savings and company support (if available).
eam: Can part-time students study abroad in one of the IBEP Partner Schools?
Gretchen: eam, YES! There are many opportunities to take international related classes and to study abroad with one of our 33 partner schools. Our evening and weekends students take the option to study for 1 to 3 weeks abroad in the spring and summer quarters. Booth is an internationally recognized program. Please visit: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/international/index.aspx
G-308488992: I have heard that Booth does not disclose grades and GMAT scores to recruiters. Please explain why this is a benefit to me as I go through the recruiting process?
Ellie: G-30848892, Full-Time students take an oath amongst each other to not disclose grades to recruiters. Part-time students typically abide by this oath during the On-Campus Recruiting process. The GMAT can be disclosed.
G-283616393: Are interviews conducted by admission officers or students?
Ellie: Majority of the interviews are conducted by either current students or alumni. The occasional interview is conducted by an admissions director.
Trader4Life: When it comes to evaluating the work experience of an applicant, does various experience view negatively? (for example, 2 years of consulting, 1.5 year of trading, 1 year of commercial banking etc)
Gretchen: Trader4Life, varied work experience is just fine as long as you explain in the application why you moved positions and functions.
Jignesh_1: I've heard I can take four more courses after the degree requirement for MBA is satisfied. Could you give some more details about this? Is there a time limit by which we need to take these additional courses?
Kara: There are actually two options related to your question. As a student you can extend your graduation one quarter and take three additional classes that are tuition free. Then, as an alumni you can take three additional free classes at any time.
Chris: While I know that Booth is consistently ranked as one of the top 3 part-time MBA programs in the world, I've also seen that Northwestern's Kellog Graduate School of Business is also highly regarded. What would you say to someone who is looking into both of these schools?
George: You can't lose, both GREAT schools! We are fortunate to have them both to choose from in Chicago. We think that our program is the most flexible in the galaxy. We allow you to choose the classes you want to take from the day you enter until you graduate. We offer 6 free classes (three in your graduating quarter and three as an alumni). You can also take up to 6 classes outside Booth anywhere at the University, such as Spanish, law or medical. Lastly, if you lose your job we allow you to continue in the program.
catherine: Will having limited volunteer/extracurricular activities lend a not so positive impact to one's application? How can one compensate for this? Highlight more on work experience, travel perhaps....
Gretchen: Catherine, this is not a limit. We want to know what your interests are and what you are interested in getting involved in at Booth. Highlighting your travel is a great idea. We hope you take advantage of the Booth study abroad options when you are here!
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aspirant2011: What % of part time MBA students actually use career services and switch careers after completing MBA? Will one have access to career services after he/she graduates?
Ellie: The majority of students use Career Services in some form throughout their time here at Booth. Those services range from career coaching, resume building, networking seminars, researching jobs/industries, etc. Career services are available as an alumni.
G-283616393: When should we write the optional essay? If my GMAT is ok, but lower Quant score?
Kara: The optional essay can be used for anything else you would like to tell the admission committee about yourself. You can talk about an area you feel is weak in your application. You can also talk about something else you feel is strong about your background but that you did not get a chance to discuss elsewhere in the application.
Trader4Life: Gretchen, thanks for answering. As a follow-up question, do you know if this is ok as well for full time MBA program at Booth?
Gretchen: Feel free to talk with our FT Program. Explaining your career moves however is important in all applications.
G-308494009: I have heard that part-time students have access to full-time resources such as recruiting. To what extent is this accurate?
George: No, we do not allow part-time students to participate in on campus internship recruiting. We will help you with all aspects of internship recruiting, but you cannot interview on campus. We do post over 500 internships that are available for part-time students and alumni however on GTS (job database).
Rollo: Does the program start once a year and if so, when do the next one start?
Gretchen: Rollo, the next deadline for the Weekend MBA Program is May 13th and the next deadline for the Evening MBA Program, this fall, is June 30th.
Ellie: Thank you everyone for your insightful questions. I hope you learned a lot during this session. I hope you all join us for our upcoming Open House on Friday, May 13th.
Kara: Great questions! If you would like to further discuss Booth's Evening MBA, Weekend MBA and the application process feel free to give me a call at 312.464.8701. I will be available to talk all day tomorrow.
George: I waited seven hours for this and now, one short hour later, it is over and I have to wait a month to do it again.
George: I hope you all enjoyed the talk and found it beneficial and informative. Please visit us at our next open house on May 13th, or call and come by the office for a 1-1 visit.
Gretchen: Apply to Booth. Call or email or visit us to get to know us more.