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Live Chat with Evening MBA Program Admissions

Considering a Booth MBA? Join us for a Live Chat with the Admissions Team from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. The chat will cover the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday January 25, 2011 - 12:00 PM CST

Moderator: Hello and welcome to our Live Chat with the Admissions Team. The chat will begin promptly at 12:00 pm CST, but please feel free to start submitting questions now!
Ellie: Hi, my name is Ellie McDonald and I am the Associate Director of Admissions and a current Evening MBA student at Chicago Booth. Thanks for joining us today. I hope we are able to answer all of your questions in this next hour.
Beth: Hello everyone and welcome to our chat. I'm Beth Daily and I'm here to answer your questions about the application and interview.
Katie: Hello and welcome to our Live Chat. I'm Katie and I am here to answer your questions about the admissions process and anything application related.
Humberto: Welcome to our live chat! My name is Humberto Freda, Assistant Director in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs Office. I'm looking forward to answering your questions this afternoon!
BrianMcDaniel: When will you have the application calendar for the class of 2012 available?
Beth: Hi Brian. Thanks for joining us today. Applications are available nine months before the deadline. The application deadline for Winter 2012 is Friday, October 7, 2011 with classes beginning January 2012. The Spring 2012 application will be available in April.
Steve: I've been interested in the part time program at Booth for a while. However, I have been in Chicago since August and have not been able to find a job. How badly does that reflect on my application?
Katie: Steve - Our program is designed for full-time working professionals. However, if you are in the job search phase you are still welcome to apply. It is best if you are interviewing so that you have an idea of what industry interests you.
Lindsay: I was looking at the curriculum and really like the flexibility available to MBA students. I am wondering what the extent of this flexibility is. Can we take classes in any department, will we need to petition the courses as we needed to do in undergrad?
Humberto: Great question, Lindsay! Of the 20 courses required for graduation, Chicago Booth MBA students are permitted to take up to 6 courses outside of Chicago Booth in other schools and departments at the University of Chicago without the need to petition.
HenryG: I am worried about my GMAT score. I have great experience, good GPA and school. But recently messed up on my GMAT, should I apply regular round after retaking the GMAT or apply earlier?
Ellie: If you are worried about your GMAT and feel you can score better, I would advise re-taking the GMAT. Booth only considers the highest score.
Ellie: When it comes to applying early or on the deadline, we recommend you submit when you feel ready. Booth does not have a certain number of seats we need to fill every quarter. We admit based on the strength of the applicant pool. If you are a strong applicant you will get admitted whether it is early in the cycle or late in the cycle.
Summer: I was wondering what if there is a recommended GMAT prep course that is commonly taken by applicants?
Beth: Summer, while we do not have a recommended GMAT prep course, I know several applicants who have found Kaplan and Princeton Review helpful. www.mba.com also has a lot of useful information.
Suvrat: If my employer reimburses my tuition fees, how does this affect career services at Booth? Can I still attend on-campus interviews?
Humberto: Students who receive reimbursement from their employers need to have written permission in order to participate in On-Campus Recruiting only. All other Career Services programs and events are available to Chicago Booth students regardless of the reimbursement programs at their respective companies.
Cecilia: Main difference between first deadline and second deadline for applications?
Beth: Cecilia, good question. We added an early decision for the Weekend MBA Program to give our applicants more time to prepare for beginning at Booth. We recommend you submit your application when you are ready.
VP: I started my online application to the summer deadline in April and it is work in progress. For some reason if i cannot complete all the necessary steps to submit the application before the summer deadilne and decide to submit for the Fall deadline in June, do i need to start a fresh application or is it possible to change the Quarter for which i'm applying in my existing application? If i have to start the online application again, what will happen to the existing summer application? Please advise
Katie: VP - I encourage you to submit by the Summer deadline. However, if you need to push your application forward one quarter, then, we can do that for you on the back end. You just need to call me at 312-464-8705 and I will work with you on it. One thing to remember about pushing applications forward is that you will need to complete the essays for the Fall application as they are different from the Summer.
Christine: What are the sort of community involvement activities you look for in candidates?
Ellie: Christine, this is a great question. We evaluate community involvement on a case by case basis. We feel this portion of the application is an added bonus for our applicants. Make sure to include all extra-curricular activities in your application. Taking leadership roles within these organizations is definitely a plus.
G-220082708: Well I guess I'll start off. My recommenders drafted traditional block letter format recommendations. Can I have those scanned or sent in with my application vs. the online format?
Beth: Thanks for joining us. If your recommender would like to scan/email their letter to me directly, I would be happy to add them to your application. They can email me their letter at Beth.Daily@chicagobooth.edu.
Victor: 1) what is the % of candidates with over 10 year experience in the PT MBA?
Beth: Victor, good question. For our applicants, the average work experience is about 6 years. However, we have applicants with 0-15 years of work experience.
Jog: Does Booth have a Toastmasters Club?
Humberto: Both the Full-Time MBA Program and Evening MBA & Weekend MBA Programs have clubs that help students develop public speaking skills. However, neither program has a club specifically connected to Toastmasters.
G-220163129: I recently took GMAT and scored 710 with AWA of 4.0. How does the adcom view such a GMAT score? Would you recommend retaking GMAT to improve the AWA score?
Katie: G-220163129 - Good question. Your GMAT score of 710 is great! It is above the average of 680 for the Evening MBA and 700 for the Weekend MBA. If you think you can do better, then I encourage applicants to take the GMAT again, but I would be confident in a score of 710 if I were you.
SBP: Can I take classes from Hyde Park Campus as an Evening/Weekend MBA student?
Beth: SBP, if your schedule permits you to take classes during the day, then yes you can elect to take classes at the Harper Center in Hyde Park. All Evening and Weekend classes meet at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago.
NJ: Is there a difference between the early and later deadline for Weekend MBA applications?
Humberto: The early decision deadline for the Weekend MBA Program allows our applicants more time to prepare for beginning their MBA Program at Booth. We encourage you to submit your application as soon as you are ready.
Ilya: Does admissions consider when the application was submitted? By this I mean, is it more favorable to submit an application a month in advance of the deadline versus submitting the application the day before the deadline.
Ellie: Ilya, we recommend you submit your application when you feel ready. We will get back with a decision within 4-6 weeks after you submit.
HenryG: How does rolling admissions work? Are the chances lower when applying later? How is the early and regular rounds decided? Thanks
Katie: HenryG - We use rolling admissions because we like to give our applicants 9 months from when the application is live until the due date. Folks who need more time to make plans with their employer and family may choose to apply earlier and we want to get them a decision earlier too. There is no admissions advantage or disadvantage to applying early. Apply when you are ready.
Victor: I took my undergrad outside the US, how do I know if my university is recognized?
Ellie: Victor, as long as you submit your transcripts along with a degree certificate confirming you completed a bachelor's degree, it will be recognized.
G-219875279: Hi, my name is Corey Behrens, my question pertains to appropriate timing for the application process. With the inclusion of recommendations, what would be a typical timeframe in months?
Katie: Corey - The applications are made available 9 months before they are due. You can apply anytime before the deadline and we will get you an admissions decision in 4-6 weeks. There is no set time frame for how long applicants take to complete their application. Regarding recommendations, I suggest you give your recommenders at least 4 weeks.
Lindsay: SOrry i'm rather confused - how does this translate into the "rounds"
Humberto: For the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs, we do not process applications in "rounds." Our admissions process is on a "rolling" basis, meaning that students receive decisions on their applications soon after submitting, regardless of when during the application cycle they submit. Our Weekend MBA Program does have an Early Decision deadline, which allows students more time to prepare for beginning their MBA program at Booth. We encourage all prospective students to submit their application for their preferred program and quarter as soon as they are ready.
G-220137011: I know the full time program has the option to submit a third letter of recommendation. Do we have the option for the part-time, or is it not recommended?
Beth: If the third letter is providing a different perspective, please feel free to submit. We want you to submit letters from individuals who can speak to your abilities.
Mike: Hello, thank you for hosting this chat and answering our inquiries about the program. I appreciate the time. Question: I am an out of state applicant for the part-time program. Is that abnormal and does that affect my application?
Humberto: Thanks for the question, Mike. No, applying from out-of-state does not affect your application to the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA Programs at Booth. In fact, about 80% of the students in the Weekend MBA Program at Booth are from outside the state of Illinois.
Krishna: Hello everyone, I live in Philadelphia. I met several students and admission committee members last year and after careful consideration I think that evening program will work the best for me. I am working on moving to Chicago before Fall 2011 program. My question is – Can I apply for the Evening Fall 2011 program, if I am not Chicago area during the application process but will be in Chicago by the time program starts? If by any chance I cannot move to Chicago before the start of fall quarter , what are my alternatives? Thanks
Katie: Hello Krishna - Yes, you can apply to the Fall 2011 quarter before you have relocated to Chicago. I suggest you explain your timeline in the optional essay so our Admissions Committee understands why you are applying to the Evening program. You will have the option to defer your start by one quarter if you need more time to get to Chicago.
Mike: Is there typically a difference in the scores and profiles of part-time students vs. full-time students?
Beth: Mike, Evening/Weekend students are looking to remain employed full-time while going to school part-time, they have an average work experience of 5-6 years, an average age of 29-30. Our average GMAT score is 680. Full-time students are looking for a full immersion experience and thus are not working while going to school. Their average work experience is 5 years, with an average age of 29 and an average GMAT of 714. If you are trying to decide between the two programs, I would highly recommend attending an Open House and visiting a class. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
MBAPT42: I wanted to ask about the optional essay for the PT Weekend program. I have a low gpa (about 2.5) from studying Chemical Engineering and pre-med at a well known undergraduate school. I have over a 700 on my GMAT, great work experience including an expat assignment and a few certifications to showcase my academic skills. Should I address all these points in an optional essay or will the admissions committee prefer that it just comes out throughout the rest of the application.
Katie: MBAPT42 - Good question. Our Admissions Committee understands that some majors result in lower GPAs and will take that into account. However, if you would like to explain further, then I recommend you use the optional essay to do so. You have great experience and a strong GMAT and these important points will come through in the rest of your application.
Moderator: We are halfway through the chat and have had lots of great questions so far. The Admissions team is eager to continue the dialogue. Continue submitting your questions!
Lindsay: Then the other 14 courses are generally put towards your area of concentration?
Humberto: Of the 20 courses required to graduate, 9 must fall within certain academic areas, including accounting, microeconomics, statistics, etc. With the remaining 11 elective courses, students will build their desired concentrations by taking courses in specific academic areas, including finance, operations, entrepreneurship, and others. The 6 courses that can be taken outside of Booth would fall within your 11 elective courses.
Dustin: With such flexibility in the curriculum, what steps does Booth take to facilitate network development among students?
Ellie: Dustin, this is a long answer so I will try to keep it brief. We have over 30 student groups in which you can join and take an active role in networking with fellow classmates. These events are both on-campus and off-campus. We have quarterly networking events up in the Midway Club (5th floor bar and restaurant in Gleacher Center)that the Programs' Office hosts. Other big events of the year include: The Management Conference, Alumni Dinner, Winter Formal, Booth Leadership Series, Dean's Awards, and Family Picnic.
Garima: I am very interested in joining the part time MBA program at Booth, but wanted to understand the networking and placement opportunities available to the part time students. Could you please shed some light on the availability of opportunities?
Ellie: Garima, for the networking opportunities, please refer to the above answer I provided to Dustin. As for placement opportunities for Part-time students, if you are looking to make a slight career shift, you need to start doing your research and making contacts right when you start the program. Career Services can help you map out a plan. They will host many seminars to strengthen your story, resume, etc. and you also have full-access to On-Campus Recruiting later in the program. Part-time students who are successful making a transition are successful because they prepared well for the shift.
Steve: Must one graduate after taking the 20 (and 1/2) classes, or can one stick around and take some more classes (assuming you can pay the tuition) ?
Humberto: Good question, Steve. Students are required to graduate no later than 1 quarter after completing their 20th course and all degree requirements. Students are able to postpone graduation for that 1 quarter and can participate in our Take Three program. The Take Three program actually allows students to take up to three courses at Booth for free concurrent to or after completing all of their degree requirements.
Steve: How bad does it look if someone wiith a liberal arts degree, scores in the 65% percentile on the math section of the gmat (680, 85% overall) ?
Katie: Hi Steve, We do not attribute one's academic ability solely to their GMAT scores. A 680 overall is great. 680 is actually our average for the Evening MBA program.
Garima: what is the average GMAT score for the evening and weekend MBA programs?
Katie: Hi Garima, The average GMAT for the Evening MBA is 680 and for the Weekend MBA the average is 700. We admit across a wide range of GMAT scores. Our accepted range is upper 500s to 800.
Samta: Regarding letters of recommendation - I own my business. Would it be advisable to acquire 2 letters from clients or 1 letter from a client and another from an organization with whom I volunteer? Both are well qualified to discuss my management capabilities.
Beth: Since it sounds like both are well qualified, the choice is yours. If you would like to give two different perspectives, you could have a letter from a client and one from your volunteer organization.
Dave: Your program is designed for full-time working professionals. How are entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals regarded? Also, is there an earnings requirement associated with my status as a professional?
Ellie: Dave, we have no earning requirement. We have many entrepreneurs in the program. Our many wonderful entrepreneurship classes and business case competitions draw in a good number of self-employed individuals.
Ellie: These folks are highly regarded in the classroom because they bring in a very unique perspective to the discussions.
Garima: can students move between the weekend and evening programs, depending on any changes in the nature of job?
Humberto: Students are permitted to officially request a program transfer between the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs only once during their tenure. However, students in either program do have the opportunity to take courses in the other program, even if they are not officially a student in that program. So, Evening MBA students can take courses in the Weekend MBA Program, and vice versa. First preference for enrolling in these courses is given to the home population.
Summer: How many people are accepted to the Weekend Program every year and what do you look for in this type of students?
Katie: Hi Summer - Our Weekend MBA class starts each Fall quarter with about 100 students. We use a holistic admissions process which means that we evaluate candidates based on all the information they include in their application and interview. In general, successful applicants have strong academics and a GMAT score within our admitted range of upper 500s to 800. They also have a solid career path and know why Booth is a good fit for them.
Ilya: I am applying for the evening MBA. Can you give an idea of the type of students you are looking to admit into that program?
Ellie: Ilya, there is not a certain student we are looking to admit. We admit the best and the brightest. Students that are successful have shown excellence in their academic background and professional life.
Alberto: While it is easy to take evening program classes while enrolled in the weekend program and vice-versa, what are the guidelines regarding getting admitted to the evening program but taking all classes on the weekend program?
Beth: We strongly recommend applying to the program in which you would like to take the majority of your classes. Since Weekend students are given first priority in bidding for classes in the early phases, this will help you ensure you get the classes at the time which works best with your schedule.
Buckeye: How differently are the applications for the Weekend Program that are submitted by the Feb 11 deadline vs. that by the May deadline treated and handled?
Beth: Regardless of when you apply, all applications are reviewed by members of our Admissions Committee and a decision is made within 4-6 weeks. Please submit your application when you are ready.
SidneyN: what is the percentage of students with 1-2yrs of experience who get accepted.
Katie: SidneyN - Applicants with 0-3 years of experience are encouraged to apply to our Chicago Business Fellows program. CBF is a subset of the Evening MBA program that is designed for early entry candidates. CBF includes a Professional Development Seminar that helps Fellows develop their soft side skills. You can find more information here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/cbf.aspx
Katie: OR contact me at 312-464-8705.
Suvrat: How many courses do part-time students take per year on average? How long does it typically take to finish the part-time MBA? Are there courses in the summer quarter as well?
Humberto: Great questions, Suvrat. The average Evening MBA and Weekend MBA student will take 8 courses per year (2 courses per quarter). On average, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students graduate within 2 1/2 to 3 years. Yes, courses are offered during the Summer quarter in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs.
HenryG: What if my GMAT score is only 600 with 6.0 AWA? I believe I can do better but have been swamped at work lately?
Beth: While the choice of retaking the GMAT is ultimately yours, I recommend individuals retake the GMAT if they are concerned with their score. We do take a holistic approach to application review. Our average GMAT score is 680, with an admitted student range of upper 500s to 800. Retaking the GMAT will not be viewed negatively by the Admissions Committee.
G-220163129_1: Katie - let me rephrase my question: I got 710 and 4.0 in AWA. How would the adcom view my score of 4.0 in AWA as a part of my GMAT score?
Katie: G-2201631129_1, Since you have a solid AWA, we look at the overall score. In your case, your AWA and overall score are both good. A 710 is very strong.
Victor: Could you please describe the interview process, e.g. who conducts? What is Super Saturday?
Beth: Victor, interviews are conducted by members of our Admissions Committee, which is comprised of current students, alumni, and staff. Once you submit your application, our office will contact you to schedule your admissions interview. Interviews are conducted during the week at 4pm, 5pm, or 6pm. We also have one Saturday (Super Saturday) interview date a month where we conduct interviews at 9am, 10am, 11am, noon, and 1pm.
G-220082708: If our schedule allows it and we're comfortable with the workload, is it possible to complete the Saturday program in less than the 3 year minimum?
Humberto: Yes, students can complete the Weekend MBA Program in less than 3 years. There is no minimum enrollment time required for the Weekend MBA Program, and students are permitted to finish as quickly as they are comfortable. The average Weekend MBA student will complete their degree program in 2 1/2 to 3 years.
Victor: It normally takes some time for GMAC to send GMAT scores to schools. Do you consider an application complete as long as you have taken the GMAT before the deadline or do you need to allow time for the GMAT score to be be officially received by Booth before the deadline?
Beth: Great question! To review your application, we only need your unofficial scores. After completing the GMAT, you will receive an unofficial score report and you can self-report your scores directly into your application. You will only need to provide your official scores if you are admitted to the program.
Summer: Are there specific course requirements for applying? For instance, do I need to have had course work on accounting?
Beth: To apply to Chicago Booth, you need to complete an online application (essays, resume, two letters of recommendation, GMAT scores, transcripts). We do not require any previous coursework (accounting or otherwise). You do need to have earned a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) to apply.
Mike: Booth is known for the program's quantitative rigor. I have heard that there are efforts to make this a more balanced qualitative program. Can you comment on those efforts?
Ellie: The flexibility that the curriculum offers allows the student to create their own MBA experience. This includes taking the preliminary analytical classes but then breaking off and creating a schedule that best fits your needs, whether those classes be more qualitative focused vs. quantitative focused.
Suvrat: Do you have some statistics on what part-time students do after they complete the MBA - whether they change career paths, move up in their own organization, start new companies, etc.?
Katie: Suvrat, We have a mix of career changers and career advancers in both the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. Approximately 75% of our students end up changing careers during the program or after.
Victor: I have seen some MBA forums that talk about Grade Non Disclosure. Could you explain what that is and if it applies to Booth?
Humberto: Good question, Victor. Grade Non-Disclosure is a student-initiated "policy" that applies only to Full-Time MBA students at Booth. It requires that Full-Time MBA students not disclose their grades or specific academic achievements at Booth to potential employers. Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are not held to this "policy," nor does the Booth administration enforce it.
Mike: To add to SBP's question, I have heard that Booth is very open with allowing part-time students to interact/join full-time students. Is this generally a pretty fluid process if a candidate doesn't have a traditional 9-5 job in Chicago?
Beth: Part-time students can take full-time classes, provided their schedule permits. However, Chicago Booth does not offer the option of transferring between the part-time and full-time programs.
G-220137011: This is a pretty specific question on the application, for hobbies it is listed under the community involvement area. For the community involvement essays, it asks for time of involvement, leadership position... etc, are the hobbies supposed to be related to community involvement, or should we just talk in general about our hobbies?
Ellie: Talk in general about your hobbies but under Community Involvement is where you address the time involved, leadership positions, etc.
Victor: What is the typical intake of candidates per year for the Weekend MBA?
Beth: Victor, we typically bring in about 100 Weekend students each year.
Moderator: The chat will be closing in 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions.
SidneyN: When considering academic background as a bundle, how does the adcom view Engineers with lower quant scores on the GMAT?
Ellie: Sidney, we evaluate the GMAT in the same light whether you are an Engineer or not. Keep in mind, the GMAT is just one piece of the application and the Admissions Committee takes a holistic approach when reviewing the application.
Mz15: I expect my GMAT score to be no greater than 640. What do you think would be my chances for an admit in the Weekend program?
Katie: Mz15, You have a solid GMAT score. Our average is 700 for the Weekend MBA program, but we do admit across a wide range. If you have only taken the GMAT once and you are concerned about it, then, I suggest you take the GMAT again.
G-219875279: Can you provide more insight about the interview format? Will it be a series of one-on-one interviews with the admissions committee or more of a formal interview team structure?
Ellie: The interview is one interview with an Admissions Committee member (current student or alum) from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Program. The interview will take place at the Gleacher Center and will be approximately 40 minutes long.
G-220082708: Is there any coordination between the PT program and the EMBA program? I'm thinking in terms of schedule flexibility and networking.
Beth: Unfortunately there is not a lot of formal interaction between the Evening/Weekend program and the Executive program. The EMBA program has a set curriculum whereas the Evening/Weekend program has a lot of flexibility. Evening/Weekend students do not have classes with EMBA students. However, you can connect with them via our Community Directory.
G-220163129_1: Hi, I'm thinking of Management Consulting with companies like BCG, Booz etc post MBA. Are PT students able to make this transition? As of now I'm in Retail Industry.
Ellie: Yes, PT students are able to make this transition but, like any transition, it takes hard work. Starting early with networking opportunities and joining the Consulting Club are two ways to get a leg up.
Kristin: How strongly are grade trends weighted? When I first started college I had to work quite a bit to make ends meets, but on my last 60 credits I had a 3.8.
Beth: Kristin, when we review your transcripts we do notice upward progressions. Given your average GPA is a 3.8 and our average is a 3.4, I would not worry. If you would like to address this, you are more than welcome to talk about it in your optional essay question.
Jog: As you said there is no Toastmasters Club. What specific avenues are available for improving public speaking skills?
Humberto: In the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs, students can participate in programs offered by our Gleacher Speakers student group, which offers programming to help students improve their public speaking skills. Also, our Effective Leadership Program, which is a required component of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs, currently requires students to participate in 2 presentation seminars to improve these skills. Other student groups will offer opportunities to present cases, projects, or research at competitions throughout the year. Finally, many classes at Booth require students to present in front of the class, typically in a group project format.
G-220163129_1: Booth is generally known for Finance. Would Booth be a good fit for someone interested in strategy / general management?
Katie: G-220163229_1- Yes, Booth is a great fit for students interested in Strategy or General Management. As a matter of fact, the majority of our graduates end up in general management roles. This is because our students graduate as leaders and go onto play major management roles in a wide variety of industries. At Booth, you can build your own curriculum with 11 electives (of 20 courses) so you can focus in whatever you want.
Kristin: How close to Chicago must one live to apply for the CBF program?
Katie: The reason CBF students need to be in the Chicago area is because a requirement of the program is a Professional Development Seminar that takes place every Friday evening of the Fall quarter. If you can make it to the seminar every week, then, you are welcome to apply.
Dustin: Do you believe there to be a higher degree of rigor in the full time program as a result of the higher test scores?
Ellie: No, professors teach the same material across all sections (i.e., Full Time and Part Time) every week during the quarter. Because students can typically work in teams across sections and attend different sections throughout the quarter, Professors grade all Booth students in one bucket.
G-220082708: What weight is placed on our undergraduate GPA, if our workplace experience is 15 years plus and accomplished?
Beth: We take a holistic approach to reviewing applications. Undergraduate GPA is one component of the academic section of your application. We look at the institution you attended, if your grades generally improved throughout your time in college, as well as your GMAT scores when reviewing your academics.
Mike: I have heard that part-time students are usually less engaged in the program and more focused specifically on the classes. Understandable, considering that you juggle a full-time job. Can you comment on the culture and engagement level beyond classwork in the part-time program?
Humberto: Good question, Mike. Yes, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students typically have to juggle numerous responsibilities, including full-time jobs, families, and other commitments. However, there is a very robust student life in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs, including over 30 registered student groups and other programs and events offered on weekday evenings and Saturdays at the Gleacher Center. Students are encouraged to get as involved as their schedules and other responsibilities will permit.
NJ: Has the volume of application for the weekend program changed this year in comparison to the last few years?
Katie: NJ - We expect a similar or slightly increased volume of applications as compared to last year. With a deadline of May 13th, many of the applications have not yet been submitted.
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Moderator: Thanks again for joining us!
Victor: I have a new boss after a recent re-org, could I submit 1 letter of recommendation from my current supervisor and one from a colleague at a previous employer? Or should I get my second recommendation from an organization where I was doing volunteer teaching 2 years ago?
Beth: Victor, I would recommend obtaining a letter from the individuals who you think would provide the strongest recommendations. In your application, we ask you to explain why you chose your recommenders and you can speak to your choice there.
Victor: Are all courses available to both Weekend and Evening MBAs? If you decide on a particular course offered in the Weekend program, are you guaranteed a slot or is there some sort of lottery process?
Humberto: Courses at Booth are offered in the Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time MBA Programs. Courses that are in required areas are typically offered more frequently in all programs, whereas electives will rotate through all three programs. There is a bidding process at Booth that allows students to allocate "points" to courses, in order to show their preference for enrolling in that course.
Stacy: How flexible is the evening program for students that have to travel frequently for work?
Ellie: Stacy, many professors teach 3 different sections in a given quarter (i.e., Saturday class, Evening class, FT class). If you are unable to make your current section during the quarter, professors usually do not have a problem with you sitting in on another section for that week so you do not miss the material.
RainMaker: What is the requirement to participate in the on-campus recruiting for a full time position?
Beth: To participate in OCR, you must complete 4-5 Career Services seminars, have completed 12 classes, and if you are getting any tuition reimbursement from your employer you need to obtain a letter of consent.
Lauren: For the CBF program, it says it is a subset of the Evening MBA Program, does this allow flexibility for commuters to primarily take weekend classes?
Katie: Lauren, CBF students are Evening students. We ask that you be within the Chicago area if you are applying to CBF. During your first quarter, there is a required Professional Development Seminar that takes place every Friday of the fall quarter. After that quarter, if you want to take Saturday classes, you are welcome to do so.
Samta: Can you please comment on access to/strength of the alumni network while at Booth and after? What are the long-term networking opportunities?
Ellie: There are many ways to interact with alums both formally and informally at Booth. Alumni events are frequently opened to current students. Every quarter there is also a formal current student and alumni networking event at a bar or restaurant in the loop.
Suvrat: Can you briefly describe the Effective Leadership course?
Humberto: Effective Leadership is a program that allows Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students at Booth to further develop the "soft skills" needed in the business world, including presentation skills, conflict management, and team building. It's a series of seminars that must be completed in the beginning of a student’s MBA program.
Ellie: Thank you all for participating! It was a pleasure answering all of your questions. Please reach out if you have any further questions throughout the application process. Have a wonderful rest of the week!
Beth: Thank you for joining us today. I hope we answered your questions. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu. We hope to see you at one of our events.
Katie: It was great to chat with you today. Thanks for spending your lunch hour with us. If you would like to learn more, attending an Open House is a great next step. We have an Open House on Friday, February 4th at 6:30pm and a Diversity Open House on Thursday, February 10th at 6:30pm. You can sign up here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/
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