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Live Chat with Evening MBA Program Admissions

"Are you planning to start your MBA studies in the 2010 year? If so, hear first hand from the admissions directors from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. The chat will cover the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions."

Tuesday December 21, 2010 - 12:00 PM CST

Moderator: :Hello and welcome to our Admissions Live Chat! The chat will begin promptly at 12:00pm CST but please feel free to start submitting your questions now!

Moderator: We will begin the chat promptly in 10 minutes. Please feel free to start submitting your questions now.

George: I am associate dean of the E/W program. We are thrilled to have you join us. We have a large group gathered here today to answer all your questions.

Humberto: Hello everyone and welcome to the chat! I’m the Assistant Director here in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs and am looking forward to answering your questions! Kara: Welcome to our December online chat! I look forward to answering your questions about Booth’s Evening MBA, Weekend MBA and the application process.

Katie: Welcome to the Live Chat. I am here to answer your questions about the application process and Chicago Business Fellows. I look forward to helping you learn more about Booth.

Gretchen: I am the Director of Admissoins and welcome you to the chat. As we near the end of the 2010 year, this is a great time to get your academic plans set for 2011. We are thrilled you are interested in Chicago Booth. Ask all of your questions.

jamesbond: Hi, are most of the on campus recuiting events held on the weekends or the weekdays? As someone interested int he Weekend program, and flying in to Chicago every week, this is one of my main concerns. Thanks

George: Most of our recruiting events here in Chicago do happen during the week. However, we travel all over the country doing roadshows. Also, we do have class visits and interviews held on the weekend. If there are specific events you would like to attend, we would be glad to give you options to do so on the weekend.

jamesbond: Are part time students allowed to participate in on campus recruiting in their second years? Or can they do so in the first year too

Katie: Jamesbond- On campus recruiting is available to part time students. You can participate after completing 12 courses.

Aneesh: Hello. I know the admissions committee views an applicant’s community service in high regard. Personally most of my extra curricular activities are related to playing professional sports for many years. Does that cover for my lack of community service activity?

Gretchen: Hello Aneesh, you are correct that the Admissions Committee looks for one’s involvement in extracurricular activities. However, we do not specify any one area. Being involved in sports or any activity is great. You can explain your activities in your essay responses as well as in your interview.

Peter: Hello. My name is Peter, and I have a few questions. Is there any difference in the diploma text between the full time and part-time programs?

George: None-what-so-ever! You get the same degree. the text on each is the same. Sri: What is the 80% GMAT range for Part time weekend MBA program and Weeknight MBA Program

Katie: The admitted GMAT range for both the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA is upper 500’s to 800. The average for the Evening is a 680 and 700 for the Weekend.

Meredith: What is the deadline for Fall 2010 Evening Program?

Humberto: Our deadlines for the Evening MBA program for the Autumn 2010 and Winter 2011 quarters have passed, but the following are our upcoming deadlines:

Humberto: Spring 2011 Evening MBA - Friday, 1/14/11

Humberto: Summer 2011 Evening MBA - Friday, 4/8/11

Humberto: Autumn 2011 Evening MBA - Thursday, 6/30/11 Minneapolis: Hello! I have a meeting until 12:45pm so I will miss the first 45 minutes but wanted to submit the following questions: 1)Does everyone who applys to the Weekend program receive an interview? 2) How much weight is put on undergraduate GPA if I have 6.5 years of work experience including and Expat assignment and a high GMAT score? 3) If I am in the Chicago area can I coordinate a visit and meet some faculty and students? Thank you!

Kara: Hi! I am happy you could join us for a bit. Yes, all applicants who submit an application are invited to interview. All interviews take place at the Gleacher Center. We take a holistic view in evaluating applicants, so we really do not “weight” things. GPA may be less important if one has more work experience and a strong GMAT score. We would love to have you visit. I suggest you plan to visit on a Saturday so you can observe a class and meet current Weekend MBA students. Class visits will begin on January 10th for Winter quarter. Feel free to email me at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu and I will email you as soon as the class visit options are posted online.

Drads: Is the weekend MBA program conducive to career switchers ?

George: Relative to the full-time, no.

George: In general it is harder to career switch from part-time programs because they do not provide internship opportunities. If an internship is a critical part of our success, then you should go full-time. Most of the weekend students get their next jobs through the connections they make with the 1600 other part-time students. As a weekend student at Booth you will be in class with other evening and full-time students. It is a great networking opportunity.

Drads: Thank you so much for your time to answer our questions. Is there any on campus accomodation available for weekend MBA students?

Humberto: Chicago Booth does not provide housing near the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago. However, there are numerous hotels in the area and Weekend MBA students have access to discounted rates via the Chicago Booth Hotel Program.

Brett: If I have just a decent, but not great, undergraduate GPA of about 3.0, would it improve my admission chances by taking some math and business classes at a local community college in order to improve my cumulative GPA?

Gretchen: Hello Brett, a 3.0 gpa is certainly within our range of gpa. Since every college and college course is different, it would be best to focus on your GMAT score to display your academic preparation. If you do however have an interest in taking an academic course before you apply, please look into taking a class as a Graduate Student at Large via the Graham School at the University of Chicago. Up to three of these classes can be transferred to Chicago Booth with a grade of a C or higher.

G-168329124: Hello, I have two questions: (1) can you accept a GRE score instead of a GMAT score and (2) can you elaborate on the difference between the CBT program and the regular evening MBA? is someone with <3yrs experience required to apply to CBT? Thank you very much.

Kara: Hello! We do not accept the GRE in place of the GMAT. I think you are referring to CBF, the Chicago Business Fellows, program. CBF is a sub set of the Evening MBA and we bring in a class each fall. If you have 0-3 years of work experience, we typically suggest you apply to CBF. The academic experience is the same. The main difference is that we require some additional professional development for CBF. To apply for CBF it is required that you are working full-time in the Chicago land area.

booth11: What is the Average GMAT for incoming part-time students? and what is the average work experience?

George: In our latest evening class the average GMAT was a 681. The weekend average was a 700. The average work experience is around 6 years.

Michelle: Is the Feb. 11 date more like a first round? Do you accept applications until May?

Katie: Michelle - the Weekend MBA and the Evening MBA admissions are both rolling. We will accept applications any time between now and the deadline of May 13th. You will receive an admissions decision 4-6 weeks after you submit.

Meredith: After I attend one of the Open House events, I would like to sit in on a class visit, how can i sign up for that?

Kara: Meredith, I highly recommend you visit a class! There will be some great options to visit Winter quarter. Class visits will begin January 10th. Feel free to email me at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu and I will email you as soon as the class visit options are posted online.

Drads: Do weekend MBA program students have access to Full time MBA clubs and events such as entrepreneurship clubs and conferences?

Humberto: Many of the Full-Time MBA Program registered student groups are open to Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students. However, much of their programming takes place on the main University of Chicago campus on weekdays. The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs also have over 30 registered student groups, including an entrepreneurship club. Weekend MBA students also have access to a number of conferences at discounted student rates.

Paul: what is the demographics (age, experience, field, etc) of the evening MBA program

George: 29 years old with 6 years of work experience. They come from all over the place and from all kinds of different experiences, including; professional athletes, professional musicians, MD’s, JD’s and career military. We recruit and encourage diversity in the classroom.

Peter: Is it possible to switch between evening and weekday options (i.e. I move on toa new job in Chicago during my time at Booth and want to start attending classes during the week instead of Saturdays)

George: YES! Once in your time here you can switch between the evening and weekend programs. It is as simple as filling out a form and telling us your situation.

G-168342206: Hello there Katie! I am a Madison WI resident. I am a US resident. How does that affect on the tuition?

Katie: Hello G-168342206 - Tuition is the same for all students regardless of where you live or your residency status. Many students receive tuition assistance from their employer, but this is certainly not required. Currently the cost per course is $5,045. We require 20 courses to graduate.

Srinivas: What kind of financial aid/ loans/ scholarships available for a weekend MBA program? How to go about applying for them?

Gretchen: Srinivas, every student is eligible for financial aid. The options are different for US citizens, permanent residents and international students. As the part time students are working, there is not an option for scholarships. Please see the website for more details: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/financialaid.aspx

Peter: For the International MBA, is it possible to start the program with the study abroad portion, or is it required to complete the core curriculm first?

Humberto: Chicago Booth students who have officially declared their intent to complete the IMBA degree must first complete 7 Chicago Booth courses before studying abroad (including 3 before applying to the IBEP program). It is encouraged that students complete most of their required components of the curriculum before studying abroad.

Mark: Thanks for your time today. I have a question regarding the application process and admission timeline. The website says that the Early Admission deadline for the Fall Weekend program is Friday, February 11th. I am scheduled to take the GMAT at the end of January. Is that enough time before the Early Admission deadline? Also, any insight on when the interviews typically occur for the Early Admission? Thank you.

Kara: Mark, I am pleased to read you are applying to the Weekend MBA. We only require you to self report your unofficial GMAT score at the time you apply. You will have this score as soon as you complete the exam, so, yes, you could certainly apply for the early deadline. You will be contacted within a day or two of submitting your application to schedule your interview. We will have interviews open on Saturday, February 12th and Saturday, March 5th. We also have interviews available Mon-Fri at 4, 5 and 6pm.

G-168047979: Hello, as someone with 15 years of software development experience, and a recent Masters degree in Computer Information Systems, would you recommend taking additional introductory courses in business/finance before attempting to apply to Chicago Booth’s weekend MBA program? Thanks.

Gretchen: G-168047979, thank you for your interest in Chicago Booth. Given your number of years of work experience and your masters in CI Systems, I would not suggest you take additional coursework. Your GMAT score is the opportunity to display your academic preparation. We look forward to receiving your application.

Mani: Do Evening and Weekend MBA students have access to the same placement opportunities as the Full Time MBAs?

George: Outside of on campus recruiting yes they are exactly the same. Part-time programs do not have access to internship recruiting on campus. We posted over 500 one-off internship opportunities on our job board that are available to part-time students, but on-campus recruiting for internships are not available. Also, everyone is welcome to participate in on-campus recruiting for full-time jobs, with one exception. If you have received tuition reimbursement from your current employer, you must get their approval to interview for jobs on campus.

Dharma: What’s the deadline for submitting applications for weekend MBA program Kara: Dharma, the early application deadline is Friday, February 11th, and the final deadline is Friday, May 13th. However, we have rolling admission, which means you can apply at anytime and you will have a decision in 4-6 weeks.

Abhi: What is the average GMAT / 80% range for GMAT for the weekend MBA prgoram ?

Katie: Abhi - The admitted range for the Weekend MBA program is upper 500’s to 800. The average GMAT is 700.

Vijay: What is the minimum GMAT score needed

Katie: Vijay - The admitted GMAT range is upper 500’s to 800. The average for the Evening MBA is 680 and 700 for the Weekend. There is no minimum score to apply.

G-168040809: If a part-time student’s schedule permits, can he/she take more than a part-time course load utilizing both Evening and Weekend classes? and even Daytime classes?

George: Yes, to take more than three classes we ask that you meet with one of our counselors so we can work with you to determine if this is the right course of action for you to take, but in the end, you are able to take up to 5 classes with that approval.

G-168040809: Good afternoon everyone, I am interested in learning more about how a student in the Weekend MBA program can take classes during the week with students in the Evening program and vice versa. I’m not sure which program right now would be best for me to apply, but the flexibility described online and in the brochure is very intriguing.

Gretchen: G-168040809, the flexibility of the Booth curriculum is second to none! You can choose what classes you take (20+ out of 150+ options), where you take them (at the Harper Center or at the Gleacher Center) and in what timeframe (1-2+ per quarter). For your application to a specific program, think about when you envision taking the majority of your classes, either in the evening (6-9pm) or on a Saturday (9am-12pm and 1:30-4:30pm) and apply to that one knowing you can choose classes in another program.

Raj: Hi, Are students from other countries are accepted for this program? Kara: Hi Raj, many of our students are from outside of the US, but are now in the US on a work visa. We are not allowed to matriculate students on F1 student visas. If you will need a student visa, the Full-Time MBA would be your best option. However, if you are living in Canada, there is another option we could discuss. Feel free to email me at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu.

Jesse: Good afternoon. I live in the Washington DC area and was curious as to if the interviews required for the application can be conducted in other parts of the country?

Katie: Jesse, All admissions interviews take place in Chicago at our downtown campus. They are 1 on 1 with a member of the admissions committee which consists of current students, alumni, and admissions officers.

VP: Is the answer for career switchers applicable to evening programs too?

George: Yes. The easiest program from which to switch careers is the full-time program over the evening and weekend. Again, this assumes that an internship is a critical part of your switch. In fact, we believe, outside of finance, it often is not critical. Your years, and quality, of experience coupled with an Booth MBA will open many doors for you.

Peter: Regarding the joint degree for a MA in International Relations, is it possible to complete the MA degree as a part-time student?

Humberto: Yes, it is possible for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Program students to achieve the MBA/MA in International Relations joint degree. However, the course requirements for the MA component would be difficult for a full-time working professional to manage. I would encourage you to research the MBA/MA in International Relations program in more depth via the Committee on International Relations website: http://cir.uchicago.edu/.

booth11: Is there any way to avail some kind of loan for tuition for part time programs

Gretchen: booth11, yes financial aid is an option for all Booth students. Depending on your status—US citizen, permanent resident or international student, you can request a loan. See the website for more details: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/financialaid.aspx

Tong: Can you tell me what the GPA range is for the Weekend program? How are GPA and GMAT scores evaluated?

Kara: Tong, the average GMAT for the Weekend MBA is 700 and the admitted range is upper 500’s to 800. We take a holistic approach when evaluating applicants, and we look at your academic background, professional background, and your community/extracurricular involvement.

G-168352343: Hello Gretchen - Does the adminssions committee ever revisit an application after denying acceptance? And can a prospective student apply more than once?

Gretchen: G-168352343, yes, the Admissions Committee values reapplicants to the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. There is not a limit on how many times one can reapply. We would like to work with reapplicants on how to best present the application when reapplying. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.

Dharma: What does admission office look for in application

Katie: Dharma, We use a holistic admissions process. Every application that is submitted is read multiple times by the admissions committee, admissions officers, and our deans. The essays, GMAT, transcripts, and letters of recommendation are main components of the application. If you are weak in one area, I encourage you to focus on the other areas.

G-168047979: What percentage of weekend MBA students fly in to Chicago to take Saturday classes? If such students are only on campus for one day of each week, are they still able to get the most from the Chicago Booth experience? Thanks.

George: 86% of our weekend students come from outside the Illinois area. They come from a very diverse geography. We offer all our career service offerings etc. on Saturday so that weekend students can get all the service that evening students get. With that said, the fact that weekend students are here one day vs. five, means that there are just more opportunities for evening students to be on campus for midweek social events. Also, if you go through on-campus recruiting, all interviews are offered on the weekday and would require you to fly in to attend.

Mark: Are elective courses in real estate offered in the Weekend MBA program?

Humberto: Yes, elective courses in real estate have been and are currently being offered in the Weekend MBA program, as well as the Evening MBA and Full-Time MBA Programs.

aschellp: Hello - Can you apply to both the Full Time and Part Time programs? Kara: No, you can only apply to one program at a time. Each program yields the same degree, which is why you can only apply to one program at a time.

mke2010: Hi. I have been told that international applicants with more than 2 years of fullt-time work experience are exempt for TOEFL requirements for the evening MBA program. How do I request this waiver as I could not find a place holder to request so?

Gretchen: mke2010, in the application there will be a dropdown option in the test section of the application and you would opt to waive the TOEFL if you have been working in the US for two years.

Dharma: My GMAT score is 650 and I am playing to apply for Weekend MBA. I am planning to retake GMAT but I don’t want to delay my application.

George: We would need the GMAT score by January 21st for this deadline. This can be a self-reported GMAT score. We can verify it later for you.

Sara: Hello - Question regarding the GMAT. Do you put more weight into the quantitave or verbal GMAT scores? For example, if your overall GMAT score is good, but your quantitative score is mediocre, do you recommend re-taking the test?

Kara: Sara, we focus more on the total score. If you are unsatisfied with your total score, I would suggest you retake the exam. Otherwise, self report your score and focus on the remainder of the application.

G-168342206: If I join to the weekend MBA program on summer 2011, when should I graduate?

Gretchen: G-168342206, hello. The Weekend MBA Program begins each fall and the timeframe for when you want to complete the degree is up to you. The Weekend MBA Program is not a cohort program or a lockstep curriculum, meaning you decide how many classes you would like to take per quarter. If you take 2 classes per quarter, you will complete the degree in 2.5 years. You could complete the degree in a shorter timeframe or longer.

Tong: What’s the typical class size of the weekend program? How many students per cohort and how many cohorts per year? Thanks! Humberto: The average entering class size for the Weekend MBA program is 100 students. The Weekend MBA program has one entering class per year in the Autumn quarter.

Sara: I know that the application requires two letters of recommendation. Is it advantageous to submit more than 2? Do you recommend getting at least one letter from a Booth alum?

George: Sara, three is fine, we don’t recommend more as it becomes overkill. Yes, IF a Booth alumni knows you well enough to write a thorough evaluation of our work skills, then that would be great. However, the most important thing is finding someone who will write you are great recommendation AND is very familiar with your abilities. We have had Presidents of the United States “write” letter of recommendation, but they are not specific enough and thus do not count for much.

Moderator: We are halfway through the chat and we’ve had lots of great questions so far. The Admissions team is eager to continue the dialogue. Continue submitting those questions!

SidneyN: Hi, as a weekend applicant am I required to have my interview in Chicago?

Katie: Hi SidneyN - Yes, all admissions interviews take place in Chicago at the Gleacher Center. We have several Saturday interview dates to accommodate Weekend applicants. The next couple are January 15th and February 12th.

sid: Does the weekend mba or evening mba programs have access to campus interviews ? Kara: Sid, are you referring to on campus recruiting (OCR) interviews? If so, yes, part-time students are allowed to participate in OCR. However, if your company is paying all or some of your tuition, you will need written permission to go through OCR.

aschellp: Hello - Is it possible to apply to both the Weekend and Full time programs?

Gretchen: aschellp, we do ask that you apply to one program at a time. The Weekend MBA Program is a great option for those applicants who are working. Both the Full Time Program and the Part Time Program award you the same degree, as the faculty and the curriculum are the same.

VP: Can i apply for a evening program if i have 10yrs of experience in various functions of a company or a weekend program is the best option given my experience?

George: Yes, having one more year of work experience than our average will be allowed :)

George: Seriously, 6 years is just our average. We have individuals starting their second career who have 35 years of experience. You will not feel out of place with 10 years of experience in either program.

David: Hello, thanks for hosting the chat session. I have a question regarding to curriculum. Are the courses/professors the same in between full time and part time weekend program? Are students in the weekend program allowed to select from courses provided for full time students, assuming student can arrage the time properly. Thanks!

Humberto: Thanks for joining us, David! Yes, the faculty and courses overlap across the Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, and Full-Time MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. Therefore, students in each of those three MBA programs may enroll in courses outside of their home program. So, if you were able to arrange your schedule accordingly and successfully add a full-time MBA program course to your schedule, you would be able to take a class at the Harper Center.

Bico: Should have submitted you application before you will be allowed a class visit?

Gretchen: Bico, you do not have to submit an application before visiting a class. In fact, visiting a class is a great way to experience Chicago Booth! Class visits will begin on 1/10/11. Sign up today: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/visiting.aspx

Nick: I wanted to ask what % of part time students enrolled in Booth are career changers?

George: Not many report that when they enter. We ask in our admission survey and it is very small, less than 20%. However, between then and graduation the number goes up significantly as people become familiar with different career options and meet people at companies at which they have interest.

David: Hello, could you share number of how many applicants there are for autumn 2010 and how many got admitted? Thanks!

Kara: David, we do not release our application numbers. We matriculated 100 Weekend MBA students and approximately 170 Evening MBA students for fall 2010.

Mani: Is there any reason why the GMAT score requirements are much lower for the Evening/Weekend MBA Program as compared to the Full Time MBA Program at Booth though they offer the same degree/diploma?

Katie: Mani- Good question. The full-time program receives thousands of applications for 550 seats each fall. We admit each quarter for the Evening MBA program and once for the Weekend MBA program. Also, our students are further removed from the academic setting when they apply.

rita: Is there any support from the Program for career search and advancement

George: Yes. We help with resume writing, interview skills, thank you letters, networking skills and practice. We couch people on how to ask their boss for a promotion and how to ask HR what is next for you once you complete your degree. If you have anything specific in mind let me know.

Raj: What is the intake in numbers for both programs?

Gretchen: Raj, hello. Chicago Booth brings in between 100-110 students for the Weekend MBA Program each Fall and close 450 for the Evening MBA Program, divided into 4 classes. There is no advantage to apply to one quarter versus another quarter for the Evening MBA Program.

Tong: If I miss a weekend on the weekend program, can I make it up somehow? Kara: Tong, ideally you will not miss a class during the 11-week quarter. However, if you need to miss you have the options to attend the Evening MBA or Full-Time MBA section, as the lecture is the same in each section. If you are unable to make up the class, be sure to let the faculty know of your absence and make sure a class mate relays important information you missed.

G-168329124: What is the maximum number of classes an Evening MBA can take? Can an Evening MBA participate in a study abroad term?

Humberto: Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, and Full-Time MBA Program students may enroll in a maximum of 5 courses per quarter, while the average Evening MBA student will take 2 courses per quarter while working full-time. Yes, Evening MBA students can participate in either one full-term or short-term IBEP study abroad program during their time as a student at Chicago Booth.

SidneyN: When counting my work experience I plan on factoring in the four summer internships i had as an undergrad. How does the admissions committee view this?

Gretchen: SidneyN, thank you for your interest in Chicago Booth. The Admissions Committee counts full time work experience from when one graduated from college. However, please do talk about your four summer internships in your essays and in your interview if it is relevant to reasons for pursuing an MBA.

mke2010_1: What is the average acceptance rate for the Booth Evening MBA program? Kara: Hi, we do not release our acceptance rate. I can tell you that we matriculate 80-90 students each winter, spring and summer quarter. We matriculate around 170 Evening MBA and 100 Weekend MBA students each fall.

G-168040809: Can you only switch between Evening & Weekend once? Can you take classes both in the evening & on the weekend in the same semester?

Gretchen: G-168040809, Yes, you can transfer officially from the Weekend to the Evening and the Evening to the Weekend. Yes, you can take classes in two different programs at the same time. Booth’s flexibility is extremely valuable!

A: Hello. Thanks for answering my earlier question. I want to visit an info session and attend a class on a Saturday. However, the next info session on campus is on 7th Jan. Since it is a weekday, it is very difficult for me to attend. But I can attend a class on a Saturday. Do you recommend attending the info session prior to attending a class?

Kara: I recommend you attend a class. Class visits will begin Monday, January 10th for winter quarter. Please email me at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu and I will email you as soon as the class visit options are posted online. There will be a variety of Weekend classes to choose from.

Jose: Hello, Im currently preparing to apply for the Chicago Business Fellows program. I was wondering if you could comment on how competitive the admissions process is for the CBF vs. the regular full/part time programs?

Katie: Hello Jose - For the CBF program, the average GMAT is closer to 700 as compared to a 680 for the regular Evening program. We place a larger emphasis on academics with CBF applicants because they have less work experience. Additionally, we ask that CBF applicants participate in a CBF Candidate Day. During the CBF Day, your admissions interview occurs. The upcoming CBF Days are 4/16 and 6/18. For more information or to register, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/CBF.aspx

Moderator: The chat will be closing in 10 minutes. Please continue to submit your final questions! Please note, as we often get repeats of questions, we will try to address the general topic (if not your specific question).

G-162658928: Are there any opportunities for scholarships in the Evening and Weekend programs?

Humberto: Unfortunately, there are not currently any scholarships available for students in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. However, part-time students do have access to apply for both federal and private loans through the Chicago Booth Office of Financial Aid.

Srinivas: Thanks Gretchen, if I want to take a loan, what options are available? Does Chicago Booth work with certain banks, so the student can get a better interest rate?

Gretchen: Srinivas, we encourage you to contact the Office of Financial Aid directly, either at 773 702 3964 or at financial.aid@chicagobooth.edu.

Peter: Is the weekend option more competitive in admissions than the weeknight option?

George: Just about the same. It may be a bit more competitive because we get applications from all over the country so we have a few more variables to work with to make it a very diverse class experience. But is is just marginally so if at all.

Vijay: What is the starting average salary for a weekend MBA graduate

George: Because almost all of our weekend and evening students get their jobs through networking and not through on-campus recruiting, we do not capture or track that information. Sorry.

Sneha: How many weeks prior to submitting an application for the Weekend MBA program should I have completed my GMAT?

Kara: Since you receive your unofficial score the day you take the exam, you technically have until the day of the deadline to take the exam. We only require that you self report your unofficial score at the time you apply.

Sneha: What is the class size and acceptance rates for the Weekend MBA program?

George: on average we bring in 100-105 students. I don’t have the acceptance rate with me, and one of the reasons i don’t know it is that we don’t report that externally. We don’t want to scare anyone off from applying. To be honest it is a tough place to get into, but we hope everyone would put forth their best effort.

Bico: Is there any adavantage if you apply early?

Gretchen: Bico, we are on rolling admissions, which means we will review the application and make a decision once the application is submitted and the interview is conducted. There is no real advantage of applying early. Apply when you are ready!

Vijay: please explain your step-by-step admission process for weekend MBA

Katie: Vijay - I would love to talk to you about the admissions process. Please, give me a call at 312-464¬8705 after the chat is over and I will walk you through it. In short, you complete an application (including your GMAT), you interview, and then we provide an admissions decision. We hope that you attend an event at the Gleacher Center or one of our receptions across the U.S. during that time as well.

Abhi: I am an International student currently on H1B Visa. I was wondering if Weekend MBA students have loan options available to them without a US-cosigner ?

Kara: Hi Abhi, yes, you have the option to take out private student loans. One option does not require a co signer.

Raj: What courses are offered for students with IT background?

George: All courses are available to all students. There are no backgrounds required for any of our 150ish classes, or any of our 14 concentrations.

sid: can we switch from weekend mba to full time mba at a later time?

Katie: Sid - You can transfer between the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program, however, you are unable to transfer to the full-time program.

mke2010: Hi. I am applying to Booth Evening MBA for Spring 2011 quarter. Am I required to submit the official GMAT score by the application deadline of Jan 14, 2001?

Gretchen: mke2010, we look forward to receiving your application in the coming weeks. We only need your unofficial gmat score by 1/14/11. This means you can take the gmat on the day of the deadline and report your unofficial score that day.

Dharma: How much is the application fees for Weekend MBA program

Katie: Dharma - The application fee is $175. You pay the fee when you submit the application.

G-168342206: for the weekend MBA program, up to how many courses can I take per semester?

Humberto: Weekend MBA students are permitted to enroll in a maximum of 5 courses per quarter at Chicago Booth. However, there are 2 course sessions on Saturdays (9am-12pm and 1:30pm-4:30pm) in which the majority of Weekend MBA students will take classes at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago. Weekend MBA students also have shared first-priority to Friday Evening MBA courses along with Evening MBA students.

G-168040809: Are there any graduate assistantships or fellowships available to students in the Part-time programs?

Kara: No, there are no assistantships or fellowship for part-time students. Most students fund the program with some combination of student loans, company assistance and personal savings.

G-168342206: When is the deadline for applying for the weekend MBA program for Summer 2011?

Kara: You can apply for the Weekend MBA for Fall quarter only. The final application deadline is Friday, May 13th. We have rolling admission, so you can apply at any time and have a decision in 4-6 weeks.

G-168040809: What can an applicant expect during an admissions interview. What topics of discussion? How long do interview typically last?

George: Interviews are around one hour. It is more a discussion than an interview. We want for you to get everything you need to decide whether this program is right for you, just like we are trying to discern if you are right for the program. The interview is good for looking at things that are hard to discern in the essays. Personality and communication skills come to mind.

siddhartha: if admitted to weekend mba, can we switch to full time mba

Gretchen: siddhartha, there is the option to take classes in the full time mba program; however one cannot officially transfer to the full time program. This is a great question to think about at this time whether the full time or part time option for a Booth MBA is more ideal for you. The same degree is awarded for all Booth MBA Programs.

mke2010: Hi. I am applying for Booth Evening MBA Spring 2011 quarter. Does Booth Evening MBA offer multiple specializations? For example, Marketing, Strategy and International Business? Are the specializations mentioned on the Booth MBA degree?

George: Yes, you can get as many as you want. On average our students get three. You get to decide which of the ones you get are listed on your transcript.

AB: How important is >3 years of work experience for a prospective applicant with a very high undergraduate GPA and GMAT score?

Katie: AB - If you are confident in your application, you are welcome to submit with less than 3 years of experience. If you want to discuss further, give me a call at 312-464-8705.

Michelle: for students who had an undergrad major in business, would Booth consider waiving some of the core class requirement?

Humberto: All Chicago Booth students are required to take 20 courses, 9 of which need to be in certain academic areas (financial accounting, statistics, microeconomics, etc.). Students with strong backgrounds in specific academic areas can take more advanced level courses in lieu of the basic level courses in those areas.

VP: My undergrad scores for 4yrs engineering course are reported in % (like 80% overall) and graduate program has score reported in GPA but on a scale of 8. What is the best way to report these scores in the online application since they are not a scale of 4.0

Katie: VP - Regarding your transcripts, please upload a copy to your application, including your degree certificate. If your GPA is not on a 4.0 scale feel free to leave that field blank.

Srinivas: Does writing useful/technical blogs come under community service? Can you tell what is the most common/typical community service you look for, or the ones you get in the applications?

Gretchen: Srinivas, if writing blogs is not part of your work, yes, it is great to put this under the extracurricular area. We are not looking for any specific role in the community, but more so want to see one’s involvement in something outside of work. You can also share in this section what groups you would want to get involved in at Chicago Booth. We have 34 active student groups!

Paul: how long is the interview and what are the main items that the admission teams looks for in the applicant

Kara: Paul, the interview is an hour and you interview with a current student or alumni who are on our admissions committee. We look are a wide variety of factors when evaluating an applicant: academic background professional background, fit at Chicago Booth, and extracurricular/community involvement.

Chicago2013orbust: As for the admissions deadline for the weekend program, I noticed there are two rounds. Is there an advantage to applying 1st versus 2nd round?

George: This is the first year we are trying two rounds. We don’t think that there will be a significant difference, but I will be able to tell you after February 11th if that is true, unfortunately, that will be too late to make a difference this time around.

Abhi: CAn a weekend MBA student attend the campus recruiting events that happen during the week ?

Humberto: Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are eligible to participate in the On-Campus Recruiting program for full-time jobs, assuming they meet certain criteria before participating.

G-168342206: what is the percentage of on-line classes during the MBA program?

Kara: Hi, there are no online classes in the MBA program Moderator: The chat has now ended. There were so many engaging questions that we’re sorry we weren’t able to answer them all. You can remain in the chat room as we post the last few answers.

Mark: On average, how many people apply to the weekend MBA program each year?

George: I don’t have that number with me. We recruit all over the US so it is a competitive process. Dharma: What do admission office look for in essay: Originality of Idea or the structure of the essay.

Katie: Dharma - The content of the essay as well as the writing quality and grammar are important.

nicolette: Hello Admissions Team! I am an out of state applicant that intends to apply to the Fall 2011 Evening program very soon. I am applying early to enable my current employer to transfer me to our Chicago office. I have already received clearance to transfer in the event that I am admitted. As the deadline for Fall 2011 is not until June, will I still receive notification of the admissions decision in the standard 4-6 week timeline?

Kara: Nicolette, feel free to apply as soon as your application is complete. We have rolling admission, which means you will have our decision in 4-6 weeks from the time you submit your application.

VP: One of the requirement for evening program is to be a resident of greater chicago area. Right now i dont live in greater chicago area but if i get accepted to the program, I can move to chicago anytime (my company has office in Chicago and can transfer if needed). Do i need to have a residence in chicago before i can even apply and get accepted or is it OK if i can make the move based on my acceptance? What documentation or proof is needed for applying for evening program in this case

Katie: VP - You do not need to be a resident of Chicago to apply to the Evening MBA program. Just state in your application that you plan to move to Chicago. You do not need to provide a document to prove it.

Tong: Hello. Can you share the undergraduate GPA range of your students?

George: Our average is 3.42, I don’t have the ranges with me. David: Hello. Is it possible to arrange a class visit on the same day as the interview? Thanks

Gretchen: David, yes and this is a great idea. You can request a 5pm interview, Monday-Friday, and request to visit a class from 6-9pm that night. You can also interview on a Saturday and visit a morning or an afternoon class. Once the application is submitted, you will have the chance to discuss these options with our admissions colleagues.

Paul: how are the class sizes? Do students work in teams, and if so what is the number of students per team? Humberto: Most course sections in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs at Chicago Booth are capped at a maximum enrollment of 65 students, with the average being between 40-50 students per section. The amount of teamwork and the size of those teams will vary depending on the specific course that is being taken.

David: Hello, would you have a word-limit suggestion for the optional essay in weekend program application? Thanks

Katie: David, The optional essays are usually short as they are explaining one specific outlying element of the application. I suggest a 500 word limit.

Vijay: George, I understand part time students are also allowed to attend OCR, is that not correct?

George: You can attend OCR for full-time positions! The only stipulation is, if your current company has provided you with tuition reimbursement, you must get their permission to go through OCR.

George: You cannot go through OCR for internships as a part-time student

Gretchen: Please call me at 312 464 8703 if you have any other questions!

Gretchen: Go Chicago Booth. Happy Holidays! Kara: Thank you for joining our chat! I am sure you’ll have more as you continue your research and move through the application process. Feel free to email additional questions to eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu. Happy holidays!!!

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George: I wish we had two more hours to answer questions, but we have run out of food and soda here, and that is the fuel we run on.

George: Please contact us with further queries in our office. We have a full staff of individuals who are here to meet with you and answer your quandaries. Have a GREAT holiday and prosperous and healthy 2011!!!

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