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Art Middlebrooks, Executive Director for the Kilts Center for Marketing joined us to talk about Marketing at Chicago Booth, the marketing concentration, and the curriculum, among other interesting marketing topics.

Tuesday November 16, 2010 - 12:00 PM CDT

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George: Hello all. Very excited to be eating our lunch with you (I am having Thai!). This chat is dedicated to Marketing at Booth, but we look forward answering any questions you have about Booth. We have individuals here from Marketing, Admissions and Student Services.

Caitlyn: Hello! My name is Caitlyn Olofsson. Thank you for joining us today on the chat! I'm here to answer any questions you have about the student life, events, or the curriculum at Chicago Booth.

Art: Welcome! This is Art Middlebrooks, Clinical Professor of Marketing & Executive Director of the Kilts Center for Marketing. I teach 2 courses: "Developing New Products" and "Marketing of Services". I'm also a Booth alum from 1988. Look forward to your questions!

Ellie: Hi everyone, welcome to our online chat! My name is Ellie McDonald and I am an Associate Director of Admissions as well as a current Evening MBA student here at Chicago Booth. I look forward to answering all of your questions.

jaypee: Thank you George for hosting this session. This question iss to Prof Art - I have heard good reviews about Marketing Mentorship Program. Is this available to Part time students ?

Art : Hi jaypee, thanks for joining us. The "Marketing Mentors" program is available to both part-time and full-time students. There is strong interest among part-time students for this program. We try to pair students up with an alumnus who went through the program that the student is currently enrolled in.

George: Sorry all. We had major technology glitches. We are now back online. If you did not see your question answered, feel free to re-submit.

Shuai: Hi Arthur, I noticed your major in undergraduate school is computer science. My undergraduate major is computer science. So how do you think computer science help you in your career in Marketing and finance?

Art : Hi Shuai, I think the analytical skills I developed in my undergrad computer science classes have continued to help me in Marketing and Consulting. I also was an Econ major in undergrad. A lot of marketing decisions are grounded in economics (e.g. pricing).

Joseph: Hi - Reading from the last chat transcript , got to know that the fall cycle has the max number of students. Would it mean that I stand a better chance of acceptance if apply for fall cycle. Or is the acceptance rate pretty consistent across the cycles.

George : Consistent across all quarters. We take more in fall because we get the most applications.

G-109215178: Hi. How many classes are needed to fulfill a marketing major?

George : You must take three classes to fulfill the marketing concentration.

G-109215142: Professor Middlebrooks, Booth puts a large emphasis on quantittive approaches to analytical thinking. After the recession, a number of jobs moved from Wall St to Madison Ave. Advertising today is more data driven than ever before and their are no bounds on the statistical methods that can be applied to digital advertising strategies. Can you describe the ways in which Booth is preparing students for careers in the new age of Internet marketing?

Art : Hi, thanks for your question. We offer a very unique MBA course called "Data Driven Marketing" that addresses a wide variety of analytically-oriented marketing methods, including digital marketing. We also have partnered with the Polsky Center to offer a weekend seminar on Digital Marketing. We will repeat something similar this year. Finally, our course on Integrated Brand Communications deals with Internet marketing as a communications channel.

Joseph: Hi - My name is Joseph Skariah and I plan to apply for the Spring 2011 cylce. I took my GMAT in Oct 2005. When i contacted MBA.com they confirmed that my scores are sill valid. But given the fact that its post 5 year mark , wanted to confirm with Adcom that , this is fine.

Gretchen : Hello Joseph,

Gretchen: Please call Beth Daily at 312.464.8702 to discuss your GMAT scores.

Saleslady: Is is possible to attend the part time program year roound?

Gretchen : Saleslady, you may begin the Evening MBA Program in the fall, winter, spring or summer. The Weekend MBA Program begins once a year in the fall. Classes are held at the Gleacher Center year round.

Mohan: How is the Marketing curiculllum in Booth is going to accomodate the strategies for ever changing world?

George : We teach the fundamentals that do not change. Understanding statistics, psychology and the laws of economics will help you understand the issues that you will fact 10 years from now, just as they will help you solve your problems today. We do not teach you how to use Google, we teach you how to handle any disruptive technology, so you can repeat it anytime in the future.

G-109163941: Hi. I'm interested in the customer journey. I work for a firm that does all its marketing through relationships, and I'm most focused on how to build client relations, products, loyalty campaigns, sales and customer service staff, etc to all build client relationships. I'm not so interested in mass marketing/advertising type efforts. Are there any profs/classes at Chicago that get into that side of marketing?

Art : The Consumer Behavior class deals with customer journeys, as does my class "Marketing of Services". In "Marketing of Services", the final project involves mapping out the customer journey in terms of all customer touchpoints for an existing service ... and identifying how each employees, internal operations, and information technology line up to deliver the desired customer experience.

Joseph: Hi - Little bit off the topic. While going through the majors offered, i was unable to find one is Technology space or eComm. Found one in the subsection of strategic management. Could you provide some insights to which would be the most courses which make sense for my situation?

Caitlyn : Hi Joseph - All of the courses offered at Chicago Booth give you the fundamentals that are applicable to any industry that you might be interested in. Technology Strategy is a good course that you would want to take. We also have a student group focused around Technology called Technology Entrepreneurship Chicago.

Shuai: Hi nice to meet you here. My questions is: Booth MBA is one of the best MBA. But what is the difference between Booth and other top MBA programs?

Gretchen : Shuai, Nice to meet you as well. There are several factors to consider when looking into a MBA Program. Chicago Booth is ranked at the top of the list for the our Career Service team, our career opportunities post the MBA, our faculty and the student community. If you are able to visit us at the Gleacher Center, that would be great. We have an Open House on Friday, December 3.

Johnny: Hello Art. I am very interested in the psychology behind the purchasing decision. Could you talk about classes in this area?

Art : Hi Johnny, at Chicago Booth the Consumer Behavior class is squarely aimed at addressing this topic. It covers a wide range of tools and methods for understanding consumer psychology, including things like ethnographic research, brand equity evaluation, and the metaphor elicitation technique. This year, the Consumer Behavior class will also include company-sponsored projects, so students get to apply the theory they learn in class to a real-world project. This is one of many "Experiential Learning" opport

Beth: I'm unable to get to Chicago for an Open House. Will you be coming to Texas any time soon?

George : Houston on January 10th. Dallas on the 11th and Austin on the 12th. While we are there we would welcome the chance to meet you at the event, before or after as well. You can sign up for an event on our website.

Shuai: I have another general question. Booth MBA is one of the best MBA. But what is the difference between Booth and other top MBA programs?

George : We are the most flexible in the world. You have up to 5 years to complete your degree. You can take as many classes as you want or as few per quarter. You get to take any class you want, we do not require a set of core classes, you build your own MBA. You can take classes when you want and where you want. During the day, at night or on the weekends. On campus or at Gleacher. You get the same faculty in the part-time program as the full-time and they teach the same material. There are easier and chea

shanson: What are some qualities that stand out to the Booth Admissions team that might not be as obvious as GMAT scores or undergrad success? Art, what are some qualities that you notice among successful Booth students, especially in the marketing concentrations?

Art : I see a lot of strong marketing students in my classes. The classroom experience is very interactive, so I appreciate students who are willing to question and challenge not only their classmates but me as well. This takes the learning to a deeper level for everyone. I'm constantly changing my material, cases, examples, exercises, assignments based on my interactions with students in the classroom.

Chitra: What options are there for people who are more interested in the qualitiative aspect of MBA rather than number crunching and heavy emphasis on the quantitiative aspect

Caitlyn : Hi Chitra - Great question. There are basic course areas that all students are required to fulfill, but beyond that the Chicago Booth curriculum allows you the flexibility to choose the courses that are right for you and that appeal more to your needs and your interests.

Shuai: Weekend MBA students have an average of 7 year experience. I have only 3 years. Will this be a weakness in my application for weekend MBA?

Gretchen : Shuai, the average years of work experience for the Weekend MBA Program is 5-7 years; however the range is 1-12+ years. If you can explain why at this time in your career you are pursuing an MBA and why at Booth, this is great time to apply.

G-109163941: follow up: how much of a focus is that in the marketing program overall at Booth?

Gretchen : G-109163941-there is a great deal of focus on the marketing program at Booth. Marketing is one most popular concentrations to earn and Booth has a Kilts Center for Marketing, which supports our faculty and students in the in-classroom and out-of-the-classroom activities/research and events.

Gretchen: Kilts Center website: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/index.aspx

Shuai: A question about Chicago business fellow. CBF require employment in a Chicago-based corporate environment. I really want to apply CBF. But I am working in Madison, WI which is 3 hours drive from Chicago. Can I also apply for the Chicago business fellow?

George : Yes. The only requirement is that you make the CBF seminars. This would require being at Gleacher every Friday night for the first quarter of your program. So, you would need to leave Madison no later than 3:00pm on Friday for that quarter.

George: Sorry, one correction to the question about number of marking classes to get a concentration. You need FOUR classes. Three electives plus one core class- Marketing Strategy.

Shuai: Art, from your point of view, how do you think the relation between marketing and finance, especially in MBA study? I always believe they are tied togather. How do you think?

Art : Hi Shuai, it's clear that a revolution in marketing is underway, and what it takes to be a successful marketer has dramatically changed. The days of being a good functional Marketer whose role is to "work with the advertising agency" are over. In the future, successful marketers will create marketing strategies and programs that generate impact across the entire business system.

Art: Chicago Booth's emphasis on core disciplines – like economics, psychology and statistics – along with broad exposure to different business functions like Finance & Accounting, enables our marketers to be integrators who can work effectively across the entire organization, not just within the Marketing silo.

Art: That's the critical link between not just Marketing and Finance, but Marketing and all other business functions.

Beth: How many student groups are active? Is there a lot of time commitment to participate?

Caitlyn : Hi Beth! We currently have 34 active student groups that host over 300 events throughout the academic year. The time commitment for each student group depends on the amount of events that they host and how much you would like to participate. Most groups do not host weekly meetings, but instead the leadership team plans events for their members to attend. Most students typically join at least one social group and one or more career focused groups usually in the industry they are currently in and one they are

Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had great questions so far. Art MiddleBrooks and the Admssions team are eager to continue the dialogue. Continue submitting those questions!

Shuai: Is it possible for a part time MBA student transfer to the full time MBA program after one year?

Caitlyn : Hi Shuai - thanks for your question. Unfortunately, there is not an option to transfer from the Part Time Programs into the Full Time Program and vice versa. Students in either the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA Program do have the option to transfer between the two one time during their career at Chicago Booth however.

Johnny: Great thank you, Art. Could you talk about an example of an experiential learning opportunity within the marketing department at Chicago Booth? This sounds interesting.

Art : Hi Johnny, right now we have 2 classes that have an "experiential learning" component - Marketing Research, and Consumer Behavior. Students not only learn the theory in the classroom, they apply it to a real-world project. The projects come from major corporations (e.g. P&G, Microsoft, American Express, Sara Lee, Pepsico) as well as non-profits (e.g. Chicago Public Radio) and entrepreneurial firms (e.g. Redbox, GroupOn). The projects may involve a new product launch, how to price a product, finding out d

jaypee: What specific steps Booth is taking to bolster their Social Entrepreneurship program.

Gretchen : Darragh is teaching a lab class this winter about social entrepreneurship. Linda's bio: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/faculty/bio.aspx?person_id=12824723456

Gretchen:: jaypee, thanks for joining the chat. The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship promotes and supports new initiatives. Also, Booth offers Lab Courses which provide hands-on experiences for our students. Professor Linda

Gretchen: Polsky Website: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/

Phils1: Hi everyone. I recognize that this is an unfair question, but perhaps you'll have insight. I work at another Chicago university that offers full tuition waivers to employees. They have a very good though not top-notch part-time MBA program. Can you give me a compelling reason to pay the high cost of a Booth tuition when I have this much more afforadable option?

George : Since your costs are greater, you would have to feel that the trajectory a Booth degree puts you on is steeper than the one at the other institution. Our Career services are ranked among the top in the industry. While most programs shrunk the size of their career center during the recession, we grew by 33%. Additionally, our student satisfaction in the latest business week ranking was #1.

George: Think about the outcome you want and which program will best serve that outcome. Assuming you have many years of work experience ahead of you, the cost of the program will not be as great as the return and the one that offers you the steeper growth in the future should prevail.

Chitra: What is the women to men ratio in evening MBA classes?

Gretchen : Chitra, the percentage of women in the Evening MBA Programs ranges from 20-28% depending on the year and the quarter. We are hosting a Booth Women Connect event on Saturday, December 4th, 5-7pm. Call our admissions team at 312 464 8700 if you are able to join us.

Beth: Why should I choose Booth for Marketing? What are some examples of classes being offered?

Art : http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/students/curriculum.aspx

Art: Beth, good questions! First, here's a link to all of the Marketing Courses at Chicago Booth:

Art: After the core "Marketing Strategy" course, there are courses for each of the 4 "P's" of Marketing (Product, Price, Promotion, Place/Channels), as well as marketing tools courses that apply to a wide range of marketing decisions (Marketing Research, Data-Driven Marketing, and Consumer Behavior).

Art: I think Chicago Booth is equipping students to be very successful in future marketing careers. I mentioned in a prior answer the following: Chicago Booth's emphasis on core disciplines – like economics, psychology and statistics – along with broad exposure to different business functions, enables our marketers to be integrators who can work effectively across the entire organization, not just within the Marketing silo.

Art: And with increasing amounts of marketing data available, Chicago Booth's emphasis on rigorous analytics equips our marketers to cut through it all and generate insights, make better decisions, and get alignment among cross-functional peers. For example, Chicago Booth is now the home for Nielsen datasets, giving students practical experience in the classroom turning data into insights.

Art: Finally, Booth offers experiential learning classes in marketing – Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, and Management Lab – where students can apply state-of-the-art marketing tools to real-world, company-sponsored projects.

Chitra: Are there any sub concentrations within marketing which we can select like Marketing specificially from IT or retail perspective

Caitlyn : Hi Chitra - While there are no sub-concentrations, after you fulfill the basic marketing requirement you are able to choose the courses in the Marketing Management concentration that you are most interested in to complete the concentration.

Prasad: Hi, How much weightage do you give to GMAT score, and does the number of times an applicant appear for GMAT affects the application?

George : Along with your undergraduate grades, it is weighed considerable in determining your innate mental skills. However, for those who do not excel in the GMAT we also look at your learned skills. In other words, you may not have a high GMAT score, but you work very hard and thus your undergrad grades reflect this, or your work history shows this. The only way the number of times you take the test mattes, is if you get a low score and only take it once. We want to get your best score. If you get a low score,

Jamie: What are some differentiating features of the Booth Marketing program compared to other top schools?

Art : Great question. I think I answered this in some of the prior questions, but let me recap. If this doesn't answer it for you, please send me another question!

Art: Hi Jamie,

Art: In a nutshell: we really want to equip students to have an impact & create real value in the marketplace, not just create good Marketing programs. We do this by teaching not only current marketing tools but the deeper "disciplines" that are the foundation for marketing: economics, psychology, and statistics. We then give students the opportunity to "practice" the theories learned in multiple experiential "lab" classes where they can tackle real-world projects. We clearly have a strong emphasis on critical t

Amanda: Which companies often hire Booth MBA marketing students.

George : Here is a link to our employment report. It lists all the companies that hired a Booth student. More than this come of course but they may not have hired or they the students may not have accepted the offer.http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/index.aspx

red: I didn't score above average on my gmat, but i have pretty good work experience. How will that affect my application

Gretchen : red, we see a wide range of gmat scores from upper 500 to 800, with the average being 680 for the Evening MBA Program. There are applicants below that number and above that number. your application will be viewed holistically and note that we always take the highest score on the gmat test.

Beth: Thanks Caitlyn! What are some examples of student groups at Booth? Are these for PT students only?

Caitlyn : Good follow up question Beth. We have many career focused groups such as the Booth Consulting Club, the Chicago Booth Finance Club, and Energy Club, and we also have social clubs such as the Chicago Booth Golf Society, Poker Club, and Wine Club. There are other specialty groups such as the Graduate Women in Business and the African American and Hispanic American MBA Association. Most of our groups have events that are open to both PT and FT students, but membership varies by group.

Mohan: Do you mean a Booth MBA specialized in Marketing will be able to work as a strategic consultant?

George : Yes. That is a real possibility.

Prasad: Will there be any opportunities in the curriculum to work on real projects to gain real-world experience?

Caitlyn : Hi Prasad - Yes, there are experiential learning courses as well as lab courses offered to all students in all programs at Chicago Booth to gain real-world experiences. Most of these courses are offered during the daytime at the Harper Center.

red: What type of career serices support does Booth provide? And Are part-time students allowed to participate in full-time on campus recruiting?

George : Our part-time students get all the resources of the career center at their disposal. There are only two aspects of On Campus Recruiting that are different for part vs. full-time students. Part-time students cannot take part in internship recruiting. Also, if you receive tuition reimbursement from your company, you must get their approval to go through On Campus Recruiting for full-time jobs. If you are not receiving tuition reimbursement, then there is no such limitation.

red: It seems like Booth has a strong community feel - can you talk about that a little?

Caitlyn : Hi Red, thanks for your question. There is a very strong community feel at Booth. With the over 300 events offered to Part Time students alone, there is always an opportunity for networking and socializing both in and out of the classroom.

Shuai: How about diversity and community of weekend students? And is the network of weekend students as strong as the network of full time students?

Gretchen : Shuai, our weekend students are diverse in age, background, geography and career paths. There is a great deal of bonding between the weekend students as weekend students are at the Gleacher Center every Saturday for the duration of an 11 week quarter. Given the great location of the Gleacher Center, there are many events at the Center and in the Chicago loop that bring our students together. There are 34 active part time student groups--this is a large number for a part time program.

G-109163941: Art: could you elaborate more on "successful marketers will create marketing strategies and programs that generate impact across the entire business system."

Art : Sure! First some facts (you'll find that we're big on facts at Chicago Booth!):

Art: In studies by McKinsey & Company and Spencer Stuart, senior marketers today struggle because:

Art: (1) They aren?t aligned with the CEO?s broader business agenda

Art: (2) They don't work effectively across the organization to drive bottom-line results

Art: (3) They are overwhelmed with data and the sophistication of today?s marketing tools

Art: As a result, the average tenure of a Fortune 100 CMO is only 2.4 years, much shorter than CEOs (6 years), CFOs (4.5 years) and CIOs (4.4 years).

Art: Successful marketers have to be able to work effectively with their peers (from Sales, Operations, Manufacturing R&D, Accounting, HR) in order to drive real results in the marketplace. It's not sufficient anymore to work solely within the Marketing silo. You have to be able to understand, motivate, influence & lead your peers across the organization to generate real results in the marketplace.

Prasad: How do you compare your strategy curriculum with other part time programs?

George : I am convinced that if you attend a strategy class at Booth you will come here for your MBA.

George: One of our strongest and most sought after concentration is strategy. Arguably our highest ranked faculty are in the strategy field. Jim Schreger wins teaching awards year after year. He is highly sought after by corporations around the world and brings that information into the classroom. Strategy was my favorite subject when I studies and Jim was one of my favorite teachers (I did not have Art :)

G-109163941: Art, how would you describe the marketing philosophy at Booth? what are the areas of focus and interest for the faculty and the Kilts Center?

Art : Regarding marketing philosophy at Booth, we believe in teaching not only state-of-the-art tools, but also the deeper underlying disciplines of Economics, Psychology and Statistics. We think that understanding these deeper principles will serve you well over the long run, even as the tools & techniques of marketing change rapidly. One of our alumni who was President of Yoplait recently told me "The Chicago Booth education wears well over time." This is what he's referring to ... even though the tools & te

Art: In terms of our faculty's interests, they are pretty wide-ranging! Each Kilts Center e-newsletter features 1-2 faculty members and their recent research. Here's the link:

Art: A few examples:

Art: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/alumni/enews.aspx

Art: - Professors Jean-Pierre Dubé and Sanjay Dhar studied 34 consumer packaged goods industries across the 50 largest U.S. cities, and documented evidence of a persistent "early entry" advantage. Current market shares are higher in markets closest to a brand's historic city of origin than in those farthest away, even after more than a century of time has passed. Amazing ... 100 years later, there is still an impact!

Art: - Marketing professor Günter Hitsch for the first time studied the efficiency of two different approaches to online dating in matching men and women. Specifically, does a centralized approach (where the website uses a matchmaking algorithm and limits the subset of potential partners for each user) lead to better matching outcomes than a decentralized "free market" approach (where users can interact with any potential partner without company intervention)? The authors found that the "invisible hand" works

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Chitra: What are the financial aid options available for part time students. The website does show some options but I am looking for more specific info with regards to loan repayment timelines, interest rates etc. Has anything changed because of the current economic conditions?

Caitlyn : Hi Chitra - That is a great question. There are financial aid options available for both domestic and international students. The financial aid office has a representative that comes to Orientation to explain in further detail the repayment timelines as well as the interest rates for loans. Nothing has changed with financial aid because of the current economic conditions. Each students' situation is very different, therefore the financial aid office will work with you to work out the specifics of your situa

G-109215178: How many different marketing classes do you offer? Just trying to understand the bredth of the offerings. Thanks.

Gretchen : You can view more about the Marketing Concentration here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/curriculum/concentrations/mrktg-mngmt.aspx.

Gretchen: Booth has over 22 faculty members who are teach marketing classes. G-109215178: please visit a marketing class!

Mohan: Do we have to be in a permanent job to get into part-time program? Do we have to emplyed throughtout the MBA program?

George : If you are not fully employed, we are going to make sure that there is a reason that you are choosing the part-time vs. the full-time program. If you want to go to school full-time you are much better off in the full-time program. However, if you loose your job during the program, we understand. We do not require employment throughout the program at Booth. The only exception to this is our CBF program where you have to remained employed throughout your time while pursuing your MBA.

Beth: Caitlyn, thanks for answering all of my questions. I have one more follow-up question, is there a student group for marketing?

Caitlyn : Beth - you're welcome. Glad the information has been helpful. Yes, we do have a Booth Marketing Club. They host events on various topics and sometimes have guest speakers. They also have a mentor program with the Kilts Center for Marketing which Professor Art Middlebrooks works with.

RussDyer: Thank you all for your time. Can you tell us a little more about the details of the Marketing Mentors program? Through what channels do students receive "professional guidance, functional and industry perspectives, and lessons from a Chicago Booth graduate" during the program? Is it event-based? Do students ever help alumni with project work to get a feel for their careers? Any details or anecdotes you can share are much appreciated.

Art : You're welcome, Russ. The Marketing Mentors program kicks off each January. That's the main "event". Students then work independently with their mentor. We encourage them to meet/speak with their mentor at least monthly, and we give them many ideas (e.g. resume review, shadow your mentor, attend an industry conference together, bring your mentor to a class, etc.).

Art: There also is a student consulting group that works on real consulting products, many of which are for alumni.

Art: In terms of working with alumni, that does happen in our "experiential learning" classes I mentioned earlier. For example, one of our alumni left a Finance job on Wall Street to start up a salsa company (Carrillo's Salsa). Apparently, his dad had an incredible salsa, and wanted to commercialize it. Our alum, Pete Carrillo, quickly realized that he didn't have much marketing experience. So he "hired" students in the Marketing Research and Consumer Behavior classes to help him with many of the marketing asp

Art: Finally, some students enter the New Venture Challenge at Booth and work on a new venture being started by a Booth alumnus.

Chitra: Is there a possibility of moving from MBA to Phd program. Have students done it in the past and if they have, is it possible to leverage the courses you've already done. Or is that not an option

Gretchen : Chitra, a handful of people to move to a phd program post the mba. You would need to apply to the Booth phd program. For more information: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/phd/index.aspx

RussDyer: A Booth graduate told me recently that he thinks the school is now putting a larger emphasis on the marketing program compared to years past. Have you seen an increase in marketing concentrations among part-time students?

George : A significant increase. However, I am not sure which may be driving which. Yes, we have purposefully looked to grow and strengthen our Marketing program, partly on its own, but also partly because we are seeing a huge increase in demand for our Marketing program. It has been widely accepted with recruiters so we have more students deciding to go this route.

Mohan: What are the courses offered by Univ of Chicago in the dual degree program? Does this include Law?

Caitlyn : Hi Mohan - Students may apply for joint degrees with other divisions of the University. The student must gain acceptance to each degree program separately. Regarding the courses offered, it depends on the other program that you are applying to. You will want to work with both program offices to make sure that all of your courses will be counted toward your degree at Chicago Booth. Any course worth 100 units of credit in the Law school can be taken, but it is always good to double check before registering. B

Shuai: Art, how about Technology? Is there any connections between marketing, finance and Technology?

Art : Certainly marketing is critical to new technologies. You need to find a segment of customers to target, you need to positioning your product uniquely in the mind of that target customer, you have to develop a compelling product/service, price it in a way that brings value to both the customer & the company, communicate it where the target customer will hear about it, and sell/distribute it in the most appropriate channels. So a definitive yes!

Art: Thanks so much for joining us on the Chat! For more information about the Kilts Center, you can check out our website:

Art: www.chicagobooth.edu/kilts

Caitlyn: Thank you for joining us today! You asked some great questions. Please let us know if you have any additional questions about student life or the curriculum. Good luck with the application process! Caitlyn

George: Thank you for bearing with us during our technology issues. Thanks for your great questions. Please call us at 312-464-8700 with any specific questions you may have.

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Gretchen: Thank you for joining the chat. Call, email and stop one of our events some time soon. This is the time to move foward with pursuing your MBA.