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Live Chat with Evening MBA Program Admissions

Are you planning to start your MBA studies in the 2010 year? If so, hear first hand from the admissions directors from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. The chat will cover the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday October 19, 2010 - 12:00 PM CDT

Moderator: Hello and welcome to our Admissions Live Chat! The chat will begin promptly at 12:00pm CST but please feel free to start submitting your questions now!

Ellie: Hi everyone! Thank you for joining the Admissions Chat! My name is Ellie McDonald and I am Associate Director of Admissions as well as a current Evening MBA student at Chicago Booth. I look forward to answering your questions.

Nicole: Welcome to our live chat! My name is Nicole Gorski and I am Assistant Director of Student Services in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. I look forward to answering your questions about Chicago Booth!

Gretchen: Hello candidates, thank you for joining the chat. My name is Gretchen Cooper and I am the Director of Admissions for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. This is a great time to pursue your MBA. Ask any and all questions.

George: Hello, I am the Associate Dean of the program and we are delighted to be here and we are happy to have each of you here. Hunker down and get ready for a great hour.

George: BTW, we have individuals from admissions and individuals from the academic advising and student services groups with us. So feel free to ask anything and we should be able to field it!

Russ: Hi all - thanks very much for the opportunity. My name is Russ Dyer and I am applying for the Spring semester. What would you say is the most common error or omission in an application?

Gretchen: Hi Russ, glad you joined the chat! The most common omission is not sharing in the application what you are involved in outside of your day to day work function. Share with us what professional committees you may be on and what organizations you may be involved in.

James: The extracurricular section of the application asks you to describe what professional activities and organizations you are involved in. What information or insight is the admissions committee looking for here, particularly if an applicant is not part of any professional clubs/societies outside of work?

George: Aahhh the extra curricular question question! There is nothing in particular we are looking for, but it is a way for those who need/want this section to strengthen there application to use it. Everyone has certain aspects of the application that will be there strength and others that will, in relation to others, be a weakness. If you do not have something here, don't worry about it. Use the other parts of the application to shine!

G-55212309: Hello Ellie and Nicole - I have a couple of questions. What is the range of GMAT score that you accept for your Part-time MBA program?

Nicole: There is no cutoff for GMAT scores for the Evening MBA & Weekend MBA program at Chicago Booth, however, 80% of GMAT scores fall between 620 - 740.

rmv1: Hello!How do you decide on the number of accepted students for the Chicago Business Fellows?

Ellie: Admittance into the Chicago Business Fellows is solely based on the strength of that year's applicant pool. We have admitted as little as 19 students and as much as 35 students in the past 6 years.

Johnny: Good afternoon! I have a broad question. As I think about articulating my short term and long term goals in my essays, I find it gets more challenging to precisely define where I want to be 10 or 15 years out. Could you help me understand with what level of precision I need to define where I want to be as I look out 10-15 years?

Ellie: Johnny, direction is what we are looking for. We understand that your long term goals will absolutely change throughout your career path, especially after being exposed to all of the different opportunities and industries that an MBA experience will unveil. We are looking more for a high level answer that helps us understand why an MBA is necessary for your future short term and long term goals.

G-55299101: If I was in the program and I wanted to take a year (or two) off of school, would that be possible?

Nicole: We understand that life as a part-time student juggling many responsibilities can be tough at times. For that reason, we work with all part-time MBA students who are looking to change his or her program of study. Students are able to take up to three consecutive quarters off without a change in student status. If a student is looking to take more than 3 quarters off, they can meet with an academic advisor and request to go on a leave of absence for a set amount of time, knowing that students have 5 years to complete the MBA program.

G-55299101: Is the program on semesters or quarters?

Nicole: Chicago Booth is on the quarter system. Quarters are 11 weeks long (including finals week) in Winter, Spring, and Autumn. Summer quarter is one week shorter (10 weeks total). There is typically a one-two week break between each quarter, with a longer four week break between Summer and Autumn quarter.

brenda: Hi everybody. In the application process, how important is the undergrad GPA, given the fact that i have about 10 years working experience?

Gretchen: Hello Brenda, The Committee does look at your undergraduate transcript and gpa; however the further out from college an applicant is, the more the work experience--quality and quanity--is focused on. The gmat score is also a great way to show you are academically prepared for Booth.

VP: Hi, can you please comment on the relatively higher word limit for the essays? Are there additional details that you are looking for or you want us to elaborate more?

Ellie: VP, we have not increased the word count for the essays. We have, however, broke the first essay question into three smaller essays, instead of one large one.

VP: Hi, how can students participate in the research that is carried out by faculty? Are there any formal channels?

George: Nothing formal. Students, who find the research interesting, often approach the faculty to ask about participating. Also, faculty will occasionally approach students, if the student works for a company, or in an industry, in which the faculty member is doing research, but this is more rare.

krishna: Hello, How much do you value a Masters Degree GPA. Due to some personal reasons dealing with my family, I did not do well with my undergrad GPA, but decided to get a Master's, in part to show that I am a capable student. Do you value both GPA's on the same level, if they came from accredited schools?

Gretchen: Krishna, Great question. We certainly value a master’s degree gpa, as it more recent than an undergraduate gpa. Approx. 30% of our incoming class each quarter has a master’s degree and this does show you are prepared to handle working while going to school.

Sid: Is working for a start-up viewed favorably or unfavorably by Booth?

George: Quality of work is what is important. It does not matter where you get that experience. Working in a cash constrained environment will give you many insights that those working for a Fortune 500 will never experience. This is a plus. Also, those in a small start-up often have a variety of tasks that those in a more well established environment will not experience.

Tyler: I have always wondered if one is not involved in business or volunteer programs, if say something like a sailing group, is it worth mentioning?

Ellie: Tyler, we would love to hear about all outside extra-curricular activities each candidate is involved in. These activities should include: philanthropic, professional,social, athletic, etc.

VP: Hi, do you know if the students who are sponsored are paid for there tuition during the school or after completing the program? I know that it may vary but wanted to get an overall idea.

George: I am not aware of any companies that only provide reimbursement after completion of the program. However, some will provide reimbursement after completing the individual class, and some will pay up front.

Sid: As I did my Masters in Mechanical Engineering, I worked an intern/temporary emplyee for Boston Scientific. Does that count as experience?

George: We understand that those obtaining a masters will have less "experience" than those without. We do not count a higher degree as experience, but we do put it in the favorable side of the ledger in your application as it shows your ability to compete and excel in a program of higher learning. Between 25% and 30% of our students have higher level degrees when they enter our program. Since you have less experience you should certainly use your internship/temp assignments in your application!

VJ: how much the gpa matters if I have a gpa of 3.2 and I have a very high GMAT score

Ellie: VJ, we take a holistic approach in reviewing the application. We will evaluate both the GPA and GMAT for each candidate.

VP: Not sure if this question was already submitted? But which essay would I provide the reason for shifting from full-time last year to part time this year? Will it go in the re-applicant essay or the "Why part-time MBA" essay?

Ellie: VP, your reasoning can go in either essay. Whatever essay you feel best fits is the essay you should incorporate your reasoning in.

Guri: Do you have candidates that commutes regularly from Canada.

Gretchen: Guri, Hello. To be part of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs, one needs to be on a work visa. We would be happy to talk to you more about your situation. You can call our office to discuss more: 312 464 8700.

jason: Good afternoon. I am currently an engineer seeking to expand into management at a mid size tech firm. Does the Booth curriculum support students who are seeking a career in high tech management?

George: Yes. One of the largest group of students entering the program are engineers. They find the program incredibly beneficial in their progression at their companies or helping them switch career tracks.

VJ: What is the deadline for spring semester

Ellie: Friday, January 14, 2011 is the deadline for the Evening Spring Quarter.

Jonathan: Is everyone who submitted an application interviewed, or are interviews reserved for only those who meet certain admissions criteria?

Gretchen: Jonathan, all candidates who apply for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs are interviewed by a member of our Admissions Committee at the Gleacher Center. Once you submit your application you will be contacted by our admissions team to schedule your interview. Interviews are conducted Monday-Friday at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm and on select Saturdays.

jillhanson: Does this program offer a non-profit focus? If so, can you describe what that looks like? If not, are there individual options to go that way?

Nicole: Chicago Booth does not offer a specific non-profit focus. However, within the MBA program, it is possible for a student to shape his or her personal, student, and academic experience to better fit a niche area. For students interested in non-profit, they have typically taken some of the social entrepreneurship courses at Booth (Social Entrepreneurship Lab, Social Ventures, etc), they have become involved in student groups like Chicago Booth Philanthropy Club and Local Optima (both part-time student groups), and taken courses outside of Booth at the greater University of Chicago in the Harris School of Public Policy, the School of Social Service Administration, or the undergraduate programs. There is also programming run by the University and Chicago Booth administration, career services, and student groups regarding specific areas as well.

Shankar: Quick Interview Q.: What is the structure of a typical Booth Admission Interview?

Ellie: Shankar, the structure is a two way conversation with an Admissions Committee member. The interview's goal is for you to explain your story (i.e. why an MBA, why now, why Booth) but also an opportunity for you to ask a current student or alum questions about their experience at Booth.

G-55212307: Hello, I am applying to the evening program in the spring session and I have a question about the rolling admissions procedure. I know the deadline is January 14th, but does it become more difficult to be accepted the closer you get to the deadline? In other words, are there fewer spots available if I submit the final application in December rather than November?

George: Over 60% of our applications come in the last day. Waiting is not a problem. Ok, yes, is it MORE difficult; given the fact that we may have admitted up to 40% of the seats (that assumes admitting all previous applicants, which is never the case) then yes it is more difficult, but in reality, rolling admissions allows us to take students who would have gotten in anyway, and not make them wait until the end to find out. It is meant as a service to you the applicant. If you want to apply early so you can make arrangements it enables you to do so. But for those who wait, we do not admit enough people to make it substantially more difficult.

sshariff: Hello! Once the interview is complete, how long does it typically take for an applicant to get a response?

Gretchen: sshariff, hello. You will hear back from the Committee approximately 4 weeks post the date you submit your completed application.

mmanzoor: What type of events are held [regularly] for Part-time students to build their network and meet other students (outside of just classroom interaction)?

Nicole: There are many events held for part-time students to build their network and meet other students. I would recommend looking at our upcoming events calendar when you have a minute to get an idea of the typical quarter and events (it gets very busy with socials, student group, career services, and co-curricular events). Some events that are held regularly are socials such as Midweek at the Midway (2x/quarter) and Semi-Quarterly Adjustment (2x/quarter), as well as at least one large scale event planned by the Student Advisory Council and additional speaker events. The events calendar can be found at: http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/calendar/

ShellyR: What if you are unable to complete the program in 5 years? Would you need to start over?

Nicole: It is very rare that a student is unable to complete the program in 5 years given the overall flexibility of the program. Academic advisors typically work with students individually should they need any extra accommodations for finishing their MBA program, and the school tries to provide assistance in whatever way possible so students may complete their MBA program successfully.

jay: Hi all; I'm interested in applying to the Evening MBA program; I'm an unemployed architect with +20 years experience. Can I apply for the evening program if unemployed?

Ellie: Jay, you can apply if unemployed, however, I want to bring to your attention some important details involving our programs at Chicago Booth. 1) The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs are very much structured for the full-time working professional and 2) the programs do not offer any health insurance for our students because we assume they are receiving health insurance through their employer.

Russ: Is there a time limit for how long alumni have to take post-graduate classes?

Nicole: Hi Russ. There currently is not a limit for how long alumni have to take post-graduate courses. Alumni are able to take up to three courses, after graduation, free of charge. Many alumni have taken advantage of this option and have enjoyed the continued classroom and learning experience.

Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. Please continue submitting those questions!

jillhanson: If I studied non-business related subjects for my undergrad (say, dance and linguistics, just as an example), would taking some community-college business classes help my chances of being accepted?

Gretchen: Hello jillhanson, we have applicants coming from all different undergraduate majors. To show your academics preparation, a good idea is to post a gmat score within our range of upper 500s to 800 and to look into taking a Graduate Student at Large class (GSAL). These are Chicago Booth classes that you can take before you apply. For more information: https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/php/gsal/

mp: what is avg amount of time it takes for students to graduate

Nicole: The majority of part-time students graduate in two and a half to three years. Students who typically take two courses per quarter graduate in 2.5 years, while students who take 1-2 courses per quarter and/or take quarters off, graduate in about 3 or 3.5 years.

VP: I would imagine that there are quite a few team projects in the coursework. How are the teams formed? Do we select our team members or is there a random assignment?

Ellie: VP, the majority of classes do have a group work component built in and groups are typically selected by the students.

nits: Good afternoon, how many years of work experience do people usually have before coming to Booth?

Ellie: The average years of work experience for the Evening MBA Program is around 5 years. The average years of work experience for the Weekend MBA Program is around 7 years.

Jewel: Since you're only onsite part-time, how do the networking events compare to those of the full-time program?

Nicole: Hi Jewel. The networking events for part-time students are comparable to full-time networking events. I would recommend visiting a class on a Saturday, if you are able, and seeing if it is possible to attend one or more of the events scheduled for that day. You can schedule your class visit at: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/visiting.aspx

Ravi: Are there any upcoming information sessions or other opportunities to meet with faculty in the Los Angeles area?

George: Ravi, I will be in LA on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Call 312-464-8700 and we can schedule a time to meet. Also, we are having an event at the Los Angeles Marriott downtown on October 26th, which I would encourage you to attend. Here is a link to register http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/receptions.aspx

G-55212309: Hello - I have been working in USA for the past 10 years. I have a Undergrad degree (14 years as opposed to 16 in USA); followed by a One-year Post Graduate Diploma and a Masters degree in Computer Science from USA. Which GPA will count to my Part-Time MBA addimission?

George: All! We look at everything. But the more recent are more heavily weighted. We realize you may grow and change as a person and want to allow for that.

Jason_1: The Booth application requires a resume. Are there any guidelines about the format of the resume? I work in medical research and have a number of publications and was not sure how to reflect these accomplishments.

George: Jason, we see a variety of resumes. There is not a format required. The only way it counts against you is if it is just way out of whack for your accomplishments or you misspell words etc. Sometimes we will get a three pager from someone three years out of school, this would count against you. But we often get much longer curriculum vitae from those with higher degrees or many publications.

VP: Beside recommendations, can I submit a note from Booth Alumni I worked with? Can he or she write directly to you regarding my profile?

Ellie: VP, absolutely have an alum from Booth write on your behalf. You can either include his or her name as a third recommender in the application system or he or she can write an email directly to our admissions email hotline at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.

Blake: I already hold a masters in finance from LBS, but I want to pursue an MBA part-time to improve my management and leadership education. Does the admissions committee consider applicants with a previous business graduate degree?

Gretchen: Blake, pursuing an MBA to improve your management and leadership skills is a good idea. Having a graduate degree in finance will be a good addition to your application. Approximately 30% of our incoming classes have a master’s degree. We look forward to talking with you more throughout the application process.

iheoma: Is it too late to submit application for Evening winter 2011

Gretchen: iheoma, it is best if you submit your application for the 2011 Spring Quarter. You will be an early applicant to this quarter and will be able to interview in the coming months.

krishna: Does Booth offer online classes?

Nicole: Chicago Booth does not offer online courses as the faculty feel that a large part of learning comes from the classroom interaction and discussion. There are occasionally Career Services events, Speaker events, review sessions, and presentations that are recorded and available for view by students, but not complete on-line courses.

mp: what is average salary increase for graduates

Gretchen: mp, the increase in salary for our graduates is dependent upon a number of factors, including the industry, job function, time with the company, etc. Are you focusing on a specific industry? I am happy to share more about our graduates. You can reach me at 312 464 8703.

Ravikiran: How many months does a typical part time MBA take?

Nicole: The part-time MBA program typically takes students 30 - 36 months (2.5 - 3 years) to complete. However, the time of completion always depends on the individual student and their schedule. The flexibility of the program allows students to finish in as little as 2 years, or take the full 5 years to complete the MBA program.

Ting: Hi Gretchen and Ellie, good afternoon. Would current Booth part-time MBA students stick to their own company during the right after MBA, or some of them actually switch industry/company? Is this normal case? Thank you.

Gretchen: Ting, great question. A large number of our part time students change companies/industries and/or functions while in the MBA Program or soon thereafter. Booth students have opportunities to advance their career from day one at Booth.

Esh: Hi, I attended a Booth info session recently and after talking to many potential applicants, I realized that most of them had good work experience,good GMAT( or ambition to have good GMAT) score, good GPA and fair extra-curriculars. This was pretty much what I expected and very close to my profile when compared.With such a great pool of applicants, it looks obvious that there will be a very thin line between admitting and rejecting.Now, my questionare:1) To what depth the admission committee goes in understanding an applicant. 2) Are there any tips that this panel can provide to help me potray myself better than others (even though we are all pretty much same!) 3) Can you pls. provide the acceptance rate for evening MBA? Thanks

George: Esh, I don't have the rate with me at the moment. You are spot on with your analysis. We get many great applications. So we look at the margins for our decision. Don't let little things derail your application. Misspelled words, grammatical errors etc. are deal killers. Work hard to "tell your story". Make sure that you are concise, insightful and interesting. Have multiple people read your application. Tell some of them what your story is and see if they say it comes through. Don't tell others, and when they are done, ask them to tell you what they got out of it. If they tell you something close to your story then you have something good going. Hope that helps.

lred: As a part-time student, will I still have access to Career Services support?

Ellie: Ired, absolutely! At Booth, Career Services is the same team, providing the same services across all programs. The only service that differs between full-time and part-time programs is access to summer internships. Career Services will not provide assistance for part-time students when it comes to landing an internship.

VP: How do recruiters perceive the part-time students? Are resumes of the part-time stundets included in the resume book that is provided to recruiters (given the firm student is working for is ok with it or not sponsoring him)?

George: We used to not allow part-time students to use recruiting, but then companies told us they wanted the best and did not care if they were full or part-time (this is because our students get the same education in the classroom, same faculty, same material). So now we open it up to everyone. Part-time students who are approved to go through OCR are in the resume book, just like full-time students.

Nando: is someone out there now?

George: Nando, sorry, can you be more specific? Where?

Meg: I have an engineering degree and work in consulting, and I've found that many MBA applicants come from similar backgrounds. How much do you recommend focusing on the skills/experiences that are typical to an applicant's industry/background, versus on what may set them apart from their peers?

Ellie: Meg, at Booth we have a very diverse industry class profile. I would recommend focusing on what you can bring to the classroom environment at Booth, whether that be commonalities or differences among other applicants applying to the program.

VJ: Should I just start my application and report my GMAT score Jan 1st or so ?

Gretchen: VJ, which program and quarter do you intend to apply to at Chicago Booth? If you are focusing on the 2011 Spring application, you can start and submit the application at this time.

Byron: how do you view advanced degrees? For example, I have a JD. Does this get weighed when considering I would have less work experience than other candidates?

Ellie: Byron, having a JD greatly strengthens the academic portion of your application. When it comes to work experience, we will evaluate the quality of work experience versus the quantity of work experience.

Polk2011: Is it better to have a really good recommendationg from a fellow coworker or to have a mediocre recommendation from you direct supervisor?

Ellie: We highly recommend that you have at least one out of the two letters come from a direct supervisor. The second letter can come from anyone who you believe can write you a very meaningful recommendation.

John: Do you offer a way to talk with current student or alumni to help evaluate if an MBA is the right answer for my career goals?

Gretchen: John, I can talk to you about your career path and thoughts about pursuing an MBA and yes, we can also put you in touch with our students and alumni. If you have not already been to an Open House event, please join us for one as well, as the event is a great way to discern if a MBA is right for you! To sign up: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/openhouses.aspx

lred: What kind of student groups are available at Booth?

Nicole: There are many student groups available at Booth. We currently have over 30 groups in the part- time program who hold events mainly at night or on the weekends so part-time students have the ability to attend. Also, a majority of the full-time student groups are open to part-time members, and vice versa, with student groups often working together to co-host events, conferences, and seminars to ensure a great experience for attendees. You can view the part-time student groups at: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/beyondacad/PTstudentgroups.aspx#

Trader4Life: how's the recruiting for part-time students

George: Great. We post over 4000 jobs that are available to part-time students. There are in addition the companies who come to campus to recruit. We are up 25% in job postings vs. this time last year.

lred: Hi! Can you talk about the benefit of a part-time vs full-time program?

Ellie: To be honest, there are benefits to both. Depending on where you are in your life and what you want/need out of an MBA experience will determine what program best fits your needs. I would recommend speaking to current students and alumni from MBA programs and inquire why they chose their designated


Jonathan: I am a futures/options/swaps trader for a risk management firm, seeking to transition from hedging risk to a more speculative practice. Is Chicago Booth actively related to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange? Are there any majors geared specifically for trading derivatives, or developing a derivatives trading program?

Nicole: Hi Jonathan! Chicago Booth has many students that currently work at CME, hosts events with different groups at CME, and has some student groups with a focus in Finance, Investments, etc that work with CME for events and speakers as well. In regards to majors geared specifically towards trading derivatives, the Finance and Analytic Finance concentrations would be the closest. These offer courses such as Financial Instruments, Futures, Forwards, Options and Swaps, and Financial Engineering: Cases in Financial Risk Management. You can view the individual course descriptions as well as a list of all courses offered this year at: http://boothportal.chicagobooth.edu/portal/server.pt/community/courses/205

TAdams: Hi All, I am an executive assistant, interested in the evening MBA program, but I have a Fine Arts degree. Do you find that your Booth candidates have very diverse backgrounds or mainly business industry backgrounds?

George: We admit based on diversity in the broadest sense. We do not want a bunch of middle age white men with business backgrounds sitting in a class staring at each other and agreeing with everything each other says. We want robust vigorous classroom discussion and that means you have got to have a class full of people with different job experience, different educational backgrounds, different childhood experiences. A fine arts degree would be a great addition.

Guri: Do the part time students have access to the career services like full time students. Can part time students also apply to the companies who come to campus during recruitment season

Gretchen: Guri, yes, part time students do have access to Career Services starting at day one at Orientation. There is a Career Service team of job coaches and employer development colleagues who sit at the Gleacher Center, the home of the part time programs in downtown Chicago. The office is open Monday-Saturday. Part time students can seek out jobs via the on line systems as well as via the On Campus Recruiting, which bring companies to campus.

Moderator: The chat will be closing in 10 minutes. Please continue to submit your final questions! Please note, as we often get repeat questions, we will try to address the general topic (if not your specific question).

G-54660841: I am in ht eprocess of gathering documentation to apply for the weekend program. After talking a lot, my husband decided to apply to the same program with me. We are gettign ready for GMAT now. Do you guys have any incentives or special financial help for "married couples"? Never wrong to ask :)

George: Great question. We have many married couples in the program and they say it is the best thing they have ever done together (this may say more about their life before Booth than a ringing endorsement of the program, but I don't think so). They would be the first one to agree with your idea, but unfortunately, we do not have anything like that at the moment. Good idea though and something to be considered, thanks!

Ali: Hello Nicole, I have heard mixed comments regarding evening and part time MBAs, mostly people saying that part time MBA students don't get the same sort of networking as full time students does, is that really true?

Nicole: Hi Ali! Part-time MBA students have the same networking opportunities as Full-time MBA students when it comes to networking in general. There are some specific differences in the recruiting events and the eligibility requirements to attend and fully participate in on-campus internship and full-time job recruiting. However, I would recommend attending a class visit and inquiring about attending other events happening that day so that you can see a networking event first-hand. You can register for class visits at: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/visiting.aspx

tim: I noticed the Chicago Business Fellows is for applicants with less experiences, so I my question is, is it necessary to apply to CBF if you don't have several years under your belt already?

Ellie: CBF is for applicants with 0-3 years of work experience. It is not necessary to apply to this program if you fall under this umbrella, however, we highly recommend you do.

G-55227042: I would like to apply for the Fellowship program but I do not live in the Chicago area, so I will be unable to attend the evening class sessions. I will have 2 1/2 years of work experience prior to the start of next years weekend session, and I was wondering if there is minimum work experience one must have to be considered for admission?

Ellie: There is no minimum work experience to apply to any of the part-time programs. We have many people in the Weekend Program with less than 3 years of work experience.

Ross: how long do the GSAL classes last>

Gretchen: Ross, a GSAL (Graduate Student-at-Large) class lasts for one quater, which is 10-11 weeks long. The GSAL schedule is the same as the Booth schedule, as you would be taking the same classes as a Booth student.

VP: Is there, if any, transportation available between gleacher center and hyde park from the university? Or is it pretty much the car,train, cab?

Nicole: There is not a set mode of transportation that runs between the Gleacher Center (downtown) and Harper Center (Hyde Park). A majority of students that commute between the two campuses use the CTA (Red Line and Bus Routes), the Metra Electric, and car or cab.

Ting: In terms of career path, does the Admission Committee view part-time vs. full time applicants differently?

Gretchen: Ting, there is a separate Admissions Committee for Full Time and Part Time students. However, the areas of academics, work experience and fit with Chicago Booth are looked at for both programs. Because the degree is the exact same for the FT and PT students, the Committee is looking for applicants who will be successful in the Booth community, both as student and alumni.

Tina: Would master of engineering study experience be counted towards (or equivalent to )part of working experience? Thanks.

Ellie: No, it would count toward your academic background portion of your application.

surenl: What is the average work experience of the class for the evening MBA?

Gretchen: surenl, the average years of work experience is 5-6 years the for Evening MBA students, although range is 1 year-10 years.

VP: This might me a atypical question. What is the next thing for Chicago part time and evening MBA program? Are there any changes or new initiatives coming up that we should be aware of?

George: Hmmmm. where to start. We are always looking at new things to improve the program, just a short list:

George: Double locker space for students.

George: Give students a chance to take Effective Leadership and Orientation in a one week offering.

George: Testing of a "internship" like experience for part-time students. if it works to be implemented next year...

Tim_1: Ellie &Co, i have two questions 1) How important is the GMAT SCORE 2) Looks like you don’t provide financial aid for this program, my employer is not interested in covering the tuition fee, any chance of getting a partial tuition fee waiver

Ellie: Tim, GMAT is relatively important. It falls under the academic portion of your application. As for Financial Aid, we do provide FA to all Booth MBA students.

Dan: Hello. Does the program take applicants with full time entry-level positions even if they've graduated from undergrad in May of this year?

Ellie: Dan, check out this program we have geared towards individuals like yourself.

Ellie: www.chicagobooth.edu/cbf

TAdams: As evening MBA students will we have access to the same resources as the full-time students? Is our curriculum similar?

Nicole: Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students have the access to the same general resources as Full- Time MBA students. The faculty and courses rotate through the curriculum so that each population has similar access. All students are also able to take courses outside of their home population (ie Evening students can take a Full-Time course, Full-Time can take Weekend, etc).

Tamara: I believe BOOTH has a reputation of having a very heavy quantative curriculum compare to other MBA programs. What are the percentage of students that are admitted have a liberal Arts background? How well do they fair compare to the technical majors.

Gretchen: Tamara, hello. Booth is a place that values approaching a problem or an issue from an analytical standpoint. Some classes are less quantitative than others. Our applicants come from many different undergraduate majors.

VJ: What concentrations are most popular

Nicole: Hi VJ! Some of the most popular concentrations are Finance, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Accounting and Marketing. A list of all concentrations offered can be found at: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/curriculum/concentrations/index.aspx

Dan_1: How much more competitive is the Chicago Business Fellow's program when compared to the standard Part-Time MBA Program?

Ellie: Dan, the evaluation process for the CBF program is geared to weigh your academic background slightly more than your professional background. For the part-time program, we evaluate these two categories equally.

VJ: Is there an advantage in attending the open house

Gretchen: VJ, yes, please do attend an Open House in either November or December to meet the admissions team and our student and alumni. You will learn about Booth's curriculum, community and career services.

Gretchen: To sign up: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/openhouses.aspx

VP: Any events in Dallas/Texas?

Gretchen: VP, yes Booth hosts events in Texas every year. You can review the dates: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/receptions.aspx

Gretchen: See you there!

Ali: Please advise, what makes Chicago Booth evening program better than other top five business schools?

George: 1. Flexibility (can take what course you like, when you like)

George: 2. You take classes with Evening, weekend and full-time students combined. Many other programs only get to take students with one population

George: 3. You get the same faculty as the full-time students. We don't bring in adjuncts or visitors to teach the PT program.

George: 4. You get full access to career support AND we staff it right here in the building at night (most schools make you come in the day to get support if it is offered).

George: 5. Everything we do in our program is built for part-time students. We did not "add on" the program to the full-time, we created it specifically for you. I do not have the time to go into all that that entails, but just one example. We have 34 student groups just for our population of students, more than any other part-time program in the country.

VJ: The recos should be from someone whom i have worked for a few years like my ex-boss and current boss

George: Yes. that is the best. Pick someone who knows you well on the work front

Chris: Are there scholarships and/or grants available to part time applicants?

Ellie: Unfortunately not, however, Financial Aid is available for all Booth MBA students.

Vamsi: Typically how long does it take to get an interview call after my complete application packet is received

Ellie: Within a couple of days of submitting your application.

Tamara: I am curious, what are the different learning styles, methods, and delivery will I be expose to while in the program?

Nicole: Hi Tamara! Each faculty member has a unique teaching style. Most courses incorporate some form of lecture, discussion, and case-based learning. Some courses also have group-work, final projects, additional seminars or review sessions, in-class projects and presentations, cold calling, etc. We have refined our Course Search on the Chicago Booth Portal to include the main types of delivery style in the classroom for each specific faculty member and course. You can view the course descriptions at: http://boothportal.chicagobooth.edu/portal/server.pt/community/courses/205

Tina: For someone with 3 years of full time working experience, but who missed the deadline for CBF program, would he/she still be considered for regular part-time? Is the change of admission slimmer? Thank you.

Ellie: Yes, you would be considered for the part-time MBA programs.

Sid: If I wanted to get into the medical device sector post-Booth, how much help can I expect from the career placement division in this regard?

Gretchen: Sid, an increasing number of our students are in the health care field now and/or moving into the health care field. At the start of your time with Booth, you can visit with Career Services to determine which programs and actions steps need to be taken to move into this field.

Tina: Do the employers have a preference in full time students when it comes to recruiting?

George: No. They tell us they want the best and brightest. They don't care what program they come from. This is because our students get the same education as the full-time.

Tina: In which way can the part time students be approved to OCR? Thanks.

George: If you get reimbursement from your company, you have to get their approval to go through on campus recruiting.

jeffb: Are all of the Evening and Weekend MBA classes held downtown at the Gleacher Center or are some at the Hyde Park campus?

Nicole: Hi Jeff! All Evening MBA courses are held at Gleacher once a week, Monday - Friday night from 69pm and all Weekend MBA courses are held at Gleacher on Saturdays from 9:30am - Noon and 1:304:30pm. Full-Time MBA courses are held at Harper Center in Hyde Park Monday - Friday at varied hours during the 8am - 5pm time frame.

Ryan: If an applicant is not accepted for an upcoming session, does that take away from or weaken his or her chances of being accepted to a later session, provided the weaker areas were improved upon?

George: No. We weigh it in your favor if you re-apply. It shows your commitment to the program.

coco: What are some of the disadvantages doing the evening/weekend program over fulltime program?

Gretchen: coco, it is a different experience to attend a full time program versus a part time program; however this may not be a disadvantage. If one does not want to leave the workforce and wants to progress while going to school, a part time mba is a great option.

Ellie: Thanks everyone for your wonderful questions. It was a pleasure answering all of them. Good luck with the application process and please do not hesitate to reach back out with any further questions.

Gretchen: If you have more questions, you can email me gretchen.cooper@chicagobooth.edu or call me at 312 464 8703.

Nicole: Thanks for joining us today! We look forward to connecting with you down the road. Feel free to reach out to us with any remaining questions at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu or 312-464-8700.

George: Sorry we did not get to all the questions. We love this stuff. If we did not get to yours, please call us at 312-464-8700!!!!

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