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Live Chat with Evening MBA Program Admissions

Are you planning to start your MBA studies in the 2010 year? If so, hear first hand from the admissions directors from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. The chat will cover the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday September 21, 2010 - 12:00 PM CDT

George: Thanks to all for joining us. We have four members from admissions and one of our students service team members here to answer questions. It is our greatest desire to get through all of them, but if we don't get to yours please contact us at 312-464-8700 and we would be glad to answer them for you!

Gretchen: Welcome to the Live Chat. Take the next step in your professional path and learn more about Booth today. Ask any and all questions.

Kara: Welcome to the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA live chat. I look forward to answering your questions about the Part-Time MBA programs and the application process!

Caitlyn: Hello! Thank you for joining us in our live chat. I look forward to answering your questions about Student Life and Academics at Chicago Booth.

Phil: I was recently promoted within my company and I'm transitioning into the new role. I worked extensively with my previous supervisor for a slightly over a year and have just began working with my new supervisor. I'm hoping to complete my application by December. Would you suggest using both of the supervisors as recommenders even if I have someone else that I feel could add more depth to my application?

Gretchen: Phil, thanks for your question. I would suggest having both your former and current supervisor write the two letters of recommendation. You can also include a third letter if you feel that he/she adds a different perspective to your application.

Ankur: what are the differences between weekend and weekday part-time mba

Caitlyn: Hi Ankur. The difference between the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs is the time that the courses are held. The faculty and courses are the same for both programs.

Svechi: Hello, I'm glad to join your chat as I'm especially interested to apply to Booth's prominent wkd mba program. I'm hoping that you can elaborate in more detail on the weight of the gmat score, as well as the candidate's undergrad gpa with respect to his/her overall years of experience. Thank you!

Kara: Svechi, I am pleased to read of your plans to apply to the Weekend MBA! We evenly weight all aspects of the application. The average GMAT for the Weekend MBA is 700 and the admitted range is upper 500's-800. The average undergraduate GPA is typically 3.3. The average years of work experience is 5-6. Keep in mind these are just averages, and I encourage you to think more about your timing and reasons for pursuing the MBA at this time in your career.

Suhas: Hello, I wanted to check if someone starts in the Evening program in Chicago can they transfer midway to the Singapore campus and continue the evening program there?

George: No. The Singapore campus only holds Executive MBA programs. Those classes are fully subscribed (there is actually a two year waitlist). On occasion, we help students complete the program in London or Singapore if they move with one or two classes left.

Mercid: I will be reapplying for the Winter quarter. I don't see reapplicant admission process information on the website under the evening MBA program. Where can I find information, including instructions to resubmit an application.

Kara: Mercid,I am pleased you plan to reapply! The process only has two differences. You are only required to submit one new letter of recommendation and you are required to complete the re-applicant essay (in addition to the other 3 essays). The rest of the application is the same, and you will be invited to interview after you submit. We look forward to your application!

NatashaGhatak: Hello. My name is Natasha Ghatak and am very excited to apply! I was wondering how many students stay with the same employer/industry once in the program? And if they switch, what type of career services support is available?

Gretchen: Natasha Ghatak - great question. Students in both the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs are both career enhancers within the same company and career changers to a different industry and job function. Career Services is available to you from day one at Orientation. There are a variety of programs and one-to-one job coaching sessions available to you throughout your time at Booth. Career Services also provides life long services for our alumni.

NatashaGhatak: Hello. My name is Natasha Ghata and am very excited to apply! What are some student organizations that PartTime students join? How are these different from Full time?

Caitlyn: Hi Natasha, great question. We currently have 34 active student groups in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. We have groups that specialize in everything from Finance and Consulting, to Banking and Marketing. We also have a number of social clubs such as Tennis and Golf. There is something for everyone. The Full-Time Program has a number of student groups in areas that we cover as well.

Adhi: Chicago booth's website mentions 6+ years as the average work experiece for a weekend MBA. How much of a weight is given to that? Is Masters degree considered a part of work experience?

George: So the average is just that. We are not trying to find individuals with six years, in fact we have students who have 40 years of experience, and students with two or less. I guess what might be more interesting is the mode, which unfortunately I don’t have here with me. However, your point is well taken. Yes, experience is important. The less you have the more you need to do better on other parts of the application. One way to do this is to have completed a higher degree, like a masters. So we do weigh that in your favor. It does not really count towards “work experience” but we do use it to offset your lack of experience.

Mercid: what is the grace period to submit GMAT scores based on the application deadline?

Gretchen: Mercid, the GMAT score should be received by the day of the admissions deadline. Only the unofficial score is needed and therefore the applicant could take the test on the day of the deadline. If your test date is scheduled for post the deadline, please call me at 312 464 8703 to discuss.

NatashaGhatak: Hello. My name is Natasha Ghatak and am very excited to apply! If students wanted to obtain a supplemental degree in one of the other programs (ie concentration in international business), are the requirements to complete an MBA in 5 years the same?

Caitlyn: Hi Natasha, we offer 14 different concentrations at Chicago Booth that are available and attainable for all Booth students. While we do not have a concentration in International Business, we do have an IMBA Program that you can earn. If you choose to complete an IMBA, you can still finish your degree in 5 years however the requirements are a bit different. You will need to also complete a full-time study abroad program.

Adhi: Would a strong GPA (both undergrad and masters) compensate for a low GMAT?

Kara: Adhi, I hope all is well. Having a strong GPA in both undergrad and graduate school will enhance your application, but it does not necessarily compensate for a lower GMAT. The average GMAT for the Evening MBA is 680 and for the Weekend MBA is 700. Our admitted range is upper 500's to 800. If you are unhappy with your GMAT score, feel free to retake the exam, as we will always consider your highest score.

atish: How many applications have you received for the evening Spring 2011 & Summer 2011 so far?

George: We are still early in the process so it is a very good time to apply. I don’t know the exact number, but I can tell you we receive 80% of our applications the week of the deadline.

Vamsi: Hi...My first question is about GMAT requirements....are they same for the part time and the full time?

Gretchen: Vamsi, the GMAT test is required for the Full Time, the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. The range of scores for the MBA Programs range from the upper 500s to 800. There is no minimum GMAT score for the MBA Programs.

pthompson: How important is it to know which major you are going to go into before the interview?

George: Importance approaching zero. What is important is that you know what you “think” you want to do with the MBA; even if, in fact, you end up changing your mind. What concentration you plan on getting is wholly unimportant.

G-548578807: I am a technology professional considering an EMBA or a part-time evening and weekend program. Given the U of C's reputation for economics and finance, would I be out of place in your program? I am not considering a career move that would take me to a finance-oriented career.

George: Yes, most of our incoming students have no intention of changing careers (close to 86%). Furthermore a very large % of our students are in the technology field, so I think you would find yourself very at home in the program.

Suhas: Hello Kara, thanks for setting up this session. I had a question - do you have the evening or weekend programs outside of North America - in London or Singapore?

Kara: Hi Suhas, The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs only take place in Chicago. Our Executive MBA program has a campus in both London and Singapore. Keep in mind that as an Evening MBA or Weekend MBA student, you have the option to study abroad to also have global experience during the program.

Vamsi: how flexible are the part time sessions? can we take part in weekend classes or full time classes?

Kara: Hi Vamsi, The Part-Time MBA is extremely flexible. Yes, as an Evening MBA student, you can also take classes on Saturday in the Weekend MBA Program and during the daytime in the Full-Time MBA Program. Keep in mind that the Full-Time MBA classes take place on a different campus.

AdWinter11: Hello, My question is: is it possible to transfer the online application infomation I have enterred for the Winter 2011 quarter to the next quarter?

Gretchen: AdWinter11, if you have questions about how you can gather your application material by the October 8th deadline, please email us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu. If you do need to move your application to the 2011 Spring Quarter, this is an option. We look forward to hearing from you.

Shelly: Hello, what scholarships are available for the Evening and Weekend programs?

Gretchen: Shelly, as the majority of students are working full time in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs, scholarships are not available. However, you can view more about the financial aid assistance options: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/financialaid.aspx

NatashaGhatak: Hello. My name is Natasha Ghatak and am very excited to apply! What is the difference in LEAD and Effective leadership?

George: LEAD is for full-time students and so is offered during the day. Effective Leadership is built for part-time students and as such, is offered at night and on the weekend. Also, EL is built with the expectation that you are working and thus will have opportunities to practice what you learn at work.

Ben: In terms of apply for the Chicago Business Fellows program, what is the difference between applying for the early admission or regular admission?

Kara: Hi Ben, I am pleased you are applying to the Chicago Business Fellows! The main difference is that you will have an earlier decision if you apply to the early deadline. Most CBF applications are submitted on the final deadline. If you plan to apply for the early deadline, be sure to sign up for the CBF interview day in November.

Jay: I am planning on continuing in higher level management in health administration. Please tell me more about Booth's MBA program for prospective students like me and also about the Health Certificate program?

Caitlyn: Hi Jay - Chicago Booth offers a program for students who wish to enter the field of health care management and policy can earn a Certificate in Health Administration Studies from the University of Chicago. The certificate provides excellent training in the vision and judgment needed to face various economic, ethical, and social issues, as well as the financial demands, of the health care field. This is a joint degree program and most of the courses for this are located on the main campus in Hyde Park.

krish: hello this is krish from Bangkok. I am stydying MBA hare in Webster University . I finished 12 credits and now reading another one so i want to transfer to your university so what should i have to do can i transfer credit

George: Krish, we do not allow the transfer of credits form other institutions. Very sorry.

G-548492985: I had submitted a question before the start of the chat, so I'm sorry if it is a repeat. I am a younger candidate, and I noticed the weekend program's average age is older than the full-time program. Will my age be a disadvantage for my application?

Caitlyn: Hello - no, your age will not put you at a disadvantage for your application. We look at all applicants in a holistic view taking into consideration work experience, your resume, your undergraduate transcripts, your application and essays, as well as your in-person interview.

NatashaGhatak: Hello. My name is Natasha Ghatak and am very excited to apply! Do evening students partake in random walks?

Caitlyn: Natasha - yes, Evening students can partake in Random Walks.

G-548493005_1: Can you please discuss the typical out-of-class time committment for night/weekend classes (homework, reading, preparation, etc)?

Kara: This is a good question, and it really varies from class to class. As a student, you will have access to previous course evaluations that tell you how many hours outside of the classroom the class requires. Many students report 5-8 hours outside of class each week, but again, this varies widely.

Vamsi: does the course work require any international travel... i mean doing a project overseas in one of the quarters?

Caitlyn: Hi Vamsi - No, Chicago Booth coursework never requires an international component. You do have the option to participate in a short- term or long-term study abroad experience if this is something that fits your schedule.

Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. Our team is eager to continue the dialogue. Please continue to submit your questions!

anguyen: how does career recruiting work for the evening program? can evening students participate in ocs?

Gretchen: anguyen, great question. Chicago Booth Career Services offers a variety of programs starting at day one at Orientation. Evening MBA students can participate in the one-to-one job coaching, on-line job postings, the industry/job function related events and On Campus Recruiting (OCR). You are also able to view and sign up for an event series starting next month via Career Services called Chicago Conversations: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/conversations/index.aspx?source=widget

Vamsi: can part time students use the career services?

George: Yes. The only caveat is that, if you are receiving tuition reimbursement from your company, they have to sign off on your use of On Campus Recruiting. You can use all other aspects of Career Services.

G-438062282: If you are accepted to the evening program, and experience a change in your role that would be better suited for the weekend program, what options are available? can you switch to the weekend program?

Gretchen: G-438062282, Hello. Booth has an incredibly flexible curriculum and MBA Programs that allow our working professionals to take classes when they are most convenient for you. You are able to transfer from the Evening MBA to the Weekend MBA Program once you have been at Booth for two quarters. Your reasons for switching would be shared with the Deans.

Adebayo: Hello, and thanks for inviting me on here. I had a question around the GMAT, i took my first attempt and did not score high enough 530, if i take a second one will you use my best score? Thanks

George: yes! we only take the best score, in fact, we encourage individuals to take it more than once so we get your best score. Good luck! Remember, on average individuals score 40 points higher the second time they take the test.

Rohit: Can I transfer from weekend program to evening program if I am able to move my job to Chicago a quarter or 2 after I start my MBA?

Gretchen: Rohit, yes you are correct. The transfer is possible. Each year, our students move to Chicago and therefore choose to take classes in the Evening MBA Program. This will allow you to maintain your career progression and pursue your MBA.

NatashaGhatak: What are some ways alumni are still involved? What opportunities do they have to contribute?

Kara: There are many active alumni groups and alumni led events that take place all over the world. In addition, many alumni recruit Booth graduates for jobs and will also refer candidates to the MBA programs.

G-548578807: What proportion of admitted students to the weekend program come from outside the Chicago area and have to commute to attend classes?

George: 86% come from outside the IL area.

NatashaGhatak: Hello. My name is Natasha Ghatak and am very excited to apply! On the application regarding extra curriculars the word limit is 100 words or bullet points. Is there a word limit to the bullet points?

Kara: Hi Natasha, I am pleased to read you are excited to apply! The word limit applies to the bullet points as well.

Vamsi: does the research assistanship in masters degree count as work experience?

George: Yes, experience is important. The less you have the more you need to do better on other parts of the application. One way to do this is to have completed a higher degree, like a masters. So we do weigh that in your favor. It does not really count towards “work experience” but we do use it to offset your lack of experience.

anguyen: Hi my name is Andy Nguyen. I attended an open house in July and I would like to attend a class. How can I attend a class?

Kara: I am excited you would like to visit a class. We are currently on break, and class visits will resume on Thursday, September 30th. I anticipate that the class visit options will be posted early next week. The options will be posted on this link when available http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/visiting.aspx. There are a lot of great classes offered this fall! I look forward to seeing you soon for a visit.

Grace: Grace asks: In the Evening MBA program, if student wants to take one or no class in one quarter, does she need to get formal approval? Thanks!

Caitlyn: Hi Grace - Students are able to take up to 3 quarters off without taking courses and without notifying our office. That said, the typical course load is 1-2 courses, so dropping to 1 course a quarter is fine.

Abby: What is the youngest recommended age for someone to apply for the MBA program?

Gretchen: Abby, Chicago Booth values younger applicants and therefore has the Chicago Business Fellows (CBF) for applicants who have 0-3 years of work experience. CBF is a subset of the Evening MBA Program. CBF awards you a Booth MBA and therefore, there are only a few small differences. Please email Katie Crossin to find out more: katie.crossin@chicagobooth.edu.

G-548492985: I applied to the full time program, and will be reapplying to the weekend program due to a change in career paths. Would you reccomend any different focus from that of full time. I guess, I'm curious if I would need to address why part-time and not full-time?

George: FOR SURE! That will be one of the most important things you can do. We want individuals who know that they want to be in a part-time program. We know that we deliver the best part-time program on the planet (ok, it is more of our belief!), and we also know that the only time we find students who are not pleased with our offerings is when they really wanted to be full-time but did not get in and thus apply to a part-time program.

Travis: How long is the study abroad program? Would I need to take a leave from work to complete it?

Caitlyn: Hi Travis - There are two different types of study abroad. There are short term and long term programs. The short term programs are 2-3 weeks depending on the program, and the long term programs are typically a quarter long. The program you apply for would determine how much work you would miss.

Clee: Hi, Chris Lee. I was wondering if you could offer some insight on the Chicago Business Fellows Program? How will this enhance or make the transition into Booth easier for an MBA student?

Gretchen: Hello Chris, entering into Booth as a Chicago Business Fellow (CBF) is a great way to get started with the MBA degree if you are an early entry applicant with 0-3 years of work experience. CBF will help your transition into Booth as during the first quarter you will take a professional development seminar which will further introduce you to our academic advisors, current students and alumni. To meet our CBF contact please email Katie Crossin at katie.crossin@chicagobooth.edu.

Travis: So is there a preference given to those who apply early?

George: No. We pick the best studetns we can get. there is not much advantage to applying early.

Mercid: where do I find reapplicant essay topics?

Beth: Mercid, the re-applicant essay questions are their own section for the Evening MBA Winter, Spring, and Summer application but part of the essays for the Autumn 2011 application. If you have any difficulties finding it, please feel free to email me at eveningweekend-admissions@chicaogbooth.edu

NatashaGhatak: Who conducts the interviews and how many are there?

Caitlyn: Hi Natasha - We have an Admissions committee consisting of 60-70 current students and recent alumni that conduct interviews with prospective students.

Suhas_1: Do you evaluate propspective students on a rolling basis or do you wait till all applications are received to make a decision?

Beth: Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. You will have a decision within 4 to 6 weeks of our office receiving your completed application. Once you submit your application, our office will contact you to schedule your admissions interview.

Mercid: I worked for a large company for six years (finance). Six months ago I quit my job and decided to join my family's business. I have a letter of recommendation from my former employer. My question is who do you suggest I get to provide the other letter of recommendation since it is a family member I report to. I do not work in a client contact area, thus getting a client to write a letter for me won't work. What do you suggest I do?

Kara: Mercid, that is a good question. You could consider asking another individual you worked with in your previous company, a mentor, or someone you have worked with outside of work. For example, if you are involved with a volunteer organization, you could use someone from that experience.

Hart: Hello! My question is about military service. How does Booth view military service?

Gretchen: Hart, Chicago Booth views military experience as incredibly valuable. Booth has a student group for military students. Our military alumni have made some really valuable career changes. To learn more, email me at gretchen.cooper@chicagobooth.edu.

Shelly_1: Thank you for providing this chat. My question: I am interested in an MBA in healthcare and am wondering what type of coursework in this area is available.

Caitlyn: Hi Shelly - Chicago Booth Students who wish to enter the field of health care management and policy can earn a Certificate in Health Administration Studies from the University of Chicago. The certificate provides excellent training in the vision and judgment needed to face various economic, ethical, and social issues, as well as the financial demands, of the health care field.

JamesBev: I'm particularly interested in the Entrepreneurship concentration, and it looks like Booth has some great resources to support those interested in entrepreneurship and venture capitalism. Does Booth consider the particular background of applicants in tandem with their intended concentrations? That is, if one's already interested in a particular track should the essays address that at all, and does background then help/hinder?

George: Knowing what you want to achieve is what is important. Entrepreneurship is one thing many of our students do after graduation. To the extent that is your goal, it would be good to communicate. However, it is not because of the concentration itself, it is more about the end goal.

Ankur: Hi, I am working in energy sector as a consultant from last 5 years. Is there any special focus or club in chiacago which focusses on energy sector?

Caitlyn: Hi Ankur - yes, we have a student group solely focused on the energy sector.

Adhi: What is the average number of applications for the weekend MBA program? what is the acceptance rate?

Beth: While the University does not release its acceptance rates, the average incoming class size of the Weekend MBA Program is 100.

NatashaGhatak: If students wanted to start a new club or organization, is that easy to do? I noticed there is not an organization for hospitality.

Caitlyn: Natasha - starting a new club is always an option for students. We welcome new clubs and typically on-board at least one during an academic year. There is a short process that students go through when starting a new club to make sure there is interest from other students.

pthompson: how many hours outside of the classroom could you expect taking 2 classes a week?

Beth: The amount of work outside of the classroom varies on the course, your familiarity with the subject matter, and the professor. You will have access to professor evaluations as a student which will show you how much, on average, time you can expect to work on that course.

Abby: What admissions criteria is most heavily weighted (i.e., undergrad grads, GMAT scores, work experience, etc.)

Gretchen: Hello Abby, your application is looked at in three main areas and all are weighted equally: 1) The academics (undergraduate classes, grades and the GMAT score) 2) work experience (quality, experiences, reasons for pursuing an MBA) and 3) your interest and fit with Chicago Booth. The application, letters of recommendation and the in-person interview will help the Admissions Committee evaluate the applicant in these 3 areas.

Rohit: Does career change intent instead of career enhancement intent reflect negatively on part-time MBA application?

George: No. The only caveat, if you want to achieve something with your career that we don’t think we can help you achieve, or you don’t do a at least a good job helping us see the connection, we may call you to council you on a different path to success. It is all about your ability to tell your story and help everyone see how an MBA will help you achieve it. It does not matter if that means staying in your current career trajectory or shifting to something brand new.

Joe_1: I am a technology professional as well, but relatively new to the field (~2 years). Does that matter as much for the part time and evening MBA as it would for a full-time program?

George: Joe, no. Lack of experience can be offset by other aspects of your application.

Moderator: The chat will be closing in 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions. Please note, as we often get repeats of questions, we will try to address the general topic (if not your specific question).

Shelly: Do you offer dual MBA programs?

Caitlyn: Yes, it is possible to pursue a dual or joint degree program with another University of Chicago school/program while at Chicago Booth. However, since many of the classes in other programs follow the "full-time student" schedule, it can be challenging for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students to pursue these options, as classes will often take place during the day (business hours). Students are also eligible take classes across the three programs (Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time) or pursue a specialized International MBA (IMBA) degree at Chicago Booth.

Gwen: Are evening/Weekend MBA students eligible for fellowships? Thank you.

Kara: Hi Gwen, there are no fellowships available for the Part-Time MBA programs. You would be eligible for student loans to fund your education.

Shelly_1: Is it common for students to have multiple concentrations?

Gretchen: Shelly_1 - Yes, for sure. The average number of concentrations received is three and some students earn more than that. Booth has over 150 classes for you to choose from and you decide what area/s you would like to focus on. To view more: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/curriculum/concentrations/index.aspx.

Jen: What is the atmosphere like for the weekend program? Collegial?

Caitlyn: Hi Jen - the atmosphere for Weekend students is great. Saturday is the day where most of our student group events are held, and most courses are held on Saturdays as well. We also host events sponsored by the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs Office on Saturdays.

G-549591304: As a PT Weekend student, how we will engage in student organizations or clubs? Are there specific groups for the commuters?

Caitlyn: Yes, Weekend MBA students can participate in many of the programs offered by the 34 registered student groups in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. Much of the programming that these groups provide takes place during the lunch hour and after afternoon classes on Saturdays at the Gleacher Center.

pthompson: how long does it usually take a university to submit our transcipts? Meaning how far in advance before the deadline should we ask for those?

Beth: If you know you're going to be applying, please feel free to send in your transcripts now. We will update your application as soon as our office receives your transcripts. You may also submit electronic versions of your transcripts. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at eveningweekendadmissions@chicagobooth.edu.

Kyle_2: If someone has a significantly lower GPA than the average, would they have to significantly score above the average on the GMAT. Is there a minimum GPA or range for the GPA that students are admitted?

George: Both the GMAT and GPA help us evaluate your preparedness and ability to handle the rigors of higher education. So, to the extent you placed low on the GMAT you will want to point to your higher stellar GPA. We don’t really have an average for that because it is not standardized across schools. Some have the 4.0, but others, like Stanford, use a 4.5 and other, like many international schools, are on a 100 point scale. We look at the quality of the institution and the GPA achieved to judge the value.

abaset: I am a recent graduate of law school, and wanted to know what type of cross-disciplinary opportunities exist between Booth and the Chicago law school? Also, how tailored are the career services for students interested in non-conventional post-graduate business careers (like risk- assessment/government policy/white collar law)? Many thanks for your time and response!

Caitlyn: Hi Abaset - Chicago Booth students are able to take up to 6 of their 11 electives at another school at the University of Chicago, including the Law School. The Career Services office will be able to provide you with great resources for whatever your career aspirations may be.

krish: will the college provide placement after MBA or EMBA for students

George: No, XP (EMBA) does not provide career services to students at all. In the Evening and Weekend, you can use Career Services fully. 98% of our full-time students are placed.

Amir: My question is about advising process after addmission. My concern is how I can be in touch with an advisor who is familiar with students with backgrounds different from finance, banking and engineering. Some thing such as design and architecture.

Caitlyn: Hi Amir - The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs Office has academic advisors that are familiar with students from all backgrounds and can help you navigate your courses at Chicago Booth as well as connect you with Career Services who can help you with your career goals.

G-438062282: If you have to miss a class for the weekend or evening program, what options are there to

make up the class? Thanks!

Kara: Hi, the program is very flexible. Ideally you make up the missed class during another section. There is typically an Evening, Weekend and Full-Time section of each class and the same lecture and material is covered in each section. If possible, it is always best to attend another section than to miss the class altogether.

Suhas_1: Do the Evening and Weekend program students have the opportunity to apply to international jobs using career services at Booth

Gretchen: Suhas_1, Yes, Booth is a global school and therefore there are opportunities to apply for jobs overseas. To view where our alumni currently are: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/alumni/maps/index.aspx.

Gretchen: You also have the option to study abroad!

G-549600519: Does Chicago booth part-time MBA program give any academic recognition to its student. For example, any special recognition to graduate with top 10% class rank?

Caitlyn: Yes, Chicago Booth does recognize Full-Time, Evening, and Weekend MBA students that graduate with High Honors (the top 5% of a graduating class) and Honors (the next 15%), based on GPA.

Adhi: Typically how many students fly in every weekend for this program? are they given any kind of benifits like subsidized stay/airport drops etc,.?

Beth: Adhi, over 80% of our Weekend MBA students are traveling from outside Illinois. Our office currently provides a shuttle which picks up/drops off students from both O'Hare and Midway airport.

MA: I've reviewed the weekend schedule, do I read the web site correctly? There are 2 Saturday sessions, and students attend one or the other?

Caitlyn: Yes, there are two sessions of classes offered in the Weekend MBA program on Saturdays at the Gleacher Center. The sessions take place both in the morning (9AM-12PM) and the afternoon (1:30PM4:30PM). Most Weekend MBA students will take one class in the morning and one in the afternoon.

G-549600519: Is there any possibility that Chicage admission committee accept the outdated GMAT socre, which is longer than 5 years? Other than GMAT, I personally believe that other credentials can be appealing to the admission committee.

George: No. we cannot accept a GMAT score older than 5 years. Sorry. And I agree there are other signals that can be provided that are as important in the application process.

Vamsi: after i sumbit my application...typically after how many days can i expect a personal interview?

Beth: Once you submit your application, our office will bring you in for your interview within 2 weeks. If you are looking for a specific date/time, you can always contact our office at eveningweekendadmissions@chicagobooth.edu.

spea: In the part-time application: for the community extracurriculars, how detailed do you want the information (especially if it is included in the resume)? And for travel experiences, should I include vacations (if they show breadth of travel)?

Gretchen: spea, Great question. It is acceptable to include your experiences in a bullet point form or short responses as you are correct, this information is also in the resume and possibly in your essay responses.

Ash: Is there any statistical advantantage of applying for the earlier deadline (as in more seats are open hence more chances of being admitted) vs. for the final deadline when most seats are already taken?

Kara: Ash, I hope all is well. The main advantage is that you will have a decision earlier. The majority of applications are submitted during the week of the deadline.

Lazuli: How much management experience does an average Part-Time MBA candidate have? I am assuming the average age is 28-30.

Kara: Lazuli, you are correct, the average age is 28-30. The average years of work experience is 5-6, however this does not necessarily have to be management experience. Our students come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds.

omar: Are the admission requirements different for the weekend program than the regular MBA

Kara: Hi Omar, the admission requirements are the same for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA. The online application is the same, and all applicants will be invited to interview.

Byron: How does the MBA admissions view advanced degrees? Would they somewhat amplify work experience, eg. make 2 years comprable to 4...?

Caitlyn: Hi Byron - We take a holistic view when looking at applicants; academic, professional, and other. An advanced degree adds to your academic side and we do understand that you took those two years to study versus working in the professional world.

Vamsi: can i do part time MBA together with IMBA...do i have to apply for IMBA separately if i am applying for part time MBA

Caitlyn: Since the IMBA degree is a subset of the MBA programs at Chicago Booth, you would apply for the IMBA program after you are admitted into one of the three MBA programs (Evening, Weekend, or Full- Time).

G-549591304: I am pursuing an MBA degree with the intent on switching careers. Will Booth help me with that while I am in the PT program? I will not receive any support from my current employer.

George: Yes, we have an entire Career Services team right here at Gleacher that are staffed for part-time, meaning they work at night and on weekends. You will have access to all aspects of career services. The only thing our Part-time students don’t partake in their internships recruiting.

Svechi: Hi and thanks again for this very informative session. Can you talk about the weight of the candidate's professional experience? For instance, I've worked for many companies during my 11-yr technology career, however most of it is due to consulting. Is this viewed favourably during the interview/qualification process?

George: Svechi, sounds perfect! What is more important is the quality of work not the quantity. I bet, given what you have written that you have some good experiences.

Viccha: Hi... what is the average GMAT score of successfull candidates?

George: our average is 680. we take from the low 500 to 800.

Kareem: Hi There. This is an extension of a question asked earlier. I understand that in the company is paying some $$ for the course work, then it needs to sign on the OCR. But to use any other aspect of the career services, do we need the company's approval?

George: no, you can use everything else!

Suhas_1: Is it a must to submit attested transcripts with the application or can a prospective student submit the attested copies later on?

Beth: Official copies of both your GMAT score and transcripts are required only if you are admitted to our program. Your application may be reviewed using unofficial versions. If you earned a degree from an institution outside of the US, please submit your degree certificate as well as your mark sheets.

Kareem: Hi AdCom and Current Students. How active is the career services for part time/ evenning program in comparison to the full time program?

Gretchen: Kareem, Chicago Booth has a full Career Service team for our part time students, which is at the Gleacher Center and has office house in the evening and on weekends.

Gretchen: From day one you have access to the one-to-one job coaching, industry and job function events and if you choose, the On Campus Recruiting process. The difference is that Full Time students can search for a summer internship via Career Services.

Jan: Hi, I am interested in enrolling in the Spring, but I'd like to take a class or two prior to enrollment in the program. Is that possible? And if it is, will the credits transfer? Thank you.

Kara: Jan, yes, that option does exist! You can take 3 Booth MBA classes as a graduate student at large through the Graham School of General Studies. Please email me kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu and I will connect you with someone in the Graham School. It is a great way to get started before you apply.

PP: any advice on recommendations... from who should you take ?

Caitlyn: Hi PP - Your recommendations should be from a current supervisor and from someone that can speak positively on your behalf; whether that is personally or professionally.

imani: hey moderator, im imani wishing to join ur campus in spring of 2011, do u hav campuses in Los Angeles area in CA

George: no. they are all in Chicago

Steve: Hi, how much weight do you place on extracurricular leadership actitives in admission? I have a lot of leadership experiences at work where I "live", but little outside - would that be a problem? What do you consider a "healthy mix" vs "clearly not enough"? Thank you

George: Steve, where you get your leadership experience is not important. Having it, and being able to adequately convey it is. Be ready for the question with examples and you will be fine.

KateG: Hello. Is it possible to apply for the evening/weekend program if you do not already live in the Chicago area but are planning to move there in the near future?

George: Kate, absolutely!

Grace: Hi, usually how many students in one class in the evening program?

Gretchen: Grace, The Evening MBA Program brings in close to 450 students a year, with the larger class

being in the fall quarter.

Caitlyn: Since the IMBA degree is a subset of the MBA programs at Chicago Booth, you would apply for the IMBA program after you are admitted into one of the three MBA programs (Evening, Weekend, or Full- Time).

scalpelline: Hi! Suhas; Thank you for your time; I have yet to fully grasp the bottom line difference between EMBA and Partime time MBA at least in your instiution:could you please Clarify? Also Is this institution part of the Yellow Ribbon Program? What is the preferred profile suitable for admission? I am in my late 40's : is this a disadvantage? Have a license MD degree: what are the pertinent prerequisites please?

George: only full-time has access to the yellow ribbon at booth. The EMBA program is for those who are not interested in changing career as they have not access to Career Services. Also, they are usually sr. level manages with at least 10 years of work experience.

George: Call us and I can walk through the other things to consider as it is too lengthy here. 312-4648700

hemal: Hi there, I was wondering whether MBA would be beneficiary in terms of my background from molecular biology. Will it be easy for me to enter the consultancy or investment banking sector

George: Yes. But I recommend you go full-time for that transition as you will need an intership to make the switch into investment banking.

George: well, we ran out of time. please call 312-464-8700 for any unanswered questions.

Caitlyn: Thank you for joining us today! It was great seeing your questions. Good luck with the application process. Caitlyn

Kara: Thank you for joining our chat today! Feel free to email us at eveningweekend admissions@chicagobooth.edu for further questions. We look forward to your applications!

Gretchen: We hope to see you at the Gleacher Center for an upcoming event: the October 5th Open House, the October 13th Lunch and Learn and/or the October 20th Booth Breakfast.

Gretchen: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/

Gretchen: We will look for your application soon!

Beth: Thank you for joining our chat. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.

Moderator: The chat has now ended. There were so many engaging questions that we're sorry we weren't able to answer them all. Have a great day!

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