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Live Chat with Evening MBA Program Admissions

Are you planning to start your MBA studies in the 2010 year? If so, hear first hand from the admissions directors from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. The chat will cover the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 - 12:00 PM CDT

Moderator: Thanks for joining us today. We'll begin the chat promptly in about 10 minutes. If you have any questions, feel free to go ahead and ask them now!

George: We are so excited about hosting another chat. We have received so many questions and follow up from past chats. We hope that you find it as valuable as past participants.

George: We try to answer every question, but if we do not get to yours, please follow up with us by email of phone at 312-464-8770.

George: We will get started promptly at 12:00pm CST

George: George Andrews

George: Associate Dean

George: Don't call that number, try this one 312-464-8700. I am not sure where the other one will get you, but it wont be our office!!!! :)

Moderator: Thanks for joining us! This chat is scheduled to run for 1 hour. If you have any questions, please go ahead and ask them now!

Kara: Welcome to the online chat! I am Kara Northcutt, Assistant Director of Admission for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA. I look forward to answering your questions!

Kerri: Welcome to the Chicago Booth chat! I am Kerri Butler, Assistant Director of Academic Services in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs Office. I am both an academic advisor and a current student (halfway through the program!)

Katie: Hello and welcome to the Chicago Booth Live Chat! I am Katie, the Admissions Manager, and will answer questions about the admissions process. I look forward to chatting with you today.

Gretchen: We are glad to be hosting the Live Chat today and are glad you are here as well! We will share with you as much as we have time for regarding our admissions process. We want to help you in the process.

bkholy: Hello, I'm interested in learning about clubs and student organizations that are available to Booth Business students. Where can I find additional information about that?

Kara: Hi, we have over 30 very active student groups that range from professional and social. See this link for details about the student groups groups http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/studentGroups/

chitownman: For PT MBAs who are looking to enter the investment/asset management profession, are there many opportunities through OCR (for those who are elgible to participate) or do most get in through networking?

George: It is obvious that you have done your research, good job! You are right, almost all the students who get jobs do so through networking with current students and alumni. Only a very small % of them get their jobs through OCR. OCR brings in jobs that are for newly minted MBA’s, but most of you will have had many years of experience that will allow you to get jobs that are better than the ones coming in through OCR. You are in class with 1600 other students who work for over 880 companies. This is where the best jobs are secured!

jaypee: Hello, Thanks for hosting this session. I think I am going to miss July 1 deadline for Autmn qtr, given that I am writing my GMAT by end of August. Is it possible for me to get admission to Autmn qtr if I submit all my application details by end of August.

Katie: Hi Jaypee. Great question. The July 1st deadline is a hard deadline for the Autumn quarter. However, we do admit to the Evening MBA program four times a year on a rolling admission basis. You can apply for the Winter quarter early and we will have a decision to you in 4-6 weeks. The Winter deadline is October 8, 2010.

Legend: Are part-time students able to join full-time student-led groups? I am specifically interested in some of the sports teams, such as the rugby team. Thanks!

Kara: Most athletic clubs are open to all Booth students. Therefore, as a part-time student you could participate in those activities with full-time students.

liza: I am interested in the lab courses provided to students. Do these course count towards credit or are they non-credit?

Kerri: Hi Liza - I'll be happy to answer your question about lab courses. These courses do provide credit toward the MBA. Some of these courses are available through our bidding system and others are application-only. Most of our lab courses are offered in the Full-Time Program because students work directly with the companies, which requires daytime availability. However, Evening and Weekend students can enroll if they have a flexible schedule. For students who do not have daytime availability, the Marketing group offers some lab-type courses and the New Venture Challenge lab also has an evening section. The number of lab courses you can take is only limited by the number of electives you have and the availability of the courses. The New Venture Challenge lab has helped students launch their own businesses. As examples, Grubhub.com and Bobtail Ice Cream both participated in the New Venture Challenge and have become successful businesses!

Fall2010: As far as the essays are concerned, is it OK to be 5 or 10% plus or minus the word limit or is that viewed negatively? I dont want to give the impression that I dont have much to write or make the reader loose interest due to a long essay.Please advise.

Katie: The essays are a very important part of the application. I recommend not going over the word limit, but being slightly under the word limit is perfectly ok.

arvindr: Hi, thank you for taking this question.My question is a 2 part question... a.I plan on taking my GMAT on Sept 11,2010 and plan on submitting my application for the oct 08,2010 deadline(winter 2011 admission)...I dont know if the admissions committee will receive the official GMAT scores by then, is that a deciding factor or can i enter the raw scores and then wait till you get my application.. question b. I have an undergraduate degree from a different country and a masters degree in computer science from a US university..it would be hard for me to get transcripts for my undergraduate degree..since i completed it 10 years back..can i present a notorized copy and an ETS evaluation of my undergraduate transcript(I took an ETS evaluation when i applied for my GRE for Grad school)...please let me know

George: We will use your self-reported score to make a decision, and then verify it once we receive it. At the time of submission all you have to do is submit a copy of your notarized transcript. At some point we will need to make a notarized copy of your notarized copy in our office (I know it is confusing)

Jay: Hi and thanks for organizing the chat. Can the institute help with study visa for the part time program?

Katie: Hi Jay. You are welcome. The part-time MBA program does not issue student visas. However, you can attend the part time program if you have a work related visa.

Fall2010: What specifically can I mention in my travel experiences? I have traveled extensively but kind of unsure if I need to list places I have visited, points of interest or any out of the ordinary experiences with travel? What are the typical responses to that question?

George: Hello, in this section it is just fine to mention the countries/cities you have traveled to thus far. Your response can be in short paragraph form or the places can be listed. Booth has many opportunities to study abroad and knowing your past travel experiences is of interest to us as we want to meet your expectations of a MBA Program.

liza: What do you consider the most important characteristics of applicants that could be displayed in an interview? Thank you!

George: Liza, give clear, concise, well thought out responses to the questions. Lastly, be genuine and feel free to let your personality show.

chitownman: On previous chats, Investment Banking and Private Equity are two areas that are a bit difficult for PT MBAs to enter since they usually require an internship in the area. Are there other fields or industries that most PT MBAs can't access through OCR?

Kara: Hi! You are correct, Investment Banking and Private Equity are easier to get into with an internship. All fields and industries are accessible to part-time students via OCR. However, OCR is only one way to go about getting into a new industry. Career Services offers a wide variety of programs to assist part-time students (networking, career coaching, access to the job database, etc).

Ranjith: What is the safe score range to get into Booth, assuming that the candidate is planning to rely purely on his GMAT score !?

Kara: Hi Ranjith, the average GMAT for the Evening MBA is 680 and for the Weekend MBA is 700. Our admitted range is upper 500's up to 800.

John: Do you have any advice on how to highlight personal strengths in the application (e.g., work experience, GMAT score) versus those areas that are perhaps not as strong (e.g., undergrad GPA, extracurriculars)?

Gretchen: Hi John, the Admissions Committee takes a holistic view of the application, meaning all pieces are reviewed equally. With that being said, feel free let us know in the essay responses that you are proud of your work experience and GMAT score and you see this as a fit with who Booth is looking for in an applicant pool. We are not looking for a certain number of extracurricular activities; however we are curious to know which student groups you would want to get involved in at Booth. To view the groups: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/beyondacad/PTstudentgroups.aspx

JoAnna: When is early acceptance for the winter session?

Katie: Hi JoAnna. We admit students on a rolling basis, not based on rounds. If you apply to the Winter quarter before the October 8th deadline, then we will provide a decision in 4-6 weeks. This allows prospective students to get a decision early so they can make necessary plans.

Fall2010: I wont be able to make the event tomorrow evening due to business travel but how can I get in touch with some of the current students to get more information about their experiences and the admission process?

Kara: Hi, I am sorry you cannot join us tomorrow! Please email me at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu and I can connect you with a current student. Let me know if you would like to connect with someone from a particular field.

Amanda: What is the applicant to admitted student ratio?

Gretchen: Amanda, although we do not share that number of applicants who are admitted, we can share the typical class size with you. For the fall class we bring in close to 175 students (as there are more applicants in the fall) and for the winter, spring and summer, we bring in close to 80 students. An applicant has an equal chance of being admitted for all quarters. Our suggestion is you apply when you are ready!

Ranjith: Also would you please let me know the average time it takes to finish this course? Also the cost of the course..

Kerri: The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students typically take 2.5 to 3 years to complete the MBA Program by taking two classes per quarter throughout the entire year. The 2010-2011 cost per course is $5045.

Tony: Hi my name is Tony, I was wondering what the biggest difference is between the Evening/Weekend MBA and the traditional program

Kerri: Hi Tony! The main difference between the Evening and Weekend Programs and the Full-Time Program is that our students work full-time while completing coursework part-time, which results in a slightly longer timeframe for earning the MBA (2.5 to 3 years). Additionally, since our students have full-time jobs, they do not go through a formal internship recruiting process or receive student visas. However, Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time MBA students have the same degree requirements and take classes with the same faculty.

Jay: is it possible to get an early decision on admission? I have other schools that I am considering and am up against deadlines to respond

Katie: Hi Jay. We provide decisions on a rolling basis. Therefore, if you need a decision early for a specific quarter you should do two things. 1) apply early so we can get you a decision earlier and 2) call us and let us know about your other deadlines so we know when you need a decision. Our number is 312-464-8700.

G-144689895: There is definitely a view out there that one of Booth's strength's is its finance curriculum. Could you say a few words about what Booth has to offer to students who are interested in marketing and strategy?

George: Additionally, strategy is one of the largest concentrations that students attain, and one of the largest jobs ascertained are with management consulting. The strategy faculty are considered some of the best at Booth and win frequent awards.

JoAnna: In your opinion, what is the most important thing to display in our application essays?

Kara: Hi JoAnna, the most important thing is to be yourself and give examples relevant to the questions being asked. It is important to clarify your goals of why you want your MBA at Booth and why specifically the Part-Time MBA. Also, be sure there are no grammar and spelling mistakes. It sounds simple, but it is important.

figgins407_1: Question regarding the Letters of Recommendation - I understand that one has to be from a direct supervisor and the other can also be professional, but it is not required. Is it common to have a friend, former colleague, or coworker who is currently in the program or an alumni to write a LOR for you? I assume they would know whether or not you have what it takes to succeed since they have gone through the program themselves.

Gretchen: It is great when we hear from our Booth students and alumni. If both of your letters can be from professional sources, feel free to include a third letter from a friend or another colleague who is part of the Booth community. There is a valuable network here at Booth and we want you to be part of it.

Kamal: I have received paper transcripts from my universities. How do I submit them when I submit my application online? Do I mail them?

Katie: Hi Kamal. For your transcripts you have a couple options. The best thing to do is to add them to your online application by scanning and uploading them. However, if that is not possible, you can mail them or drop them off to our office. We do not require official versions until you are admitted to the program. Our mailing address: Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Program Office 450 N. Cityfront Plaza Drive, Suite 330 Chicago, IL 60611.

SP: Hello, thank you for this Q&A session. I have updated my resume for the admissions process and I have a couple of questions. Do you feel including an objective section makes sense given the nature of the use of this resume. Also, would you include all experience while in undergrad or would you limit it to business related internships?

George: SP, you have got to have the resume to tell your story. If the work you did in undergrad strengthens your story, then include it. If it is superfluous or duplicative to what you have accomplished after graduation, leave it out. The objective is a personal preference. I don’t really look at them unless they say something odd. For instance, if you were applying to a position with a financial firm, but had not updated your objective statement from the last application for a position in OTC marketing, I would take that as a red flag. So if you use one, make sure it changes to go along with the potion to which you are applying

adil9k: tell me the duration of programe??

Kerri: The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs typically take about 2.5 to 3 years to complete. However, students may speed up the program and finish earlier or take up to 5 years to complete the requirements and earn the MBA.

Anna: Hello, if admitted into the part time MBA program, is there a way to matriculate into the full time program after a year or so?

George: No, we do not allow movement between the full and part-time MBA programs.

AG: Do part-time students need to give GMAT for admission- if so, is there any range of acceptable score?

Katie: Hi AG. Yes, the GMAT is required for all applicants to the part time program. The accepted range is upper 500's to 800.

SP: Are we allowed to submit three letters of recommendation if we have people from various parts of our lives who provide a different perspective on how we can add and extract value in an MBA program.

Gretchen: Yes, feel free to submit three letters on your behalf.

adil9k: how much fee??? can i start Phd after that???

Kerri: Students pay tuition per course and the 2010-2011 tuition rate is $5,045 per course. Students may apply to the PhD program during or after the MBA, although the PhD application requirements still apply. Students who are certain they will apply for the PhD are encouraged to start directly with that program.

John_1: I travel a bit for work (approx. 5 days over two months, on average). How do students overcome this challenge or is it even possible to travel for work and still take classes?

Kara: John, that is a very common concern. Fortunately for you, we have the most flexible curriculum on the planet:) All part-time students have access to take classes on weeknights, Saturdays, and during the day in the Full-Time MBA. For example, many Evening MBA students who travel during the week take a class or two on Saturday. There are typically multiple sections of each class during the week. The same lecture is taught in each section, so if you miss a class you can make it up in another section.

G-82884124: when will the application be available for the weekend 2011 program?

Kara: The Weekend 2011 application will be available toward the end on August.

Ram: Can I take GSAL courses without any application, or must I submit an application to the bussiness school?

Kara: Hi Ram, GSAL classes are taken through the Graham School of General Studies. Therefore, you will need to apply according to their process. It is a separate application from Booth's. For more information about GSAL, please email Adam Green at adamgreene@uchicago.edu. Three GSAL classes will transfer into the MBA program.

Billy: Like many other students, I need to fly to Chicago every weekend. My question is if we have courses at every weekend?

Kerri: During the quarter, courses are held every weekend for 11 weeks in a row, which includes the finals week. Students typically have a week off between Winter and Spring Quarters and Spring and Summer Quarters, with longer breaks during the December holiday season and September.

Tony: Are any scholarships available for the program?

Kerri: Unfortunately, scholarships are not available for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students through the school. Students are encouraged to look for outside scholarship opportunities as appropriate and to contact financial aid for assistance with the cost of school.

liza: Hi, there is another specific question regarding visa problem. For students who will join PT MBA with a F-2, namely student spouse visa, can they take the lab courses? F-2 visa does not allow the holder to work. Thank you for answering this minorty question!

Kerri: For specific visa and status questions, I encourage you to also speak with your immigration attorney, but since the lab courses do not provide compensation to the student and are considered coursework in the program, you should not be restricted from participating.

Ranjith: I am currently on a Work Visa. If I get admitted into Booth and a few months later, if I loose my work visa status, how should I handle the situation to continue my studies at Booth ? Please advise.

George: It is a difficult answer. It depends on when it happens. You have up to 5 years to complete you degree, so you can take time to find another job and then come back to finish up. We are unable to provide you a student visa. If you are early on in the program, some students apply to the full-time program and transfer their classes over. But it is a competitive process and there is no guarantee that you will be admitted. If it is later in the program we try and work to get you finished using study abroad and independent studies. The hard ones are those midway through the program.

G-82884124: would I be able to apply for the weekday program but instead choose/select the weekend classes?

Gretchen: Yes, flexibility is key to your Booth experience. Evening MBA students have priority over the weekday classes; however when there is space available in the Weekend MBA Program, you can take classes on a Saturday. The faculty teach in all of the MBA Programs at Booth and therefore allow you to take the classes you want when you want to take them!

jaypee: Thanks Katie, If I complete all the formalities of application by July 1, except GMAT ( Writing end of August). Will I be considered for Autmn qtr?

Katie: Jaypee - you need to take the GMAT by July 1st in order to be considered for the Autumn quarter. Although, you do not need your official scores. You can self-report your scores in the application as immediately as the day you take the GMAT. You receive scores immediately after taking the test with the exception of the written portion. You can follow up with your score for the written portion after July 1st.

liza: Does booth provide any special career services or have any special student groups targeting women enterpreneurship?

George: Hello Liza, great question. The Career Service Office at Booth offers programs about a variety of different industries and job functions. In addition, there is the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship, which has a mentoring program component. Re: women, the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs, we have the Graduate Women in Business group which hosts many events throughout the year. For more information: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/beyondacad/PTstudentgroups.aspx

George: We are hosting a Women’s Event on in September. Sign up today: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/diversityevents.aspx

meers7: How much weight is given to the "extra" essays such as travel experiences, leadership positions, community activities, and civic / professional organizations? What advice would you give to a person who is relatively thin in those areas?

Kara: Hi, it is fine if you are "thin" in those areas, but you do want to be sure to include what activities/experiences you do have into the application. Theses are typically short answers in the application, a paragraph or a bullet list. We ask these because we like to get to know who you are and what you are passionate about outside of your professional life. I hope that helps!

Ryan: When applying for financial aid, do most students in the part time program get enough to cover 2 classes a quarter?

Kerri: Students who are eligible for federal loans are required to take 2 courses per quarter to obtain financial aid and this aid amount does typically cover the full cost of tuition plus some additional living costs. Students who apply for private loans are also generally able to cover the full cost of tuition, although details should be discussed with the financial aid office while applying.

Moderator: We're now just halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. The Admissions team is eager to continue the dialogue. Continue submitting your questions!

Ram: for the part time program, what is the admission deadline for Winter 2010? I am taking my GMAT this August, is it too late to apply Winter QTR?

Katie: Hi Ram. The deadline for the Winter quarter is Friday, October 8th. You will have plenty of time to submit if you take the GMAT this August. Here is the link to the deadlines: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/index.aspx

Sid: Hi, I will be enroled in a masters in engineering program when I apply for admission to the Weekend MBA program. I took the masters to build on my technical know how while gaining experience. I plan to end this program if admited as the MBA is more important for my career aspirations. How would the admissions committee weigh this move as they condider my applciation?

George: Sid, you will want to point this out in your application and be sure and discuss your thought process. If not clear, people may think that you are pursuing both degrees simultaneously and worry about your ability be successful.

Fall2010: What type of questions can I expect in the interview? Will it be similar to a job interview?

Gretchen: The interview is my favorite part of the process. Your interview will be conducted by an Admissions Committee member, who is a student, an alum or an admissions director. The interview is very much a conversation and you will be asked about why are pursuing an MBA, why at this time and why at Booth. You will also be asked to share about your professional background and goals.

JoAnna: I was interested in attending the Booth Lunch & Learn, will there be another one of these events in the coming months?

Kara: Yes! We just posted the updated schedule last week. See this link http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/lunchandlearn.aspx

John: Is there a negative impact in taking the GMAT twice in order to attempt to boost one's score (e.g., from 650 to 700)?

George: No not at all. We only take your best and actually, I encourage you to take it a second time. On average, individuals increase their socre by 40 points the second time they take the test!

raviagrawal: Hello. I apologize if these questions have already been asked: Do you have many self-employed students in the part-time program. What sorts of recommendations are recommended for self employed?

Kara: Yes, we have many self employed students in the program. These applicants typically choose a client, partner, someone on their board, etc. to write a professional recommendation. Feel free to choose who you think can best support your candidacy for the program. In the application we ask you to explain why you chose the individuals. Here you can explain that you do not have a supervisor, so you chose different individuals.

G-145192575: Hi and thanks again for organizing this chat. I have a question: I have only worked in a companies for one year. Since that date I have worked in my own company. Will this experience be enough to fill the requirements for the application? Or, do I need personnal company experience?

Katie: Hello G-145192575. We do not require a minimum amount of work experience. We value entrepreneurship so working for your own company is a good thing. As a reference point, the average work experience is 5-6 years.

G-145186520: IB, PE and other financial careers seem typical after a Booth education, is it a stereotype or the results of a privileged relationship with this specific industry?

George: Due to our history, this is an area of expertise for us, thus we get more than our fair share of companies coming to recruit in those areas. It becomes a bit of a self fulfilling prophesy. Because more companies come to recruit in these fields, more student choose these fields, because more students focus on these fields, the companies have a better selection of students to choose from and thus come back and hire more students the following year. Also, as we have maintained our #1 status, it has brought many more companies to recruit here for all kind of jobs. During the economic downturn, we were one of the few schools who were able to place all our students.

jaypee: Hi George, I liked your admission blog and very good information. But off late there is not much activity on the blog, and still I am looking forward for 3 piller details :)

George: Jaypee, you are so right. I have been so remiss in doing it! Due to your comments and others, I am re-committing myself to blogging weekly. Look for another post this week! Thank you for pushing me to fulfill my commitment!

arvindr: can you shed some light on the presentation slides aspect of the application process...what is the adcom hoping to see thats not already in the application

Gretchen: Hello Arvinr, the PowerPoint slide presentation is for our Full Time applicants and not the Part Time applications. Which quarter do you plan to apply to at Booth?

G-145083054: In what format would you expect to see responses to the questions regarding community involvement, travel experiences, and professional activities in the application? Should our answers be in paragraph form or in a bulleted list? If paragraph form is preferred, about how many words should applicants include?

Gretchen: It is just fine to respond either in short paragraph form or a bullet point list. Booth has many opportunities to travel abroad and therefore we like to see what you as the applicant are interested in. There is no word limit.

raviagrawal: Is it possible to complete the entire Evening part-time program at the downtown Gleacher center, or are some classes only available in Hyde Park?

Kerri: A majority of Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students complete the entire program with courses offered at the Gleacher Center. A very small number of courses, particularly lab courses which require daytime availability, are only offered in the Full-Time Program in Hyde Park due to the specific structure of the courses. Otherwise, all courses are offered in all programs to provide students with equal opportunities.

Rachael: Thanks again for hosting this session! Will the same Booth Admissions personnel read all essays and all parts of a given application? I want to highlight certain aspects of my background but also want to avoid being too redundant.

Kerri: You're welcome, Rachael! When a member of the admissions committee reads the application, he/she has access to all materials in the application except the comments on your interview. I recommend highlighting parts of your application which show your strengths and personality, but you are correct that you will want to be aware of redundancy between background information, essays, the resume, and supplementary questions.

Billy: Do we have any vacations or breaks throught the year? Or we are having classes every weekend?\

Kerri: Classes are held most weeks throughout the year, with a one-week break in March and in June and a three-week break (approximately) in September and in December. These breaks occur between the different quarters.

dani: Will an MBA make me a better candidate to become a CEOof a Biotech Company. I am a medical director of a private stem cell lab but have a foreign MD. How long should I wait to apply, I have only been with the company 9 months

Katie: Hi Dani. Sounds like you have a fascinating career. In general, the business acumen that you acquire at Chicago Booth will improve your business skills. These skills may make you better suited for a CEO position. You do not need a set number of months with a company before you can apply to our MBA program so feel free to apply now if you feel ready!

Moderator: The chat will be closing in less than 10 minutes. If you have any final questions, please submit them now!

JJCzerwionka: Good afternoon and thank you for holding this chat. Can you tell me how long the decisions take? Also, can you discuss the process for financial aid once admitted, please? Are applications up/down so far this term? Thank you.

Kara: Hi, we have a 4-6 week decision time from the time your application is complete. Once you are admitted, you then start the financial aid process. If you are a US resident or citizen, you would qualify for federal student loans. If you are on a work visa, you would qualify for private student loans. As of now we are flat on application compared to last year.

Anna: Since there is rolling admission for the part time program, does the admission committee cap how many appllicants they can admit per month before the deadline. Is there a possibility that all seats may be filled before the deadline?

George: Anna, 80% of prospect apply in the last week, and 65% in the last day, so there is not a chance that we fill the class before the deadline, not even close!! But it is a question that we get regularly, thanks for asking!

CG: I realize i am too late for 2010 applications. Can i get started on 2011 admissions

Gretchen: Hello CG, We have many applicants who submit on the day of the deadline; therefore, depending on what pieces of the application you have completed, you may not be too late. Or, if you are targeting the Evening MBA application, you could apply for the 2011 Winter Quarter by the October 8th deadline. You can also reach me at 312 464 8703 if you would like talk more about your application timeline.

SP: If I am applying for the winter 2011 session, and I decide I need more time to prepare my application. Are we able to roll our completed information/letters of recommendation to the Spring 2011 admissions?

Katie: Hi SP. If you start an application for Winter and are not ready to submit by October 8th we can push some of your application forward. Letters of recommendation should be fresh so sometimes it is best to ask the recommender to update the letter if it has been more than a couple months.

CG: Hello Gretchen this is CG.Am i too early for 2011 application process ?

Gretchen: CG, Which quarter of the 2011 application cycle are you targeting? You can now apply for the 2011 Winter or 2011 Spring quarters.

G-144949054: I am a full time employee of the University and am interested in the evening program. Because I am in Hyde Park every day, it would be convenient for me to take classes on campus as opposed to the Gleacher Center. My office is also flexible as to hours and would allow me to leave to attend classes on campus during the day if needed. Is this option available, and if so, would you have any advice or recommendations against it?

Kerri: Good question! We'd be happy to discuss more particulars based on the courses you would like to take, but the general answer is that you would be able to take classes during the day in Hyde Park. As an Evening or Weekend student, you would have registration priority after the Full-Time students, which means that more popular courses and professors may be more difficult to schedule in Hyde Park. However, a number of Evening and Weekend students take Full-Time classes since they sometimes work better for their schedule.

sammy: If I submitted my GMAT score to the full-time program (at the completion of the GMAT), can that submission be used for my part-time application or do I need to resubmit my official GMAT score specifically for the part-time program?

Katie: Hi Sammy. Yes, we can access your GMAT score if you submitted it to any of the programs at Chicago Booth.

arvindr: Is the financial aid offerred to only students who are US citizens?

Kerri: Financial Aid is available to all students, regardless of citizenship, although the types of aid and application process does differ depending on your status.

Ryan: once finished with the programs, hwo long do you have to pay of a federal loan? do you begin paying it off as soon as you are done with school?

Kara: Ryan, in general there is a 6 month grace period before you begin repayment. However, this can vary depending on your situation. For example, I have heard if you consolidate at a lower interest rate you waive the grace period. The federal loan program may be going through some changes, so I do not know if this is still the case. As soon as you are admitted, we'll connect you with a financial aid adviser.

Legend: Do reapplicants have to wait a period of time before reapplying?

George: Yes, we have a 6 months wait to re-apply. During that time, you can take classes through the Graham School https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/ and these classes can be counted towards your MBA when you enter the program!

G-82800356: I noticed on George's blog that Booth reviews all previous GMAT scores. If you scored higher on the verbal section but not so well on the quantitative section, then took the GMAT again, only to do a little worse on the verbal, but a lot better on the quant section, does Booth compare the different sections from different test attempts?

George: It depends. If you have done well in undergrad on your quantitative classes, then no, but if not, then yes, having raised your quant on the GMAT will be looked at. Likewise, if your application shows weak verbal skills, then getting a lower verbal on GMAT will be viewed poorly. In other words, we try and use the GMAT to round out what we see on other parts of your application. We try and be holistic in our approach.

John: Does taking classes at Graham positively impact the chances for admission?

Gretchen: Hello John, I would want to know more about the other components of your application before determining the influence of a Graham School class. In cases where the gpa and gmat score is below the average, yes, a solid grade in a Graham School class can help; however it is no way a requirement of the application. You can call me at 312 464 8703.

G-145083426: Hello, the website says "Please call the admissions office at 312.464.8700 to inquiry about Super Saturday scheduling. " - Should we wait to be contacted for an interview first after submitting the application?

Katie: Hi G-145083426. Once you submit your application you are welcome to give me a call to schedule your interview at the number listed. We will contact you shortly after you submit if we do not hear from you right away.

G-145186520: If I have an interest to create a new student group, is it possible even as a PT student?

Kerri: The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs are the proud home to over 30 student groups, with new groups proposed each year. As a student in the program, you would be welcome to propose an idea for a new student group and work with our office on its development.

G-144949054: For University employees, does the 50% tuition remission policy apply to evening/weekend programs at Booth?

Gretchen: G-144949054, It would be best to ask your individual department this and call Human Resources at U of C as this may be based on your supervisor’s approval.

Kamal: what student-led group forming opportunities does Booth offer? for example, what if I want to form a group to cultivate ideas for innovative business development in the wireless business?

Kerri: Hi Kamal! Students in the program are welcome to meet with our staff on student group proposals. We encourage students to initially determine areas for development within the currently offered groups, but if a gap is determined, we work with the student to develop and launch a new group. With your example, we would likely first work with the Booth Innovation Group to determine if a subcommittee could meet the proposed interest before starting a new, seperate group.

liza: Will I be able to take courses outside Booth School of Business, for example, in Social Science Division or Harris school? Or do I have to go through certain application to do that? Thanks

Kara: Hi Liza, yes, you can take 6 of your 20 classes anywhere in the University of Chicago. Once you are admitted, you will connect with one of our knowledgeable academic advisors to help you register for classes outside of Booth.

liza: Are PT students able to take advantage of the IMBA program?

Kerri: This is a great question! PT students are able to earn the IMBA degree, although it requires some extra planning. In addition to taking the required international business courses when they are offered, students must complete a full term abroad, which for working professionals typically means a leave of absence from work.

Tony: Where can I find a list of all the specific degrees offered?

Kerri: The specific degrees offered by Chicago Booth can be found on the Chicago Booth website: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/. Chicago Booth offers the MBA, IMBA, and PhD degrees.

Kerri: Within the MBA and IMBA degrees, students may also earn concentrations to show a specilization in a specific area. These concentrations are listed on the Curriculum Website: http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/curriculum/concentration.aspx.

jaypee: Booth is known or branded for Finance programs. How good is its marketing,entrepreneurship programs compared to other leading institutes in country. Given that it got $300 million endowment, any focus to strengthen those fields.

George: Jaypee, recruiters tell us that they are thrilled with the quality of our marketing students as they have a very strong understanding of the detail behind the decisions that they are making. They are able to make decisions based on the numbers available. Also, strategy is one of the highest % of jobs received by students whether it be corporate or through consulting. Because we are known for finance and economics, we continue to “beef up” our curriculum and faculty in the other areas, as you pointed out, the gift has allowed us to get some of the best faculty in areas of real-estate and strategy recently.

Ram: If I do well taking GSAL courses, will my course grades also be evaluated as part of my application process?

Kara: Ram, yes, you want to be sure you submit your grades from GSAL in the MBA application, as this can enhance the academic piece of your application.

Tony: With the average amount of work experience being 5-6 years, do you see someone entering immediately from undergrad at a disadvantage in gaining acceptance into the program and/or being able to excel in the program?

George: Yes, it is harder to get in without experience; it just means that the other aspects of your application need to be very strong. No, however, once into the program, these students do very well, in fact, they often are some of the best students we have as measured by grades. But this is because we are picky when letting them in.

Jay: Thank you for answering my questions. Are job boards and career services available during the first year of the course?

Gretchen: Hello Jay, yes, from day one at Chicago Booth at Orientation, you will be intruded to the Booth Career Service team and the many opportunities for programming and the on line job posting access. Booth has an excellent team of employer development colleagues and coaches. If you have more questions about Career Services, feel free to call me this week at 312 464 8703.

arvindr: Hello Gretchen...I plan on applying for the part time admissions for winter 2011...i thought i saw the presentations peice in the admissions page. May I am wrong

Gretchen: Arvindr, We will look for your application for the 2011 Winter application. If you do have more questions about the PowerPoint as part of the Full Time Program or anything else you can call me post the chat at 312 464 8703.

SVET: How much weight is placed on applicant's undergrad degree and gpa when applying for booth's wkd mba program?

Kara: Hi Svet, we equally weight all aspects of the application. The average GPA from undergrad is typically 3.3.

Fall2010: i just wanted to say that I think you guys are doing an awesome job answering our questions and this say a lot about the quality of Booth employees. Makes me want to be part of your institution even more :)

George: Thank you! It is very nice of you to say so!

Elois: Hello, is the GMAT required at the time of applying to the program or is it okay to take it at some point during the program?

Katie: Hi Elois. Yes, you need to take the GMAT by the application deadline. It is an important part of the application.

G-145083054: When describing awards or recognitions in the application, is it appropriate to include those received during undergrad? Thank you.

Kara: Hi, feel free to include such awards. However, I would say they are more relevant if you are a recent graduate (0-3 years out). Either way, it won't hurt to include these honors in your applicaiton.

V: whats your admission rate? # applied and a# accepted?

Katie: Hi V. We do not release our admission rate. However, I can tell you that we admit more students to the Fall quarter simply because there is more demand in the Autumn quarter.

Adina: I completed my undergraduate education Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Romania. They do not provide transcripts. Is my diploma going to be acceptable?

Gretchen: Hello Adina, we do need to see your transcript (including the course you took and the grades earned) as well as the diploma. We however do not need to keep the original as we can notarize your official transcript. Is this possible? You can call me at 312 464 8703.

Liz: Is it possibly to transfer into the evening program from another Chicago area part-time program?

George: Liz, unfortunately no.

G-82884124: does the weekend classes fill up faster than the weekday classes? if i were to be in the weekday program but need to switch to the weekend, how likely is it that i'll miss out on the classes that i need to take?

Gretchen: G-82884124, there are as many opportunities in the Weekend Program as in the Evening Program. Our class history shows us Evening and Weekend students have ample amount of classes to choose from throughout the year. Also, an Evening student can petition to transfer to the Weekend Program after two quarters of being here. There is a lot of flexibility in the Booth program!

Kamal: How do you assess a candidate's community involvement in the admission process?

George: We would rather that you do fewer activities and be more involved than to have 20 things but not be involved.

Adina: Helo, do you require transcripts from international students?

Kara: Yes, we will need your transcripts or mark sheets and degree certificates. At the time you apply, we only need unofficial copies. If admitted, we will need official documents.

AG: hi, is there typical age for part-tme MBA goers? I am in my 40s and am considering MBA- are there many folks in part-time MBAs in their 40s? How would MBA committe percieve someone in their 40s?

Kerri: Hello! The average age for Evening and Weekend MBA students is 28, but the range is 22-65. Students who are further along in their careers typically consider the Executive MBA Program while exploring the Evening and Weekend Programs, since it caters to individuals with more work experience. There are not many students in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs who are in their 40s, but age is not a consideration in the application process. Applicants with more work experience than our typical candidates are encouraged to explain why the program is the right fit at this point in their career.

Kara: Thanks for joining us today! Great questions! Feel free to email or call me with further questions. Kara.Northcutt@chicagobooth.edu or 312.464.8701. We look forward to receiving your application!

Kerri: It was great chatting with you today and I look forward to meeting many of you as you go through the application process. If you have any additional questions, please contact us. Best of luck!

George: You all were awesome. What great questions. It was obvious that you have already done much research. Please let us know what else we can do to help answer questions about Booth or getting an MBA in general.

Gretchen: Thank you for asking great questions. We were thrilled to be here answering your questions as we are interested in your application progress! If you are applying for the Fall and are attending The Final Countdown Event tomorrow night at the Gleacher Center, I will see you there!

Katie: Thank you for joining us for the Live Chat. Please join us for the next Open House on Friday, July 9th at 6:30pm. You can hear from current students and alumni about the program and Admissions Officers will be there to answer more questions. You can sign up here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/openhouses.aspx

Moderator: The chat has now ended. Thanks again for joining us! Please visit the Chat Center to review the transcripts at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/chat/.

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