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Live Chat with Evening MBA Program Admissions

"Are you planning to start your MBA studies in the 2010 year? If so, hear first hand from the admissions directors from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. The chat will cover the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 12:00 PM CDT

Moderator: Thanks for joining us! This chat is scheduled to run for 1 hour. We'll begin the chat now. If you have any questions, please go ahead and ask them now!

Beth: Thank you for joining us today! My name is Beth Daily and I am Assistant Director of Admissions. I look forward to answering your questions.

Crystal: Welcome! My name is Crystal and I work on the admissions team and I'm also a student. Feel free to send questions my way.

Nicole: Hello all! Glad you could join us for the chat today. My name is Nicole Gorski and I am happy to answer any questions you have about student life and academics at Chicago Booth.

George: Welcome to the chat. Thank for joining us.

maryyam: hello. it says that there is a5 yr work experience required for full time MBA. is that the same for evening/weekend?

Crystal: Hi, there is no required work experience. Our students have a wide range of work experience. We are more concerned with the quality of experience as opposed to the quantity of years. On average our students have 5 years of experience.

maryyam: does booth accepts MBA credits from a universty located abroad?

Beth: Thank you for your question Maryyam. While Chicago Booth does not accept any transfer credits, you can take courses abroad through our International Business Exchange Program (IBEP). These courses can short-term (2-3 weeks) or long-term (quarter or semester long). For more information, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/international/index.aspx.

GSB_2008: What is different at Chicago Booth compared to other programs with similar course structure?

George: It is the most flexible on I know of. You can take classes during the evening, on weekends, or if your schedule permits, during the day. You are in class with students from all three programs (full-time, Evening and Weekend) so your networking is very robust. Also the faculty teaching in all the programs are the exact same, you are not short-changed on the teachers. Lastly, in any of our programs part-time or full-time you get to choose from all 14 of our concentrations. We do not limit you to choosing a few just because you are an Evening or Weekend student.

Joe_booth: My name is Joe and I am applying for the booth weekend MBA program. I am currently a research analyst in a medical school and I am the business partner and co-founder of a e-commerce company in michigan. My career goal is to do the biotech start up. I have about 3.5 years working experience. I would very much to hear some expertise advices from the adcom for my application.

Crystal: Hi Joe, it sounds like you are moving forward in your career nicely. You should highlight your current work experience in your application and articulate how an MBA from Booth will help develop you personally and professionally. We are thrilled that you have an interest in Chicago Booth and look forward to continuing to work with you as you move forward with your application.

ravi: What advise would you give to a candidate who wants to do MBA but is having hard time justifying the cost of MBA

Nicole: Hi Ravi. When looking at MBA programs, you have to look at the ROI of getting your MBA and having that degree, knowledge and network for life as opposed to the cost of the MBA currently. We would encourage you to come to admissions events (next Open House is April 9th) to hear more about the MBA experience and the benefits of the Chicago Booth MBA. If interested, our office can also put you in touch with current students and alumni of the program who can share their story and why they chose to get their MBA degree when they did. To be put in touch with a current student or alum, e-mail us at eveningweekend-admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu.

op1: Hi, thank you for taking my questions. 1. In an admission event, I have told that the weekend program can admit up to 120 studnets in a year. Is it still true for this year? 2. What is the percentage change in weekend program applicationin this year vs last year?

Beth: Thank you op1. For the Weekend MBA Program, we typically admit around 100 students per year. However, if the applicant pool is strong we will bring in a larger class. In terms of the percentage change of Weekend applications for this year, we anticipate our application numbers being flat, but the application deadline is Friday, May 7. This is a great time to submit your application and if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our office at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu or 312.464.8700.

NKepler: Hello. Can you comment on what application levels are looking like for the Evening Program over the last few admissions periods? I think I last read they were down ~14%...Any update?

George: We don’t really track it quarter to quarter, but I can tell you anecdotally that it is not down as much as before. It seems people are feeling a bit more confident in their employment situation and are looking again to expanding their skills sets.

Barbara: Hello! My name is Barbara and I plan to take the weekend MBA program starting this Fall. What is the expected homework load?

Nicole: Hi Barbara. The expected homework load varies from course to course. Most courses typically have 3-5 hours of coursework outside of class each week. Some courses may have more coursework per week depending on the level of the course (ie whether the course is an introductory course or a capstone course). All of the information for each course is also available to current students on-line on course evaluations, including the average number of hours spent on each course per week. We also go over this information with students at their incoming student orientation.

pstrozak: Hello! In terms of the application process are letters of recommendation due by the application deadline or can they be turned in afterwards?

Beth: Thank you for your question, pstrozak. Letters of recommendation can be received after the application. Please note we do have rolling admissions and cannot review your application until all admissions materials have been received.

Asha: Have you received application from students with work experience less than 5-6 years?

Crystal: Yes, we have a wide range of work experience. We have a program called the Chicago Business Fellows Program that is open to students who have 0-3 years of work experience. We are more concerned with quality of experience and your ability to add value to the classroom dynamic based on your professional experiences as opposed to the quantity of years. To learn more, visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/CBF.aspx

nitinbe: Hello, I am interested in weekend MBA from Chicago Booth. I am looking for a major in International Business. Do you offer that for Weekend MBA?

Nicole: At Chicago Booth, students may choose from 14 different concentrations, International Business being one of the concentrations. (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/curriculum/concentrations/index.aspx). Students may also take advantage of other international opportunities such as a short-term or full-term study abroad, or an International MBA degree. (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/international/index.aspx)

DDA: Hello I had a question regarding the weekend MBA program. Are most students from outside Chicago able to fly in and fly out on Saturday, or do they have to sometime stay over the weekend to work on team projects? Does Booth provide a place for students to stay over the weekend, or do students have to make their own arrangements?

Crystal: DDA, typically students fly in on Saturday morning have class during the day and then catch their flights back home on Saturday evenings. We supply a shuttle that will pick you up from each of the airports and also take you back after class. Since most students fly back home on the weekends, we do not arrange hotel accommodations, but do have relationships with area hotels with fair rates. It always amazes me how dedicated our weekend students are and even though they travel, they still find ways to stay involved and immerse themselves in the community.

ireena: Hi, this is Ireena. I am interested in weekend MBA program. What is the application process for it?

Beth: Hi Ireena, thank you for your interest in the Weekend MBA Program. To apply to our program, you need to complete an online application which includes essays, resume, two letters of recommendation, transcripts, and GMAT scores. Once you submit your application, our office will contact you to schedule your admissions interview, which is conducted in person here at the Gleacher Center in Chicago. We do conduct interviews on at least one Saturday a month. Once your application is complete, our office will notify you of a decision within 4-6 weeks.

KS165: Hi, thanks for your time today. I have heard that Booth's part-time MBA program is less "group focused" than other part time MBA programs in the Chicago area. Obviously there is group work for any MBA program but was wondering if you could share your thoughts on the amount of group work in the Booth program relative to others?

George: Great question. Almost every class has group work. It is hard to find one that does not. Approximately 50% of the classes have required teamwork. In the other 49% of the classes you can work on teams if you choose to, but it is not a required part of the experience. We think this is very efficient to you as a student. I have been told that other programs require teamwork in every class. This seems very inefficient. Some classes lend themselves to team work - Strategy, Entrepreneurship and marketing to name a few - and others not so much. How much value is there in a statistics class to be required work with a team if you choose to do it yourself? It seems to impose more cost than the benefit. Would love to discuss more but time prevents me from doing so. Please contact our office and I would enjoy further talks on the subject.

bostonJerry: How can you be more compelling to the MBA program?

Crystal: BostonJerry (nice name!) You can make your application competitive by just being yourself. You want to share a lot of detail on how the MBA will help you advance personally and professionally. You also want to share how you will add value to the classroom dynamic. Remember, no one can tell your story better then you can!

Asha: What is the minimum gpa requirement?

Beth: Thank you Asha. Chicago Booth does not have a minimum GPA requirement. Our average GPA hovers around 3.3. Also, we take a holistic approach while reviewing your application.

QuE: How are the applications of re applicants judged in comparison to those of first time applicants?

Kara: When evaluating a re-applicant we are looking to see what changes you have made since your first application. For example, did you take Booth classes as a Graduate Student at Large, receive a promotion at work, retake the GMAT, etc. As a re-applicant, you only need to submit one new letter of recommendation, and you are required to complete the re-applicant essay.

boothhopeful2010: Hi thanks for having this chat. I was wondering if you could provide information about the interview process. Will the interviewer have read our application? What types of questions will be asked?

Kara: Great question! You will be contacted to schedule your interview after you submit your application, and you will interview with a current student or alumni who serve on our admissions committee. Your interviewer will not have read your application.

mpgordo: Does the Weekend MBA program offer any concentrations in Real Estate Management?

Nicole: Chicago Booth offers 14 concentrations for students to choose from (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/curriculum/concentrations/index.aspx). Real Estate management is not a specific concentration within Chicago Booth, however, Booth does offer some Real Estate focused courses such as Real Estate Investments I&II, Real Estate Transactions, and the Real Estate Lab.

B_Young: Hi everyone. My name is Bill Young, and i am applying for the Summer Quarter. i heard Booth classes generally have group work. I know that every group will have different obligations, but is there a norm for when students usually meet? After class, non-class days or the weekend?

Crystal: Hi Bill, this is a great question! What I love about Booth is that being in a group is an option. As I've gone through the program, I've found it valuable to be in a group and in others less valuable. Booth truly embraces the "efficiency" model. In my experience, I worked with teammates over the phone in the evenings and on weekends. We also meet in person when it's appropriate

Alexy: I was wondering what criteria you will look for in a good candidate and how can i make myself stand out from other applicants in the essays?

George: #1 Be authentic, speak in your own voice. Don’t try to say things that you think we want to hear, speak and write from the heart, it will show.

George: #2 Eliminate errors. Don’t send in an application that has the wrong school name. Spell check and then re-read. Spell check will often change a word but not to the appropriate one. If English is a second language have several others read your paper as well.

George: #3 Have two sets of people read your essays. Tell one group what the message you are trying to convey in your essays and see if they get it. The other group, do not tell them what you message is and see if they tell you something close to what it was, if not, you may want to try it again.

JRD: I'm applying for Evening MBA in Autumn 2010. If for unforseen business reasons at my Employeer, I need to travel on weedays, what are the options I'll have in that case ?

Crystal: The program is very flexible. You should have a conversation with your professor when you know that you'll miss class. In many cases you can make up the class by attending another section during the day or on the weekend.

S_Kulkarni: Thanks for hosting this chat. I am exploring the option of pursuing joint degree -- MBA/MA in International Relations. I think I have to apply to each program separately. But the deadline for applying to CIR – International relations was in Jan 2010. Can I apply to regular part-time program this year and if admitted start taking MBA foundation and breadth courses and then submit an application to CIR next year?

Nicole: It is possible for a student to do a joint degree program with the Booth MBA and the International Relations MA degree. The MA from Committee on International Relations is offered through the Social Sciences Division. A student could begin their MBA program at Booth (Evening MBA or Weekend MBA), and apply to the International Relations MA program by Friday, Week 1 of their second quarter. If you would like to speak more about a joint degree program, please contact us at eveningweekend-admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu and we would be happy to go over any of the specifics based on your timeline.

Asha: I also read that there is no minimum Gmat requirement, what does the admission committee look at intensely when selecting the candidates?

Kara: Hi Asha, we look at applicants holistically and consider three core areas: your academic background, professional background, and your fit with Chicago Booth. We look for well rounded students who are progressing in their career, have intellectually curiosity, and are also involved in the community outside of work. It is also important that you portray to the committee that you understand what the Booth Part-Time MBA has to offer and that you would be a good fit in the Booth community.

Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. We are eager to continue the dialogue. Continue submitting those questions!

nkva: Also - once the application is complete and has been submitted - how many days does it take for a decision to be taken? Thank you.

Beth: Once your application is complete, nkva, our office will have a decision to you within 4-6 weeks.

nkva: Hello. Can I sit in on a class the week of April 5? If so - how would I sign up for a weekend MBA class?

Kara: Yes, you can certainly visit a class the week of April 5th. I am in the process of choosing the classes open to visit for Spring quarter and hope to have it posted by the end of next week. Once the options are posted, simply email your request from the "visit a class" web page. Also, feel free to send me an email at Kara.Northcutt@ChicagoBooth.edu. I will then email you as soon as the list is posted and I am accepting requests.

PMK: What percentage of students admitted are from a technology background?

George: I don’t have those numbers with me. Please contact our office at 312-464-8700 and we would be glad to give you those numbers. There are many, but I just don’t know the %.

PMK: Are there students that fly in from Seattle for the weekend program? How does the logistics work out?

Nicole: The Weekend MBA programs has students that fly in from all parts of the country. We currently have between five-ten students in the Weekend MBA program that fly in from the Seattle area each weekend. The students will sometimes fly in on Friday night and take two Saturday classes (AM & PM) and fly out on Saturday evening, or fly in Saturday morning, take the shuttle that Booth provides to Gleacher in the morning, stay for two classes, and fly back out Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Some students will also fly in Friday afternoon and take a Friday evening class and/or Saturday classes. It's very flexible in that way and allows students to change their schedule and flights quarterly depending what works best for them.

Peddisetty: thanks, my First Question : 1. Score dropped in second attempt, but writing improved second time. But, wants to use the 1st quant& verbal score with 2nd attempt's writing score.

Beth: Peddisetty, we understand the GMAT can be challenging. Applicants report their highest overall score and we evaluate their application based on it. If you have additional questions, please contact our office at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu or 312.464.8700.

Asha: Im currently In NY and is planning on taking the gmat in May. Can i start my application process now awaiting my test scores?

Beth: Asha, great question. We are happy to work with you individually. Please feel free to contact me directly at Beth.Daily@chicagobooth.edu or 312.464.8702.

PMK: Are the pool of professors for the weekend program same as the fulltime program?

Nicole: At Chicago Booth, the faculty members are the same across all programs and teach in each program (XP, EVE, WKD, FT and PhD). The faculty enjoy teaching in each of the different programs and the course schedulers for each area work with the faculty to ensure an even distribution of courses and faculty.

Alexy: also how often can a person re-apply in case they do not get accepted at first?

Kara: We technically do not have a limit on the number of time you re apply to the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA.

Christina: What is more important, undergrad GPA, GMAT, work experience, etc, when it comes to admissions for weekend/evening programs

George: I wish it were that easy. All are equally important. Let me try to explain. If you have a low GMAT score, but great work experience to offset it, great; we will look at your work experience. If you are just out of school, then your GMAT and GPA is very important. If you have a great GMAT we will probably not look as long at your GPA, if you have a low GMAT we will go back and look at your GPA to see how you did. They all measure different things and are thus equally important, but we understand trade-offs.

dbarabe: What is the GMAT range?

Kara: The GMAT range is upper 500's to 800. The average for the Evening MBA 680 and for the Weekend MBA is 700.

JRD: I'm applying for Part Time Evening MBA in Autumn 2010. If for some unforeseen business reasons, my employeer tells me to travel to client side on weekdays, what are the options I have ?

Crystal: Hi, you should communicate your absences to your professor early on. Also, when you register for classes, you should consider classes that have additional sections offered that week.

AParin: Hello, how does the part time applicant interview process work? Is it required for admission to the part time programs?

Beth: AParin, all applicants for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Program are required to conduct an in person interview at the Gleacher Center here in Chicago. Interviews are conducted by members of our Admissions Committee, comprised of current students, alumni, and admissions directors. Once you submit your application, our office will contact you to schedule your interview.

rb123: are we required to send in the official transcripts to complete an application or will the decision be made using the uploaded unofficial transcripts? Thanks

Beth: rb123, decisions can be made using your unofficial, self-reported transcripts and/or GMAT scores. Official transcripts and GMAT scores are only required if you are admitted to the program.

BPaplaski: Hello, can you talk about some of the opportunities available to serve as a Booth student representative/competitor at various competitions? (Case, business plan, etc.)

George: Yes, we post numerous case competitions each quarter for students to participate in. We get request for our students participation in events worldwide and every quarter our students are winning case competitions around the world. We post these victories as well on our websites and newsletters. Also many of the classes are set up with internal competitions for business plans, strategy and business development.

Shuja: Who should I contact if I want to visit Booth next week to see the place and meet with few specific professors. Would the Admissions office be able to arrange the trip or should I contact each professor myself?

Kara: Hi Shuja, I would be happy to meet with you next week to further discuss the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA. Please email me at Kara.Northcutt@ChicagoBooth.edu to set up a date and time. We do not have visits available with faculty. However, you can come visit a class, which will allow you to meet a faculty member and experience a class first hand. Class visit will resume for Spring quarter the week of April 5th. Another way to connect with a faculty member is to attend the Open House on May 7th, as Prof. Craig Wortmann, who teaches Entrepreneurial Selling will be giving part of the presentation.

bostonJerry: Are you still accepting Part time MBA for 2010?

Crystal: BostonJerry, we have a rolling admissions and we're always accepting applications. The deadline for the Summer 2010 quarter is April 9th, and the Deadline for the Fall 2010 is July 1st.

pstrozak: Hi Crystal - In addition to a top notch education, what has been your top two take aways from the Chicago Booth experience thus far?

Crystal: The greatest take away is the flexibility of the program. I truly am the CEO of my own experience. I design my schedule based on what interests me. The other is developing the confidence/ tools to be a true leader in the classroom and in the workplace. The MBA has contributed greatly to my personal and professional experiences.

wheatmaster: What is the average age for the Evening/Weekend MBA Program?

Beth: Wheatmaster, the average age for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Program is 29-30. However, we do have an admitted student age range of 22-62.

Peddisetty: Do we need to schedule the interview before the deadline or after ?

Beth: Peddisetty, interviews are scheduled once you submit your application. If you submit your application on the day of the deadline, as many of our applicants do, you will be brought in for your interview in the weeks following the deadline.

Manoj: Hi...I am planning to apply to the Weekend program. Is it possible to transfer to the Evening or the full-time program midway if the situation changes later...

George: Yes, from Weekend to Evening, no problem. But if you were interested in transitioning to the Full-Time program, you would have to apply separately and be admitted.

michaelfrick: Could you explain the differences, if any, with regard to the career resources and networking opportunities for Weekend MBA students compared to Evening and Full-Time students?

Nicole: Hi Michael! The career resources differ slightly for Evening MBA & Weekend MBA students as compared to Full-time MBA students in that Evening MBA & Weekend MBA students have all the same access to career coaching, career advising, resume building, career networking events, and on-campus recruiting for full-time jobs. However, the Evening MBA & Weekend MBA students do not have access to on-campus internship recruiting. In terms of networking opportunities, Weekend MBA students fare quite well as we understand that Weekend MBA students have limited times that they are able to attend events, so most events (career, social, networking, student group, and co-curriculuar) are planned on either Friday evening, Saturdays during the lunch hour, or Saturdays after the PM class, giving Weekend students many chances to attend and participate.

dbtavakoli: I have been told that community service/volunteer efforts are highly regarded when applying to the MBA program. Due to the nature of my job, I have not had much time to volunteer - will the acceptance committee take my work into consideration when looking at this area?

Kara: Yes, we will take that into consideration. In the application you can address this concern and explain more about the nature of your work and how it has not allowed much time for extracurricular activities and community involvement. Booth offers a number of student groups and activities, so feel free talk about groups you would like to be involved with if admitted.

ireena: Hi, I wanted to know about application process for weekend MBA program? What are the deadlines for application for the yrs 2010 and 2011?

Kara: The application deadline for the Weekend MBA for fall 2010 is May 7th. The deadline will also be early May for Fall 2011. You will interview after you submit your application. Therefore, we allow you to interview after the deadline.

B_Volas: Hi, I will be taking the GMAT next month and will be applying to either the Weekend or Evening MBA program. Would it help if I started working with an admissions advisor before I apply? Would this increase my chances of being admitted?

Crystal: An admissions director would be happy to connect with you as you move forward with your application. Please note that working with an admissions director does not give you a competitive advantage over another applicant, it simply means that we are here to answer questions as you move forward in the application process. Please feel free to contact us at 312-464-8700 if you would like to connect with us.

km10: Hi ! I stay in NY am looking to apply in the Weekend program. Is the full schedule of courses available on Saturdays or some are offered on weekdays only ?

Nicole: Throughout a student's time in the Weekend MBA program, most courses will be offered at least once during the Saturday AM, Saturday PM, or Friday PM time slots. We try to offer all classes in each program and can always work with a student if there are specific classes they are looking to take. For a list of the current courses offered in the Weekend MBA program, please feel free to look on the Portal, under the Course Search application (bottom left) at: http://boothportal.chicagobooth.edu/portal/server.pt/user/guest/2

Mattkphillips: Do the recommendations have to be recieved by the application deadline?

Beth: Mattkphillips, your letters of recommendation can be received by our office in the week following up to the application deadline.

Barbara: What are the general sequence of events for the application process with general timeframes?

Kara: We have rolling admission, and the online application is available 9 months before the deadline. Once you submit your application, we will contact you to schedule your interview at the Gleacher Center. Once your application is complete, you will have a decision in 4-6 weeks.

weeknd: I am a re-applicant for the weekend program. I am taking my GMAT again next week. I had one of the recommenders put in the recommendation. What else do I need to provide to complete my application. Do I re-submit the essays along with the additional essay. If I resubmit the essays, can i add the relevant details of my last year's work experience

Beth: Good luck on your GMAT, weeknd! As a re-applicant, you only need one new letter of recommendation but do need to answer all of the essays including the re-applicant essay question. We do recommend updating your essay responses with relevant details regarding your work experience. Please let us know any updates since your last application.

MPG: Do you have any data pertaining to the amount of money (including interest) and time it takes to repay (on average) loans. I am interested in the dual degree (JD/MBA).

George: MPG, I don’t have that information here with me now, however, I would be glad to share it with you. Also, you may know that the recent healthcare bill just passed through congress had a rider attached that now makes the US Government the lender for all student loans. We are unsure how this will change the landscape for loans. But again, I will provide you what it has been traditionally. Please call us at 312-464-8700

mcwalters: What do you look for in an outstanding recommendation? What do you expect to learn through a candidate's recommendations?

Crystal: We would like to hear from someone else (manager, friend, colleague) about who you are as an individual personally and professionally. The recommendation is designed to add to the story that you will share with us through your essays.

davesas: Hello, what are the requirements to participate in the IBEP program and what is the maximum length of time? thks

Nicole: There are two types of IBEP and each has a different timeline. For both IBEP programs, students need to take 3 courses before applying and 10 courses before studying abroad. The short-term IBEP is 2-3 weeks in length, is offered during spring or summer quarter, and counts as 1 Chicago Booth elective course. The full-term IBEP is a full quarter, semester or trimester in length, is offered at any time depending on the school of choice for the study abroad (33 to choose from), and counts as 3 Chicago Booth elective courses. All IBEP applications are done during the early to mid winter quarter each year. You can find more about IBEP schools at: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/international/partnerschools.aspx

Mattkphillips: What are typical questions asked in the interview and can you schedule it before you submit all of the essays?

Crystal: Hi Matt, the questions vary. You'll want to have a clear idea of why you want the MBA and why Booth is the best fit for your personal goals and objectives. We want to know about you...your interests and professional/personal passions.

Jas: If I wanted to start taking classes doing the students at large program before applying for the parti time weekend program, what is the process?

Kara: You can take Booth MBA classes as a Graduate Student at Large via the Graham School of General Studies. Three classes will transfer into the MBA. For more details please email Adam Greene at AdamGreene@uchicago.edu.

mpgordo: Do the part-time/weekend students have the same career placement/development resources available to them as the full time students?

George: Part-Time students are not allowed to participate in Internship recruiting. You can get one, but you do so outside the normal channels open to Full-Time students. If you have take tuition reimbursement from your employer, you have to get your employer to agree to allow you to participate in On Campus Recruiting. All the other resources are the same for all.

Joel: Hi, I am currently working in finance and am interested in the weekend MBA program. I am interested in the program to change careers. How do potential employers view the PTMBA? Is it viewed differently than the full-time MBA?

George: No, recruiters tell us that they view them the same. They get the same education at Booth and companies know this. Companies tell us they want the BEST candidate and they don’t care where they come from at booth.

KevinB: While only one nomitation is required, may an applicant have an additional nomination submitted if they feel it will add value to their application?

Beth: KevinB, you can certainly have an additional letter of recommendation, especially if it adds value to your application. If you are applying to the CBF Program, you can also have an additional nomination included with your application. If you have additional questions, please contact us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.

TomLucey: Can you give a breakdown of the number of applications/interviews/acceptances you receive/offer with respect to the weekend program?

George: Tom, I don’t have that data with me now. We take in about 105 individuals into the Weekend program and get many more applications than that. We also get almost everyone we make an offer to, so the Admit number is not much more than 105, maybe around 107.

Funmi: When are the 'Super Saturday' interview dates in April and May?

Kara: Super Saturday for April is April 10th. In May, the dates are May 8th and 22nd.

drew_gibbons_1__drew_gibbons_: Thanks for hosting us! I have a question for the current students. Did anything surprise you once you started the program? I'm wondering how your experience so far has differed from your expectations.

Crystal: Drew, a great surprise was how accessible the professors were. I figured since I would be learning from certified geniuses, Nobel laureates, and highly regarded practitioners that they would not have the time or the interest to connect with me personally. Boy, was I wrong! They professors genuinely want to see you understand the material and make themselves available to walk through the class concepts with you! It was truly a pleasant surprise for me.

Moderator: The chat has now ended. There were so many engaging questions that we're sorry we weren't able to answer them all. The transcript for this live chat will be available online within 48 hours, at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/chat/

Moderator: We will continue to push out a few more questions/answers, but if you had a question that wasn't answered, please feel free to contact us at 312.464.8700 or eveningweekend-admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu.

AParin: If you choose just the weekend route, is it possible to receive any of the 14 concentrations, or would it be very difficult due to the courses offered on Saturday only?

Nicole: When going through course planning each year, we try to make sure that the courses offered allow all students to earn any concentration in any program. If a student is looking to earn specific concentrations, we work with the students through academic advising appointments throughout their MBA program to plan for the courses necessary for the desired concentrations, and how to plan their coursework. We also release academic schedules an academic year at at time autumn - summer, to help students see what will be offered for that upcoming year.

PowellC: I have a question about the Chicago Business Fellows program. On average how many applicants are accepted into that program?

Kara: We matriculate 20-30 CBF students each fall.

PTMBA1: What proportion of part time MBA students are financially supported by their employers?

George: It is not a number we capture. But most of our students pay their own way. Very, very few get a free ride (paid for by co.) and some get a small amount $5000 a year. Financial aid is available to everyone as well.

BJones: I had a quick question about the flexibility of weekend program students to take classes during the week. I have heard in the past that weekend students are allowed to attend evening classes in the case of a missed class on the weekend, is this true? Also I was wondering whether you share your acceptance rates for the evening program, as well as the weekend program?

George: Yes, the beauty of the way we schedule classes is that you can catch a section in another program if you miss yours. They are all taught at the same speed so you can do this. I don’t have our numbers with me, but we get far more applications than we are able to take in the class. Don’t let that stop you from applying however.

JRD: Can I submit the AWA result of GMAT after the application deadline ? In worst case scenario, do you guys accept GMAT score 2-3 days after application deadline although receiving other application documents on time ?

Beth: JRD, great question! We can review your application without the AWA score. You can also submit any supplemental documents in the week following the deadline. If you have any additional questions, please email me at Beth.Daily@chicagobooth.edu.

AAF: I am currently finalizing the Spring applications, and the three essay questions do not enable me to bring an important component of my story forward. I will be using the optional essay, however, I'm concerned that it will be challenging to bring the component to life in less than 500 words. Would greatly appreciate your guidance!

Beth: AAF, we are happy to work with you individually regarding your optional essay question. Please feel free to email me at Beth.Daily@chicagobooth.edu.

pradeepg: Hi,Thank you for your time..I have two quesions: 1) As a summer quarter applicant, will i be able to schedule interview only after I submit my official transcripts? If so, can i drop by admissions office to submit them.Another question is can we see possible list of available interview dates prior to submitting application. Thanks

Beth: Pradeepg, thank you for your questions.Please feel free to contact me directly to schedule your interview (or learn about available dates) at Beth.Daily@chicagobooth.edu. Please feel free to stop by our office to drop off your transcripts!

op1: Hi, i wonder if there is any slightly disadvantage to the weekend program application by submitting it right before the May 7 deadline due to the rolling admission process? Would I be better off if I apply during Sept 2010?

George: No, almost all of our application come in the day of the deadline!!! You are fine.

B_Young_1__B_Young_: @Beth Re: pstrozak's question. Does waiting to review the application also include the interview?

Beth: B_Young, once your application has been submitted, even if it's not complete, you can schedule and complete your admissions interview.

ravi: are part-time students barred from attending the campus interviews from propective employers?

George: If you get tuition reimbursement from your employer then you have to get permission to go through on campus recruiting. Otherwise you can go to all interviews for full-time jobs. Interviews for Internships are for full-time program students only.

DDA: Are weekend MBA students flying from outside chicago area realistically able to take part in student organizations and other events/activities at booth?

Nicole: Weekend students are definitely able to take part in the student organizations and activities at Booth. Many student groups have weekend students that are co-chairs, and almost all events are planned with the limited schedules of weekend students in mind. Saturdays are typically the busiest days at Gleacher with many student group and other events happening during the lunch hour (between the AM & PM classes) and right after the PM class. Weekend students will sometimes also plan to stay overnight on the Saturdays that there are big events in the late afternoon or early evening hours, and then commute back on Sundays. I would encourage you to come to a class visit on a Saturday, if possible, to see the activity around the building, experience a class first-hand, and meet other weekend students. You can sign-up for a class visit:http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/visiting.aspx

RRS: Hi Thanks for taking my questions: 1. What percentage of applicants do you typically admit? 2. have you had students that travel from different parts of the country? I am working in California and the distance is a big concern for me.

Crystal: Hi, we don’t publish the acceptance rates, however, I can tell you that we admit 100 students to the Weekend Program each year and approx. 450 students to the Evening Program each year. Note that over 65% of our students in the Weekend Program travel in from outside of the city of Chicago. We have a subset of students who travel in from LA and the Bay Area as well!

Jas: Kara, you mentioned the Graduate Student at Large Program, how does that work, when can you start taking classes, is there an appilcation process to start taking classes in that program??

Kara: Hi, there is an application process, but it is less intensive that the MBA application. I believe the next deadline is to take classes for Summer 2010 is in May. Please contact Adam for more details, as this process is separate from the MBA application process.

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Beth: Thank you for joining us today. As a reminder, our Summer 2010 application deadline is Friday, April 9 and our Weekend 2010 application deadline is Friday, May 7. If we were unable to answer your question, please feel free to contact us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu or 312.464.8700.

Crystal: It was great speaking with you! We hope to see you at a future Chicago Booth event.

Nicole: Thanks for joining us today! If you have any follow-up questions or would like to speak with us directly, please feel free to contact us at eveningweekend-admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu or 312-464-8700. We hope to see you at one of the upcoming events!

George: I wish we had more time to keep going. These questions were freakishly good. The best chat questions ever! If we did not have time to get to yours please call us or come see us. We would love to answer them.
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