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Live Chat with Evening MBA Program Admissions

Chat with George Andrews, Associate Dean for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs, Career Services team and Admissions

June 24, 2009—12:00-1:00PM CDT

Moderator: Thank you for joining us! This chat with Dean Andrews, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Admissions team, and Career Services team is scheduled to run for 1 hour. We'll begin the chat promptly in 15 minutes. If you have any questions, please go ahead and ask them now!

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Gretchen: We are thrilled you have joined the Chicago Booth chat. We look forward to you learning about the Chicago Booth MBA Programs and how the MBA can enhance your professional career path.

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Ellie: Good afternoon! My name is Ellie McDonald and I am Assistant Director of Admissions for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs and a current Evening MBA student. Thank you all for joining the chat.

Julie: Good afternoon! We are eager to address your career-related questions! I am joined today with three of the career coaches (Anita Brick, Kim Jarvis, Fern O’Neill) on our team – together, we help students in facilitating their career changes. We work with students who seek to make major transitions – a new job, a new industry, a new geography; and we also work with students who are navigating promotions. We look forward to working with you!

Kerri: Welcome! I am Kerri Butler and I am an academic advisor in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs Office. I look forward to answering any questions you might have about academics at Booth!

Holly: Welcome! I'm Holly Shearer, Assistant Director of Student Services. I look forward to answering your questions about the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA community - including student groups, student life, and Orientation.

George: I am the Associate Dean of the Part-Times programs here at Chicago Booth. We are very excited about hosting this chat and look forward to answering your questions.

ElliottNPapineau: Can you talk about the Chicago Busness Fellows program?

Ellie: Chicago Business Fellows is a subset for the Evening MBA Program targeted for early entry applicants with 0-3 years of work experience. The CBF Program only admits once a year in the Fall Quarter. The main difference between the Chicago Business Fellows and the regular Evening MBA occurs in the first quarter of your program. The Fellows participate in a professional development seminar every Friday night for ten weeks. After the Fall Quarter, the Fellows are considered just regular Evening MBA students.

Star: Hello. Since FT students will seek internships through career service, will PT students have the same access

Kim: Part-time students do have access to internships through several avenues including our online job posting system, networking with alumni, corporate partners and current students. Career Services hosts several events to encourage and support networking for people at all stages of their career development. Students in the full-time program have access to internship On-Campus Recruiting, which students in the part-time programs do not. The rationale behind this is that our part-time students work full-time, and most are unable to conduct internships.

Ashish: For part time mba program - has the number of applications increased this year ? Is there any quarter which is most competitive. What is the average gmat score for part time mba evening class.

George: Ashish, great question. Initially, in all the recent economic downturns, full-time applications go up and then once people feel that the worst is over, part-time programs increase. This crisis is presenting no different. We are flat in applications now, but expect that we will see increased applications in the next few quarters. The best quarter to apply is the one that fits your schedule. Our intake of students matches the application so there is no one better than the other. In other words, we get the most applications for the fall class, but also bring in the largest class

Mia: Hello all. My focus is education and community reform and I would also like to start small business. Which concentration is relative to these areas of focus? What type of career services will help me attain these goals?

Anita: Great areas of interest. There are many different concentrations that could be appropriate - from strategic management to entrepreneurship. Career Services can assist you in each aspect of your career search process - from self-assessment and research to marketing yourself and negotiation. One of the other things very unique to the Chicago Booth MBA program is that you can customize your program by taking courses outside of the business school - for example, at the Harris School for Public Policy.

Star: Do you have job placement statistics for the latest PT MBA class? Particularly in the Finance industry...

Julie: we don't have employment statistics for students in the pt programs, bec we don't have a clear handle on who is seeking to make a career transition. we do have data for students in the ft program. students enter roles in inv banking, inv mgmt, private equity and finance within a company.

mikael: what opportunities do you have for minority students

Gretchen: Mikael, great question. We host a variety of events every month at the Gleacher Center, some of which are Diversity Open House and Networking events. The events are a valuable way to meet our students and alumni and learn about Chicago Booth. Sign up for the event: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/diversityevents.aspx

Swetha: Hello everyone! What are the most active sectors recruiting MBAs in the current economic climate?

Fern: Hi Swetha. As you can imagine, MBA hiring has been significantly affected by the global recession. That said, there are some sectors that have seen some growth. Green technology, Health Care and Turnaround/Restructuring are among the sectors that have shown some opportunities. In terms of geography, major metro areas outside of the coasts have more opportunities than New York and LA. Chicago and some of the small-mid-sized cities are examples of cities that are relatively stronger in terms of hiring.

G-440334352: Hi, I applied to a weekend program and was not admitted. By when the applications will be available for next weekend program intake?

Ellie: The Weekend MBA 2010 application will be available in the beginning of September of this year.

Alberto: Hello. I am currently a first-year EEP student in the School of Social Service Administration at the U of C. I am interested in initiating the process of preparing to apply to the Booth School of Business for the duel-degree option. Since I am a EEP student, should I plan to take the GMAT by September and apply for the Spring Quarter 2010?

Kerri: Hi Alberto. Prospective joint degree students who apply to Chicago Booth must apply and be accepted to the MBA Program before starting the second half of the other program. You will want to make sure that your proposed deadline meets this criteria. Please note that the Spring 2010 application deadline is January 15, so you may take your GMAT any time before then.

mikael: I am just wondering whats the GMAT score range for one to earn admission.

Ellie: Our admitted students’ GMAT range is anywhere from the high 500s to 800. The average GMAT for admitted students is 680 for the Evening MBA Program and 700 for the Weekend MBA Program.

Michael_Weeks: Thanks for having this chat session today. Are there main industries or professions that Booth Graduates tend to pursue after graduation or do certain Industries tend to favor booth more than other industries?

Anita: Michael,

Anita: Chicago Booth graduates move into many industries and functions post-MBA. Some stay in their current function and industry, while others choose a new path. Historically, individuals show a high interest in financial services (banking and investment management), consulting, consumer package goods (brand management/marketing), and general management (via leadership rotationals in a variety of industries). There is a growing number of students interested in entrepreneurship.

Dave: What types of services does Chicago Booth's Career Services Team provide for part-time students and how has this changed due to the recent economic situation?

Fern: Hi Dave! Chicago Booth Career Services offers a wide array of services for Part-Time students. This includes career management programming (self-assessment, networking, resume writing, etc)corporate programming (industry/function panels, networking events), individual career coaching, job postings, and extensive career resource databases. We also have a comprehensive Career Resource Center with books, DVD's and other resources to help students with their career transition. With the recent economic recession, Career Services has added staff to facilitate more and enhanced relationships with employers to provide more job opportunities for our students and alumni. We have also added more programming to assist students and alumni who have been impacted by the recession.

johnci: Good afternoon everyone - As an admitted student at chicago weekend program, I was hoping to know - historically (last two years) how many part time students actively seek/look to make job change through campus recruitment and success rate of making that job change (as there is no segregation of data between part time/full time students in[Chicago Booth] employment data on the career services website). Secondly, historically have part time students made the transition to investment banking ( due to the "no recruitment for campus internships " rule for part time students)

Julie: first, congratulations on your admission! for the past few years, about 200 students from the evening and weekend programs have participated in the on-campus recruiting process. about one-third of those students land positions thru the on-campus process -- last year was lower, bec of the economy. the data on our website is ft student data only -- the standards by which we collect and report employment data mandate that we only include that population. with regard to your inv banking question -- you're right -- it's tough to get a ft position in banking without an internship. students from the ew programs have done inv banking internships (sourced outside of the on-campus process) and a few have been successful in making the transition without an internship -- but it's harder, for sure. fortunately, the booth network in banking is incredibly strong -- and helpful!

Teddy: What does an experience at Chicago Booth offer that cannot be obtained at other top schools in the area?

Gretchen: Teddy, this is an important question to be asking. First, Chicago Booth is unique in its way of teaching business education. The Chicago Approach encourages a cross disciplinary teaching and learning style, where the students learn and discuss a subject matter from the perspectives of economics, sociology and psychology. Second, the culture and community at Chicago Booth embraces diversity of thought, professional backgrounds and ideas. This is a place where students are challenged and stretched to become a driving force in the workplace.

KHamilton: By applying to the Evening Program, are you restricted from taking weekend or day time courses?

Kerri: Evening MBA students are welcome to take Weekend MBA or Full-Time MBA courses depending on their availability. However, students have course priority in their home program and other programs' courses could fill, so you should apply to the program in which you plan to take the majority of your classes.

Andy: Is it too late to schedule an interview appointment for the fall evening MBA session?

George: Andy no certainly not. We host interviews Monday, Wednesday and Fridays as well as some Saturdays. Once you submit your application our office will call to schedule.

Jack: What is to be expected when we come for the interview process?

Ellie: The interview will be conducted by a member of Booth’s Admissions Committee. The Committee consists of current students, alumni, and Admissions Directors. The interview will allow you to talk about why you want an MBA, why now, and why Booth, as well as, an opportunity for you to ask them questions about the interviewer's experiences at the school.

Teddy: Is there an ideal years of experience for a candidate to the Evening MBA program?

George: No… The average is six but the standard deviation is quite large. We have students in the program who were born in 1959 and we have some that are right out of undergrad. What is important is your goal; why do you want to get the MBA, your age is immaterial. We look to fill the classroom with diversity in every sense of the word.

JoeA: I would like to know whether the program requires part-time students graduate within a certain period of time. Given work and home constraints, I was thinking of taking 2 or 3 courses a semester which might mean a longer course period.

Holly: Hi Joe! Students have 5 years to complete the MBA program. Students typically take 2 classes per quarter and graduate in two and a half years.

Sriram: Hello..thanks for the chat session. Has the economy slowdown affected your placements ?

Julie: we are certainly not immune to what's happening in the economy. there are fewer positions which "come to us" -- ie, job postings and on-campus recruiting numbers are down. student attitude has been great tho -- ppl have really stayed positive. some students moved to plan b -- others have stayed focus and have just realized that their job searches will take longer. at graduation, 80% of the ft students had offers; in a "normal" year, this number would have been in the low 90s. that being said, we work daily with students and alumni who are negotiating offers and landing new positions. the booth name carries a lot of weight, to be sure!

Tom: How possible it is to change carreers while being in the evening program? More specifically, do you have students that transitioned from an IT background into a top consulting job (at McKinsey, BCG, etc..)

Kim: Many of our students aspire to change careers during the program or after completing the program. We have many students who come from technical backgrounds and are interested in consulting. The success of those students' ability to make the transition depend on many factors including: their own personal network, their ability to clearly articulate how their background and skills will allow them to be successful in their target career (in their networking introduction, job search correspondence and interviewing answers), and, of course, the job market.

JM: I recently read an article that noted many MBA's are focusing on entrepreneurship due to lack of job security/opportunity in other traditional fields (ie Wall Street). Are you seeing a shift in the popularity of certain classes? If so, how do address the increased demand? Are you increasing class size or are more people just fighting for the same number of spots?

Kerri: JM, the entrepreneurship courses at Chicago Booth have traditionally been quite popular, even before the recent changes in the economy, so we have not seen a significant shift in their popularity. To meet this demand, we continue to offer numerous sections of key entrepreneurship courses. For classes that prove to have more demand than supply, we offer more sections of the course rather than increase class size.

Mia: Are academic advisors available to part time MBA students to help guide match course selection according to career goals?

Kerri: Hi Mia. Yes, academic advisors in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs Office are always available to talk with students about how courses may match specific career goals. Additionally, we encourage students to seek advice from Career Services, fellow students, and professors who are familiar with the coursework and the industry.

kannan: Hi all. I am hoping to apply for the evening MBA. I currently have a full time job, but with the economy and all, I fear that there could be a chance of getting laid off in future. How will that affect my evening MBA status?

George: Kannan, unfortunately this is all too real a situation in this economy. We allow students to continue their education while they look for a position. Some students choose to take a quarter off to look for a position full-time, others choose to speed up their education. The beauty of our program is the flexibility, it allows you to handle your career and school however best fits your needs. Lastly, students who have lost their jobs report that the best thing that happened was being in the MBA program during that time, as they were in a program with 1600 students representing over 500 companies to leverage.

Erica: What are the career services offered for Chicago Booth alumni?

Anita: Hi Erica,

Anita: Great to see you thinking strategically about your career. Chicago Booth offers a full array of career services for alumni from job postings and a resume database to programming, coaching, and live and virtual access to industry programs at all of our campuses.

G-440334352: I am recommended to take a course at Chicago Booth to display my academic ability while or before I reapply to the weekend program. Can I take any course or I need to take any specific course ?

Ellie: Great question! You can take any Booth class, however, we recommend that you try to enroll in a Foundation class (Financial Accounting, Microeconomics, Business Statistics) because all Booth students need to take those particular classes to graduate the program. These classes are a great way to compare your academic ability to the Booth community.

Michael_Weeks: Thanks for having this chat session today. Are there main industries or professions that Booth Graduates tend to pursue after graduation or do certain Industries tend to favor booth more than other industries?

Anita: Chicago Booth graduates move into many industries and functions post-MBA. Some stay in their current function and industry, while others choose a new path. Historically, individuals show a high interest in financial services (banking and investment management), consulting, consumer package goods (brand management/marketing), and general management (via leadership rotationals in a variety of industries). There is a growing number of students interested in entrepreneurship.

Ashish: I would like to meet students ( particularly part time mba program) and take a tour of the campus. What is the best way to approach ?

Ellie: Ashish, the first step you want to take is to attend an Open House. All Open Houses have current students and alumni present and available to answers prospective students questions. After you attend an Open House, you have the ability to attend a class at the Gleacher Center. This is a great opportunity to learn the classroom environment here at Booth, while also networking with current students.

Savyasachi_Samal: Hi, I have a question as to how people manage their time at class and work, especially when your part time students are not from Chicago area?

Holly: Great question - I think our current students would agree that studying at Booth is a big time commitment. My first recommendation would be to have a conversation with your employer - making them aware of your new time commitment will be key. To support students travelling in, we provide plenty of on-site study space as well as a conference calling resource to assist with long distance project meetings.

sandy: Is it possible for a student of PT program to expedite the completion by going full time later, with a goal to finish it in 2 years?

Gretchen: Sandy, the answer is yes. In the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs a student can take an increased number of courses and complete the degree closer to the 2 year mark. The average length of completion for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Program is 2.5 years. The curriculum and schedule for the classes at Chicago Booth is incredibly flexible in what courses you take, when you take them and at which campus (the Gleacher Center and the Harper Center). Continue your interest in Chicago Booth.

addy: I am interested in entrepreneurship; what are some of the new initiatives that Booth has taken in the area of entrepreneurship

Kerri: Great question! We are excited about the many offerings we have in the area of entrepreneurship. Besides adding new courses in this area (ex: Entrepreneurial Selling, Innovation in Energy), the Polsky Center at Chicago Booth continues to enhance and expand programming such as the New Venture Challenge and the Entrepreneurial Internship Program.

jyk: Do you have a policy on deferring acceptances?

Gretchen: Students admitted to the Evening MBA Program have the option to defer to one quarter and students admitted to the Weekend MBA Program has the option to defer for one full year, as the Weekend MBA Program starts once a year in the fall.

kannan: Do a lot of IT/high tech companies come to Booth for recruitment?

Julie: yup! microsoft, google, apple, cisco, yahoo!, intel - we have strong relationship at many of the larger IT firms.

KHamilton: Hello. Does anyone have any general advice for re-applicants?

George: Take this time to be reflective. Were you able to share your passion for getting an MBA in your essays? Did your authentic voice come through or were you writing what you thought someone wanted to here? How did your interview go? Again, were you yourself, did you let your personality shine or did you put on the front that you thought was necessary to get in? Lastly, how did you do in the GMAT? If below the average did you take it more than once? If not I recommend doing it again. We only take the best score and your are not punished for multiple tries.

johnci: Thanks for the response,Julie. Since the evening/ weekend MBA program may attact slightly older students, does career services work with older students for mid career/senior management type of positions by holding specific career events, networking seminars for mid career/senior management levels?

Julie: career services works with students throughout their careers -- so we work with students in all mba programs and also with alumni. many of our exec mba's have 10-15 years of experience and our alumni span a wide range. so yes! we cover a wide range of experience levels. some examples are networking events and also career management programming targeted at a wide range of levels.

George: Are there differences in class size between the Evening and Weekend MBAs?

Holly: Hi George! We admit about 90 students to the Evening MBA Program quarterly, with the exception of the Autumn quarter when we admit about 150 students. In the Weekend MBA Program, we admit about 100 students annually in the Fall.

George: When is the next open house?

Gretchen: George, Friday, July 10th, 6:30-8:00pm, at the Gleacher Center. Open House events are a great way to take the next step in the Chicago Booth application process. Current students, alumni and admissions directors are at each Open House. We will see you there George. Sign up today: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/openhouses.aspx

mantosh: How many candidates get admitted into part-time program every year? can u provide a breakdown per admission term for the same?

Ellie: Mantosh, thank you for your question. The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Admissions Office admits based on the strength of the given quarter’s applicant pool. If there is a very strong quarter, we will admit more. If there is a weaker applicant pool, we will admit less. On average, we have about four hundred students in a given year for the Evening MBA Program and one hundred students for the Weekend MBA Program.

Erica: What are the career services offered for Chicago Booth alumni?

Anita: Great to see you thinking strategically about your career. Chicago Booth offers a full array of career services for alumni from job postings and a resume database to programming, coaching, and live and virtual access to industry programs at all of our campuses.

kannan: Are there opportunities for PT studenst to look for international placements?

Kim: The short answer is yes. All of the staff in Career Services are responsible for developing relationships with employers around the world. We have an entire employer development team who's responsibility is to develop relationships with new employers internationally. Additionally, the Deans and the Alumni Affairs offices actively meet with potential employers to build stronger relationships with Booth. Part-time students and alumni benefit from this outreach through job postings, access to recruiting contacts, and increased knowledge of various markets - information that we share through a blog and other communication.

addy: I talked to a representative at Booth who told me that the career services are the same for Full time and Part time students, just wanted to confirm one more time as some schools have restrictions for Part time students

Fern: Hi Addy, Career Services at Chicago Booth is all part of one large department offering many of the same programming to part-time and full-time students. Given the fact that the part-time program is geared toward students who work, there are a few differences from an on-campus recruiting standpoint. As a part-time student, if you decide to seek an internship, you would not be able to participate on-campus recruiting, but we would support you intership search off-campus. You would have access to internship job postings, and career coaching to help you prepare for internship interviews. From a full-time on-campus perspective, part-time students can participate in on-campus recruiting if they complete the appropriate number of academic courses, and Career Services programming. Additionally, part-time students who are funded by their employers would need to get a letter from their employer authorizing participation in on-campus recruiting. I hope that helps you better understand Career Services.

prider: The current recession brings forth many discussions in redefining MBA programs and individual skill sets. How do you see the booth program changing in the next few years

George: Wow so much that could be said. Let me start by saying that we are constantly changing what we do and how it is delivered. We don’t believe in a static program but a dynamic one. Some schools wait until a curriculum review every 10 years to make changes, we change course offerings to meet demand every quarter. One more important change; we just added a mandatory leadership component to the program. Students are now required to complete 4 modules of leadership development before completing their 11 course.

PBlack: what is the process for determining the elective classes one should take within and outside of Booth to obtain a specialized degree

Kerri: PBlack, students who would like to tailor their degree to a specific area that includes electives outside of Booth are encouraged to talk with an academic advisor. The advisor is able to provide course suggestions and explain the process in more detail. Up to 6 electives may be taken outside of Chicago Booth, which allows for great flexibility in this area.

sandy: What kind of positions are offered by the technology companies that come for recruitment. Do they seek students who have previous background in technology more than others?

Anita: Tech companies recruit primarily in finance, strategy, and marketing.

Swetha: Could you tell us more about the cohort program Booth has?

Holly: Hi Swetha! Students are grouped into cohorts of ten at Orientation. These cohorts are then assigned two current students to mentor them through their first quarter at Booth. Cohorts are not required to take classes together, although some might choose to.

PBlack: what types of companies recruit for strategy management majors?

Kim: We have concentrations at Booth (not majors), but there are many different types of firms who recruit for consulting, leadership development rotation programs, and internal strategy. Some of those firms include: McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Booz, LEK, Cargill, John Deere, BP, GE and Sears.

nandita: I am an entrepreneur, how can part time MBA help me ?

Ellie: Here at Booth, we have a wide variety of Entrepreneurship classes offered. Here are some class titles; New Venture Strategy, Building the New Venture, Entrepreneurial Selling, Developing New Products and Services, Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity, Commercializing Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship. We also have an Entrepreneurship Center called the Polsky Center. The Polsky Center conducts many seminars, as well as one-on-one career support for our current students and alumni.

RJ: Can students admitted in through the evening program take weekend courses later?

Kerri: Hi RJ! Students may take courses in any of the Evening, Weekend, or FT MBA Program, although priority registration is given to a student's home program. Evening or Weekend students who experience a change in work or family schedules and responsibilities, may also apply to transfer once between the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA Program.

raindeo: Is it too late to apply to the Fall 2009 class?

Gretchen: Raindeo, this is an ideal time to move forward with your MBA application process. This is the time to enhance one's business skills and continue to build a network of professionals. There is still time to apply for the Evening MBA Program, to start in the 2009 Fall Quarter. Please call our assistant director of admissions, Kara Northcutt, at 312 464 8701 to learn more about taking the next step.

Tom: How much harder is for the same person to do a more radical carrer switch (to investment banking, consulting) if in PT MBA versus the Full time MBA ?

Fern: Hi Tom, it can be more challenging to make a major career switch as a part-time student in that some functions (investment banking, marketing, for example) all but require an internship in order to be a good candidate for a full time position. Since the part time program is geared toward students who work, it is often not feasible for students to seek an internship. Further, part time students are not able to participate in internship on campus recruiting. That makes it more challenging, but not impossible to make a career transition int these fields. Consulting firms do not necessarily require an internship, therefore they tend to be more receptive to students who have really strong work experience in various job roles.

Raj: Hi, do prospective students need to take any pre-requisite courses? If so, can you please tell us when and how it will be determined?

George: Raj there are no pre-requisite classes. However, if you want a refresher you can do one of two things. First, you can take up to three of our Booth classes through the Graham school and they will count towards your MBA. Secondly, we do offer refresher classes in accounting and math (stats and calculus).

G-456001368: Is the weekend program truly as robust as the FT prgram in regards to quality of education and experience?

Gretchen: Yes, yes, yes. Great question. The Chicago Booth faculty teach in all of the MBA Programs and therefore the courses offered are the same for the Full Time Program as the Weekend Program. The Chicago Booth student experience is robust, dynamic and engaging. To learn more visit us at our July 10th Open House event at the Gleacher Center, 6:30-8:00pm at Gleacher.

Ashish: Do part time students participate in exchange programs ?

George: We do offer opportunities for exchange programs with over 30 countries. They take two forms. One is a program for the quarter. Most of the part-time students are unable to take advantage of this because of the duration. The other, is our short-term opportunity that can be taken for one or two weeks. These are very popular with part-time students.

johnci: Thanks for the taking the time to answer our questions. Do employers that recruit full time on campus make a distinction between part time student and full time Booth students when it does come to recruiting?

Julie: employers who recruit from chicago booth -- regardless of the means they use to recruit -- seek booth talent. program means little to them, except for as a "level" differentiator. (for example, the exec mba's have a lot more experience.) they will often ask if a student is ft or pt -- this can be used to your advantage in terms of experience.

George: What are the financial aid opportunities available for students? Does the Booth give some sort of aid to the majority of its students?

Kerri: George, Evening and Weekend students are eligible for loans, which they can apply for through the Financial Aid Office. Typically, these loans consist of government Stafford subsidized and unsubsidized loans (domestic students) in addition to private loans. The Booth Financial Aid Office serves all students who have financial need.

Andy: Does the admission interview have to take place before the application deadline?

Ellie: The admissions interview needs to be conducted at the Gleacher Center after you submit your application. We recommend that everything be completed (including the interview) before the deadline, but we do have slots after the deadline that applicants can sign up for.

Savyasachi_Samal: My question is 2 part:- 1. Other than attending the open house in person, is there any other way to get in touch with some out of station current part time students? Part2:- I am thinking about applying for Fall2010 so what time frame I should be looking at completing my application?

George: Yes if you would like to get in touch with a student to speak to, we can help facilitate that. Call our office at 312-464-8700. The best time to apply for fall 2010 is when you have put together the best application you can and feel that any additional time will not be marginally worth the effort. We work on rolling admissions so there is no concern on our part on timing.

Tennis123: It has been mentioned that part-time students can pursue off-campus interviews for internship opportunities and will be aided by career services. How do employers feel about hiring part-time students for internships, when there are so many full-time students looking for the same opportunities?

Kim: Employers seek Booth talent, regardless of the program.

BoothBarnhart: can you elaborate on what activities will be held during the orientation weekend for this years weekend intake?

Holly: Hi BoothBarnhart! Orientation for the Weekend program will occur on August 28 and 29 this year. During Orientation you will bid for first quarter classes, start the Effective Leadership program, and begin building your Chicago Booth network. Specific activities include a welcome reception hosted by Alumni Affairs, a welcome event for partners/spouses, a breakfast hosted by the Graduate Women in Business, and more. Get excited!

Crys: Can you tell me more about rolling admissions?

Gretchen: Crys, all applicants will receive equal consideration when applying to Chicago Booth. Rolling admissions allows our applicants to apply up to nine months in advance to a given deadline. This allows you to have the ample amount of time to create a plan with your employee and significant others about balancing work and school.

Gretchen: Also note that we receive applicantions up until 11:59pm on the day of the deadline. Regardless of when you submit, all applicants will have an interview at the Gleacher Center.

John: What percentage of students do you place in Chicago vs. other areas of the country?

Anita: Of the 78.5% who chose opportunities in the U.S, 26.2% were in Chicago. This is for full time students. We are in the process of exploring this in evening and weekend MBA students.

JGotte: Hi, I would like to know what percentage of the overall class selections are available to weekend students? Obviously full time students have a greater selection, have weekend students been pleased with the selection of classes they have to chose from on Saturdays?

Kerri: Hi JGotte. Weekend MBA students have access to all MBA courses offered, although some coursework may not be offered in the Weekend MBA program every year. Thus, our Weekend students tend to plan ahead for the electives they wish to take. Overall, Weekend students have been happy with the breadth and depth of the course offerings. Additionally, they have the ability to easily complete degree requirements and plan coursework to meet specific concentrations.

Crys: Can you explain what the admissions committee is?

Ellie: Crys, great question! The Admissions Committee is trained current students, alumni, and Admissions Directors that conduct interviews, review applications, and participate in recruiting events.

PBlack: what are the differences and simularities b/w the PT and exec mba program. what are typical reasons to choose one over the other?

George: The part-time program is for individuals who are looking to move into middle management and need to tools to do so. The average work experience is 6 years and they usually have some functional expertise but need to learn more to go to the next level. The executive program is for individuals who are looking to move into the top levels of their company. They typically manage large teams and are not looking to switch careers, but move up within their own organization. They have, on average, 13 years of experience.

sandy: Does the schedule of PT students allow them to participate in various events and activities at Chicago. Do they feel integrated with the school at more or less the same level as FT students would. Could you share some insight on the participation of PT students in various clubs and activities.

Holly: Hi Sandy! While our PT students have less time available for extracurricular activities, they definitely maximize opportunities available to them. We find that most student group events are held on weeknights just before class starts, or on Saturdays during the lunch hour and following afternoon classes. With over 30 active student groups, there is certainly something for everyone. With regards to how integrated students feel - you definitely get out what you put in. Those that choose to be active in the community have a great experience.

Lucas: Hi, I am finishing up my evening MBA application and plan to submit it within the next few days. Does it hurt my changes of getting in if I submit my application just before the deadline?

Ellie: Lucas, the Evening MBA Admissions Office admits based on the strength of the applicant pool so submitting closer to the deadline does not hurt your changes on admittance. Strong applicants will be admitted whether they submit their application eight and a half months before the deadline or on the day of the deadline.

Moderator: We've got 10 minutes left in the chat today. We've had lots of great questions so far. Stay tuned for the next 10 minutes for more questions and answers.

Joon: How to short term exchange programs count credit wise towards your graduation requirements?

Kerri: Hi Joon! The short-term study abroad course counts as one pass/fail elective toward a students' MBA.

kannan: I am interested in a career in marketing. What are the resources available at Booth to help me nurture this?

Fern: Hi Kannan, I am always happy to see students intereste in a career in marketing! My background is in CPG marketing, and Chicago Booth has a great program in marketing. Career Service supports students in all career areas. In terms of marketing specifically, we offer panel discussions and presentations about marketing as a career. We also offer a program describing all of the research resources available for students seeking careers in marketing. As part of our big, annual INFocus events, which provides students an avenue to practice mock interviews and network for specific career areas, we offer marketing mock interviews, and group networking practice in marketing. Beyond that, we offer career coaching for all students, where we can help you in your career goal in marketing.

prider: Do a significant amount of students gain entry by taking classes through the GSAL route and Do you find that good class performance matches the reliability as much a good GMAT score does

George: No, the GMAT is still the best predictor of success in an MBA program, the data is overwhelming. But, if you have taken the GMAT several times and cant get the score where you want it, the GSAL classes are a great way to show that you are able to handle the work load and compete with our students.

Lucas: Can I schedule the interview before my letter of recommendation is submitted?

Gretchen: Lucas, yes. Once your application is submitted, with or without the letters of recommendation, we will contact you to schedule an interview at the Gleacher Center. We look forward to receiving your application. Feel free to call Kara Northcutt, assistant director of admissions, at 312 464 8701 with any other questions this week.

addy: Do you provide feedback if a part time applicant is rejected admission?

George: No because we recieve so many applicaitons we are not able to provide feedback to applicatoins. We wish we could do so.

Alicia: When researching the full-time program there were lots of organizations and professional groups available to join. If I am considering part-time is there as much involvement / attention given to these same activities for part-time students?

Holly: Hi Alicia! We currently have over 30 student groups in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. The number of groups (and their level of activity) has increased dramatically over the last 5 years. The groups range from industry specific (Banking, Consulting, Marketing) to social (Bowling, Wine, Tennis). Some groups are more active than others, but I think you would be pleasantly surprised at the number of offerings at any given time.

kannan: It is next to impossible to get official transcripts of my undergrad from my country. What options do I have?

Ellie: Kannan, we hear this question often. A notarized copy of your transcripts is considered an “official transcript”. We have notaries here on staff in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs Office so feel free to stop by and bring your mark sheets and degree certificate and we can make a copy and notarize the documents.

G-455927654: Hi - does the part-time program offer any cross registration with other departments or schools at U of C? Specifically, the Harris School?

Kerri: Since a majority of other departments at the University only offer full-time coursework, cross-listings between Booth and other U of C courses currently only occur with course offerings at Hyde Park during the day. However, Evening and Weekend students may take these courses or up to 6 electives outside of Booth at the University of Chicago and a number of our students have chosen to take courses at the Law School, Harris School of Public Policy, and School of Social Service Administration.

vs32star: how easy is it to switch careers from industry to say consulting through PT program?

Anita: The ease in switching careers has many different factors - from the state of the economy to how much time you have to devote to the process. That said, people move from many different industries and functions to consulting. A huge factor in this your ability to build solid relationships within your targeted firms and really, really, prepare. We have many research and career management tools to help you do this.

mdereyna: Hi, thanks for taking my question. Historically, what kind of positions do Human Resources Concentrators take after finishing at Chicago?

Kim: The short answer is it depends on the student's goals. Most students have more than one concentration, and the types of positions students target depend on the student's interests and experience. Human Resources is represented in all industries, so industry preference also plays a role.

LT: Can you explain more about the bidding for classes process? Do you bid for classes every quarter?

Kerri: Hi LT! Evening, Weekend, and FT students bid for courses at the same time each quarter. Chicago Booth has a bidding system through which students bid on and indicate priority for courses using "points" that are earned when they complete classes. Based on these bids, students are enrolled in courses.

Anita: The ease in switching careers has many different factors - from the state of the economy to how much time you have to devote to the process. That said, people move from many different industries and functions to consulting. A huge factor in this your ability to build solid relationships within your targeted firms and really, really, prepare. We have many research and career management tools to help you do this.

mikael: Does it matter if you have minimal work experience that is spread out in different industries

George: as long as you can show a well thought out progression no. If it looks like you hopped around without direction or reason it can be a hindrance and something you will want to speak to.

kannan: Hi, you mentioned that tech companies recruit into their finance departments. I have a tech background but have been an engineer thus far. Can I get into corp finance of a tech company without an internship?

Fern: Hi Kannan, it is possible to get into corp finance in a tech company without an internship. The key is to be able to demonstrate the transferrable skills required in a financial role. That would include analytical skills, team work, finacial understanding, leadership. You would want to get involved with student groups that focus on finance, network extensively, and develop a strong story that explains why you want to make the transition and what skills and experience you bring that are relevant to the job. We have a large number of students with engineering backgrounds who are able to successfully transition into finance. Good luck!

Abi: how much is leadership experience stressed on applications ?

George: It is a great thing to show. We look to bring in individuals who have shown that they are the characteristics needed to be a leader in their work organizations or society at large

Teddy: How long should I expect to wait for final decision for admittance to the Part-time program? Does it depend on the quarter I select for entrance or simply on when I submit the application?

Ellie: Teddy, thanks for your question. Once you submit your application and all of supplemental materials (transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.) are in, you will hear back with a decision between four to six weeks after that date.

sandy: What is the class size for a tpyical evening or weekend class? Are PT students able to contact professors beyond class hours similar to FT students.

Kerri: Sandy, the typical class size is about 65 students. Part-time students are able to contact professors via e-mail and phone outside of class. Additionally, many professors hold office hours at the Gleacher Center when they teach in the Evening or Weekend programs so that they are more accessible.

Joon: Afternoon everyone. I have less than three years of work experience, but my work was in consulting and entailed a variety of tasks and long hours. What kind of consideration will this be given?

Ellie: Joon, you should take a look at our Chicago Business Fellows Program. This program is geared towards full-time working professionals with 0-3 years of work experience. Please visit www.chicagobooth.edu/cbf to learn more.

Rachel: I was recently waitlisted for the FT program. Do you think my chances of getting in will be higher if I apply to the PT program?

Gretchen: Rachel, we would be happy to talk to you more about your situation. If your work/career situation is more conducive to working and attending school, the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA Program may the best option for you. We encourage you to call Kara Northcutt, assistant director, today at 312 464 8701 to discuss.

Nitin: Do you know which enviromental companies arrive on campus to hire MBAs

Anita: Nitin,

Anita: How are you defining environmental companies - energy, green companies, companies who have a strong green strategy?

Ashish: does it matter how many GMAT attempts we take ?

Gretchen: Ashish, your highest total GMAT score will always be considered, regardless of how many times you have taken the test. Keep plugging away at the application and call our admissions team at 312 464 8700 with any further questions.

Moderator: The chat has now ended. There were so many engaging questions that we're sorry we weren't able to answer them all. Please feel free to contact the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Admissions office at 312.464.8700 or email us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we'll be happy to continue the dialogue. Have a great day!

Holly: Thanks for joining us today!

Kerri: Thank you for all of the great questions! It was a pleasure chatting with you today.

Anita: Thank you so much for all of your questions. We look forward to your applying to the Evening or Weekend MBA program. Career Services is here to support you once you arrive.

Ellie: It was a pleasure talking to all of you. If you haven't attended an Open House, please sign up for our July 10th date. I look forward to meeting you all in the future!

Gretchen: Continue to create your roadmap for applying to Chicago Booth. Call us. Visit us. Good luck. Gretchen