Evening MBA

Live Chat with Evening MBA Program Admissions

Chat with George Andrews, Associate Dean for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs and Admissions directors

April 21, 2009—12:00-1:00PM CDT

George: Welcome to the chat. We will be getting started in 15 minutes, but feel free to submit your questions. Thank you for joining us.

Crystal: Hello and Welcome! I look forward to chatting with you!

George: I am the Associate Dean for the part-time programs. We are very excited to answer all of your questions and thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule.

Gretchen: Welcome to our chat. Thank you for joining us and asking some great questions.

Bernie: Hi everyone. Bernie Zanck, Senior Associate Director of Student Services and a current student in the Evening MBA Program.

Mike_Weeks: I know you are unable to transfer between the weekend and full-time program but are you able to transfer from the weekend to evening programs? If so, is there an advantage to doing so, other than accomodating a personal schedule?

Crystal: Hi Mike, the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs are exactly the same. The only exception is that students who are registered in the Weekend Program will have preference registering for Weekend classes. The same is for the Evening Program. We typically recommend that students apply to the program that best fits their schedule. You are right, you are more than welcome to switch programs after attending the program for at least two consecutive quarters.

Scott: For the Chicago Business Fellows Program, online it states that it contains "unique cohort programming". What does this entail?

Gretchen: Thank you for your interest in the Chicago Business Fellows. Each year, we bring in 20-30 Fellows, who during the first quarter, will take a course together focusing on leadership and professional skills, in addition to an academic course.

Erick: How difficult is it to obtain tuition assistance for the MBA programs?

George: Eric, it depends. As a US citizen it is not difficult at all. There are loans for anyone who wants them, including private and public loans. International students will have a harder time securing loans.

Erick: What are the typical class sizes in the Evening MBA program?

Bernie: Class size varies depending on student demand and ranges from a dozen students to a maximum of 65.

Ibea: I am a college senior with no full time exp. interested in the Booth MBA program, what program do you recommend? What kind of financial aid is avaliable to Booth Business fellows?

George: Ibea, if you intend to work while studying, the Chicago Business Fellows program in the part-time program would be ideal for you. This program is intended for individuals with between 0 to 3 years of work experience. These individuals have full access to all tuition aid available at the University.

Scott: What is the average or quartile spread of GMAT scores for accepted applicants of the 2008 school year?

Gretchen: Scott, great question. There is no minimum score for the GMAT and there is a wide range of scores from our applicants. The average GMAT for the Evening MBA Program hovers around a 680 and the average GMAT score for the Weekend MBA Program hovers around a 700. The application is reviewed holistically with the GMAT being one of the factors.

future_mba: Hello Mr. Andrews, I am interested in the part time program because I currently work as a trader and I want to be able to continue to trade during market hours. My question is would the career resource center aid part time students in finding internships if they would be able to take a summer off from their jobs to intern or does the school only aid full time students with internships?

George: Great question! They will help you with interview skills, resume building, networking, etc. but will not help secure the actual internships themselves. Posted internships are for full-time students only.

raj: I am not in the Chicago area but anticipate moving there within a year. Can I apply to the evening program instead of the weekend program? I can take classes that are scheduled for Saturdays for 6 months and then smoothly transition over.

Gretchen: Hello Raj. As a full time working professional you have the option to apply to either the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA Program. We suggest you apply to the program in which you want to take the majority of your classes. Once a student has been in the Evening MBA Program for two quarters, one can apply to transfer to the Weekend MBA Program.

Ibea: How important is diversity in Booth admission process/class make up?

Crystal: This is a great question! It is absolutely important for the admissions team to craft a class that leverages the backgrounds of our students academically, professionally, and culturally. If you visit our website you will see that we have several diversity events (Networking and Open House) that will showcase the importance of Diversity at Booth. We hope to see you there!

Funmi: I am Nigerian born and a naturalized UK citizen. I obtained my medical degree in Nigeria, but the first language and language of instruction in both countries is English. Based on information from your website, I believe I am exempt from TOEFL. Is my interpretation correct?

Gretchen: Funmi, thank you for your question. As English was the language of instruction, you are exempt from taking the TOEFL.

JJ: Is there an age restriction on applicants? say, if the applicant is at his or her late 30s, is there still a chance for him or her to apply? especially for the part time MBA program?

Crystal: JJ, the average age of our Evening and Weekend students is approx. 30 years old--however, we do have a very wide age range of 22-62! Your age does not matter. We are more concerned with fit for the program and your belief that you will benefit from being in this environment. If you are concerned with age, we do have the Executive MBA program which is catered toward a more seasoned executive, and has a more structured curriculum. You should think about visiting both Open House events to see where you feel most comfortable.

Sam: Hello, George and Bernie....here is my question. I have heard that part-time students dont necessarily get the same access to resources and networking....when compared to Full-time, is this true? Bernie: Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students have numerous opportunities to become involved in the community. We have over 30 student groups run by Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students, a Career Services Office dedicated to part-time students and alumni, and many networking events each quarter.

JJ: I am planning to apply to the part time evening MBA program of Jan, 2010, but I didn't see the list of essays for Jan, 2010, will the essay be the same as this year's Fall program? Or there will be new essay topics?

Crystal: The application questions will be the same. You can log into the application to view the Winter 2010 application.

Kate: Prior to acception into either the evening or weekend MBA program, are prospective students able to enroll and take classes that would be counted towards the degree?

Gretchen: Kate, thank you for your interest in Chicago Booth. The Graham School, within the University of Chicago, offers the Graduate Student at Large (GSAL) Program for individuals to take a class/es at Chicago Booth. Chicago Booth will accept up to three of the GSAL classes with a "C" grade or higher.

JJ: What will be the approximate cost per year for part time MBA?

George: It really depends on how many classes you choose to take each year. The cost per class is $4,655, but we allow students to take as few, or as many, classes as their busy schedules, and lives, permit.

Vidya: I would like to apply for fall part time evening MBA program. I was wondering if I submit my application on the deadline date would it be considered equally to students who had sent the application package at the earliest.

Crystal: Vidya, yes the application will be considered equally for all students who submit their application before the deadline. We do, however, encourage prospective students to apply as early as possible since we do have a rolling admissions process. Good luck!

fini: I applied for the weekend program last year and was rejected admission. I was told that i didnt have the required gmat score. What is the range you are looking for this time?

Gretchen: Hello fini. Thank you for your continued interest in the Weekend MBA Program. Chicago Booth does not have a minimum GMAT score that is required of applicants. The range of GMAT scores is wide with the average score hovering around a 700. If an applicant takes the GMAT test more than once, the highest total score is considered.

susanna: I am interested in knowing more about opportunities for Weekend MBA students to also take Evening classes, as work and other commitments permit.

George: Susanna, really good questions. One of the strengths of our program is the ability for students to choose the best time for them to take their classes. Weekend students are able to take classes on Saturdays, or any weekday that fits their busy schedules. Additionally, if time permits, they can also take classes on campus during the day. We believe it is the most flexible program available.

JJ: I graduated long time ago from a university in China. I got all my scripts then, sealed and certified with both Chinese and English version. Will these transcripts be accepted?

Gretchen: JJ, yes you can either mail your sealed transcripts to our office at 450 N. CityFront Plaza, Chicago, Il 60611 or if you are in the area, feel free to drop off the transcripts to suite 330 at the Gleacher Center. We look forward to meeting you.

Kate: With the current ecomonic and employment environment, has there been a rise applicants to the evening/weekend programs?

George: Our applications are on par to previous quarters. Some individuals have chosen to wait to apply due to the economy, while others see this as a time to invest in advancing their intellectual capacity and leadership skills.

Ashok: I have my Bachelors in India. I can't get official copies. Is there any way to validate my transcripts

Crystal: Hi Ashok, sure you can bring your transcripts into our office and we can make a certified copy. Students typically do this when they interview.

Gerardo: Is an interview required for Evening MBA students?

Crystal: Gerardo, yes...an interview is part of the application process all students are required to have their interview at the Gleacher Center. We will schedule your interview once you have submitted your application.

Eric: How many nights per week would a typical student be attending class? Is it possible to orchestrate your schedule each semester to avoid having class on a given day (Tuesdays)?

Bernie: Classes meet once per week for 11 consecutive weeks. Evening classes are from 6-9pm and many students take 2 classes per quarter. Yes, students can design their schedule to take classes on evenings that work best for their other commitments.

G-293327681: I know there is not a set standard or minimum, but approximately how many years of profesional work experience do you suggest one have before entering into an MBA program such as Chicago Booth?

George: There are two schools of thought out there. One says that it is best for the student to have had at a minimum of two years of work experience before entering the program so that they can apply the knowledge to the classroom and have a better frame of reference for the material that is taught. However, other schools have recently done studies that show that students who enter programs right out of undergraduate experience a higher return on their education. Much of this is driven by the discount rate applied to future earnings, and the lower opportunity costs. In other words, the sooner you start applying the material you learn, the sooner you will see the positive returns in your career.

Erick: Is there a typical combination of work experience and education that is preferred for admission to the program? How much does experience outside of academics play into the admission decision?

Gretchen: Hello Erick, great question. As a full time working professional applying to either the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA Programs, your work experience, including the quality and career goals stated, plays a very important piece in the application process. The classroom discussions build upon our students' wide range of professional backgrounds. The average years of work experience for our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs hovers between 5-6 years.

G-293345730: Assuming there's a large number of applications submitted on the day of deadline, how long after May 1st should we expect to know your decision of acceptance?

Crystal: We will review your application within 4-6 weeks of you submitting your application.

G-293319415: Can you please talk about the range of students that you typically look at for the admission process into part time programs?

Gretchen: The University of Chicago was founded on the premise of embracing and promoting diversity. In the admissions process the Admissions Committee is not looking for one profile; however instead, looking for the unique aspects and talents of our applicants. In addition, the Admissions Comittee is looking for applicants to have a thorough understanding of Chicago Booth and what we can offer to our students, both inside and outside of the classroom.

G-293345730: Chicago Booth has 13 areas of concentrations. How many of those are limited to the Weekend MBA?

Bernie: Chicago Booth now has a total of 14 concentrations with the addition of analytic management. Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students have the ability to earn any of the concentrations in the same manner as Full-Time students.

krypton_1: Hi. Do you provide financial assistance to students in the Evening / Weekend Program ?

George: Yes, any US citizen who wants a loan may get one, either through private lenders or the US Government. All our students who want loans are able to get as much as they have required. Our international students have a larger challenge, in that there is no government loans available to them and the cost of private loans have increased.

ecowoman: How much time would a student need to spend on actual school work per week (in hours)?

Bernie: The amount of outside classwork per week varies depending on the course. The average tends to be between 4-6 hours per week per course. However, it can increase significantly depending on the class and your prior experience and educational background.

Sudarshan: Hello. Thank you very much for providing this opportunity to interact with the adcom team. I had a question with regards to the interpersonal aspect of the weekend MBA program. For me, an important component of the MBA experience is the interactions with peers. Given the context of the weekend program, what avenues are avialable to help facilitate this interaction beyond the classroom?

Crystal: Great question! A significant part of the Weekend MBA experience is to network and build relationships with your peers. Our Student Services team works very hard to provide events and opportunities for all students (Evening and Weekend) to get involved. There are also over 30 student groups in the Evening and Weekend MBA program. We have several student leaders that are part of the Weekend MBA Program. There are many ways to enrich your MBA experience.

Justin: Are career and placement services available upon graduation?

George: Justin, our career services are offered for life. In fact when Lehman went under our Career Services reached out to all our alumni to offer help. We actively worked to place them in other institutions if they desired. Our proactive outreach made front page in the Wall Street Journal that week.

krypton_1: For Chicago Business Fellows Program ...do you have to be employed in or around Chicago ??

Crystal: Yes, the Chicago Business Fellows Program is a subset of the Evening MBA Program. Full-Time employment in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs is required so that our students can also participate in the required Effective Leadership class that they take during their 1st quarter.

Shae: Is the GMAT required for the Evening or Weekend MBA program?

Crystal: Hi Shae, yes the GMAT is required for all applicants to both programs.

joseph: Crystal: I do have a master of accountancy degree and about 6 years of work experience. Do I need to retake the GMAT exam to gain admission into the evening MBA program?

Crystal: Hi Joseph, the GMAT is required for all students. The average GMAT at Chicago is approx. 680. If you have taken the GMAT longer than 5 years ago, then you would need to take it again. There are many great resources that can help you prepare for the GMAT.

kmc456: Is there a maximum number of classes you can take in a quarter?

Bernie: Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students typically take 1 to 2 classes per quarter since they are also full-time working professionals. However, students are able to take an increased course load after working with one of our academic advisors. As a frame of reference, a full-time course load is considered to be 3 to 4 classes.

MikeB: who do we contact to setup a class visit if thats possible

Crystal: We are thrilled that you have an interest in visiting us. You can contact my colleague Kara Northcutt at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu. We hope to see you soon!

Hemil: What advice would you give to re-applicants? What should they specifically stress more in the application?

Gretchen: Hemil, Chicago Booth values re-applicants and specifically looks to what the applicant has done to strengthen the application since the first time of applying. There are a variety of ways to strengthen the application, including gaining more work experience, retaking the GMAT test or taking a class via the Graham School as a Graduate Student at Large. The interview is also a great time for the applicant to highlight the progression since the first time of applying.

SriRam: Hello, Does Chicago GSB offers placement assistance for part-time students ?

George: Yes, at Chicago Booth, we have a career service office dedicated solely to part-time students. The office provides help with research, interview skills, resume building and network skills and opportunities. Students who are eligible are also able to interview for jobs using On Campus Recruiting, but all part-time students have the ability to apply for jobs posted on the Career Services bulletin board.

chi: Good afternoon, I'm applying for the Fall evening program, do I need to complete the interview before July 3?

Gretchen: Chi, we look forward to receiving your application in the coming months. Once you submit your application, you will be contacted by our office to schedule an interview at the Gleacher Center. It is recommended that the interview is completed by July 3rd; however we will be hosting interviews in the week post the deadline.

Allison: On average, how long does it take students in the weekend MBA and the evening MBA to complete the degree?

Crystal: Hi Allison, you need 20 classes to complete your MBA degree. Most students take 1-2 classes per quarter. If you take 2 classes per quarter you will finish within 2 1/2 years.

Sundar: As for the "Recommendation Letters", is it okay to submit more than two?

Crystal: We prefer two. However, you are more than welcome to send more than two.

raj: Given the current economic climate, is it possible if necessary to have a down quarter where you take no classes or defer an admission?

George: Very good question. It is the benefit of our part-time program that we allow our students 5 years to complete their degree. This leaves students with an incredible amount of latitude as to when and how many classes they take. We often have students who lay off of classes for various reasons; having children, job changes, personal crisis, etc. This is not a problem in any way. We are not lockstep, so they can resume their education when they are able.

Musannif: How far do students commute from for the Saturday program?

Crystal: Musannif, our students commute from all over the nation. We have a large number of students who commute from the west coast, Texas, and New York. Over 70% of students travel into Chicago for the Weekend MBA program.

Alinescu: Do you accept student that seek a career in the social field? I actually have a background in Economics and Finance, but I love working for helping others. Do you have an alumni network that can help me realize my dream if I will choose Booth School? Thank you!

Gretchen: Alinescu, Chicago Booth values applicants from diverse backgrounds and has alumni who are working in a variety of different industries. Having the background in economics and finance is a great foundation for moving toward a social service job function. With the high level of flexibility in the curriculum, a Chicago Booth student is able to choose which classes would fit best with his/her interests. In addition, Chicago Booth has student clubs which support the social service field, including the philanthropy club.

AaronPatterson: In this economy, has the number of part-time applications increased or decreased?

George: Aaron, our applications are on par to previous quarters. Some see this as a time to wait out the economy and hunker down at work, while others see this as a time to invest in advancing their intellectual capacity and leadership skills. All-in-all it usually evens out.

G-293286060: Are there any programs or initiatives in place to build a sense of cohesion amongst part-time MBA participants? Some other part-time / weekend programs maintain a cohort concept, but given the flexible nature of Chicago's part-time / weekend program, this would seem difficult to implement.

Bernie: Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students begin their experience with a 2-day orientation and join a cohort of 8 students during their first quarter, specifically to help them form relationships. Our Student Advisory Council is focused on helping form networks between students and coordinate numerous social activities, ranging from Chicago Bulls outings and a Winter Formal, to the MBA Cup Challenge, a competition among part-time students at Loyola, DePaul, and Kellogg.

Allison: How important are college transcripts in comparison to strong work experience and strong GMAT scores when a person is over 10 years out of college?

Gretchen: Allison, you bring up a good point. The Admissions Committee reviews the application for predictors of success in and outside of the classroom; therefore a college transcript from 10+ years ago may not be as relevant as the work experience and the GMAT score. We also encourage applicants to utilize the optional essay questions to explain any parts of the application that could be further questioned and addressed.

Musannif: How different is the diversity of students in the part time programs when compared to the fulltime program?

Crystal: The diversity in both programs is comparable. We have very similar diversity recruiting initiatives.

Gerardo: How much time, on average, is required outside of the classroom (for evening MBA students)?

Crystal: Gerardo, it really depends on the class. Before you register for a class you can view the surveys the students submitted from previous quarters to get a sense of how much time will be spent outside of the classroom. On average you can spend 3-10 hours per class outside of the classroom.

Sundar: Please define the term "Rolling admission"

Crystal: Rolling admissions means that you are more than welcome to submit your application before the deadline. Once you submit you will hear back from us within 4-6 weeks.

G-293327681: Because the weekend program has many out-of-town students, is there any standard or recommended accomodations set up for those who commute (in terms of hotels, etc.)? Do these students typically drive into Chicago on Friday night and leave Saturday afternoon?

Bernie: We have weekend students who drive or fly into Chicago on Friday nights and stay until Saturday afternoon and other students who will drive or fly into Chicago early Saturday morning and stay until Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. It is different for each student depending on his or her personal schedule. We also have groups of students who carpool or take the same flights every weekend, which makes the commute a little more manageable. There is also a program for discounted hotel rates, and our office provides a weekend shuttle to and from O'Hare and Midway Airports on Saturdays.

hemanshu: what qualities from the work experience do you look for while reviewing an application

Crystal: Hemanshu, we focus more on quality. In your application you should share how each professional experience has given you the skill set that you have now. Also share what you learned about each experience and how it helps you in your job today.

Matt: Hi guys. I am planning on applying to the evening program for this fall. Is it beneficial to apply sooner rather than later?

Gretchen: Matt, we look forward to receiving your fall application. The benefit of rolling admission is that the review of your application will begin once all of the pieces of the application have been submitted. Although applicants who apply close to or on the day of the deadline will receive equal consideration, it may be helpful to apply in advance of the deadline so are able to schedule your interview at the Gleacher Center at your convenience.

G-293324911: What makes Chicago's program better than other competing programs? Leadership Training, Knowledge, Entrepreneurship, etc. George: Really great question and one that is very important when making your decision! As you read through this chat you will see a theme: flexibility. Chicago Booth believes that you are the best person to build your own education. We allow you to take classes when and where you want. You may sign up for classes on campus during the day, or at Gleacher at night or on the weekends. You can take as many or as few classes as you want per quarter. If you get busy you can lay out, or if you are slow, you can speed up. Lastly, we also let you choose what classes interest you most. You have to cover three areas: Micro Economics, Statistics and Accounting. Allison: How important are professional affiliations during the application process?

Crystal: Allison, we are more concerned with quality over quantity. If you've had a great experience in a professional affiliation then we would be happy to hear about it!

G-293356383: To what extent do the evening folks have access to career services facilities? I understand that this is usually a sore point for many PT programs.

George: Part-time students have complete access to career services. We even staff the Career Services office to accommodate working individuals' schedules by having them available before classes and on weekends. Part-time students have access to jobs posted on the Career Services bulletin board, and if eligible, to recruit on campus. The only thing part-time students are not able to do is to interview for internships on campus.

G-293324911: What is the response time after submitting an application?

Gretchen: Once you submit your application, the Admissions Committee will review and make the decision on the application within 4-6 weeks.

manavbansal: Application process - Is interview based on the application material specifically essays or is it more general and not dependent on application essays?

Crystal: Hi it is independent of the application. Although, thinking through the essays will help you better articulate your goals and purpose of perusing the MBA during interview.

Rajeev: Are all of the major classes available on weekends or there are some which can only be taken during weeknights ?

Crystal: Rajeev, our academic services team works very hard to make sure that the major classes are offered to students on the weekend. All professors are required to teach in all of the programs.

Chintan: Is there a placement possibility for part time MBA student?

George: Yes, our students have complete access to all services provided by Career Services. Additionally, they can go through on campus recruiting if eligible. Our students secure jobs in over 500 companies annually.

George: The questions we are receiving are outstanding. We still have 10 minutes left in the chat, please continue to send them our way!

RyanB: How long from accepting an offer of admission do you have to get in your transcripts, official GMAT scores, and deposit?

Crystal: Hi Ryan! We would like for you to submit your supplemental materials by at least one month prior to Orientation. The deposit secures your seat in the class so we'll need it within 2 weeks of you accepting the offer of admission.

Andreas: Do I need transcripts from all the universities I attended or just the university at which I received my degree at?

Crystal: Andreas, yes we would like transcripts from each school to provide a clear picture of your academic history.

msankar: The evening and weekend courses are taught by the same faculty that teaches full time program. Is that right?

Bernie: You are correct. Chicago Booth faculty teach across all of our MBA programs, and Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students have the same access to faculty as Full-Time MBA students.

Jane: With regards to the Chicago Business Fellows program, since the program only accepts 20-30 students, would someone with about 3 years experience be better off applying to the regular evening program, or would the difficulty in gaining admissions be the same?

Crystal: Hi Jane, the CBF program is designed for full-time working professionals who have 0-3 years of experience. If you have 3 0r more you no longer qualified for the CBF program and should apply for the Evening MBA program.

Tarik: Has an ROI study been conducted on the evening/weekend program? What are the results and how does Booth copmares to other top MBAs?

George: Tarik, really nice question. There have been studies done that show a positive ROI for our students within the first two years of graduation. Some students report achieving this before they graduate due to the promotions at work or securing outstanding job offers while in the program.

ChrisB: Would you say the Evening and Weekend programs attract a more specific type of candidate as opposed to your general MBA program? Can you talk about the types of candidates that apply for these two programs (evening/weekend)? Also is there anywhere we can get statistical information on the types of candidates which were admitted last year (GMAT scores etc)? Thanks!

George: Our students, on average, have more work experience and a bit older. Here is a link to some of the demographics: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/index.aspx

G-293349044: Is there a formal mentorship program for the new students at Chicago Booth?

Bernie: All incoming students are grouped into small cohorts with two current students serving as their mentors. These mentors work with you throughout your first quarter to ensure a smooth transition into the Booth community. Beyond that, two of our student groups, Marketing Management and Research Group and Graduate Women in Business, offer structured mentoring programs. Many of our other student groups offer informal mentoring.

Niu: I am current working in St. Louis MO, I am interested in the Part-Time MBA program, shall I go to Chicago everyweek? Do we offer any online courses, thanks

Crystal: Niu, the classroom is a significant part of the Chicago Booth experience; therefore, we do not offer any classes online. You might be better suited to apply for the Weekend Program. The classes meet every Saturday at the Gleacher Center.

Shashi: Can you tell us about the faculty for Weekend MBA program?

Crystal: The faculty for the Weekend Program is exactly the same as the Faculty in the Full-Time, Evening, and Executive MBA programs. The faculty members are required to teach in all of the programs making the academic experience seamless across all Chicago Booth programs. One Chicago--One MBA!

Vin: How many students are typically admitted for the Weekend MBA?

Gretchen: The class is usually around 105 students.

G-293349044: How long does it take students on average to complete their MBA at Chicago Booth?

Gretchen: The average completion rate is 2 1/2 years. But we give students up to 5 years to complete.

Renee: Will the essay questions be the same for the weekend program for 2010?

Gretchen: Renee, the essay questions change each fall. By the end of August 2009, the Weekend 2010 application will be posted online; however if you are working on the application at this time you can begin to gather your thoughts on how to share your academic and career story with Chicago Booth.

Evanston: Is it true that students who attend as a GSAL have a better chance of being accepted into the MBA program?

George: Showing the aptitude to compete in this environment is always a good thing. At the margin it can make a difference, and is considered in the application.

hemanshu: what kind of work experience do you look for while considering an application?

Crystal: We do not look for specific work experience. We are more interested in the quality of your work experience. We prefer to build a class that draws on the professional diversity of our students. It truly adds to the classroom dynamic.

Brad: I live 2 1/2 hours away and work during the week (considering the Weekend Program). I imagine some of the classes have group projects. How do distance students navigate those projects that involve teamwork?

Bernie: Students manage this through a variety of methods, including conference calls, scheduling in-person group meetings on the weekends or immediately after class, and through email and other on-line mediums.

Susan: Is there any way career services can be of help to a weekend student WHILE the student is still getting her MBA?

George: Part-time students have complete access to career services. We even-staff the Career Services office to accommodate working individuals schedule by having them available before classes and on weekends. Part-time students have access to jobs posted on the Career Services bulletin board, and if eligible, to recruit on campus. The only thing part-time students are not able to do is to interview for internships on campus

Scott: Does the academic calendar for the Evening and Weekend programs follow the university's traditional schedule, or does it have its own?

Bernie: Although we closely follow the University of Chicago's academic calendar, Chicago Booth does maintain its own academic calendar. Chicago Booth's academic calendar includes slight changes in start dates to make up for observed holidays that fall during the quarter.

George: Thank you all for joining us. Our next deadline is May 1st for the Weekend MBA program. The next evening deadline is July 3rd. Please call us at 312-464-8700 with any questions you may have, or visit us in person at our next open house at the Gleacher Center Friday, May 1. We really look forward to connecting with each of you.