Evening MBA

MBA/Master’s in Latin American & Caribbean Studies

The program in Latin American and Caribbean Studies complements the MBA degree with study of the region’s social, economic, political, religious, and cultural development.

In consultation with faculty, students can tailor their study program to meet individual needs and requirements.

Requirements to complete this degree range from 24 to 29 courses, depending on language proficiency.

Business School Course Requirements

  • Effective Leadership (1 course)
  • Business Foundations (3 courses)
  • Business Breadth (4 courses)
  • General Management (2 courses)
  • Business Electives (5 courses)

Latin American & Caribbean Studies Course Requirements

  • Substantive Courses (5 courses)
    These can be any five courses with substantive Latin American or Caribbean studies content. Students should consult with faculty advisors regarding the courses most pertinent to their individual career and personal interests.
  • Electives (4 courses)
    Students choose four courses from those offered in social sciences, public policy, or law. Students may also choose electives to develop career related skills or enhance their knowledge of cultural studies.
  • Language Courses (Requirements Vary)
    All students must complete five language courses in either Spanish, Portuguese, or a Caribbean language through placement examinations and/or coursework. If a student has high competence in either Spanish or Portuguese, then no further language study is required.


For more information please contact the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs Office at 312.464.8600 or send an email to the admissions hotline.