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Raabia Budhwani

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Raabia Budhwani

Washington, DC


Service Year Alliance


Director, Place-Based Growth

Career Aspirations

I am passionate about unleashing human potential and empowering people to shape their own lives, communities, and world. I hope to continue to spend my career working in and eventually leading organizations that help people access opportunity for social and economic mobility. As an immigrant myself whose parents grew up in low-income communities abroad, I know firsthand the difference education, service-learning, and mentorship can make in the path you chose and the impact you have on the world.

Why Booth?

For a student of the social sciences who pursued an undergraduate degree in psychology and linguistics to understand human motivation and communication, no other school compared to Booth. The Chicago Approach of free and open inquiry appealed to me because I always ask why as I seek to understand. I chose Chicago Booth for its singular capacity to combine a world-class education in business fundamentals with behavioral economics.