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The PhD Program at Chicago Booth allows scholars to envision
and conduct original, cutting-edge research. As a student here,
you will explore and cultivate your research interests from day
one—wherever they lead you. Through coursework and close
interaction with faculty, you will develop your ability to think and
work independently and to identify, analyze, and solve problems
in groundbreaking ways.
“Students have considerable flexibility in tailoring their own
academic plan, and it is not uncommon for them to work with
multiple faculty members, some of whom may not even be
professors in the students’ own area. I am very interested in carrying
out innovative research that joins various business disciplines.
Chicago Booth is the place where I will be able to fulfill this goal.”
“What I like the most about the faculty here is that they allow
you to find your research interests while always making sure you
know they’re there if you need help. The program is structured so
that there is a lot of freedom, but at the same time a lot of faculty
support, which helps you discover and pursue your passions, as well
as develop them into a meaningful and relevant research program.”
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