PhD Viewbook - page 43

Our campus is positioned to promote inspired ideas and new
ways of thinking. Located just blocks from the beaches of Lake
Michigan in historic Hyde Park, the University of Chicago is
surrounded by cozy restaurants, retail shops, and some of the
city’s best-loved bookstores. The campus is only seven miles from
downtown Chicago, an international hub of commerce and culture
with Fortune 500 companies, world-class museums and theater
troupes, five-star restaurants, and champion sports teams. Best of
all, Chicago is a truly affordable city.
“Chicago is a true American city, providing ample access to anything
a graduate student could want. Not only are there bustling beaches,
parks, museums, art, and architecture to enjoy, but also there is
an abundance of truly unique neighborhoods to explore. This city
really allows for a perfect fit for all interests and personalities. Make
sure to take advantage of it as a graduate student!”
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