PhD Viewbook - page 41

When you come to Chicago Booth, you come to the
University of Chicago, known for extensive interaction among
departments—not to mention more than 80 Nobel laureates.
Almost all academic programs embrace specialists from different
disciplines. A variety of Booth faculty hold appointments in
other departments or schools. Close relationships among
the many divisions and professional schools exist throughout
the university, and students are encouraged to take courses
and to pursue research in areas outside Chicago Booth.
“The depth and number of interesting ideas circulating the hallways
is amazing. The first big hurdle is finding the area where you want to
focus your time and passion. The second is creating your own space
in the production and testing of ideas. Respect in the community is
earned by coming up with innovative and insightful ideas.”
“Instead of students being narrowly focused on one tiny area and
hanging out only with people in that particular area, Chicago Booth
fosters a culture that breaks the barrier and enables students with
different background and interests to reach out to each other. Here we
are receiving a holistic business school education and are encouraged
to step out of our comfort zone and get to learn materials and talk
to people outside our own area. Abundant social opportunities are
available, such as various clubs, seminars, and workshops.”
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