PhD Viewbook - page 35

Designed by Raphael Viñoly, the state-of-the-art Charles M.
Harper Center is across from Frank Lloyd Wright’s world-famous
Robie House as well as the university’s iconic Rockefeller Chapel.
Opened in 2004, the 415,000-square-foot building features
technologically advanced resources, including 12 classrooms,
31 group-study rooms, a dedicated PhD computer lab and PhD
office space, and seminar rooms. In addition, the innovative facility
features a spacious student lounge, the soaring Rothman Winter
Garden, and the contemporary Kovler cafe. More than a place
to study, research, and socialize, Harper Center was designed to
facilitate scholarship, collaboration, and community.
“I like the study rooms with large windows best. Clearly, the large
computer lab, which basically has any software that I might need, is
really great.”
“The Harper center is huge. Whenever I need to take a break to clear
my head, I just go for a stroll around the building, sit in the Winter
Garden drinking some coffee and try to reach some clarity. When
it’s warm outside, the surrounding gardens and quads make for the
perfect walks and stimulating conversations.”
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