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Chicago Booth faculty are known for developing the economic,
political, and theoretical frameworks on which business is based.
They regularly receive awards for the best research in top
academic journals, and their research and opinions are cited in
media worldwide. Yet what students enjoy most is their remarkable
accessibility and dedication to teaching. Our faculty choose to
teach at Chicago Booth because they know they can expect a high
caliber of students from around the world who will challenge and
question them and add insights to their teaching and research.
“The faculty here is second to none. Not only are they pioneers
of their respective fields, they are accessible and willing to think
seriously and critically about your research. That is the Chicago
culture—ideas are welcomed but challenged in a healthy way.”
“I was drawn to Booth by the depth and breadth of the faculty, and
the opportunity to study in a rigorous environment. Faculty are very
focused on research and accessible to students. I collaborated with a
junior faculty member on my curriculum paper, and the experience
has significantly advanced my preparation for the dissertation
“The faculty at Chicago Booth are unparalleled. Nowhere else in the
world do you get both as much breadth and as much depth. Faculty
size here is relatively large compared to other business schools, with a
good mix of faculty members interested in a variety of different topics,
which facilitates interdisciplinary communication and research.”
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