PhD Viewbook - page 11

Our learning environment is collaborative and without hierarchy.
Whether an idea is presented by a classmate or a professor,
everyone is encouraged to test its merit. This is how our ideas
evolve to advance the theories that shape business practices.
We offer a multitude of interactive forums in which research is
proposed, presented, debated, and refined, including seminars,
brown bags, and our legendary workshops. All PhD students
will join a workshop in their first year and attend at least one
throughout their program, though many choose to attend more,
both at Chicago Booth and in other university departments.
“What sets Chicago Booth apart is the close exposure that PhD
students have to the most influential academics and researchers
of our time. As a first year student, you have the opportunity to
directly work and coauthor research with famous professors in your
field. Getting real research experience so early in the PhD program
is something that sets Chicago Booth students apart for obtaining
the best careers in research after graduation.”
“I interact extensively with students outside my group, and regu-
larly attend accounting, finance, law, and economics workshops.
Exposure to such a variety of experts is one of the hallmarks of the
program and motivates the development of research ideas.”
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