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Chicago has more hot dog stands than the number of McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger Kings combined
Courtesy City of Chicago / GRC

Craft beers: Revolution, Half Acre, Metropolitan, Goose Island, Piece

Top Chefs: Rick Bayless, Grant Achatz, Graham Elliot Bowles, Charlie Trotter

Artisanal coffee roasters Intelligentsia, Metropolis and Bridgeport Coffee Company

Ethnic restaurants including: Afghani, Austrian, Brazilian, Colombian, Croatian, Cuban, Czech, Ethiopian, Hawaiian, Israeli, Jamaican, Japanese, Korean, Moroccan, Scandinavian, Scottish, Tibetan, Turkish, Vietnamese

#5 Food and Wine destination in the world, 2010 Travelers' Choice list
Courtesy City of Chicago / GRC

Chicago has over 6000 restaurants
Courtesy City of Chicago / GRC