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Join us for a live chat with admissions directors from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. The chat will cover the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Thursday, August 18, 2011 - 12:00 PM CDT

Moderator: Thanks for joining us! This chat is scheduled to run for 1 hour. We'll begin the chat promptly in 15 minutes. If you have any questions, please go ahead and ask them now!

George: Welcome to the chat. My name is George Andrews and I am the associate dean of the Evening and the Weekend MBA programs here at Booth. We will start answering questions at noon. I hope all of you on central time have your lunch with you. We have a large group here answering questions. It looks like peanut butter and jelly is the lunch of choice here. I opted for a falafel sandwich.

George: Thank you for joining us!

Gretchen: If you are on this chat you are a smart person! My name is Gretchen Cooper and I am the director of admissions for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Program. Booth is a forward thinking institution and we are excited to share more about Chicago Booth with you.

Humberto: Welcome to our live chat! My name is Humberto Freda and I'm the Assistant Director of Admissions for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. For any of our chat participants on the east coast, I will be in Boston on 9/20 and New York on 9/21 for an information session and reception. Feel free to register on our website!

Ellie: Hi Everyone, welcome to the Online Chat. Thank you for joining us. My name is Ellie McDonald. I am an Associate Director of Admissions and a recent Booth alum. I look forward to answering your questions.

Moderator: Hello and welcome to our Admissions Live Chat! The chat will begin promptly at 12:00 pm CDT. Please begin submitting your questions now!

Katie: Welcome to our Live Chat! This is Katie Coogan and I am the Admissions Manager for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. I work specifically with our early entry program, Chicago Business Fellows.

Gretchen: For those of you joining us now, if you are on this chat you are a smart person! The Live Chat is a great way to learn more about Booth! My name is Gretchen Cooper and I am the director of admissions for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Program. Booth is a forward thinking institution and we are excited to share more about our community with you.

Ellie: Hi Everyone, welcome to the Online Chat. Thank you for joining us. My name is Ellie McDonald. I am an Associate Director of Admissions and a recent Booth alum. I look forward to answering your questions.

Humberto: For those of you just joining us, my name is Humberto Freda and I'm the Assistant Director of Admissions for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. For any of our chat participants on the east coast, I will be in Boston on 9/20 and New York on 9/21 for an information session and reception. Feel free to register on our website!

lucy: Good morning, admissions officer

Humberto: Welcome, Lucy! Feel free to ask any questions that you have about the programs or admissions processes!

lucy: what is the most important part for the application materials?

George: lucy. I wish it were that easy. In fact the reason I have a job is that the application process is as much art as science. We read thousands of applications each year and become very good at looking for inconsistencies. We really do look at all parts of the application equally. We want to know that you can handle the program so we look at your GMAT and undergrad grades. We want to see what you have been doing since graduation so we look hard at your resume and we want to know what others think of your skills so we weigh heavily the letters of reference. The essays are the glue that holds it all together.

lucy: I have already get my Bachelor degree 10 years ago. but it's lower than the requiement. how can I do to make up it, ? right now ,I can't change anything on the transcript,

Gretchen: Hello Lucy. The undergraduate transcript is only one piece of the application and therefore you can enhance other areas of the application. The GMAT score is a great way to show your preparedness for the MBA Program. You can also focus on your career accomplishments and goals.

lucy: I should submit my resume and personal statement, what special details I should mention, in the resume, and P.S. ,I mean, what kind of information ,the admission officer wnatt to know about me, in my P.S and CV?

George: We want to know all about you. We would like to know about you as a person. What you do in your free time what you are passionate about. We would like to know about your professional skills and what you have done in the past as well as what you aspire to do in the future. Lastly, we want to know why you are choosing to attend a part-time MBA program at this time and why you have chosen to make it Booth. Hope this helps.

George: All, welcome to the chat. We are so excited about taking these questions. I am the associate dean of the program and I am surrounded by a great group of staff and alumni who can handle all our questions.

rg: hi thank you for hosting this chat for us..hows does the admission committee look at a candidate wanting to change his/her career from human resources to finance by pursuing an mba

Gretchen: rg, thanks for your interest in Booth. If you would like to change your career and job function, pursuing your MBA is a great idea! Booth has an incredibly strong Career Service team who hosts weekly events to help our students create a plan to advance and change a career. You will find great classes related to finance at Booth.

George: FUN FACT: We have one of the largest part-time programs in the country. With 1600 part-time students our part-time program is larger than our full-time program. This is very unique!

lucy: If I get an opportunity for interview, what do the admission officer focus on?How Can I prepare for it?

Ellie: Lucy, for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs all applicants who submit an application get the opportunity to come to the Gleacher Center to interview. The interview is a behavioral format focusing on your professional background, leadership potential, and professional goals.

Charles: Is there a financial aid contact for veterans?

Katie: Charles - Thanks for your question. We have specific financial aid contacts for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. As you likely know, veterans are eligible for GI Bill tuition benefits through the government.

Gretchen: If you have not been to the Gleacher Center, we invite you to come visit. The location of the building on the river is perfectly located for the many businesses and organizations in the city of Chicago. Plus, we are able to see the practice of the Chicago Air and Water Show. The planes are flying over us as we speak!

lucy: I chat with the booth MBA students before, I found some of them, finish the MBA, continue their study to pursue a Ph.D. in the Booth

Humberto: Since the programs are unique and serve different purposes and populations, a vast majority of our Booth students pursue either the MBA or PhD degree, but not both. However, it is possible to achieve both and a handful of our students have gone that route. That would require a reapplication to the PhD program separate from the MBA program application.

lucy: WHAT is the purpose of the MBA program?

George: Unlike the JD or a MD the MBA is not about setting a boundary that is needed for one to apply in the business world, it is not a means to an end. It is there to provide knowledge that will allow you to interact more deeply in a world in which business is the underlying language of success. For instance, even in the world of music, if the philharmonic is not making money it will not survive for long.

Kelly: Is there a requirement for residing in the Chicago area?

Ellie: Kelly, there is not a requirement for residing in the Chicago area. Majority of our Evening MBA students reside in the Chicagoland area. We do have a handful of people who reside in Indiana and the Milwaukee area. As for our Weekend MBA Program, approximately 80% of our students come from outside the state of Illinois.

Ash: Are there any applicants admitted who had low GMAT AND GPA (lower than Booth's average but close to low end of range)? If so what are their profiles like?

Humberto: Our average GMAT and GPA scores are just that...averages. As you mentioned, we do have a range of scores and being within that range makes your application competitive on those dimensions. However, individuals on the lower end of those ranges that are successful in being admitted to the program typically are very impressive in other areas: essays, letters of recommendation, interview, professional accomplishments and goals, etc.

Kelly: What differentiates the Booth program apart from other MBA programs? And how is the classroom essentially conducted (ie. collaboration, etc.)?

George: Our program is the most flexible in the galaxy. You can take class on any evening you choose, or on the weekend, or during the day with full-time. You can also take the class and level that interest you most. If you have experience as an accountant you can opt for a higher level class all the way up to PhD. Other programs have a certain curriculum that must be followed. Our program is also the most efficient program in the galaxy. Our classes do not mandate a certain teaching style, rather, we leave it to the faculty to decide what teaching method will most effectively teach the material to the students. For example, in an stats class you may not have any group work because there is little benefit to a group deciding what the right answer is. However, in a strategy class there is tremendous value in the team setting.

Mahin: Good afternoon. I took my initial undergrad coursework at a community college and my major coursework (mechanical engineering) at a large university where I received my degree. When Booth considers GPA will they look at both schools or only the school I got the degree from?

Katie: Mahin - For the application, you need to submit unofficial transcripts for all schools at which you took courses that counted towards your degree. In your case, you need to submit your community college transcripts. We will consider your overall GPA as well as the courses you took when evaluating your academics.

G-468110757: Chicago Booth produces groundbreaking thought leadership. Can you cite examples of how this has directly and positively influenced/benefitted students outside of the classroom setting, i.e. professionally?

Gretchen: G-468110757--great question. You are right--Booth is the place for forward thinking leaders and new ideas! Booth has strong programming related to Entrepreneurship! 60 companies and counting have been launched by Booth students--Bump, and PrepMe. You can view more:

loredonado: I would like to know if you offer financial aid for international students

Humberto: Yes, international Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are eligible to apply for private loan-based financial aid through the Booth Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.

vickie: Being a UChciago employee, are there tuition discounts for attending Booth?

George: Yes. The university handbook lays out the benefits for employees attending any program. I believe it is half off.

Albert: Hello, I am planning on applying for Booth's part-time MBA program in 2013, I currently live in California and would have to either transfer into my company's Chicago office (if they have a vacant opening) or find another job, is one of the requirements for the part-time program that you currently hold a full-time position? Or would I be able to apply and then look for a job in the Chicagoland area if I do get accepted to Booth?

Gretchen: Albert--You have many options as Booth is the most flexible MBA Program in the world. There is no residence requirement. 1. You can stay working in California and apply to the 2012 or 2013 Weekend MBA Program. You would therefore fly to Chicago each Saturday for class. Approximately 80% of our Weekend students come from outside Chicago. 2. You could also move to Chicago and find a different job and apply to either the Weekend or the Evening MBA Program. You can call me at any time at 312 464 8703 to discuss more.

Mahin: As I am preparing my essays and making the case for why Booth is a fit for me I feel my profile is too boring. I work for a major multinational steel company and want an MBA to accelerate my growth into management within the same organization. What should I think about to add more juice to my essays and also when I interview. I plan on applying for the Fall 2012 class.

Ellie: Mahin, my advice to you is be honest and genuine in your essays. If you do this, your essays will not be boring. Our part-time program is catered to career enhancers or slight career changes so you definitely fit into what type of applicant we are looking for. As for the interview, the 35-45 minute conversation covers a lot of material. You will be able to effectively tell your professional and personal story in the time allotted.

Kelly: Is the program based on majors? If so, what are the most popular out of the selection?

Katie: Hi Kelly - We have concentrations which are similar to majors, but smaller. However, our curriculum is very flexible and you do not have to base everything on your concentrations. You have 11 electives to take whatever you choose. You can view more information on the curriculum here:

vickie: Applying for the evening mba program: is it better to apply during the fall quarter or all quarters are equal chances of acceptance?

Katie: Hi Vickie - All quarters are equally competitive. You should apply to the quarter that best suits your timeline to start your MBA.

MattEllis: Hello, my question is regarding the GSAL program. How is it perceived by the admissions team when applying to the evening program?

Ellie: MattEllis, the GSAL program is highly regarded in the admissions office. It is a good way to strengthen the academic portion of your application. Many people use this program to test the waters to see if this is the right time to pursue their MBA. Please note though that it does not trump the GMAT score. The GMAT is a requirement, where the GSAL program is only an add-on.

Albert: For the international opportunities that are available at Booth, is there an application process to study abroad and gain international exposure and experience?

Humberto: There are both short-term and full-term International Business Exchange Programs (IBEP) here at Chicago Booth. For all IBEP opportunities, students apply once they are admitted to Booth and meet certain coursework-based criteria.

pb: I am interested in attending a class and in talking to few Alumni when I visit Gleacher Center. Do I need to register somewhere or can I just email to set this up.

Humberto: The Class Visit program will begin again for the Autumn 2011 quarter on Thursday, September 29th and the options for classes to visit will be available on our website the week before. It's a great opportunity to "test drive" the Booth classroom experience and meet current students in the program. If you email the Class Visit hotline, I will make sure that you are informed when the options are available on the website.

Mahin: Is there an advantage for an applicant who works for a firm that will cover all the tuition costs? Or is admission need-blind?

Ellie: Mahin, there is no advantage for an applicant who is being sponsored by their firm.

BoothProspect: When is your next admissions event? Do you travel outside of Chicago?

Gretchen: BoothProspect-we have events often and everywhere! Please join us for our Information Session at Gleacher on Friday, September 9th at 6:30pm. We also travel to close to 20 cities throughout the USA! Two important links:

homer123_1: hello .. how are the career services available at booth different for the FT Vs the PT students

George: In one way, but a significant way; part-time students are not allowed to go through On Campus Recruiting (OCR) for internships. Beyond that all of the career services are open to all part-time students. The only other area to be aware of is that if you want to use OCR to get a full-time job AND you have received tuition reimbursement from your employer, you must get approval from your employer to participate. However, we do post over 5,000 jobs that are available to everyone.

Ash: Are there any advantages or financial aid for couples attending Booth

George: Huge advantage to couples. As apposed to others who have one person attending and the other sitting at home waiting for them to come back, you get to go through the program together! You can take the same class if you want, you can even be in the same class group!

George: There are no financial aid advantages however. Each person would need to apply for financial aid.

George: FUN FACT: The faculty at Chicago Booth are the most quoted of any school in major publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, the Economist to name a few.

Curt: Katie, I am going into my Junior year of Undergrad and have decided I want to attend Booth for my MBA. I really want to join the CBF program. Just out of curiousity, how likely is it that someone would be accepted with zero or less than one year of work experience? I have spoken to a current CBF and heard that it is pretty hard to do.

Katie: Curt - Happy to hear you are interested in the Chicago Business Fellows program. The vast majority of CBF applicants have more than 1 year of experience. This mostly has to do with the fact that it often takes a year of work experience to realize what an MBA can really do for you.

Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. George Andrews, Associate Dean, and the Admissions directors are eager to continue the dialogue. Continue submitting your questions!

MichaelD: If a student is successfully admitted to the evening program, can they enroll in any weekend classes? Or are weekend classes only offered for the weekend program?

Gretchen: MichaelD-yes, yes, yes! As all of the MBA Programs award the same degree, when there is space in the classes on Saturday, you can enroll in them. Many of our Evening MBA students take classes in the Weekend MBA Program and the Full Time Program. Booth is extremely flexible.

Ponmile: Hello Humberto: Ponmile here. How do you view 6 years of graduate study when evaluating candidates's work experience ? And also a postdoctoral research/adjunct teaching experience at a university?

Humberto: Ponmile, good to hear from you again! During the application process, we embrace diversity across the board, including work experience. Applicants from academia certainly have a unique set of skills and experiences to offer to the class and community. We are looking to evaluate the quality of the candidates work experience, as well as their reasons for wanting to pursue an MBA program at Booth, not purely the number of years they’ve worked in corporate environments. For those looking to make a transition out of academia or sharpen their business skills, an MBA is a great idea.

Kelly: In one of the evaluation components through Community, "fitting with Chicago Booth" is included... would you please elaborate on this?

Ellie: Fit can be hard to define, but it has little to do with your specific background. Rather it's more of how you see yourself taking advantage of what's offered at Booth. Does the discipline-based approach work for you? Are you looking to be engaged in a really active community? Are you ready to be challenged and to challenge others? Are you ready to take risks? Are you excited to meet classmates from all over the world and expand your network globally? These are just some of the questions we ask ourselves when trying to determine if an applicant has demonstrated fit within the application.

Mary: I've been doing the math on cost per course and required number of courses as an estimate, but graduates have told me I'm way off. Can you give an estimated total cost for a part-time MBA?

Ellie: Mary, you need 20 courses to graduate and each course costs $5,266. You also want to incorporate cost for books, which can vary between $150 - $350 per course.

lucy: If I want to apply the weekend MBA, IS THERE any department can help me to give some opinion on my CV,P.S.

George: Yes. you can write our admissions hot line and we will schedule a time to speak with you.

kunalchopra: I'm currently working for a large software firm and have a Master's in Computer Science. My goal is to persue a career in Hedge Funds and was wondering if the Booth MBA program would help me achieve my goals.

George: Undoubtedly yes. I just spoke to an alumni working in the field that said his Booth education has made all the difference for him. he said the flexibility of the program allowed him to pick the classes that he needed to be successful. During his internship he said he was so much more prepared than other interns because their program did not allow flexibility and some of the classes they needed were not offered until the second year. He got the offer, they did not.

Gretchen: FUN FACT: 11 companies started by Chicago Booth students received more than $85 million dollars in venture capital funding during the past year. Booth offers over 25 Entrepenuership and related courses, which incorporate finance, economics and strategy. Booth students are smart, savvy and ready to launch companies.

Mohan: Looking at the class demographics I learnt that Booth Class is a diverse class. Does that mean if there is a over representation in ones category, one has less chance of being accepted?

George: At the margins yes. In other words if there are two students who are alike in every way and we cant decide which one to let in, we would look to the difference in represented demographics to make the decision. This does not happen often. our diversity is mostly driven by the very diverse background of applications.

Ravi: Does the Evening and weekend program has an internship program.

Ellie: Ravi, the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs are catered to full-time working professionals, therefore, we do not have a formalized internship recruiting process. Part-time students are allowed to find their own summer internship, however, Career Services does not help facilitate that process. Career Services has recently launched a small program for part-time students interested in learning more about consulting field. This program is entitled the Career Exploration Program.

lucy: MBA teach people how to make money, but , I have another question, whtat the Ph.D. program teach

George: Many of the Ph.D. candidates end up running hedge funds, and I am not sure there is any group more about making money than hedge funds. But, more generally, as with any education, the information can be used to achieve many different and varied goals as their are individuals. Many, many of our students aspire to join the not-for-profit world. Many of them start or join NFP and their goal is to make the world a better place. The MBA is usually for those who want to practice, the PhD program is for those who want to make the world better through research and/or teaching.

vickie: I have a science background, BS in Biology and finishing a MS in Biology. I am looking to go into project management in industry i.e. pharmaceutical companies. Do you see students with this type of background and those career goals coming into your program?

Gretchen: Hello Vickie, I do see students in or wanting to get into project management and specifically within a pharmaceutical company. Our Career Service team hosts events related to the variety of career paths, industries and functions. We have had students coming from science backgrounds. You can view more about our Chicago Booth BioPharma Group:

Curt: Being a prospective 2013 applicant, would it be better for me to wait and take the new version of the GMAT that includes the integrated reasoning section? Will it be looked at more favorably if you take the test with this new section?

Katie: Curt - Great question about the new GMAT. We are not "giving people points" for taking the new GMAT, but it will launch in summer 2012 so it is likely that you will be taking it. I suggest you take the GMAT on your timeline and not worry about the new or old version. On the topic of GMAT, I would like to point out the opportunity to take 2 free GMAT exams on

Ash: Humberto thank you for answering the question. Do you typically see more # of years of experience for those admitted? I typically hear people with low GMAT and high GPA or vice versa but i'm wondering if there are many people out there with lower scores in both and decent work experience and involvement.

Humberto: Great question, Ash. When evaluating work experience, we are looking more towards the quality of the experience and not just the quantity. Although you cannot adjust your GPA at this point, if you are concerned about your GMAT score or not pleased with the score, we encourage you to consider taking it again. Since we only evaluate the highest GMAT score, you're not at any disadvantage nor do you run any risk in taking it again. I would be happy to speak with you one-on-one about your candidacy for the program, so feel free to email me at to set up a time to chat.

Marisa: Hello, I work long hours and spend almost all my time trying to be outdoors or studying. I really do not have any involvement with the community. Is this could be affecting my application?

Ellie: Marisa, we take a holistic approach when reviewing the application. We look at their professional background, future goals, academic background, and their fit to Booth values. If you feel weak in one area, I would advise making sure that the other aspects of the application are strong. One area cannot make or break your chances of admittance.

homer123_1: Thank you for the answere reg. the FT vs PT career services question..... just to confirm, for full time positions, PT students are allowed full use of the OCR. Is this correct ?

Ellie: Homer123_1, yes, part-time students have full access to On Campus Recruiting.

Ponmile_1: Hello: I asked this earlier but didn't get a response. In terms of post-undergraduate work experience, how do you view 6 years of graduate study and postdoctoral research/adjunct teaching experience at a university ?

Humberto: Ponmile, thanks for re-posting the question. I answered it earlier, but here’s the response, just in case you didn’t see it: During the application process, we embrace diversity across the board, including work experience. Applicants from academia certainly have a unique set of skills and experiences to offer to the class and community. We are looking to evaluate the quality of the candidates work experience, as well as their reasons for wanting to pursue an MBA program at Booth, not purely the number of years they’ve worked in corporate environments. For those looking to make a transition out of academia or sharpen their business skills, an MBA is a great idea.

Curt: Katie, when applying to the CBF program, will internships help my appplication? I know they will not be considered full time work experience. I am wondering if it would be better to concentrate on professional part time work/internships or some school activities?

Katie: Curt - We consider your full-time work experience after graduation from college in the application. However, if there is a great story from your internship experiences feel free to include it in your essays.

Moderator: The chat will be closing in 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions.

MattEllis: My question is regarding career services and recruiting events. Booth has two very distinct career services offices which hold different events; one for full time and one for part time students. I have read that if certain requirements are met, part time students are allowed to participate in the full time recruitment events. However, I have also heard that there is some discrimination on the part of recruiters against part time students. Can you comment on how prevalent that is and if Booth is doing anything to enhance the recruiting events for part time students.

Gretchen: MattEllis-Hello. Booth is unique in that it has one Career Service team for all 4 of our MBA Programs. The Career Service team is placed at four locations to assist all of our students (In Chicago, the Harper Center and the Gleacher Center, in London and in Singapore). Part Time students can certainly go through On Campus Recruiting for full time jobs. Part Time students can also partake in the 50+ programming events hosted by Career Services. Recruiters often time do not even know if the student is a Full Time or a Part Time student. Great questions…keep them coming.

Jesse: To kunalchopra: HFO recently ranked the Chicago Booth MBA as a top HF recruiting pool (

George: Jesse, thanks I was unaware of that but not surprised at all. Our students are very sought after. Thanks for that information I am going to look at it after the session.

Marisa: I have an engineering bachelor degree from abroad and a business associate from US. Do I need to take the toefl?

Ellie: Marisa, if your bachelor degree was taught in the English language or if you have been working in the US for at least two years, you are exempt from taking the toefl.

Ponmile_1: Concerning the essay on leadership, what advice do you have to help make an applicant's submission really shine through ?

Gretchen: Ponmile_1--Tell us about a time you were a leader or about a time that you led a team, a decision or a project. Be genuine and specific and you will be just fine.

BAR: Do the admissions directors view work experience as a bell curve? For example: no work experience is frowned upon; three years is great; more than 7 is too many. Fyi, these are just fictional numbers.

George: I like the question. I guess all else held equal more is better. But what we really look for is quality of work. In other words we would rather have three years of great work experience than ten years of experience where the person bounced around all over the place with multiple companies and in multiple industries with no apparent plan.

Curt: When applying for the CBF program, will it hurt my application if I graduate early in my undergrad education. My school is on trimesters and I currently plan to graduate one trimester early. This would allow me to start working asap. I also plan to begin working towards my CFA charter my senior year of Undergrad. Both good ideas?

Katie: Hello again Curt - It will not hurt your application if you graduate early from college. If you are working towards your CFA, that will definitely help your application.

Kelly: Is it possible to switch programs throughout the MBA completion window? ie. Weekend to Evening/Evening to Weekend

Ellie: Kelly, it is possible to switch one time during your program's duration between the Evening MBA and the Weekend MBA. A student is unable to switch between full-time and part-time program.

BAR: For a typical quarter, what is the general range of applicant undergraduate GPAs? Median?

Ellie: BAR, the average GPA is around a 3.3.

kunalchopra: Does the Booth Career Services help PT students with internships if they decide to quit their current jobs in order to pursue an internship?

George: On campus recruiting (OCR) is just one aspect of what the Career Service Office (CSO) does. The CSO will help with everything, telling your story, networking, building your resume etc. What you still cannot do it go formally through OCR for internships. We do post around 300 internships for part-time students on our website that can be applied for. These are for companies who are recruiting off cycle.

BAR: (Similar Question) For a typical quarter, what is the general range of applicant GMAT Scores? Median?

Ellie: The mid 80% range is 620-750. The average GMAT score is a 680.

Curt: For the CBF program you need a contract with a Chicago based company. Does this company have to be within city limits or can it be in the chicagoland area?

Katie: For the CBF Program, we require that students apply to the Evening MBA because there is a required CBF Seminar on Friday evenings during the first quarter. You need to be in the Chicago area, but not the city proper.

Moderator: The chat will be closing in a few minutes. We will answer as many remaining questions as possible.

Mohan: In this session it was mentioned that part-time programs are for candidates who wish to stay in the same career path or wish for a slight change in career path. Does this mean one can't make a big career change with Part-time pgm? For instance a person in technology planning to start a business that is related to health care?

Humberto: Good question, Mohan. Students in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs will be given the knowledge, skills, and resources to make any career change they are interested in pursuing, specifically an entrepreneurial endeavor. Drastic career changes in the part-time programs can be a bit more challenging if you're looking to get into an industry that "requires" an internship, since part-time students are not eligible to participate in the formal internship recruiting process. However, we have seen successful career changes across the board for our students both from and to various industries.

homer123_1: I have a PhD in engineering. Is this considered a negative now that I want to do an MBA. Approximately what % of a class are students with a PhD

Gretchen: homer123_1-Your PhD is not in any way a negative. In fact, congratulations on your PhD. A good number of our students have a higher degree. Be clear in your application about why you would like an MBA.

Curt: For the two reccomendations, one should be my supervisor at the point of applying. Who is a good choice for the other. Would an Undergrad advisor who knows me very well and has also been my professor in numerous classes be a good choice?

Humberto: Having one recommendation come from your current supervisor is a great idea. The other letter should also come from someone who knows your professional abilities, such as a colleague or client at work.

Ponmile_1: I have a background in working with large datasets and I am looking to use the MBA as leverage to put this skill to use in a career in quantitative marketing. So can weekend MBA students participate in the mentoring program offered by the Kilts Center ?

Katie: Hello Ponmile_1 - Yes, any student interested in a career in marketing can participate in the Kilts Center mentoring program. This program pairs you with a marketing professional who helps you make contacts and learn more about the industry.

Kelly: I plan to attain my CPA, and so which type of Accounting classes in the MBA program are offered?

Katie: Kelly - We have many students who have their CPA. You will have access to many upper level accounting courses here at Booth. For example, Financial Statement Analysis, Accounting & Financial Analysis, Footnote Accounting, M&A Accounting.

BAR: I intend to apply for Evening Spring 2012; however, I am unsure as to how I can secure funding for my education. Does Chicago Booth provide a list of loan financers? Do people typically finance before or after being accepted? What are they typical types of financing sources? Also, is it reputablely difficult to secure financing?

Gretchen: BAR-the majority of our students are not receiving funding from the employer and therefore utilize the financial aid process. You can view more on our site:

Gretchen: FUN FACT: If you are interested in Chicago Booth's Weekend MBA Program this is the year to apply! This year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Weekend MBA Program and will be having a boat cruise to celebrate for our alumni and students!

Albert: I took the GMAT 2 years ago and am planning on applying for the 2013 program, is there any disadvantage for using an old yet still valid score?

Humberto: Good question, Albert. No, there is not a disadvantage in submitting an "old" score, as long as it is still valid (within 5 years from test date to application submission date).

BoothProspect: Thanks for a great chat!

Ellie: You're welcome!!!

Ellie: Thanks everyone for joining us. We hope you are now more informed about Chicago Booth. Please join us for our next Information Session on Friday, September 9th at the Gleacher Center. See you then!

George: This was a great chat, thank you! I hope all of you will join us at an information session to learn more about Chicago Booth, or, if you cant make one, call or write us to schedule a time to come in and meet with us.

Katie: What a great chat, thanks for joining us! A great next step is visiting a class here at Gleacher Center. Class visits start the week of 9/29 and the list will be posted the week before at the following link:

Humberto: Thanks for joining our chat today! We hope to continue to engage with you all again soon. For those of you in the Naperville area, make sure to register for and attend our roadshow on August 30th at Hotel Arista!

Gretchen: As the end of August is coming to a close, we encourage you decide on your personal plan to apply for an MBA. 1. Decide what Booth MBA Program you will apply to this year. 2. Mark the application deadline on your calendar. 3. Call or visit us at Gleacher if you have any questions. 312 464 8700. 4. Submit the application.

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