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Archived News & Features

Bloomberg TV seeks insights from Richard Seewald, ’05 (EXP-10)

Interview examines investing climate in Russia, Eastern and Central Europe more>

Video tech firm headed by alumnus to be bought by Cisco, CNN Money

David Habiger, '98 (xp-67), is CEO of UK-based NDS more>

RiverVest is a "powerful example" of a successful life science

RiverVest Venture Partners, cofounded by Jay Schmelter, '92, sells four successful companies for more than $1 billion more>

Christina Liu, MBA '80, PhD '86 named Taiwan's next finance minister

Liu moves from current position as head of the Council for Economic Planning and Development to become Taiwan's second female finance minster more>

As investors turn bullish, David Booth, '71, questions the economic consensus

Booth talks to Bloomberg Television from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland more>

Tom Ricketts, AB ’87, MBA ’93, on business and baseball

Cubs chair discusses “dream job” in Bloomberg Businessweek interview more>

Drink Different Wins 2012 Global New Venture Challenge

Executive MBA team impresses judges with pitch for alcoholic cider more>

Booth professors elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Marianne Bertrand, Luigi Zingales join one of nation's prestigious honorary societies more>

Booth students take top honors in hedge fund competition

Team’s winning strategy secured a 23.8 percent return in final round more>

Professor John Cochrane named 2012 Guggenheim Fellow

Honor recognizes" exceptional capacity for productive scholarship" more>

Professor Ray Ball comments on Groupon's financial stumble

Losses reveal "standard start-up problem," Ball tells New York Times more>

Booth professors uncover evidence for "trickle-down spending" theory

Findings by Marianne Bertand, Adair reviewed by Wall Street Journal more>

Do college sports events boost more than school spirit?

As March Madness tips off, MarketWatch cites study by professor Devin Pope more>

Behind the Buzz of a New iPad Release

Professor Pradeep chintagunta reviews Apple's marketing strategy in US News more>

The role of due diligence in private equity

As stakes get higher, PE firms seek outside help to assess deals more>

Booth team wins $75,000 first prize in Wake Forest University Marketing Summit

Team members cite diverse backgrounds, data-driven approach, as key to their success more>

What Matters for Entrepreneurship in India

Kul Razdan, '78, shares insights from a career that spans continents more>

Uninformed participants do not make markets inefficient

People, not markets, misprice tail risk or long shots more>

Booth faculty, alumni among 100 “most powerful” Chicagoans

Chicago magazine highlights city’s game changers more>

Lessons from Japan

As China enters a new five-year plan, panelists in Singapore review possible effects of economic policy on economic performance. more>

What Role Does Economic Policy Play in Creating Market Volatility?

Panelists in Hong Kong examine China’s twelfth five-year plan and consider its impact on an increasingly interconnected world economy. more>

Professor Richard Thaler proposes fun ways to motivate citizens' behavior

Thaler cities successful examples in New York Times colum more>

Chennai-based HeyMath to launch social networking site for mathematics

Professor Raghuram Rajan and Jerry Rao, '81, among firm's advisors more>

Navigating life’s unclear choices

Speakers at June Convocation advise graduates that things don’t happen according to plan and that it is often wise to think inside the box. more>

A free market for organs could save lives

Apply economic theory to solve a difficult social problem, argues professor Gary Becker more>

A niche business that doesn’t require millions

How online animal research start-up MouseHouse won the New Venture Challenge more>

A powerful product for people in the dark

Social New Venture Challenge judges find solar lanterns could have big impact more>

A taste of big-time diplomacy

Booth student participates in young leaders program at May NATO Summit more>

Quantifying Economic Policy Uncertainty

Index developed by professor Steven Davis featured in The Economist more>

Expanding the reach of microfinance

Technology can help reduce the cost of lending, conference panelists say more>

Walmart may increase local real estate values

Research by professor Devin Pope featured in CNN Money more>

A sobering look at the future of fuels

Alternative energy won't kick in for a while, say Management Conference keynote panelists more>

Tax code requires a revamp

High corporate rate prevents flow of capital, say panelists at Management Conference session more>

Understanding how shoppers behave

Panelists at Management Conference session agree challenge lies in gleaning useful insights more>

India must raise the bar in manufacturing

Speakers at India Summit say the nation can capitalize on competitive advantages more>

Lessons from the executive suite

Objectivity, resilience are essential traits, say alumni at Road to CEO program more>

New generation of entrepreneurs flourishing in Chicago

Start-ups require persistence and hustle, say alumni on Chicago Conversations panel more>

Professor Richard Thaler wins Nicholas Molodovsky Award

Authority in behavioral economics, finance recognized for groundbreaking research more>

Inequality rising in consumption, not just income

Research findings by professor Erik Hurst featured in Washington Post more>

How the human factor bucks economics and logic

Professor Richard Thaler offers his perspective in Chicago Tribune interview more>

Booth Names 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

Recipients to be honored at Alumni Celebration on October 5 more>

Bringing the Issues of Africa Home

Speakers at the 3rd Annual Africa Business Symposium discuss the new African economy more>

Preparing the Big Apple for the Information Age

Robert Steel, ’84, discusses city’s plans for economic development more>

Tom Ricketts, AB ’87, MBA ’93, on business and baseball

Cubs chair discusses “dream job” in Bloomberg Businessweek interview more>

Drink Different Wins 2012 Global New Venture Challenge

Executive MBA team impresses judges with pitch for alcoholic cider more>

Booth professors elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Marianne Bertrand, Luigi Zingales join one of nation's prestigious honorary societies more>

Booth students take top honors in hedge fund competition

Team’s winning strategy secured a 23.8 percent return in final round more>

Professor John Cochrane named 2012 Guggenheim Fellow

Honor recognizes" exceptional capacity for productive scholarship" more>

Professor Ray Ball comments on Groupon's financial stumble

Losses reveal "standard start-up problem," Ball tells New York Times more>

Booth professors uncover evidence for "trickle-down spending" theory

Findings by Marianne Bertand, Adair reviewed by Wall Street Journal more>

Do college sports events boost more than school spirit?

As March Madness tips off, MarketWatch cites study by professor Devin Pope more>

Behind the Buzz of a New iPad Release

Professor Pradeep chintagunta reviews Apple's marketing strategy in US News more>

The role of due diligence in private equity

As stakes get higher, PE firms seek outside help to assess deals more>

Booth team wins $75,000 first prize in Wake Forest University Marketing Summit

Team members cite diverse backgrounds, data-driven approach, as key to their success more>

What Matters for Entrepreneurship in India

Kul Razdan, '78, shares insights from a career that spans continents more>

Uninformed participants do not make markets inefficient

People, not markets, misprice tail risk or long shots more>

Booth faculty, alumni among 100 “most powerful” Chicagoans

Chicago magazine highlights city’s game changers more>

Booth Students Play Moneyball

Booth team takes first place in Society for American Baseball Research case competition more>

Chennai-based HeyMath to launch social networking site for mathematics

Professor Raghuram Rajan and Jerry Rao, '81, among firm's advisors more>

The Art of Business Education

Professor Canice Prendergast tells the Financial Times how Booth's art collection complements students' business education more>

Expectations for Emerging Market Economies in 2012

Experts in London find hope in data that markets in the US, the Eurozone, and China can weather potential storms more>

90th Percentile Has Twice the Productivity of 10th Percentile

Professor Chad Syverson shares research on factors that affect company performance. more>

The Business Behind the National Pastime

Major League Baseball CFO Jonathan Mariner shares insights at Sports Symposium more>

Strong Analytics Stand Out in Business Proposal for SweetWater Brewery

Booth team takes second place at Deloitte National Case Competition more>

The Art Of Business Education

Professor Canice Prendergast tells the Financial Times how Booth's art collection complements students's business educations more>

"Marketplace Money" Talks to Professor Nicholas Epley On How a Single Number Influences Judgment

How "anchoring" pervades perception, from the height of Mt. Everest to price of car repairs to salary negotiations more>

Michael Holmes, '08, grew Virginia Tire & Auto from a family business into a multi-million dollar success

At 27, Holmes left a job at an equity firm and transformed his father-in-law's business into a successful regional brand more>

Energy and infrastructure in emerging markets

Faced with increased demands, what are the possible solutions for India and Latin America? more>

Branding with the Red Devils

Aon increases presence in emerging markets with sponsorship of Manchester United more>

Focus on clients key to Deloitte growth despite recession

Chairman and CEO of firm Punit Renjen shares insights at fireside chat more>

Faculty "Relatively Optimistic" for Economic Growth in 2012

Professors Kroszner, Goolsbee, and Hurst discuss how the Arab Spring, Japanese tsunami, and US housing market will affect world growth more>

Witty, insightful, and candid, Michael Mussa was “A True Chicago Original”

Chicago Booth professors remember their colleague more>

After Serving in President Obama's Cabinet, Austan Goolsbee Returns to Chicago Booth

Goolsbee to complete service as chairman of Council of Economic Advisers more>

Chicago Booth Faculty Partners with Bloomberg News

Faculty to write weekly op-ed column, "Business Class" more>

From Wall Street to Prison: The HealthSouth Story

Two former HealthSouth executives give Booth students their side of the scandal more>

Alumni Discuss the CFO's Evolving Role

Management Conference panel on position's growing C-suite influence more>

'Zero Moment of Truth' Now Driving Brand Purchases

Consumers make purchase decisions earlier than ever, experts say more>

"Seismic Shift" in Marketing or "Overreaction" to Social Media?

Panelist discuss economic power of social media more>

Alumni Panel Offers Industry Insights on Marketing

Marketers expected to lean on data for strategic direction more>

Taking Over Internet Marketing

Jon Morris, ’05, Turns New Venture Challenge Idea into Growing Company more>

Student Business Competition Highlights India

Winners’ idea focuses on India’s young professionals more>

Raghuram Rajan and Brian Barry Op-Ed on Education Reform

Competition "part of the way forward," professors write more>

Playence Wins 2011 Global New Venture Challenge

Multimedia search and annotation services shows "enormous potential" more>

Overall Trust in America's Financial System Stumbles

Professor Luigi Zingales on Financial Trust Index drop more>

African Investment Has Potential to be "California Gold Rush"

Opportunities for growth highlighted at Africa Business Symposium more>

Comparing CEO and Hedge Fund Manager Compensation features research by professor Steven Kaplan more>

Professor Robert Fogel's New Book Publishes Decades of Research

Work one of "most ambitious" in economic history, says New York Times more>

Insights to the Federal Reserve Board

WBEZ interviews professor Randall Kroszner, former governor more>

Professor Hoyt Bleakley Receives Inaugural Award

American Economic Association honors research on malaria more>

A Decade of Leadership at Reckitt Benckiser

Telegraph profile of retiring CEO Bart Becht, ’82 more>

A Better Budget Strategy

Wall Street Journal op-ed by professor Gary Becker, former dean George Shultz more>

Kathryn Mikells, '94, Discusses Importance of Soft Skills

Former United CFO offers advice that goes beyond the classroom more>

Valuation in Acquisitions Is More than Number Crunching

Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition student group gets lesson from the pros more>

Too Big to Fail, or Too Big to Exist?

Reuters taps professors Kroszner, Weber, and Altig on central banking more>

Secrets to Successful Marketing: Observe and Relate

Gartner vice president Don Scheibenreif, '92, shares career experience at Alumni Breakfast more>

Clean Tech Faces Barriers to Growth

Keynote by energy industry investor at Midwest Energy Forum examines gap between key drivers and public policy more>

Professor Anil Kashyap Assesses the Economic Effects of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

Freakonomics Blog Q & A on the recent events in Japan more>

Raw Data Doesn't Help Anybody

Nielsen Company executive tells students how data drives insights more>

Message from the Dean about the Disaster in Japan


A Multi-Billion-Dollar Battle

Douglas C. Barnard, '98, helps turn middling company into top performer more>

Professor John Cochrane Offers Fiscal Model of Inflation

Cochrane brings "new lens" to economic questions, writes Forbes more>

Creating Value in Groupon Cofounders' Entrepreneurship Class

Booth students use midterm project to benefit charity more>

Private Equity Facing Not Enough Money to Go Around

Next few years will reshape the industry, says Philip Canfield, '96 more>

Foreign Affairs Column Reviews Creation of Trade Imbalances

Countries should rethink economic policies, writes professor Raghuram Rajan more>

Investor's Business Daily Profiles CDW's Business Plan

CEO John Edwardson, '72, on taking a public company private more>

Professor Tobias Moskowitz Investigates Sports Adages

Data supports the idea of home field advantage, but not for the reasons most people think more>

Winning Through Focus

Kraft's President of Developing Markets shares his strategy for global success more>

German Central Bank President to Join Booth Faculty

BusinessWeek calls Axel Weber's appointment "a coup" more>

Booth Students Have the "Soft Skills" to win the LEADership Challenge

Michael Fung, '86, CFO Walmart U.S, among alumni judges of real-life case study more>

Professor Steven Davis Identifies Worrisome Job Market Trends quotes Davis on job vacancy rate research more>

The Forward Thinking of Backward Marketing

The Perfect Dinner founder Karen Gruber, '08, on social coupons more>

GE Antares Shows Them the Money

CEO details how leveraged lending firm operates more>

Turning Around Manufacturers and Traders Trust

CEO details story of bank's rise more>

Professor Lubos Pastor Calls Active Management an “Arms Race”

Financial Times reports on Pastor's research more>

Trio of Professors Awarded Sloan Research Fellowships

Veronica Guerrieri, Jesse Shapiro, and Amir Sufi Recognized more>

Morgan Stanley Awards Booth Student $25,000 Prize

PhD candidate Nina Boyarchenko wins First Annual Prize for Excellence in Financial Markets more>

Company Growth in a Shrinking Market

Colleen Van Dyke, '09 (XP-78), tells students about how State Farm stays competitive more>

Professor Raghuram Rajan Profiled in Bloomberg Businessweek

A survey of Rajan's life and work as an "economic seismologist" more>

Booth Teams Take Top Two Places in Chicago Tribune Media Group Digital Media

Students develop ideas for new businesses that can generate revenue for traditional media more>

Understanding Theory Crucial to Quantitative Investing

Two alumni share career experience with students more>

Booth Students Take First Place in Cornell Stock Pitch Competition

Winners blend skills in analysis, public speaking, and leadership more>

Scorecasting Tackles "Defense Wins Championships" Myth

Wall Street Journal runs excerpt from professor Tobias Moskowitz’s new book more>

Mobile Sector Receives Boost from iPhone Expansion

Chicago Sun-Times highlights Booth start-ups Bump, GrubHub, Watermelon Express more>

Riding the Rodeo Business to Profitability

Catharine A. Carroll, '97, on finding leadership roles that match one's core values more>

Beijing Business Forecast compares outlooks for U.S., Europe, and Asia

U.S. Exception as 2011 growth rates decline more>

Professor John Cochrane on Fed's Investment Strategy

Cochrane points to portfolio's risks in New York Times more>

Professor Raghuram Rajan on U.S. Unemployment Challenge

Rajan column in Korea’s JoongAng Daily more>

Anthropomorphizing Cancer and Other Risks

United Press Interational features research by professor Ann McGill, PhD student Sarah Kim more>

Professor Nicholas Epley Receives Early Career Award

National association recognizes research in social psychology more>

Passing the Torch in a Family Business

Panel offers advice on how to avoid family feuds more>

Public Perception of Potential Bankruptcy Can Affect Bottom Line

Professor Chad Syverson's research shows real cost to GM more>

A Different Kind of Start-up

Amy Lehman, '05, tells students how she developed a business plan for African NGO more>

The Return of Real Estate Markets

Alumni and faculty among expert panelists on the new investment landscape more>

The Art and Science of Happiness

Behavioral science offers guide to managing employees more>

Corporate Credit Opportunities Still Available

Industry insiders share prospects with students at investment conference more>

What Sells in China? Security

JWT China's Tom Doctoroff, '89, tells students that China is "global," not Western more>

Teaching the Secrets of Successful Serial Entrepreneurship

Groupon cofounders Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell head to the classroom in January more>

Commercial Banks Not Primary Cause of Crisis

John Cochrane offers "unconventional view" of financial crisis at Deutsche Bank Speaker Series more>

Latin America Escapes Economic Crisis

How "Chicago School" macroeconomic reforms prepared region more>

Faculty Predict Slow Economic Growth and High Unemployment in 2011

Professors Kroszner, Hurst, and Rajan share insights at Chicago Business Forecast more>

Creating Financial Stability in Brazil

Governor of the Central Bank of Brazil discusses fiscal measures more>

Health Care Challenges Create Opportunities for Innovation

Venture capital looks to technology offerings more>

Ernest & Young Recognizes Mary Tolan '92 (XP-61)

Crain's on entrepreneur honor for Accretive Health CEO, founder more>

Entrepreneurs Are Key to Strengthening Black Economy

Chicago Treasurer Stephanie Neely, '89, speaks at Black Business and Economic Forecast more>

The Pay-for-Performance Conundrum

Professor Canice Prendergast shares insights at Global Leadership Series in London more>

Steven Levitt on Motivating Students, Athletes, and Wall Street

Levitt shares his views with Booth students and alumni at special screening of Freakonomics: The Movie more>

Emerging Markets Provide Millions of New Customers

Grameenphone executive outlines opportunities for students at daylong conference more>

Chevron CEO: No Single Alternative to Fossil Fuels

John Watson '80, says reducing dependency on oil and natural gas may take 20-50 years more>

Dean Stacey Kole on Booth's Top BusinessWeek Ranking

Bloomberg Television's Inside Track hosts Harper Center interview more>

Chicago Booth Retains Top BusinessWeek Ranking

Full-time MBA Program ranked number one for third consecutive time more>

Wall Street Journal Profiles NVC-winning firm Watermelon Express

Full-time student Ashish Rangnekar on founding the test prep app more>

Entrepreneurial Idea is Much Bigger Than One Person

Little GuruSkool's Pooja Pittie Goel, ’05, on how to find a well-rounded team more>

Booth Students Take First Prize with Paper on Restructuring

Win leads to professional opportunities more>

With VC Shifts and Exit Boom, Market Is Perfect for Entrepreneurs

Experts offer views during Bay Area event more>

Winning the World Series Top Priority for Cubs Owner

Tom Ricketts, '93, talks to students about the business of baseball more>

How People Create Iconic Brands

Leo Burnett's Patrick Venetucci, '05, on fusing creativity and technology in the digital marketplace more>

Financial Times' Top Prize Goes to Professor Raghuram Rajan

Fault Lines named "business book of the year" more>

Professor Austan Goolsbee Puts Economic Policy into Web Videos

New York Times reviews series from the White House advisor more>

Media manager outlines brand strategy for students

Marketing strategy at fast food chain Chick-fil-A Inc. aims for emotional connections more>

Can Lotteries Help People Save More?

Wall Street Journal features research by professor Erik Hurst more>

Financial Trust Index Drops; 54 Percent of Americans Dissatisfied with Dodd-Frank Bill

Professor Zingales’s key findings also include declining expectations for real estate prices more>

What Could Be the Next Google?

Opportunities in IT, health care, and business services may hold promise more>

Professor Steven Kaplan on CEO Compensation

Kaplan clip on Bloomberg Television’s "In the Loop" more>

Bringing Becker Center Director Steven Levitt’s Research to Big Screen

Film Freakonomics preserves “experimental” spirit, says New York Times more>

Working with Applied Mathematics Firm Mu Sigma

Founder Dhiraj Rajaram, '03, on growing business in Chicago Sun-Times more>

Stimulus Can't Solve Labor Market's "Skills Mismatch"

Professor Raghuram Rajan Q&A in Globe and Mail more>

Time for the Bush Tax Cuts to Expire?

Professor Richard Thaler explains why in the New York Times more>

SmallBizChicago features ProOnGo mobile software founder Philip Leslie, '09

ProOnGo mobile software founder Philip Leslie, '09, profiled more>

Booth Career Services Is Tops in the Business

Student views help Booth take top spot in Economist rankings more>

Professor John Cochrane on GDP Growth

Private investments drives recovery, Cochrane tells more>

President Obama Taps Chicago Booth Economist for Top Post

Professor Austan Goolsbee appointed chairman of Council of Economic Advisers (White House video clip) more>

Chicago Booth Start-Ups Recognized by Inc.

Magazine releases 500 | 5000 list of fastest-growing companies more>

Why Fed Action Depends on Economic Outlook

Professor Randall Kroszner comments from Jackson Hole more>

MedTech Start-up’s Journey from Zero to $275 Million

Entrepreneur describes his 10-year journey to Chicago Booth MBA students more>

Three Reasons the Fed Should Exit Ultra-Low Rates

Guest post on Freakonomics blog from professor Raghuram Rajan more>

Professor Richard Thaler on Overconfidence in Forecasting

Experts were caught off guard, Thaler writes in New York Times more>

A Message from the Dean on the Floods in Pakistan more>

Product Design Shifts Create a Need for Consultants

Top consulting firms answer questions about product design shifts in consumer products more>

The Business of Doing Good

Social entrepreneurs tell what it takes to succeed more>

FinReg Leaves Much "to Be Defined"

Professor Randall Kroszner on reform bill in more>

Investors Support Booth Start-up TransFS

Sean Harper, AB '03, MBA '09, and Joshua Krall, MBA '09, MPP '09, raise $510K more>

What Working Mothers Have in Common

New York Times cites professor Marianne Bertrand's research more>

What MBAs Can Expect When They Consult for Nonprofits

Student group Local Optima gets advice from Linda Darragh, director of entrepreneurship programs more>

Time to Reconsider “Ultra-Low” Interest Rates

Professor Raghuram Rajan writes in Financial Times more>

World Cup-Inspired Ideas for Financial Reform

Professor Richard Thaler writes in New York Times more>

Sunil Kumar Named Dean of Chicago Booth

Stanford Sr. Associate Dean to begin January 1 more>

Studying the Market with Bayesian Analysis

New York Times cites research by professor Lubos Pastor more>

The Art of Marketing as a Career

Alumni among expert panelists at event for part-time students more>

Philanthropy Needs More MBAs

J.B. Pritzker, venture capitalist and philanthropist, speaks to Evening MBA students more>

Financial Trust Index Reaches All-Time High at 26%

Research by professor Luigi Zingales shows rising trust in all areas measured more>

PBS Series Features Former Dean George Shultz

Documentary features political career and Chicago years more>

Economist features research by professor Chad Syverson

Study examines effect of e-commerce on small retailers more>

Education Failings At Root Of Economic Crisis

?Professor Raghuram Rajan, author of Fault Lines, speaks at Global Leadership Series more>

Nobel Laureates Gary Becker and Myron Scholes Honored by University

Distinguished careers celebrated during Alumni Weekend more>

Professor Eugene Fama Interviewed in U.S. News

New study questions managers’ ability to generate alpha more >

Professor Sufi Re-examines Subprime Lending

Study finds mortgage industry led financial industry in campaign contributions more >

Education Technology Firm Takes Top New Venture Challenge Prize

Watermelon Express wins $30,000 and assistance to grow business more >

Robert Steel, ’84, Joins Mayor Bloomberg’s Cabinet

Wachovia CEO named deputy mayor of economic development more >

MBAs Must Identify Core Values, Innovate Themselves

Zipcar CEO Scott Griffith, '90, speaks at spring convocation more >

Using an Economic Model to Combat Climate Change

What happens when science meets supply and demand more >

Chicago Booth Faculty Contribute to Squam Lake Report

Professors Cochrane, Diamond, Kashyap, and Rajan Behind New Book more>

How Companies Can Capitalize on Intellectual Property

Student group hosts intellectual property broker more>

My Life in Politics

Chicago Booth students get a taste of public service before business school more>

Improve Education to Boost Human Capital in India

Experts propose education reforms at Tata India Leadership Summit more >

How India’s 21st Century Economy Coexists with 19th Century Politics

Experts explore economic reform at Tata India Leadership Summit more>

Never Enough Affordable Homes in Emerging Markets

Equity International’s Jay Harron, ’98, on how his firm generated three times its return on capital more>

Mac and Leslie McQuown Give $25 Million to Chicago Booth

Gift to Support Planned Fama-Miller Center more>

Top Economists Split on Fiscal Stimulus

Panel at Chicago Asia Pacific Group event debates policy options more>

A Different Kind of Dividend

Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus outlines his model for social business more>

Evaluating the Financial Industry

Professor Raghuram Rajan writes in Financial Times more>

Students Hear What It Takes to Be a CEO from Heads of Urban Outfitters and PRI

Glen Senk, '80, and Alisa Miller, MBA '99, MPP '99, speak at Road to CEO Series more>

New Venture Challenge Business Plan Competition Winners Announced

Technology Platform Watermelon Express Wins $30,000 First Prize more>

What is the Business Model for Media in the Digital Age?

Panel of representatives from print, radio, and web examine strategy more>

Navigating Private Equity in China

Cultural and legal issues highlighted at student group event more>

Major-League Negotiations

Professor John Huizinga on what it takes to be the agent for NBA star Yao Ming more>

New Trends in Lending to Rural Poor

How technology is transforming microfinancing more>

Microfinancing Brings Clean Energy to Developing Regions

India's entrepreneurs lead the way more>

Fortune’s Q&A with Howard Marks, ’69

Oaktree Capital founder gives outlook for 2010 more>

"Everyone Can Be an Innovator"

IBM's Nick Donofrio talks about innovation and technology at Innovation Workshop series more>

Crain’s Chicago Business Features CFO Kathryn Mikells, ’94

How Mikells Strengthened Finances of United Airlines more>

Time to Sell Military Bases to Raise Government Cash

Professor Richard Thaler explains his views in the New York Times more>

Smart Financial Innovation

Professor Raghuram Rajan comments to the New Yorker more>

Financial Crisis Showed Global Economies Closely Synched

President of European Central Bank sees need for "level playing field" more>

Investing in Africa: The Outlook for Growth

Inaugural African Business Symposium looks at what must happen to attract capital more>

CEO Roundtable Helps "Chiefs" Stay on Top of Game

After 200 meetings, roundtable still delivers best ROI, members say more>

Why Does Our Financial System Require So Much Debt?

Management Conference keynote panel explores “The Future of Finance” more>

What is Latin America's Potential for Economic Growth?

Former finance officials from Chile, Colombia, and Brazil speak at Latin American Business Conference more>

What Makes An "Effective" Economy?

Former president of Bolivia on the challenges facing Latin America more>

What Drives Innovation in Mobile Technology?

TechVision conference panel looks at incentives and opportunities more>

How Technology Changes the Game in Entertainment

Janet Pucino, '94, of Warner Bros. Entertainment on challenges and opportunities more>

Booth Students Win International Venture Capital Investment Competition

Chicago's approach to critical thinking makes a difference more>

Financial Trust Index at 23 Percent While Strategic Defaults Continue to Rise

Latest data show nearly one-third of mortgage loan defaults are strategic more>

Booth Students Win International Venture Capital Investment Competition

Chicago's approach to critical thinking makes a difference more>

Financial Trust Index at 23 Percent While Strategic Defaults Continue to Rise

Latest data show nearly one-third of mortgage loan defaults are strategic more>

A.T. Kearney Chairman Paul Laudicina on Global Change

Laudicina tells students how to navigate a changing environment more>

Can International Debt Markets Handle Rising Wave of Refinancing?

Experts on transatlantic finance look at effect of credit default swaps and other factors more>

Venture Capital Sees Hike in Clean Tech Investments

Industry alumni share insights at Chicago Conversations more>

How to Build an Effective Structure to Curb Greenhouse Gases

Energy Initiative sponsors look at economics and policy implications of global warming more>

Greece's Default Crucial to Defending Euro

Faculty experts discuss Greece's financial crisis more>

Changes in Carbon Pricing Won't Stop Global Warming

Myron Scholes forum explores environmental economics more>

Want to Be an Entrepreneur? Shelve Innovation in Favor of Usefulness

CEO of 37 Signals software company offers unconventional advice more>

“Winners Keep Winning,”says Professor Tobias Moskowitz

John W. Rogers Jr. considers Moskowitz's momentum approach in Forbes more>

Mortgage Default Harms Financial System, Says Professor Luigi Zingales

Strategic default is a “menace,” he writes in City Journal more>

Professor Richard Thaler on Breaking “Loser’s Curse”

Thaler studies effectiveness of National Football League drafting more>

“Change Who Gets Wealthy in a Country, You Change the Country”

Bank of America’s Edward Powers, ’95, discusses funding underserved markets at Net Impact Conference more>

Investing in Social Change

Philanthropists explain reasons behind giving at student conference more>

Professor Gary Becker Reviews U.S. Health Care

WSJ interviews Becker on merging effective legislation with free markets more>

Chicago Booth Supports Chile Relief

Students and alumni join in university-wide effort more>

Booth India Club Creates New Competition to Help Develop Business Ideas

Judges' feedback at India Business Idea competition is real "prize" more>

Hong Kong Positioned for Global Economic Success

Commissioner for economic and trade affairs for Hong Kong addresses Chicago Asia Pacific Group more>

Private Equity Should "Return To Its Roots"

Howard Marks, '69, Oaktree Capital Management chairman, tells PE conference not to "count on leverage as a free lunch" more>

U.S. Policy Makers Have Major Incentives to Monetize Assets

Conference on private equity looks at changing landscape of infrastructure investment more>

Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Defends TARP

"We were mere hours from financial collapse," said Paulson more>

Booth Takes Top Spot in UNC Real Estate Challenge

Judges praise team for ability to answer difficult question more>

The Financial Crisis and Reform: A Close-up View

Randall Kroszner speaks at Chicago Booth's Global Leadership Series in London, explaining what lessons policymakers should take away from the crisis more>

Consumers Want To Do Business With Companies They Can Trust

John Edward Yoshimura, '87, explains why current financial challenges mean that trust is more important than ever more>

Clear Fiscal Plan Needed, Professor Randall Kroszner Tells BusinessWeek

Kroszner concerned borrowing costs could rise “significantly” more>

A Message from the Dean on the Earthquake in Chile


Professor Raghuram Rajan Questions Bailout Execution

Banks treated with “kid gloves,” Rajan tells Henry Paulson more>

Leadership Advice from Alumni at the Top

Mike Harper, ’50, and Eric Gleacher ’67, share their wisdom with students more>

Steve Levitt Explains How Testing Ideas Can Make Firms Better

How applying a scientific experimental approach can yield new ideas more>

Brady Dougan, AB ’81, MBA ’82 Guides Credit Suisse into the Black

CEO of bank predicts more activity this year more>

Big Banks Should Face Larger Capital Requirements

Professor Douglas Diamond looks at financial regulation reform more>

What’s the Secret Behind Successful E-Commerce?

Use websites as “24-Hour Salespeople,” panelists advise more>

Why Online Learning Is Changing Education

Entrepreneurship conference spotlights innovations in education more>

Online Education Is a ’Consumer-Driven Revolution‘

Virtual public school founder Ron Packard, ’89, offers insights more>

Alfredo Moreno, ’82, Named to Chile’s ”Cabinet of Unity“

Moreno appointed foreign minister for president-elect Sebastián Piñera more>

Professor Raghuram Rajan on Reducing Financial Sector Risk

"Phase out deposit insurance," writes Rajan in Financial Times more>

Haiti Native Dumas Simeus, '72, Leads Earthquake Relief Efforts

Retired entrepreneur continues deep support to country more>

Successful Innovation Means Matching Ideas to Customer Needs

Adjunct professor Arthur Middlebrooks offers insights on market research more>

Professors Steven Kaplan, Luigi Zingales, and Tobias Moskowitz Tackle Ethics

Do only what you want to see in the Wall Street Journal, faculty advise more>

Banks Still Recovering Trust while Trust in Stock Market Stabilizes

Professor Luigi Zingales’ Financial Trust Index marks first year more>

Actions for after the Bailout

Professors Douglas Diamond and Anil Kashyap coauthor New York Times column more>

Successful Innovation Means Matching Ideas to Customer Needs

Adjunct professor Arthur Middlebrooks offers insights on market research more>

Business Investment Will Drive 2010 Recovery

Michael Mussa, AM ’70, PhD ’74, joins professors Randall Kroszner and Erik Hurst at New York forecast more>

‘Moderately Vigorous Recovery’ Coming in 2010

Michael Mussa, AM ’70, PhD ’74, joins professors Erik Hurst and John Huizinga at Business Forecast in San Francisco more>

U.S. Growth Will Be Slower than Usual from Deep Recessions

Professor Steven Davis and Bernard Yeung, MBA ’81, PhD ’84, speak at Singapore forecast more>

Chicago Bears Defy Corporate Mold, Says Professor Steven Kaplan

Kaplan applies executive turnover to football team's coaching decisions more>

Professors Steven Kaplan, Luigi Zingales, and Tobias Moskowitz Tackle Ethics

Do only what you want to see in the Wall Street Journal, faculty advise more>

A Message from the Dean on the Earthquake in Haiti


Why Government Spending Doesn't Spur Economic Growth

Professor John Cochrane answers the critics in the Wall Street Journal more>

Booth Brings Home Global Prize in A.T. Kearney Case Competition

Students act as management consultants to solve retail industry case more>

Women Respond Better to Monetary Benefits of College

Professors Gary Becker and Kevin Murphy speak at Milton Friedman Institute event more>

Professors Gary Becker, Kevin Murphy, and Steve Davis's View of Recovery

Faculty explore factors behind "tepid rebound" for the Wall Street Journal more>

Professor Raghuram Rajan Looks Back at the Decade of the 2000s

Rajan describes implications of the crisis to the Wall Street Journal more>

Hollywood and Professor Robert Fogel's Techno-physio Evolution

Forbes on economic implications portrayed in new film Avatar more>

Professor Luigi Zingales on the Shortcomings of the Tobin Tax

Zingales warns of taxing financial transactions in the Financial Times more>

Professors Hedibert Lopes and Nicholas Polson Predict Flu in Decline

Study combined Bayesian statistical model and Google Flu Trend more>

Professor Kroszner Predicts 2010 Will Be Good, "but in 2011 and 2012, Watch Out"

Read opinions shared by the experts at 2010 Business Forecasts around the globe more>

Forecast is Bright for 2010, but Stormy in 2011-12, London Panelists Say

Brendan Brown, '75; Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, PhD '88; and professor John Huizinga share their views more>

Professor Steven Kaplan Speaks Against Regulations for CEO Pay

Data shows why CEOs are not overpaid more>

Making Fun of the Free Market has "Gone Too Far"

Cliff Asness, MBA '91, PhD '94, shares Libertarian views at Investment Management Conference more>

Look at Credit Market, Not Stock Market

PIMCO's Mark Kiesel, '96 examines trends that show big picture more>

Edward A. Snyder to Complete Service as Chicago Booth Dean in Summer

A Message from the Dean more>

Economic Crisis a Breakdown of Corporate Leadership

Secretary of Commerce Speaks at Chicago Booth Asia Campus more>

Booth Students Win National Hedge Fund Trading Strategies Competition

Alpha Challenge at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School focused on renewable energy stocks more>

What Does God Believe? You Decide

Professor Nicholas Epley in USA Today on intuiting religious beliefs more>

Economic Crisis a Breakdown of Corporate Leadership

Secretary of Commerce Speaks at Chicago Booth Asia Campus more>

Financing Options Are Shifting for Clean Technologies

Experts examine new possibilities at Chicago Booth during Global Entrepreneurship Week more>

Who'll Lead an Industrial Revolution Around Clean Technology?

Federal energy advisor speaks at Chicago Booth during Global Entrepreneurship Week more>

Where's the Money Going in the Real Estate Market?

Alumni panel at annual Real Estate conference looks at investment portfolios more>

Professor Kevin Murphy Explains Important Forces Driving U.S. Growth

Economy fueled by people who are increasingly healthy and wealthy over time more>

New Research Suggests Household Leverage Plays Important Role in Recessions

ProfessorAmir Sufi finds need for more attention in macroeconomic literature more>

Professor Eugene Caruso on How Voters View Obama Skin Tone

Differences in politics affect perception, Caruso tells Newsweek more>

A Crisis of Liquidity

Black Alumni Association hosts Black Business & Economic Forecast more>

"Nightmare Scenario" Could Lead to Stagflation

Myron Scholes Global Market Forum takes a look at long-term federal budget and inflation more>

When Public Assets Go Private

Privatization intended to improve operation and raise revenue more>

Professor Sanjay Dhar Named Head of Kilts Center

Dhar set to "support path-breaking research" in marketing more>

Distinguished Graduates Pay Tribute to Chicago Booth at Alumni Celebration

Intellectual and leadership skills cited as factors in their success more>

Controlling Health Care Costs: “Fighting for Our Lives”

Eric Larson, ’87, examines economic solutions to crisis more>

Health Care IT Helps Patients, Saves Money

Panelists outline benefits at student-run conference more>

Professor Anil Kashyap on Proposed Legislation for the Fed

Fed's independence "critical," writes Kashyap in Wall Street Journal more>

Booth Students Present Winning Idea for Education Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship Team Wins Kellogg Education Innovation Competition more>

Professor Emily Oster First Guest on Freakonomics Blog

Oster’s research kicks off discussion for online book club more>

Professor Aparna Labroo Receives Award from Society for Consumer Psychology

Labroo recognized for research on consumer decision making and subjective wellbeing more>

Pizza Hut CMO Shares Slices of Wisdom about Brand Strategies

Brian Niccol, ’03, gives keynote at student Marketing Conference more>

Professor Steven Davis Examines U.S. Employment in Forbes Column

Davis offers four proposals to foster job creation and reverse rising unemployment more>

Why Entrepreneurs Need Structure and Efficiency

Booth Alumnae Speak at Pink Magazine’s Empowerment Event more>

Premium Increase Insurance Solves Much of Health care Dilemma

Professor John Cochrane outlines plan at Becker Brown Bag series more>

Obama Advisor Addresses the “Market Failure” of Health Care

David Cutler cites differences between health care and industry more>

Financial Trust Index: 22% of Americans Trust the Financial System

Research by Professor Luigi Zingales shows trust in markets has stabilized more>

Professor Richard Thaler to Advise Britain’s Conservative Party

Thaler, behavioral economics embraced as nudge to “smart and effective” regulation more>

Serial Entrepreneur Shares Start-Up Tips with Students

Booth India Club hears about “chasing value” more>

“Nothing about Efficiency that Promises Stability,”Says Professor John Cochrane

Cochrane addresses free markets and Keynesian economics in New York Post column more>

Why the IMF Must Appear Impartial, According to Professor Raghuram Rajan

Fair analysis can lead G20 countries to legitimate discussion, Rajan says more>

Reigning Macro Model Failed in Banking Collapse

Professor Anil Kashyap outlines needed banking reform to the Chicago Fed more>

Getting Ahead of the Financial Crisis

“Ear to the ground” key in managing assets in 2008 more>

U.S. Provides “Better Control Over Serious Diseases,” Writes Professor Gary Becker

Weekly Standard cover story on health care references Becker’s blog more>

Will the Olympics Create Value for Chicago?

Vision and management are key, dean Edward Snyder writes in the Chicago Tribune more>

Economy Is Vulnerable to Another Major Event

Wall Street Journal’s David Wessel looks back a year after Lehman Brothers’ Fall more>

Professor Gary Becker Tells CNBC Recession Is Ending

Cites continued strong productivity among reasons for his optimism more>

Chicago Booth Partners with World Business Chicago to Boost Economic Development

Expertise sought in appealing to international business community more>

Professors Amir Sufi and Atif Mian Say the Housing Bubble Fueled Spending

Research by Sufi and Mian featured in The Economist more>

Don’t Trust the Market Price, Professor Richard Thaler tells CNBC

Prices can get far from fundamental value, Thaler says more>

Zipcar CEO Scott Griffith, ‘90, on the “Best New Idea in Business”

Griffith explains the firm’s success to CNN Money more>

The Fed Should Have More Powers, Says Roger Altman, ’69

No other regulator has the experience, he writes in the Financial Times more>

How to Navigate Health Care Entrepreneurship

Experts share advice on succeeding in a heavily regulated industry more>

Tom Ricketts, ’93, and Family Buy Chicago Cubs

Sale goes through for Major League Baseball deal more>

Professor Luigi Zingales Explores Role of Gender in Financial Risk Aversion

Testosterone may effect risk-sensitive financial decisions and long-term career choices more>

Professor Raghuram Rajan Sees Signs of Recovery

U.S. economy may “take off” after Asia, Rajan tells Bloomberg more>

The ABC’s of Funding a New Venture

It takes a family, angels, and venture capitalists to build a business more>

Booth Alumnus Turns Revelation Into New Business

Mu Sigma’s Dhiraj Rajaram, ’03, is on his way to building the world’s largest Math Factory more>

Professor Randall Kroszner on Role of Central Banks after Economy Stabilizes

Planning and timing an “exit strategy” the next challenge, writes Kroszner in Financial Times more>

Professor Richard Thaler Examines Efficient Market Hypothesis for Financial Times

Thaler writes response to The Myth of the Rational Market more>

Professor Randall Kroszner Predicts Economy Moving Toward 2010 Recovery

In CNBC interview Kroszner cites Fed policy as key to tempering downturn more>

Boot Camp for Entrepreneurial Alumni

Hapak Alumni Entrepreneurial Seminar offers interactive learning more>

M&A Will Be Back, Eventually Bigger Than Ever

Experts examine roles of M & A during and after economic downturn more>

Chicago Magazine Features Public Servant Ron Huberman, MBA ’00, AM ’00

A look at Huberman’s managerial style and his rise in city government more>

The Economist Examines the Efficient Markets Hypothesis

Features professors Eugene Fama and Richard Thaler and Nobel laureate Myron Scholes, MBA ’64, PhD ’70 more>

Story of Iraq from PhD Student and Marine Lieutenant Wesley Gray

Gray’s recently published Embedded explores his military service more>

Cliff Asness, MBA ’91, PhD ’94, Launches Innovative Momentum Indices

Professor Toby Moskowitz explains novel concept offered by AQR Capital more>

Associate Professor Tanya Menon Named “Emerging Leader” by Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Assistant professor Brent Neiman and Anthony Davis, ’98, also included on list more>

Using Your MBA in the Nonprofit Sector

Alumni on approaching a career at nonprofits more>

Consumer Trust in Financial Institutions On the Rise

Professor Luigi Zingales’s Financial Trust Index Shows an Increase more>

Professor Anil Kashyap Backs “Rapid Resolution Plan”

Kashyap outlines benefits in Financial Times column more>

Executive MBAs Learn What to Do for Life, Not Just Next Year

New class represents most diverse citizenship ever more>

Pete Peterson, ’51, Describes His Path

New York Times reviews his memoir, Education of an American Dreamer more>

Professor Austan Goolsbee Fields Questions on Obama Approach

Goolsbee explains presidential economics on the web, on air, and in print more>

Shape New World and Your Place In It – But Don't Forget Others

Commencement speakers tell MBAs: ‘strive to make a positive impact’ more>

Professor James Schrager on Intuition and Expertise

Schrager shares research during Global Leadership Series more>

Professor Richard Thaler on Controlling Emotions in Investing

Thaler explains “overconfidence bias” to the Wall Street Journal more>

Western Economic Crisis Creates Opportunity for India

Professor Raghuram Rajan, special advisor to Indian prime minister, speaks at India Leadership Summit more>

Winning Student Start-Ups Target iPhone Users and Expectant Moms

Two teams tie for first place in largest New Venture Challenge more>

How to Maximize Entrepreneurial Success

Alumni panel share different approaches to building a successful business more>

Why You Should Play to Your Strengths and Listen to Your Heart

Dennis Keller, ’68, chairman of Devry and serial entrepreneur, discusses leadership and success in business more>

Health Care is the Growth Industry for the 21st Century

Nobel laureate Robert Fogel forecasts cost of health care in 2040 more>

Targeting Poverty? Only Business Provides Four Critical Solutions

Annual Chicago Microfinance Conference examines why tactics work more>

How to Get to the “Aha” of Brand Innovation

Kilts Center for Marketing hosts founder of Cereality more>

Did Fair Value Accounting Contribute to Financial Crisis?

Accounting Research Center panel looks at pricing of complex assets more>

Professor Raghuram Rajan Testifies to Senate Committee

Rajan examines institutions “deemed too systemic to fail” more>

University Conference Features Professors Cochrane, Diamond, and Fama

Faculty offer views on financial crisis at daylong event more>

What’s the Recipe for Success?

Conference looks at innovation and entrepreneurship in the food industry more>

Students Prove Their High-Tech Prowess with Bump

Innovative app for iPhone draws media spotlight more>

Manage Your Career for Skills You'll Need as CEO

Alumni share real life advice with students at Road to CEO series more>

Former Minister of Finance of Mexico Blames G8

Points to imprudent overlending by commercial banks more>

More Balanced Monetary Policy Needed to Avoid Bank Illiquidity

Professor Douglas Diamond explains ups and downs of interest rate policy at Milton Friedman Institute event more>

Why Regulations Must Be Consistent Across Financial and Geographical Borders

Deutsch Bank’s Malcolm Knight on regulatory arbitrage more>

Tootsie Roll Industries Offers Modern Marketing Take on Century-Old Brand

Company president Ellen Gordon shares strategies for success more>

Two Chicago Booth Teams Place at Top in Rice Business Plan Competition

New Venture Challenge cited as one reason behind Booth’s strength more>

Professor Raghuram Rajan Named to Academy of Arts and Sciences

Rajan, Eric J. Gleacher Distinguished Service Professor of Finance, included among 2009 fellows more>

Chicago Booth Announces New International Student Loan Program

Loans will not require co-signer more>

Not Your Average Spring Break

Students explore private infrastructure investment in Europe and Asia more>

Clarifying the Role of the Federal Reserve in an Economic Crisis

Charles Plosser, MBA ’72, PhD ’76, president and CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, discusses four principles more>

Global New Venture Challenge Draws Over 30 Teams

Chicago Booth Executive MBA students take “theoretical to practical” in business plan competition more>

Trust in the Stock Market Inches Up

Professor Luigi Zingales’s updated Financial Trust Index detects modest gain more>

It’s Time for Investors, Banking System to Move On

Barclays CEO Bob Diamond Discusses bailout with Dean Snyder more>

How Do Americans Feel About Government Oversight?

Chicago Conversations brings together alumni leaders in public policy more>

Yes, There Is a Light at the End of the Private Equity Tunnel

A look at why private equity can thrive in tough times more>

Private Equity Must Find ‘Businesses That Can Weather the Storm’

Peter Kagan, ’97, managing director of Warburg Pincus, offers insights on investing in current economic climate more>

Low Birth Rate Has Economic Consequences, Professor Gary Becker Warns

Becker Speaks at Milton Friedman Institute’s inaugural conference more>

Professor Luigi Zingales Criticizes Geithner’s Plan

“Cagey version” of Paulson plan, Zingales writes in the New York Daily News more>

Biopharma Changes Along with Economy

Alumni panel looks at prescription designed to balance better care and costs more>

Professors Gary Becker and Kevin Murphy on Protecting Capitalism

Reforms must not destroy gains, they write in the Financial Times more>

Marketers Must Shift Thinking to Stay in Corporate Suite

A look at the new breed of “visionary marketers” more>

Success at JP Morgan M & A Challenge Parlayed Into Jobs

Real-life situation tests students’ training more>

Emerging Countries Must Play Bigger Role in Solving Economic Crisis

Financial Times’s Martin Wolf explains why at the Myron Scholes Global Markets Forum more>

Why China’s Economy Is Poised to Recover

Survey of private equity firms in China sees continued investment more>

Congressman Bill Foster Goes to Washington Armed with Facts About Economy

Days of borrowing and ‘fake income’ must end more>

Do You Believe We Are All Keynesians Now? Professors Zingales and Cochrane Say “No”

Cast your vote in the Economist’s debate series by March 18 more>

Teacher Evaluations Should Be Apple to Apple

The Becker Brown Bag Series presents an economist’s look at educational incentives more>

Current Recession Not the Great Recession

Professor Erik Hurst says misperceived housing prices triggered downward spiral more>

Zipcar CEO Scott Griffith, ’90, on Revving Up a New Industry

New York Times Magazine profiles the rise of car sharing more>

Professors Posner and Zingales Have Better, Cheaper Mortgage Fix

Mortgage forgiveness can save troubled housing market, they tell’s The Big Money more>

Consequences of Fed's Lending Programs Examined by Diamond and Rajan

In NBER paper, professors foresee emergence of zombie banks more>

Citigroup Chair Says Bankers Will Keep it Simple

Win Bischoff discusses banking’s future at Distinguished Speaker Series more>

Chicago Booth Introduces Executive MBA Concentrations

Expanded curriculum will allow students to earn a concentration in finance, marketing, or strategy more>

Don’t Limit Executive Pay, Professor Steven Kaplan Says

Restricting competition will stall recovery, Kaplan writes in the Chicago Tribune more>

Professors Gary Becker and Kevin Murphy Question Stimulus Plan

It’s hard to spend wise and spend fast, they write in the Wall Street Journal more>

Professors Diamond, Kashyap, and Rajan Weigh In on Geithner’s Plan

Faculty post their opinion on Steven Levitt’s Freakonomics blog more>

Clinical Professor Mike Gibbs on How to Manage in a Downturn

Get staff on your side, Gibbs writes in the Financial Times more>

Students Build Network of Future Employers Around the Globe

Annual treks range from retail to banking, from Boston to Dubai more>

CTA Chief Ron Huberman, MBA ’00, AM ’00, Is Head of Chicago Schools

Huberman replaces Arne Duncan, Obama’s education secretary more>

“Bonding” With Entrepreneurs Sets Winner Apart in Venture Capital Investment Competition

“Bluth Venture Partners” will represent Chicago Booth at regionals more>

Keys to Success in New Venture Challenge

Past NVC winners offer students insights and tips more>

Professor Luigi Zingales Finds Lack of Trust in Leaders, Institutions is Major in U.S. Economic Crisis

New Chicago Booth/Kellogg School Financial Trust Index Measures National Confidence in Financial System more>

Dean Edward Snyder on Why Business Schools Should Go Global

Snyder explains Chicago Booth's International approach in the Financial Times more>

Tom Ricketts, AB ’87, MBA ’93, Closes in on Buying Chicago Cubs

Ricketts family offer to purchase historic franchise “unprecedented for baseball” more>

To Be More Productive, Value Your Time, Professor Reid Hastie Says

Hastie explains how to improve time-wasting meetings in the New York Times more>

Professors Gary Becker and John Cochrane Question Stimulus Plan

Chicago Tribune editorial cites Becker and Cochrane in doubting the proposed fiscal policy more>

Professor Randall Kroszner Returns to Chicago Booth from the Fed

Kroszner leaves Board of Governors to resume teaching, now as Norman R. Bobins Professor of Economics more>

Professor Raghuram Rajan Warned of Rising Risks in 2005

Wall Street Journal revisits Rajan’s paper, “Has Financial Development Made the World Riskier?” more>

Chicago Booth Students Take First and Third Place at UBS Investment Banking Competition

Victory is “sweet” for students that had not previously worked in investment banking more>

Guaranteed Drop in Housing Prices Leads 2009 Economic Predictions

Annual Business Forecast looks at how financial crisis will play out in the United States and abroad more>

Credit “Crisis” Looks More Like Market Choice

Professor John Cochrane discusses the real dangers at CRSP Forum 2008 more>

Obama’s Election Ushered Out Conservatism

New York Times columnist David Brooks examines the new political landscape more>

Going Green Is Way Out of Financial Crisis

Author of Strategies for the Green Economy predicts 5 million jobs could be created in next two years more>

Women Find Career Changes Spark Entrepreneurship

Clinical professor of entrepreneurship Ellen Rudnick on starting your own company more>

Chicago Booth Team Creates Marketing Plan for Firefox

Public voting to decide winner in competition more>

Start-up Success Can Turn Managers Into Venture Capitalists

Operational know-how makes leap to venture capital easier more>

Entrepreneur Pitches Idea to the “Dragons’ Den”

Chicago Booth hosts London event as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week more>

Inaugural Clean Tech Forum Looks At Financing Renewable Energy

Industry saw $150 billion invested in 2007 more>

Fighting the Next Financial Fire

Initiative on Global Markets panel discusses what needs to be done as crisis continues more>

Current Housing Prices Not Near Bottom Yet

Professor Erik Hurst examines historic cycles at Real Estate Conference more>

Entrepreneurship in a Time of Financial Crisis

Student-led conference covers state of private equity and lessons gained from a start-up and CEO of Zipcar more>

CNNs Roland Martin Looks At What Made Obama’s Campaign a Success

Lessons anyone can use more>

Citigroup Head Looks at Survival in Tough Economic Times

Investment banker shares his thoughts at DuSable Conference more>

We Are Saddened by the Attacks in India

Message from the Dean more>

Big Pharma Helps — Not Hurts — Health Care

President of Wyeth tells student conference pharmaceuticals are much bigger part of solution more>

How The Free Market Emerged in Poland

Polish economist describes how the ‘Big Bang’ ushered in new era more>

Chicago Booth Retains Top BusinessWeek Ranking

Full-time MBA Program ranked number one for second consecutive time more>

How to Avoid an Unsuccessful Merger

New research shows integrating personnel may outweigh strategy, accounting or finance issues more>

Professor Austan Goolsbee to Advise Obama

Goolsbee named staff director of new White House advisory board more>

What Does the Future Hold For Health Insurance?

Panel discusses employer-based insurance and role of government more>

Experts See Bright Economic Future for Renewable Energy

Creation of a national policy would be tipping point more>

Green Investment No Longer About the Trade-Off

Wall Street embraces clean technology more>

Chicago Booth Claims Top Prize at KPMG Competition

Evening MBA students employ Chicago approach to clinch M&A contest more>

Philanthropy Club Inaugural Events Features CEO of AmeriCares

How perspective defines everything you do more>

Faculty Say Local Foreclosures Affect Congressional Votes

Research by professors Atif Mian, Amir Sufi and Francesco Trebbi shows votes are tied to local defaults more>

Introducing the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

An unprecedented gift from David Booth, ’71, brings a new name—and increased momentum—to the school more>

Chairman of FASB on How Fair Value Accounting Will Affect Economic Recovery

Dennis Chookaszian, ’68, says “to take pain now” on bank losses more>

Who Has Buffett’s Ear? Byron Trott, ’82

When Byron Trott speaks, Warren Buffett listens, says the New York Times more>

“Success Is Having a Whole Life”

McInerney, ’81, former chief marketing officer for LaSalle Bank, advises professional success is not enough more>

Stephanie Neely, ’89, First Treasurer for City of Chicago With An MBA

How she came to manage a $7 billion portfolio more>

Obama’s First Job? Name Treasury Secretary, Professor Anil Kashyap Says

Choosing who will oversee the economic bailout plan should be first economic move more>

Professor Raghuram Rajan Will Advise Indian Prime Minister

Rajan appointed honorary economic advisor to Manmohan Singh more>

Initiative on Global Markets Series: Securitization Likely Culprit in Subprime Crisis

First lecture on credit crisis looks at how lack of micro-level data prevented red flag more>

Marketing That Breaks Through Digital Clutter

Ann Mukherjee, ’94, vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay, on content that drives conversation more>

Living Longer Worth $95 Trillion

Kevin Murphy explains the economics of healthcare more>

Professor Douglas Diamond on Whether to Recapitalize Banks

Diamond raised the question in 2001
Read his research paper>

Professor Steven Kaplan on Executive Pay Restrictions

Hear Kaplan’s remarks on a podcast from the Wall Street Journal listen>

Changes Make GSB Curriculum Even More Flexible

Full-Time, Evening, and Weekend MBA Programs to change in summer 2009 more>

“Stick To Your Core Values” Advises Wendy’s Former CFO

Strategy, Culture, Value Creation Behind Wendy’s Survival more>

Professor Christian Leuz Advocates a Joint Response from Europe

Regulators and governments should unite, Leuz writes in the Wall Street Journal more>

How Developing Countries Sustain Growth

World Bank executive discusses report on new paradigm more>

Professor Luigi Zingales Speaks to Congress on Lehman Bankruptcy

Zingales explains testimony on the causes and effects on C-SPAN more>

Time for Action, But What Kind?

Professors Kaplan, Cochrane respond to bailout plan in Wall Street Journal and NPR more>

GSB Opinion Sought as Debate Continues on Financial Crisis

Faculty weigh in as Washington works through proposals more>

Professors Diamond and Kashyap on the Recent Financial Upheavals

Steven Levitt turns to GSB experts in the New York Times Freakonomics blog more>

The Credit Crisis: What’s Happening and What the Government Should Do About It

Some faculty perspectives from the Chicago GSB "lunchroom" Watch Video

Land of Opportunity in China's Distressed Asset Market

Benjamin Fanger, ’05, and Xiaolin Zhang, ’04, cofounders of Shoreline Capital Management, are making the most of bad loans more>

Faculty Expertise on Display at Illinois Agricultural Program

Steven Leavitt, Kevin Murphy, Harry Davis, and John Gould on innovation and
change more>

Brain Trust Behind DFA Built Around Four GSB Minds

The secret to beating the market is realizing that no one can more>

Rescuing Fannie and Freddie May Backfire, Professor Anil Kashyap Warns

Bailouts may weaken the Fed’s power to say no in the future more>

GSB Nobel Laureates Polled on Obama's Tax Policy

Professor Fogel and Alumnus Scholes agree Congress will direct economic agenda for next four years more>

Professors Kashyap and Rajan Generate “Biggest Buzz” at Fed Symposium

Pair responds to concerns for preventing future hardships in the financial market more>

Oil Prices Will Not Cause Recession

Federal Reserve’s director of energy economics addresses new Energy Club more>

How to Expect the Unexpected Before the Competition

Portfolio analyst Sean Kelley, ’06, shares his expertise with students in the Evening and Weekend MBA Programs more>

Professor Austan Goolsbee Offers His Thoughts on Tax Plans

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Goolsbee compares the tax options of the 2008 presidential campaign more>

Professors Pastor and Veronesi Receive NASDAQ Award for New IPO Model

Pair wins fourth award together with study of a firm's optimal time to go public more>

Winning Idea for a Start-up Meets Olympic Standard

With his detergent specifically for athletic apparel, Mark Konjevod, ’07 (XP-76), landed a sponsorship with the U.S. Team more>

Professor Richard Thaler Nudged the Media Twice in One Day

The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times featured Thaler’s thoughts on the credit crisis and the 2008 presidential election more>

Professor Austan Goolsbee’s On Obama’s Centrist Economic Team

CBS News looks at Goolsbee’s role in Obama’s campaign more>

What’s Behind China’s Explosive Growth?

Nobel laureates look at technology, human capital, and labor shift more>

Pathbreaking Accounting Research Marks 40th Anniversary

Influential work by Professor Ray Ball, MBA ’68, PhD ’72, and Philip Brown, MBA ’65, PhD ’68, sets standard more>

Stimulus Checks Boosted the Economy, Professor Christian Broda Says

Wall Street Journal notes research is ready 3 months after checks went out more>

Ready to Launch a Business? A Good Idea May Not Be Enough

Polsky Center seminar offers guidance to alumni who are ready to take the plunge more>

Wall Street Journal Applauds Chicago’s Milton Friedman Institute

Columnist L. Gordon Crovitz cites the timeliness of “work of serious economics” more>

Nobel Laureate Myron Scholes, MBA ’64, PhD ’70, Optimistic About Economy in the Long Term

Financial shocks force innovative solutions, he says at Global Leadership Series in London more>

Professor Richard Thaler Backs British Policy

UK’s opt-out pension plan is good policy, Thaler tells BBC more>

Professor Austan Goolsbee on “Obamanomics”

Obama quotes Goolsbee on economic policy in Fortune more>

Robert Steel, ’84, Named Wachovia’s Chief Executive

With second-quarter losses of $2.8 billion, bank hires Treasury insider to solve troubles more>

The Economics of Business School

Professor Kevin Murphy welcomes Executive MBA Program students from Chicago, London, and Singapore more>

Operations and Management Professor John Birge Earns Kuhn Award

Prize-winning research could impact high-level corporate planning more>

Professor Günter Hitsch Wins Bass Award for Marketing Research

Why Hitsch’s work on dynamic decision models is at the frontier of marketing more>

Citizenship for Sale?

Professor Gary Becker puts a price tag on immigration more>

What Does the U.S. Need to Do to Stay Competitive?

Investment in education, science and infrastructure will pave way for growth more>

Finding An Opening For Innovation

A look at the marketplace for new ideas from outside a company more>

GSB Wins Kellogg Real Estate Challenge

Student team develops innovative solution for Olympic housing more>

Professor Steven Kaplan Urges Class of 2008 to Be Persistent, Efficient, and Proactive

Kaplan shares research on successful CEOs at convocation more>

Eliodoro Matte, ’72, Speaks at Spring Convocation

How GSB ideas transformed Chile more>

GSB Community Rallies to Aid Earthquake Victims

Students apply business lessons about social responsibility more>

CaptainU, LLC and CureParticle Tie for Top Prize at New Venture Challenge

Field of nine businesses represents greatest depth ever in competition more>

Microfinance Offers a Wide Range of Returns and Rewards for Institutional Investors

Connecting those who have large amounts of money with those who need it most more>

Collaboration Brought Microfinance to ‘Tipping Point’

Keynote address looks at theme of “competition and collaboration” more>

Tata India Business Conference

Students learn from experts about challenges and opportunities in Indian economy more>

Faculty and Alumni Speak at 56th Annual Management Conference

Experts debate today's business ideas and research more>

Predicting Excess Market Returns? Look at Past Market Variance

Initative on Global Markets asks professor Federico Bandi to explain the approach more>

Why a College Degree is Worth The Cost

Benefits of a higher education reach beyond salary, says Nobel laureate, Gary Becker more>

Chicago GSB Launches Industry Conversations

Alumni share their expertise in entertainment at LA panel more>

How Kiva Became "the eBay of Microfinance"

Students hear the success story from Kiva president Premal Shal more>

Latin America Poised to Succeed in Global Economy

Conference speakers focus on growth, stability, and investment more>

Michael Herron Says "There's No Better Time to Be in Hedge Funds"

Investors will see great returns in coming months more>

Achieving Growth and Scale in Health Care

Case study identifies five themes that drive success more>

Chicago GSB Students Ready to Run a Multi-Billion Dollar Business

Team of evening and weekend students takes second place in competition more>

How Free Enterprise is Shaping China

Chinese business issues are discussed by a panel of experts at the Meeting Entrepreneurs from China Conference more>

Santiago Levy Algazi, Vice President of Inter-American Development Bank, Addresses Myron Scholes Global Market Forum

How Mexican social programs for non-salaried workers are taking a toll on labor and employment more>

Is the Media Really Biased?

Professor Jesse Shapiro says research shows newspapers tailor product for customers more>

Trade and the Diffusion of the Industrial Revolution

Robert Lucas, John Dewey Distinguished Service Professor of Economics, speaks at the Myron Scholes Global Forum more>

Gary Becker's "Pioneering Work" Earns Him the 2008 Bradley Prize

Professor Becker selected for his original research in economics and sociology more>

Black Alumni Association Forecast Luncheon

Panel of financial experts reflect on current business conditions more>

How Humility Helps CEOs get the Job Done

Alumni discuss earning employees' respect at Road to CEO series more>

Northern Trust's Chief Investment Officer Shares Career Insights with Students

John Skjervem, '91, discusses how challenging the status quo led to his success more>

Toyota: From Importer to U.S. Manufacturing Giant

Asia-Pacific student group learns from Toyota’s General Counsel more>

Founding Partner of The Carlyle Group Looks at Private Equity Today

William Conway Jr., ’74,  sums up financial positives and negatives more>

Chicago GSB wins IESE International Case Competition

A team of four MBA students from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business won the 13th annual Roland Berger IESE Business School international case competition more>

The Future of Technology Innovation will be in Energy and Life Sciences

Gururaj Deshpande, chairman of Sycamore Networks, speaks at the student-led TechVision Conference more>

Why the Best Ideas Occur in the Shower

Private Equity, Entrepreneurial Ventures and Venture Capital Club explores how “flashes of insight” work more>

Luigi Zingales Named "Monster Economist"

Corriere della Sera considers Zingales among "most brilliant brains behind globalization" more>

China's Impact on Latin America

Professor Christian Broda delivers Global Leadership Series lecture in Brazil more>

Realities of Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship in the Midwest

Founder of Midwest Venture Partners, an early stage VC firm, offers insights more>

Bringing Honey Maid Graham Crackers Back to Life

Frank Thometz, '89, discusses how to revitalize a brand more>

New Research Study Examines Relationship Between Wall Street and Main Street

Research sponsored by the Initiative on Global Markets more>

New Student Study Lounge Unveiled

Students will have additional quiet study space more>

How Size Matters in Negotiating

"Don't underestimate the size of your bargaining zone" Professor George Wu tells sudent group more>

Former PepsiCo CEO Talks to Students About Business Leadership

Authentic leadership requires "head, heart and hands" more>

Can Cable TV Raise the Status of Women

Research by Emily Oster shows how it can make a difference in India more>

How to Create Work Groups That make Money and Drive Innovation

Susan Lucia Annunzio, '79 president and CEO of the center for High Performance says new more>

Team Wins 'Rigorous' Venture Capital Competition

Judges from the venture capital industry awarded Skyline Ventures first place out of six competing GSB student teams. more>

Shift to Environment Strategy ‘Imperative’

CEOs can turn “Green into Gold”. more>

"Relentless Waves of Change" in Media

Gordon Crovitz, former Wall Street Journal publisher discusses how to make old media new again more>

GSB Announces Plans for New Campus in Singapore

New facility offers more space for students, alumni and new program offerings more>

Bill Gates Ready to Fight Malaria and Bring Technology to the Poor

Subhead Microsoft chairman shares his global concerns with students at Chicago GSB more>

Poor Economy Means Turnaround Managers Are Busy

Student conference takes timely look at industry more >

Polarization Creates Political Paralysis

At Myron Scholes Global Markets Forum columnist Clive Crook says the political atmosphere is "poisoned" more >

12 Guiding Principles of Energy Investment

Howard Berke, CEO of Konarka, explores energy investment at the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Conference more >

Media & Entertainment Conference

January 17, 2008 more >

2007 Quantitative Marketing and Economics Conference

Market Share Shifts May Be Caused by Incompatible Standards more >

Essential Leadership Tools Same for MBAs and Teens

GSB Alumni Affairs hosts Professor Noel Tichy's leadership workshop with Boys and Girls Club more >

Election 2008: The Economy

BBC interviews Professor Goolsbee, economic adviser to Barack Obama, about the current state of the economy more >

The Psychology of Tax Rebates

Professor Epley's New York Times op-ed discusses new "tax rebate" bill more >

Research Says Private Equity Effect on Jobs Is Mixed

World Economic Forum releases Professor Steven Davis's study on private equity and employment more >

Be the CEO of Your Own Experience

GE Healthcare Financial Services sponsors student-led GSB marketing competition more >

Getting the Basics Right Is Key to McDonald’s Turnaround

President and COO of McDonald’s Corporation, Ralph Alvarez, talks to Executive MBA students more >

Innovation is Key to Success

Brady Dougan, '82, CEO, Credit Suisse Group, says investment banking recreates itself every 20 years more >

Current Economy May Spell Trouble

Student-led Asia Deep Dive shares economic forecast more >

Professor Sufi Wins Brattle Prize

The Journal of Finance recognizes paper on information asymmetry and financing arrangements more >

Midwest Alternative Energy Venture Forum

Inaugural conference brings green technology to Chicago GSB more>

After Slow First Half, U.S. Economy Will Grow in 2008

Annual business forecast includes prediction of presidential race more >

Becker Brown Bag Series Analyzes Effect of Incarceration on Marriage

Professor Kerwin Charles's research finds as incarceration rises, men are 13 percent less likely to marry more >

U.S. Investments Travel to Emerging Markets

Student group hosts panel to explore worldwide effects of subprime lending crisis more >

Successful Leaders Need "Follower-ship"

Ken Chenault, CEO of American Express, discusses leadership potential  more >

National IPO Challenge Offers Students Investment Banking Opportunities

GSB winning-team members share benefits of business competitions more >

Chicago GSB Research Wins Top Marketing Award

Professors Sanjay Dhar and Jean-Pierre Dubé were recognized for best article in Journal of Marketing Research more >

23rd Annual DuSable Conference

Student group raises awareness of issues affecting African-American community more >

2007 Conference on Chicago Economics

Becker Center on Chicago Price Theory Examines Gap Between Business Practice and Economic Theory  more >

2007 Chicago Real Estate Conference

Chicago Real Estate Alumni Group examines fallout from sub-prime mortgages  more >

Professor Steven Kaplan Earns Private Equity Award

Illinois Venture Capital Association to present medal December 3 more >

Good Leadership Requires Lifelong Learning

Jeffrey Malehorn, of GE Healthcare, kicks off Marketing Challenge more >

2007 Alumni Celebration

Charles M. Harper Center dedicated in style more >

2007 Road to CFO Conference

Keynote speaker Jack Brace,'82, CFO of United Airlines, on how to excel more >

Presidential Candidate Advisors Assess Economy

Professor Austan Goolsbee and Roger Altman,'69, highlight potential policy issues more >

How Creditors Influence a Company's Investment Policy

Capital Ideas features research by Amir Sufi on private credit agreements more >

Renewable Energy Business Has to Think Green

Management Consulting Group hosts environmental discussion more >

Professor Gary Becker to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Pioneering economist to be recognized for highest civilian honor more >

Fed Should Err on the Side of Caution

Head of Chicago Federal Reserve speaks to Initiative on Global Markets
more >

Former CMO of Coca Cola on the Truth About Marketing

Sergio Zyman addresses student-run marketing conference more >

Why Business Needs More Random Experiments

Steve Levitt talks to students at Becker Center Brown Bag Series more >

GSB Hosts Portfolio Magazine Interview with Motorola CEO

Ed Zander shares his views on innovation, principles, and performance more >

James Kilts: Creating a "Constant Turnaround Mentality"

Former CEO of Gillette shares advice from his new book at Global Leadership Series more >

New Enid Fogel Diversity Scholarship Unveiled

In memory of school's first African American associate dean more >

Initiative on Global Markets Looks at Market Turmoil

Panelists discuss how Fed actions helped some investors, hurt others more >

Professor Gene Fama Awarded First Morgan Stanley-AFA Prize for Excellence in Financial Economics

Fama selects GSB to receive $200,000 cash grant more >

Charles M. Harper Center Named "Building of the Year"

Chicago Building Owners and Managers Association calls it best corporate facility more >

GSB Campaign On Fast Track

Reaches goal early but seeks to raise additional funds more >

Former Dean Sidney Davidson Passes Away

Was influential member of accounting faculty more >

What is the Economic Effect of Compliance, Ethics, and Social Responsibility Efforts On the Bottom Line?

Groundbreaking research study planned by three GSB professors more >

Professor Warren Batts Named One of the 100 Most Influential People in Corporate Governance

Directorship magazine notes Batts has the "ear of CEOs and directors at the largest companies" more >

"A Truly Transformational Experience"

Welcoming new students to the GSB more >

Robert H. Topel Appointed Director of the George J. Stigler Center for the Study of the Economy of the State

Respected researcher to head efforts to examine intersection of economic life with political life more >

Chicago Tribune Features Op-ed Piece by Dean Snyder

Offers Chicago perspective on Chinese product recalls more >

Corporate Governance Is Tied to Performance

Panel discusses effect on shares and shareholders more >

Discretion Meets Disclosure

Research shows what motivates managers to conceal profits more >

Did You Really Drive a Hard Bargain?

Research by George Wu shows most people don't bargain as well as they think more >

President Bush Names Dennis Carlton to Council of Economic Advisers

GSB professor to assist White House with policy issues more >

Will Women Get Bigger Paychecks Than Men?

Professor Gary Becker shares statistics that show women are poised to advance more >

‘What We Need Now Is a Henry Ford of Microfinance’

Conference looks at how technology and other factors will change microfinance more >

Braintree Financial Takes Top Spot in New Venture Challenge

Nine teams vie for $85,000 in prize money in annual business plan competition more >

Students Discover How a Small Firm Goes Big

Sterling Capital Partners’ Rick Elfman, ’83, shares firms’ story with Professor Steve Kaplan’s class more >

CEOs Agree: Opportunity Leads to Profit in Latin America

Students host fourth annual Latin American Business Conference more >

Trends in the Technology Sector

Student-led conference examines developments in marketing, private equity and managing innovation more >

Professor Amir Sufi Receives Inaugural JPMorgan Young Researcher Prize

Recognized for paper on lines of credit in corporate finance more >

Professor Lubos Pastor Receives 2007 Goldman Sachs Asset Management Award

Honored for research on predictive systems more >

Costly Responses to Climate Change Would Be Worth It

Dan Cashdan, ’86, an environmental analyst and policy expert, talks with students more >

An American in Asia: How Jack Wadsworth Primed the Markets

Retired chairman of Morgan Stanley sees economic parallels between Japan and China more >

Experience Trumps Logistical Challenges for Executive MBA Students in New Venture Challenge

XPs commute from Paris, Atlanta, Milwaukee for Chicago competition more >

Ron Huberman, MBA ’00, MPP ’00, Outlines Chicago’s Bid for the Olympics

High-ranking city official talks to students more >

How Productivity Benefits from Competition

Associate professor Chad Syverson speaks at Becker Brown Bag lunch more >

Mexican-U.S. Migration Could Flow Both Ways

Mexican secretary of finance and public credit Agustin Carstens, AM ’83, PhD ’85, speaks at Initiative on Global Markets more >

Tata India Business Conference

Students learn from experts about challenges and opportunities in Indian economy more >

Leader of the House of Lords on the Free Market

Baroness Amos speaks to students about easing the growing pains of diversity, globalization more >

Class of 2007 Urged to Keep Strategy in Mind and Learn from Failure As Well as Success

Professor James Schrager and Evercore CEO Roger Altman, ’69, speak at spring convocation more >

Seeing Things His Own Way, Sam Zell Embodies the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Billionaire shares his thoughts with students in the Executive MBA Program more >

Part-Time Students Take First Place in Marketing Case Competition

Team of Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students beat Kellogg, DePaul, Loyola, and the University of Illinois at Chicago more >

55th Annual Management Conference

Bringing together latest groundbreaking business ideas and research more >

How to Compress Time in the World of Finance

Nobel laureate Myron Scholes, MBA ’64, PhD ’70, explains use of omega more >

Michael Milken Sees Competition for Human Capital in 21st Century

Milken shares predictions with students at the Harper Center more >

Why Hong Kong Offers the “World’s Freest Economy”

Economics Commissioner Margaret Fong visits GSB’s Singapore campus more >

Former President of Mexico on “the Destructive Power of Government”

Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon addresses Myron Scholes Global Markets Forum more >

Former Harley CEO on Being the Head of the Pack

Richard Teerlink, ’76 (XP-36) describes leading Harley-Davidson turnaround more >

Why Minorities Hold Few Top Spots in Corporate America

Former JPMorgan executive Clayton Rose shares his research with students more >

Michael Gibbs Receives Award for Management Accounting Research

American Accounting Association recognizes paper on incentives  more >

Why It’s Difficult to Characterize India’s Economic Past, Present, and Future

GSB’s Initiative on Global Financial Markets hosts professor Raghuram Rajan more >

University of Chicago Graduate School of Business Receives Naming Gift for its Hyde Park Center

Charles M. Harper, '50, retired chairman and chief executive of ConAgra Foods, honored for donation more > 

Deans' Statement on General Pace's Visit to the GSB

The Deans express a collective view in response to concerns about the General's upcoming visit more >

Why Vision and Commitment Can Lead to Failure

Author Michael Raynor talks to students about The Strategy Paradox more >

Kevin Murphy on Wage Inequality

Murphy speaks to students at Becker Brown Bag Lunch more >

Using Microfinance to Break the Generational Cycle of Poverty

Alex Counts of the Grameen Foundation describes path to success more >

Kevin Murphy and Robert Topel Receive Kenneth J. Arrow Award

Recognized for best research paper in health economics more  >

Eugene Fama Wins 2007 Fred Arditti Award

CME Center for Innovation recognizes contributions that have changed financial markets more >

Students Win Funding for Chicago Nonprofit

Taking second place in JPMorgan Good Venture Competition pays off more >

Robert Lane, ’74, Describes Deere Turnaround on  “CEO Exchange”

University of Chicago hosts live taping of national PBS program more >

Gary Becker Explains the Benefits of Setting a Price for Immigration

Becker Center on Price Theory hosts first Brown Bag discussion for students more >

Finding a Corporation with Socially-Minded Values

Kevin Conlon examines the softer side of business for Net Impact more >

Spending Brings Greater Value to Health Care Research

Professors Kevin Murphy and Robert Topel speak to Biopharma Roundtable more >

Bargains, Value, and Fit—What a Hedge Fund Seeks in Investments

Evening and Weekend Program students get inside look at Tala Investments LP more >

Team's Nose for Details Leads to Win in Venture Capital Competition

Midway Venture Partners takes first place in Glencoe Capital VC contest more >

EQ More Important than IQ When It Comes to Success

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon chats with professor Luigi Zingales more >

A Tale of Merging with NYSE

Cofounder of Townsend Analytics speaks to students more >

Steven Kaplan Testifies Before House Financial Services Committee

Proposed legislation focuses on shareholder voting for CEO pay more >

Identifying the Causes of Wall Street’s Loss of Competitiveness

Professor Luigi Zingales speaks at Global Financial Markets Forum more >

Sixth Annual Beecken Petty O’Keefe & Company Private Equity Conference

Professionals and alumni in the industry gather to hear speakers and discussions more >

Bush Advisor Calls American Economy “Robust and Stable”

Global Financial Initiative welcomes Council of Economic Advisors’ Edward Lazear back to Chicago more >

Chris Gardner describes The Pursuit of Happyness at DuSable Conference

Broker tells what it took to make it on Wall Street more >

Leaving a Good Impression? You Might Be Surprised

Professor Nick Epley explains why intuition is unreliable more >

John Templeton Foundation Gives $2.2 Million for Center for Decision Research

Grant will fund research in behavioral economics, behavioral finance and cognitive psychology more >

Former U.S. Treasury Under Secretary on Post-9/11 International Finance

Initiative on Global Financial Markets hosts John Taylor more >

Diane Swonk, ’89, Says the Economy Will Expand

Economist sees slowdown, but investments, profits up more >

How Teamwork Trumps Adversity

Blind mountain climber Erik Weihenmayer shares insights with students more >

Firms Offer Socially Conscious MBAs a Chance to Help

Abbott, Bain, and Boeing are among firms with employee programs more >

Being Ethical May Not Boost the Bottom Line

Professor Mike Gibbs focuses on the cost of compliance at ethics conference more >

Is It Feasible to Do Well by Doing Good?

Consultant Michael Diamond talks to students about corporate social responsibility more >

Why Deutsche Bank Keeps Its Focus on Global Markets

CEO Seth Waugh speaks to the dean in a fireside chat more >

Retail Success Relies on Customers, Employees, and Brand Image

Alumni among panelists at 6th annual Retail Conference more >

Recalling Milton Friedman, Colleague and Teacher

Faculty pay tribute to one of Chicago’s most influential thinkers more >

Risk Management Requires a Mix of Science and Art

Students host second annual Risk Management Conference more >

Brattle Prize Awarded Again to University of Chicago Graduate School of Business for Finance Research

Joshua Rauh wins for outstanding research paper on corporate finance in Journal of Finance more >

Tobias Moskowitz Wins 2007 Fischer Black Prize Honoring Top Finance Scholar Under
Age 40

American Finance Association recognizes research relevant to practice of finance
more > 

2006 Chicago Asia-Pacific Business Conference

Sixth annual event looks at marketing and management in the region more > 

Chicago GSB Students Take First Place in Consulting Case Competition

Judges cite quant skills of winning team at AT Kearney competition more >

Alumni Entrepreneurship Conference

Entrepreneurs and small business owners learn how to overcome growth plateaus more >

2006 Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Conference

Experts discuss where business ideas come from and how to evaluate them more > 

Hedge Fund “Shakeout” Among Prognostications at 2007 Business Forecast

Austan Goolsbee, Marvin Zonis and Michael Mussa offer their takes on the economy more >

Two GSB Teams Take Top Spots at 2006 National IPO Challenge

Chicago GSB hosts finals for annual competition more >

"Famously Risky and Cutting Edge:

Conference Celebrates the Work of Robert Fogel more >

Make Innovation Meaningful, Advises Public Radio CEO

Alisa Miller, MBA ’99, MPP ’99, speaks to students more >

What Makes Demographics Drive Other Trends?

A.T. Kearney chief  Paul Laudicina talks about his book World Out of Balance more >

Erik Hurst Wins 2006 Paul A. Samuelson Award

Professor recognized for article about the transition to retirement more >

Finding New Marketing Methods

Rishad Tobaccowala, ’82, gives keynote at Marketing Conference more >

How GSB’s Diversity Fellowships Open Doors

Program combines funding and professional contacts more >

Chicago Black Alumni Association Leadership Summit

Panels and speakers focus on business success more >

Harry Davis on Leadership As Performance Art

Professor Davis speaks at Global Leadership Series in London more >

Milton Friedman Recalled as a Champion of Free Markets and a “Gentle Intellectual Giant”

Memorial service at Rockefeller Chapel draws Vaclav Klaus and Leo Melamed more >

Head of Hyperion Takes an Alternative Approach to Leadership

Executive chairman Jeff Rodek tells students to look beyond the bottom line more >

Bringing New Drugs and Devices to Market

Biopharma panelists tell students what it takes more >

Ford Canada CEO Says Auto Industry Needs to Become Flexible

Bill Osborne, ’01 (XP-70), speaks to Executive MBA students more >

Five Years After Joining the WTO, China’s Economic Frenzy Continues

Evening-Weekend student group hosts post-WTO discussion more >

Change Creates Opportunity, so Make the Most of It

Credit Suisse’s Brady Dougan shares global outlook with students more >

Monika Piazzesi Wins 2006 Elaine Bennett Prize

Piazzesi recognized for outstanding research by a woman at beginning of her career
more >

Google Sponsors GSBs First Marketing Case Competition

Taking the GSB to market, students reveal their fun side more >

Students Hear From Veteran Portfolio Managers

Student-led Investment Management Conference offers broad range of perspectives on industry more >

The Road to CFO is Paved with Personal Values

Deere CFO Michael Mack tells students how to choose a company more >

UBS Invests in Efficiency of the Markets

Bank president Ken Moelis speaks with Dean Edward Snyder more >

Human Capital Is the Key to Prosperity

Marvin Zonis talks about Accenture’s book on its corporate training program more >

Crain’s Chicago Business Names Austan Gooslbee One of “40 Under 40”

Professor noted for applying laws of economics to everyday business and human behavior more >

How Diversity Helps In Creating New Ideas

Professor Ron Burt describes the benefits of social capital to the Human Capital Institute more >

Mitt Romney Says MBA Students Can Handle the World’s Most Difficult Problems

Massachusetts Governor speaks to students in Hyde Park more >

Warren Batts Honored by National Association of Corporate Directors

Professor Receives Director of the Year Award more >

Alumni Weekend 2006

Events feature University of Chicago President Zimmer, a faculty panel and the Distinguished Alumni Award winners more >

Why Are Poor Countries Financing the Rich?

Raghu Rajan, chief economist at IMF, speaks in Singapore at Global Leadership Series more >

How Big Pharma Follows Its Social Conscience

Students hear how fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa affects Abbott’s bottom lines more >

When Starting Small Can Be an Advantage

Professor Damon Phillips talks to Entrepreneurial Roundtable more >

Chicago’s Mayor Daley Gives Students Insight into Successful Leadership

Richard M. Daley talks about public housing, Millennium Park, and the “big box” ordinance more >

Anne Mulcahy Tells How She Resurrected Xerox

Xerox CEO speaks to students more >

One Hedge Fund’s Gentle Approach

John Mutch, ’97 (EXP-2), speaks to Private Equity Group more >

Luigi Zingales Member of New Committee on Capital Markets

Panel of business leaders charged with improving U.S. competitiveness more >

Alliance for Aging Research Recognizes Robert Fogel as “Indispensable Person in Health Research”

Nobel Laureate honored at 20th annual Bipartisan Congressional Awards Dinner more >

European Finance Association Honors Two Chicago GSB Faculty

Lubos Pastor and Pietro Veronesi awarded 2006 Barclays Global Investors Prize for the best research paper more >

American Academy of Management Awards Prize to Matthew Bothner

Research on organizational prestige in Venture Capital industry wins 2006 Glueck Best Paper more >

Consultants Should Be ‘People Who Can Lead in the Absence of Authority’

Consulting firms share industry insights with students at fifth annual consulting fair more >

Does Ford Motor Company Need Alliances?

James Schrager Comments in New York Times more >

Raghu Rajan To Return To GSB After Three Years at IMF

Youngest Chief Economist will bring valuable experience more >

How TiVo is Forcing Adverstisers to Fight Back

Austan Goolsbee sounds off on NPR more >

Dennis Carlton Joins U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division

Carlton named deputy assistant attorney general for economic analysis more > >

Dean Snyder Shares Philosophy with BusinessWeek

Watch online interview more >

Steve Kaplan Elected Co-Dean of National Program for Fellowships in Venture Capital

Kaplan will serve as co-dean of Kauffman Fellows Program more >

Why eBay Bidders Are Smarter than You Might Think

Research by Robert Zeithammer illustrates the effect of sequential auctions on bidding more >

Dean's Message

We are saddened by the human toll from the recent train bombings in Mumbai, India more >

Executive MBA Kick-off Week Draws International Group to Chicago

Steven Levitt and Kevin Murphy speak to students more >

Class of 2006 Urged to Apply Economic Principles to Everyday Life

Professor Kevin Murphy and Accretive Health CEO Mary Ann Tolan, ’92, speak at spring convocation more >

Executive Director of Bank of England Helps Students Understand Monetary Policy

Paul Tucker makes a special trip to speak to GSB students more >

Transferring Sears’s Corporate Culture to Kmart

Sears CFO Bill Crowley talks about battling Wal-Mart more >

Education is Key in the Knowledge Era of Business

Global Leadership Series event highlights need for business, governments and universities to work together more >

Can We Survive the Rise in Energy Prices?

Nobel laureate Gary Becker speaks at the Global Leadership Series more >

‘Chicago’s Road to China’ Presented By Linda Yu

ABC News anchor Linda Yu speaks to International Roundtable more >

Why Building Relationships at Work Shouldn’t Be All Business

Marc Pierce of Stonegate Strategic Advisors speaks to evening and weekend students more >

Wal-Mart CFO Tom Schoewe Tells What It Takes to Build a Better Store

Schoewe speaks to students and Deputy Dean Stacey Kole more >

General Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Offers Advice to Students

Pace endorses embracing responsibility, checking moral compass more >

To Finance Cancer Prevention and Cures, Researchers Look to Big Business

MacArthur genius grant winner Fumni Olopade speaks to Chicago African Business Group more >

Illinois Adds to Award Money for New Venture Challenge Winners

Four teams emerge on top in 10th annual business plan competition more >

GSB Students Host Third Annual Latin American Business Conference

Speakers and panels examine the economy and business climate in Latin America more >

Students Recommend Changes at Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Exploring Entrepreneurship series examines Chicago futures trading more >

Challenge Everyday Thinking

Management Conference features Brady Dougan as well as panels on branding, hedge funds and becoming an entrepreneur more >

Accountants Entering a “Golden Age,” Panelists Tell Students

Changes in corporate governance have made accounting the “hot profession” more >

Dare to Take the Leap Into the Abyss

Marvin Zonis at the Global Leadership Series in London more >

GSB Hosts The Committee of 200's Spring Conference

National organization for top female executives and entrepreneurs looks at women in business more >

The Free Market—from Poland to Chicago to Tiananmen Square

Melamed, father of financial futures, talks to students more >

Tata India Business Conference 2006

Student-led South Asia Business Group hosts event highlighting opportunities and challenges more >

GSB Team Wins 2006 Jungle Business Plan Challenge

SunPhocus Technologies takes the prize while three other GSB teams make the semi-finals more >

Czech President Sounds Alarm Over EU Movement

Vaclav Klaus speaks at the Hyde Park Center more >

What the Red Cross and Big Business Have in Common

Katrina forces the agency to become even bigger, CEO Jack McGuire says more >

Turning Charity Into Business: Chicago GSB Hosts Second Annual Microfinance Conference

Conference examines challenges faced in reducing poverty and supporting economic growth more >

How Mergers & Acquisitions Combine Law and Business Skills

JD/MBA panel examines the role each side plays more >

France’s Foreign Trade Minister Visits GSB to Speak to Students

Christine Lagarde talks about globalization and the WTO more >

GSB Students Host Greater China Conference

Speakers address China's growing economy and market participation more >

Venture Capitalist Plays Air Guitar, Offers Advice

Tim Draper of DJF encourages students to be passionate about change more >

From Beer to Biotech: India’s “Mother of Invention”

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw tells students it was one part luck, ninety-nine parts perseverance more >

Students Raise $17,000, Visit Cambodia to See How Funds Were Spent

Chicago Global Citizens, new student group, publishes book and opens computer lab more >

Member of Council on the Graduate School of Business Wins Innovation Award

Leo Melamed Recognized by Chicago Mercantile Exchange as Founder of Financial Futures more >

Key to Retail Success? Customer Contact

Young entrepreneurs share their secrets with the GSB’s Retail Group more >

The Becker Center on Chicago Price Theory, Founded by Richard O. Ryan, ‘66

Inaugural conference covers issues such as the economics of health to the biggest questions facing economists more >

How Infosys Rode the Wave

CEO Nandan Nilekani and Consulting CEO Stephen Pratt talk about technology and globalization more >

Gift Names The Becker Center on Chicago Price Theory, Founded by Richard O. Ryan

Nobel laureate who helped create research center honored more >

Ethan Allen CEO Farooq Kathwari speaks to Pakistan Club

Kathwari applies business experience to India-Pakistan conflict more >

What Price Are We Willing to Pay For Clean Energy?

GE chief marketing officer David Slump, ’96, weighs the options with students more >

Chicago Fed CEO Weighs In on Anchoring Inflation

Michael Moskow says current rate is at the upper edge of his comfort zone more >

Fifth Annual Private Equity Conference

Attendees told to look for “combination that is a dream date for that company” more >

Nobel Laureate Myron Scholes Speaks to Students About Investing

Speculation requires macro, micro understandings, Scholes says more >

Diverse Talents Give Students Winning Edge in Venture Capital Competition

Team will advance to regional VCIC in Colorado more >

Socially Responsible Investing Is Not Just for “Tree Huggers”

Author of Profitable Socially Responsible Investing describes approach to Business Book Roundtable more >

Maxwell House or Folgers? It Depends Where You Live

Research shows brand preferences are regional more >

Inaugural Alumni Entrepreneurs Conference

Speakers address "Building a Workplace for Growth" more >

Senate Approves Randall Kroszner for Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Vote Puts GSB Professor in Policy Making Role more >

Americans Have Gained an Extra 5-10 Weeks of Leisure Per Year

New research by Erik Hurst, Associate Professor of Economics and the John Huizinga Faculty Fellow, appears in The Economist more >

Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship Awards Prizes to Two PhD Students

GSB scholars provide leading research in new field of study more >

To Consumers, Stealing Software a Foregone Gain, Not a Loss

Research by Christopher Hsee investigates attitudes toward theft more >

Boeing Backing Smaller Planes; Airbus Living Large

Former Ambassador Thomas Pickering describes global aviation market from a Boeing perspective more >

Students Learn from Real World Entrepreneurs

For one business owner, entrepreneurship is "in the bag" more >

Airline Customer Service No Longer “an Oxymoron”

JetBlue CEO talks about setting a standard for all companies more >

Jamie Dimon’s Advice on “Freak Economic Storms”

Expect to weather them, president and CEO of JPMorgan Chase Financial tells students more >

Fellowship Aims to Level Playing Field for Women

Paul Purcell, ’71, meets with Baird fellows more >

Top Executives Agree 2006 Equity Looking Brighter

Michael Moskow of the Chicago Federal Reserve and Peter Wall of JP Morgan Client Services speak at Finance Roundtable more >

Full-Time and Evening MBA Students Team Up for A.T. Kearney Global Case Competition

Simulated consulting assignment fosters collaboration more >

Why Attempts at Innovation Often Fail

Consultant explains what businesses can do to succeed more >

Innovative Financing Idea Makes the Difference in JP Morgan M&A Challenge

Student team wins 2006 case competition more >

Changes Happening in Pakistan are “Enormous”

Shoaib Abbasi, ’85 , discusses offshore outsourcing with Chicago GSB’s Pakistan Club more >

U.S. Economy’s Slow Growth Still Getting No Respect

Randy Kroszner, Michael Mussa, and Marvin Zonis look ahead at 2006 more >

NYSE, CME Leaders Explain Changes at the Exchanges

John Reed and Craig Donohue talk with Professor Randy Kroszner more >

Kevin Murphy Offers Economist’s View of Doomsday

Reducing demand, disrupting supply of nuclear weapons may avert modern doomsday more >

GSB Team Scores Big in Fuqua Product Strategy Case Competition

Team credits preparation by marketing professors more >

Chicago Economists’ Approach to the Real World

Steven Levitt describes Price Theory Initiative to Chicago GSB Club more >

7th Annual Entrepreneurial Edge Conference

Read coverage of panels and speakers more >

How Professionals Should Choose a Nonprofit Board

Pam Strobel offers advice to UCWBG more >

Making Economic Inroads Between North and South Korea

Expert says commerce and industry are key more >

Making a ‘Pure’ Investment in the Chicago Tradition

Peter Stein on investing for the University of Chicago more >

“Dysfunctional” Health Care Industry Provides Opportunity for Consultants

Panel discussion on biopharma consulting draws students and alumni more >

How a Third Airport Would Boost the Chicago Economy

U.S. Rep. Jackson outlines the plan at DuSable Conference more >

High Level Jobs the Next Step Up for People of Color

Black Alumni Association Hosts Inaugural Business Forecast more >

Hedge Funds “Causing a Sea Change” in Capital Markets

Alumni panelists demystify the industry more >

Janet Tavakoli, ’81, on ‘How to Blow Up the World’

Tavakoli tackles credit derivatives for Finance Roundtable more >

What Pension Fund Investors Like About Real Estate

Real Estate Professionals Club examines the link more >

Biopharma Start-Ups Should Develop Specialized Drugs

Expert panelists describe market niche at health care conference more >

Experienced Students Are Wealth of Capital for Each Other

Todd Warnock, ’88, speaks to I-Banking Club more >

Is It Time to Reframe Business Ethics?

Author of Moral Capitalism answers the question for students more >

You Already Have a Brand, Experts Say

Authors of Why Can’t Johnny Brand? tell how to define it more >

When Businesses Go Code Blue

Panel examines the risks and rewards of the turnaround sector more >

Corporate Governance Gets a Good Grade

Kaplan speaks to alumni during GSB@Work event at William Blair more >

U.S. Needs to Blow Down High Energy Costs with Wind-Fueled Policy

Michael Polsky, ’87, advocates renewable energy more >

Marketing the Arts with Corporate Expertise

Executives from Boeing and Joffrey Ballet speak to students more >

Steer Clear of Herd Thinking

Citigroup’s Brad Coleman, ’88, speaks to Dean Snyder more >

GSB Hosts Faculty Conference on Quantitative Marketing

Format allows participants to challenge research more >

When an Auction is the Best Way to Sell a Product

Robert Zeithammer presents “Optimal Selling in Dynamic Auctions” at QME more >

How Advertising Changes a Consumer’s Memory

Becker Fellow Jesse Shapiro presents “A ‘Memory-Jamming’ Theory of Advertising” at QME more >

Chicago GSB Cosponsors SuccesSoul Conference

Michele Hooper, ’75, speaks at minority business conference more >

Milton Friedman: ‘Eliminate Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare’

Friedman shares philosophy over lunch with students and alumni more >

Investors Say Times Are Changing in the BioPharma Market

Finance Roundtable and student BioPharma Group host panelists more >

Jordan offers access to the Middle East

Telecommunications minister Muna Nijem, ’01, speaks to students more >

Welch Endorses Candor, Eschews Caution

Former GE CEO encourages students to think for themselves more >

Are Hedge Funds Heroes or Villains?

Panelists discuss the role of hedge funds in mergers and acquisitions more >

Chicago GSB Student Wins Fortune Small Business Third Annual business Plan Contest

PrepMe, winner of New Venture Challenge, takes first among five finalists more >

Student Runners Raise Funds for Katrina Victims

GSB team participates in Chicago Marathon with Michigan’s Ross School of Business more >

Aon Keeps Execs Abreast with ‘Extreme’ Reporting

Risk Management panel focuses on managing with derivatives more >

Women Helped Ukraine Survive, Re-emerge

First lady Kateryna Yushchenko addresses UCWBG more >

2005 GSB Alumni Weekend

1,500 alumni from around the world gather to celebrate the 10th annual event more >

Message from Dean on Earthquake in South Asia

Chicago GSB Pakistan Club makes appeal for aid more >

IT Prompting “Leap-Frog Kind of Change” at Ford

Bill Houghton, ’88, speaks to students in High Tech Group more >

Department of Commerce Portfolio Manager Keynotes Annual Asia-Pacific Business Conference

Chinese opportunities myriad, but investors must exercise caution more >

How Venture Capital and Private Equity Will Fare in Asia

Panelists tell how to succeed in Vietnam, China, and other Asian countries more >

GSB Welcomes MBA Students from New Orleans

Hyde Park campus is home to 13 students for fall quarter more >

Marketing Fellowships to Provide Mentoring

Jim Kilts, ’74, launches program with $1 million challenge grant more >

New Chicago GSB Student Group Sets High Goals with Social Entrepreneur

Plenty of Room to Read in Wood’s World more >

Black Alumni Association Celebrates Inaugural All-Class Reunion

Alumnae Recall Early Days of Black Experience more >

How Spending Has Made the U.S. a "Declining Giant"

Professor Alwyn Young heads back to the classroom with alumni more >

GSB Students Place First in Energy Case Competition

Chicago team is best of a dozen schools at University of Texas event more >

What’s the Key to Successfully Launching a New Product?

Conduct market research upfront, experts tell Entrepreneurial Roundtable more >

GSB Students Win Marketing Case Competition

Team with the GSB ‘edge’ takes first place more >

Government Could Use a Few MBAs

‘Much smarter’ government employees needed, according to Ron Huberman, MBA ’00, AM ’00 more >

Workplace Diversity Goes Beyond Gender and Race

JPMorgan Chase’s Laura Born, ’91, says a variety of work styles help an organization more >

Excellence Across the Globe

Announcing the 2005 Distinguished Alumni Award Winners more >

Professor Kevin Murphy Receives the 2005 “Genius Grant”

Chicago GSB professor named MacArthur Fellow more >

How Spending Has Made the U.S. a “Declining Giant”

Professor Alwyn Young heads back to the classroom with alumni more >

George Shultz Promotes Alternative Energy at the GSB’s London Center Opening

Event draws 350 alumni and friends more >

Risk Management and the ‘New World’ of Transparency

Top Executives Speak to Finance Roundtable more >

New Fellowship Program For Israeli MBA Students

Program's goal is to help strengthen Israeli economy through education and professional development more >

‘Making It Big and Making It Quick’ with Drug Patents

Consulting Roundtable examines the pharmaceutical industry more >

New scholarships for women MBA students at Chicago GSB

Fellowship to Help Attract Higher Percentage of Women Students more >

Austan Goolsbee Weighs In on Post-Katrina Economics and the Cost of College

Appearances on Fox News Chicago and NBC 5 more >

‘Making It Big and Making It Quick’ with Drug Patents

Consulting Roundtable examines the pharmaceutical industry more >

Hurricane Katrina: Chicago GSB Accepting Visiting Students

Chicago GSB is welcoming applications from visiting, displaced students more >

The GSB is saddened by the loss of Nelson Pitaguari Germanos ‘02

Our condolences go out to the Germanos Family more >

Chicago GSB consulting club hosts annual fair

Top consulting firms advise students more >

Chicago GSB Executive MBA Program opens new Europe Campus - London

Inaugural Executive MBA class (EXP12) starts program more >

Dean Snyder talks about global business education and the Chicago MBA

Watch BusinessWeek video more >

Chicago GSB alum Andrew Alper now heads fund-raising campaign

Alper succeeds Edgar Janotta more >

Starting a Company with No Demand for the Product?

Toy maker describes his successful approach to the Entrepreneurial Roundtable more >

Dean Names New Executive Director of Marketing

Christopher Iannuccilli to lead efforts to promote the GSB in business communities throughout the globe more >

Too Soon to Act on Social Security Reform?

U.S. Treasury official debates professors Randall Kroszner and Robert Aliber more >

Chicago GSB Hosts JumpStart Conference

Incoming, underrepresented minority MBA students at top schools introduced to future careers more >

Message from the Dean

We are saddened by the terrorist bombings in London more >

New Executive MBA Class Draws Students from 48 Countries

Orientation in Chicago includes inaugural London class more >

Who Drives Financial News, the Media or Wall Street?

Financial Journalist Bill Barnhart, MST ’69, MBA ’81, offers a writer’s perspective on the global economy more >

Investing in Hedge Funds Means ‘Betting on People’

Top hedge fund investors tell alumni what they look for in assessing new funds more >

Chicago GSB Spring Convocation 2005

Brady Dougan, AB ’81, MBA ’82, and Professor Harry Davis address the graduates more >

Robert Fogel among Experts Who Say Good Ethics is Good Business

Panelists at Gleacher Center examine the spirit and the letter of business ethics more >

Faculty Awards

GSB faculty honored for research, service and teaching more >

Dean Snyder appointed to second term at Chicago GSB

Will continue leadership of school’s research and education efforts more >

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley on ‘Being in the Eye of the Hurricane’

Daley shares his view of leadership with Marvin Zonis’s class more >

‘Sleep Less and Work Harder’

Wall Street Journal’s Joann Lublin gives job search tips more >

GSB Sponsors Ninth Annual Competition for Entrepreneurial Students

High Scores for Test Prep Company in New Venture Challenge more >

GSB Hosts Second Annual Latin American Business Conference

‘Reform fatigue’ inhibiting political and economic progress in Latin America more >

Wall Street Leaders Weigh In on the Investment Banking Industry

Chicago GSB alumni Brady Dougan, Thomas Kalaris, and Warren Spector discuss competition between investment banks and universal banks, proprietary trading, and the role of culture in performance more >

Marvin Zonis on the U.S. Deficit, Oil, and the Middle East

Chicago GSB alumni clubs co-host event on future of dollar in China and East Asia more >

Apply Six Sigma to Address Crisis in Marketing

Consulting Firm President Offers Advice at Marketing Roundtable more >

Chicago GSB Hosts Microfinance Conference

Students and financial business executives explore the future of providing growth opportunities to the poor more >

Gallo Eyes the Premium Wine Market

Corporate Management & Strategy Group hosts wine forum more >

Opportunities Shifting in Biopharma Consulting

Student groups host Sean Ryan, ’99, of A.T. Kearney more >

Michael Ivers, Prophet of Nonprofits

Evening and weekend MBA programs learn about networking through nonprofit boards more >

Capitalizing on Change Gives Entrepreneurs Clout

Author Stefania Aulicino, ’79, on Cash and Control: You Can Have Both more >

GSB Professors Named to Editorial Board of Central Banking Journal

Professors Douglas Diamond and Luigi Guiso to help guide new publication more >

Sam Zell on Why Entrepreneurs Need to Accept Risk

Zell speaks to evening and weekend students more >

‘A Myth that People Strive to Make More Money’

Tellabs’s CEO Krish Prabhu speaks to students more >

53rd Annual Management Conference Coverage

Former GE CEO Jack Welch visits Chicago GSB more >

What Inefficient Markets Can Teach You

Howard Marks, ’69, president of Oaktree Capital, talks to students more >

Faltering Finances Won’t Bring Down Airline Industry

Dan Kasper, JD ’70, MBA ’71, joins panel discussion for JD/MBA students more >

Professor George Tiao and the Ozone Science Tiger Team win 2005 EPA award

Eliminating ozone depleting substances more >

India Steps onto the World Stage

Conference features U.S.-India Business Council president more >

Listen to What’s Not Being Said to You

General Peter Pace, vice chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff more >

Ask for What You Want, Attorney Advises

Laurel Bellows offers advice to UCWBG more >

Venturing into winning territory

GSB students rank high in two major entrepreneurship competitions more >

Professor Fama wins first Deutsche Bank Prize

Award honors internally renowned researcher more >

Sarbanes-Oxley’s First Year

A lot more work than expected,’ says Dennis Chookaszian, ’68 more >

Entrepreneurial spirit still alive at Morningstar

CEO Joe Mansueto, AB ’78, MBA ’80, addresses Chicago GSB Club more >

Faculty continue Social Security debate

Goolsbee, Kroszner, Murphy agree that raising taxes or cutting benefits likely necessary more >

Retaining Employees During a Turnaround

Hyperion Solutions Executive Chairman Jeff Rodek speaks to Chicago GSB more >

The New Shape of Indian Industry

India is poised to become an economic powerhouse, panelists say more >

Favorable M&A Conditions Point to Another Strong Year

Barry Freeman of Goldsmith-Agio-Helms shares his views more >

Deliberate Decision or Snap Judgment?

Author of Blink explains how we make choices more >

Going Global

Alumni offer the American perspective at Global Finance Roundtable more >

Sales Leaders Urged to “Put Human Touch Back” in Sales Process

Understanding the emotional component of decision making more >

The Ins and Outs of Getting In and Out of Deals

How can venture capital deals best be structured? more >

Is Sports Revenue Divided Fairly?

Panelists weigh in at 2005 Spring Classic more >

Two views on Social Security

Randall Kroszner and Austan Goolsbee debate President Bush’s plan view videomore >

Why Big Law Firms Handle Bankruptcy

Expert gives overview of bankruptcy more >

Prepare for Bankruptcy in Advance

A business in distress ought to consider all the options more >

Is Private Equity an Asset Class?

Several elements are present that make it qualify more >

Will Hedge Funds Replace Private Equity?

Paul Finnegan of Madison Dearborn Partners says there’s room for both more >

‘Wicked Pete’ Got Lucky with Ale

Microbrew success leads to chocolate venture more >

An Analytical Look at Culture

Generalizing Brings Problems, Menon says more >

Piazzesi Named Sloan Research Fellow

Award recognizes early-career scholars more >

GSB to host Tax Reform Panel on March 16

Meeting will focus on the impact of the tax laws on important taxpayer decisions and how the tax system treats investment alternatives. more >

"Support the Kids in my Home Town"

Battling cancer, alumnus raised over $46,000 for Chinese village more >

A Global Crisis in Leadership

Short-term thinking is one cause, says former A.T. Kearney CEO and chairman Fred Steingraber, ’64 more >

A Business Student’s Guide to Intellectual Property

Partners at Kirkland & Ellis provide a primer for the GSB’s Law and Business class more > Bust Not Necessarily a ‘Bubble’

Professor Pietro Veronesi offers economic explanation for Nasdaq boom and bust more >

New GSB Scholarship Program Recognizes Alumni

The Alumni Recognition Awards provide a merit-based scholarship to second-year student winners. more >

How Kmart Bounced Back from Bankruptcy

Investment banker Derex Walker, MBA ’92, JD ’95, describes the process more >

Playing to Win

Corporate strategist says women need ‘leadership mindset’ to succeed in a business world still tilting in favor of men. more >

Market Watchers Give Investment Outlook

Alumnus Oberweis “moderately bullish” for 2005 more >

‘The story of innovation is the story of America’

How failure has led to success in the marketplace more >

Companies Underutilize Their Best Assets

Adjunct Professor Susan Annunzio Shares Research with Chicago GSB Club more >

Chicago GSB moves Europe campus to London more >

JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon tells how to spot corporate waste

Focusing on customers is the key more >

How to Keep Deere Running

CEO Robert Lane, ’74, shares plan for success view videomore >

Back to the Beginning: The Basics of Hedge Funds

A ‘founding father’ presents “Hedge Funds Demystified” more >

Sales Leaders’ Roundtable Asks Why People Buy

Panelists share latest research on making marketing effective more >

Global Finance Roundtable Experts Say Corporate Confidence is on the Rise

Panelists from William Blair, Goldsmith Agio Helms, Adams Street Partners more >

How to Succeed in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

New student group taps panelists for expertise more >

Forecasters Split Over State of U.S. Economy

At Business Forecast 2005 in Chicago on December 1, two experts predicted an upswing for 2005 while a third said the U.S. economy is in decline. more >

Full text of speeches: Kroszner, Stern, Zonis
For information on other Business Forecast events, visit

The Pros and Cons of Going Public

Peter Cherry talks about taking a private company public more >

Bertrand Wins Bennett Research Prize

Award is GSB’s second prize from the committee more >

How outsourcing helps the U.S. economy

Every dollar spent brings $1.14 in benefits more >

Chicago Private Equity Network Hosts Year-End Panel

Insiders examine the state of the industry more >

Alumni Lead at Goldman Sachs

GSB Alumni Tapped for Partnership Pool, Managing Directorships more >

Not Too Late to Enter the Chinese Market

There are many opportunities—and pitfalls—to setting up shop in China, Ivie tells students more >

The “Crisis” Confronting Social Security

Professor Kevin Murphy addresses the privatization debate more >

Marketing Roundtable: Using Strategic Marketing Alliances

Experts explore the types of alliances and the reasons that organizations develop them more >

McKinsey Seeks Generalists

Consulting firm “not just looking for ex-bankers,” alumnus tells students more >

A Way to Connect with Your Idealism

Susan Crown advises alumnae on nonprofit board participation more >

Dean Snyder on the State of Chicago GSB

Time to focus on ‘relationships that matter’ more >

Faculty Research

The latest from Steven Kaplan on private equity performance; Peter Rossi on quantitative modeling technology; Abbie Smith and colleagues on corporate governance; and Richard Thaler on retirement savings.

Former Secretary of State Shultz inaugural Distinguished Speaker

U.S. needs to increase diplomatic corps, he tells crowd of 600. view videomore >

Health Care Conference Features Robert Atlas, ’77, and James Tyree

More than 200 students, alumni, and friends of the GSB hear experts explore future health care issues at the Fairmont Hotel

  • New Drug Plan Has Winners and Losers more >
  • Abbott’s Tyree on the Future of Pharmaceutical Firms more >

Entrepreneurs Should Avoid Mutual Funds

Little opportunity offered by the current environment, Peter Thompson, ’00, tells alumni more >

Students Compete in LEAD Challenge

First-years receive feedback from senior-level alumni at annual case competition more >

Enhancing Financial Decision Making

Roundtable Experts Offer Three Strategies more >

Rothman Gift Names Winter Garden

Hyde Park Center dedication culminates in $20 Million commitment from Robert Rothman, ’77 more >

Lehman Brothers Classroom Named

Chairman and CEO Richard S. Fuld Jr. helps dedicate classroom in memory of Sherman R. Lewis Jr., ’64 more >

Entrepreneurial Edge Conference Features Larry Levy, Dan Snyder

Nearly 100 students gather at Navy Pier to explore entrepreneurship

  • Levy Made Grand Slam with Sports Venues more >
  • Washington Redskins Owner Snyder on the Importance of Sales more >

Cold Calls: Secret of Life?

Three senior executive alumnae weigh in. more >

Educating the Poor is a Top Social Issue for the 21st Century

Professor Gary Becker weighed in on education, jobs at “World Changing Ideas” forum. more >

Balancing Act

Jim Beam CMO Beth Bronner, ’74, on achieving work-life harmony more >

Defining Financial Literacy

Professor Roman Weil shares research with Chicago GSB Club. more >

More on Alumni Weekend

Martinelli to lead admissions

Rosemaria Martinelli has been appointed associate dean for student recruitment and admissions. She comes to the GSB from Wharton. more >

UBS’s Crews addresses Investment Banking Group

Kenneth Crews, ’74, gives advice to GSB students. more >

Barclays Capital Executives Address First-Year Students

Thomas Kalaris, ’78, Chief Executive, Americas, and Grant Kvalheim, ’79, Global Head of Investment Banking and Credit Products, held a fireside chat for first-year students on October 21. more >

Distinguished Alumni Awards 2004

Richard Teerlink, ’76, Andrew Alper, ’81, Richard Steiner, ’85, and Tao Huang, ’99 to receive distinguished alumni awards. more >

Yoplait President Waldron Talks to Students about Consumer Trends

Bob Waldron, ’90, shared his thoughts at the Corporate Vision conference on October 29. more >

Eli Lilly CEO: Drug Importation Not ‘Serious Solution'

Sidney Taurel discussed his thoughts on cross-border drug imports during a Distinguished Speaker Series talk to students October 20. more >


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