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Sanjay Dhar Among Indian Professors Who Are “Big Guns” in Marketing

If you look at many of the top business school programs in Europe and the United States, you will find a high concentration of marketing professors from India. Among these distinguished faculty members making their mark around the globe as thought leaders is Sanjay Dhar of the GSB.

According to an article in the Economic Times, Dhar and others bring a strength in analytical thinking to the study of marketing. Like Dhar, most studied engineering or other technical fields before coming to the United States to pursue their PhD’s in marketing.

Their quantitative skills helped set them apart as they worked with leading figures in the field. Following their training, the Indian marketing professors, as noted in the article, continued to apply themselves to cutting-edge research. This, in part, has led to their high-profile presence at so many top schools around the world.

Among the areas they have excelled in are retail marketing strategy and sales forecasting. Sanjay Dhar has distinguished himself through his work in the areas of brand management, advertising and promotion. Among current research is a study he co-authored on “Market Structure and the Geographic Distribution of Brand Shares in Consumer Package Goods Industries” .

The dozen marketing professors from the subcontinent highlighted in the article also serve as role models for other international students with strong quantitative backgrounds. Their educational journey to the West has paved the way for other students to follow. The experience at Chicago GSB and other schools is enriched by the analytical perspective these students bring.