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Heard at the GSB

Prospects for United Airlines
February 6, 2003

United Airlines faces an uncertain future as it grapples with bankruptcy, labor disputes, and a slumping economy. What factors contributed to the decline of the nation's second-largest airline and how will its troubles affect the rest of the industry? Leading economists and industry experts met to address these questions at an event co-hosted by Chicago GSB and the University of Chicago Law School.

Listen to the presentation by clicking on the links below. Audio clips are in Windows Media format.

Edward A. Snyder
Dean and George Pratt Shultz Professor of Economics, Chicago GSB

Saul Levmore
Dean and William B. Graham Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School

Steven G. Rothmeier
Chairman and CEO, Great Northern Capital
Former Chairman and CEO of Northwest Airlines
» Listen to remarks (8:13)

Dennis W. Carlton
Professor of Economics, Chicago GSB
» Listen to remarks (11:06)

Douglas G. Baird
Harry A. Bigelow Distinguished Service Professor, University of Chicago Law School
» Listen to remarks (6:00)

» Listen (50:51)



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