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Heard at the GSB

Values-Based Leadership:
A Talk by U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill
October 22, 2002

Leadership is about unleashing the potential of human beings, Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill told a crowd of students and alumni in a campus appearance October 22. He shared his belief that individuals and organizations can achieve great things when leaders manage from clearly stated values that put people, not profits, first.

All clips are in Windows Media format.

» Listen to O'Neill's remarks 31 min.

Question-and-Answer Session
» Can leadership and ethics be taught? 5 min.
» Should law firms be regulated to require greater independence? 7 min.
» Commentary on options accounting 5 min.
» Will your administration eliminate the corporate tax? 5 min.
» What is the administration doing to rehabilitate America's corporate image abroad? 9 min.
» Do you support John Biggs' nomination to lead SEC accounting oversight panel? What is the administration doing about tax simplification? 8 min.


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