Evening Weekend Admissions Live Chat



Admissions Questions:

Chat Participant: Since you operate on a rolling admission basis, are all seats taken in the autumn quarter as the deadline is approaching? Do you recommend to apply for the winter quarter instead? Thank you.

Marcus Wordlaw | Associate Director, Admissions:  For rolling admission, you may apply at any point through the day of the deadline. You need not worry about seats being taken, nor having a competitive advantage in applying early. Our timeline on decisions is 4-6 weeks from when you submit, and submitting early could yield you a decision on the earlier side. This however does not impact whether a candidate is admitted or not.


Chat Participant: Is there a way for waitlisted candidates to have an onsite discussion with current students or admissions team since the interviews were virtual and I wasn’t able to interact with the admissions team?

Stephanie Gunn | Director, Student Recruitment and Admissions: The admissions team continues to work remotely and we are not yet hosting in person events or holding in person meetings. All candidates have the same virtual interview experience right now. If you have been placed on the waitlist, you can certainly send electronic updates to supplement your application such as a letter of continued interest, new letter of recommendation, updated resume to name a few examples. If you would like to connect with a member of our admissions team, please feel free to email your assigned admissions contact and they will gladly set up a time to speak with you over the phone or via zoom.


Chat Participant: Does 170 students in the weekend program per year mean ~40 are admitted each quarter? Do you have a 'class' or is your cohort the group admitted at the same quarter?

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: This is referencing the total number of incoming Weekend students from the past year (4 quarters). Incoming class sizes will vary each quarter, but all four quarters are equally competitive and there is not a set number of seats available in any quarter. Please let us know if you have any follow up questions about this!


Chat Participant: How is undergraduate GPA considered for older students?

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: The admissions team does not place an exact amount of weight on undergraduate transcripts, or any other materials, in the review process. The undergraduate transcripts helps admissions determine your ability to take on the academic rigor at Booth, but test scores and other materials in the application will be thoroughly considered and reviewed as well.


Chat Participant: After having submitted a completed application, if there is a significant change in a candidate's position, e.g. any award won or milestone achieved after having submitted the application but before a decision has been made on the application, can that update be shared with the admissions committee?

Sarah Palomo | Associate Director, Admissions: Yes, you can email any updates after you have submitted to eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu


Chat Participant: What are the typical age group/work experience that you see between evening/weekend MBA vs executive MBA?

Marcus Wordlaw | Associate Director, Admissions:  Typically, the average work experience for Evening and Weekend students is 5-6 years, whereas the average Executive student has roughly 12-14 years of experience.


Chat Participant: Can you submit both an app for the Executive MBA and the weekend?

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: Candidates are expected to submit one application at a time. We encourage you to apply for the program that best fits your needs and interests.


Chat Participant: Will the application be considered without the test result?

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: All applicants are required to include valid GMAT, GRE, or Executive Assessment scores in the application prior to submission.


Chat Participant: Are there any limitations/restrictions for when (winter/spring/fall semester) I can start a weekend MBA program?

Sarah Palomo | Associate Director, Admissions: Great question. For the Weekend MBA program you can apply for any quarter. See the deadlines here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/mba/part-time/admissions/how-to-apply


Chat Participant: What’s the status of the classes going to be for the upcoming summer and autumn quarters given the pandemic situation?

Stephanie Gunn | Director, Student Recruitment and Admissions: All applicants, regardless of prior coursework taken are required to submit a valid GMAT, GRE or EA score taken within the last 5 years at the time they apply. We do not provide any type of test waiver.


Chat Participant: Hello everyone! Thank you for doing this. Could you briefly describe the application process for the weekend MBA Autumn quarter 2021, especially when to expect a response? When to expect an interview and the final result? Thank you!

Stephanie Gunn | Director, Student Recruitment and Admissions: The application deadline for Autumn 2021 is this Friday, June 11. We operate on a rolling admissions basis, which means we begin reviewing applications as they are received. Upon receipt of a COMPLETED application, we will determine whether to invite you to interview. You will receive a notification of our interview decision within 10 days. If you interview you can expect a decision within 4-6 weeks from the date you submitted your completed application. We certainly do our best to stay within that time frame.


Chat Participant: Hi, I am looking to enroll into the MBA program.  I am 3 classes away from completing my MBA with University of Phoenix however I would like to earn a second Masters with concentration in Technology/Ops Management with the University of Chicago.  Will I still need to complete the GMAT or GRE?

Stephanie Gunn | Director, Student Recruitment and Admissions: All applicants, regardless of background or prior coursework taken are required to submit a valid GMAT, GRE, or EA score taken within the last 5 years when submitting an application. We do not provide any type of test waiver or exemption.


Chat Participant: Do you still accept online GMAT score (without the analytical writing assessment score)?

Stephanie Gunn | Director, Student Recruitment and Admissions: Yes. We are still accepting online versions of all exams (GMAT, GRE, EA).


Chat Participant: For Civic Scholars program, do I have to be currently working in this sector, or does volunteer work count with intent to continue in this direction?

Marcus Wordlaw | Associate Director, Admissions:  Applicants need to currently be working for a 401 c3 in order to be eligible for the program.


Chat Participant: Is a 316 GRE score considered a competitive score, or will you recommend a retake especially when the GPA is not high?

Sarah Palomo | Associate Director, Admissions: I recommend if you haven't already to check out our class profile where it states the average GRE score - evening class profile is here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/mba/part-time/evening and weekend class profile is here: >https://www.chicagobooth.edu/mba/part-time/weekend Generally we encourage you to be as close to the average as possible, however, please keep in mind the GRE is only one part of the application and we look at all components equally.


Chat Participant: Hello, I will be out of the country the two weeks after the 6/11 deadline.  Should I be chosen to receive an interview opportunity, will I be able to schedule it for when I return?  Or would I have to set it up while abroad?

Marcus Wordlaw | Associate Director, Admissions:  You have the flexibility to schedule your interview when you return. Simply let the ambassador know your schedule if/when you receive email contact from them to set up your interview. The interview will be virtual and last 45-60 minutes.


Chat Participant: Are non-us citizens like folks on H1-B eligible for financial aid and student loans?

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: From my experience, these options can be limited for international students. The best source for more information about this topic is our Financial Aid office. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out to them at financial.aid@chicagobooth.edu


Chat Participant: Are scholarship options available for Weekend/Evening MBA?

Kayla Anderson | Office Manager: Each applicant is reviewed for merit scholarships. There is no additional application to be reviewed! You can find out more about financial aid and scholarship on this page of our website! https://www.chicagobooth.edu/mba/part-time/admissions/scholarships-and-aid There's information about both financial aid and scholarship there. Hope this helps!


Chat Participant: I hold an MBA. Is there a specific requirement to enroll into the executive MBA program? How can I check if I qualify?

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: Since our team oversees the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs, we encourage you to reach out to our colleagues in the Executive MBA program at xp@chicagobooth.edu


Chat Participant: For the executive MBA how long are the visits to other countries for the classes?

Kayla Anderson | Office Manager: All Executive MBA students spend three weeks in Chicago, one week in Hong Kong, and one week in London. If you have any remaining questions regarding the Executive MBA program, I would suggest reaching directly out to their team at xp@chicagobooth.edu


Chat Participant: What companies would recommend for the Executive Assessment Prep? If any.

Marcus Wordlaw | Associate Director, Admissions:  We don't have a specific company we recommend, but a great starting place is the EA official website: https://www.gmac.com/executive-assessment


Academic Questions:

Chat Participant: As part of the weekend MBA program, am I allowed to take courses from other schools such as Law, etc.?

Stephanie Gunn | Director, Student Recruitment and Admissions: Yes! As part of our flexible curriculum you can take up to 6 of your 11 elective courses outside of Booth, within the greater University of Chicago. Classes at the law school and Harris School for Public policy tend to be popular options. However, just keep in mind the reality of scheduling. The law school, for example, only holds classes on weekdays. Therefore, a true weekend student might find it difficult to fit it into their schedule.


Chat Participant: Post Covid, will a hybrid method be adopted or will all the students be required to attend the classes in person on weekends?

Stephanie Gunn | Director, Student Recruitment and Admissions: The University and Booth Leadership together with the Curriculum Committee are currently evaluating this option and any changes to the format and structure of the program. However, at this time, we expect to return to "normal" operating procedure as we had done pre-Covid, which means attending classes in person.


Chat Participant: Maybe I missed it, but can you direct me to where I can find a list of class offerings as well as where/how I can see how offerings may differ depending on concentration?

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: Here is the link to our course search tool: https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/pub/coursesearch/coursesearch. You will be able to filter classes in a number of ways, including by concentration.


Chat Participant: Does an undergraduate business education place you out of any classes in the curriculum?

Kayla Anderson | Office Manager: No. We do not accept any transfer credits outside of Booth and all students must complete the required 20 courses. However, we have a highly flexible curriculum and you should be able to find courses that interest you!


Chat Participant: What does the weekend program academic calendar look like? Do students attend classes every weekend?

Kayla Anderson | Office Manager: Yes - most Weekend students take courses in Chicago every Saturday. Classes are held during one session in the morning and one in the afternoon. If your schedule allows it - Weekend students are also able to take classes Monday-Friday in the evenings from 6-9pm.


Chat Participant: I previously took a course through the Graham School within the last 2 years. Can this count as credits towards a potential Booth degree?  Or do credits only count after having been admitted to Booth?

Kayla Anderson | Office Manager: Yes - up to 3 Graham School credits can count towards a potential Booth degree. However - students have 5 years to complete their degree and if they transfer credits from the Graham School, those 5 years will start based on when you first took classes at the Graham School.


Chat Participant: Is the simple math for weekend students take 2 classes every quarter x 10 quarters (2.5 years)? Is there some flexibility to accommodate life events (weddings/children being born) within the 2.5 years and miss a weekend?

Larry Ferguson Jr. | Current MBA Student: Great question, on a macro level; you have 5 years to complete the program. So take your time with classes as you see fit! On a micro level: if there is a particular weekend that you cannot attend class, communication with you professor and TA is vital. As some classes have participation grades that factor in attendance, in addition to any material that is delivered during that class. Also in most classes you will have homework groups, please stay in communication and be transparent with them and that can go a long way in covering for you on a particular weekend with notes etc.


Chat Participant: Is it possible to start taking classes at Graham School immediately after I've been admitted to the Booth program and transfer the credits towards my MBA degree later on?

Stephanie Gunn | Director, Student Recruitment and Admissions: Up to 3 Booth classes taken as a Graduate Student at Large through the Graham School can be counted towards your Booth degree. This used to be a more "common" practice when we only had 2 intakes a year for weekend students, but we now allow Weekend applicants every single quarter so there really isn't much of a waiting period before starting the quarter. The Graham School classes are Booth classes so they run on the same schedule.

Student Life/Career Services Questions:

Chat Participant: Do part time students get opportunities to network with full time students?

Larry Ferguson Jr. | Current MBA Student: Part-time students will have opportunities to network with full time students, as we anticipate returning to campus this fall. Given the campus that serves part-time students (Gleacher Center) is located away from the full-time students (Harper Center) the opportunities will mostly rest on the students to organize


Chat Participant: Do part time students get support from career services and is it the same as the support in the full time program?

Larry Ferguson Jr. | Current MBA Student: Yes part time students get support from career services, there is a staff that is dedicated to the part-time students exclusively and has acute similarities to the full time program.


Chat Participant: I want to switch to Consulting industry. Will a Weekend MBA help?

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: Yes, we certainly see the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs be a path to success for those looking to make a career pivot, including ones to consulting. It can be challenging to navigate a career switch while working full-time and taking evening/weekend classes, but entering the Booth network can open many doors for a career pivot. Students can use our online job posting site, on-campus recruiting for full-time positions, and other methods to help facilitate a career switch if needed.


Chat Participant: What are some examples of clubs that weekend students are able to participate in?

Larry Ferguson Jr. | Current MBA Student: I would start here:


Some great examples that come to mind are Finance Club, Private-Equity Club, and Booth Trading Group! But the spectrum is wide from industry focused to social groups to athletic groups!


Chat Participant: While at Booth, what opportunities are there for Weekend MBA students to participate in the New Venture Challenge? Does each team have to have a full-time student on it?

Marcus Wordlaw | Associate Director, Admissions:  Weekend students have the same ability as full-time and evening students to participate in the New Venture Challenge. At least one of your teams members must be a Booth student in order for your team to participate. So, for example if you are the Booth student then your team could participate with other non-Boothies. There may be times where you would need to adjust your schedule to be available during the week on campus but you should get a sense for when that is. You can find more information on the challenge here: https://polsky.uchicago.edu/programs-events/new-venture-challenge


Chat Participant: Where can we find more information on industry specific treks for Evening/Weekend MBA students?

Larry Ferguson Jr. | Current MBA Student: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/mba/part-time/career-impact If you can see the above link, there is a wealth of knowledge around the question you asked.


Chat Participant: When is the hiring season for internship/full time positions? Thank you!

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: On-campus recruiting for full-time positions takes place in the Autumn quarter each year. This is available to Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time students. Internship recruiting is only available for Full-Time students.


Chat Participant: What percentage of part time MBA students actually use the MBA for a career switch?

Sarah Palomo | Associate Director, Admissions: That is a great question. I would encourage you to check out our data here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/mba/part-time/career-impact


Chat Participant: Are there study abroad opportunities for the evening and weekend MBAs?

Kayla Anderson | Office Manager: We have an International Business Exchange Program (IBEP) that is a study abroad program for part-time students. With 7 different locations students can apply to study in one of these areas for 2.5-3 weeks and receive a class credit for it (counting as one of your 20 required courses). You can study abroad up to twice during your time at Booth under this program. We also have an international business concentration you can focus in. Additionally, our student-led clubs have annual international trips associated with it for both professional networking and social engagement purposes.