COVID-Related Questions:

Chat Participant: Is there an ETA when in person classes will restart? Summer, Fall, next Winter? Or is it still open ended?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Nothing has been made official beyond the Spring quarter, but we are hopeful to see the return of more in-person classes and events this Summer and especially Fall. Please stay tuned over the next couple months as more details on the second half of 2021 will be shared. Currently, Booth offers a limited number of classes in a dual modality format for students who live in Illinois. Local students enrolled in these classes will have the opportunity to attend class partially in-person during the quarter.

Chat Participant:  My scheduled GMAT was recently cancelled by GMAC due to COVID concerns, and my new date is March 31st. With the April 2nd deadline for Summer, will it be acceptable for Booth to receive scores from GMAC a few business days after the April 2nd deadline? Or should I now expect to apply for Fall?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We do have a week grace period after the deadline for all materials, so you should be able to get us your score within that time! If you are having trouble, email us and let us know.

Chat Participant:  As far as the Weekend MBA program goes, are students expected to attend in person every weekend, or will there be some hybrid - students can join via video a limited number of weekends?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Prior to COVID the Weekend program was a 100% in person experience and students would be expected to come to class in person on weekends. However since COVID Weekend students who live outside of Illinois attend class 100% virtually. We anticipate this to be the case for Spring quarter (begins March 29) and Summer quarter (begins June 21). The format for Autumn quarter has not yet been determined. We are not sure at this time what the future of the program holds or if there will be some type of hybrid component built into the experience of our Weekend students. We've learned a lot from COVID and these conversations are actively happening.

Chat Participant:  I understand classes have been held online due to the pandemic Will this remain to be so in the following years? Is it possible to attend the entire program living outside the Chicago?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: That is a great question. Right now there is a dual modality approach since Autumn 2020 quarter, and students who live in Illinois have the option to attend in person. The mode of teaching has not been determined for Summer or August quarter and the University is monitoring the situation closely. Right now it is impossible to predict the future format.

Chat Participant:  How has student interactions with professors been during remote learning?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: In conversations with students, faculty have done a great job adapting their curriculum and learning outcomes to the online environment. This includes student-faculty interaction during class discussions, presentations, etc. If you are interested, I can connect you with a couple students who can share their perspectives. Feel free to email me at if you want to take me up on this option!

Chat Participant:  Once this COVID situation improves, will it be possible to attend a demo class in-person?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Once it is deemed safe to be back in-person, it is likely that we will resume class visits. However, we do not have a date that is set for that to resume at this point.

Chat Participant:  When is the application deadline for 2021 Fall Weekend MBA program?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: The deadline for Autumn 2021 as either and Evening or Weekend applicant is June 11, 2021. Please keep in mind that we review applications on a rolling basis, which means you will receive your admissions decision 4-6 weeks from the date your application is complete. So, you are welcome to submit your application at any time prior to the deadline and whenever you feel your application is at its strongest.

Admissions Questions:

Chat Participant:  If I apply and get accepted to the weekend program, would I transfer to the evening program during my time at Booth? For example, during my third semester.
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Yes! You simply need to be enrolled in your initial home program for two consecutive quarters previously. Then, you can submit a request to transfer to the other program (Evening or Weekend). Students will take advantage of this whenever they have any changes on their end where they would benefit from taking more classes in the other part-time program.

Chat Participant:  Hello! Are there any additional steps for applying to the Chicago Business Fellows program other than checking yes on the drop down box during the application? The question reads - "I have 3 years or less of full-time work experience and would like to apply to the Chicago Business Fellows program"
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: That is all that is need in the application itself. Upon submitting the application, you will see the application fee is waived. You will also receive info about next steps for interviewing with a CBF student/alum, which is a unique aspect of the application process for CBF candidates.

Chat Participant:  Hello, if I am interested in applying to the Chicago Business Fellows Program, am I also considered for the regular Weekend Program? Thank you.
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: In applying as Chicago Business Fellow, you are still considered either an Evening MBA or Weekend MBA candidate. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at if you have any other questions about CBF!

Chat Participant:  What are the biggest difference between the Evening and Weekend Program, and Executive Program, other than time and cost?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: There really is no difference between Evening and Weekend. The biggest difference is when you take your classes. Evening students tend to be local to Chicagoland and pre-COVID could easily get to Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago in time for classes Monday-Friday from 6-9pm. Our Weekend students are from outside of IL (80%) and pre-COVIDwould come to Chicago on weekends to take classes mostly on Saturdays. Both have access to student groups, networking events, career services resources, leadership development, academic advising etc... as all of these services are offered to serve the needs of working professionals in the Evenings and on Weekends. The EMBA Program is a lock step co-horted program that is completed in 21 months so the format is different than that of Evening and Weekend, which affords more flexibility to choose your classes and dictate the pace of the program.

Chat Participant:  I’m looking to apply for fall 2022 start.  I’ll be 35 with 13 years work experience.  I live in Houston, TX and would be traveling to Chicago for classes.  Would you recommend weekend MBA or exec MBA?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: The range of experience for our Weekend MBA is wide- anywhere between 1-15 years or so- so you'd be within the range, but which program really depends on your goals. The Weekend MBA is designed to give you a strong general management foundation and help you either make a career pivot or accelerate your career. The Executive MBA is designed for individuals more senior in their roles already and who are looking to learn more executive management skills. Hope this helps!

Chat Participant:  Is it possible to apply to both the evening and weekend MBA program.
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: It's not possible to apply to both programs- we ask you to pick the program that is the best fit for you. However, there is quite a bit of flexibility between the programs- we allow for a 1-time transfer between programs and you are able to take classes in either program as well.

Chat Participant:  Are part time students considered for scholarships? If so, what is the average amount?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Yes, part-time students are considered for merit scholarships. The amount varies based on the quarter, but it generally begins at $10k and goes from there. Unfortunately, we don't have an average amount as the range does differ quarter to quarter.

Chat Participant:  How do most students in the evening and weekend MBA program manage cost?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: You can find financial aid and scholarship information here: Students manage the cost through a combination of resources. Some have varying levels of funding from their companies that they rely on when deciding to attend the program part-time and continue working. Others rely on loans (federal or private) and we also offer a limited number of merit-based scholarships. These are competitive awards but there is no separate application process to be considered.

Chat Participant:  When choosing to waive your right to access your recommendation letters, is there a right or wrong choice? Will either choice have an impact on the application?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: There is no right/wrong choice in waiving your right to see your recommendation letters or not. That is up to you, and will not impact our review of your application.

Chat Participant:  Is there a specific resume format required or preferred when submitting the resume in the application?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Our guideline is to keep your resume to 1 page if you are able and to avoid technical jargon. Make sure your resume is understandable to someone who is not in your industry. Otherwise, whatever format you prefer is fine!

Chat Participant:  Can I apply for fall joining part time MBA program on April deadline or need to wait till June?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We have rolling admissions so you can apply whenever you feel your application is ready! You do not need to wait until the deadlines to apply. Upon receipt of your completed application we begin reviewing immediately. We look forward to receiving your application!

Chat Participant:  How will the newly-announced summer start option for enrollment differ from Fall/Spring starts? What will remain as-is (shifted for the date)?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Having a summer quarter start for our Weekend program is intended to add flexibility for our applicants! We didn't want you to have to wait for fall if you wanted to start in summer or had the flexibility to do so. There will be no difference between a summer start and a fall start other than time of year!

Chat Participant:  I was encouraged to “submit applications early”. Is there a knock on applications if they are submitted within weeks of a deadline, verse months?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We have no preference as to when you submit your application and it doesn’t impact your competitiveness as an applicant if you submit a month before the deadline or a day before. Early submission can provide you with a decision sooner, but will not enhance your ability to be admitted. You should feel confident applying when you are ready.

Chat Participant:  How important is volunteering for the admission?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: It certainly shows as a positive on your application and it helps the admissions committee learn more about how you spend your time and what you are passionate about. However, we understand that this can be carried out in so many different ways. As a result, we do not put any specific amount of weight on volunteer experience.

Chat Participant:  Typically how long after the application has been submitted will the interview be set up? Are all interviews virtual at this time?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Usually an Admissions Committee member will reach out within 1-2 weeks to begin the scheduling process for an interview. And yes, all interviews are currently being conducted virtually out of safety for everyone.

Chat Participant:  What are the benefits of joining the Weekend/Evening program vs. the Executive MBA program? I am trying to understand if there are different perks/access to resource differences. Thanks!
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: The EMBA Program is a lock step co-horted program that is completed in 21 months so the format is different than that of Evening and Weekend, which affords more flexibility to choose your classes and dictate the pace of the program. Generally the average work experience for weekend/evening program is 6-7 years, and for the Exec MBA program it is 14-15 years. Students will pick the program that best matches the desired experience of the student population along with how they want their program/academic experience structured.

Chat Participant:  Could you please tell us more about the scholarship opportunities for part-time students versus for full-time students?  
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Evening and Weekend applicants will be evaluated for merit-based scholarships based on academic performance and professional achievement. These scholarships do not require a separate application. The full-time program has greater diversity in their scholarships for students. We keep in mind that Full-Time students have given up their jobs, but look to reward Evening and Weekend applicants who have shown superior performance.

Chat Participant:  Are undergraduate grades weighed more heavily than graduate grades, or will they be considered equally?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We don't have a weight that we assign to anything in your application, we evaluate it holistically. We of course are interested in upward trends with your grades, but we will look at both undergraduate and graduate grades to help us understand your ability for success in the Booth classroom.

Chat Participant:  Can applicants apply to both the weekend/evening and full-time MBA simultaneously? Separately, can students complete their first x amount of courses via weekend/evening, then convert into full-time in their second/final year?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Do you cannot apply to more than one program at the same time- we ask that you pick the program that is the right fit for you. If you apply to one of our programs and are not admitted, we require that you wait until the next application cycle to submit another application. To answer your other question- we do not allow transfers between the Evening/Weekend programs and the full-time programs simply by the nature of the pace of the programs. FT students take ~4 classes/quarter and move through in a cohorted model. The part-time programs have more flexibility, so a transfer wouldn't really work.

Chat Participant:  When does round 1 of applications typically begin?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We don't operate in rounds for our Evening/Weekend programs- we accept applications on a rolling basis. We do have deadlines each quarter, which is when we accept the last applications for that quarter, but you may apply any time before a deadline. When you apply there is a ~6-8 week timeline on when you'll receive a decision from us.

Chat Participant:  Is there a particular track through Booth for students who want to focus on nonprofits or social enterprise ventures?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Not necessarily a specific track, but the Rustandy Center, Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Booth social impact club are great resources for social ventures. We have classes that do focus on non-profits and faculty with non-profit backgrounds.

Chat Participant:  Hi, are there any differences in the admission process (timing, steps) or selection criteria for the weekend/evening MBA and full-time MBA? Thanks.
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: The Evening and Weekend program enrolls applicants four times a year (fall, winter, spring, and summer) whereas the Full-Time program only enrolls students for the fall. The admission process is quite similar when it comes to the components of the application, and what we look for in candidates. There are separate applications for the Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time program with some of the essay questions and short answer questions differing between Full-Time and Evening/Weekend. Both Full and Part-Time admissions have an invite to interview process for applicants.

Chat Participant:  Does Booth allow accepted students in the Evening or Weekend program to defer admission for a year?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Students who receive approval to defer are only allowed to do so by one quarter (with the potential exception of extreme circumstances). For example, an incoming Spring student who requests a deferral would start in the Summer quarter if approved.

Chat Participant:  Is there any preference background for candidates to get into the weekend MBA program?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We do not have any prerequisite background needed to enter Booth. We are most concerned with your academic ability, and your reason for pursuing a Booth MBA now in your career.

Chat Participant:  Considering that there is flexibility moving from one program to another. How should I apply? Should I apply separately to both programs?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: You must pick one program to apply to when you submit your application. The flexibility comes when you select your courses- if you're a Weekender, you may select a class in the Evening program if it fits your schedule- and vice versa. But when you apply, you just apply to the program that is the best fit for you.

Chat Participant:  Do you offer application fee waivers?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: You may apply for an application fee waiver stating your reason. Please reach out to us at
Chat Participant:  How does the average age of the cohort for the part time program compare to that of the EMBA? How old is too old to apply?
No such thing as too old to apply. You will find that our age range and work experience range is quite broad! Our average years of work experience for the Evening and Weekend Program is 7 years and I believe EMBA is 14 years. That said, we have students in our program with 12+ years experience. It's all about when the right time is for you and what format you prefer. We do not have cutoffs and welcome applicants from varying levels of work experience. This creates a diverse set of perspectives and skills in the classroom!

Chat Participant:  If I am accepted into the full-time program and later need to switch to the evening or weekend track, is that an option?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We strongly encourage you to apply to the program that is of the best fit for you. We generally do not allow for transfers between the full-time program and other programs due to the pace of the program, but if there are extenuating circumstances, it is something that is dealt with on a case-by-case basis with the Student Life team.

Chat Participant:  if I get an offer from Booth, may I go ahead and delay the start time of my MBA? If yes, is there a time limit? Thanks
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Approved deferrals only allow students to delay their start by one quarter. After starting in your first quarter, students have up to 5 years to complete 20 classes. Most students complete the program in 2.5-3 years.

Chat Participant:  Hi - I am 2 years removed from college undergraduate and beginning to explore business school. I was wondering what would be the best way to receive guidance on the strength of my candidacy. I am interested in applying but unsure on timing in regards to my career.
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: You should definitely look into our Chicago Business Fellows Program geared towards those with 3 years or less of professional work experience. If you think you are ready to start your MBA journey sooner rather than later, we have a program that might be a great fit for you! CBF is a subset of our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Program. From a curricular perspective, it yields the same exact degree but provides our students with professional development opportunities since they are earlier in their career. You can learn more here: We also have a Chicago Business Fellows Information Session coming up next month on April 15. You can register for that here:

Chat Participant:  For the career goals section of the application, as we have 250 characters for each one, does Booth hope to see details about why the career goals exist/ where they come from, or would it be preferable to just describe the specifics of the career goal?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: I recommend explaining the latter to be as clear and concise as possible. You will likely be able to dive into the former in your essays when you discuss your motivations for pursuing an MBA at Booth.

Chat Participant:  Hello! Can you touch on how differently applications from recent grads vs professionals with more years of experience are viewed, especially for the evening/weekend programs vs full-time?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Applications of recent grads versus students with more experience are viewed the same if you are applying to the traditional Evening or Weekend program. If you have three years or less of professional experience I recommend applying to the Chicago Business Fellows program for early career candidates where you will be in a pool of other students early in their career but still receive the same exact opportunities at Booth as all traditional students do – with the addition of professional development workshops.

Chat Participant:  Can additional essays be submitted outlining one's other qualities/achievements?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Yes, you are able to upload an optional essay, in addition, to the required essays. Many applicants will use the optional essay to expand on part of their application.

Chat Participant:  I did my Master’s in US and UG from India. Do I still need to request physical official transcripts from the university?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: For the application we require unofficial transcripts. If you are admitted, we will require official transcripts from any degree-granting institution you have attended.

Chat Participant:  I am currently working and living in Latin America and was thinking of making use of the online classes to complete the degree abroad. Is this a possible idea or eventually I would need to attend classes in person?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: At this time Chicago Booth does not offer any 100% virtual MBA program. We hope to begin to allow more students on campus in future quarters, so it is likely in a future quarter, you would be expected to take classes in-person and on campus.

Chat Participant:  If you live or relocating to the Chicago area, would you then recommend applying for the evening program instead of the weekend?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: It depends on your schedule. You could apply to either. My suggestion is determine when you feel you would be most productive in a Booth class – during the weeknights or on Saturday. Also consider how you want your week to look. Some students prefer to go directly from work to the Gleacher Center for class weeknights and keep their weekends open a bit. Others prefer to leave Saturday and perhaps Friday for Booth only, and have more time during the week. It is very much a personal preference.

Chat Participant:  Will there be a compulsory interview after application submission for weekend MBA students or decision is purely based on the application materials. If yes, then what do you focus on interviews?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Interviews are by invitation only. Within 10 days of receiving a completed application you will be informed of this decision. If you are not invited to interview, then you are denied from the program. If you are invited, you advance to the next phase of the admissions process. The interview is conducted virtually by a member of our Admissions Committee (students and alumni). They are conversational and more of an evaluative assessment on fit and contributions to the Booth community. I personally think they are the funnest part of applying to the program!

Chat Participant:  The weekend MBA program only starts in Fall or Spring, is that right? Do we need to do the interview in the application process? Am I eligible to apply for it, even I applied to the 2021 Fall Full Time MBA program and received a Denial notice?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We just changed this! We are excited to announce that we now bring in Weekend students every single quarter and so we are actively accepting applications from Weekend students for Summer 2021 (deadline is April 2)! You are eligible to apply, but you will be considered a re-applicant and will be prompted to submit a reapplicant essay which asks why part-time is now a better fit for you than full-time.

Chat Participant:  With the weekend / eve part time MBAs, do I need a letter from my employer giving their support?  Is it the same case with the exec MBA?  And who does that letter need to come from (HR, my boss, etc.?)
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: You do not need a formal letter from your employer showing support- we sometimes see individuals intending to change roles while they are in the program, but as a working professional it does help to have that employer understanding and support. I do not know if our EMBA program requires a letter of support. I'd encourage you to reach out to them at to schedule a call to speak about the Executive MBA program!

Chat Participant:  Thank you for hosting this session. I notice that for the part-time programs, Booth offers a resume review for those considering one of the programs. Are these reviews completed by the same Booth resources that review the Part-Time MBA applications? Would they be looking at your resume and provided info in the same fashion as admissions would? Also, what percent of applicants would you estimate use this offered review service?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Yes we do offer a resume review, which helps us also assess fit for the program. The Admissions officers are the ones that review the resume and provide feedback. I'm not sure of the data on the % of applicants that use this service, but it has no impact (negative or positive) on any future application that you submit. The resume review is a good first step to assess fit and begin having conversations with Booth about your application.

Chat Participant:  Aside from required application materials & the optional essay, can an applicant provide other supplementary materials and will they be taken into consideration in the admissions process?  For example, if an applicant wrote a magazine article could that be mailed in as part of the application?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: If you feel it would be additional and important context for the admissions team to know, you can send us a link or if you'd like to scan it, we can add it to your application. To have something added to your application, you can send it to . We are currently not in-office, so sending via mail is not the best option.

Chat Participant:  Are there any upcoming master series or regular classes that we can attend?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We are planning some master series events, but they are not yet posted on our website. Stay tuned by checking back: At this time, we do have regular class visits, but we hope to increase this in the coming quarters, as options for in-person increase.

Chat Participant:  For the Business Fellow program, will every applicant receive an interview invitation?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We have an invite to interview process for all candidates in the Evening and Weekend program -- Chicago Business Fellows (CBF) included.

Chat Participant:  Do you quantify and establish diversity and inclusion levels in a class for a quarter? Meaning apart from background of each individual, is there a benefit of having a global exposure and Range of work? I was born in India but worked in Australia, UK, African and middle eastern projects and now operate on global programs. I am curious how you shape your class room?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We seek diversity in every sense of the word with our class. However, we do not set quotas for any different populations. We always seek global perspectives, but we really evaluate an application holistically- meaning we are making an entire assessment on your ability for success in the classroom and what you'll add to the Booth community. Thankfully our applicant pool is very diverse, so we see many people from many different industries, backgrounds and experiences applying.

Chat Participant:  Are professional certifications like PMP or Six Sigma beneficial to include on the resume or is that not relevant information?  
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Absolutely include those! Certifications signal your intellectual curiosity and serve as indicators of potential for success in the classroom.

Chat Participant:  What is the typical timeline for admissions decisions either once the deadline has occurred or once the application has submitted (if submitted prior to the deadline)?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We operate on rolling admissions, so the application review and decision typically take 4-6 weeks from the time the application is submitted. After submitting, students will find out if they are invited to interview (10 days after submitting). If invited, they will interview with an admissions committee member.

Chat Participant:  I applied to the 2021 Fall Full Time MBA program and received a Denial notice? When I look in the application system of Summer 2021 Weekend program, there is no portal for me to submit a reapplicant essay which asks why part-time is now a better fit for you than full-time. Would you please advise if I should submit it in the Optional Essay section?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: This essay should generate when you answer the question in the application about prior applications and if you have been denied in the past. If that is not the case, please email me and I can look into this (

Chat Participant:  What can we expect if we schedule the Resume review session
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We encourage you to submit your resume to be reviewed on our website. Once you submit it online, an admissions officer will follow-up with you in a couple of days with feedback. This also allows us to begin to know you as an applicant before you even apply. It is a great way to start the conversation if you are interested in applying!

Chat Participant:  Question - Since admission is on a rolling basis, if all spots are taken prior to the deadline, do you defer the applicant to the subsequent quarter? I'm hoping to be done with my application over the next 10 days.
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Because we don't have a co-horted program we are not limited by the number of seats in an incoming class. If we want to admit someone, we can admit them and not worry about space availability. The flexible format means that students take different classes at their own pace so we are not restricted by a co-hort model. We look forward to receiving your application in about 10 days’ time! If it makes you feel better, about 80% of our applicants submit the week of the deadline, and it sounds like you are already ahead of that. Do not rush and focus on putting together the strongest possible application and representation of your candidacy.

Chat Participant:  Thanks for the session! If I’m reflected from the first application, how long should I wait to re-apply?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We have a 6 month waiting period for those denied and seeking to re-apply. During this time reflect on your application and determine how to strengthen your weaknesses.

Chat Participant:  Hello! Thank you all for helping to answer our questions. Can someone please share the anticipated timeline of days/weeks from 1) Submitting an application, to 2.) Receiving an interview invite, to 3.) Receiving an acceptance offer? Also, as it relates to the timeline, how, if at all, could Booth's application decision timeline be expedited?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: You'll find out about whether or not you've received an interview within 1-2 weeks of submission and the whole process takes anywhere between 4-6 weeks. You can see more information here: - if you need an expedited decision, you can let our team know and we can do our best to abide by that request, but we cannot guarantee we'll be able to. Thanks!

Chat Participant:  Are there other virtual formats to sit in on a class session (prior to resuming in-person class visits)?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team Glad to hear you've enjoyed the Master Class series! At this time, that is the format we are offering for a classroom experience. Hopefully we'll be back in-person soon!

Test Questions:

Chat Participant:  Is it possible to submit the application without Test Scores if the test is scheduled for 4 weeks out in the future?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team You may submit an application before you've taken your test, but we need all application materials in order to review your application, so if that 4 weeks is 4 weeks before the deadline and we'll have a complete application by the deadline, then that's fine and you may submit!

Chat Participant:  What is the range of GMAT scores for accepted students?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team The mid 80th percentile for the GMAT in our class profile is 620-743. You can find more information here:

Chat Participant:  I have 20 years of experience in the fintech industry and planning to attend the weekend MBA at Booth. Do I need to have the GMAT and GRE score?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team Evening MBA and Weekend MBA candidates are required to submit a valid GMAT, GRE, or Executive Assessment score with their application. We do not have a preference for what exam you take, as we view them equally.

Chat Participant:  What is the range of Executive Assessment Scores for accepted students? Or if there is a minimum that is required?  Thanks
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We have not accepted the EA for very long (only a few quarters), so we do not have many data points yet, but as of now, our average EA is a 153.

Chat Participant:  What is the process to do Executive assessment for Weekend MBA?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: I recommend going to the GMAC website to learn more about the Executive Assessment. We do not oversee the administration of the exam itself.

Chat Participant:  Are there specific requirements for those who would rather take the EA instead of the GMAT?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Not anymore! When we initially began accepting the Executive Assessment (EA),  we had a requirement that someone be 8 years removed from undergrad. However, at this time no requirements are in place. Take whichever test you prefer (GMAT, GRE, EA). We honestly have no preference!

Chat Participant:  Roughly, what percentage of accepted applicants over the last few years submitted GMAT score vs GRE score vs EA score?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We don't report this data but anecdotally the majority of applicants continue to submit the GMAT exam. That said, we have no preference between GMAT, GRE, or EA (which we recently began accepting) so please take the test that you prefer and that will highlight your strengths.

Chat Participant:  Should one include expired GMAT/GRE scores in the application? Is any weightage given to them - positive or negative?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: No need to include.  However, you should answer the "times taken" question though to reflect the expired scores.

Student Life/Career Services Questions:

Chat Participant:  What professional development resources are available to MBA students at Booth? Does this look different between the full-time and evening/weekend programs?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Booth largely allocates its career services resources across its programs. One main exception is that only Full-Time students are able to access internship recruiting. Otherwise, resources are similar. These includes career coaching, resume databased, research terminals, workshops, alumni advisors, recruiting for full-time positions, etc.

Chat Participant:  For students commuting from out of town, are there resources to help them build and leverage the Booth Network?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Absolutely! This past year, many students outside of Illinois were able to attend virtual classes and events during the week with ease since they are not traveling. Many resources, including career services for example, are available remotely during the week as well. When classes and events are in-person, our student groups will prioritize hosting events on Saturdays when commuting students are likely on campus. There are plenty of things to do inside and outside on the classroom on Saturdays especially!

Chat Participant:  Does Booth have special programs that are designated for people who want to switch career to consulting?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Not specifically, however Evening and Weekend MBA students can leverage a combination of career service resources (council on industries, alumni connection, a database to apply for jobs as a student, and possibly campus recruitment for full-time jobs), industry-focused student groups (ex. Consulting club, marketing club, fintech club), and their growing Booth network. Since the quality of the Booth degree is the same across all programs, companies recognize this as well. Concentrations and your Booth classes from a knowledge standpoint will certainly help this transition. As you work with Career services to determine the skills you need to build to make this transition it will directly impact your class selection. You can check out our part-time career data to better understand what our recent alumni have done with their evening or weekend Booth degree:

Chat Participant:  How active are the Booth Product Management and Technology clubs?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Great question. Clubs are an important part of the MBA program and a key part of the community. Most of our clubs are very active and are always coming up with neat gatherings and networking events. I would encourage you to reach out to us at and we can connect you to current students in those clubs.

Chat Participant:  Since the part-time building is separate from the full-time building, if we only take part-time classes, are there still opportunities to connect with full-time students outside of maybe recruiting workshops?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Full and part time students will certainly interact during your time at Booth. There will be classes you take that have full-time students in them, and given the location of the Gleacher Center downtown many Full-Time students study and network there throughout the week. We have organized events such as the Economic Outlook, or China Forum that are Booth-wide events consisting of Full and Part-Time students. Networking opportunities also exist within the student-led clubs within each program.

Chat Participant:  What does D&I look like at Chicago Booth? Specifically for the in the Evening & Weekend Program, and Executive Program? Gender? Ethinicity? Work Experience? Age?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: You can find our Evening Class Profile here: You can find our Weekend class profile here: Be sure to go to the Class Profile accordion at the bottom of the page. We are proud to bring in a diverse group of students from various backgrounds as it creates a very unique learning environment in the classroom learning from the diverse perspectives of your peers.

Chat Participant:  What are the best resources available at Booth for evening and weekend students interested in finding a founding team, and starting their own company?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: While career services, enrolling in entrepreneurial classes, and joining student groups will be helpful, I highly encourage you to check out the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation ( Full-time, Evening, and Weekend students looking to start or grow their business will likely engage with them in some form during their time in the program.

Chat Participant:  What grants/funding opportunities are available to launch a new venture with the professor and your classmates?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Polsky Center is the main entrepreneurship hub at Booth! You can see information about scholarships and funding here: - in addition, there is an entrepreneurship club where students can participate in competitions and other events and win funding as well.

Chat Participant:  If students live near the University of Chicago's main campus, do they have access to on-campus resources such as the Gerald Ratner Athletics center, as an example?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Yes, part-time students should have access to major UChicago facilities such as the rec center and libraries.

Chat Participant: 
How does the booth alumni provide oversight for the current school program?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Our alumni help shape the Booth experience in many ways via volunteer work that they do. We have several alumni ambassadors, some alumni on our admissions committee, even some in our administration and faculty. Alumni give back in a variety of ways- from helping admissions to participating in recruiting, they are constantly sharing their experiences and shedding light on the Booth experience.

Chat Participant:  Prior to the start of a program, does Booth organize orientation/social gatherings for the new cohort? Additionally, do current MBA students share their experience at Booth in a forum for perspective students?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We have an orientation program that is called LAUNCH! It is a great way to meet and greet your new peers as well as to get back into the student mindset. Before LAUNCH, we also have various admitted student receptions where you can get to know other incoming students. Our current Boothies are always accessible to admitted students to share their perspective!

Chat Participant:  Do you have statistics for recent graduating classes such as employment locations, average salary, industries, etc?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: You can view career data here:

Chat Participant:  Apologies, I have shown up late. Many current students at Booth and other business schools report that the chief value of an MBA is the networking done during such a program. How is this networking impacted by the Evening or Weekend program, particularly for deployed military?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We are fortunate that our students love to network and support one another both in and out of the classroom, so you'll find that there are an abundance of events both during class times and during breaks as well as throughout the week. We do not feel that the networking experience is really impacted for our Evening and Weekenders!

Academics Questions:

Chat Participant:  Do Weekend MBA students have the ability to take classes offered only to Evening or Full-time students?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: One of the hallmarks of the Booth MBA is our flexibility! This means that you have the opportunity to take the classes you want at your desired pace. You can also take classes outside your home program so as a Weekend student you absolutely have the option to take classes on weeknights with the Evening students or during the weekdays with the Full-time students.

Chat Participant:  What opportunities are offered for students in or out of class to explore unfamiliar fields? For example, if I'm interested in entrepreneurship but not sure I want to commit to enrolling in a related class, are there ways to test the waters?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: I feel like Booth is one big place to experiment, stretch, and get out of your comfort zone. In addition to being surrounded by students who work in various fields and industries student groups are a great way to gain exposure to an area as are Centers. With Entrepreneurship specifically, you could get involved with the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and through our Built@Booth student club for those Evening and Weekend students interested in entrepreneurship and Venture Capital. Entrepreneurship is also one of the most popular concentrations so you can work with an academic advisor to select courses that would allow you to test the waters in different areas.

Chat Participant:  Approximately how many additional hours outside of class do students typically have to complete the coursework? Thinking through how to balance this with a full time job.
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: This varies from student to student and based on prior knowledge in the class you are taking. For some there is a bigger learning curve than for others. However, we are Booth so of course we have data on this exact question! What we find is that on average students can reasonably expect to spend about 3-5 hours out of class for every class they are enrolled in (classes meet weekly for 3 hours).

Chat Participant:  Do Weekend MBA students have the flexibility to attend classes remotely? Is there a certain % of classes that need to be attended in person? Thanks!
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: We are conducting classes remote because of COVID-19. When things move back to normal, the plan is for all classes to be in-person. There will not be the option for remote learning. It is anticipated that summer quarter will be remote, but there has not yet been a decision on fall and beyond.

Chat Participant:  What are the specializations available to weekend students? Are there any which are available to just evening or full time students?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: The academic experience is the same across programs and you have access to the same curricular experience as full-time students. You can choose from 13 different concentrations and tailor your experience that way. You can see the different concentrations here: Again, these are all available to Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time students and classes are offered across all programs to allow anyone to obtain these concentrations.

Chat Participant:  Thank you again! Do you find that weekend students on average take 2 classes per quarter? So it would take 10 quarters to complete the program?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Most students take 2 classes per quarter and finish the degree in 2.5-3 years. However, the pace is flexible and students are able to take 1 class per quarter, or bump it up to 3 classes per quarter. You have 5 years to complete the program. Depending on your pace it could take 10 quarters. You have to take 20 classes to complete the degree.

Chat Participant:  Do you have to be enrolled in a class every quarter during the program or can you take a quarter off if needed?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are required to complete 20 classes within 5 years. You can choose how many classes you take each quarter as long as you meet the 5 year requirement. As a result, students largely have the option to take 0, 1, 2, or more classes in any given quarter!

Chat Participant:  Can you provide an estimated quarter date ranges? Do students typically take classes year round- including the summer quarter as well?
Evening Weekend MBA Admissions Team: Yes, students do take courses year round, including the summer quarter. The future quarter dates are normally posted months ahead of time. You can see the dates here: