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Thomas Remissong

Bidding Process

Even though we bid at Round 3, Dougan Scholars have one particular advantage during the bidding process — we typically only bid and enroll in one class per quarter. Given that, we can throw all of our bid points at a single class, and almost always get into particular courses we want to take.

Program Highlight

One particular experience stands out — the former CFO of IBM (and a Booth alumnus), Mark Loughridge, happened to be in town and took the time out of his schedule to drop in and meet with our inaugural class of Dougan Scholars. The fact that had happened (and the conversation itself) really highlighted for me what a great program I had ahead of me as a Dougan Scholar.

Favorite Booth Course

Commercializing Innovation with professor Scott Meadow was without a doubt my favorite course at Booth, and one of the best courses I have taken as an undergraduate. Professor Meadow deeply cares about preparing his students for the world of private equity, and covers a vast array of incredibly useful tools for early-stage investing. Both the material covered and the general wisdom shared during the course are (and will continue to be) extremely useful in my working life.

UChicago Activities

Student Alumni Committee, Student Leadership Institute, Edge Entrepreneurship, CIE Innovation Fund, MATTER biotech incubator, Arc Mobile (NVC company)