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Over the years, we have offered a number of different ways for applicants to tell us who you are and what inspires you.

Our approach to the application provides a window into what inherently guides the way you make choices—and ultimately, your decisions reveal what matters most to you.

At Booth, passions and ambitions serve as a compass in navigating our choice-rich environment. Our essay questions get right at those motivations—to the things that inspire you and your post-MBA future. Last year, we introduced two essay questions that directly address your goals and passions. The responses disclosed amazing insights into our applicants’ professional aspirations as well as personal interests.

This year, you’ll find that we kept both prompts because the combination established such a comprehensive picture of our applicants, both from a career-related standpoint and outside of their professional selves. So when you open the 2019-20 application, you will see the following prompts:

  • How will the Booth MBA help you achieve your immediate and long-term post-MBA career goals?
  • Chicago Booth immerses you in a choice-rich environment. How have your interests, leadership experiences, and other passions influenced the choices in your life? 

If you’re invited to interview, you will have the opportunity to share even more about who you are, how you think, and why. You’ll get two short answer questions that allow you to further showcase yourself as a whole. Meant to be fun, here’s an example from previous years of what you might see: What is the boldest thing you have ever done?

Just as there are limitless ways you may hope to make a meaningful impact in the future, there are countless ways in which you can become a vital part of the Booth community. I encourage you to join us for our global events and online chats to learn more about Chicago Booth and our collaborative culture. You can also comment below with any questions you may have about our application.

We look forward to learning about you and wish you the best of luck going forward.


Donna Swinford
Interim Executive Director of Student Recruitment and Admissions