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Trevyr Meade

What are your career aspirations?

I have spent my career bringing sustainability to the parking industry. Throughout this journey, I have come to learn that rethinking the use of parking space and the connection between real estate and transportation can increase equity, reduce greenhouse emissions, improve air quality and spur economic growth. I aspire to become a leader capable of enabling the real estate industry to embrace this opportunity.

What skills are you looking to develop at Booth and implement into your sector?

Creating change at scale requires innovation and collaboration. Booth offers an opportunity to learn entrepreneurial frameworks and acquire the leadership abilities required to bring together private sector, government and non-profit decision makers to reshape real estate’s connection to the transportation sector.  In addition, Booth’s analytical focus will equip me with an understanding of how data can be harnessed to improve my decision making and measure the economic, environmental and social impacts of my work. 

Why Booth?

Every day we see ways in which the world could improve.  Realizing these opportunities requires more than a vision for what the world could be and the passion to chase that vision. Building a better tomorrow requires knowledge, skills, perspective and a network of support. The Booth MBA is an experience that enables you to develop these resources.