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Kurt Kargou

What are your career aspirations?

When I was a teacher, I learned many lessons, including the realization that the education system does not work for everyone, and students from the community I was privileged to serve need additional resources to thrive. This experience, as well as my own, is why I want to tackle systems-level issues in k-12 education. Two important issues facing school districts and states are strategic management of resources and adapting education systems to meet the demands of families and economy.

What skills are you looking to develop at Booth and implement into your sector?

I am looking to develop my strategic management and finance skills. Booth uniquely integrates world-class business education with behavioral economics, and I know this interdisciplinary approach will provide me with insightful and robust frameworks to address the complexities facing K-12 education. I also want to learn the “Chicago Approach” to evaluating problems and opportunities.

Why Booth?

An MBA is the next necessary step to provide the tools I need to tackle systems-level issues in k-12 education. In my current role, I constantly consider the social and economic impact the lack of resources has on students and the education system. Therefore, I seek an MBA from Booth to learn strategic management, behavioral science, and finance.

I know that courses such as Managing in Organizations will better equip me to maximize my impact moving forward. I’m also interested in courses such as “Social Sector Strategy and Structure” by Professor Hachikian and “Impact Investing” by Dr. Gertner that will help me to more precisely calculate the impact of our investments and inform new strategies in Idaho k-12 education.