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Susie Choi

What are your career aspirations?

I have always aspired to help others. From my Teach For America experience to my most recent role in district-level leadership, I have been able to fulfill this goal. The Civic Scholars full-time MBA experience has granted me the opportunity to explore how I can expand this impact. I hope to find a role where I can continue to positively support others, leverage the skills I have built while fully meeting my potential.

What skills are you looking to develop at Booth and implement into your sector?

I hope to build finance and business acumen. With access to world-class professors and flexibility in curriculum, I hope to gain real-world experience with solving complex problems, working on a team, and utilizing fundamental core principles taught in the classroom.

Why Booth?

As I reflected on my impact, I began to think about the stagnancy of education. I believe there is valuable information that the education sector can learn from other industries. By obtaining an MBA, I will gain experiential learning that will allow me to better understand the intersection between business and education. Booth will help me build a strong foundation of business practices and provide the bridge between my experiences and the skills I need to maximize my impact.