Our application deadline is around the corner, and our applicants are critically considering their future MBA path. As you think about this next step, it’s important to fully understand who Chicago Booth is, as well as recognize the true impact of Booth’s MBA on how you will approach your career and the rest of your life.

Freedom of Choice

We live in a world that changes by the day, the hour, the moment. Ambiguity surrounds our every move, yet informed decisions need to be made all the time. Chicago Booth prepares future leaders by placing you in a choice-rich environment where bold decision-making is cultivated through a unique approach to evidence-based thinking. You are pushed to collaborate, adapt, and react with confidence using analytical frameworks as your compass and your passions as your guide.

At Booth, we give you the flexibility to make choices on your own and challenge yourself to make informed discoveries. We want you to boldly follow your curiosity, seek new experiences, and take risks. We have freedom of choice and a breadth of experiences so that you get the most out of your MBA opportunities. The entire experience—from the courses and study groups you’re in, to the student groups you join, to where you live, to the friends you make—nothing is prescribed. You choose where to spend your time and how to best maximize every moment of your MBA.

Enriched Classroom Environment

What you find when you are in a classroom of people with that kind of academic freedom, is that the type of engagement among students and faculty is elevated to a level from which learning skyrockets. No one is in a class because they are mandated to be. Every single student chooses to be there because it builds on their unique background, interests, or goals. This ensures regular classroom environments are transformed from passive absorption to active fascination. That level of investment is where collaboration thrives and people push ideas, and one another, to be their best.

The Booth education is dynamic, with the ability to explore and pivot throughout your experience. Our multidisciplinary curriculum is not predetermined. Instead, it adjusts with your strengths and gaps, and where you want to be each quarter, upon graduation, and in the future. 

Supportive Global Network

Having so much possibility is exciting, but it also necessitates collaboration, guidance, and trust in your community. When you have a network truly invested in your success, you are empowered to push yourself one step further and to confidently take the untraveled path. The relationships built among fellow classmates, academic/career advisors, world-renowned professors, and alumni around the globe unlock access and courage to see just how far you can go. Think of it as unrivaled conviction in your ability to succeed.

Booth’s collaborative culture is rooted in a respect for the diverse ideas and perspectives that people bring to the table. Input from those you trust, even if contrarian to your own viewpoint, heightens the bar and ensures output at its best.

So what is the real impact of Booth’s MBA? Hopefully now your mind will automatically broaden the scope to a bigger understanding of why academic freedom allows you to take full advantage of your time and to truly get the most out of your MBA experience and future career.

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