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Career Aspirations

To be an executive of a public-policy organization in the social sector. The challenges that impact families and communities in cities and other parts of the country are vast. Booth’s MBA and Civic Scholars Program present an incredible opportunity for me to forge new relationships with classmates and leaders from industry sectors beyond education. Looking ahead, I will make use of lessons from my experience at Booth to continue to grow into a high-value, high-performing leader.

Why Booth?

In my career, I have developed expertise in the education field and public policy. But I grow increasingly impatient at the slow pace of progress in the social sector. Looking ahead, I am eager to accelerate social change to the speed of business. Booth specializes in conceptual problem solving, which is why its graduates often see nuances in the field that other MBA graduates miss. Ultimately, I am pursuing an MBA from Booth so that I might be a more forceful and effective catalyst of the change we seek.