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Grant Weisberg

Favorite Chicago Experience

My favorite Chicago experience in an academic sense was the access to the business school. Even before joining Dougan Scholars, my favorite classes were the ones I had the opportunity to attend at Booth. I recommend all students to take classes at Booth.

Prepare for MBA

The access to Booth classes and professors not only gives undergraduates a taste of what might be to come, but also ensures that we know we will be able to succeed at the graduate school level. Moreover, Dougan Scholars provides its members with mentors and access to Booth events that helps bridge the divide between undergraduates and business school students.

Favorite Booth Course

Cases in Financial Management taught by Professor Charles Hadlock. He was extremely open and engaging, and one of the best teachers I have had at the University. Additionally, the class helped prepare me for the level of work I faced during my summer internship.

UChicago Activities

The Blue Chips