Booth accepts scores from both the GMAT and GRE exams and does not have a preference for a specific exam. Both test scores are good for five years. While the GMAT is oriented towards business schools, the GRE is also typically accepted by other graduate programs (including business schools). The GRE runs longer than the GMAT (3h 45 m vs. 3h 7m) and is a little less expensive. Both exams include verbal and quantitative reasoning as well as analytical writing, but there are different nuances in each test. It may be worth your time to take a practice or diagnostic exam for each test to see which one you might want to move forward with as it will give you a good sense of timing, content, and structure.

Executive Assessment

The Executive Assessment (EA) is built for busy executives. The EA is similar in structure to the GMAT, and is created by the same company that makes the GMAT. It allows us to evaluate your business school readiness and helps you see which areas might need focus to sharpen your skills before your MBA program begins. This exam offers the convenience of less preparation time and lasts for 90 minutes. It has three sections (totaling 40 questions): Integrated Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning.

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A Booth EMBA student shares his experience with the Executive Assessment 

Learn more and view Chicago Booth's Executive Assessment Webinar

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"Studying for the Executive Assessment test was a great primer for learning during the MBA Program...the payoff is that you will enter a community of diverse and dynamic individuals who value a rigorous education like the one at Chicago Booth."

— Chris Bush, EMBA Student

Tips & Notes for Virtual Exams

  • Check in early for a more stress-free experience
  • Every exam is monitored by a live proctor
  • make sure that your ears and face remain visible throughout the test (don't wear jewelry, tie clips, or other accessories)
  • Make sure to review each exam's checklist for technical requirements, as well as what is allowed in your room
  • The EA can be taken twice, but only one time online. The GMAT can be taken up to 5 times in a 12 month period, but the GMAT can only be taken online once, with the exception of those who took the GMAT virtually before a physical whiteboard was made available (prior to June 11th). The GRE can be taken 5 times in a 12 month period.
  • Familiarize yourself with the new whiteboard options and requirements in advance here

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