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The world’s first Executive MBA Program began at the University of Chicago in 1943. To honor this milestone, we celebrated 75 years of EMBA over the course of 2018 with students, faculty, staff and alumni. The anniversary was a meaningful reflection point, but also an opportunity to look towards the future. With this in mind, our alumni contributed donations towards special scholarships for exceptional Executive MBA candidates entering the program in 2019.

Meet our 75th Anniversary Scholarship Recipients

Booth Executive MBA Chicago Student Britton Boyd

Britton Boyd, who studies on our Chicago campus, was confident that an MBA would offer him strategies and frameworks to become a “better communicator, decision-maker, and leader who fosters innovation.”  As he contemplated programs, he was impressed by the diversity of thought and experience represented by the Chicago Booth faculty and students. “The network helps me learn how to think about and approach problem sets from different perspectives,” he says. With more than 15 years of experience in federal law enforcement, Boyd currently holds a senior leadership position where he is responsible for large-scale program management and oversight managing high-profile, complex cross-organizational investigations.

Booth Executive MBA London Student Adam Hogg

Adam Hogg was attracted to Booth by its rigorous reputation amongst his peers and seniors in business. “I knew Booth was an institution where the degree has to be earned, rather than given,” he comments. Hogg is no stranger to hard work. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the United Kingdom Armed Forces, where he focused on leading large teams during international projects. Now a student on our London campus, Hogg aims to transition to a new industry after graduation. He sought an MBA that would not only offer him credibility, knowledge and confidence, but also the network and career support to realize his objectives. Just a few weeks in, he still feels he made the right choice. “The first few weeks have been even more challenging, transformative and enjoyable than I’d expected or hoped,” he says.

Booth Executive MBA Hong Kong Student Lina Li

With a Ph.D background in biochemistry and molecular biology, Lina Li was eager to boost her business acumen, particularly her finance knowledge. In her recent and current roles within the biotech industry, she demonstrated her strategic expertise in business, but felt an Executive MBA would strengthen her skills and allow her more opportunities to advance. Lina feels she’s gained a lot from the program already. In fact, she recently started a new role and credits this in part to the fact that she’s pursuing her MBA at Booth. Aside from her career change, she’s relished the opportunity to meet and engage with the incredibly talented and smart people on the program. “I always feel I can learn something from Booth alumni and students,” she says. “I had a feeling that Booth would change my career path, but I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.”

We are very pleased to be able to offer the 75th Anniversary Alumni Scholarship to candidates who show exemplary “fit” with Chicago Booth again this year and are grateful to the alumni donors who made it possible to do so.

Christina Tzovaras

Assistant Director, Recruitment & Admissions, London

Christina works with prospective students from across the EMEA region. She also assists with events, marketing communications, and the application process.