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Caitlin McCarthy

Favorite Booth course

I really enjoyed Corporate Finance because when everything clicked in that class I realized how much further you could study and learn from courses like that. Also, Managerial Decision Making, which is sort of a behavioral economics course, changed the way I approach certain problems and gave me a new perspective on things I do every day.

Why be a Dougan Scholar?

Dougan Scholars gave me the opportunity to complement my undergraduate education with the incredible education available at Booth. Studying business and learning from people who are in business is really exciting, so are the events and the speakers that we were able to interact with (Sal Kahn, Satya Nadella, etc.). It has been really helpful to me in defining what I want to do in my career and in my MBA. Dougan gives you the opportunity to delve deeper into harder coursework and really feel that you are a part of the Booth community. It's the chance to take a different set of courses than you would as an undergraduate, ones that will push you in different ways.

Prepare for MBA

Dougan Scholars gave me the opportunity to take a variety of courses at Booth, and so I got to see more of the sides of business then I would have otherwise. I have become more well-rounded through this program, and I think that when I come back to Booth for my MBA I can bring these skills to a new set of courses. Additionally, Dougan really gave me the confidence to speak up and participate in courses. I realized through this program that I had something to add to the conversation, and that will only help me in the coursework when I come back.

UChicago Activities

Alpha Phi Omega, Young Scholars Program, organized mathematics programs for middle and high school students, tennis club team, interned at Sterling Associates