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 A career in technology can come in many different forms. As a tech product manager, you will find yourself working within a myriad of different technical systems and skillsets. With a Chicago Booth MBA, you'll have the flexibility to craft an education that meets you where you are. Our flexible curriculum offers a space where you can build upon your current abilities and knowledge to push your acumen and career to the next level. A Booth MBA puts you at the forefront of the tech field, whether you are planning to work in healthcare, finance, retail, or beyond.

As a Booth student pursuing Tech, you have access to classes that create a better understanding of how the tech sphere operates on all levels, from product idea to creation and implementation, to marketing and beyond. We asked Booth students to discuss the classes that helped shape their education; these students talked about Application Development and emphasized its importance in understanding how software is built and how to communicate effectively with engineers and developers. Platform Competition was also named, specifically for its comprehensive analysis of platform industry strategy and economics. Another class that students lauded was Managerial Decision Making, for its proficiency in teaching how to approach decisions, and how to use frameworks and tools to ultimately solve problems and make those decisions more effectively.

Booth student on camera during a video interview

I think we're one of the best schools for going into Tech Product Management, the pay-it-forward culture here is unmatched among MBA programs. Tech PM is notably hard to break into so having the support from people who've already done it counts more than anything else.

— Matheus Vervloet

Outside of the classroom, students in Tech benefit from a multitude of resources to sharpen their acumen. The Booth Technology Groups for both the Full-Time and Evening-Weekend Programs are frequented by students who want to collaborate in order to improve their knowledge of tech industry concepts, interviewing skills, resume writing, and more. The Kilts Center for Marketing was also referenced as a prominent resource, providing a plethora of assets to students, including connections with alumni as well as programming and workshops meant to help build an understanding of technological concepts and application. One of these resources from the Kilts Center is the Tech Product Management and Product Marketing Management Workshop (Tech PM/PMM Workshop), which students found to be valuable in building real world skills as they participated in case interviews with alumni.

Having the reach and supportive culture of the Booth network allows students to break into the tech industry and thrive in their careers. And being part of a knowledgeable and skilled community in the tech space, paired with the resources and access to a constructive academic and professional landscape, make for a head start in the competitive technology market.