Why Should You Attend Management Conference?

Management Conference has been shaping the theory and practice of business for six decades, combining expert advice from industry leaders and intellectual engagement with Booth's preeminent faculty. Find out what to expect at Management Conference 2017 in the video below.


Management Conference 2017 features a keynote conversation with Tony N. Pritzker, ’87, and J.B. Pritzker, comanaging partners of The Pritzker Group, in conversation with Roxanne Martino, ’88

In our C-Suite panel discussions, alumni from a variety of industries bring their experience and expertise to a free-form discussion and offer insights on CEO challenges, CFO perspectives, private equity, and the business landscape in China and throughout Asia.

Chicago Booth's esteemed faculty, including leadership expert Linda Ginzel and Nobel laureate Eugene F. Fama, lead sessions addressing big data, capital markets, ethics, energy and transportation, and more.

Management Conference also provides an excellent opportunity to build your professional network throughout the day, as like-minded business executives from leading companies around the world congregate to share knowledge and discuss common management issues.

Management Conference is not to be missed.

Who's Coming

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First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
Aaron Foss 2012 Full Time MBA LinkedIn
Abbie Castiglione 2018 Evening MBA University of Chicago Urban Labs
Adam Cox 2012 Full Time MBA Bain & Company
Adis Vila 1997 Weekend MBA none
Aditya Narula 2012 Full Time MBA Bain & Co.
Adrienne Eltink 2008 Evening MBA Adrienne Eltink, Inc.
Ajay Singh 1997 Full Time MBA UBS
Akshay Sethi 2007 Full Time MBA The Stellar Group
Al Longfield 1997 Full Time MBA Roth Capital Partners
Albert Marshall 1992 Full Time MBA none
Alejandro Velasco 2012 Full Time MBA Allianz Global Investors
Alessandro Salerno 2012 Full Time MBA UBS Investment Bank
Alex Lintott 2012 Full Time MBA Subatomic Digital, LLC
Alexander Kuznetsov 2016 Full Time MBA none
Alexandra Goldblatt 1997 Full Time MBA Cancer Research Foundation
Alison Alexander 2012 Evening MBA CIT
Alison Van Vark 2014 Evening MBA Genpact
Allyson Redpath 1992 Full Time MBA NA
Amy Mick 1997 Full Time MBA Skokie Valley Material
Anatoly Shvedov 2007 Executive MBA Goldman Sachs
Andreas Schultz 2002 Executive MBA Otto Bock HealthCare LP
Andreas Stocker 2012 Full Time MBA Roland Berger
Andrew Stoll 2006 Full Time MBA Northern Trust Asset Management
Andrew Sugerman 1997 Full Time MBA The Walt Disney Company
Andrew Sykes Habits at Work
Angel Zhu 2017 Weekend MBA Prudential Financial
Angie Lintott Hitachi Consulting
ankur raniwala 2014 Full Time MBA Farmers Insurance
ANNA KALLIANI 1997 Full Time MBA Critical Publics Ltd
Anthony Marsh 1987 Full Time MBA LH Woodhouse & Co Ltd
Arjun Agarwala 2016 Full Time MBA PwC Strategy&
Arno Niazi 2016 Full Time MBA none
Aron Branam 2017 Weekend MBA EDP Renewables
Arpan Patel 1997 Full Time MBA Somat Engineering, Inc.
arundhati biswas 2012 Evening MBA Infosys Consulting Inc.
Ashish Chandarana 2007 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Atish Gude 1992 Full Time MBA Verizon
ayako nakayama 2016 Full Time MBA Security Benefit
Barry Bear 1992 Full Time MBA TBD
Betsy Sylvester 2012 Full Time MBA Envoi LLC
Brad Gillum 1993 Full Time MBA Gillum Strategy Partners
Brandon Boros 2018 Evening MBA None
Brandon Rath Calamar
Brett Barganz 2014 Evening MBA Accenture
Brian Kasal 2006 Executive MBA FourStar Wealth Advisors, LLC
Brian Santosuosso Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.
Brigitte Anderson 2008 Full Time MBA Rally Health
Britton Van Dalen 2005 Weekend MBA Deloitte Consulting LLP
Bruce Gockerman 1997 Executive MBA Standard Deviation Econometrics, Ltd.
Bruce Nelson 1973 Full Time MBA Roundtree Capital Corporation
Bufus Outlaw 1987 Full Time MBA BOE Securities, Inc.
Cailyn Mittur 2015 Evening MBA EY
Candice Kline 1997 Evening MBA Sidley Austin LLP
Cara Kelly 2009 Evening MBA Storypoint Inc.
Carl Lingenfelter 2000 Weekend MBA Northern Trust
Carlo Scapinelli 2002 Executive MBA SunPower Corporation
Carol Bramson 1992 Full Time MBA TBG Capital, LLC
Caroline GOLES 1997 Full Time MBA Microsoft Corporation
Carolyn Brewer 2015 Evening MBA Mattersight
Catherine Grimsted 1987 Evening MBA Grimsted Associates
Cathy Hsu 2016 Full Time MBA Affirm Inc
Chandra Nath 2007 Full Time MBA Palantir
Charles Frank 1975 Full Time MBA Z. Frank, Inc.
Charles Giglio 2001 Evening MBA Pearson Online Learning Solutions
Chase Yeung 2016 Executive MBA BasePoint Capital
Chen Hutson 2016 Evening MBA Prospect Partners
Chris Baker 1997 Full Time MBA QuintilesIMS Health
Chris Myers 2012 Evening MBA EY
Chris Samp 2009 Evening MBA NoQ Commerce
Christoph Buerer 2007 Executive MBA Twelve Capital
Christopher Krohn 1997 Full Time MBA Sears Holdings Corporation
Christopher Noon 1972 Full Time MBA Quadrangle Development Company
Cindy Machles 1982 Full Time MBA GLUE Advertising
Claiborne Booker 1992 Full Time MBA Quadrivium Partners LLC
Constance Dunn 1981 Evening MBA None
Cosme Salazar 2012 Full Time MBA Overstock.com
Craig Fichtelberg 2012 Executive MBA AmTrav Corporate Travel
Craig Kahler 2007 Full Time MBA Safanad Inc
Cristina Iftimie 2012 Full Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
curtis thom 1997 Full Time MBA Roth Capital Partners, LLC
Damon Cates 2005 Executive MBA The University of Chicago
Dan Bowen 2012 Full Time MBA Deloitte Corporate Finance
Dan Hoskins 1992 Full Time MBA Glidepath Partners
Dan Karraker 2007 Executive MBA Apple
Dan Martino 2015 Full Time MBA OCEANM19
Daniel Darnell 2012 Full Time MBA Citizens Financial Group
Daniel Lozano 2016 Full Time MBA Cisco Systems
Daniel Werner 1994 Evening MBA none
Darlene Acker 2016 Executive MBA none
Darrell Riley 1986 Executive MBA T. Rowe Price Asssociates, Inc.
Darren Gray 2002 Executive MBA Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
Darrin Shillair 2016 Evening MBA LYTE Collective
David Byrd 2013 Executive MBA Blinderman Construction
David Gomel 2012 Full Time MBA Hopkey Capital
David Kinnear 1997 Full Time MBA Kinnear Family Wealth Management of Wells Fargo Advisors
David Nicholson 1997 Full Time MBA PVS Chemicals, Inc.
David Yates 1987 Full Time MBA UNC - Chapel Hill
Dawn Sullivan 2002 Full Time MBA None
Deborah Hilibrand 1979 Full Time MBA The Hilibrand Foundation
Deborah Weinswig 1997 Full Time MBA Fung Global Retail Technology
Demetrios Dounis 2007 Full Time MBA The Compass Group
Dennis Tong 2014 Full Time MBA WEDGE Capital
Dennis Williams 1965 Full Time MBA Quincy Newspapers, Inc.
Diane Garnick 2012 Executive MBA TIAA
Dino Beslic 2016 Full Time MBA Grey Mountain Partners
Douglas Barnard 1998 Weekend MBA CF Industries Holdings, Inc.
Ed Lam 1997 Full Time MBA Li & Fung Ltd
Eldon Passey 2009 Executive MBA Hawthorne Capital Corporation
Elene Cafasso 1987 Full Time MBA Enerpace Executive Coaching
Elizabeth Cassin Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates
Elizabeth Ragan 1990 Weekend MBA Elizabeth Ragan, Attorney-at-Law
Ellen Huntley 2012 Executive MBA JD Harvester Worldwide Product Development Center
Enrique Ruiz Zepeda 2012 Full Time MBA none
Eric Chernik 1997 Full Time MBA Lennox International
Eric Simon 2005 Evening MBA C.H. Robinson
Erik Parks 2009 Evening MBA Edcura LLC
Eugenio Infante Benavente 2012 Full Time MBA Devon
Fabiana Kudo 2012 Full Time MBA Itaú Unibanco S.A.
Faizal Chaudhury 2007 Evening MBA Sallie Mae
Felicia Rauls 2014 Evening MBA Mesirow Financial
Felix Schupp 2015 Executive MBA Reply
Flora Calabrese Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates
Fred Steingraber 1964 Full Time MBA A. T. Kearney, Inc.
Gale Bowman 2012 Full Time MBA IrishAngels
Gary Ecklund 1979 Evening MBA Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
Gary Williams 1975 Evening MBA Ecolab, Inc.
Gavin Yeung 2012 Full Time MBA none
Gayle Haller 1987 Full Time MBA National Executive Service Corps
George Kadifa 1989 Full Time MBA SEP
Giovanni Volonte 1999 Executive MBA Aegir Partners
Grace Ding 2015 Weekend MBA Strategy&
Gus Sauter 1980 Full Time MBA Retired Vanguard
Hakob Sarkissian 2007 Executive MBA Ernst & Young Valuation and Advaisory Sevices LLC
Hanlie van Wyk Habits at Work
Harbinder Singh 2007 Executive MBA Sudeku
Helen Wei 2002 Full Time MBA New York Life Insurance
Hemant Elhence 1992 Full Time MBA Synerzip
Hernando Bunuan 2007 Full Time MBA none
Holly Shearer Chicago Booth
Isaac Song 2016 Full Time MBA BCG
Ishita Sharan 2016 Executive MBA TCG Digital
Ivan D'Avanzo 2012 Full Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
Jacqueline Jodl 1987 Full Time MBA Aspen Institute
Jacqueline Murphy 2018 Evening MBA University of Chicago
Jacqui Barrett 2014 Evening MBA LinkedIn
james jenkins 2016 Full Time MBA BCG
James Bray 2007 Full Time MBA Capital Research and Management
James Clarke 1987 Full Time MBA Macquarie Rotorcraft Leasing, Inc.
James Hasik 1997 Full Time MBA Atlantic Council
James Nicholson 1967 Full Time MBA PVS Chemicals
James Viceconte 1987 Full Time MBA Armory Investment Management, LLC
Janet Cooper 1982 Evening MBA The Toro Company, Lennox International
Janine Golden 2007 Executive MBA PepsiCo
Jasmine Kwong 2016 Evening MBA Chicago Booth
Jason Carver 2002 Evening MBA FIS
Jason Felger 2010 Executive MBA Jump Capital
Jason Ramski 2015 Evening MBA Goldman Sachs
Javier Echavarri 2002 Full Time MBA UBS
Jeanette Ray Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.
Jeff Lee 2010 Executive MBA Thermo Fisher Scientific
Jennifer Cavolo 2012 Full Time MBA Progressive
Jennifer Lawrence 2002 Executive MBA Juniper Boutique
Jennifer Park 2007 Full Time MBA none
Jesse Feinberg 2016 Full Time MBA Woodlawn Associates
Jessica Hatala 2016 Weekend MBA none
Jessica Madsen 2016 Evening MBA Northern Trust
Jianfeng Li 2016 Weekend MBA 5229 Palatine N
Jim Ely 1987 Full Time MBA PriiCap Advisors, LLC
Jim Long 2008 Executive MBA Contour Saws, Inc.
Jim White 1992 Full Time MBA Harbor Pilots
Jo Kleivan 2016 Executive MBA Real-Time Components srl
John Czerwionka 2013 Evening MBA Northern Trust
John Dunn 2010 Weekend MBA GE Digital
John Edwardson 1972 Full Time MBA none
John Iwanski 1980 Full Time MBA AAA Washingaton
John Kane 1991 Evening MBA JP Morgan
John Milligan 2017 Evening MBA Pepr
John Vitanovec 1989 Evening MBA DePaul University
Jon Chait 2016 Executive MBA HealthX
Jon Lewis Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates
Jonathan Baum 1987 Full Time MBA George K. Baum and Co.
Jonathan Hargrove 2015 Weekend MBA Accenture
Jonathan Zapp 1997 Full Time MBA Intel Corporation
Josephine Chu 1997 Full Time MBA JC Financial Management, Inc.
Judith Griffin 1971 Evening MBA J. Griffin and Associates, Inc.
Judy Meguire 1977 Full Time MBA Pritzker Family Office
Julia Walter 2012 Executive MBA Franklin Monroe
Julie Arsenault Randall Reilly
Julien Merda 2012 Executive MBA AREVA GmbH
Justin Ploeger 2018 Evening MBA PwC
Justin Samaniego 2018 Evening MBA Grainger
Kacey Martino
Karen Dillon Rodriguez 1997 Full Time MBA Merrill Lynch
Kate Besser 2016 Evening MBA PwC
Katherine Ziegelbauer 2018 Evening MBA None
Katie Coogan Chicago Booth
Keith Zorn 2007 Full Time MBA Point B
Kelly Young 2016 Full Time MBA Deloitte Consulting
Kent Van Steenbergh 2007 Full Time MBA Coty
Kevin Grogan DS Smith Plastics
Kevin Smith 1992 Full Time MBA Crescat Capital
Kim Persaud 2007 Full Time MBA Citi
Kimberly Steiner Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates
Kishore Yalamanchili 1997 Full Time MBA Prudential Financial
Kristen Lwin Practice & Research Together (PART)
Kristi Rubenstein 2012 Executive MBA Gallup
Kristopher Frey 2010 Evening MBA ABN AMRO Clearing North America, Inc.
Lana Rizai 2016 Executive MBA none
Laura Greenberg 2004 Evening MBA Verde Associates
Laureen Mallon Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.
Laurence Berman 1987 Full Time MBA Valtur Hotel Company
Leif Jackson 2008 Full Time MBA Equifax
Lemuel Seabrook retired
Leon Wagner 1977 Full Time MBA LWPartners
Leonardo Alves 2012 Executive MBA Sibelco
Leslie Richman 1985 Evening MBA none
Libby Andrews 1994 Evening MBA WorldOLuxe LLC
Linda Klute 1986 Executive MBA Integrated Project Management Company, Inc.
Linda Smith 1992 Full Time MBA Crescat Capital
Lindsay Hernandez 2016 Executive MBA none
Lisa Cavallari 1997 Full Time MBA Russell Investments
Lisbeth Fotheringill Chicago Booth
Lola Yang
Loryn J Mischke 2007 Executive MBA University of Chicago
Lynne Kostakis 2018 Evening MBA Northern Trust
Mads Asprem 1987 Full Time MBA Green Resources
Maksym Ostapenko 2017 Evening MBA Varsity Views
Manoel Carvalho 2012 Full Time MBA Rothschild
Manuel Hallivis 2014 Full Time MBA DLA Piper
Marcey Becker 1992 Full Time MBA Elizabeth Arden
Marcia Hunt 1997 Full Time MBA Sugar Puck Marketing
Marcio Zapater 2012 Full Time MBA Promon
marco gonzalez 2012 Executive MBA Sofofa
Marcos Diez 2012 Executive MBA GEBBRAS
Margaret Anderson 2012 Full Time MBA CNFA
Margaret Foley 1992 Full Time MBA Walter Scott
Margaret Unetich 2002 Full Time MBA Julie Harron Real Estate Group
Margie Lawler Gerrity 1987 Full Time MBA Issaquah School District
Margo Ten Eyck 2012 Full Time MBA The Dow Chemical Company
Maria Curry-Nkansah 2003 Executive MBA Argonne National Laboratory
Marie-Flore Nabor 2002 Full Time MBA AstraZeneca
Marissa Love Chicago Booth
mark kammerer 1986 Full Time MBA Kammerer Group
Mark Lockareff 1987 Full Time MBA ClearPath Partners
Mark Loughridge 1982 Full Time MBA None
Martin Slark Molex, LLC
Mary Dalakouras 2002 Executive MBA Honeywell Life Safety
Mary Hannes 2002 Weekend MBA McKinsey & Company
Mary Oliver 1985 Evening MBA Energy Marketing Partners, INC.
Masaru Kato 1982 Full Time MBA Sony Music Foundation
Mathias Mueller 2007 Executive MBA Rodl & Partner
Matias Riutort 2012 Full Time MBA PICTON
matt lutz 2006 Executive MBA PPC Partners
Matt Olson 2016 Evening MBA Strategy&
Matt Winter 2011 Weekend MBA Bottom Up Investments
Matthew Benton 2016 Evening MBA none
Matthew Howard 2007 Executive MBA Argonne National Laboratory
Matthew Shapiro 1992 Full Time MBA New York Restoration Project
Max Cohen 2016 Full Time MBA PepsiCo
Megha Kadiyala 2007 Full Time MBA CVS
Mel Heckman 2004 Evening MBA PlanoSynergy
Michael Barros 1997 Full Time MBA Education Brands
Michael Krauss 1976 Full Time MBA Market Strategy Group
Michael Laskowski 2011 Executive MBA PPM America
Michael Lockhart 1975 Full Time MBA None
Michael Rotter 1992 Full Time MBA None
Michał Rumiński 2009 Executive MBA EEC Ventures Sp. Z o.o.
Michele Hooper 1975 Full Time MBA The Directors' Council
Mike Kimbarovsky 2003 Weekend MBA Geneva Advisors, LLC
Mike Tobey 2012 Full Time MBA Springline Partners
Miles Wuller 2005 Evening MBA Ryan Specialty Group Underwriting Managers
Mimi Bosika 2008 Evening MBA Delos Therapy
MK Lee 2007 Full Time MBA none
Moby Sekenhamo 2016 Full Time MBA Cornerstone Research
Molly O'Donnell Chicago Booth
Morgan Lin 2015 Evening MBA McKinsey
NAEEM HUSSAIN 2012 Executive MBA AgileTrailblazers
naho katsura 2017 Executive MBA Dow Chemical
Naomi Lynch 2007 Full Time MBA University of Southern California
Nathaniel Grotte Chicago Booth
Ndeye Mbathio NDOYE 2012 Executive MBA Criteo
Nicole Friedman Clareo
Nicole Yelsey 2012 Full Time MBA Mosaic
Nikki Valentino Chicago Booth
Nolan Wartick 2007 Weekend MBA -
Norman Bobins 1967 Full Time MBA The PrivateBank and Trust Company
Omar Khayum 2009 Full Time MBA Exelon
Oscar Romero Bridgestone Americas, Inc
paola maria caburlotto 2009 Executive MBA Transearch International
Patrick Alexander Seifert 2007 Executive MBA Landesbank Baden Württemberg
Paul Wolfe 1997 Weekend MBA Mission Measurement Corp.
Petr Daniel 2007 Executive MBA Gopas, a.s.
Pierre Courteille 2004 Executive MBA ABIVAX
PJ McCall 2014 Evening MBA Crist|Kolder Associates
Rafael Helguero 2012 Full Time MBA Credit Suisse
Rahul Trivedi 2015 Weekend MBA IBM
Rajesh Salem 2001 Full Time MBA Wotnow by Alltivity
Ram Subramaniam 1997 Full Time MBA Fidelity Investments
Ray Lian 2012 Full Time MBA Working on new startup
Renata Johns 2012 Full Time MBA none
Richard Sullivan 2002 Executive MBA None
Rick Cavolo 2012 Full Time MBA Sterling Jewelers
Robert Feerick 1972 Full Time MBA Horizon Partners, Ltd.
Robert Schmdit 2012 Full Time MBA None
Rodrigo Hahn 2012 Full Time MBA Cencosud S.A.
Roxanne Martino 1988 OceanM19
Ruxandra Hill 2016 Executive MBA BMO
Ryan Bormet 2017 Evening MBA Associated Bank
Ryan Boyle 2008 Evening MBA TransUnion
Ryan McGlothlin 2002 Full Time MBA River and Mercantile Group plc
Sam Cardone 2017 Evening MBA Freedman Seating Company
samir tari 2016 Executive MBA Abbvie
Samir Shah 1987 Full Time MBA MBS Mantra, LLC
Samir Suri 2010 Evening MBA Oportun
Samuel Kunz 2007 Executive MBA UC Regents
Sandeep Ganesh 2007 Full Time MBA Accenture
Sandra Ozola 2007 Executive MBA KKR
Sandy Li 2014 Executive MBA Weir Minerals
Sara Clarke KBB Partners
Sarah Macchia 2015 Evening MBA Gallup
Sarah McEneaney 2016 Executive MBA PwC LLP
Sari Kaganoff 2012 Evening MBA McKinsey and Company
Sarita Singh 2007 Executive MBA Google
Scott Gifford 2002 Evening MBA Wiss Janney Elstener Associates, Inc.
Scott Norby 1997 Full Time MBA Morgan Stanley
Scott Van Duinen 2002 Full Time MBA The Halifax Group
Sean Kendall 2016 Full Time MBA ARCH Venture Partners
Sean Miller 2011 Executive MBA BHP Billiton
sharon kampner 2007 Executive MBA The Mason Companies
Sheela Agarwal 2016 Executive MBA Bayer
Shelley Venus
Sherri Nelson The Mom Project
Shira Hirsh 2016 Evening MBA Mattersight
Shobha Frey 1997 Full Time MBA Adriness Partners LLC
Sidhartha Adholekar 2015 Evening MBA SKA Associates
Steve Vogel 1977 Full Time MBA None
Steve Zimmerman Wiss, Janney, Elstner Assocaites
Steven Eliscu 1987 Full Time MBA Bitfury
Steven Fatora 2006 Evening MBA Exelon
Steven Piekarczyk 2007 Full Time MBA Sigma Technologies Global
Stuart Hanson 2012 Executive MBA Change Healthcare (fka Emdeon, McKesson Technology Solutions)
Sue Stevens 1989 Evening MBA Stevens Wealth Managment LLC
Surjono Tanoto 2007 Executive MBA Gunung Pantara
Susan Hopkinson 1997 Full Time MBA Deep Blue Orange
Talla Mountjoy 2018 Weekend MBA "none"
Tamara Roberts 2004 Evening MBA Gogo LLC
Tandean Rustandy 2007 Executive MBA PT Arwana Citramulia Tbk
Tanya Golubeva 2007 Full Time MBA Deezer
tatijana janko 2012 Full Time MBA Angeles Investment Advisors
Tatyana D'Ascenzi 2013 Evening MBA Discover Financial Services
Ted Brandt 1987 Evening MBA Marathon Capital, LLC
Terry Li 2005 Executive MBA Analog Devices
Therese Wareham 1982 Full Time MBA Kaufman, Hall and Associates, Inc.
Thierry Berman
Thomas KENTER 2000 Evening MBA CRMT Holdings
Thomas Sidlik 1973 Full Time MBA Retired - DaimlerChrysler AG
Thorsten Weinelt 2007 Executive MBA UniCredit
Tim Blasius 2018 Evening MBA Wrigley
Tim Heyen 2015 Evening MBA Gearhead Workspace
Timothy Moran 2001 Full Time MBA Contour Saws
Tom Richards 2015 Evening MBA FONA International Inc.
Tracy Walter 2016 Evening MBA CME Group
Trevor Lwin 2012 Executive MBA T-Base Communications Inc.
Trevor Whitson 2008 Evening MBA Scotts Miracle-Gro
Ulrich von Altenstadt 2007 Executive MBA XAIA Investment GmbH
Vasily Gorev 2012 Full Time MBA BCN LH
Venetia Kontogouris 1977 Full Time MBA Venkon Group, LLC
Vida Miezlaiskiene 2018 Evening MBA Ares Management
Vince Pecis Greenlee Diamond Tool Company
Vishal Verma 2007 Executive MBA Edgewood Ventures
Vivek Padmanaban 2014 Evening MBA Discover Financial Services
Walter Lord 1997 Executive MBA Walter Eugene Lord, PLLC
Wendy Shi 2014 Full Time MBA Chezhibao
William Eichhorn 1985 Evening MBA none
William Lucas 2002 Full Time MBA Jarden Consumer Solutions
WILLIAM MCGRATH 2002 Evening MBA Accenture
Woo Yang 2007 Full Time MBA Amazon.com
yanping jiang 2016 Executive MBA beareyes.com
Yoshiyuki Nakao 2002 Executive MBA B/E Aerospace
Young Lee 2015 Evening MBA Harris Associates LP
Yuichi Inukai 2007 Full Time MBA Twitter Japan K.K.
Yulia Romanenkova 2007 Executive MBA Rigensis bank
Zeina Sawaya-Melville 2007 Executive MBA Melville Business Consulting Limited
Zvi Goldstein 2012 Full Time MBA Ontic Capital